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Latavius Murray

Jan 11, 2017|

Raiders running back, Latavius Murray, joins the Damon Bruce Show to talk about the Vizio Top Value Performer Award & react to Bill Musgrave's departure as OC.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So the company Vizio which makes a heck of a TV if you don't mind me saying he's giving away top value performer award in what tedious Murray is among this year's nominees the TVP award. Seats got TV in the title there suit they're doing TVP. The TVP awards the player whose on field performance most exceeds the value of their contract it's pretty good pretty good group names of these. Among and it was a heck of the season for the Oakland Raiders and obviously didn't and the way anyone wanted to to. But for a minute there that was his fun varieties any NFL fans hadn't really long time watching a team come back to relevancy let's devious Marie good enough to join us here. On 957. Game would take his thanks an awful lot and congratulations. On what was a great regular season for the team that was an awful lot of fun we'll talk about how it ended in a minute but. That was an awful lot of fun reborn at twelve and four man congratulations. Thank you thank you so much thank you for having me on. There was a lot of fun and this season. You know obviously. In twelve points. Not me you can't do it all but it was a refinement process. An African and the way we wanted to but. You know we just got to get back toward. Now it's eighty's I don't know if you heard about this but. Your quarterback broke his leg and then your backup quarterback got her too. If you went to the. I've done some things some of sorts in the days have been. You hear about that Garrett how have and go on the road to a playoff game to take on the number one defense in the NFL with a third string quarterback I mean that would have been asking if Vince Lombardi team too much him and I don't know. How you guys went into that game tell us about the that. The thoughts you had going into it knowing that you did six of the chips are stacked against you as much as it's really ever been to a team going into a playoff game. Will we do you know obviously there are some unfortunate things that happen late in the season those past few weeks but. You know we had we had confidence because this is a team game console. You know Lou we don't wanna. Satan of one person me. Dictate a win or lose in. You know because we believe in each other we believe net and the work that we putting together. Throughout the course of the year to get to where we were at that point and so. We believed in each other we believe that we we're gonna get it done but you know we made it we made a lot of mistakes in. Didn't play one of oboe. Not the mistakes were made in and look you gotta give the Texans credit they were able to make the plays. When they needed a man and you know it's just too bad because it really was great watching this whole thing come together I thought that the offense is obviously. The strength of the football team all season long looked atheists which is why we were all surprised to learn in just the last. Nineteen minutes. The bill musgrave is not going to be retained as offensive coordinator looks like Todd downing will be promoted to the position what are your thoughts on that. I get to you know I'll. Does business as tough man in and you know anytime someone loses its you know you have to feel for them. And their family in and everything that's going on in a situation so. I never know what may happen I know they're saying is that. Their roster every year well also could be changes to the closest staff and so. Again anytime you see. Player coach. And that situation I used you feel bad. Because you know others businesses and and again. It is a sad thing. Oakland raider running back with tedious Marie were you happy. Which most of the game plans to bill musgrave put together for you. You know I I trusted that everything. You know we were doing we were winning I was just you know obviously we can win every game we wanted to but so we were and every game and we had a opportunities to win and so. You know offensively apps so you know we had everything we needed to do what we needed to do a lot of times would you know we just didn't execute and so. You know you can't put the blame on anyone. Person there's any changes can't put the blame on anyone because again this is that a team effort. A group effort. Coaches players included and so again you see someone. Have to go like that is very of fortunate. You finish fifth looked say he is with twelve rushing touchdowns in the NFL this season that's why Europe for the TVP. Award presented by Vizio. And will figure out how fans can go ahead and vote for you here at the at the end of our conversation. But man you had some real help there in your back field as well I thought Jalen Rashard was one of the best surprises in the NFL all season long. That guy's a real nice complement to what you do. Yes it is and men you know talk about a guy undrafted. Southern miss played in the country that is while I was in school. And so. Extremely happy Forman and he's Kaman. Plays some tremendous football both on offense and special teams and so. You know the guys specialty ABC's Steve tell me out of so it is the underage. And so. Now they deferred to futures preferable of from the Japanese. Guinea think he's been a base price for everybody in the league and probably wondering who the guy is this but not the long run than making big plays out there. What's AVS marine here on 957 game again I think Europe. A big part of of what's right would this team obviously a lot went right would this team this year. But now big decisions need to be made and you are one of them you're free agent now. It's hard to walk away from a good situation I think the raiders are in a good situation Batavia since it's up to you are you a raider next season. Absolutely it's it's up to me. Is where I was drafted in the world on the state and so they had deceptive mean and I will be back in the silverlight. Any discussions would Reggie McKenzie even to set up the timetable about a negotiation. No no no discussion at this point. You know that this season have descended and so. Right now it is you know see how things go. Sure there will be conversations here and so we're just gonna have to see goes and hopefully obviously both parties. Can make something happen. Well I tell you it it was it was so much fun to watch it all come about this year man we were happy for you was it was happening. You've got to run behind the most expensive one of the biggest offensive lines I've seen in a really long time to shamed Donald Penn couldn't go in Houston neither was just another. Bad cards dealt to the raiders owner in that playoff game. Oh what was it like to run behind but I can only assume with Davies is the best offensive line you stuck your shoulder pads in behind. It was great. You know those guys have done a great jeopardy host of the bags this year in protecting. I'd dairy the dirt about them do it in you know I think they've they've obviously been. You know if not the biggest the biggest part of the that you sparred. Two the success of offense because is stars there and it turned to. And so. You guys get those guys look across the front and. Absolutely to do what's national championship game last night. A lot of quality candidate. So honestly I can't believe that. Very very very happy for Clinton and I think they've played their but. Shocked the world. Mode I guess you know for prayer for those who assume. Alabama was gonna win by very happy for him man. You know guys say great. I was a really really good finish and hey thank you so much with Davies for joining us as fans wanna go ahead and vote for you here. And help you want to the top of the TVP nominees for Vizio how they go about doing that. So you have to go online to video dot com slash PPP you can vote. Right now until January 16. Vote as many as time that you want film as scan every one. Out there please vote for me. And let's get this video. Tab value performer award. Here in the bay. You got you got a yelling free TV without I would hope so right. I think we give you so. Yeah let's let's get those TV my way it was deathly get them handed out to those who vote the most. Batavia is I hope you're in silver and black for years to come it was fun watching you this year thank you so much for an entertaining year. And I want to wish you and your family the very best this offseason thank you so much. Work. What tedious Murray here and 957 the game and he wants to come back.

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