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Tim Roye

Jan 11, 2017|

The PXP voice of the

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The voice of the golds they warriors Tim Roy joining Jolo and did is now on 95 point seven the game what's up Tim how are good morning guys were going around. Not a whole lot another win last night against the Miami Heat what did you think you Patrick will call the rookie at UNLV made his first start last night with Klay Thompson. At a action get the night off how do you look TO. You know I think he looked like a repeal bit he he he did some had some really good things. But I think he use a little surprised did add. And in the quickness the Miami guards and I think it it's that's going to be an adjustment for him as Lori to defend. Smaller quicker guys you know he's not been more moral wing. And so I think last Bible bit of a learning curve for blade didn't hurt the lawyers and and I think it's great great they get to experience great that he got his first NBA star eaten and has that wait now so it happens again it is some it's her work. Or later around them you know in his career matchups are different you know they'll they'll have that. You know starting experience out of the way so that you'll be able to. Come out there and and not have the the Il understandable Wayne on anxiety they eat half when he start for the first time. What kind of. What kind of difficulties that other opposing teams. Does it pose when you have to pick and roll by stepping in Clayton and stepped in in Katie well how much pressure as it puts on the defense has. I think puts a lot of pressure which has saved take guy guarding staff like last cent scoring drive two really strong he use the doesn't look it. But if you if you watch him and if you get up close to a news guys use these radio. Guy. It's a great job is Andy body and so but see in this case you now few if Miami's switches. Now staff can just throw the ball it is Canadian they have an automatic mismatch there because Katie can issue right order. So then Miami cast make good decisions that goal while one and two chances or double that. And so yeah it puts a lot of pressure and then in in other cases if you're guarding. You know Cady was say like James Johnson now curry has James Johnson gave jets it's not equipped to. To guard a point guard with the ball ability of the staff Curry's he's. In this situation where they might have itself so it puts a lot of pressure. I think defense Tim -- joining us or 957 the game dream on green a remarkable night last night defensively Tim played as usual. Stout defense but did not. Commit a foul DC and playing it. Under more control or was last I just one of those nights where the calls broke his way and the defense was stellar. That the defense is really stellar I'd I think he would be up for drama to be effective he's got to commit a couple. Can be. Champ Sammy t.'s challenging chapters in the top five and in in the elections contesting shots all year long and you know that if that lead at different times but. And one of the reasons why he's he's always challenging people always count she got so. Which remind you at the live with a thief now last that was disorder. You know blip on the radar but he won in the challenge out his action. And he is fearless this is what is as many humans to the the great players they use the have to have. Tim another strong night from Ian Clark. Against these key key shooting 51%. From the floor this year he's getting more minutes and he's taken advantage she's producing and higher level what's been the key for Ian to take it from last year to another gear this season. And he just keeps expanding. What he can do you saw last night it really talk about this couple factories he's the best you know guy cutting. I'm always team may have brilliant back at last night on the ball for a lamp I think adding that to his game. Or before. They were telling him he's great shooter. And so I think he tended to when he first got the lead tended to look for that you know a shot and worry about becoming a point guard. Now he's just playing he's just plain being who years and he's. Sort of hybrid you know off guard he's not really a point guard he's not really big you have to be off guard but. But he can really really shoot Annie get relief. Got in there I think he just keeps expanding his game and keeps making a little bit better and other things and great you know great success story on drafted pastor on page at what point played out Miami summer league team. He played played with the Utah Jazz formal plea with Denver for a moment. And then just kept working at it and guys that do that they have and if they have a skill set that's good if the league his shooting. They keep working keep working on the game and keep your listening to what some of the coaches along the way of told him what he needs to do. You know then eventually those guys become successful because they wanted so bad. He another example. Is that the did last night mayor kip Tyler Johnson you know undrafted you know Fresno state. Think what what we have labeled mostly Huntley I think to. Approve proof. They I like that here. And it did help and we don't work that our eyes if he in that Paul George Eads. Angela course or mild desperately right rod Higgins it and they play. Gloria yet grants android green to yellow named. Did they don't let these guys check your own fire right now that he'd read about our dogs being that he. I don't know secret hair and for me out time Johnny policy act Fall River blues well you may want again it's an unbelievable book Kimberly on knighted by seventy game. And we talked a lot about. Kevin Durant jelling with the warriors how Long Will it take for them to gel but we didn't. Wonder about the Zaza factor how long until Zaza got comfortable and really started to show. His personality on and off the floor have we reached that point now where Zaza is comfortable the pride of Georgia. No no question I think it's it's a great point here is that big beetle back a look at him playing in November. You could see he get the ball and his head was spinning as OK now I shouldn't take this shaft because I've got to ran over here curry over their towns and Miami. I should move it's one of those guys starry starring out the sale cam and he's he's playing within state now as opposed to you know thinking about. You know the game over think again. So he's relaxed and I think we're all kind of and I am I was guilty as anybody. Because he came together so quickly offensive man. And then it took while the defense I think we're still seeing signs. Of this team learning about each other and I think we're seeing that especially in the I think in the in the fourth quarter play. Of late because. I think there's still a little. Tendency to it and make the the extra pass to a fault sometimes giving up a lay up trying to find somebody else. And I think in inspection unit IQ in the fourth quarter if you get an easy look you have to take it so I think we're we're still seeing this team learning about each other. Which in one area. Is a good sign because vanity you can look at say you know what there near the record is where it is. And it's an incredible record but this team still can get a lot better I think that's the best thing last night there are some defense of break out there were some. You know all offered to struggles for a few minutes but. But this team can still get better and you give Miami credit to us because they they play hard and you know under Erik Spoelstra they're going to be well you know. Disciplined they're not gonna make a lot of mental errors. You know they they really worked really hard they have a team right now has a lot role players. But maybe maybe just one star Whiteside and and or potential stories that consistent. Calls aria but. But that are there and ill will make a move in this offseason I think you're backed it up. Tim Roy the voice of the warriors joining Jolo and did on this warrior Wednesday brought to you by Porsche Walnut Creek. 82016. Premier Porsche dealer are you at all surprised the great country of Georgia has showed up in such a big way to try to get actually it's the all star game. You way that you're you're talking about form power influencing elections here. No the how do you deal to Baghdad now is golden there after record. You know it it's great I think it's it's fun for and it's great that they rally behind him. I think there's about five guys the pocket or lately. We had them. Nicklaus this Tskitishvili. For awhile in his high draft if there are we had him her a few months. When under these actions the morals are coach Marco roster. So it I think it's it's great that they arrived behind him he's done a lot of that for that country in terms of giving them somebody as a role model. I mean eat you tally nice of the basketball camp he buys the old Milwaukee Bucks lower. When they changed logos. You know ships and over two to the Republican gorgeous and Alex. Sitting in the in the gym where he you know learn how to play basketball. You know again attic you know coasted places like Harvard Business School in the off season. You know to to learn it is to take courses and things like that he's a great role model for. The kids that country's great guy so yeah I'm not really surprised they rally behind I think it's great story. Tim we've reached the overreaction portion of the interview where dying awesome where I pretty close to the edge and you talk me off Monday matinee. Cleveland comes to town and MLK day. If the warriors lose should I go ahead and cancel the dream of another championship parade is this a must win for Golden State him. It's never Moscow because you know in the grand scheme of things. You know for a meet in June is really gonna mean anything and I know in Seoul. That necessarily a must win but I think to win they really want because I think they'd they know. That they gave way to game on Christmas Day. That they were playing better in Cleveland meal and we'll see tire after. And I think they would like nothing more than that close it out for their own site. It is it is to hear so. I wouldn't say the again it's that it it's not gonna matter in June if they win or lose you know with the exception of and for its only at her side but. But. But I think they really want. Tim Roy the voice of the warriors would Jolo when did on 95 point seven game Klay Thompson got the night off last night should we expect to see him tomorrow night against Detroit. I would think so I think so I think he was old run down he would have been sickened and I think they decide you know hey this is probably good time right on nine out of ten home. Kim emotional life you know mental night off hand. And let him mix packet is it is Fox's body back together so. Yeah I think I think we'll expect about the music thing lingering there it was just the fact that he had been sick and exit you know like him an extra game and Atlanta give better this it's game January you know we really. It again this whole whole campaign that is geared you know try to get this team ready right healthy you know for post season. When Cleveland made the deal to acquire three point sniper Kyle Korver what went through your mind immediately do you think this could start more of an arms race or should I say continue the arms race. Between Cleveland and Golden State do you feel a counter move may come between now and the deadline. I think if if there if there is one to get that think they will. I think you know they're a little bit of a different spot I think and Brinkley wants Cleveland had you know completely there. To which is a very very serviceable player needs to send Atlanta. So I think yelled there there there are a little bit of a different spot I think field they there there benches is set up such that that may be. You know if they they give up of decently you know he'd give company Clark are going to get somebody back is actually help you on weakness. You've got a good player there Ian. So but I I knew I fully expect the warriors to look around and see if there's something out there. And retry him on balance a roster of movement in hand but I also think that. Teams like Boston and Toronto. May look at that and say and maybe make them more active and maybe that's away. You know words do all this is helping facilitate a trade for somebody else while improving your roster the same time. His third chance that the best way to upgrade the warriors and I say upgrade thinking that maybe they just need an extra big piece but I'm thinking back to last year and they got very Zhao. Basically off the street after he'd been bought out at Cleveland. Is that the best chance that they have a batting apiece is is getting somebody who is jettisoned by a team or because they're not getting playing time. That that's one way of doing it off the street denies term can you who wasn't wholly aside those side of the road. Books that he you know like they come. I think. I think that's what that's one way you know you'd pal around after the deadline and this if there's too young guy gets way because that team this meal made that trade to. You get something else that's one way of doing it I think the guys are preparing themselves you know for roles in the NBA. And sometimes that in Paul's scoring sometimes balls holding their skills we saw a couple guys. You know last night from Miami that have played it dearly he Clark's play in the daily. The kid Magruder had spent a couple of years that the league but he worked on his shot and that's what that's what got him back. You know to the to the NBA so. That's one way I think he getting a guy that's been in traded released and others. You know maybe you know taking a feature pixel world on the way and saying hey you'll Wilson ethnic fourth this guy if it works out. You know cap wise. You know that's also a consideration when. Time is our Catholic wars Tim one more before we let you go we we would like to let you stretch out beyond an ASEAN is Nixie. And yes and it's the divisional round I just get out there about football but not about. Coaching vacancies but more of a prognostication. Sensation. All divisional round at gimme one did Tim roll I locked of the weekend. Maybe a surprise upset or a favorite who like go ahead. Fire the big bank debt. I can't see any way shape perform that in the Texas beat the patriots can't see it. General reluctantly plays you don't get a new legally with a van external finally call my hot life. You don't fit to bridge and it's and I took away 9 o'clock Saturday night at Sox out of the tabloids inflammation is second to nine yes exactly aggression is that accurate and if it. Did Lloyd Lloyd Sowers on site to god. Does it get. Bio it what a fabulous. Championship game on Monday that was awesome yeah it was really list. In mean I could have used it field that lesson for a half hours but OK. But you know if it was really is really compelling and you know like now like him I think literally scouted nor Clinton I think he. He he looks like if he went there and I old inside analysis it is his personal and everything he looks like he'd be a fun place for. He says it's easy to use of relief guy. Likes his job likes it like his kids and is a great job with that team. Think you're absolutely right voice Golden State Warriors to Roy would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the intent is always thank you so much free time we always and joy these moments every single week and we look forward to do it again next week. I look forward to doing again the next week in and hopefully will be talking about oh win on Monday yes. Beautiful indeed and we've got Oklahoma City that we got you see it's gonna be awesome week next week gap quickly. Extends idea Diaz thanks in.

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