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DB Show live from Oracle Arena - Hour 1 - 1/10/17

Jan 11, 2017|

Damon discusses the news on Bill Musgrave's departure & the Clemson-Alabama shocking National Championship game last night.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Side that crown local club here ORACLE Arena tonight the Miami Heat are in town in we're thrilled to be here it's going to be a great show a little bit later ran. Tony Bruno Marcus Thompson we're gonna have a Tuesday trifecta and at 6 o'clock our coverage of warriors and he begins right here on 957 game Kerry Keating's going to be joining me right now as always by my side to Gianfranco good to see you know hello here's what I love about life radios you can have a plan you can have. Everything that you wanna talk about and then something happens. And the change. Happens quickly we will get to Clemson and Alabama putting on one monster of a show what game we are going to get to what the 49ers need to do to get their next decision right. I've got a big. Already prepared. Segment of what I want the raiders to do this offseason that I need to go ahead in the men that because the raiders have begun their off season an incredibly. Curious fashion. As far as I'm concerned. Bill musgrave is out he had an expiring contract would Todd downing being. Ballyhooed as somebody who might interview for the coaching carousel. Maybe even a coordinator position if not a head coach position which seems to be a stretch but media coordinating positions somewhere else. And it looked like Todd downing name. Was definitely. Seen some stock rise. And would bill musgrave being on aunts and expiring contract. He's looked. That's pretty surprising to me. I mean Todd downing might be the next really big thing coming in who knows whether he is or isn't this isn't about Todd downing right now. This is about would bill musgrave did and I know it's very fashionable for raider fans who again have watched so much bad football. You've all forgotten what good football even is. But. Listening to raider fans complain about this offense is it that were the part of the team holding this team back from where it was going. Become a baffled me I didn't really understand it and I thought raider fans have to be smarter than this don't be slaves to the moment. You know incomplete on third downs happen three and outs happen. Losing your direction is a football team in a quarter or half. Look it happens in the other teams got good coaches in and is being you know paid to play against YouTube it's not like. You can just sit down like you do when you play PlayStation. And inflict your will no matter who the opponent is all video game long this is not a video game this is the real deal. And the real deal Liz. The Oakland Raiders went twelve and four. With the offense. Being the indisputable. Strength of this football team they were sixth in total yards. They were sixth in rushing they were thirteenth in total passing yards. They work. Seventh. In points per game I mean when your top ten offense pretty much anywhere you want a cut it up. Drifting into the top five right outside of it. It's really interesting to see. You break up that formula when it doesn't need to happen. I don't know if this is any bad blood between Del Rio and musgrave Del Rio has fired bill musgrave in the past. And the decision to let him go now the way that I look at it the way it seems from this moment is it looks like this is is about as much is keeping Todd downing. More than any in his letting go of bill musgrave. But this is it real real head scratch enemy. And it appears Ken Norton junior is absolutely safe even though the only side of the ball that I thought had a serious red flag in terms of coaching. And semantics. And being in the right place lining up correctly. It sounded this is a Jack Del Rio said to us earlier in the year you know he was upset with some of the guys fundamentals and high levels he wasn't talking about his offense he was talking about his defense. This is a defense which got up we historically bad start in a thousand yards in the first two games. This is a defense of coaching staff that didn't evaluate Carl Joseph is a starter. On the day he was drafted. So. I really thought that all this team's coaching question marks were on. The defense his side of the ball. And whatever was. Not functioning in the moment you wanted to on the offensive side of the ball like give the defense a little credit and give bill musgrave a little credit he's working with a young team here at the number one ingredient the professional sports lacks these days. Due to free agency is continuity. I think impatience plays a huge role in that too. You know being able to. Have a team come out all be on the same page for sixteen games in a row usually takes about 345 years of working together before you can expect that that rarely happens these days. You know how many reps. Joseph Montana took with Ron Amadon per one guess that's a bad example but you know many reps Joseph Montana too which Jerry Rice and John Taylor and Dwight Clark. You know many reps you know Tom Brady is patently did a lot of well actually you know the change pieces around him all the time and just seem to matter but that's different story. I was just really surprised about this what is the surprise you to raiders. Who were using today is a little bit of cleaning house also let go defensive back coach Marcus Robertson he is now out. So. It's just kind of surprising to see all this happen. Right away with the raiders. They have a clear direction that they wanna go win in no wonder why Del Rio didn't join us yesterday there was so evasive when asked about the future of his coaching staff. We assumed it was bring it all back everything's in pretty good shape and if you want to experiment anywhere you're gonna do it on the defensive side of the ball. Well total opposite happen looks like the defensive side of the ball be on the secondary defensive back coach is safe. And bill musgrave. Who was the coach of the strength of this team. Is out Todd downing promoted. To raiders' offensive coordinator only time will tell. To see how this goes and plays out but it's it's an interesting move to say the least and you know if you determine something not good enough bullets your job to make a good make it better. I don't know off the raiders can be playing being not good enough gain quite yet. Because it's an improvement to twelve wins from seven wins and in the fall flat. With a third string quarterback. Like I don't think. How about this the very last time we saw the raiders at full strength the colts game the first two and a half quarters. I thought it was the best the raiders have looked all year. I thought wow. This is team that is absolutely turning the corner at the right time look at how balanced this is look at the past look at the run they got Washington involve. Derek is just in complete control of this offense today. This is the complete sixty minutes of football raider fans have been waiting for man they're gonna peak at the right time. The rigors going to the Super Bowl like remember asking myself all these questions. Well I'm sitting there watching the news open up the lead on the colts and look like there were going to be safe all afternoon. Read up until the broken leg so. It's a pretty curious pretty brutal will be talking about it we viewed today in a little bit later on this hour. Kind of saved this one to let you know about. With Haiti as of or he's joining us at 340 today we will talk to him about his team his season. In about this change. Of his offensive coordinator with previous Murray 340 today here on 95 cent in the game all right so last night. We gotta get back the last night and I understand that the Bay Area is an huge college football even. But if you like a good sporting event I mean what more do you want how about this an entire season comes down to. Well a touchdown here wins the game or. That doesn't happen and we'll try to get this to overtime with a field goal. Or we turn it over and lose right here Clemson knocking on the door of Alabama. With a one play left to win a national championship here's how it sounded. Setting up to be one of the great finishes in college football history no matter how this ends first and goal from the two Watson roles for the right. It's. Sean McDonough on ESPN radio so go ahead touchdown. In the national championship game we scored against Alabama's defense. With 12 left on the clock. It's Boortz yo seriously I mean there's it's not that mortars at eight. Hunting for a he like at the sports. I'd like I like the sports. That oil is unbelievable. What a game I actually gone to. A buddy of mine's house to watch it last night. So I left Julian tour owned druthers on the couch and of course I come home she's in some sort of tornado Rob Lowe. Real estate. Drag queen awareness weaker whatever it is I'm probably the real the real drag queens of Beverly Hills or whenever she was watching. If it's not top chef I don't know them Bravo I watched option for like that show but let's get champ that's a good show but I walked in and she's enough of the sports and rumbling to chew once. She's like no one in my prism of her brother zone to rack. And I said I'll hunt action called like you dismissed. What will easily be one of the twenty best game he might ever watching your entire life. Certainly one of the twenty best finishes and without a doubt the best college football national championship. Since Texas USC at the Rose Bowl the Vince Young game. All those years ago when Scarborough went to the locker room he took all of Alabama's churning we have him. And bail months in order for to work in order for the entire. Nick C didn't quiet erratic equation to work and have the math come out is Alabama's unbeatable. Is they've got to be able to hold the ball. A little bit there were way too many three announce for Alabama's offense and you'd immediately then turned to say well look at Wayne K if not being here. This whole importance. When Clemson scored that. Last touched down on Twitter someone like that sound you hear is Lane Kiffin clinking ice cubes into a cocktail glass tough track I think that was pretty dead. But the here's the deal Alabama scored 31. Points. You tell me their offenses why they lost last night Alabama scored 31 points that's more than they scored against Washington. To get to this game. Ex gay game I didn't expect would happen at the end my husband had it on when I got home and I was just we both just sat there an odd did that just happened that just happened. Those are great though is great. It really what and let's you and I were watching and in the studio we saw the start of and it's so funny this national championship game. And I think it lasted nine hours hey I mean it was still on is a really really long football game all the stops for first downs and clock stoppages and commercial breaks and sponsorship deals and longer halftime than normal. I mean it was just it felt like the game went. On and on and on and on and on and on and I. And I got off to a look at it this way. I can't tell you how much money I would of lost. I would have lost infinity dollars if you walked up to meet Alabama up fourteen nothing. You think Clemson Tigers in comeback win this game uranium miner here at a your mind I know. I'd first like thought Alabama was gonna win and then when they were up fourteen nothing I feel really good about that I'm not gonna apologize for feeling good about that because that's normally. Pretty good bet to take. Give all the credit in the world to Clemson they made huge plays on third down. They had great catches all over the field especially late in the game when it was a hey you know what if you really think about what in this game. This is sort of a non negotiable third down what you mean this you've got to keep this going rectal third down every time. And it was a few pictures really really good and and Alabama had its great place to the wide receiver fake pass. The fix green to the tight end went for the big touchdown only quarterback keeper to give Alabama delete lead the thing Clemson just kept on winning situationally. And they gas in Alabama defense which faced nine B nine please last night the only way you're gonna beat Alabama physically. Is to tigers amount. That's what Clemson. It was an incredible game tigers vs Hyde Park to. Electric Bogle and like that's one of the best games. I've seen in a really long time in couples get rock hard when there's a great college game happening agreed championship game and and like I was. Last night like it was just. It was. Phenomenal. Now dabbled Sweeney right to host Sweeney is a Bible thumping southern football coach. Who can intimidate you in the moment and also can turn on all of the charm in the world. And in the last eight years this guy's built a hell of a program and he had a really good anfield media session when it was all over here. Is Davos Sweeney. And has extensive commitments that it had Tennessee win and the benefit of this the best thing. They look at. I think it is stated. Embassy in Baghdad this would you put them and they'll put that equipment in the day with the blue. But a little. Bit that the that it. Because we loved it when they're hundreds of them. The on the back at them biblical litigate. A little. And and goodness. The episode. That was it just doesn't have that little. I think years ago that the goal is to put put them back over them and had that that's the real. It was. A pretty good moment for Davos Sweeney I know we do it'll call an out of Colin Cowherd in the post game. Maybe we'll get to that a little bit later answer ESPN roster will be covering that lives you talking about Fox's broadcaster. But you know I saw that the ratings were down a little bit why wouldn't they be ESPN offered more than fourteen alternative broadcasts last night. I mean the proliferation of the way you could have ingested this game is a little ridiculous. And if you just wanna know like here's the deal went when it comes to ratings. The game was down 4%. And it was an awesome football. So why is it down 4% well two things. Alabama's a national brand in Clemson is simply not had USC. Ohio State Notre Dame Michigan Texas any of those big teams. Had been there in the place at Clemson I think. Either one of those brand names easily bridges that 4% gap. The second thing though is we just use our TVs like we used to I mean maybe you when I do. But ask your thirteen year old nephew if he quite watches. TV habits that mirrored your thirteen year and handy Abbott's they don't anymore it's just a different world we're living in people consume media differently. And TV is king but we have legitimate challengers to the throne for like the very first time in if you don't believe me will you agree with this. Football and Alabama is big in perpetuity. Like there's no like Alabama's not gonna be a state that falls out of love with football especially in the city of Birmingham. Birmingham had 853. Point six local rating for the game. But that was down from a 59 point two last year now 6% people didn't become Alabama fans. Gave up wrote it right Crimson Tide the year that they ended up going to a national championship game so what's the deal we just got people. Consuming media differently streaming it here not watching the mega cast watching the poll find bomb and Phyllis and mumble a cast like it was just. There's just different ways to skin a cat these days when it comes to consuming. The products were interested in on television. And you know ratings going down is a story that almost needs to be ignored because it's just it's it it it it's just the direction. That the world is going to be going it like ratings down 4% sounds normal to me. As 4% of people who were using media one way yesterday probably areas and at that same way today. And I think the trend of court padding is making a difference we go through swinging bats and watch on ESP and that way they gals so I mean were you counted as among the one on and you probably more in there and churn up. You work right. So. Dabbled Sweeney back to him do you realize that this guy. Had an unbelievable path to the national championship he just out coached Urban Meyer and nick Sabin in back to back games. To win a national championship that's one of the most bonafide things you're ever gonna see from a college program Clemson quarterback to Shawn Watson. Moxie. Kids got moxie man I don't know how brutal pocket passer he has been he's got moxie he made a lot of big plays. He had some wide receivers making big plays around him when he really really needed it the most I bet you his draft stock certainly went up that's what a national champions people do. So we'll see what is in store for both these programs I can promise you right now. Alabama shedding no tears in their party trying to. Get back to the national championship today that the entire teams in the weight room make savings out recruiting. Look out roll tide here they come to machine it really is we'll talk about the other. Odds on favorites of maybe being the first to win a national championship. And we're also gonna talk about coaching candidates for the opening your talents are pretty good article by Bruce Feldman about. Some names that art Chip Kelly to probably have a more realistic shot at being named the next head coach cal and Chip Kelly and all by the way cal. Get it done fast. National recruiting week is upon you like national signing day is coming up soon this is all gonna happen real real real fast you go into recruiting period. Without a head coach that is officially a good way to make sure you're going nowhere fast as a program and leave and ask what's wrong. We've now. Big picture wise as an athletic department a little bit later on we get to work Tuesday trifecta so there you go. Got a little bit of a preview for you right there. 8889579570. We're excited to be back at oracle and I warriors in heat coming up later the big news from the NBA yesterday was Derrick Rose. Should before the New York Knicks went out and played a basketball game against the New Orleans Hornets Derrick Rose returned to the team's practice facility this morning. After leaving the club without permission before yesterday's game against the pelicans he said that he had a family situation. And he returned to Chicago. In I'm guessing that everything's okay I'm hoping that everything's OK I wish you Stanley is very very best let me tell you Jihad. The minute there's a problem with somebody Stanley. What might. Be determined by you is why it's not a big problem you don't have to go there to that person could be the mountain it's a personal that is a that is a man's house family you never mess in the man's man you never mess with a man old woman's him he never most of the word family. Whether it be related biological. Extended. Whatever. In a way that we had neighbors or family yeah I mean so so family is a big umbrella but it's an umbrella that I think you have to stop and respect every single time it pops open. The family umbrella is something that all of those relate to the Aries nothing. I wouldn't do to move. Everything about the show the broadcast the station would ever if it would help you get reach your family you know to me like you're the one my dad passed away. I can't even Sally I just started work in for Don Collins. And I went in there and said I'm so sorry but I need to take a pretty significant chunk of time off even though we're just meeting my dad is dying I gotta go. And he looked at me and he just said. Fame family comes first family comes up for so I am I've got the camera comes first. The key one is before I went to my father's death at. I called on the let him know about it you had a conversation I sent an email I made a phone call I sent a text message and he called me back I picked up the damn phone and Derrick Rose. Body we expect this aim at a used to dip in the act the U worn eight shot old. It's it's the adult thing to get. I text message hey I've got some things going on I'll explain later anything's some sort of communication they just bolt said he didn't call anyone they contacted him. As many times is they could. He just didn't feel like responding. He's going to be fine but he's not gonna miss a single game in let me tell you Phil Jackson would have credibility you just had left some pot CDs came and took it from you. Okay. Contact and stars as a football today. Real Romo on my mind I tagged. Seriously. That is a show New York Knicks and that's why you or a joke in this is why Derrick rose's career is gonna end with this ad side even though began gloriously. When he was named the youngest MVP in NBA history. Is exact I back yeah he's going out as a little bit of a joke. Go by Derrick Rose it's hard to take you seriously just it really is 888957957. All of everything's cool with a family but pick up a phone call boss be an adult feel free to participate in observable reality in modern society it's pretty standard operating procedure to let your job no. That you can't make it to work today. Especially if your job is running point guard for the New York next. Yeah good gosh what is wrong with people. So the raiders have made a move we talked about it yesterday I was and others and a waiter is gonna they're gonna fire musgrave I think Nelson said damn big so I'm all for two. 8889579570. Your calls coming up before the tedious Murray joins us here on the day membership. Hey we got a conversation with the with Haiti is Murray coming up in just a little bit we wanna leave plenty of time for him so we're gonna have a short segment right here try to pack away your calls. Talking about bill musgrave he is not retained his contract expired the raiders are bring him back it looks like. Because they really didn't wanna lose Todd downing who was becoming a named who saw his stock rise and so. A what I thought a very successful offense has taken a turn. It the first opportunity to take a turn or not this offseason. Little interesting considering it's the best offensive season of football I've seen the raiders have. In a very very long time aided 89579570. This is mole in Hayward mow your not 57 game. There are you doing gaming network are personally thank you for giving me in the past and like I needed it bring you. Are you await sparking about the raiders Beatty Cole really beaten you were they were critical of the global beauty Nicole. Cook in that game and they were apps to be a part everything they wanted to do it worked in marker here. Are. Two opportunities to be good he. And what happened in those two game big ticket booking playing them. Well the first chief's game was may be as bad of a bead is they took all year. The second chief's game I thought came with circumstances which I understood and as bad as they played they were still limit to the very end. So yeah I mean it's just a disappointing that it didn't happen let me ask you mole do you realize are you a raider fan. OK then what do you even care. Because I continue to get our park wanted to personally thank you about it Larry. Okay all it was not funny the raiders are the most lost in the woods. Runny nose snot nosed dis functional more ironically run franchise in sports for the last fifteen years. And then they've finally. Gotten good. It all came together this year and after twelve years of being in NFL laughingstock they win twelve games. And had I thought an offense that was good enough to make no way he's. Yeah at the raiders played this like Las Vegas wasn't laughing when you talked about raiders' Super Bowl odds they had some of the best. In the sports. Don't you worry about me entertaining you model. It's gonna happen whether you think it's funny or not. This was the best raider football team dominated by in improved offense. And I'm surprised that they're going in another direction. It's really surprising and I don't know they just pick it up fine and dandy like nothing happen next year Mike in Union City real quick my calorie you. So wonderful vantage. He's in acting career thank you right back. I actually am progress and I don't like that tighter. But I really want actual question now before this year which would have been exceptional outstanding year for the raiders and Barry and expect because they predicted it could not be here for about. Two or three years. From last year. Whether it was kind of like we need a fiery chain the musgrave. He's always going to be on the right course. It was everything that happens in sports a single bad day everyone wants everyone fired in sports that's the way the world is right now. You know I got people wondering if Steve Kerr knows what he's doing when he lost in overtime game at a Memphis that's the world we live. Understand. My big question is because. In the Ted musgrave never really had a high powered quarterback. Due to air and split this year really bill musgrave and ops and gobble it there card is China and and do we need someone that can actually make their car even better. Here's a thing no one can answer that question for you until we see it next year right. Let's see what next year looks like and then will be able to answer that definitively. There's no such thing is hey my coordinator sucks but I'm so good I can overcome all the bad ideas and he's having is an offensive coordinator that's a talent that I am there's also. No amount of great coordination it can't be on done by a bad quarterback it's got to be pretty good tandem I thought they had a good tandem I I thought it look look at it this way. If we had to sit down and write the list of everything that was wrong with the Oakland Raiders this last year it's gonna take me awhile before I get to the name bill musgrave. That's just me. Other people watch it to people can watch the same game walk Wacey to a totally different things. And if mowing Hayward didn't see that the raiders were playing a very good game against the colts. While he can go left himself to another station. Coming up next we'll see if with Davies Murray is laughing about this new situation. The raiders running back joins us next year 957 game. So the company Vizio which makes a heck of a TV if you don't mind me saying he's giving away top value performer award and with tedious Murray is among this year's nominees that TVP award. Seeds got TV in the title suit they're doing TVP. The TVP awards the player whose on field performance most exceeds the value of their contract. Pretty good pretty good group names of these. Among and it was a heck of the season for the Oakland Raiders and obviously didn't and the way anyone wanted to to. But for a minute there that was his fund varieties and the NFL fans hadn't really long time Washington team come back the relevancy let's devious Marie good enough to join us here. On 957. Game with Dave is thanks an awful lot of congratulations. On what was a great regular season for the team that was an awful lot of fun we'll talk about how it ended in a minute but. That was an awful lot of fun reborn at twelve and four man congratulations. Thank you thank you so much thank you for having me on. There was a lot of fun and this season. You know obviously. In twelve wins. Not me you can do it all but it was a fun in the process. An African and the way we wanted to but. You know we just got to get back toward. Now it's eighty's I don't know if you heard about this but. Your quarterback broke his leg and then your backup quarterback got hurt too. They're gonna fire them with something somewhat fortunate Dave Pepin. You hear about that yeah how having to go on the road to a playoff game to take on the number one defense in the NFL with a third string quarterback I mean that would have been asking if Vince Lombardi team too much him and I don't know. How you guys went into that game tell us about the that. The thoughts you had going into it knowing that you did six of the chips are stacked against you as much as it's really ever been to a team going into a playoff game. Will we move you know obviously there are some unfortunate things that happen late in the season those past few weeks but. You know we had we had confidence because this is a team game console. You know Lou we don't wanna. Save of one person me. Dictate when they're losing. You know 'cause we believe in each other we believe net and the work that we putting together. Throughout the course of the year addicted to world we were at that point and so we believed in each other we believe that we. We're gonna get it done but you know we made it we've made a lot of mistakes and didn't play one of Bobo. Not the mistakes were made in and look you gotta give the Texans credit they were able to make the plays. When they needed a man and you know it's just too bad because it really was great watching this whole thing come together I thought that the offenses obviously. The strength of the football team all season long look tedious which is why we were all surprised to learn in just the last. Nineteen minutes. The bill musgrave is not going to be retained as offensive coordinator looks like Todd downing will be promoted to the position what are your thoughts on that. I guess you know I'll. Does business as tough man then and you know anytime someone loses its do you you have to feel for them. And their fans mean and everything that's going on in a situation so. I never know what may happen I know they're saying is that. The roster every year well also could be changes to the coast of staff and so. Knows again anytime you see. Player coach. And that situation uses you feel bad. Because you know about the businesses and and again. It is a sad thing. Oakland raider running backlit TV's Marie were you happy. We've most of the game plans the bill musgrave put together forty. You know I I trusted that everything you know we were doing we were when I was just you know obviously we can't win every game we wanted to. But so we were and every game and we had a opportunity to win and so. You know offensively just so you know we had everything we needed to to do what we needed to do a lot of times we you know we just didn't execute and so. You know you can't put the blame on anyone. Aggressive there is any changes can't put the blame on anyone because again this is that a team effort. A group effort. Coaches players included and so again you see someone. Have to go like that is very unfortunate. You finish fifth would say he is with twelve rushing touchdowns in the NFL this season that's why Europe for the TVP. Award presented by Vizio. And will figure out how fans can go ahead and vote for you here at the at the end of our conversation. But man you had some real help there in your back field as well I thought Jalen Rashard was one of the best surprises in the NFL all season long. That guy's a real nice complement to what you do. Yes it is and men. You know the talk about a guy undrafted I don't. The southern Minnesota played in the cup decided well I was in school. And so. Extremely happy Forman and he's Kaman. Plays some tremendous football both on offense and special teams and so. You know the guys specialty AB CDs help me out allow so it is the underage. And so. Nothing to protect future's bright for both of from the Japanese. Guinea to had been he's been a base price for everybody in the league and probably wondering go to guy is this but not those long runs and making big plays out there. What's AV is Marie here on 957. Game again I think Europe. A big part of of what's right would this team obviously a lot went right would this team this year. But now big decisions need to be made and you are one of them you're free agent now. It's hard to walk away from a good situation I think the raiders are in a good situation with tape is if it's up to you are you were raider next season. Absolutely it's deceptive mean. Is where I was drafted in this forum on the state and so it's up to me man I will be back in the silverlight. Any discussions would Reggie McKenzie even to set up a timetable about a negotiation. No no no discussion at this point. You know that this season I've seen descended and so. Right now at this you know see see how things go. Sure there will be covered stations there and so we're just gonna have to see goes and hopefully. Obviously both parties. Can make something happened. Well I tell you it it was it was so much fun to watch it all come about this year man we were happy for you was it was happening. You've got to run behind the most expensive in one of the biggest offensive lines I've seen in a really long time and shamed Donald Penn couldn't go in Houston neither was just another. Bad cards dealt to the raiders owner in that playoff game. Well what was it like to run behind but I can only assume with Davies is the best offensive line you stuck your shoulder pads in behind. It was great. You know those guys have done a great jeopardy host of the bags this year in protecting. And dairy the dirt ball down facility in you know I think they've they've obviously been. You know if not the biggest the biggest part about that you sparred. Two its success so the offensive on the Gaza started there and it turned to. And so. You guys give those guys look across the front. Absolutely to do what's national championship game last night. A lot of quality candidate. So honestly I couldn't believe that. Very very very happy for Clemson and I think they've played their. Shocked the world. Mode I guess you know for for for those who assume Alabama was gonna land by very happy for him man. You know guys say great. And I was it really really good finish and hey thank you so much with Davies for joining us as fans wanna go ahead and vote for you here. And help you want to the top of the TVP nominees for Vizio how they go about doing that. So you have to go online to Vizio dot com slash PPP you can vote right now until January 16. Vote as many as time that you want film as scan every one. Out there please vote for me. And let's get this video. Tough value performer award. Heron bay. And you got you got a yelling free TV without I would hope so right. I think we give you so yeah. Yeah let's let's get those TV my way it would at least get them handed out to those who vote the most. But Davies I hope you're in silver and black for years to come it was fun watching you this year thank you so much for an entertaining year. And I want to wish you and your family the very best this offseason thank you so much. What tedious Murray here and 95 cents in the game and he wants to come back. He wants to come back you know what he also probably didn't he called his agent today. He said you seriously go and doing the media tour that day were fire offensive coordinator you and your mind. This tweet to her schedule that's. Poor guy out no doubt they set up these fluff pieces and all of a sudden we are real questions forum. I thought a he's like hold on wait a second they wait a minute wait a minute when an ornament and they're gonna has been actual questions here today. Thirty said he felt like they had everything they needed they were winning. What they did yeah they did they were winning. You know again that beat the guy who sit back and made him game good belly laugh because I talked about other readers were. Looking like a Super Bowl favorite Vegas had him as the third. Most likely team in the AFC and remember in that game they were playing for a one seed but team that is trying to get the one seed in the AFC. Is not a laughable Super Bowl participant that is contender yet that's what more do you want again you know you'd people. I think have a sixteen and oh season in Manhattan and then just wonder aloud why hasn't this happened from my realty much from. What has never football team goes undefeated I don't understand like why would we have a bad game today. It seems like an odd choice. That your choices don't dictate everything that happens on a football field. Not all the time they don't and I just think. That it's a real odd choice that the Oakland Raiders in less they really believe Todd downing. Is he can't move forward without him secret to our success component. That it fits the choice between what bill musgrave got left. And what Todd downing Scott in his future we had to choose Todd downing future. In the opinions. Bill musgrave in Del Rio had a kind of relationship worth it was like hey we gotta let you go. I figured he'd like let him down lightly. Heard there would be data it's not that we didn't one build its that we had a key tie. And oh by the waders absolutely. No number. Of coaches you're allowed are not allowed to have her money year not a latter -- been under coaching staff the raiders could retain everybody Annika gone out higher Chip Kelly and said he's an offensive coordinator to. Like it's not like. One or the other it's not like they had to make a choice but they have made their choice and in a walker re sign year for bill musgrave. Looks like he is walking on at a town as is defensive back coach Marcus Robertson he got fired today. The 49ers let's include them here at one point time this hour the 49ers were doing a little more interviewing today. They interviewed Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott also talked with GM candidate Louis Riddick he is out of the ESPN and unlike an awful. Of the GM candidates whoever notes they're making about players are making them to themselves in their own offices Louis Riddick has been weighing in. On an awful lot of personnel decisions being made all over the NFL publicly for years as a broadcaster. On ESPN. So you can kind of go back and see where he would have drafted what he would have done and at some point in time a little bit later on we will go to the Louis Riddick what he thought of the guy on draft day. What to draft a guy became. We have a little map of how he thinks about football and how on targeted he was some of these predictions. 888957957. Know there is your number our good friend Tony Bruno. Who I think is like at at cod today he's at Disney. And are we about to talk to be happy as. Tony Bruno in the world that happy is man in the world Tony Bruno is out we're gonna have coming up I think he can miss Robin. In light. But shuttle. Did like a car writers something so cool we will get the very latest from Tony and see. You know FISA and went to bed knobs and broom sticks kind of mode. May be still Billick Cinderella today may mean maybe he feels like a beautiful princess. I wonder if you ran into and how goofy the way I did 41 year old man I'm gonna. Another person and cast him. Your first time at Disney right Disneyland yet won this one as a stand I've always said you've never seen the joy of Disney and we've seen it through 41 year old man size. Bruno was even a little bit older than me. We'll see if that the majesty. Than that the child wonderment of Disney has washed over a full grown adult from Philadelphia. That's coming up next here on 957 game 8889579570. To number your calls Lenny have you coming up. On the readers the decision to let musgrave go Todd downing what the future holds. Are you high on the move are you cautious about it. All that's coming up next hour here on 957 game.

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