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John Dickinson 1/10 WARRIORS WRAP UP HIT

Jan 11, 2017|

JD joins Steinyt and Towny to recap the Warriors win on a rainy tuesday night in Oakland.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah it's. Whole topic repeatedly. Held it. Nobody. Planet earth should take dad's got another think very. That's something I don't get used to it JD unit here the that was the bomb. From curry and shoot eased goats eat. And really makes deal out stepped Currie but it still whatever on system that are out it still. And we should be used against his deal might now. He started hit a few more of those lately he wasn't hit a lot problem for the most part this season. Compared the last two seasons but he starred in hit a few more of them lately which make you think that that maybe he's gonna go one up big time. Big time care from three point range which is something that we haven't seen enemies these numbers are down compared to last year compared to some of the better. You know beginnings of seasons in his career at this point. So I think it's common every time I ever tell me it's one of those he plays ball better and they can you know what this could be the beginning of a but 1013 fifteen game stretch were eased you know Putin 50% from the what was the kind of vibe in the locker room that I it was in the most impressive game where they kind of punch the clock and got a got what they needed what they say in the locker afterward lot of credit to Miami tonight first and foremost on that for me can they gain competitive without Klay Thompson and there they they really. Felt that that Miami maybe a little bit differently two compared to some of these other teams we've seen in here Memphis side. That a lot of times comes in in and it and it's just Canada add up and down game where. Teams around and around they're getting layouts scab and offensive displayed heat really compete on the defense of and even with a puck to guys out not a very good record. But they really felt that the unit that played early in the second quarter without. Kevin Durant and staff Korea on the floor was a unity dream on green with David West. It was Livingston it would dollar and Ian Clark released spark things. In the second quarter for the warriors defense civilly in elk Steve Kerr it's at that he went to that lineup. Still just trying to figure out how dream on would play with that group as opposed to Iran. Wanted to see how it looks that's one thing comes out of a lot of these games is the fact that the warriors are still Tenet tinkering. With what they think might be able to work for them down on the line and I think that was tonight's. Project if you will he get seeker wanted to see that line up in particular and and weather than the lengthened with his cal created. Help them in any way and it it did in the game tonight so they're not well oiled machine despite being 336. Which is arguably the nine then that's it exactly right Kevin Durant says that almost on a nightly basis winning at a great clip. You look at the record like you say 33 and six were almost the halfway point of the season. And yet they still feel that they can get a lot better and it they still feel they don't have every single answer as far as. How they wanna play who they wanna play. And where they wanna go to get even a big shot which you know it's been a big topic these last this last week since then and this. Think gallantry with dollars during the quarter a little bit what what was it say about him yet it would dollars. That said that he actually felt pretty good since the beginning of December. He uses it they're rebounding total as a gauge as to whether or not his own gauge as to whether an audience that. Haven't an effective game he feels when that number's around five for more. They added that he's active and involved did things that tonight was a night he hit some shots it you know in the 34. For six. Was a stabilizing factor at some energy some spring in his legs and a fake some nights he just doesn't have it. But when he does the warriors are awfully tough to beat in tonight he had it and they are tough to beat even without Klay Thompson. You know we were talking about it he's perfect for this team and we Elvis and out of having more years he's going to be here but you know. For this team balance expecting points really play some defense we always mention the glue guy thing. In Hawaii doesn't have to be a star anymore they're after the all star player just like he just bits here. He does it just a matter of how consistently can he give the warriors that is it every other game is it sixty games he knows it needs it somewhere maybe in between. And you mentioned you don't know how long he's going to be here when we may be talking about months as opposed to years. When you start it's of that question because the words are gonna have a very difficult time. Paying Andrei would ala who's going to be a free agent assuming he wants to continue to play an assuming that he wants to continue to get. Market value for his play because I think he's a guy. The elf if he plays really well down the stretch and what's he plays really well playoffs. I think he's a guy they'd. Other teams would look at. And want to paid to be a leader to do similar things in Toledo and play housework for hand and I attack Mac I've talked about this for often duplicate the NBA finals how many off days there were between those are games two days off for every travel. Every time there was trouble legal and it was two days off between game one game two so yet you look at he would today's opted wanted to off with in. Two and 32 off between 45 and and the rest of the way it was too off after game four. The rest of the lake is there going back for cross country. It feels like Pachulia it is start to feel like a warrior at this point. You know lazy he was the kind of a newcomer with a rare but it feels like everybody's getting used to him and he's getting used everybody's. Is he had a say in those things occur following up on it. Yeah major theme major theme of the last week to ten days has been affected that he's. Feeling more comfortable he he said this week did practice a camera throws practice or shoot around the one of the media availability during the morning. Earlier this week he said. That he felt you know maybe he he took a step back himself. To try and make sure that he wasn't. If he was allowing everybody else to do their thing on the floor now almost a little passive but intentionally passive. To try and figure out where he fits well he he thinks that he fits. He figured that out and now he knows where to be aggressive where not to be aggressive. His teammates are able to to find him in different spots on the floor make you more effective but he also said. They. He feels like he's physically maybe in a little bit better shape than he was earlier on in the season which. Can go along one. Outside a lot I would blame them either. I think about this appears Oz on your comedy and you've got stepped carry two time MVP Kevin Durant. You can make a case best player on the planet class a half four all stars yeah ABC guy acidity usually you like you want me shoot I mean I really don't blame you shoot it here but. You see it I love the play towards the end of the gamers dive in get that pass break on America's idol loves it out and here's the thing two more free throws JD. I think he's fourteen hours last fourteen from the line. Yet that's the one thing we still haven't seen is that fifteen days to seventeen foot jump shot which he says it's really are more set chatty so tall really bad but he's been able to knock it down throughout his career hasn't really done it. And we talked about that. A couple of games ago the fact that you want actually issued for seventeen or you want Klay Thompson cheated for 24 you probably look like Dobson curry. These guys shoot from 24 to rant to take that seventy footer from that same spot. Or Pachulia is the EU he's got him that his unselfish disagree he signed. For his veteran minimum number yup he signed to come here he's a guy that could've been paid. Probably three times as much as he's currently getting paid by the warriors if that's what his career was really all about on the open market at this stage. And he wanted to come here he thought his skill set was a good fit. Well Andrew Bogut. Departing. And that he could get a championship and help this team now so I think. That's in his nature going into this thing got on selfishness and in willingness to take a step back to figure it out well now here we are. He start to figure it out and he's their best center other than maybe dream on green with a go to the small lineup. He's better than all the other guys they know sometimes the debate among the fans that it's always it Mickey and you know what are you get from looney allowed it's really Mickey vs Giuliani people warriors fans beekeepers Pachulia right now. The majority of would say Mickey's a better player it's. Simply not true I mean they're complementary players they're different players but Pachulia is a better player. Then JaVale McGee at this point. What do you make of the one the one. So so game was by Patrick McCaw tough spot. For him to play with the starters it seems like. The warriors might at higher hopes for him at the beginning of the season. I don't know how much time he's gonna get in big games who would you make him today it wasn't great didn't look comfortable early in the game and ended the first. I'm policy for five possessions he basically just movement co worker on every possession did in gained almost like he was trying to panic get out of the way. A little bit Steve Kerr thought he was more comfortable in the second half played better in a heap beep beep prop him up he said he thought he did a nice job. For what he was asked to do you yelled I just wonder how much that that injury hurt him the first week of the season because he looked like he got it was ready to contribute. And by the time we got healthy by the time he got in the mix Ian Clark really took a spot. Ian Clark was playing so well and and he did again denied he's been able to score. They Patrick because he got buried I think a little bit and you know it's tough when when that happens to a rookie sometimes you wonder are they ever gonna pull themselves out of it for that entire season. And I think maybe were getting to that point what McCall but. The warriors to me they'd they believe that they need everybody on the roster so wouldn't surprise me if you get another opportunity may be because somebody gets hurt on the line. And then we'll see if he's able to to show some growth but they're getting for being Clark. A lot of what maybe they thought they were gonna get from Patrick McCall or get from both of them when the season began. Don't forget tomorrow morning or avatar warriors for you attempt royalty on. Live Chad Lowe in dibs at 905 shot Livingston will be at 945 basketball Howard tomorrow from twelve to one. Bob Myers at 130 and then drain mongering to thwart thirty so warriors all day long here on 95 point seven game. One thing in here and he look at. On the stat sheet and it was really batter early points in the me. Miami Heat at 58. They got it done at eight. Yeah that no they they did did they get it done in the paint at the when you look at that. You know that that's something that continues to be. It's something yet you keep an ion I guess who wins with the warriors and he played hard he. When Adam I mean for as much as they could with their talent level I take a lot you know. Not to make this all about the heat but I mean there's there's a lot of teams coming here and don't give a real good I'm gonna bet you that the heat. We're gonna look back on Thursday night just make it back out we were little look back on Thursday night with the pistons in here and I'll bet you we go you know why. The heat gave the warriors a harder fought. Yeah. It's just some food for thought just to think back I know the pistons play the warriors well I was speaking of gambling and I think the spread was fourteen and a half just forward to airports in Athens. At the very end the heat got a couple buckets. And if he had the lawyers tonight came out on the losing it just because of the the last sequence of the game. When you think you're gonna win anywhere. So now there's only about. About the best years of the masters of making it the hand and a makes sixteen happen and two minutes. After. But yet it's a rare night I think it went the other way in that respect because we I think there's been a lot of those covers. Where they end up on it only scored on. One needed to run an in depth but game looks like its debt and shot the cup points out that it must look at the points. Fails the other game there five. And you know cover it is that it was a lot of fourth quarter dollars. There. In a good thing is humans in Detroit and after that few days then no excuses. Martin Luther King Day no excuses now it's going to be fun and you saw the workers are actually not gonna practice tomorrow just let me give you a little bit of the feel for the week knocked in a practice tomorrow. Detroit's in your Father's Day. Andy and I would imagine with Friday Saturday Sunday the wars are probably gonna take one of those days off maybe Saturday or Friday takes off Sunday in the game in here on on Monday night. So yes they're gonna be rested they're gonna have a little bit of practice time. And the cavaliers. Are in position beyond actually with they do Marley and a second back to back there in Portland. They go to Sacramento. On Friday night that they have the weekend off as well Saturday and Sunday so I think they'll be arrested if they wanna play everybody Matt we had the debate. You would if you're Cleveland which you do sit everybody and not let the warriors even think that they can be when you have everybody. That. I hate it the psychology idea that. I had some countless late but think about it the caps have beat him four. The would you wanna take that's like a lot at all sucks to be ahead. It's credible it is now I hear you but would you wanna take damage with the all the way to June. I wouldn't you. Actually I probably would. It may be Smart battle like. I guys that get a different lawyers wrapped up as the warriors take down. The Miami Heat 107 and 95 next time we talk will be against Detroit. Yeah a BA it should be a good one C a deterrent that left their and a road trip they had an awful loss tonight it blew an eighteen point. Third quarter lead in in Sacramento also be trying to bounce back. I'd everybody drive home safety safe out on the roads and don't forget fox sports take the rest away all the whipped spat. Low Indians tomorrow morning right here. On 95. Right. It jello and it just so India tops our I forgot apps are right now up or lawyers or impropriety on I five point seven game.

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