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That everyone think tonight. We wanna hear from me it's very polite not 57 ID vibes amity. But everybody be saved his it is very hazards out there as. There's flash flood warnings all over the Bay Area I know it's just been dumbed down. All day long so it dominated Tripoli not 57 ID 570 most important thing. Is make sure you're safe getting home from this game with a Golden State Warriors took down the Miami Heat 107. And 95 and a real hot game. To where early Miami did really well on the paint as we hear every single time we open up the show Matt. Ye hear speakers they were gonna get everybody's best shot because this is a very good basketball team. They'd come in having lost eleven of their last thirteen second worst offense points per game in the NBA but. You're come to play the warriors they're gonna it's gonna give you everything they got. They had the lead at halftime in the second half just too much Golden State Warriors and they. Prevail on this one yes the really well coached team Miami and Erik Spoelstra doesn't nice job with them and they clearly. Came in here with a plan. To try to slow the warriors up to try to limit their transition and the one thing they also. Like to do they certainly didn't hear last year was try to limit the warriors three point attempts they they. They get a so so job there are the warriors were eleven for 27 from the floor. But from three point range but. You know this is a game where I think you have to give the warriors credit I think maybe. You might wanna him to do little more. But this is a tough team to get out and and really score a lot of points on the very disciplined and they came in here. It did a nice job a slow in the game down and and you know just just try to keep it close and and see if they can make a run late they were only down 8581. Points so. They didn't do a bad job I think for the warriors you take the win and move on Thursday against the pistons. In IE if you look at their today mat and it just shows you how quick things can change for organization. As they are talking about a before the game on Comcast. You know you just think about what this team laws. You know this team laws the Eagles. They were the rock stars of the in the day. They were than ever want to remember richer rare commemorate your. So I was not with rich result has showdown at South Florida heavily at 790 is their flagship station he. And I was on with them earlier today and I was like you know how crazy it is. It is. Here you have the Miami Heat were the darlings of the MBA or some might say. They were the bad guys in the NBA but when they were on the road everybody want to see them. And that's what the Golden State Warriors are now all right here's a don't know what whatever they thought the warriors would be the most desired team. That you would spend the most money to to pay to see them. But that's just the waited for it wasn't that long ago you know if it was the needles and now look at where they are and look where the Golden State Warriors are it to happen so fast. Yeah again in the the Miami Heat in terms of the excitement factor. They're not at the top of the list let's put it that way I mean there's not a lot of star power on this team right now Hassan Whiteside. And gore and rockets are probably their best players but the thing about Miami is. With Pat Riley in charge in and Spoelstra now. Who's been their for quite awhile it's a franchise that believes it can get a superstar freeagent if a free agent becomes available. They still consider themselves a marquee franchise and as long as pat Riley's there they'll probably be one so I expect the Miami Heat the heat back. On to their winning ways in sooner rather than later and edit your warriors are warrior fan. I that you gotta you gotta appreciate what's going on right now because it's not get. Last forever. Now it's not it's not it's gonna go for a long time and and obviously to wait wait believing that the greatest player and their franchise history is the not all the All Star Games being about three. Championship to think about what he did for the franchise. Yeah but there are far away away but we wanna hear from me Tripoli not 57 ID 570 that's triple late night 5795. Sending my favorite moment of the night. Is towards that Mary and where he got the big man salad out on the ground. And get it and you just love to see saws on the way that he's been playing and the way that he's starting to feed it to where he's starting to feel topic as you said. Hey look at all these guys who have come in here. They've got to trying to figure out how to play on a team like this. Which is one of the greatest offenses that we've ever seen in NBA history sauces. Starting defiantly feel comfortable. And and he's not timid he's not sit around watching more he's playing basketball I love when he was dive on the ground that plane now is awesome. Well he's got to do that I think if if it yours out top peculiar player on this team and you have forced scores that they they need. Many players you can do the dirty work and weathered stray in my agreed or whether it's. Zaza Pachulia or David West who whoever is in the air and likely in the five spot maybe in the four spot they need those players. To do the things like rebound play defense get loose balls and not only think that which Julie is get used to play in with. The warriors I think some of the warriors are getting used to playing with him too he's he's a little different that Bogut. On both sides. But he got some he's got some positives to offer and it's taken halfway through the season but I think we're starting to see. Some of the things that he can bring to the table including. Just some hustle plays that can dead. His teammates and the crowd involved. While on the he hits the Florida might bogey your Alec oh my god is going to be aired out for weeks exactly hear about this is one thing that really really has changed. As Al's not on our show. At some criticism but Aggies are always whining. How from the free throw line something that vote at NASA's Mercury and that. He was twelve for twelve from the line going into into this game and I think that's one late at. He was two for us it's not somebody when he goes in line it's like I got a year ago. Now he's somebody you want at the line for sure the question is. Is he going to be a big game in the last three or four minutes where he's gonna get a chance to make some big free throws. Steve Kerr likes to go with that small line up. Although the other night against. The king knows Memphis on sorry he did bring Pachulia backe in that game. Even though that even though he likes the finish small but the warriors are getting beat up so badly on the interior re actually went broads Gaza back into the game so. Pachulia. Is it the same has spoken it he's not the same as is the only either he's got the rim protection protector either of those guys are. What he does do some other things. That that he deserves credit for what his make is found shot the others. It's knocked down a face up jumper here and there although we haven't seen a lot of that this year because you're reluctant to shoot it but. I think you're right does opera Chu these get more comfortable in the teammates are getting more comfortable with him. And it's sad to hear from the fans ride your bike aces giant hammers keep it real making it nation's triple like I'm 57 ID 570. That's your play not 5795 said he wants your thoughts. On his game with a Golden State Warriors took down the Miami Heat 107. 295. Let's go to what's been lucky in Oakland on iPods and the game. I'm not. I outcry and objectives are back on. That. And secondly it. What you thought of course if it is bad. Part of it up or courtroom at the fourth quarter and art and art sold off I'd play fourth quarter outlook that they. I would actually say in this game. The pick and roll. They did it with a lot of different guys today at the I was very very effective in this game and I think that they were all gonna look from the last Memphis game. How the end of the game you talked a lot about it my Matt isolation basketball when he have three scores on the floor he can't do that. I would say today we saw a lot with a lot of different guys whether it was. With Kevin Durant staff and staff or with even it's not sock dream all we saw a lot of that general if they're successful with. Get asked from caught. Maybe we got a little too excited a little too soon. What what we saw on the pre season I think he's going to be five down the line. I think he's going to be a really good defender. I think you need to get a little bit bigger a little bit stronger. But at least that yeah but I I don't think. You know I I just don't think he's ready to play. At this level yet with this team. But he's still in a good spot because he's gonna get to play with some superstar players but I think that when it comes them law. Who we may be wait a year or two before he really starts contributing. Although in fairness it may be as soon as next year. Depending on what happens with liquid dollar and Livingston and whether they come backer. Got lit up his aunt and Livingston it's just appliance oh well there is this it's it's Eid Al we've talked about it before but. He has finally found no home and you talk about comfort and hit that midrange jumper he's so long Matt yeah that would he goes up. Guard him it's gonna contest his shot. Well that's the thing today. He's got a real advantage when he comes in and plays. The point guard position and even a lot of times what he placed the two because he can shoot over those guys where he doesn't have an advantage is when. Steve Kerr placed him at three. Which he's done via a little more this year than last year than that obviously mitigate kind of his size. But it. Shaun Livingston is always a guy who can and who can create a mismatch if he's in a backward position if he's playing the water to. And that's something that the warrior sometimes a coach who when they bogged down because. He is a mismatch waiting to happen if he gets matched up against the smaller guy. Tripoli not 57957. Extra polite not 57957. Continue with your phone calls. After the warriors take down the Miami Heat 107. And 95 realist the warriors wrap up right here all the warriors that's a five point seven game. And what's it. So really. ITunes. Is. Henri. You away blown me. Relief and veterans gimme the. Like Hillary. Or. I've not got what. That eight game. We're like fifth day. He's got the look bad break that leads to a victim a bucket. Now that it's Tony is tiny on not five point seven games. As well started about Ali's let's see the big man. Hit the floor quickly before you back the pounds at Tripoli not 579578. Out of the lineup Bob Livingston Clark eight dollar west in green. That was the line at speaker after the game really credited. For what happened tonight out. The floor yet Salina. There's some players and a lot of that are big scorer so you have to be careful that they're going to be able to. Put enough points on the board is to make it worthwhile but tonight they did and nice job. And a Beatrice in the CP goes without light up a little more I tend to think he probably won't just because. Clay was not play in the day after he was given some rest but. Yeah I was it was definitely an interest that line up that he went with then and. They did and I shop for. Well and you know when you think about it Matt you think about what we're look at that with this team is Steve Kurt talked about it before. He's still sandy you can look at our record all you want. At 33 at six. It's still a work in progress and they still feel that way it's got a long way to go but he's not about you know not that the small lineup would have been it. Matter. Blacks in out it's still a work in progress and of course it is. Especially you know these new guys new players and I don't we have such expectations but the reality is it's going to be. Yeah and the goal is that once march and April comer around they got some of the bugs worked out there the fences. It's tight by that point they have a feeling of what they're gonna do late in the game in terms of their offensive execution. I think the biggest problem this team's gonna have is is it's played enough close games so that when the post season comes they'll be ready for it. Tripoli not 57 ID 57 is gonna Antonio at Oakland Europe warriors wrap up. You're correct how it must incur expand the tournament and I. If Marmol but on Friday you know it wouldn't it came back what. I understand what it sure does not close Norton in that so marathons operation so you know in China he would. With construction offensively and defense we. They run a small lineup in what we don't know like on the program to play. My term he regrets one of our stars. Brinkley were doing well one like we've been through. It. I don't forget clay wasn't feeling well the other night when he and an appliance that maybe that had something to do with that I think the wars are a little bit different though without Klay Thompson you can. You can just tell when their mission. His scoring or or one of the you know it's funny because. Down the stretch you wonder who you're gonna go to among those three players with during the course of the game when you want markets. You realize one of those guys is in play at 11 of those guys as a plane and tonight. Klay Thompson wasn't playing it it it it felt like yeah they just didn't seem quite as explosive. Offensively. Yeah you know plays northstar maybe best. To wait to learn me. So let's Mo to Gordon there. Overlap McNamee extent of the game. Yeah I've earlier about Thursday gets at this thank you Antonio in it's one thing that you see in sight teams. And it's something that. It it's very hard to protect against but win multiple guys start getting sick. You know we saw with the raiders in Denver when they talk about some of the guys on defense were really really sick. And one guy can be the catalyst to start it multiple people out because it's a ladies these guys are traveling as they traveled the schedules. Time zones and hotels just here acceptable to the colds and end. And be at sick the last want to do is run at the rule. Your your locker room I have no no idea out that he was but rent there's not a promising eight ought Uga Uga played through this. Take it day or two little let let's let's get to get through this. While a lot of players around league right now are sick there's been a lot of guys who are sick now because of the flu or flu like symptoms and you know it's if it's true I mean if if clay Thompson sick you don't wanna become. Because it becomes you might get more guys sickened in the next thing you know you get two or three guys out against. The pistons so ideally he doesn't come out tonight. The arena great night not to come out here I gotta tell you that that was. Great great. You know the great thing. They needed after come out here tonight the rain so he picked a good game to get a move. Your its gain for the average rocketed airplane a no doubt this was game I mean rule allowing. I'm with you it was brutal and and mad as I was driving up that's nice stars have delivered right to be state as I was driving up their warnings by midnight tonight last floods on 8080 don't think that's how I got to get elders and say. I don't know if it's raining as we speak right now but in. And some ski resorts they got so much now they could ski. It's ski resort east yards now they've got so much now. They couldn't even scheme that will continue their phone calls Tripoli not 57 ID 570 and I want to bring something to you Matt. That Steve curse at. It would and I guess what it yesterday. And it's just something and it just shows how things are different year after year. It's different wing news star Iran. And it when you're right dab in the middle of it. This team is different will talk about a right here warriors wrap up after the lawyers take down the Miami Heat 107 and 95 right here on I five point seven a game. Back up to the ran into a fury and it goes. Do the same thing that day holiday he. Had their big break everybody's giving you the eighth game every night that the lawyers get. Now that the Italians dining on 95 point seven the game. We have seen and a lot but they're bad times what you know we haven't seen. And I think like the one year knicks game I do appreciate an effort like this tonight by the not matter very good effort from its team McCain and it gave the warriors Al wants people who'll. On their ballots rest guys indicated and it. Ominous. As high as well see everybody come out and trying give the warriors they're asked their eight game they have a game ought to give them they're very. Yeah and I thought the Miami Heat did that tonight Hassan Whiteside gave the warriors a little bit of trouble on the interior. He finishes with 28 and twenty I mean that's a big time game. They got a first rate point guard in Goran Dragic. They just need a few more players you know they need they need a little more personnel. To get their talent level up but they're always going to be well coached. With a Erik Spoelstra. On the sidelines tonight. The warriors. Did in nice job to stay patient you know like I said their mission clay Thompson. I want their top three scorers. And they they get into halftime in there and they're pretty tight ball game they came out the third quarter of that the third quarter was. Was very good obviously to outscored Miami 26 to fourteen. And they were in control most of the fourth quarter it did get down to five but it was never a situation which is thought they were gonna lose the game and it took time out take a win without. All the fanfare and without. 1520 highlights in the Miami Heat don't let you. Really get up and down the court a lot they wanna keep an pretty slow tempo ballgame they did that for the most part. And the warriors. Just beat them. Like they should have but it wasn't going to be it your not gonna beat the Miami Heat 135. Denying leaders tackle to beat him like that. In only watch the Olympics using ball very early rounds of qualifying. How. People around let them and then all he does he just doesn't have to beat him at the end right now. Eat your wits gold medal race is what you get and that's like ants and I was like. OK there's there with me and it towards the attic and I closed in the out it's going to be. Yeah I'll just I'll just a couple quick steps that ball out fast up I'll beat Oprah. Yeah I thought stuff curry was good tonight still. Not quite. Not quite nail and that's three like we expect and that nailed that three but 24 points nine assists. 88 rebounds tonight. Four for eleven from three you know it makes water to more than all of a sudden he's having a big night but I thought he. I thought it was very aggressive. I thought he controlled the game for the most part and I thought. Instead of the game being dictated. To him which I think. Has been the case a lot of times this season. I think lately the last weaker to curry start to take the bull by the horns and take more control. Of each and every game he's starting to leave his imprint on more and more games that I didn't again. With with point four points and also with two with what are what shot he's. He's now been leading the team in shots for last four games which is another trend it's pretty new. Because it was clay who was lead the team in shots most of the season. But tonight he Kevin Durant each with 21 shots so staff is definitely be more aggressive. Let's go to Mike in Oakland Mike here on warriors wrap up. It got out what is your take on this whole Andre Iguodala if he could in a lot of it. I think we can all agree to eat deteriorated over the past the really quickly. And B that is contract I think eleven million this year what are what are you got think about it Tyson Chandler when a bit what do the young guy. You know to trade Pete to pick a tight jam their four. Airlines goal something like that if we get bigger and interior did it look more debt. Indeed it would get in the those rebound the interior look like and shot blocking. Well you know if they get a big if if they were just theoretically trade secret dollar for a big man that this roster would be so imbalance. They they actually need more of a perimeter player right now that a big man unless they get rid of some of these big meta warplane. I eve marriage now or or James Michael Mack adieu. Because right now the warriors have. Pachulia they use it's better make. Looting they have too many big guys right now who or play it. But I hear you if they don't think they can re sign Andre Iguodala. And I have a feeling they're gonna have trouble recited it would dollar. It even if they want to his price tag might be a little too high. So yeah I think they've got I think they've got to looking at something like that but I think the big man's gotta be the right kind of big man he's got to be a big man who can pass. He's got to be. A big man who can defend his man but also help chiller would be that kinda guy. I don't know how much jailers got left in the tank I thought he would start to slip last year in the year before. But again year old he really would be asking him to play maybe 101215. Minutes he might not be a bit for it there. I wrote Bob Myers is gonna do but I I wouldn't be surprised that the warriors. To somebody and if it's a big guy. Then they're gonna have to do symphony going I think to the roster. Well you mentioned Chandler what is he had left the tank what is really Andre Iguodala have left in the tank because right now. And ever since she came here. He was the glue guy not exactly what you thought you were getting he came over for amber which you loved what he did because what he could do for yet. On both sides of the floor you probably get you right instantly what he did defensively but at this point is career. What a on a team like this streak come out the bad she continues right or you put. He doesn't have to fill out the box score for you to be happy with them if somebody else comes in pays them. Then they're gonna want number right right. Right yeah I don't know if anybody's gonna pay Iguodala. Anymore. To think that he's a core piece 12 hours theory the other thing is that the more I think about it if you just exchanged Iguodala. For Tyson Chandler I think you might get works. And the reason I say that is because it would dollar helps the warriors in a lot of different ways I realize he's been struggle a little bit. With the shot obviously he seems like he's reluctant to take the ball will hold but he still a very good perimeter defender. One of the better perimeter defenders on the team. He still probably the warriors smartest player. He's one of their best passers. And he's not a guy who needs. A lot of touches to be effective so. If you're asking me what I get rid archery with colleges to bring in Tyson Chandler no chance I definitely wouldn't do that. He fits where he is. In his life. In his career. And where he wants to go after basketball he's get a good spot. He has that he wants one more payday. He's 31 years old maybe 32. So you probably don't want one more three or four year contract that probably won't be a monster money. But he still got enough in the tank to help the team. I just don't think you can rely on him anymore to play 75 games it. 262830. Minutes a game I think he had yet to bring his minutes down a little and I think he's also player who. You might be looking at rested every once in awhile he and now Livingston and David West for that matter I think we may see get some. Get some time off was January 28 QB 3333. Cities almost 33. Cents. Maybe one more contract hit two or three years. Some like that. I would blame him you know I would yet I saw this today and I want to bring it up to the Steve Kerr admitted the challenge of coaching this team is different from the teams in the past he said quote. I'm not going to lie. And say it's just as brash as it was two and a half years ago while we got off to that great start and everybody was kind of realizing. Oh my gosh maybe we can win a championship. It's a little different wing your on the climb like that. Now everybody's telling us were supposed to win. Our circumstances. Are totally different and this is the key. I don't expect our guys to be as fresh and excited. As they were two years ago. They're not they're not and that's that's good for him to say that because. The warriors haven't passed the eye test this year I'm not talking about in terms of how well they've played they've had stretches this year where they've been fantastic. But there is no doubt. They're not have as much fought his last year I don't know it's pressure. I don't know they're necessarily feeling pressure to win at all but they definitely are feeling pressure I think to. Q we had a lot of games and to be there at the end and they know that if they're not there at the end this season will be a complete failure. And I do think it's it's it's just a little extra burden. On them. And I think it's obvious that allow it it's just been pervasive the team. I don't think is having as much fun I don't think the fans are nearly as into it as they have been in the past few years they've gotten used to it. And I just think that's kind of dangerous because I mean look at this seems 33 and six. They went to more games in their on a seven B in twelve pace again no team's ever won seventy games back to back so. Is it really is kind of strange that. This is a historical team and they're doing historical things and yet it is becoming a little bit ho hum and blogs today. You know and there's a couple of examples that you can think of where teams were bad or they weren't very good and us out that at college one Loria. In how to Zagat names made the turn one here they. And was the first year they ever made it an hour and a couple more years and then they really went on that Ron right. Well 56 years later when you go every year it's not the same right how about the Atlanta Braves Merrill the Atlanta Braves are bad all those years. That's you know we let a breeze in the playoffs seventeen straight years right of the players the fans it's not going to be the same. From what you first did it it was freshen oh and then next you know. You're used to it you expect it and whatever you are the favorite. There's always sought that hang over your head when you were the total neighbor. And there's always one thing that can happen. To get that excitement back and that is be lousy for about three or four years and they get good again but I don't they Getty warrior fan wants that to happen. I'd is that the warrior France have to realize that. What's going on now is unique teams don't get to play for titles every year. He still go deep in the playoffs every year but this is the warriors time and whether it's gonna last one year two years or five years. Nobody knows but. This team this year is got a chance to win a title or 33 at six and I think Steve Kerr start to realize that might be time to. To appreciate it a little more rather than take it for granted. And I think that's what you start to feel like everybody's doing that they're just take it off for granite right now. And the team on the floor today. Tells you everything you needed now and I'm not tired about the warriors. I remember when they are up on that podium. Not five not saying it's not sad and they got a couple titles. Right they're late for one loss but that 120. But the heat they were thinking we're gonna go on this rock that's going to be year after year. Things change human beings. Things change you know and they made it look up to their own expectations. What they thought they're gonna do but hopefully. With the wars you know it's one thing which you which you are the total favorite. And you do when it. That really opens it up for Ron Kazan yet now you got there you've handled those expectations. All right Tripoli not 579857. You'll continue with locals also. Arm and JD is back from the locker room will hear from him. As we continue right here on warriors wrap up right here on 95 point seven game. It's will not take repeatedly. Nobody. Planet earth kids that dad's got another think Perry. Now that it's county is tiny on the Audi five point seven the game. That's something I don't get used to it JD you'd hear the that was the bomb. From curry shoots eased goats eat and then it makes video announced at Currie but it still whatever on system that are out it still. And we should be used against me is go like now. Will he start to hit a few more of those lately he wasn't it no problem for the most part this season. Compared the last two seasons. But he start to hit a few more from lately which makes you think that it may be he's gonna go on a big time. Big time hair from three point range which is something that we haven't seen it means is numbers are down compared to last year compared to some of the better. You know beginnings of seasons in his career at this point. So I think it's common every time I. Every time he hits one of those he plays ball better and think and you know what this could be the beginning of but 1013 fifteen games stretch were easy you know Putin 50% from the what was the kind of vibe in the locker room it was in the most impressive game they kind of puts the clock out with today. Got what they needed what they say in the locker afterward lot of credit to Miami tonight first and foremost on that for me can they gain competitive without Klay Thompson and there they they really. Felt that that Miami maybe a little bit differently. Compared to some of these other teams we've seen in here Memphis side. That a lot of times comes in in and it and it's just Canada up and down game war. Teams around and around they're getting layouts scab profits have displayed heat really compete on the defense of and even with a platoon guys out not a very good record. But they really felt that the unit that played early in the second quarter without. Kevin Durant staff Korea on the floor was a unity dream on green with David West it was Livingston it would dollar and Ian Clark released spark things. In the second quarter for the warriors defensively and Steve Kerr at city went to that line at. Still just trying to figure out how dream on would play with that group as opposed to Iran. Wanted to see how it looks that's one thing comes out of a lot of these games is the fact that the warriors are still kind of tinkering. With. What they think might be able to work for them down on the line and I think that was tonight's. Project if you well he gets weaker wanted to see that line up in particular and and weathered at the links in the physicality committed. Help then it anyway and it it did in the game tonight so I don't well oiled machine despite being 336. Which is arguably the nine that's exactly right Kevin Durant says that almost on a nightly basis winning at a great clip. You look at the record like you say 33 and six were almost the halfway point in the season. And yet they still feel that they can get a lot better and it they still feel they don't have every single answer as far as how they wanna play who they wanna play. And where they wanna go to get even a big shot which you know it's been a big topic these last this last week since that Memphis. The country with dollar third quarter little what what was it say about him yet it would dollars its said that he actually felt. Pretty good since the beginning of December. He uses that rebounding totals as a gauge as to whether or not his own gauge as to whether or not he ends up. Haven't an effective game he feels when that number's around five for more. They added that he's active and involved did things that tonight was a night we hit some shots it unit 34. For six. Was a stabilizing factor at some energy soups boring in his legs and it take some nights he just doesn't have it. But when he does the warriors that are awfully tough to beat in tonight he had it and they are tough to beat even without Klay Thompson. You know we were talking about it he's perfect for this team and we know it's out of having more years he's going to be here but you know. For this team don't expecting points rarely plays defense we always mention the glue guy thing. In Hawaii doesn't have to be a star team or they're at an all star player just like he just fits here. He does it it's just a matter of how consistently can he give the warriors that is it every other game is it sixty gains you know it some more maybe in between. And you mentioned you don't know how long he's going to be here when we may be talking about months as opposed to years. When you start to answer that question because the words are gonna have a very difficult time. Paying on rate would ala who's going to be a free agent assuming he wants to continue to play an assuming that he wants to continue to get. Market value for his play because it beat these guys. The elf if he plays really well down the stretch he plays really well. I think he's it guide it. Other teams would look at. And want to pay to be a leader to use similar things that don't play housework for am I've I've got practice or off the go back to look at the NBA finals how many off days there were between McCain's two days off for every travel. Every time the extra unbelievable and it was two days off between game one game two so yeah you look at today's Upton wanted to throw off with in. And 32 off between 45 and and the rest of the way to off after game four. The rest of the lake is going back for a country. It feels like Pachulia it is start to feel like a warrior at this point. You know as he was kind of new comer with a rare but it feels like everybody's getting used to him and he's getting used everybody's. If you can say at those things occur following up on it. Yeah a major theme major theme of the last week to ten days has been affected that he's. Feeling more comfortable he he said this week it practice a camera it was practice or shoot around the one of the media availability during the morning. Earlier this week he said. That he felt you know maybe he he took a step back himself. To try and make sure that he wasn't. He was allowing everybody else to do their thing on the floor and a almost a little passive but intentionally passive. To try and figure out where he fits. Well he he thinks that he fits. He figured that out and now he knows where to be aggressive where not to be aggressive. Is he may better able to. To find him in different spots on the floor make you more effective and he also said. They. He feels like he's physically maybe in a little bit better shape than he was earlier on in the season which. Can go long one. That title I wouldn't blame them either. I think about this appears hours on your permanent you've got stepped very two time MVP Kevin Durant. You can make your case best player on the planet clay laugh for all star yet did you see guys that he usually you like you'll appreciate. I'm really don't like you shoot it out here but. You see it I love the play towards into the gamers died and get that fast break on matches and loves it at any thing more free throws to eighty I think he's. Fourteenth for last fourteen from the line yet that's the one thing we still haven't seen is that fifteen days to seventeen foot jump shot which he says it's really are more set chatty so tall wryly but but he's been able to knock at camp rounds per hasn't really done it. And we talked about that. A couple of games ago the fact that you want actually issued for seventeen are you likely top situated for 24 you probably look like Dobson curry. These guys shoot from 24 to rant to take that seventy footer from that same spot. Or Pachulia is that he if he's got him that his unselfish disagree he signed. For his veteran minimum number yup he signed to come here he's a guy that could've been paid. Probably three times as much as he's currently getting paid by the warriors if that's what his career was really all about on the open market at this stage. And he wanted to come here he thought his skill set was a good fit well Andrew Bogut. Departing. And that he could get a championship and help this team now so I think. That's in his nature going into this thing got on selfishness and in willingness to take a step back to figure out well now here we are. He start to figure it out and he's their best senator other than maybe dream on green with a go to the small lineup. He's better than all the other guys I know sometimes to debate among the fans that it's always it Mickey and you know what are you get from Lou he liked it's really Mickey vs the Giuliani people warriors fans beekeepers Pachulia right now the majority of would say Mickey's a better player it's. Simply not true I mean they're complementary players they're different players but Pachulia is a better player. Then JaVale McGee at this point. What are you maker of the one the one. So so game was by Patrick McCaw tough spot for him to play with the starters it seems like. The warriors might at higher hopes for him at the beginning of the season. I don't know how much time he's gonna get in big games so would you make him today it wasn't great didn't look comfortable early in the game and ended the first. I wanna see 45 possessions he basically just movement co worker on every possession did in did almost like he was trying to can get out of the way. A little bit Steve Kerr thought he was more comfortable in the second half played better and he'd he'd keep prop him up he said he thought he did a nice job for what he was asked to view. Yelled I just wonder how much that that injury hurt him the first week of the season because he looked like he got it was ready to contribute. And by the time he got healthy by the time we got in the mix Ian Clark really took a spot. Ian Clark was playing so well and and he did it did again denied he's been able to score. They'd Patrick because he he got buried I think a little bit and you know it's tough when when that happens to a rookie sometimes you wonder are they ever gonna pull themselves out of it for that entire season. And I think maybe we're getting to that point what McCall but it. The warriors and they they believe that they need everybody on the roster still wouldn't surprise me if he gets another opportunity may be because somebody gets hurt on the line. And then we'll see if he's able to to show some growth but they're getting for being Clark. A lot of what maybe they thought they were gonna get from Patrick McCall or get from both of them when the season began. Don't forget tomorrow morning or avatar warriors laureates embroiled beyond. Lay it Chad Lowe in dibs at 905 shot Livingston will be at 945 basketball power tomorrow from twelve to one. Bob Myers at 130 and then drink mongering to thwart thirty so warriors all day long here on 95 points at the game one thing in here today look at. On the stat sheet and it was really batter early points in the me. Miami Heat at 58. They got it done a great. Yeah that no they they did did they got it done and the pain at the when you look at that. You know that that's something that continues to be. It's something you keep an eye on guests who would with the warriors he played hard he. When Adam mean for as much as they could with their talent level a lot out you know. Not to make this all about the heat that I mean there's there's a lot of teams coming here and they'll give a real good I'm gonna bet you that the heat. We're gonna look back on Thursday night as make it back out we really look back on Thursday night with the pistons in here and I'll bet you we go you know why. The heat gave the warriors harder fought. Ian in the pistons. I it's just some food for thought just to think back I know the pistons play the warriors well always speaking of gambling and I think the spread was now fourteen and happens fourteen airports in half and at the very end the heat got a couple buckets. And if he had the lawyers tonight came out on the losing it just because of the the last sequence of the game. When you think you're gonna win anyway. So now there's only about. But at this year's of the masters of making it the and then they'll make sixteen happened in two minutes. After. But yet it's a rare night I think that went the other way in that respect because I think there's been a lot of those covers. Where they end up on only scored on. One needed to run and they end up game that looks like it's gotten shot to number one's. Closer look at the points. There also the other game there five. It's down and cover it is that it was a lot of fourth quarter dollars. There. In a good thing as you at Detroit and after that few days and no excuses. Martin Luther King Day no excuses not going to be fine and you saw the words actually knock in a practice tomorrow to stick and give you a little bit of the field for the week you're not gonna practice tomorrow. Detroit's in your Father's Day. Andy and I would imagine with Friday Saturday Sunday the wars are probably gonna take one of those days off maybe Saturday or Friday takes off coast Sunday in the game in here on Monday night. So yet they're gonna be rested they're gonna have a little bit of practice time. And the cavaliers. Are in position on actually with they Marley and a second back to back there Portland. They go to Sacramento. On Friday night that they have the weekend off as well Saturday and Sunday so I think they'll be arrested if they wanna play everybody Matt we had the debate. You would if you're Cleveland which you do see everybody and not let the warriors even think that they can beat you when you have everybody. That. The psychology I didn't think that. So countless late but I think about it the cavs beat him 40. The would you wanna take that's like a lot at all site. It's credible it is now I hear you but would you wanna take damage with you all the way to June. I wouldn't. Actually probably would. It may be Smart like if I guys let's get a different lawyers wrapped up as the warriors take down. The Miami Heat 107 and 95 next time we talk will be against Detroit. Yeah VH Libya should be a good one we'll see what the towards that left their and a road trip they had an awful loss tonight it blew an eighteen point. Third quarter lead in in Sacramento also be trying to bounce back. Everybody drive on safety safe out on the roads and don't forget fox sports to the restless public spat Lowe in gives tomorrow morning right here. I 95. Right. Chilo did just delegates ups are my. Odds aren't. Held up for awards wrapped up ready on I five points a game.

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