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Marcus Thompson

Jan 11, 2017|

Sports columnist for Bay Area News Group, Marcus Thompson, talks about his book release & more on the Damon Bruce Show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So Marcus Thompson on Twitter. Is what act that mark is Thompson's rise by Lee we've always introduced him as a writer from. The Bay Area news group a little bang but now I think we gotta give mes is real new title. Author Marcus Thompson joining us here on 95 cent in the game. He is anticipated. Book I believe is available for pre order right now it is called golden. The miraculous rise of staff curry market's first of all congratulations. On finishing the book I'm sure that's a labor a lot of that you're happy is over and done when it. Tommy a little bit about it and tell me who you think is the best part is. Policy of the best part they're going to be. My main all the friends going back. Critical that's cool that's at you know what you said one of those of the girls who didn't day to night school on say it would. Right back on the debt that are union am day absolutely he should schedule your first book signing at the reunion. Well you know it it's its movies the book chronicling. Stepped curry. Improbable ride to the level that no actually stopped. Like how it happened and what's behind it. Normally we see these guys coming a mile away. You know we've we knew the ground team sports scene. We knew Colby or Mariane you know. But in this stage social media and relentless type who covered we know who even are only. The steps kinda came out of nowhere. And and and just surpassed all expectations so look at current chronicled in how he did that. And I think the best part is probably going to be. The fallout after he did it and then lose man out time loss favor became a lightning rod. We're criticism lights and that's probably that's part of the Israeli allies in the. It's Vietnam and the fall out from somebody come and I don't know it all so be it. Yet the world turns on you quickly unless you meet all their expectations and obviously with the 31 cough up against the cavs in the finals. It just left everyone who wanted to take a shot at the warriors the biggest bullseye in the world to throw something at but the truth says. Like this is a guy who is changing the way people think about basketball changing the way people. Build basketball teams not just changing the way. You know kids go about playing in the playground like the he's part of the evolutionary story now of this league. And is going to go down as a completely historical significant figure it's it's amazing where it came from and what it is now Orleans. When you. When you blow a 31 lead you should be. When you don't play well region between the but it history will show how unique of the prime Lola how crazy that I'll let in the Bay Area. It's still kind of its meeting where the waters are there are so history will look at this and there air stepped Perry went bananas. And there will appreciated more later. Suspected he had that when an apparently it is really crazy to think that on. Any old trajectory the lawyers. And India is well. I think he did an incredible story one that I won't get old anytime soon. Marcus Thompson you're really good building relationships with guys it's it's one of the things I've noticed about you know just as I watch people in the media go about their jobs. You connect to these guys in a way that I think allows him to open up to you freer than they would in other situations I mean just go back to. Bringing you know what Harrison Barnes last year around your hometown on this thing that you and Courtney did the video I thought was. Really a very cool way to get to know somebody better how much access did you have to staff. In his personal time how much time in in in the offseason did you spend with them or did you sort of put this book together around him. Without this participation. They'll go around in those without participation. Step and boom you know with the player off our nose and I a sticker book and it's kind of a sales from you know I've known him since he got attracted to about nine. I've been there you know the entire way so it's more from. That perspective. How would they were interviewed and obviously over the course the year so. You know there's no question that our property about that I'm so it's mostly. Based on. My understanding your candidate Stanley in his whole story haven't been in 2000 not. We're in Lebanon based on. Any new special access even though you you don't know. IQ are in active have a prior recovered this it was best that. I eat you know he it'll let me give you a little bit there but I eaten. Jeff I've always noticed that about you guys and I was wondering if that would is what helped bring the book together may be in LA when when when you know someone's writing a book about you may be you don't. Act is naturally as you would around them if you didn't know that some wondering. If you let him know that you were writing the book around him Burgess told them at the end of it like hey by the way and I wrote a book about it. I want it to the latter one is and then vote relay. All you like them to speak. But that audit in the Paloma pot that outright you do well. You know that it's courage needed change you know he didn't stop and from our courts and out talk that the the key. At the Eagles. By how I did down. And I don't think he has anything to worry about though. That would let you know what you are you doubted about interviews not how the and you know me ask them so. You look our ability you know the end of the courses. A lot of this key story count on the people around him too that these are. There were so so long he's not he's not the most. He's not the most quotable athlete you know. He can give you do in Atlanta so. Argued some of the they graduate from other people and they got him acting about it though he knew apartment they eat Eaton will open. I think part of and appreciate that it needs so the story after the close the line in somebody's. New York or whatever who doesn't have context. Why do you know it's he got drafted don't know. I wish you the very best to Lockwood and Marcus and I expect you to send an advanced copy the station so we can tell everyone how great it is and I can bring in here. I had to sign a form you know I don't know my shelf not pretend that I bought out. I'll let Courtney opponents are your copy of the I have in the who yes we do yes we do hear me now so this. That and this. Well amen I really do wish you the very best of the book innocent were talking about staff. It is there's no doubt he's decided to kind of hit the way back button just in the terms of way he's playing he's been more aggressive he's pass and a distant shots to attack the rim. And it looks like either he had a conversation would himself for Steve Kerr had a conversation with them. Horror you know it it just looks like it there's another gear and staff over these last few games who weren't seen in a handful of games ago. Do justice. Outright it to look like it is Earth Day humidity but we're the numbers. At thirty interior that score games if you lock to play he looks more like oh. Are the key been hearing from a lot of people who who know him. He needs to be more per city need to be worker that we need to be more aggressive. But that is more room god you so much more concerned. About playing in a right way. And B&B in the good guys in Vietnam. Welcomed. You know it's teammates and haven't seen him and that light. Aren't they did it it always takes him to this point I remember that clipper series and sweaty sports CE. And they trap it and he has given all of it took him out 60%. They are not. Like that we think is now so let there. It's it's always takes so little bump then to give him to be. I guess aggressive because it's part of it's mind either that itself just you know not Dickey wanted to welcome Durant he wanted to move p.s. Speaker you want to promote the load off these are the key to outlaw and Matt got rid of them found himself and in Iraq. And everybody knows it's not the saudis is that like are real so there's and go from hot shot there and play my game. That there are worried about everybody did and the creepy parties they're actually better when he's that way but I feel pretty. And okay Carter great. Say are still they it all works. It's step is the axis because he the one. Who who had the ball in his it and he's great actor and he has all of these tools of the trade. Then make everybody at work when you let Brett go direct is great eighty and he. But either of them may eat and he played his shot he not your immediate. Or Mark Green in Oakland. Step has the ability to get its. And allow everybody at the upload them and I think he have your act up they keep our understanding and yet the player. Marcus Thompson here on the Damon Bruce show clay is going to be the first healthy scratch among the starters all season. What do you think the move tonight Miami feels like the right team to do it against. So really were like what we talked about it before I let our due. It's almost like they were saying hey you know it they vary the speaker either plan like Illinois and interior. The other math works out before but the math looks good for the all star game it's a city that it. Well lit up the use agree I think it's Smart if you can be that he outlays have bigger problems in Europe at all these guys need rest and there's a lot of pressure on that we saw it yet admit that they lose that game. It started spiraling that you could watch students feel the pressure but talk a lot about body language and on an or moderately you could see the weight of the world. On the back to a one game. Our biggest our lap seeks the needs to take some of that pressure off of them. Allow him to get their chemistry together and you do that. Or lost the mr. That's a by apartheid we did eat. It's one game whatever January upbeat they need to get that might and you promote that our guys that I like tell an outdated and not that important. Clay you're accurate Katie you're. Did it seem like. It seemed like he did but it's a lot which are beginning of this. Well I'd say I'd like to see a little to rant Currie pick and roll especially with clay not out there is an option tonight I think could be a good night to experiment with that a little bit more. And you know obviously coming out of that Memphis game bigger than the loss was that on court conversation between dream on and Kevin Durant. When's the last time you think anybody screened on a basketball court in Kevin Durant space I'm gonna go back to middle school. I doubt it happened in high school it didn't happen in college and I don't think it's happened in the NBA up until that Memphis game and I think things like that with. Dream on being right about what he was saying. With Kevin Doran acknowledging the dream on was right and he didn't mind the you know boisterous presentation of information on the court. It's the reason why this is all gonna work and and beautifully I really do believe that that was one of the biggest moments of the entire year. And I ought to lead the way their program responded. Wasn't there are a couple of very positive and anchors your worst yet he's still we were eleven that this agreement he was I agree that it. I'll might pay lags well planet picked you rather my are the might have on court. I think who wrote my history and Adam. On the open the home court fight badly in the middle of action while. Right now I have to be such a new experience for him peppered him Tuesday yeah he's right. That was right out objects. Some of them what they were saying it. Like its debt mines that kind of permeate throughout. All of the key. That is why he realtors now like imagery mine's very much green and Ingle at all. About blue in the law. Like WB du golf like that who they want. You. Bolt beat is we want to move the ball like even act in itself is a little bit crazy. Just don't see electric dive he may or not the Peterborough all right so it's kind of spirit and I think they'll figure out. Talking warriors had Marcus Thompson but again along with being an author this man he covers it all now so what do you think about the raiders living bill musgrave go. When the offense is the strength of their team all year long. So part of life now in the far. Oh. I think that critical. That they're gonna have to sell the senate and not do so. Would go onto the floor. And like really. Look at this team. Already completely. Awkward rated can be posted. And make those proper yeah it. For them making a move Obama grade. For me it seems like there's really itself it's easy to snake bit and that I scored we were good ought to keep. But the reality I think they should have been out there that this should have been breached. That that would. Credited to her neck injury. And well that. Oh why are high and from Egypt is. Inordinate. The east it is really active. So it is he's the north he'd been but that's on. Art much. And each shell and match. One taken out these are out here in port so our view like. These make a move. Early in the short term national. He's re make the move to make the team even better. Is it that keep me in or. Was probably obvious who needed. Gap dot senses it did it doesn't quite add up I appreciate the demonstration of power but I just don't know if that was exercised. The right way hey wanna say good luck with your book golden by the way all of the sudden the with the topic of golden golden showers is trending on Twitter it has nothing to do your book and that's gotten us. But hopefully you get in nice little bounce off that markets a real. Really don't want it goes now artillery or. You're gonna have to stay away. From the president elect an apparently Russian information specialists as well thank you very much mark is great to document we'll see you later tonight. All right thank you Marcus Thompson.

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