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Shaun Livingston

Jan 11, 2017|

Warriors guard Shaun Livingston joined Joe, Lo & Dibs to recap the win over the Heat, If he wants to coach or be a GM and looks ahead to next week vs the Cavs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Shaun Livingston we Jolo in bids on 95 point 7 a game good morning Sean how are out. Aren't number are. We appreciate you coming on that started last night's game against Miami other rookie from UNLV Patrick McCall gets his first career start. Nervous at all before the game that you go and talk to him try to tell him anything we come on down. Yeah I mean I do you know what the Clinton. The game of politics got a little camp and Craig betrayal yeah of course record soccer clinic and helped a great entry. Cooler I mean. I'm told in no possible Poland also could feel important. Going out in the. Is there any sense from you Sean that may be you'd like to be in that starting unit get a chance to get the starting minutes or you'd just as content. Stain your usual bench role in some like this happens. Good inaudible on the about four. A little girl called cool old little you know what. The coat but he played for like bill that bill. Even when the order went would never. Sort of neutral and and publicly and all of a little bit more important outcome with symbolism. Not the thanks of the sale to the literally. Oh in the river. Only to the pinnacle it's. It's a cycle their own Linux on it. And. Chunnel to be an embedded in a leader. Do you see things when you know and our teams talk about hey you guys got to move the ball in the fourth quarter lit leads slide up by 24. You don't need to do you grab guys who would you talk to key or jury Mon. Our is that you roll or sometimes and I do want a political channel that are sometimes you fields that the need Libyan leader you'd go in and say look. How do we get better had you defuse a lot of situations at thirty your do you feel sometimes that will know your pay grade do you let the head coach handle. You can shoot shoot spot. You know. End of the day is it's up to the guys that are out on court I mean. Yeah political team that played to a you know pulled streams and liberty call certain plays in Greenwich a look at it now at the end of the day it's up to the players clearly. Jiaka cancel. So it's important for that include coach who took that apple PO. Local problems. Leads on incumbent. Tell him and other cuts coming woke up there as well clear and solid it's up a rookie and other militants. The public given to Erica relationship will have Kim again. John from the 415 on the Penske auto sales dot com X Tex line. Is it mere would Livingston make an incredible coach obviously there's so much left to be playing career but have you ever thought about that concept maybe down the road getting in the coaching. Yeah I thought about it on the vocal it's in the Mac loan. Upon what shall it at all it's criminal record straight and I went yeah. Yeah yeah yeah and not a quick I would bet would rather go on some give and outlook report bought the suit like. Although it could legitimately good. It for you so Bob Myers Travis slang caddie aware this that are they hearing footsteps. And. No opposed. Maybe a little so we'll all look weeks ago. China bitty great great for a great trade this when he decides habit that we would think about yourself you know John bass balls what you do list nor did doesn't define you as a man. But how do you look at you know just to long term injustice process when you have this stage are seeing guys you know probably four ball they'll Beckham. Sometimes they act up and understand. You know that hey look it's what you do that you have a stage to do whether things will who was challenged in what is your stage in what is coming your purpose it drives you. There are a great question a little. Not start now. Of that game of basketball has been. Model as little. You know it's such a great background lends. You know but that's a quote other great. Great note that can be militant. Somebody that there is little. More about all summer course at about that stick that allow you keep. Little. Perspective you know of room. Through in pressure situations that it saw that I understand this life the little go do this shall well. And are listed at the cool you know which give back. Milken. And relations booklet that. All the games last sword shall. You can do little to do the right way locking them. Shaun Livingston we Jolo Indians on 95 point seven the game obviously as fans as radio guys. Where is fired up this can be for next week's stretching games. Take this into the life of a player when Monday you're gonna play the Cleveland Cavaliers two days later you're gonna play Ross in the Oklahoma City Thunder and then a couple days after that you're gonna take on James Harden in the rockets what's a week like that like for a player. Exciting week you can local or so. Ronald. Blow it up there won't be too cliche or coach and so you shall. That game third. So it. Out of you got knocked that in Vietnam. It's good reports article so it really well Chet relief. Oh you know. So where were animal debut. On legal and toppled stay consistent with that being. This is what happens Welch right yeah. Some of the best teams to come together playing. Although the heightened expectation and excitement production. Nichols along with written actions control control. Your task at hand so it should be fun dollars should be good I mean talk about key player and you know the recruitment game was potential that it should and should vote. Shot were knocking off warriors package for the Bay Area sports hall of fame that includes tickets to that game against Houston February 9 and then. To gasket to fly and the warriors charter to Phoenix for the suns game the next day what would the lord what would these winners. Look for on the charter is it board games is in a Little Rock paper scissors tournament are their cards what sort of activity. Might they see on the charter. Or. Told. You about it. Your you know what I hear I hear people talk bark out at the equipment so you know it. On the ground. Odd couple or oh note given up. You know but it could. You know the state huh. He's an extremely extremely presidential Lance and I was out of the general manager you might as well as owning teams all I had thought out answers like that. But what you're saying is it definitely would be something worth being around her. It's worth the experience got that popular personal. I don't stop on his face yeah irons and five point seven get shot thank you so much for your time good luck with that stretch games we look forward to catching up the next week. I.

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