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DB Show live from Oracle Arena - Hour 2 - 1/10/17

Jan 11, 2017|

Damon is joined by Tony Bruno & Marcus Thompson.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

With the weather outside so frightful. Jian and I have been tucked away in a nice little in if you don't mind me saying very comfortable. This is nice very cushy yeah bouncy Booth it's very very bouncy. And it's just you know standings are treated well in the Crown Royal club as a matter of fact I think that's the official slogan of the club here standings. Will be treated well. At the Crown Royal club. We're inside of ORACLE Arena we got the Miami Heat come an end to take Donny clay Thompson Louis Golden State warrior team tonight. Looks like clay. Who was feeling under the weather a little bit later last week there was a chance he might not start against Memphis he played in Sacramento he is going to be a a healthy scratch tonight the warriors are holding amount I think this is going to be the first. Starter. To be held under the guise of DNP. Rest now all season long so. Obviously nobody's going to be sitting Monday next week against the Cleveland Cavaliers. And probably nobody sitting out. Against the the Oklahoma City Thunder when they get here next week but it heat tonight pistons later on this week so we're looking at. Clay taking a seat tonight Tony brought I believe is ready to go he was taking his seat in a roller coaster. Somewhere in Disney World a little bit earlier today here a picture that I sought and animals used doing that today but the picture was posted on Twitter today. Tony Bruno are you think happy is boy in the world right now down at Disney World. Yes I am Tuesday in the days. Our pick climbed into the national championship golf Tampa. And then jumped. In my rental car and grow from Tampa to Orlando but what you do when you're the national championship and you're not dabbled when he. You go to maybe they'll all day and now I'm out tonight. I am also sitting in China and people warriors beat you it. That is fantastic so it is healthy scratch Bruno after a big break. But running around Disneyland tell me what you did at first are you like everyone else did you run into the magic kingdom take a hard right and goes straight to space mountain. Absolutely had the best battery ordered yesterday I got that down it would like my Padilla trip to Disneyland. Guys that are going to be that are anywhere flew into Orlando last Thursday with an Iowa right the Tampa. And then with spending Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday in Tampa. To you know like like not to take something to that is that you know lot. Jump in the openly Procter and an upper hand. Anyway. So it would candidate they story you know when you only have wondered do these guys do the right thing goes goes straight mountain got to splash mountain and he got to go big thunder mountain. It with the fact that this district spin and power lines when you. All mountains take at all mountains. Yes exactly got to go about at the mountain. That report beer. A good crop all of you know they just gotten a couple of weeks ago that magic kingdom park selling alcohol for the first time medical app cot. And sprinkled around the world and Alan select. Our restaurants in in the Disney magic kingdom park which was dry. It's Walcott created this so. Now you can get used so glad to wander cocktails appear in many locations as seriously certainly you know if you really need to break. You're taking your kids. Are you gonna wanna drink if you're going to Disney World we your kids driving radio. Yeah I mean it is it's a thing it's not to get inebriated just a common errors at the end you have to. There's only so many times you can be pulled to mr. toads wild ride before cutting. Class assured that's at the lake house. Oh it's great if you're there let the court. But the big story don't like about your third they had beautiful Friday 75 degrees and arrange. And I'll help people out there and mortars but complained about rain with the weather you've got the pathetic that it starts to rain on Friday at the temperature drops to elect. Forty dumping your read what the 36 that would be pretty simple it's freezing warning. On Saturday OK great we are an astute prices go up because it fit for opposing freezing it percent think their opening up optic market monkeys. Present market. This is like the last fifteen minutes of trading places the citrus report is way down. It clobbered on the futures. Sony so this is some real inside baseball let's get deep inside the Disney broadcasting fee and we community and askew is a as they used to be regular guest on the Keith Olbermann. Report on ESPN before he left the ESPN is a man who helped launch ESPN radio and by the way. I I win listen to the very first segment Everett ESPN radio would you wall Allred didn't scores on game night that was unbelievable. What a flashback memory lane all the rejoin errors in this. B and does all the jingle that these that so different now. But were you able to take advantage of family and friends pricing in the ABC family. Absolutely I still have my you'd. The family member cart I got 40% off today at the Disney store. With my car push epic inducted. Wonder this country reduced exhibit by a couple of souvenirs and 40% comes up atop a phenomenal men you get excited dealing world. I node onto one from Chris Berman looking at the mind America's role jealous I'd be doing different thunder mountain baby. I really would own a good game last night Alabama was not well seven and no wonder Nick Saban when holding a double digit lead in the fourth quarter. The king was one on a touchdown with 12 left to get yen national championship I mean that's sports baby that's sports better. The you know a lot of people were talking about pebble Sweeney Sweeney was the but you know the great coach. They know what no one actually national championships Super Bowl and be entitled that validates coach is that great. I thought double when he was grateful for last night in last night there's nobody anywhere is sort of like Jay Wright would Villanova. There are people are really good coach but not great secret number one seed heated when the national championship. So we're keep them in the you know not so good not great but really good coach and many went the national championship last year and I do know where you cannot say that he would not a great college basketball coach. What that was when I mean you know Alabama all the national championship this guy go back to back. The title game. It is by 51 year and at this slight underdog again last I didn't win the game outright which a lot of people are no more bottom of the bottom of the Alabama. But the majority of people picking this game were picking Alabama. But the people who saw how this team play even though they turned it over the budget game this year know that they got. They're quarterback this season you know their defense is really good in Alabama quarterback of the young kids Jalen hurt and got good running game and a great defense. But the bottom line was distraught Watson with a better player and he put the guy I was able Li's team to the win after coming up despite which sort last year. Look I don't think Shawn Watson is going to be the first pick in the draft but I might I played himself to be in the first quarterbacks selected. Yet you may be right and and I know a lot of people are high on the quarterback the niners idol they're looking but there's a lot of teams always looking for quarterbacks. Edited to me I don't wanna beat a team that have to have a quarterback with the first pick you you're gonna be the first team collecting so. I mean I don't know what additional Joseph Watson going to be great and about quarterback but you look up and down left and it's not a very quarterback rich draft it you desperately need to take one of the first round. By the way the big news out here today Tony is that after having what I thought was a very good offensive year the offense was the undisputed strength of the Oakland Raiders they decided to let bill musgrave go today he is out. As offensive coordinator they've elevated Todd downing. And it apparently Todd downing rising stock is to retain him as one of the reasons they let musgrave go. But that's kind of surprising this is a team that was sixth in total yards. They were sixth in rushing. They average 26 points per game good enough for seventh in all of football I mean you're a top ten offense pretty much any way you wanna cut it. I don't want bigger government would be equal step two years ago. Edward those quarterbacks coach and a guy who had a lot of law that you know a lot of these go to do your quarterback coach. You're spot opposite corner that's how you move up packaging. And musgrave got snatched away by the 49ers from the eagle staff and other people's work you know they wanted to keep a morale but obviously when you go to coordinators job from quarterback which. That's a major step popped up there are pretty surprised about surprise that some of those bug decision but it they would. Greg Lewis. People so wide receivers coach got fired and the question is did the Eagles wide receiver. Right now he's yet. A a a a a a so the wild card weekend Tony it was kind of a done it really was the raiders got blasted in Houston that the Texans are now heading to wind and to be sacrificed on the Alter of Tom Brady I think they're getting seventeen right now. By the way I might like them getting seventeen but that would be the only number. Seahawks beat the lions are now headed to Atlanta that could be a good game Steelers crushed the dolphins. Steelers and chiefs that's got great game written all over it on Sunday Packers. And Aaron Rodgers Mandy he looked good huh content on Sunday it's going to be Packers and your favorite Tony the Dallas Cowboys. Absolutely you're right about the game and in it's interesting you these are usually at least one upset one talks. Other covers the number win the game out right and I likeable though paper on Saturday but I would like. I was spark a little bit on Sunday picking the giants were you know the whole history of Eli Manning and we know our great rebate was playing but I don't think whether bases. Eli but I mean they just absolutely and I think that hail Mary at the end of app. Just pretty much. All the jets it's not happened today boys they were absolutely smoked in the Detroit Lions. For all the you know for all the credit they wanna get there were birdies on last week against the Packers they were not ready for that big stage. You know when you're going to this next step in trying to make it to the and a break season but I don't think particularly anybody thought was going to be it is a shock or although some people took them. I was an underdog but all four whole team they've which covered over the while court weakened and that's pretty rare. Tony are you worried that if you don't perform well during your next podcast people hold you or Orlando vacation Disney pictures against you like they did O'Dell Beckham after the big game on the app. Absolutely not because that's what I play I came. I saw I conquered. I spent four days in Tampa actually went through cold weather at Tampa. Citrus fruit freezing stickers warning why there weren't good and and he's down here for the last two months I come down here. Go to war coldest days of spoke at. But it's the auto complete guy from people were going to bat whether it was an article in the northeast and why I'm back to Philly tonight. And it like twenty degrees in miserable. But RK my work hard and I've played part that you of the workforce great days morning noon and night. Bernie podcast oil that both sides. You've got to go to Disney and and I walked the entire market would know. You know no no boxes but I did the whole thing and I am still standing strong and I'm ready to jump on frontier planet had back home. Not even parking lot shuttle Bruno. No not even par wow that's a man votes Lego rock but you have to go across because your car candidate in the main lot at the magic kingdom though. I did I'd take a moderate you can't walk because the accord while we get across water even nor did declined an outright. What. Ego if you got a child in the car I hope he turned radio pieces that real man sounds like he's. Walked the whole park it'll take clocks. A million underrated element without even a much of the back box. Waksal now are you did you are column every water out front here only water they gave Bjork. Are you stay right it is all hotel will you have the prince's brunch with miss Robin before it's all said and done. Not armed guard at the airport this term rental car sitting in baggage claim a lot of flight today to update fifteen. I've already done I was busy return the rental car and back to the airport here in Orlando. Absolutely there's been. Had my ears raised properly fly Beckel winner. That is fantastic pitcher wings brother ditch your wings zaireans Tony Bruno flying home from Disney happy is boy in the world thank you very much Tony your call it's always a pleasure. Travels today. Huh he's an amazing human he'd early is he's just an amazing human being he's been to Disney fifty guidance that's crazy my wife Susan said that I went once. He's been fifty times Jesus why you know he he is a kind of got to take advantage of an ABC discount. 40% off and I'm sure you get the hook up on tickets right on it yet he had goat. It's a lot you basically you get. At least a free Disney pass per year if you work he has these were guys. Seed at one for years you certainly can basically within any email. Get the rest for your family to wow that's cool yes so that's that's that's good good for Tony. Could for Disney good for everybody differ Landow. You know they had the national championship game in Orlando. Arnaud had intimidate. Me in and it's. It's not a it's not that quick drive to Orlando it's a several hour drive unfair to our yet feels about right. But Tampa the Tampa isn't weird town. My sister lives in saint Pete's impact and that's like next toward Tampa basically it's it's it's. It's a little cradle wind across the bay basically from Tampa Bay. And it looked like Tampa. It wants to be modern. But it's got that fla trailer park vibe that just poll sates has thrown everything. And. It's really weird like there's a lot of your instincts that say I don't think I wanna be here very long. But if you're straight male. The girl's. Really in Tampa will pull your head on case winnable. I never heard that can't got to Tampa Tampa is like famous for its strip clubs OK but beyond that just like. The average person walking down the street is just. I don't know only Tampa's a town. That I height I don't wanna spend much time in but everyone should absolutely spend at least a week there when you're single. It's it's it it's a good weather town for a dozen Derek yeah cell salute you spent a lot of time outside probably walking bike team. You know at the beach activity CU cut you know they're probably stent Tennessee fit. There's no such thing and pasty person right in Florida base if your pasty intent but you're albino in your worried about the son Brett like you catch. Stands just by being a lie down in Florida it's the tall takes. But it's just it's a weird to it feels like everything he's like a fast food strip mall. And that's hello Phoenix sometimes feels to me so I totally get it you know I mean yeah it's like this it's it's you know it's nice here. I think I could live here then upon closer examination you'll like all of this is this is. 85 degrees Fort Wayne that's it really is is four point Indiana. Would better beach access. Hotter chicks do yet but I bush said like Walnut Creek is Fort Wayne, Indiana would nicer malls. Michael creek with a new club Fort Wayne. And it's like Walnut Creek for. And eight of the price this like Lana creek is an exception when you talk about like a suburb quote unquote has a little bit of a cool night live but it's nice divisions are at a restaurant division I strip malls restaurants out and and and change clubs change gag action you know so. But I'm I'm angered Italian woman creeks a bad place but if you're loving your woman creek experience in your willingness to have a little winter. And seeing who if your house. The house he bought in Walnut Creek for three million dollars. Is 91500. Dollars and four when Indians can I kgo Matt could you imagine except that house is surrounded by four acres. Wow yours is up against. AA. Albany pong or something. Boudin theory. Whatever. Yes you know it to jump the Jews it's on June 24 hour fitness some Starbucks. Something like that. Anyway always good to have Tony I'm always good we're gonna have Marcus Thompson join us in about fifteen minutes from right now not only were talking. Marcus Thompson columnist. We're talking Marcus Thompson the author today he wrote a book about staff Currie in the warriors. And it is officially. Out now I believe it's not out now it's available for pre order will let markets do well. All the plugging away that he needs to for his book we're gonna help them so that bad boy because I like Marcus is worth an awful lot and he's good at what he does. And he's got relationships with the warriors that most journalists do not have. I'm not saying he's friends with these guys but he's developed a relationship where I'm sure that his insights into what makes Def curry tick. Actually count for something so I'm looking forward to talking markets about the book deal that he's got going on and of course about the what's going on with the warriors they've got the Miami Heat the heater all kinds of banged up on the there's a new injured heat every single time you look up. They do have Whiteside go back in their lineup tonight that should make this game a little bit more interesting it should be a walk in the park game. For the warriors even with Klay Thompson healthy scratch tonight. And it looks like that's exactly what's going to happen. The raiders let bill Muster ago he is out his head to excuse me out is offensive coordinator. Head coach Jack Del Rio yesterday was theory elusive when asked about the future of his coaching staff and now we know why. Two decisions made in less than 24 hours defensive backs coach Marcus Robertson is also out. Here over in Oakland. I really do hope that we get to talk with Jack Del Rio at some point in time this week normally when news like this breaks the walls go up and they want the information to stop flowing and what an offseason happened before anybody pokes around of any new questions especially about. A coaching change so we really really hope that happens because. To meet. A little explanation. Obviously what. Jack Del Rio can fill out his coaching staff anyway he once he is an owe anybody an explanation but a little clarity on this. Would be deeply appreciated by those who like me thought that although certainly not a perfect machine. The Oakland Raiders had one clear advantage in almost every single game they played they had the better offense. You wanna watch Clemson won a national championship last night they showed up with two with history. You are three phases of the game offense for offense defense special teams last night Clinton the better offense than the better special teams. Alabama pretty much by the fall all the time is gonna have the better defense of the question is can you Wear them out. 99 plays later on play number 99. From the clemson's offense they were able to win a national championship last night. It was un believable fourteen different alternate alternative broadcasts. But you could watch the home. Version was in an Alabama called you could watch Clemson version. You can watch obviously. Herb street due to call with our Chris Fowler on ABC. You could then watch Paul find. You could then watch the coaches room. You could then obviously stream it on your ESPN app or phone. You could listen to it on ESPN radio you could listen to it in Spanish you could watch it in Spanish. Fourteen different alternative broadcasts. In your wondering why you're ratings are down 4%. Well you know and lesser factoring in all the eyeballs how your ratings now up. And at the same time I understand it because. We are no longer consuming media like we used to. I can't think of the last time I found sending out for the first time and I was watching it on TV. You know I always said that the biggest. Problem with the newspaper. Is that the minute it comes off the printing press. It. It's an old document. You can't add to a newspaper. It ease in the past the minute it's in your presence out specially now right you can't download the latest video. You can't up load the new paragraph which completely re explain something in a story or lets you know how the story changed. News. Is a living breathing thing all around us now. And sports news certainly lives and breathes breathlessly around us now in the amount of people who spend time. You're sharing information as quickly as they can weather be right or wrong is no longer relevant it's it's amazing I saw a story today at a 105. The woman who broke the story. That World War II. Was about to start died today she was over in Hong Kong. Living out or her or her years and she she passed away today. But she was this woman who basically. Saw behind this massive curtain. That really kind of restricted what you could see and and she basically saw the assembled German army ready to cross the the Poland border. And she wrote back like AP news wire service could she was on the front lines as a war journalist and she basically said. OK till scope. Germany's about to attack. The world. That's like the biggest scoop of the century decently she broke the news of world war two's. Coming two days before. Hitler attacked Poland. Good scope right definitely pretty darn good that's one you're gonna wanna get right. You imagine if she had Twitter. Well there be video attached to it absolutely we'd wanna gift of the assembling German army rant. You know I mean it's just amazing how different everything is right now Jerry Steinfeld and bleary David. When asked about the success of signed filled. Basically said. If they launch Steinfeld right now. It would definitely be the cult hit that it always was but it probably would never be the huge. Must see TV hit that it was at that time. In jury signed filled very. Clearly said he's like look. There were basically foreign networks. If you had cable that means yet another sixty stations or show and and you went to the movies. Yeah had. Like. A DVR or VCR. In May be something to play video games and there wasn't. The Internet so accessible that your on it all day long 24 hours a day like. If you wanted to use the Internet use that to get up walk to the computers sit down in front of their computer turn on the computer. Are you that you can AOL's dial up she actually had to get the modem fired up. Yeah yeah I had to. Wade for all the offering to happen like it just wasn't instant information to any question you could ever be curious in in the palm of your hand. It wasn't like that Jerry signed filled says it's real simple query united the last two tickets to Disneyland before they burn it down. And that's the changing media landscape that we are in. But Sonny say about options I mean you have like Netflix and Amazon and so many other. Hulu opportunities to launch a TV show right that you know stranger things I was a huge success. In 2016. If mean if we cancel decade if I shut my TV off in all we had was Netflix for a year I wonder how long it would take for me to even notice. Hit on the outside of the live sporting events that I watch the obviously that's right right but it is it it is just it's amazing to see how different everything's coming. And just that the standards we have for get it right get it first. That's that's the problem. It's that just you wanna be first you don't care about getting it right if that's a problem. It's insane it's insane and now you know we actually have. A nationwide media debate about how important facts are. The fact we're asking that question what are faxing an important anymore. Is. It's why we'll also socialists at the world's over under 20/20 four taken me under. Series I mean it's just insane absolutely crazy we are under a roof and we're very happy about that were inside the Crown Royal club here ORACLE Arena. We've got the warriors in heat coming up to talk about that Marcus Thompson. And all over his new book that's next here on 957 the game seem books are these things that used to. You'd open on the there'd be words in them and chapters and you would learn about a topic seat kids there's these. There is these old things that used to be called books we'll tell you about it next. So Marcus Thompson on Twitter. Is what act that Marcus Thompson's rise Bible Lee we've always introduced him as a writer from. The Bay Area news group a little bang but now I think we gotta give mes he's real new title. Author Marcus Thompson joining us here on 95 cent in the game. He is anticipated. Book I believe is available for pre order right now it is called golden. The miraculous rise of staff curry market's first of all congratulations. On finishing the book I'm sure that's a labor a lot of that you're happy is over and done way of Tommy a little bit about it and tell me what you think is the best part of this book. Policy of the best part there's going to be. My name on a threat going back. Cool that's cool that's at you know what you similar to those of the girls who didn't day to night school and say what. And now. Right. And the debt that are union hey. You should schedule your first book signing the reunion. Well you know it's it's really the book chronicling. Stepped curry. Improbable ride to her. Levels that Nolan actually stop. Like how it happened and what's behind did he normally we see these guys. Common tomorrow way. You know we we do the ground team sports scene. We knew kofia lower Mariane you know. But in this stage social media and relentless type who covered we know look at even our report. The steps kinda came out of nowhere. And and it just surpassed all expectations sober look at current chronicle and how he did that. And I think the best part is probably going to be. The fallout after he did it and then lose man out trying to lost favor became a lightning rod. We're criticism like that department that's part of the it's really allies in the it's Vietnam and the ball out from somebody come and I know. They'll be. Yeah the world turns on you quickly unless you meet all their expectations and obviously with the 31 cough up against the cavs in the finals. It just left every one who wanted to take a shot at the warriors the biggest bullseye in the world to throw something at but the truth says. Like this is a guy who is changing the way people think about basketball changing the way people build basketball teams not just changing the way. You know kids go about playing in the playground like he's part of the evolutionary story now of this league. And is going to go down as a completely historical significant figure it's it's amazing where it came from and what it is now brilliance. When you. No we are prisoners of the moment. When you blow a 31 lead you should be. When you don't play to a region secret. But it history will show how unique of a primenews look how crazy that I'll let you in the Bay Area. It's still kind of its meeting where the borders are who's there are so history will look at this and the air stepped Perry went bananas. In the world appreciated more later. Suspected he had that win another part of it is really crazy thing then on. It's a whole trajectory the warriors. And India is well so obligated an incredible story and it's one that I won't get old any time soon. Marcus Thompson you're really good at building relationships with guys it's it's one of the things I've noticed about you know just as I watch people in the media go about their jobs. You connect to these guys in a way that I think allows him to open up to you freer than they would in other situations I mean just go back to. Bringing me you know what Harrison Barnes last year around your hometown on this thing that you and Courtney did the video I thought was. Really a very cool way to get to know somebody better how much access did you have to staff. In his personal time how much time in in in the offseason did you spend within or did you sort of put this book together around him. Without this participation. Build around him participation. Apple and boom you know with the playoffs are able. I hate sticker book and it's kind of a sales room you know I've known him since he guys practice nine. I've been there you know the entire away so it's more room. That perspective. You know what they were interviewed and obviously over the years ago. You know there's no question. That oh the based on. Mine understanding your hand in spam the whole story happened in doubt about it. I overlook the based on in the news special access even though you don't know. Packet pocket rocket have a prior heritage and as the Becky you know you'll need to hear. I've eaten. Death I've always noticed that about you guys and I was wondering if that would is what helped bring the book together may be in LA when when when you know somebody's writing a book about you may be you don't. Act is naturally as you would around them if you didn't know that some wondering. If you let him know that you were writing the book around him merges told them at the end of it like hey by the way in Arab book about it. Awarded to the latter warrant it and some of them relay I like to think. But it in the Paloma that I'll write it you do well at. You know to its credit unions changed you know he didn't stop answered our courts and out talk that we the key. But the Eagles. Like how I did down. And I don't think he has anything to worry about though. That look you know what you are you doubt about your views not how we. They didn't let me ask them die so. You look our ability you know the end of the courses. A lot of the key sort of on the bullet round in two bit beat up there were so along. He's not he's not the most. You not the most quotable aptly you know. He can give you divert them answers so. Argued some of the they could lose its by the people and building at about that though he apartment been eaten what was the open. I think part of and appreciate that it needs the story after the close the line in the body. New York whoever doesn't have context. Watching him that he got drafted bill now. I wish you the very best to lock with a markets and I expect you to send an advance copy this nation so we can tell everyone how great and I can bring in here. Cited forming on my shelf not pretend I bought. It Courtney Cronin prior crappy night. And yet we do yes we hear me. Well Amy and I really do wish you the very best of the book you know since we're talking about staff. There's no doubt he's decided to cut it the way back button just in the terms of way he's playing he's been more aggressive east pass in a distant shots to attack the rim. And it looks like either he had a conversation themselves for Steve Kerr had a conversation with them. Horror you know ages looks like there's another gear and step over these last few games he wants in a handful of games ago. Visited. Outright it to look like it you heard today that he's that we're at the numbers pretty. At thirty interior Mac scored gains if you lock to play he looks more like oh. I'd be keep him here green from a lot of people who who know him. He needs to be border city needed Borger that we need to be more aggressive. But step two. You so much more concerned. About playing in the right way. And B&B in the good guys beer on them. You know it's teammates and haven't seen him and in that light. Aren't they did it always takes him to this point I remember that clipper series and sweaty sports city. And they trap it and he has given all of it's completely out 60% they are not. Lightly retake it and outlook so let there. Is it always takes so little bump then to give him to be. I guess aggressive because part of its mines ethernet itself disks you know not Dickey wanted to welcome Durant he wanted to loopy. Speaker you want to promote the load off in our beat you got a law that got out of rhythm and found himself and in Iraq. And everybody knows it's not the saudis is that like are real there's and go from hot shot there and play my game. It's been a worried about how everybody a bit and the creepy parties they're actually better when he's that way but I feel pretty. And okay Carter great book say. I feel they it all works. It's step is the axis because he's the one who who had the ball. You've been great character. And he has all of these tools of the trade. Then make everybody work when you let Brett go to rent is grade eight he he. But either of them may even play this you know your immediate. Or mockery atlas. That's had the ability to get its. And allow everybody at the upload them and I think he hacked your act and the key I understand it there yet the player. Marcus Thompson here on the Damon Bruce show clay is going to be the first healthy scratch among the starters all season. What do you think the move tonight Miami feels like the right team to do it against. So really were like what we talk about this before I let our due. It's almost like they were saying hey you know it they vary the speaker leader plant like Illinois and interior. He'll the other math works out before but the math looks good for the all star game what's a city that. It's spot lit up the news agree I think it's Smart if you can't beat that he outplayed you got bigger problems and you're all these guys need rest and there's not a lot of pressure on them and we saw it gets miffed if they lose that game. It started spiraling and you could watch students feel the pressure but it talked about about body language in. I don't know respond right away you could see the weight of the world. On the back to one game. I think it's our last week he needs to take some of that pressure off of them. Allow him to get their chemistry together and you do that by guys out on the market were locked the mr. That's at my apartment we did eat. It's one game whatever January they need to get that might and you promote that our guys that I like tell and then hated game not that important. Clay you address their purest Katie you're. Is it being right. It seemed like he did a lot cuter to view of the. Well I'd say I'd like to see a little to rant Currie pick and roll especially with clay not out there is an option tonight I think could be a good night to experiment with that a little bit more. And you know obviously coming out of that man this game bigger than the loss was that on court conversation between dream on and Kevin Durant. When's the last time you think anybody screened on a basketball court in Kevin Durant space I'm gonna go back to middle school. I doubt it happened in high school it didn't happen in college and I don't think it's happened in the NBA up until that Memphis game. And I think things like that with. Dream on being right about what he was saying. With Kevin Doran acknowledging that dream on was rights and he didn't mind the you know boisterous presentation of information on the court. It's the reason why this is all gonna work and and beautifully I really do believe that that was one of the biggest moments of the entire year. And I two lead the way the program responded. Wasn't there a couple of very positive thinker your worst yet still we were eleven that this agreement he was I agree that it. I'll bet they'd like web plant it's been rather my I might have. I think who wrote my history and Adam. Although the long court fight badly in the middle of action while. I that there have to be such a new experience for him peppered him Tuesday yeah he's right. That was right out comments by accident down what they were saying. Like its debt mine. That kind of permeate throughout all of the team. That is why the doctors now light image right mines remark it's green and Ingle at all. About blue in the law. Like WT do golf like that who they want to keep that ball. You know bolt beat is we want to move the ball like even act in itself is a little bit crazy. You don't see you got a guy he may or not a leader grow all right so it's kind of spirit and I think they'll figure out. Talking warriors and Marcus Thompson but again along with being an author this man he covers it all now so what do you think about the raiders living bill musgrave ago. When the offense is the strength of their team all year long. Or. It will make its Sutton who. I think that critical. That they're gonna have to sell the senate and not do so at a would go onto the floor. And like really. Look at this team. Already completely new tolerated could be forced to and make those proper yeah. For them making a move Obama grade. For me it seems like there will only to itself not that easy to speak but it often and it I'd scored we were good ought to keep them. But the reality I think they should be in the top that this should have been outreach. That that would. Credited to neck injury. But kept. Him. Well that. Well why can't our guy and it's repeated. Inordinately. The east it is really active. So. It's he'd be. In the arts that he'd been but that's on. Art much in the and each shell and match. One taken obvious route here in the port so part of me like. These make a move not being. I'm currently in our national. He's really make that putt moved to make the team even better. Is that they keep me in York. Was probably obvious who needed me. I'd senses but it doesn't quite add up I appreciate the demonstration of our but I just don't know if that was exercised. The right way hey wanna say good luck with your book golden by the way all of the sudden the with the topic of golden golden showers is trending on Twitter it has nothing to do your book and that's gotten us up but hopefully you get in nice. Little bounce off that markets are really really don't want to go. Our. You're gonna have to stay away. From the president elect and apparently Russian information specialists as well thank you very much mark is great to document or see you later tonight. Our. Marcus Thompson and by the way. I don't wanna have to explain what's going on Twitter right now. I'll just really been it's been alleged that Russia has video of Russian prostitutes peeing on. Donald Trump. Died. I'm not 57 the game. I honestly thought I would leave several lifetimes without a single story about the president elect the United States possibly being involved in golden shower porn. Offices but here we are embarrassing that's through the looking glass people enjoy. What are clearly the last moments honor for all of us four horsemen should be here right around tip off time tonight between the warriors and each. Apocalypse is nine. How hard it's good to be with you were inside dry and warm inside the Crown Royal club. Here at oracle Rina at 808957957. Dollars and number we're gonna have a Tuesday trifecta coming up next hour we are gonna talk about the best of what's around. Certainly the best we've seen we saw a heck of a national championship game last night but it Tuesday trifecta. Lovingly prepared for you coming up soon. Right now though get a couple calls let's say hello to Christine in apple though Christine your on 957 the game. Christine are you with me. Yeah. Christine sounds like Christine is on hold since dizzy Christine you can write a check for that absolutely we're gonna need to forms of identification. If you make it adds that the university on Africa you know normally would allow people to call on the show for free but of Christine wants to read check to do that are still department will be happy to take that. Absolutely cashed Cain let's go to way Nene in east Oakland what's up. As good afternoon and I got a good or you mentally call sorry about that. Oil objectives silent three years season ticket holders for the writers such increase to one. What argument to say if you real quick on the firing of bill musgrave. I actually think it would do you know the lack of imagination that he had his play calling. He inability for the office to dictate the flow of the game and I'm like the cowboys offensive line which the raiders are often compared a lot to. Now I mean luckily we've had a good enough or often supplied to where. There where it would make those in game adjustments but for me caught had to be kept in combat just way to many times this year. And was on the web that you have on offense. I mean that that you shouldn't really be going through that. I'll grant you some slow starts for sure I thought it was disappointing the way MR Cooper ended the season but one I'm really you know what what I think that. Every offseason the very first thing you have to do is address. Your weaknesses. Before you start tweaking your strengths and that's what she is a little curious about this to me. Hands down the strength of this team was its offense was it perfect the whole way through no. But it was absolutely. Perfect looking compared to that defense which was a disaster. At least fourteen out of sixteen weeks of football the fact that Ken Norton is here. But musgrave had to go like I don't understand the logic. Right right I agree with that bullet that being that frankly funding also is. It is guys such offensive wizard like that we hear more people around the league play inquired about this guy he got twelve wins I mean that the number I gotta top ten offers. Why haven't we heard anybody car. I think until he's he's a little bit older and guys are looking need you know younger now than ever before I mean look at the candidates around right now Josh McDaniel. Is a young guy. You got Sean McVeigh out there interviewing and blowing people aware reported. McVeigh's blown people away he's thirty years old he got hired to be the youngest head coach. In the history of football I think now with guys look at him Microsoft surface is an outlook and it chalk talk anymore. You want younger coaches to relate to millennial athletes and I think that maybe that's why musgrave doesn't have enough or twelve years ago that you must Craig's name is out there. It looks like Todd Dallas game got out there and that's half the reason why musgrave was not retained to get the job to downing so. Let's see how it all works out I just the whole thing was very curious to meet Nene keep column for free anytime you want it was a pleasure talking with the man thank you for making phone call. When we return your calls about Clemson and Alabama about the Tuesday trifecta Woodward and introducing have you ready for. At 530. Were also gonna talk a little bit about the cal coaching search. And what the right move is and how would probably isn't Chip Kelly. All that's coming up next here on 95 cent in the game.

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