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DB Show live from Oracle Arena - Hour 3 - 1/10/17

Jan 11, 2017|

Bill Musgrave will not return as Raiders OC, National Championship Game, & a Tuesday Trifecta: "You're the best around".

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay am sorry I I just got caught here looking at some Twitter. There is an amazing development in the history of the political discourse of our nation going on right now called democracy the fault of a woman to a new democracies RD fall in the question was would there be a puddle of this to step in and apparently. Elliptical together is. Guide them. So again at the risk of fiesta Politico. But. Just having to discuss this because world we're all adults here. It is being reported that there is a document by a former Intel. Advisor that Russian Intel. Gathered a ton of a dossier about Donald Trump to have blackmail against him obviously why is Donald Trump doing the bidding of Russia in less they've got something on him and I know that this is a the question that is a lot of people going this is a sports station this is a piece story you're gonna love it stick around. Apparently. There's an FBI report that says Russia has a video of prostitutes. Peeing on Donald Trump giving him a golden shower. That there. The they have over against him and as I said on Twitter now we understand the orange tint that he has. That's not faked hands fare well now we understand the orange tent. People instead of calling him the president elect upload this wanna com peete it's. There's a pretty good Joseph cure me by mr. nice guy about trickle down economics country that I liked that got zing for me and someone says I guess this makes us all now. BP C police PD ES EE PC. Police. Know who. My god unreal. So let's talk about. Firing the musgrave. And hopefully. Sure yeah hopefully he was shown the door with a little bit more dignity than any of that ball. Be funny if it was someone did say though Jack Del Rio literally translates into masturbating into this river. I saw that he appeared in a at that made me laugh aside this year that it feels like us kids are my house this Segway was right based on the subject matter what anyways what. Com. The raiders. Let's bill musgrave go. Todd downing has been promoted to the new offensive coordinator. Defensive back coach Marcus Robertson is also out. Who knows maybe Charles Woodson. Ends up getting promoted to that job full time but. It's just curious to me. That a twelve and four raider team that had to drag its defense and special teams pretty much through the entire season. That's the coach who's going remember how baffled we all wore earlier in the year win. The Buffalo Bills were getting clobbered on defense so they fired their offensive coordinator Greg Roman. Remember us talking about that like it kind of feels like he got that backwards. This one kind of feels a little bit backwards to me musgrave might not have been stated the art. You know we asked Marcus Thompson if he endorsed the move and he said you know based on the that he thought the readership had a top three offense they underperform he understands it but then. The defense. Is Ken Norton jobs. While bill most great job was hanging in the balance with the third string quarterback unfortunately leaving you with the last bad taste in your mouth. About this team's offense this year. Bill musgrave little bit older contract that expired to question ways you bring you question ways sorry. Sorry to authority and slippery there. The ways. In my game I'm sorry. There are few finish up their right to do not understand that's officially one of them defeat thing that thing I don't get it. There's a lot like I understand some people like making some people like sausage like standard different pace in the world. In what turns me and maybe doesn't turn you want and vice Versa but the whole fee thing. I don't get it. What can you do with a it's really weird I don't hired. I don't give you can catch that turns me and that the most useless sexual organ there could possibly be it probably smells worse than most. Like. I don't get the foot thing at all. And I certainly don't get the at all. Not at all. Day. Teach their own right yet something tells me Hillary would not be having these problems like but her emails. Right right on boy. So Clemson and Alabama last night. Good squirt in time that was. Sorry I'm just. Unofficially distract us that this is the biggest girl is a really big squirrel here. By the way you know it's girls collect. That's okay. If so. How Clemson opened up Clinton and Alabama Jian I'm glad you asked thank you they put on a show last night an absolute show. I mean to score the go ahead touchdown. Would 12 left against Alabama's defense to win a national championship. Boys and girls. Sports will more will mourn any music it was awesome sports. That was as sports is sports on TV gets and the truth is there's a lot of people today wondering if Lane Kiffin. Wasn't the difference maker in that game and I don't think he was because it's 31 points is what Alabama scored 31 points. Is supposed to be enough behind and how vehement defense. To win a game. But you gotta give it up to Clemson who just kept on winning situation a football all night long day one. By running 99 plays and tiring Alabama's defense out. The wide receivers made the pass caught everything that legged kid he was catching everything thrown his way when it mattered the most and you gotta give it up to dabble Sweeney. Who just knocked Urban Meyer a Nixie been out in back to back games. Can you think the more impressive happened at. I mean it would be like if on the way to winning the NBA finals this year. Somehow the Golden State Warriors beat the ghost of red hour back Phil Jackson comes at a retirement we. The show time lakers to is partly just wouldn't take it is the flight and so. Mean if you just put the best of the best together. That's with apple Sweeney just got over again in the bush got over the machine. That is Nick Saban and Alabama after he beat pretty much the machine. That is Urban Meyer and Ohio State that was 31 nothing beat down right there so Clinton's defense better than we thought. And they were good when they needed to be Alabama lost a game where they sported the other team 814 to nothing lead early. Or no they added they have a fourteen nothing was being at fourteen nothing and then they had that late touchdown. It was something else and I see that the that the Vegas odds for the. He eighteen national titles are already back out here Gionta and Alabama. The day after losing its national championship. Is already installed as the favorite to win it all next year. Demo is four to one Nick Saban re loads on his defense and his freshman quarterback's going to be a sophomore. In saarc is going to be at the wheels that offense the entire time Florida State is at 701 with my favorite name of any quarterback in the nation your average and a according to Vegas two and a national championship Ohio State is at fifteen into Urban Meyer. Looking and a new offensive coordinator this year we'll see how Ohio State looks with Kevin Wilson former Indiana University head coach now making the calls. He could score he just had no defense I'll Indiana and Iowa State opened the season on Thursday night. In Bloomington Kevin Wilson's gonna strike tried score under points. Ohio State's gonna try to beat India a hundred to nothing opening weekend next year it's going to be fun got to be crazy primary you rated B. Thought Michigan. Oklahoma and USC you're all a nine to one Clemson. Dabbled needs a new quarterback he's at sixteen to one Texas is at 221 Tom Herman welcomed Austin. Penn State did 3321. They return everybody. By the way you'll look for the best value bet on the board you want some odds you wanna really make a little money if you have a winning ticket to cash. Penn State at 33 to one returning everybody. Might be the best bet on the board right now Notre Dame to forty to one Washington's at 41 and here's something that I thought was curious. Well. Calloused 250. To one. To win next year's national championship in football and I gotta tell ya I think those are lousy odds considering you don't even know with a coach is going to be. Like how is cal not a thousand to one yeah 251 that's terrible. I want much more fun and about a dollar on cal I mean if I did dollar aren't out when the national championship I better have a thousand dollars coming back any per dollar wager. If I'm gonna throw my money away like that because Al is clearly. Coming no air within a country mile of the national championship next season and Bruce Feldman on fox sports is talking about. Candidates. The cal might look at is they try to replace Sonny dykes first of all the biggest problem with cal. Is Karen how. There's no reason they shouldn't compete for the best of the best you've got an awesome campus she got an awesome school you've got great facilities. The issue was commitment from the athletic department. And you've been in an athletic departments running in the red right now there's not a lot of money to go around there's not money for assistance there's not money for great recruiters. And it just feels like Jersey he spiritual war. Happening on Berkeley's campus between. Academics. And athletics. When there should be an incredible cooperative connection there it seems like there at odds with each other. May be you know more about it than I do. And you'll be able to demonstrate that in the upcoming Tuesday trifecta. The pac twelve north is pretty loaded right now. Yet Washington losing to Alabama and football's version of the final four Stanford is a complete establish power Washington State is on the rise. And just to be friendly to beavers also play football won't get them in there too but cal comes with headaches okay. The athletic department always seems to be at odds with the Berkeley cultures so let's talk about a couple candidate Shelley and Mike come and fill this job. The first thing you got to get to his Chip Kelly because he's here. He's famous and he's looking for work. I'm not sure he's gonna be that interested though even if they called and asked if he wanted to come in for an interview I don't even know if he'd take it looked it would get a ton of press. That would certainly get the pact wells attention. Like he can't get the same recruits to Berkeley that he did to the Nike factory and that was a big part of the success the cool factor that organ had helping him recruit. Isn't it count and it never will be. Not to mention your hiring Sonny dykes on steroids if you didn't like that we Sonny dykes coach the football team you probably hate. Even more how Chip Kelly coaches of football team. You know it. You need a little bit more defense than anything those guys bring to the table. So is that the right direction Chip Kelly decal it makes sense for a lot of reasons it doesn't make sense for probably even more. Here's another few names warrior that aren't Chip Kelly. Justin Wilcox he has to defensive coordinator Wisconsin he's a former cal assistant. He was high on the bears' radar he didn't to rip the job at Wisconsin as you're the badgers defense ranks seventh in the nation he's only forty years old nice young guy. Question is would he want to leave the Big Ten to come out here for a middling pac twelve job. T Martin USC offensive coordinator Maarten he led them to 120 in total offense that was up eighteen spots from last year he's only thirty years old he's known to be really good kids living room he's a good recruiter. He said stops at New Mexico in Kentucky has spent the last four seasons here in the pac twelve. The problem is he's got Sam door at all. You tell me he's gonna walk away from that kid the quarterback right now USC isn't exactly the guide you walk away from. If you're an offensive coordinator looking to put yourself in position for big time head coaching job one day. Arnold is kind of guy that gets you looked at by Notre Dame Sunday much less cap. So I don't know of team Marten would be. Smart to walk away from what looks to be a real good run with a real good quarterback down at southern can now. That means I don't think. Etiquette thing now he's got a good thing Ellen what about Jimmy lake he is Washington's. Co defensive coordinator. He said two stints in Washington he had a little NFL experience as well in Tampa and Detroit. And he just coached the best group of defensive backs and all college football if you ask me the very first thing they need more of at cal. It's the secondary my god my sister and I could pass for 400 yards on cap. Giuliani you'd have 300 yards passing. Against cal if you went out there you really would it is it that is it's like the defense doesn't exist anywhere in the program. So maybe bring in the defense of minded coach is a good idea and on that note let me throw out a name that probably none of you have heard of that probably isn't in line for this job but upon cal I would knock on his door. It's temperature. Lance Anderson. He's Stanford's. Defensive coordinator. Hey go raid this successful kitchen steal a couple recipes you're trying to throw a party for yourself. And may be weak in your arch rival the guy's been a ten year assistant coach he's in his third year is defense coordinator down at Stanford. And that whole Stanford intellectual brutality. Is something that cal needs this going as he also finding work with a leaked student athletes. If getting the kid with the good grades or the bad grades in decal is an issue for past coaches and as then. And maybe this guy can help smooth that out or he can actually don't insult to the four star. Eight plus recruit. Stanford isn't the only place that offers good education and a good football experience in the pac twelve we got both the cow best public university. Raided in the nation right. One and have an athletic department that goes along with that I don't understand why they can't be. Better bedfellows. For each other so we're gonna have eight Tuesday trifecta coming up in just a little bit and if you have anything to say about now. I think you're gonna want to weigh in on that. But first before we set that up. Gotta talk a little bit about what the niners need to get right here to Cesar important days for the niners really really our Josh McDaniels feels right to an awful lot of people. Josh McDaniels seems to be the number one name out there for anybody's coaching search these days. If he indeed is the number one candidate and why oh why would he come to the 49ers this is a guy's gonna have options. Multiple offers if that's really the way the NFL is perceiving him. Beyond that remember the report implore pro football talk dot com that New England front office. Nick is Sarah was told by someone in New England don't go to that job in San Francisco. If someone's gonna say that to him. Why wouldn't they also say that to Josh McDaniels. If that word in the patriots organization. Is that the niners are poison that we're gonna get to Josh McDaniel to two got to nick Sara. Thirty year old Sean McVeigh. That's in maimed and an awful lot of people are talking about over the last couple days apparently. He went to LA to interview with the rams you've got jet and pro rog here in New York right now doing interviews he flew back to new York and interviewed with them. And apparently is blowing the way everybody that he talks to people that are reporting on this are very high. On show on mixed day. Thirty years old he would be the youngest head coach in modern NFL history. Vance Joseph Kyle Shanahan these are also names out there names that I think the niners are going to talk to if they have and are ready. But once somebody gets tired dominoes are gonna fall fast. If the only reason why the niners haven't hired any of those guys is because they really do wanna hire the GM first well glued to. Because to me that's the correct answering your put the cart before the horse the other way around. I'd like to see the niners get this done in 48 hours. I think they need to be the first to hire a head coach but they shouldn't be the third either. They should get to the front of the line on this decision so they can turn around and pitch to their fan base oh by the way everybody we really got the person that we wanted. We didn't have to settle here we didn't have to go to work fourth fifth option we got the person we wanted and I think that that's a very important message to send right now. If you really wanna youth movement op got one for you. You go ahead and you hire Eliot wolf who was born in 1982. Out of the packers' front office on Ron Wolf who Charley casserly was high on a new pair in wish on me today. And you've got off a young GM you got a young head coach and you got two guys who can grow and learn together. And let's not pretend that this is ready to win. This is the bunny slope of football teams it's the perfect place for you to come make a couple mistakes while you're learning on the job because there are no expectations to win around here. Any time soon by anyone who understands how football works. If they can get back to eight Nate which was the point of no return in the braking point for Jim Harbaugh I think to get back to a neat. That person would instantly be a coach of the year candidate that is now. Baird the cupboard is. With the 49ers right now. Why not still young you know what do you think's gonna get the attention of the young millennial driven locker room. In older guy a retread or maybe a younger god they can identify with did it a couple of years ago. You couldn't have caught me saying things like this. But based on the fact that most teams problems. Are born out of miscommunication. Why not have all whole bunch of people who might be able to get along with the each other because are all the same age they're young they're excited they're hungry for their opportunity. Yeah he can go Mike Shanahan Kyle Shanahan to you are right fine. You might as well start all in the. Full flush of young guys. To interest. Its interest and we'll see what the 49ers do meanwhile like we said at the top of the show. I'm all about you having to attend family emergencies geometry of the Stanley emergency during the mid during the middle of an update if you had a family emergency you can stop that update get up walk out right now. I'll finish the update or whistle through it for you at. LB ever or only emergency you go. You go let me know you're going and you go anybody has ever dealt with the family emergency you know what a just and a massive. Point of anxiety in your life the deck can be of course in the way people deal with the anxiety is always different one person next it's it's it's it's it's up to the individuals it really is. Let me just tell you right now Derrick Rose. Going no show. On his team to go home to a Stanley emergency. And then going out of his way to let everyone know yeah I just didn't wanna talk to anybody twice in return any calls or text messages or anything like that. I'm sorry man I'm sorry that's garbage. That's garbage I hope everyone's fine hoping your family emergency is no longer an emergency Derek I truly do you should be suspended multiple games for going. A wall. On the New York Knicks there finding him not suspending him a single minded basketball. And with that Phil Jackson's basketball credibility has now is separated into a puddle of your in the Donald Trump could possibly paid. A prostitute. And here we are at the beginning of the segment once again. Thank you very much. We're adults here I mean for it absolutely you call your boss you can take two minutes to say hey at a family emergency can't get it can't explain it it's personal. Time ago. It's currently it is. It is. An absolute. It's it's the act. Of a stupid. Or a selfish person there's no other way to curtain there's no other way to Kirby you're either incredibly selfish or you're incredibly stupid don't care. You just and we'll that would gets filed under selfish definitely that gets filed under selfish. And Derrick Rose you weren't even a tenth of the player used to be. And you don't get the superstar treatment anymore even though he got the superstar dollars. I mean it's did that is. That. That's ridiculous. Mike Boettcher if you're a grown adult and you think to Derrick Rose has every right to just no show on his employer. You're probably unemployed yourself that that's all I can tell you wore your reader you're either unemployable yourself for your on your way to being fired before you know it because you cannot be a good employee if that's the way you're wired period and and story I hope everything is comfortable back in the rose household in Chicago Jeff and I hope whatever emergency he responded to is no longer. An emergency situation. Derrick Rose should be suspended for three games by the New York Knicks if they edit two rock of integrity and they should take. They should suspect they should take three game checks away from him and then find him a dollar amount. That it lets him know how important it is to stay in touch with the organization employees you from millions of dollars right. That's simple it's just that simple. Little common courtesy folks goes a long way to comment there it's time for our Tuesday trifecta if you were on hold. I'm so sorry we we're not gonna be taking just general topic calls right now because it's time for Tuesday trifecta and our topic today hey. Is the best around. The single best title game you have ever watched man we got a good one last night. What is the single best championship game you've ever watched. Question number two auditors. Best title game you ever watched. Question number two. Why aren't cal athletics. The best around. Why are they getting lapped by the Stanford athletic department. Where are they getting lapped by the diablo valley community college athletic department. Why they get laughed by IB. There UC Davis. Seriously. Sonoma State. Why I always thought cal was it sleeping sure yet ready to be awoken by the right person at the right person obviously is not here were camped down or can't be hired as a or head coach of any of their major sports. I don't understand what I don't understand at all what is holding cal back from being one of the best around and then. Here's a question everyone's gonna wanna answer. Who is the best Twitter follow around. If you had to knock all your follows down to one that's all you've got who wouldn't be who is the best Twitter follow me around. All that's coming up on the Tuesday trifecta our topic is the best around the number is 888. 957957. No single best title game you've never watched. Why art Powell athletics the best around. And who is the best Twitter follower round. It's all coming up next here on 957 the game. We're about to get into our Tuesday trifecta just. Only looking for a few more callers before we officially begin until 888957957. Ohs and number 88. 957957. No and I even told Abby I think to kiss of death of this Tuesday trifecta might be I'm having the audacity to actually ask. A college football question nothing turns off the Bay Area sports fan may be faster than that. But we're gonna ask you today about the best around what is the single best title game you ever watched now that's not just college football elected is the single best title game you've ever watched across all sports what is it. Why aren't too cal athletics the best around why does it seem like they're forever middling program. No matter what happens it wasn't the stadium there's a new one now wasn't the facilities there's a new one now. Wasn't the basketball gym there's a new one now I've seen several coaches come and go. The results really don't change why is that. And who is the best Twitter follow around I figured that would get people running to the phones at 8889579570. Would see how long it takes us. Where officially going to get it right. Now. All right let them win the trouble right back there it's actually quite good guys want to. We questions. She's demons. Robin in San Jose are first up for today's Tuesday trifecta thank you Robin hi Dylan. And doing great thank you very much what is the single. Best title game you've ever watched. You know I know at my keep it out I want and I might add that Matt heard. Pain that blood is that it's the one. It's in instant classic I mean what more could you want then a touchdown against Alabama's defense to win a national championship. With a 12 left on the clock it was amazing it's one of the best of all time it really is that's a fine answer it's not just being a slave to the moment. Why aren't cal athletics the best around. I think he had her. Hair where. Like. Oh. It air. App or how. We are out. No. It. Is back. And I'll. Get our. What did you don't spend enough money on assisting coaches the head coach makes a lot of money there isn't enough to go around for everybody else and you're getting killed by other teams it'll pay more. Better coaches do a better pay check. Mark let me. All I ethical and a Holler out really. Your if you're if you're an assistant coach making thirty grand a year you'll be a lot better on that in Texas than you will. Here in northern California what do you think is the best. Twitter follow a round Robin. I caught it I gotta get. It. Stephen. I buy it at. The. Yes one thing when you're when you're that passionate about everything my argument would be you're really not passionate about everything years feels like you're making it up all the time but I'm glad you enjoy it Robin thank you very much for the all we need to move on to raw way. In Martinez Roy the single best championship game you've ever watched. Well all right I image of I'm I am going to say. Because black white it was a classic but I'm gonna. Nike you know World Series that might strike tigers were up well and it. I'll wind that was a great great championship. Gibson right and was it did rich against Gibson zealot that Dallas. Why or why don't you had to excuse me Mickey well it's not. One. Aren't cal athletics the best around. Well I worked out pretty much tell you that you are problems are oddly you compare the culture there to the 49ers. I'm I believe that. It's the culture. It is I think there each and people even think cam is billion dollars. Expect so much for that is billion dollars and I think it back right out the door. Who's the best follow on Twitter Roy. Here's a lot it's going to be eight graduate school of journalism. At UC Berkeley I might well artwork. And I think that they are really it's informative. True. News. Twitter feed. Nice nice some lefty liberal pink go commie liberal Twitter. Berkeley thing you off. He drops been trying Q do you change the way journalists. For the future added two really good. I love it thank you what is it again and give it to me again. At school. Grad school UC Berkeley journalism I'm write it down and give my follow before it and today thank you very much I appreciate your call Roy we go to David in San Jose David single best championship game you've ever watched. Aging men Galati. I would say up to super ball I think it was 23 was the 49ers. Spangled number two mind can to Taylor. At the last you know and it did in the fourth quarter just. On candy game. The John Candy game absolutely why our cal and are one clinics the best around. I think are you you do a lot of tension now between your athletic department are academic department. You know I California state budget outline exactly flush with money they're not necessarily Williams and like other. Public schools in the country or like fabric as I've got I think accommodation. Based art and your crew up. Alex virtualized and. Who is the best Twitter follower around. My bigger right now I'm kind of yes the political guy myself is they talk a little well GOP. When it. I followed him. Thank you very much I'm a big fan thank you this is John in San Francisco. John best title game ever watched. Deeply and I don't care by this can be it was absolutely without a doubt games and Chicago it's. Against Cleveland Indians this year undoubtedly the greatest championship gable I'm. Thank you very much shall I wrote down my answers I would give it Jian would you please wrote down what I or would I wrote from my answer game seven World Series this year there a golf game seven World Series this year is the most amazing baseball game of are lodged in my life. I never want one that comes close to that I don't think I can go through it again why aren't cal athletics the best around. It's quite simple you just don't have any good coaches who were happy ability you turn a program who. Decently good talent to compete. In the pac twelve and in turn into actually something and they they'll have a horrible. They never had anything close to that they've had coaches who can coach one side or the other either really good offensively and while not really good defensively but yeah. Who is the best Twitter follow around John. Operated and Kendrick she's absolutely gorgeous. She's hilariously funny and her tweets just kind of remind you that even though she's a superstar. She's still kind of just a normal only did she girl that kind of Larry though watching what we do. All right Anna Kendrick and this is a great Twitter follow the earth well not as I'm I'm not great following inning tendered may got to sit out thank you very much I appreciated. We're gonna take a very short break and come on back on the other side with a even more of your Tuesday trifecta answers best title game you've ever watched why aren't cal athletics the best around in who is the best follow on Twitter. That's our gonna wrap up today's Damon Bruce show right after this segment we got warriors warmup coming my friend Kerry Keating is already in the building were to Crown Royal club here ORACLE Arena our coverage of warriors and he begins at 6 o'clock tonight. I 957 game. I forgot the way headphones on Almonte. There. Very professional. And job now I can hear now I can talk and welcome back to the Damon root shell it's our final segment this afternoon my buddy Kerry Keating joins me the top of the hour. We're gonna take you right into warriors warmup tonight no clay Thompson tonight he's healthy scratch. The very first warriors starter to get that healthy scratch treatment. All season long probably going to see Patrick McCaw get the start for him. But we're gonna return now to wrap up our Tuesday trifecta I think we're in the middle of uninteresting won it the best around it. We go to Chris Chris is in Oakland Chris thank you very much for the phone call what is the single best title game you've ever watched. Well I think the previous caller we force do they gained seven period cut in Indian that's pretty stellar game. Not bad not bad at all why aren't cal athletics the best around me seemed to be sleeping giant that never wakes up. Yeah it would be difficult to think of and I'm like please not being able to recruit or get the white coaches. In place then to recruit the right players look at our policies but the niners to go to Michigan sure a lot of like evil players then. You turn their focus on Michigan so I think generic you know recruit the right players are. Who is the best Twitter followers around. Believe it or not windy is pretty great Twitter follower she checked out when these the fast food chain. Fast food chains there or whoever is there twitters pretty windy and scope of their speed predict it. So random is it. It Gina check out when diesel is the tee off so I did I did go ahead and start following the the U Berkeley squirrel of good journalism I did like they did start following them on we had a very heavy in a Kendrick suggestion. And honestly here's the thing she's so popular with six million followers anything that she really says is gonna get retreated by somebody on my timeline and I'll see the good stuff. I don't need to be Anna Kendrick Holler I like her fan not fall back on that not how I don't need you wanna six million. We move on it we move bonded Derrick in San Mateo thank you for the call Derek single best title game you ever watched. Agha I'll Byron wrote all you are being. Now that was the best national championship game right up until the one we saw last night for sure why aren't cal athletics the best around. Our. Commitment to strong argument. Have you seen the lumberjacks in Oregon they put a team together. Who is the best Twitter follower around. Yeah. Watching and ours is just lose touch with reality and live on Twitter is really kind of interest and thank you very much I would also recommend. Add real Donald Trump. If you'd like to say hey you guys this is losing reality on Twitter we go to Jim. In Moraga Jim single best title game you've ever watched. But after days and nine iron goal line stand against the Bengals and eat too big. Stand by and stopping the run and given the niners their first Super Bowl and. Why aren't cal athletics the best around what's holding them back. There's a couple of things. They have 28 sports which I believe is the most in the country. And football fund's column and football doesn't have enough revenue to one dollar lump and they don't have the money to. Anything more than a head coach and the coordinators it's just encourages. They need guys that can recruit more and they they can afford to pay those guys that think there. There are certain to wake up to that might change that with this new higher. Well I hope they do I don't think it's a numbers game though in terms of how many varsity sports they have a guaranteed to have more taxes or any you know SEC school Big Ten school so I don't think it's that as a matter fact cal started cutting back on their programs. In a budget issue a few years ago I remember when cal baseball was on the chopping block but they've written for the money together to say that that was a big deal. Who is your best Twitter follow Jim. Now put off. Diego go cal football you sound like you care I hope they make good hire for him and will wrap up our Tuesday trifecta today we've been in Oakland Ben single best title game you've ever watched what was it. Just about 89. World Series. Battle today. Now cavs well I mean it was a little anti climactic there those sweep right. I guess you're in a stand wire two Hal athletics the best around. I agree and choose. Who is the best Twitter follower round. Arctic. Major Margaret. There yes yeah during Monday's good by the very good thank you very much I appreciate it has anyone seen any dream on green sports center commercial. So there's no bigger lie in the world than that this is sports center commercials. That this is sports center commercials make ESPN look like one of the most fun places in the world work everybody there must love sports and they are happy. Now it's actually awful I had I did and I did three years in Bristol it was like doing time in prison he really was it was the least amount of fun you can have like a learning. You know I am one of the highest places to learn whatever the hell it is I learned when I was there stoning clear that but bomb. These this is sports center commercial campaign. Is one of the greatest advertising campaigns of my life they did a great job with that though Larry ones that they used to have at the end of the year they are easy to take all the these this is sport senator. Commercials. And play them on an infinite loop one after another and I swear to god it was good and I was just joking around if there were ever movie. Call previews. Regis got two and a half hours of previews. It's a good idea I would go to that movie. I did so I don't I missed the preview they're like mini movies. There was that a there was a show. Unlike I don't know it was a Rob Lowe or teeny bit it was all about like the previews was a half an hour of previews and I would watch it all the time I was like I just love previous army wants them. So. Basically. It's like it. Britain that it's it's it's it's it's a preview of ESPN spec dispirited to rejoin tasted everything. And they put on an in house channel and everybody laughs and like hey look you know this guy from the of this this producer is in the corner right there you watch my hundred times start seeing things that you did notice my favorite was always the Charley Steiner. When the world collapses and ESPN is like descending in the bedlam. And Evander Holyfield is walking through the hole through the hallways like stop trying to come get shall walk and that was always one of my favorite. The one that drain money green has today is really good it's like the way that we follow NBA players come into a into an arena they got dream on walking in like walking past a security guard in three months weren't likened to some cool with the word we're getting. That's. The next person comes in it's like it's deep I think it's like Scott and helter something or it's I don't know it's Chris Fowler and he's wearing like a like a fast and insists he's trying a little bit too hard now and in the third person name is John looks across lake in high heels. Orange pants. Like. Your mosques like he just looks ridiculous and he's just like what's up man in it's just it's so it looks like the parade of NBA fashion. Heading into work at ESPN anyways it's the latest stream on green commercial it's very very funny. It's pretty good its its its idea factory tweeted it earlier today I wish we had a little bit more time to spend to get this afternoon as a matter fact. Technically we do we get another hour coming up but no more Damon Bruce show Kerry Keating joins me as we get into. Warriors would warmup here tonight yes Jim got a little news Patrick McCall will start tonight there a guy Thompson arresting yeah it's official it's amazing. How all the options that they have on their team. They've turned to coupon loony and Patrick McCaw to join the starting lineup. Steve Kerr. A 100%. A 100%. Believes in. Odd that believes in. Roster. And depth integrity. Like that guy knows his starting five is so good he can take anyone out of it almost put anyone in economics to beat. He doesn't wanna mess around the bench them much so it will be McCaw there you go thank you very much for that jeans and a couple of in four. In clay Thompson tonight thank you I was gonna get there promised. The big big big news today I guess is that the raiders kind of surprised us surprise me anyways and I know that there is a big handful raider fans out there. Who think that this is great great news that this is. Part of the team that was being held back I just thinking you're evaluating things so wrong in so cock guide. That I'm really surprised that the raiders did this. And I don't know how much I love the Tony seventeen Oakland Raiders anymore real continuity is a big deal for me and that's one advantage I thought to bring back this entire coaching staff. Certainly this entire offensive coaching staff. Could of offered beer cars you're looking to improve from his third year step forward in MVP candidacy. MVP candidate you probably heading to New England trying to win your way into the AFC playoff game it's the AFC championship game. If you please last week in Houston. If he plays in Denver I think you get a body. Just it's just this team was a heartbeat away. From a one CD. Based on how good their offense was only because tightest genachowski thanks for the memories for a million dollars a year not anymore caps too tight that's a good bye situation. Odd the special teams outside of Marquette cut market can punting. Special teams sucked into one big special team to turn that led to a right didn't have won all year when I in this special teams did buckets all your one special teams did nothing. Most of the time this team's defense did nothing. Every single game even the losses the offense Cary view. The entire way but for that Thursday night at arrowhead where it's the one night the defense actually played well and unfortunately in freezing cold weather without with debuts Marie. There was nothing no doubt know the Davies was in that game you miss the other day. Anyways. This offense save this team's bacon all year long you are a 78 win football team without discipline that has now. And not a tax that's where the coaching change happens all I can tell you is that Todd downing the guy who's been promoted better be worth his weight in gold. Better be worth his waiting golden showers. But I'll bum I'm sorry I cannot believe the news. About the president elect to the United States but actually we've reached the point where I believe anything I think I believe. Anything he's in the Tyson zone. He really has eyes that he's in the Tyson sound there's absolutely no story that you can attach to that guy that for a minute I don't think. We happen for real yet nothing like unbelievable anymore. And how home appropriated. Is it that tonight this is going to be your last faced the fiesta Politico everybody can. Go home screen and the therapists can't handle it. How appropriate that is we're learning about. The president elect the United States may be having a video released of prostitutes urinating on him one of the most dignified man. Ever serving in the office will say his final goodbye tonight so thanks for rock dignified up while you can because starting on the twentieth apparently. Were all fighting each other stocks. On that note Gianna thanks so much we could see it always thanks everyone back the studio thanks to Mike who pitched a percent is up and get this inside today. Thanks to everyone back to studio thanks to Donna Dini for making good choices keep in a strike today. Thanks to look debuts Murray Tony Bruno remarks Thompson thanks to every called and Tuesday trifecta LB thank you security think you Crown Royal club let's keep kicking it warriors warmup comes up next.

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