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John Dickinson Pregame 1/10

Jan 11, 2017|

John Dickinson joins Damon Bruce and Kerry Keating before the Warriors take on the Miami Heat

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We get you ready for warriors Miami Heat warriors are 32 and six the heater just eleven and 28 there banged up and all kinds of bad ways they're play by play man Joey looks. Is gonna join us next segment right now from the floor brought you by American Express proud partner of the Golden State Warriors John Dickinson. Joins us fresh off the talking to Steve Kirk and his pregame press conferences seems like the big above tonight is we're looking at the first. Healthy scratch among the starting five John clay Thompson out Patrick McCaw in Yang Klay Thompson getting the night off. Basically because he was sick going back to the game against Memphis didn't look like he was gonna play necessarily India. Afternoon did that was on Friday he wound up playing want to play Sunday at Sacramento. So he's been a little bit run down according to Steve Kerr and he believes this a good opportunity to just give them an extra day which will lead to. Another day tomorrow which should be a practice day in and he'll be ready to roll on Thursday. And coach curse at that that's kind. The formula that he's gonna use moving forward rather than circling specific dates that he thinks might be good to give guys a rest it's just going to be. Maybe you guys a little banged up maybe you guys a little bit under the weather may be again played. A few extra minutes over three or four games in a row and that'll be how shall determine if a guy's gonna be healthy scratch yeah I think it was like it was among clay Lowery in the rose and like most minutes on court played in the world over the last calendar year when you actor who and when you factory in. The Olympics as well so clay definitely his earned denied off he's the kind of guy who takes everything in stride at least you know he didn't you never tipped his hand emotionally. Do you think clay was. Happy to take his seat tonight did you talk to him at all. Was he cool that is even in the building and I is gonna be on the bench in street instead it cities and I would imagine he'll be on the bench tonight quite a I talk to doesn't like missing games easily missed shots yet he's got up and doesn't like it. Not take it's God's anger but out quite clicked obstinacy guided the of all the warrior players I think the two bit. Dream and a player right there 12 as far as lead me out there action Kevin Durant. As another one to play a lot of minutes throughout his career and wouldn't unless he's actually had a legitimate injury so clay wants to be out there but I think he understands. The process that it's the curse trying to roll with what this thing it and knows that it's about it ended June keep an effort but he brash I think there will be a game. At some point where every one of the star for four players will get at night between now and in the end here at least one maybe more. And with a call games start tonight. My hope is that he helps the offensive side you know you don't wanna come in and be Klay Thompson and start taking all the shots that are potentially open or just trying to get your offensive groove going. In the last three games they get upset anyone first half points against Portland. 58 in the first half against Sacramento so when we got the defense off then number two rating in the defense was good ended December going you know. Now all of a sudden we're shown little bit of some some deficiencies. That Patrick should be able to help us out with them he's long he's active he really guard the ball well. Now they have done some dynamic left handed guards in this team local product Tyler Johnson from Saint Francis silo locally here in Mountain View. Fifty million dollar man. And obviously Goran Dragic yeah to attacking left hander Garza present some possible so potential problems so. I would call them a call it breaks and defensive presence to help with Cady and drama house he Stefan does more so they come and try to be enough things stalwart of the caps play. Yeah and I I think they're just looking forward to McCaw extended run period in and get them a lot of run with the starters Steve Kerr likes to keep that bench rotation attacked. We're talking about that it just here amongst us before I came on. He wants to keep being Clark in that role in clarks played so well that Patrick Acosta actually has been buried on the detection and unable to contribute. So I think it's twofold when he given a guy like play a night off it's also what McCall who's been up and down a little bit. To Santa Cruz even to trying to get some minutes there look at forty given him an extended run and let him get out there and and play with the regulars play a little bit with the invention and that quite Thompson's role that that does all that and just let him get a good running and it's part of player development he really is such a luxury for this team knows that when they're down a starters they can throw a dart. At their roster and whoever's targets is like ours start him. Whatever yet to be loony it could be to be random fan in the fifth row you're probably not gonna lose that much efficiency. Again I wouldn't score a lick but I'd average three rebounds. If voters who of the three assists for sure because they'd throw the double let me JD Ryan and I kick out to the open man. Anyway you were also talking was steeper and the topic of White House trips came up which is kind of putting the cart ahead of the worst. But here we are so cool what he's well and speaker was asked about. The times that he visited the White House as a champion during his playing days and also with the war widows of the bathroom Seattle last year and with Barack Obama obviously. Leaving office here within the next week to ten haze in an interesting. The nation for the final time as well and he shared his memories specifically of when the warriors went there last year. After their championship in 2015. And in case. How engaging. The president was in joking with the players in and knowing a little bit about each player. And really in field knowing about their journey in just being so engaging and funny. And interest of the preparation that goes into that. It just like the preparation that goes into anything that the president now states does I think it does it was and it was something that it stuck with deeper you I bet you that there wasn't an awful lot alike. Eads and people to help them out and easier tell them what's what because. The president is an actual sports fan I mean this guy a really really enjoys that the sports world. He is always always willing to fill out an NCAA bracket with a handicap to announce a I think it's great in it for those who criticize it I shouldn't say this about Donald Trump Donald Trump goes to tons of games I think it's important. That the president. Portrays him or herself as a sports fan I think it's good I think it helps you relate to a pretty hard to relate to person in position. After we lost our first trip to the final four in the finals when our first trip I think it was ghosts 0506. The Florida had a bunch of people in the room friends family. And I never thought of until now because it's never come up. Right away at like. That's kind of the report on the White House good to have my literally is like menu do you guys realize like you know we have we lost the game worlds and I can't play them few Beers by season's probably over in his lost the championship game. Look at the go to the White House that it's pretty it's pretty cool little feel like they champions all the sport major sports college it's colder ocean now as though. Very cool tradition in speaker was asked about. The potential for players to not want to go to visit Donald Trump wants years in office on the twentieth should a team win a championship. Moving forward and Steve Kirk cut that off immediately and in it fairy. You know the funny waited he can do it joking today I hope that's a discussion that we can have right ours whether we wanna go. Visit the White House right at some point next year because that they'll take the championship to feed the rest now later the only thing more unbecoming of do we seriously wanna go to the White House conversation would be admitting that the Cleveland Cavaliers and into the White House again. I think that would be worse that would be worth believe me you'd much rather go than send LeBron is your proxy. In that situation. This is a really big homestand John I mean is Digisette five gamer now they get a four gamer it's the heat in the pistons which kind of feel like the ho hum of it and then after that. You can't have two bigger. Emotionally driven basketball games in this building it's going to be looked on on Martin Luther King Jr. day is the cavs came in for a man named Monday. Game next week and then he followed that we're gonna get another look at Russell Westbrook who you know pleased with the chip on the shoulder against this team and obviously to rants gonna wanna make another statement that game yet absolutely and the Cleveland game as the one that I'm locked in on more than anything I it's going to be great Tuesday. Both teams are gonna have the weekend off. To get ready for that night cap sent back to back here you thought could or when the next few nights they go to Sacramento on Friday but they don't like Saturday or Sunday. The warriors don't play. Friday or Saturday or Sunday so all these teams would be rested for that matchup. Which has all eyes are going to be right here at oracle and it for about one. That one does a little more for being in Oklahoma City attic in Oklahoma City being in Westbrook being angry and all that. That doesn't resonate as much just because they think the warriors such a superior team. To the thunder to the thunder on the wrong here they're doing great season that there avenue there going to be a playoff team you more about the rant. Impressive. But they're not contender in the west count. Well you're bringing in white side tonight Drummond you know yet some holes in the middle got to fill these two guys and obviously KD. His new running partner now cock or so good that we're able to get a look pretty quickly what the crap caps or look like. With the latest edition Bangkok court obviously I've mentioned whisper to. Back clean up in the mortgage stance so. The defense a thing for me when I'm looking for and hope that we don't get exploited and did a good job keeping bogeys down when you're no pun intended. That's happened and bogeyed down sack sack a but we had a you know we got to make sure that that Whiteside is get the best drama on on the Twitter after the game to. Related to a than used to go at it now hello Walid has me Mike Inglis about that when he joins us. But let's see I see got to dig into the notebook regret bury our outlook and the thank you my friend always good to see John Dickinson joining us here.

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