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Joe, Lo, and Dibs - Full Show - January 11th, 2017

Jan 11, 2017|

On today's program - the guys share their thoughts on the Raiders firing of Bill Musgrave and also discuss Mike Francesca's comments about OBJ. Plus, a preview of the Warriors upcoming 3-game home stand. Rick Kamla, John Dickinson, Howard Beck, Michael Silver, Tim Roye, and Shaun Livingston join the program.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Cabby out today Jolo and is 95 point seven the game the warriors 10795. Over the heat last night the raiders. Making big changes to the coaching staff. The niners well when it comes to supply and demand it appears as if the Buffalo Bills made zeroed in on their target. And if mcdaniels and Shanahan is still out dead and how has voiced. Might actually come away with one of the top coaching candidates out there more on that a little bit later what's up thanks for two and an end. We are action packed today. The most grave situation coming up in a moment the warriors at 615 boys how we do it today a little bit about a hectic morning as we all run in here at the last moment yeah and there's no reason for the right. No reason we all that we were all here on time you know 43445. And I think it's Joseph one of those things marine Joey each other's company so much we're talking about it a little politics will Obama farewell. NBA obviously in Nixie you know hey fellas. Start Joseph right. Right and it's good though man the Cintas. As people we get so caught up in only got you got to do this UN run and many. At dinner date minutes about what does it really really all about me it's about enjoying one another it's about enjoying life it's about and join the process. And find out what our two purpose and our purpose today is a several listeners joked. That. Nice I didn't really doesn't tell you got to bring that all together like Matt. You can die anywhere in the kitchen it's like five minutes ago on him about mindful mindful this meditation just got to do with Michael this is trying to. And and those are what's it about Elaine and Aladdin and the launches in this you know what's life really all about he certainly headed out. And I'm looking up at the clock at night while life in two minutes about a radio show and I'm gonna wrap this stir about. More on the in a bit but for right now you can drop to let's start. With the Golden State lawyers gentlemen the lawyers can't handle the heat and Jeff curry will stay in the kitchen to the front court. Pulled the update that he'd break. Held it. The whole body. Our planet earth good pitch that got other than terror. Nobody takes that shot then the temporary nobody nobody loves to any floor for curry 28. Ford that ran as the lawyers beat. Today he has come Whiteside by the late twentieth and twenty. In the defeat the lawyers and pistons tomorrow Joseph as the ten game with Cali stretch continues for the lawyers they're six and one over this ten game. Stretched did silent Hassan Whiteside 2820. As you mentioned last night he now has. Fifty. 50 straight games with eight or more rebounds. This is a casual at the office is it rebounds and I he cleaned the glass the warriors ticket in overdrive in the third quarter last night. Detachable call first career start box or is it loaded with stats but he did hit a Big Three point there in the third quarter that put the game at 6760. Which is when the warriors found another gear and eventually iced. The Miami Heat an impressive performance all the way around him on green not committing a foul in that the volcano mental and an amazing. Defense of performance for dream on defending him and agreed that jailed. The under on value priced it at three and a half. Like plus 101000. Inaudible commit any sort of south plus 101000 that's the rare problems. Assorted Virginia gentleman you mentioned Joseph the raiders make a move an offensive coordinator choosing not. To resign bill musgrave whose two year contract was expiring Todd downing will be elevated to take over that job but lo also. Defensive coordinator Ken Norton will stay but. Marcus Robertson the DV coach of your place yet here you just seem shocking to see remarked rob in getting fired no longer going to be either because he looked at some of the reports this is in the coming coach dogma disguise it DC around the National Football League is name's been thrown out there's some interest to see this guy get fired secondary didn't have a bit of a tough year is that raiders ranked. Near the bottom of in yards allowed and points allowed story number three. We go to the ice and a special night. For McAllen monitor it. From the minute chance that provide care picked Larry's big guilt factor this second daughter did what a profit might have brought. After bodies were flying all over the place but sharks picked out what your makes it 31. Dan Rosen asked you our sister station cape fox he would get that hat tricks San Jose would beat Edmonton. 53 that's your update I'm Dan dimly on your home lawyers there are posting the pistons tomorrow right here on 957 exchanged. I think he did its credit rose announced he and the rest of the sharks and administration that went up to Edmonton that game last night. I believe it was like minus nineteen in. In one province how Gary reflect that I yesterday evening was being all that actually being posted like gas screen shots like whether wraps. Bruises put up there it's. Hand minus nineteen. At least you would hope like Montreal. The year casinos and all the fun echoes within Edmonton and they do a whole lot going on up in that town I don't know about Edmonton hotspots load your experiences and Edmonton intent taking their last you know what I don't have any. Experience in Edmonton never been there but I don't have any desire to go there. Please explain did some do you like him there again I have been I believe travel and leisure ranked it is one of the top three places to visit this winter along with the Swiss Alps and perhaps jobs. I don't know Johannesburg South Africa the great the great unit of general of the. Right so the big news that surfaced yesterday afternoon of course right after we go off the airs we get an opportunity to talk about it yesterday but. We'll have all morning to get into this the raiders are moving on from offensive coordinator bill musgrave. Who oversaw all a unit that ranks sixth in the NFL in total offense this season. Wheldon fourth playoff bound squad with a sixth ranked offense. Is moving onto their offense and quarter in and out you don't necessarily when he used the word fired because must greens contract was set to expire. And the team simply decided that they were gonna do anything about it they were gonna let it expire. And they were gonna move on so quarterback coach Todd downing is gonna step into the offensive coordinator position. Downing according to rumors was getting some interest. From two head coaching candidates that are out there right now. To step up as their offensive coordinator so for the raiders it was either make this move now or risk losing someone that they feel very highly low the big question musgrave out. Ken Norton. Will stage did the raiders get it right here in your opinion now all I I think at the raiders know. You knew there was would musgrave you're demand the writing was analogue Joseph you bring your head he bring a guy in. In he's on the sideline and he's comfortable being on the sideline in the in a couple weeks. Into the season as head coach moves and up to him when he Mona sideline. You've you've heard the different rumblings in the end you know even upped it to three weeks ago talk motto wanted to run the ball more and this is not the first time. And Jack this is not the first contacts fired musgrave even though his contract was up. Jackie got a US Jack be nimble Jack be quick projects pretty quick with that fire in coaches he's fire 27 most in NFL history. Actually number that is a true number two French your program if you throw stats out I have a story about when I played with a tight this is true I'm sorry I just it was good guys you know Super Bowls coming out who we're going to get. But terror and I saw McNair naked shower and boy was he well and out bullets that's true story to go I got so it's about. Other people's times in the league that was impressive very brands with Ken Norton coming back. Did. You got to figure he's on the hot seat from week one that was the 26. Ranked defensive unit Norton's gonna get another shot five raider nation will embrace it. In the given the most of the opportunity they'll stand behind it because the whole goal here is to move this project forward. Back to the playoffs possibly divisional title may be make a run at the AFC championship but for Norton. What are the expectations gonna be next season you've got to assume this unit needs to take a huge step forward. You'd have to be a team that's considered a top have to defensive team and certainly the secondary problems have you fixed and you can look at the improvement of individual players Khalil Mac. Didn't have as good a year this year as he did last year not to say he played badly in the stepped back wasn't a big step back. Bruce Irvin at probably wasn't as good as he wasn't Seattle you start looking position by position and you see if players improve because that's part. Of the coaching the formula that maybe we don't always talked about wins and losses and rankings are easy to look at but did the player get better and that's ultimately be on Ken Norton. You look at the secondary joke you've got to look at who want to Proehl who want to pro war sentiment safety position who was a young who's also look at Carl Joseph how deeply. The who's on it you look at the secondary. Mark rob was coaching the safeties coach in that part. Hall of famous coach nick. Kind of productivity seems putting together that's why this is kind of odd to me to see you have a pro bowler and then you fire that coach. I tell you right now looking at this team just looking at it in now watching the games. I think and I love the guy. And I know that he can coach 'cause he coached me and I know what he's about is just don't frankly. The defense aligned interior Dartmouth at three technique in nine the you know those guys in the in the trenches. I don't think they they had a good year. Do you you see anybody would more than three or four sacks go look at our interior line in and clean your Mac in at 51 if dating getting done. Wasn't by pressure. What do the guys doing to turn just so this team definitely that's a lot of concerns to meet look at that as a guy just watching his team they need a lot of help on defense yeah. 100% right the interior defensive line was not up to snuff not quite that needs to get better in effect it's better than middle linebacker position and get better 'cause those guys have played a lot more clean you think Ray Lewis was all world solely because of Ray Lewis really is a great player but he had all those years of Sarah goes and is not who's and then now I know confused because it couldn't have happened. I would not in front of them eat up those blocker so that kept him clean to pursue and make plays at us now Mark Brown he's a scapegoat. That's all that's what that is. Understand that for what it is someone's head at the role and that's not gonna be the guy at the top it's gonna be someone else. Look at Washington. Jay gruden brought back. But fired his entire defensive staff now as the head guy it's ultimately on you know but the organization is gonna keep you around just like Kabul's with the jets in the all the assistants have to go someone's head that's rolled doesn't mean it's justified. But they've preserved Norton's position someone on the defense is that had to go on fortunately it was mark rob who by all accounts. The solid job but someone's head was general we're gonna have more on this throughout the program we're gonna take your calls on the matter as well but up next. You might have. Have the best record in behavior the wolves or warriors but there's an interesting angle where this team is actually the worst in the league that's in terms of profitability. Not a concern but definitely and insisting nugget more on that Ian Clark next. Joseph loaded and vibrant of the game now backed a warrior Wednesday Kearse Jolo and did so slippery and it's not. My home safely 105 tonight need the rain has 46. 10795. Golden State over Miami last night it Roy oracle. You're warriors advance the 33 and six on the season seventeen and three at home and they do it without clay Thompson last night boys who. Having played each of the last two games battling an illness Kerr decided you know lap taken at all we'll see evil figure this thing out without you. And it was a little shaky first and the first 24 minutes I'd say but a third quarter did they came out they blew the doors off Miami held on Lleyton here we go get ready for Detroit tomorrow night. Yes that's curry and dream on green clay Thompson not in there but. Kevin Durant started to pick things up I was happy for Patrick and the cough. Making his first NBA start in China and do the nerves of that moment he hit a big shot. In that third quarter and it's gonna put this warrior team is as done of late fall behind early. Right the ship belittle the second blow the doors off and a third then close it out in the fourth alternately businesslike performance but. You gotta start playing better in advance of these big gains Joseph they have coming up. Kevin Durant what 28 staff curry with 24 points. The warriors outscored the heat I eighteen when staff was on the floor last night that was a team high but what do bring up Ian Clark who only played 22 minutes last night plus fifteen. He has taken his game to another level low second year in the system. And you can tell just by the game flow his movement is back. Cuts his ability to drag his defender out of the play in certain situations to free up other guys. Not only is he become a sharpshooter but he's taken his game to another level and very quietly he's been a big contributing factor for the warriors coming off the bench something they're gonna need. Maybe not so much in the playoffs when you shorten that bench but at least throughout the season is. Swinging Clark commit to Skye take to start enrolled CR he performs. And it was really good let me do that and you see the way to the sky performs he's good he's seeing that he's in his element and they're gonna continue to develop guys and I think that's occurs when duke went. This whole year Joseph. Playing different guys different six different. Individuals different rotations why because he understands that the play offs has come and he understands that and he wants to make sure that all of these guys have game experience because in crucial moments guys have to step up in May big templates at 33 and six without question the best record in the NBA although San Antonio Houston. Nipping at their heels and let's James Harden did last night I went. Back to back. Forty point. Triple doubles he's one of only four guys in NBA history to do that while he don't with a previously worked Westbrook naturally because it's double doubles every night for M. Do named Michael Jeffrey Jordan and pistol Pete Maravich only four dudes to have consecutive triple doubles a future for your. Point not even Oscar Robertson and the man who averaged a triple double for the year and not Wilt Chamberlain. Who probably. Got triple doubles by the blocked shot maybe not through the assist but that's remarkable fact Georgia also 101000 career. I'll women. That Wilt Chamberlain was able to show you have success with a Q I know that's a fun fact for everyone out there and every time he comes up it's worth. Acknowledging. Because it's quite a remarkable feat Jolo in dips 95 point seven the game. The warriors this season though with the best record in the in the NBA and did you know that in Las Vegas no team has lost more money for their batters in the warriors I don't I jumped you know that's what ever I can't. And it. Yet Friday night is on the phone up by 24 against Nevada. And you know we tease it down the seventh even if you were given the thirteen and a half. You have 9066. And in the fourth yup eighteen years vacant is a comfortable cop out. Knowledge today and I can't really frustrated about this tools and we are frustrated though well I'm sick and look at my childhood team there aren't. That's when you've been on the NBA you put your own life in your own hands because unlike other sports even more I think on reliable. From the damage standpoint and you're about to prove that. May have failed to cover the spread in six straight games they have covered the number just four times in their last seventeen games less it's perfect example. They were up seventeen. Would like forty seconds to go but it was a bucket of free throw a bucket that five to be from seventeen to twelve boom. Number was 1414 and a half. When your point spreads that high you're gonna be susceptible to the backdoor every single night but on the season I just on this remarkable that the best team in the business. 1523. And one against the spread the Orlando Magic have the exact same record. Tied for dead last least profitable the MBS. That's a testament. To Bo how exciting and how popular this team miss Doug about this before the show. Inflated points brits they did the same thing with the organ ducks under Chip Kelly. The Baylor Bears a few years ago under our trials Tiger Woods even when he was just outside his prime. The numbers are inflated the point spread the odds are always inflated because they know. They're gonna take so much money on these teams they don't have to give you a fair price. When it should be minus eight they'll put minus twelfth. Major gonna come and vetted anyway. So does go ahead and Housley on Vegas is Smart. So you might have people there bet against the warriors which he really wanna spend 48 minutes of game timing evening betting against the team that can score like this. No it's not that I do you know it's real following your up 9066. And you're looking for the cocktail waitress is thinking about the what you'd expect gonna come from her and you know a lot of times Joseph I think. Those of us novices and I'll count myself among the got a gambling. Novices that you think. That the point spread that is set. But it's really their way of trying to draw even action right. They're trying to draw even action on both sides of the line so they say yes warriors minus fourteen and a half they're not necessarily saying that they think they'll win the by fourteen but that's where they wanna draw 5050 action. Ideally they'd want a million dollars on the warriors a million dollars on the heat. And then you have the 10% vague or Jews as it's referred to it so you pay out the million winners and you take the million and 100000 and losers without any risk whatsoever you just made a 100000 dollars. That's the bookmaking business in a nutshell very good dads here's Steve Kerr the head coach after the game. There was good about it that we had a week to great possessions robes ruling could force execution and we scored involve them in the kind of put the game away but there were couple earlier where it was. You know count in the vault floor with Noah. No purpose and we've we've we still have to get that we should be pushing the ball at every opportunity and getting into some kind of action. Right away and there's still couple sessions were standing around so. We'll keep working on it won't keep getting better. It's got to be an advantage every now and again if a guy like claims to take a night off or staff or KD. Did you find yourself in situations like Christmas Day against the cavs three minutes into the game dream on greens on the backs. Everyone's got a plan until they get hit them out the right that's what Mike Tyson always set so practice get me at the mouth and figure it out from there last night must have been a great opportunity with clay out to see how the team to. Work without him in the line so it out a doubt that they find out they wanna make sure where they had who who was big guy who's that guy that number six we know what eighty dollars mini would do over the years. We know we start missing Livingston in claim bigger moment in bigger in tough situations in game situations still on the fort Endesa occurs search importing us a search for different combinations. Let's face an uncertain situation staff has. You don't defense sometimes a liability he's going it's a bigger guys so there's definitely different pitfalls that this team understands and that's what Kirk would loves that he could sit a guy special privilege shooters Klay Thompson. Sitting in other guys can still step up and it finally win. He's the MVP race. Already over. Not only that what should we expect from the new look Cleveland Cavaliers with Kyle Korver. Come Monday night at Roy oracle Rick Campbell NB ATV and 92 point nine game in Atlanta joins us next don't go anywhere Jolo in bids by five points of the game. Now backed a war your Wednesday Kearse and show low end DX. I'll tell you why. Generally when Klay Thompson's in the lineup. Curry into rant staggered the minutes a little bit throughout the course of the game when they'll BM but when Claes out. They played more heads up would want another big steal little that direct curry pick and roll last night. Let's get more than going. Like how do you defend that pick general you can't. Minutes under article unless its deficit to pick and you just want a truck right through edit in render him ineligible for the role looks really you know I think you can. Well above. How do you stop the pick and roll well either blow up the pick or eliminate the role attract big well. That's that's Phil Jackson and Pat Riley level analysis right there promised warrior when they brought you by Porsche Walnut Creek 82016. Premier Porsche dealer. Rick Camelot. We've had him on before he's one of the best guess we've ever had the pleasure talking with these with NB ATV. And 92 point nine game in Atlanta joining Jolo Indians on 95 point 7 again good morning Rick how aria. Good morning thanks for the huge compliment great to be back out yet. Great to have be on let's start with your neck of the woods and Atlanta Kyle Korver traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers what do you think he brings to Cleveland do you think that necessarily was a move. The cavaliers not necessarily looking around the rest of Eastern Conference and we need to get better saying to themselves in a lot if we wanna take down the warriors again this is the type moving to me. Yeah I think it was an admission that the might normally be experiment wasn't working out. Pop may be his help wasn't where it needed to be argued only 5% Portugal with the cavaliers. Our pal or reported percent three point shooter over the land at guys now. Ought historically he's been even better than that it skills are declining a little bit is that what this is the declining a little. Little bit but he can't catch and shoot that rock in at all he app with the caps are also a chair met with the broken arm. He knocked on the back until later in the regular season so. The cavs diagnosed. In absence sure. Let's call coach thought it would Wilcox were aux let's pick up Kyle Korver is an aux the movement like two or three all. All of Portland into the side and the Nazis blitz him for an asset future first round pick. And and you also op free up time. Victoria prince beyond remembering Tim Hardaway junior ot these young bought it just salivating to get on the war. What would corporate there he'll play twenty or twenty minutes on this continent away. So and now in trajectory for two or impressed tore at prince eight to play. And it showed it last year to children live picture at the party for what he did 25 minute walk off. And looking at the warriors Rickie if there are two. Six there and maybe only one problem that they have a lack of rebounding or lack of in sheer size is there player out there that the warriors can go on and and acquire like the cavs didn't Korver. I mean I can mean literally no look really good in warriors uniform because you don't happen and these. So apparently opted to leave limited all op Ed you don't play any update you ought to write about it it's not like shackled by the lack shots. Well because we all agree topic players speak out. General racial allotments of players that your app so I think getting it jumping Jack like early blog about. And I'm not I'm not you know I think it it's never gonna work out with with the recent BB Jake thank bottle loading. Why when you think. By the Indian Jones. On this. And to be ready to contribute to that to the cots at into the quite yet relatively. I would go out you're jumping Jack Sprague were Golden State and I understand illegally and shop while okay. What can build you don't defend the right you want him defending programming games so playoff series oh I looked at it jumping Jack like Maryland's Dele. When you look around the Western Conference you think about the two teams are on their San Antonio. Be remiss about and talk about the Houston Rockets at least two who holes the biggest threat. You know for the path for Golden State it on the crest course collision every once to see the three. I think Houston is a bigger threat in San Antonio I I I don't trust and audio or epic LaMarcus Aldridge is a bit of restricting piloted playoff series group that. Games wanted to ridiculous yeah and that it just say I'm not sure why. Coop letters is a fantastic player MVP candidate but because why Leonard. Against Klay Thompson Kevin Durant Stefan curry and remind granular terms of all NBA type of guys gold status for. And abstinence only has one and a half like LA has it that guy or put it still which he slipped out of that range right now you've got an agent Tony Parker what Milwaukee just went and and beat Pittsburgh last night the rockets on the other hand are are going to be able to match firepower with you guys. Well he might haters Eric Gordon. Obviously James art. They're gonna pick capella back and he's been Nigel player that you're on I think in my head Tony had that thing on the guys she aged adult. And he has that he has McCain leading ever what is a wall with delight our release. Be copied and point guard just been working there I think to vote the biggest practical state. I think the warriors go back to the final. Rick Campbell from NB ATV and 92 point nine the game in Atlanta joining Jolo in bids. On 95 point seven the game what do you make of the New York Knicks and other handling this Derrick Rose situation high priced acquisition. Disappears on the team without any reason or excuse whatsoever and rather than suspend them they simply hand down a fine. I have a feeling this is gonna get worse before it gets better. Yeah got in I mean. What are the details on why did you go back and it is it wasn't all ma she said that quiet regional grade. Well when you came back you know explain you know she got help each yours you know like. You've got to give what you. Inexplicably. Leaves the game without permission on the day epic game and just build your team war game when you're a lot. In our. Is standing there with their arms crossed and their coach happened like calm not let doll. And they don't want the game in this. And then you come back without explanation. Aren't you more I don't like you guys. It's going to be I wanna be sent to the ought apparently sugar got you I don't know what's going we just go that you went back to Chicago and Altman his mother. How were you not. Calling. Your your coach out between may your agent to get to name like. I just don't understand the thinking process that that I can't take by acting to tax somebody may got a Bentley emergency. Need ago and I you're in York knicks would sit dare go make your family business won't hold it down for you. Politics is a phone caller tax stand and I I think it's really curious that he didn't do. It does to common courtesy of those not extended Rick Campbell joining us here on 957 game more than just an NBA mind also look. College football fanatic Rick a look at your Twitter feed and. You say Du'Shon Watson at first overall pick in the NFL draft how lucky with the niners beat to get this guy. Well let me ask you guys this question because. There's no Watson for some reason. Need to be kicked out in the ATP title game it's not final and final you get people like or put them out without wore them last year but I'd go there every other Heisman winner visual port Jackson. I doubt call the eyes toward the wise war because I. All these guys that never watched West Coast what ball are casting their ballots in like October. Wait till the season plays out be it bridge Watson's relatively slow start this season Jackson piling up all these numbers against. All terrible teams. And if people want to bet on and said not Jackson the Weisman a war where to target joke and so let me post this question I think that tiger will be Smart and not. The best franchise quarterback available. I see no I don't think so I guess they got a couple of issues first wreck like. Head coach and GM. Yeah I mean that that great point that you beautiful place to start a bottle I correct patient could get a coach them. Iran has an agent and that would be ideal for you guys. That diners. Well my box wrapped up got Watson go to Cleveland on but they'll probably be dumb enough to screw that up I've got you this equality you guys are art prize going to the bears. Last bout got in went school wanted to. Ends up at the end. Right toward the rap which means getting desperate and in making these colossal trade to get on well I like Kaiser into a risky and Watson. More then went in off so I I it does it I think the top three picks in the rapture quarterback as they get a piece star team. Don't make those picks it deserves scrutiny in ridicule. Rick candlelight NB ATV and 92 point nine game in Atlanta would Jolo in bids on 95 point seven million wreck. Thank you so much for your time as always extremely insightful we look forward to catching up with the again soon. Got my pleasure actually travel you soon. Rick Campbell ladies and gentlemen on this warrior Wednesday brought to you by premier Q of Newark the goat to dealer for the greater Newark area. Get a load of this you wanna talk scrutiny. Guys coming out the draft they're gonna face a lot of it. I'm about talk about wanna freak in Super Bowl recently and was just put on notice by his own team. That more coming up next Jolo and did not type into the game now backed a warrior Wednesday he is Jolo and DX. Together a timeline here you're drafted in the first round. Your game gets progressively better. It gets to a pre a point where some may say it's you leaked. You take your team on any playoff run that. Is so magical from a statistical standpoint on your behalf that you win a Super Bowl and you are rewarded with one of the richest contracts in NFL history. Talking of course about Joseph Flacco. Since that time. It's been anything but magical for Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens and yesterday. You had ray and an owner Steve the shoddy. Doing an end of the season press their much like Jed York does too not as much fanfare but one of the direct quotes. We needed to get more out of Giles. Now on the surface relatively innocuous. You know we need a quarterback to step up a little bit but that's shots fired because you never hear. We need to get more out of drew we need to get more out of Phil. Aaron. Hayden. Joseph Flacco. Top three quarterbacks salary. And that is taking a big big chunk of the salary cap in Baltimore here's what's happened since the Super Bowl run eight Nate. No playoffs. Henin six you wanna wild card game at Pittsburgh and then lost to the patriots in the divisional round. 2055. And eleven this season eight mate flak those numbers I mean since the Super Bowl alone. Nineteen touchdowns 22 interceptions in 27 touchdowns twelve picks. Fourteen touchdowns twelve picks shortened season due to injury only ten games and then this year. When he TDs fifteen interceptions slow. The right on the wall is Joseph Flacco is leash get insured Baltimore. Call it out and out Joseph Flacco is gone out to make sure Pete as if they don't win a date it day when he drinks if Joseph Flacco only wins eight or nine games and they don't make the playoffs. Joseph Flacco will be released in Baltimore. And they'll go on a new direction you want out in your main defense of guys who went on got defense she went on got pass rush all the things that they have their fur in Baltimore. Angela Flacco can't get it done right on joke look I mean he's an offensive coordinator killer. A look at many offered to call all sees that this guys went duke and it's always been about. Those these people protect him Flacco says let's go get old seek this could another OC this can. And they've protected him and given me ample opportunities the time you have to say okay. It's mean now and I really believe the Joseph Flacco is days of Baltimore's that was as is number. Came came when it Cam Cameron excuse me Jim Caldwell mark tress man Gary Kubiak just a few of the guys he's had over the last few years kind the last few years I mean it's almost like a one and done sort of thing dad's. This is the guy who was at the pinnacle he gambled on himself and say you know what. A pass on the contract offer and led the team this Super Bowl. They had to step up and reward him I'll never fault them for that usually just wanna suitable talk to people in San Diego Philadelphia cities that have never won Detroit they'd gladly pay that. But now that he's not returning on his end of the bargain to. Snow and it's across the board and you read the comments from the owner he was calling the general manager to task the head coach the offensive coordinator. Up and down the line Steve biscotti. Is holding everyone's feet to the fire and if you Joseph Flacco. Alternately. You're only going to be as good as your weapons as well. Didn't have a ton of great receiving options this year and your it and in the division where you've got to be able to run the football and that offense. Even though the team was better this year than last year still not where it should be. If you hue Jackson you need to be paying very close of business and you need to be lying in the cut look at your division. Baltimore. Horrible CT have a bit her slack goes been put on notice salary cap isn't a great situation ravens' training in the opposite direction of the super dollar. Pittsburgh made it look good right now. Big Ben he ain't getting any younger at some point there's going to be a quarterback issue in Pittsburgh Cincinnati. Long as Marvin Lewis is there they'll never won a playoff game troop if you're Cleveland you gotta be thinking three years from now. We might have a real opportunity sounds insane based on the way the browns have operated over the last decade plus. But and opportunities gonna present itself are they going to be Smart enough to be in position to capitalize. Three years from now Joseph Flacco not the only individual. Being put on notice yesterday. General manager of the New York Giants Jerry Reese came out flat out told although O'Dell Beckham time to grow up. Time to grow up. The Miami boat thing was one thing the lack of production in his first career playoff game was another this whole plane getting trash on the way back to New York. We know once edits his fault but there were several giants involved and that's a all of them have to share responsibility. For doing something like that completely unprofessional on the way home. I'm here's Mike Tran sat said the godfathers sports talk radio on WFAN. In New York this is how he opened his show yesterday. Okay where you went there and a week I was gonna recommend you visit the boat. Because it's just part of the immaturity that has an out on the field would no short on before the game like he's proven some point to somebody. Nobody cares if you Wear a sleeve taxable. Nobody cares if he's out they would know shorter on pitch the bowl nobody cares that you can make one handed pitchers try to make it to do it catches. The bull. A lot and he beat me be somewhere over there. Owner general manager coach. Or may be one day forces got to grow up before they look back at that you don't want. You know we never really was as good as we thought he was on the one the one that's what you heard if the shot you. And they never straighten that out. You know he never was as good as we thought he was going to be nice to meet all the things that could put. The celebrity the one hand catch was sent. He has been given soft that you only used to get from winning and that's the system upside down. Now you become a solve it by basically. Outrageous behavior. And doing something outrageous like make it one ink jets win basically drop eight. You know every every fourth bowl I'd rather a guy who doesn't make wanted to catches but doesn't ever have a problem a consumer advocates and. Lois is becoming a problem in New York because it's not just the media the fan base looks that Beckham and love the guy he's exciting the talent the production it's there. But mentally. He get this gushing now. Adding that he goes. Cius psychologists. And really really try to work on himself I mean the guys to stand there and you see Eli and easier to clean UK. In he's crying and new Watson different stuff that goes on in those I just wanna win this not a big deal. There's a big deal there there's something wrong in I don't know if you say grow up. Because I think it's more than that I think this kid is unstable. In people don't want knowledge though he's been immature no he's bipolar he's got some issues and that's me just look at it from outside looking in. You go to the net Picchu and age you just do the things that he's doing punching walls. 21 it did lead the way he acts out when he lose all the things he's do want. This guy the stardom is there its potential athlete it all the different stuff he hustles he tracked. But you've bringing out a phone welcome warmup in your your film in your body you're doing then put that on its own team before game. You're you're not into the game I can have a phone in my hand. Chat snap Chad or whatever tweeting my arm and I don't feel what my shirt off and I have to make a conscious effort to do that I don't think about their opponent. When I'm older my phone runner on the feel warm and opens it made it send that out. There's a disconnect here Joseph it's simply can't and need I don't care if he's a superstar he because he's he's easy superstar deterred his team. I know guys on the team that locker improbably seems it may put too although if you want punts the ball get run your head do we don't care. Guys get tired of that. As a player you watch a guy at the disposal like debt you start to lose faith in lose confidence no matter how would the perception is superstar. That's not bad guys and a lock them SARS appeal did you think this problem gets worse in New York before it gets better. Definitely and I think you see the behavior of his teammates on the plane as an indication that. Enacted is not firmly in control of the behavior of his team right now and. Mac it is not even forty years old easy young coach and he still. Trying to figure out how to beat this CEO. Of an on field product it's not something that comes do you overnight but he's got a legitimate problem on his hands. With O'Dell Beckham junior. You can't tell me that if Tom Coughlin was still running the giants but OBJ and his teammates would've gone to Miami and then on a boat shirtless nom knot put all the blame. On then Mac and ill but currently the culture in New York right now is not one of discipline. And self control based on not the 24 hours round playoff game. He's an interest in words and low you touch on this is well. One minute celebrating the next minute crying putting a hole through the wall kissing the ticking net dancing in the end zone. Trashing an airplane. He's living on both ends of the spectrum. We've seen this before. Or allowance. Wildly productive on the field so productive in fact the numbers justify first ballot hall of fame. He's not a first ballot hall of Famer why. Because he couldn't control itself you remember him crying about Tony Romo that's my quarterback do you see that from Jerry Rice. Did you see that from Tim Brown did you see that from Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt did you see it from Marvin Harrison. Now Brandon Marshall you see it from. Brandon Marshall he's an individual and he's come out admit he's got personality disordered sex he's worked very hard to try to overcome through so much of what hurt him early in his career that could serve. As the direction you want ahead. If you're owed something because right now 124 years old you've had three highly productive years in the league. You can turn this thing around. You can get organized like Marshall or some of these other guys but if you don't. You're gonna be Owens and maybe you put up enough production over the course your career that you get a placing Cain or you remembered as a great wide receiver. What's your legacy because when people mention TO not everyone's first thought is man what a game good receiver. Some people think about the sharp beat the dancing. Quarterback killer in Dallas in Philly and San Francisco. Jerry Rice played sixteen years with the niners Tim Brown sixteen years with the raiders Larry FitzGerald who's third in career receptions all thirteen years at Arizona. Marvin Harrison thirteen years with Indianapolis Cris Carter struggled early in Philadelphia got its act together played thirteen years in Minnesota. Steve Smith thirteen years in Carolina. Isaac Bruce fourteen years at the rams' Torry Holt ten of eleven seasons with the rams. You know two guys who had great careers but never really were able to put it all the way over the top. Randy Moss. Seven years in Minnesota before became too much to an Oakland before he burned out. Not even a full three in New England before Belichick said get the hell out of here traded to Minnesota the vikings game five minutes traded in a Tennessee. And then he ended up for a year or San Francisco Randy Moss are production was there couldn't keep it together Terrell Owens eight seasons with the niners. And two with Philly three with Dallas won with buffalo won with Cincinnati there's a pattern there. There's a pattern there you can produce if you produced there will always be a spot for you in the National Football League in the NBA and MLB and NHL. But he got to win titles and how are you gonna be looked back upon what you legacy going to be. Beckham has a chance to change but he's on the TO path right now I would say he'll be lucky to be TO because the put those numbers up he's gonna need another twelve damn good seasons in the NFL. Just to get to that level he's got Eli Manning isn't an easy New York City 24 years old only three years in the league there's time. But to me that's the pat I see him heading out. I couldn't agree with you more joy and that's where that's way yeah that's why. And that's where. Talk about leadership leadership losing given it's earned. That's on a leader he's put their arm around him to cement its go sit down a little much it's a man I don't know you're going in and its intervention. It's where you're like man I'm just telling you girl you're heading down wrong pat you're hitting on a wrong path to destruction what what are you meet men out and do what is the some emotional. No here you can be emotional bowling you're hurting our teen in you're hurting yourself. You're hurting your image you heard the perception now on GM's common now the owner sends up the coaches are sans that don't you look at it now. When every when when you keep saying it's just the media and it's everybody else. When you gotta say OK. I gotta be the problem. That's where he's at he's got to realize. It can't just be every went there to meet his opinion is what it's not a big judgment I could've went to Miami all those things that you do. What everyone else is saying stop. That's one people have to do is stop and say. It's me. Very good stuff. Raider nation how do you feel about the direction of your franchise in the wake of yesterday's news triple 89579570. We got a lot to hit on the bill musgrave Ken Norton Jack Del Rio in the future the silver and black will be back in one minute don't go anywhere nine times in the game dot com. Jolo Indians 95 point seven the game well command glad to have you were action packed today. JD is gonna join us in thirteen minutes he was at the warrior game last night Howard Beck. One of the best NFL guys in the business is coming up at 730 Shaun Livingston's gonna join us today. At 945 and don't forget 845 today to go window opens up Eric Green Day tickets to hand out to the mass of our first show they're gonna play at the coliseum. In August boys I feel one. Doing great feeling wonderful. Happy that it's a little bit warmer because all the rain. The downside is it's crazy out there the other side you boys not as cold joke. I'm not Scola have been just. When it raises a little warmer Malo the diddley fairly household just got a big phone call do you have apparently the middle school or my son goes is canceled because of. Tree down yesterday power poll victimized. He just got called a lifetime for a California kid you get maybe one or two of these in your hole thirteen year career some avoid Keon right now. If I got. Put extra pillow under the road I blanket on east title that on a cart tomorrow. Hunter at all exactly what you don't everyone and so was too much rain well you know we can't pray for rain complain about the moment we've been way in this frame. Got to say about it we've been needed we'd need this. I mean you got to rule eyes. We feed a lot of people just got a text guys from rocky Rodriguez city champ AKA CB champ a little more. It pistachio grower and he loves it rained any is listening to the show extreme and so shot the rocky read read a couple dashes out at the pistachio it is how I want to do that. Do you have any friends who are involved in some sort of production of enough. There's a pistachio of I I'm all for a helmet to get a how're you doing in the walnut industry. Does wallets do yeah. And that's that. In the valley to become. You know I hope to why don't shoot getting good people die grow grapes and develop that in the wind let's go ahead and get some vineyard friend sweet and we do we have those who see woods got his wiry and ends I don't know if you know but. In this into the freeway yeah to show him attacks right now icy words out going to have some line. It's somewhat the your boy thirty cities don't give us one Bledsoe was front and nice front. He know he broke don't yet know he said he was gonna send you wind in and he didn't it's been two month jail a promise you will get one I'll give you that promised in and you talk about what about the wind. Innocent to value the raisin capital of the world it's Fresno and raise capital of the world joke we do a lot of greats in my some wineries are too. And I the reason wine I mean who transit. And big line beginnings raised and that's on me state and I sent us national. Stature you know I think really helped my sand and let them that you wouldn't come on. Its own. It's not how old. An update how. Golden State Warriors gentleman's hobby he goes from the NBA wealth if you catch the guy that's out goats were able. Triple flip side it's trailers look on ego would. Wired and a. It's. His. And look at them or cooler at the lawyers wouldn't bite Devin. Employers beat today heat and magic McCaw started the weekend out of Santa Cruz but he gets the start because Klay Thompson. Was out Golden State with Detroit. Up next and an impressive performance for Patrick because Joseph. It in the start for Golden State you don't like get those rats under the belt it was a little shocking at times but in the third quarter he did hit a Big Three pointer that extended the lead 6760. And that's with the warriors really started to throttle down for a minute there it's gonna be growing pains and has Andres Gonzales says a lot of times a year to witnesses that is where you really blossomed so all the reps Patrick -- can get now do what you can learn from those studied that tape and continue to that developed as a player but you gotta like he got to start last night in the ultimate result was a victory pistons in town tomorrow to the big game against Cleveland the on Monday story never do the raiders make a move an offensive coordinator choosing not to resign bill musgrave whose two year contract. Had expired Todd downing will be elevated. From QB coach to take over. That job load Derek Carr loves Todd downing how big of helpful this feet. For Derek cardigan is guy has the OC and the only time tale I think the cars no matter who he has this guy's gonna continue to grow as players because that's who is as a man. That he wants a wealth of knowledge to be able to put his teammates in good position to make plays so I think it's a good decision we'll see was gardez with the team also firing defensive backs coach Marcus Robertson and Ken Norton junior will fade. As defensive coordinator more on that straight ahead here. On Jolo in the story number three the sharks get a big game from Mattel vodka are Fokker went back remark about Auburn to save face but how. They aren't there first of the rain for Mike Powell bod Kara had. Hat trick for the young man Brent Burns Logan Couture also scored they beat Edmonton. 53 the update brought to by the Golden State Warriors killing the lawyers on Monday for an exciting rematch against the cavaliers. Every fan will receive a warriors splash towels get tickets. At lawyers dot com I'm handedly on your total lawyers it's. 95 point seven a game. Thank you did this from rich in the 510 on neat Penske auto sales dot Comtex line. I'm looking for an acorn guy it's low as any recommendations for. A shutout. Is it allow Rick to allow Clinton all right so the big news as a service yesterday once we got off the air the raiders will not be. Continuing their relationship my guess is the best way to say it with the offensive coordinator bill musgrave summer calling it a firing. Must grades contract was set to expire at the teams simply. Not doing anything about it they're not extending him not offering him a new deal they are moving on quarterback coach Todd downing has been promoted to offensive coordinator. Ken Norton junior on the defense side of the football. Has been retained we're gonna break that down in the second. But the callers are lighting up the phone lines and they wanna wait and so we're gonna give you an opportunity to voice your opinion Tripoli 957. 9570 Tony in San Bruno. How do you feel about the direction the raiders are headed. Yeah dale Lloyd thanks for taking my call personable. Ought you know I mean I like old problem. Direction graders are headed. I kind of scratched by head. I understand bill musgrave out of it now options. I think you're cart was instrumental scored as many points we you know. We all season on it you finish as seen in 6 central while cents. What you because he's also want to control deep to let your offensive coordinator go. I don't understand attic he needed to shake things up by I think they should start with Ken Norton. Get ready and get which you adamant defense of coordinator in the air to run that defense. You know earlier in the year that they rose as well as you guys on the way in respect in the weight back our. And he made a statement regarding op Eds you all sports car you drive it in the well I'd get that. Lot tighter playing from behind people went off. Defense. Wins games. Off that it sells tickets to the game. At all like thanks for taking my call guys. Tony terrific phone call and thank you so much for spending so much you day listening in 95 point seven we really appreciate it. You make the move to move to part ways with the musgrave he won't be back. Let's throw a hypothetical out there. You're twelve and four this season you're changing offensive coordinators. What happens if the defense does not improve next year I think most of us would expect a change in the defense of coordinator position. How many organizations. Successful ones go through this kind of overhaul to their coordinator position on yearly basis when they're winning. Don't throw me Seattle because those guys are leaving to take head coaching jobs Gus Bradley Dan Quinn say what you want about it when they leave it to take a better opportunity. Bob musgrave running the sixth ranked offense. No one was knocking on his door to come in an interview for an eight seed right make Daniel Shanahan those guys are being interviewed not musgrave. If it doesn't improve defensively dance and the team moved on from Norton next year. How much longer until you start looking at the head coach and these are picking us up you know what. Is this the direction we want to be had because highly successful organizations they are not firing coordinators every year. Right and I think it's just an incremental thing where this year you look at the defense and you say it was not satisfactory. But we don't necessarily think it's Ken Norton junior's fault but somebody has to be victimized. So you take mark robbing you say you're the scapegoat on the offensive side of the ball. I think there's a number of things that went into it. Jack Del Rio openly asking why the TV is Marie only had five carries in Denver. And also low in that game when you you see the shot that the TV cameras got of the owner mark Davis and you see him mouthing the words. Basically why are we throwing the ball. At this particular juncture you take those two things combined and you can see why they didn't decide to re sign musgrave. And if people say that this like Aaron Rodgers you become an game of the day when the game was already at hand could got hurt. You look at you look at big game duty to still on the ball guest. You look at Brady they're by twenty and thirty still on the ball they're gonna do that and that's his football that info because of the contact sport injuries gonna happen. He can't blame musgrave for that. Now is musket conservative at time gets the car hide a lot of multitudes of fault and that offense by getting guys in the right position. Check how many times you guys seem to check out of the play into his own thing. Because why he's a Smart young man mills is often signals his talent and know the guys around him. So I get that. The biggest enemy is why I would sit okay musgrave stay in my Kinney to meet should've been the women and going out is because. One thing you can never get back is enough time. You can't get time back in you don't know help culture want to get Iggy and when you have guys like. Rex he in Wade Phillips in John O'Donnell the guys that are out there better known improvement commodities on defense. Ken Norton has never been a good move and the money as a DC never he was always a linebacker coach he's never been in DC. So what halftime. And I think when you have a limited amount of talent on that defense in the amount of talent meaning everyone does I get get debt. You have the time to go bring all these guys in that can important role with these guys. I just don't think the Wendell would put pinched it does and allow you to do that so I think that when you see a guy like Wade Phillips and John O'Donnell. And you know that you're you have bald and Smith coming back as he spend a whole year he doesn't keep disabling things are going to happen you have Bruce serving you have blue Mac. In these guys at 34 type of linebackers. You better jump on that opportunity and that's why I would win in new direction if I'm the saarc is about this organization Joseph. The rub with as they say everything there's the rub giving that phrase yeah yeah the rub as it pertains to do Norton system defensively. Is that. On the upside. Very player friendly. Because it's simplistic nature. Easy to understand easy to grasp. The rub. Is that if it's easy to grasp for the players. It's easy to understand for the opposing quarterbacks and coordinators who can tell with the raiders are doing and then they can exploit it. There were articles written about Kansas city's coaches. In the up in the Booth go in not calling out what they're doing and it could be hurt in the press box because it's right next war and that the walls are kind of event. That's one of the things he do it this defense is gonna need to take another step forward in terms of complexity disguising blitzes. Rotating players around making it look like one thing and then implementing something different one of the greatest plays ever saw in my life defensively. Is something no would ever remember remember first NFL game I ever covered in this industry. Was eight or nine years ago the giants were in Pittsburgh Sunday afternoon playing the steelers' regular season game. It was a game where Pittsburgh lost their long snapper to injury so James Harrison needed to step in. He snapped one over the punters head when they were pinned up against the end zone that safety swung the game the giants in that one long story short. In that game I was watching Troy Polamalu. All world hall of fame safety. There was a play multiple times Polamalu would line up right outside the defense then he'd be. Right on the edge to the point where you thought they're in man coverage. They're bringing the safety. Right at the snap right before the snap Polamalu would turn and sprint to center field. Making cover three. You think you look at it may and zero an you're gonna be blitzed Polamalu was so fast so athletic and could anticipate what was coming. He could fly to center field to make that look cover three and you had no idea that was coming. I'm not saying the raiders need to try Polamalu. But they need to be able to disguise what they do a little bit better ride in on the road right now thanks for colon and how do you feel about the move. Tragic. I'll look shell. Like a lot of carpet factory hopman. He thought I'd do it. And we just don't know. Not pocket he artist. What it would cost. Long term to bring him back you know he's he's a relatively older. I believe and it promoted. John eat up becoming working with our doctor comparable attack. You that that's fine but it can't let. Odom or what security situation I don't understand why I act and. Aaron. I don't know that any aid gallery. You know and to recruit and mine a little extra and get pregnant at all. Do their thing but it. But become a situation patent on that it is important contract. Appreciate phone call thanks for wade in and be safe out there on the roads it is his slack. The diesels on China's best I don't want to know winning the rain but the usual such a weekly could tell you saw the Bosnian boils down to talent. See you got to realize he believes it you know when you the united Seattle. And chance was not walk into the door when he fives now walk into the door you don't have the talent to do with Seattle. So Seattle could line up in you know what they're gonna do and they're just they have better athletes in they would make it happen to Kenny doesn't have that here. So you don't have that you're not going to get that because the league is it's Ewing didn't have the Seattle guys so now you gotta say. I need a coach. That are going to have these players that I had in make him any advantage. I scheme. And by disguise like you're alluding to. And that's what Wade Phillips and that's what the top of Arnold and that's what these guys can do with limited amount athletes. Put them in a place like New England outline New England don't have necessary superstars. On their defense. But they play in such a waste such ads and yielded. That you to high you hide a lot of deficiencies of the athletic ability. What Bill Belichick does is he identifies what she wants me defensive tackle. What he wants and and as trust what he wants in the middle linebacker what he wants in a quarter. I want roughly this site roughly this week roughly this speed I want these attributes in terms of intelligence skill set all the ball. ABC Dini. Now go find me the players who checked those boxes and you take those players and you plug them into the spots where they fit. Have the players fit the scheme don't tailor the scheme to the players you can try to do that. But if you got a plan in place find the guys that you can plug along implement your plants and ideally. Ideally that's will get you the next level that's why New England continues have so much success every player who lines up on that field defensively and on the eleven. Has a specific purpose is specific role they understand that role they have the skill sets to achieve that role. That's why this team continues to put out fourteen into records and first round byes John tickets in 95 cent in the game reporter was at. Oracle last night for the warriors win over the Miami Heat good morning JD thank you for joining us first question you. Clark he's gone from eight minutes a game to fourteen this year he's six and 51%. From the field his game is on another level this season what do you think that is what's the main reason why he Clark's been able to hit another gear this year. I think it confidence and get on period without what was that about Ian Clark after the ball game last night in. He seemed to think that it confidence in and really just. Another year in the that the warriors system you know much like anybody else that that second year. Words you're able and really get comfortable and more at all ball movement or or or are supposed to be on the war and truly. Impacted him in in a positive way and I think that indicate Clark. Speaking of confidence they showed a tonne in Patrick McCall who Friday night was playing in Santa Cruz and you skip ahead. Only four days later in your in the starting lineup for the defending Western Conference champions. What does it say about Steve Kerr in the staff to really get a guy to go play. Yeah I think Ian Clark the other part of that. The fact that he played so well they kind of buried after a cop like beat the warriors believed was going to be a major contributor when that. The regular season started that yet that that currently injury. Would it hasn't really been able to catch up and I think part of it read CNET politically ketchup has yet carcass play so well speaker while the fact that. He can keep that bench rotation intact in heat Kirk RT Clark in a similar role in macaw. Vehicle it just. Stepped into the starting line at that and get some Rwandan and what it would. The other three all stars that are that are remaining in there and and cabinet. Need to shine in that role. That was speaking JB when you look at at what they're able to do and bring him a call and different guys. Is this team any way you look at steps gonna you know demand over 200 million. Is Katie gonna opt out is is this a situation we you can see that. One of these three won't be on this team in an interview in in years to come. Well all its way down the line that I mean you look at him quite topped its size during Ahman Green. Kevin Durant. Oh wanted to purposes he's won it again. I'm on the back and anchor he's gonna be it. It's gonna you know as well well water and it's okay son Max contract now remain with the Golden State Warriors and now I'll. Oh is it Morgan impact. Some of the bench guys it's gonna impact. What happened with Shaun Livingston or a dollar out of the warriors. Find the next version of those two players. Because they're probably not going to be able to look for those. Becomes the ceiling for him in and warned other team walk offer him more money and the warriors potentially can back so I've. Awaited spring laid out. It's much more apt to hurt them. In terms of bench players that'd at this stage it keeping the four core players together at least for the next three years. 957 million reporter John Dickenson doing Jolo Indians on 957 game. You're on a warrior Wednesday brought to you by portion of Walnut Creek 82016. Premier Porsche dealer Klay Thompson got the night off last night he had played two games with an illness so Kerr decided to give them some rest so we expect to see him back in the lineup against Detroit tomorrow night. In the air against Detroit tomorrow night and you heard that before the ball in the rocket at the eight. Or maybe get other guys tonight off. Here in the air but it's going to be done in a similar bass is the way he did it with Klay Thompson and it may be at that night work. It got a little bit of an injury here they're a little rundown. Not a situation where he's going to look at had to circle the and it just didn't work you know it is just didn't work once that fight game. Because he felt it you know way to team was playing Italy an individual pointed at a blowout. And a guy got some rest so he won't hesitate to do it but it's gonna be yet. At night to night proposition. And I think there will be a point where the other three guys all it might stop at some point is well. John Dickinson here on 9570. Game dream on green zero fouls JD in a game and that actually had refereed in it should we take this. As strange anomaly or is it a sign that maybe Jamont green at the turn of the new year is. Has decided to control himself a little bit more not only committing fouls but in garnering technicals well. He absorbed story that he would that was. During my agreed at the post game press conference he was asked about. An illegal screen in it he actually thought he'd picked up personal foul. On what was it illegal screens out of bounds quietly should they would actually reviewing. The box score at that that's the question. Any body at one quick foul them early in the game but at what you second in the ass but what. The box streak to wait a minute it happened about that one out to a an away trip himself but it's out trouble but we are. The last night so what whatever works for my agreed etiquette chuckle out of that. The media in attendance there. And that's why did you I didn't realize that that was a violation not a Fallon all my years as an official says I'm not I'm chagrined right now I got low looking at me like I'm a fraud all of sudden JD I didn't know that was a violation. Another well. Yeah an odd that the that I diet eat too much attention you can never got the second now which. While that would it would won the actual out yet but he got a good laugh about it. John bigoted 95 point seven a game reporter which Jolo in bids on 95 point seven game Becky JD will see you tomorrow night out at oracle. The Mattel is something we are just six days away from the launch of the 95 point seven to gain dream sports experience. Meaning Tuesday January 17. But a nine fives and the game dot com or you're gonna have the chance to bid on some unbelievable once in a lifetime experiences that you will never forget. We've had a chance to preview some of dibs. Ranging from the ultimate fan experiences with the giants with the hazy chief to travel with the warriors. All proceeds go directly to various sports hall of fame to help kids in need get a help. Vowed to high school athletics Joseph because a lot of times there's funding gaps for certain districts teams aren't. Able move forward coach's salaries travel. Uniforms all the extras mashup has been so good for so long and helping to bridge the gap. For young people to participate and they become sports fans and all of us get defeat our family. Check it out Tuesday night 57 the aim dot com. Warrior Wednesday brought to you by premier key of Newark the goatee dealer for the greater Newark area rolls on next. Howard Beck from bleacher report's gonna come on we're gonna asking a simple question. The war's gonna pick up the phone. Call Philadelphia. Tried to acquire New Orleans Noel. Find out next Jolo a dead at a high points of the game now backed a warrior Wednesday Kearse Jolo NTX. I think you're out the window down. From the twelfth floor out. Whenever this actresses here in the city I notice is not raining. It's not raining. It's nice are we does that mean we're good until like next fall or. I would open up for five minutes I check the diddley doppler yesterday don't laugh it's real thing in pledged to absorb it was forecast to be able doppler says. Should be nice this weekend but more rain. Ahead next week traffic on the eighth whether on the sevens now back to south Castaneda. I. Again one of the best in the business Howard back. From Bleacher Report joining Jolo in bids on 95 point 7 game Howard good morning first off thank you so much for your time we appreciate it. As we tick around hypotheticals here in the wake of Kyle Korver landing with the Cleveland Cavaliers. There's some thoughts and maybe. This is an arms race in the warriors look to make a move as well. One name that keeps getting thrown around is the idea of calling Philadelphia. To try and acquire big man New Orleans no well. Do you see something like that is likely and if so what kind of bop package with the warriors need to put together for something like that. You know. It it's really fascinating idea the kind of the right idea you think about where the warriors you know there are a lot of indeed but that that seems like a glaring need. You don't know how you do it negate treat really mean you've got. You know rosters that by the nature house bill would or elite players or all stars all NBA guys. In just a bunch of really good role players behind them. And no one really behind that where you can say well here's somebody who's going to be really good reader or you're sitting out. Not to diminish you know my card some of the guys that. You know look at the pictures and you gonna shut in the well. You're gonna want. You know leader a couple of picks or a player and a heck and the worst you know I. Amateurs upon their brilliant as they're the field of course cryptic Utah this year etiquette dealer but when he can portrait accident you know. Do you want young only nineteen per rockets are known so well a I don't think they have. These need to write. Players to get it done for the right at that to get it done so I have I'm not sure that conversation really pat. How important is this Monday game for the warriors against the cavaliers at for their own psyche and the very least having lost four straight now overall the Cleveland. It's funny without in Cleveland an hour ago and reviewed the majority which used. I don't think it matters at all. You know as streak that goes back to last season is irrelevant. And when it comes in like the warriors or the cavaliers. If you're a champion cavaliers and Egypt in the quarters champion before that. Established yourself you know it you're looking at the other artwork a point three get the other top Rangers opening. It hit it lower that the record. For a team like. There were just trying to that was only in a book you know records just they are. And if you look at it how you do that a meaningful when you look at the rocket is we don't know exactly. How or decade ago yet we know warriors can so they are both in the cab after. No. Final I'm not gonna put much stock in I don't think any in between these teaching matters until we see him again together in June which rightfully expects. Well when you talked about the rockets or let's go back to this team seen what they're trying to do maybe even acquired big man in change Harding. You know looks at one of the front runners for the MVP. How good is this team. And how much of an ops according went deep for the Golden State Warriors. That means you seem to lose you know the back to my my last point I think with the rockets. I think it's fair to solve what you don't imprisonment but the son back when like it. Took over there and it became its phenomenal regulars he knows it may become the final way. And they agree reducing record the couldn't break through there's a variety of reasons and not just you know that he would do that ever eat a stern the sooners. It just more a matter of we have come so far so fast looking at your class passengers and eight and then jet at their best player Dwight Howard. And are now it has gains or centric as they've ever. How sustainable is that through. No seven series and another seven years and then another. We I don't think we know and it would get better and I think people expect it to be. Especially in the mirror person entered in the to keep the rocket off the charts great. So bigger obstacle they're good do you have been because it. You know and you know what people think they're legitimately the second best team in the west now I still think you know it it's it will over the spurs I opened the clippers when you. Will be right in there and I think it. Yo. Running debt gamut from those canyons whatever company you get is going to be tough for anyone certain but the warriors. So yeah he'll that it could rockets mortars at some point in the White House adding a pretty tough challenge well I would pick the name of the sport that is the name of the clippers. Senior NBA writer at Bleacher Report Howard Beck joining Jolo in bids. On 95 point seven the game reports out of CSN California. Debt to mark his cousin's intends. To signing massive Max money extension. With the Sacramento Kings went both sides are allowed to do so this summer. The number 207 million is being tossed around if true would it surprise you that cousins would re up with the kings based on all the dysfunction in the fact that many feel. Cousins could drive should he be placed in another environment. I think that both sides in this case should be eastern so that he really. Has broad. If your market sudden I think users that certainly legitimate. To question whether you review the players go to the inside the has been arguably the abuse worst but certainly among the worst of the lot. Several years the last decade even. And the music king I think you open your consider your house it is. To tie up 200 million dollars in the league player who well at Metallica franchise player does not have the demeanor that make up. We're leadership. What do reliability. Wanna be in franchise player and news special time and again he is his own worst enemy. And to sabotage the team so. You know you've been around long enough that I don't think we've opposite you know. You fool. You know growing pain type issues. Bookmark content you. Who's got anger management problems. And you know like Koreans a month ago anger kings fans but what I go around and I've just kind of you know informally polled. GM GM's from various teams. Would you want the market cut would be taken forget which get them forget what it's just what you wanna change in the it to mean backers. Though and so we're between now and held. So you know the kink you know they've they've. Good equity clearly that you never give up on this guy. And he's set for people panicked and try to convince him otherwise. Been able to be swayed. And you know what they go to the stroke aside and unexpected good asset management pros if you decide what it down the road block. And you can still make good with him whereas. He's not locked up he's going to walk year. It's going to be chopper treat incur for the right package because you have to worry about whether or not. They're gonna lose and after one season. So that the cabinet and issued their weak it is Smart a lot about but analysts say both sides should seriously consider whether they really want them to each other. Why isn't part of it too that is trade value isn't as high as it would be because of some of the off court behavior in the guys develop now a new book. Legitimate three point threat at 611 he's a double double machine yet no team seems to want him. Noting that phenomenal talent if it. I mean he's he is no one is in and day. And the reason you can't take you deep because loses some of the agencies and the volatility. And personalities in. You know. Aren't you panic because of news. In is issues until it pretty awkward mostly on court issues. And here in over time has come about and about the only use treated teammates treated coaches treated in personnel. He's the top. Once it is to get along with him you know I know people when I have well what can happen at my model protestors that you've done the right to support of competitively. You're treating type of course it franchise and also. Note transformed. That it used to be one of the group and so it in but when asked around again. Acting like poetry port. In the list is pretty short it big topic as being a gambler by nature he's got assets to do it. And it deported to take that swing. Ended in an app that all the desperate teams Italy and we're that desperate that is reduced to be relevant. You know yours after having to go on like power or Washington where immigrant that was perpetually on the he or maybe Dallas where. They don't know what to do with you know Dirk Nowitzki you know you know rated single walk in the on the rise in. That's got to be in that there is desperate and then you know they have the assets and predictions get enough. Back for him but again I don't think it even at the right now because they don't think their credit or a marked. Senior NBA writer at Bleacher Report he's one of the best in the business folks Howard Beck would Jolo and heads. On 95 point seven game Howard thank you so much for your time in sight awesome stop we hope we can catch up with the league and on the road. Howard back ladies and gentlemen. Like Mike McDermott in the movie routers. The 49ers are grinding. And it might just grind their way into one of the best coaching candidates on the market books when that next Jolo and its 95 points of the game now backed a war year Wednesday. He is Joseph low end to. Here's where we stand. Six. Count them six teams. Entered the off season in need of a new head coach. Jacksonville has solved. There issued Doug morrow in the interim head coach promoted he's now running the show. It looks as if buffalo according to reports all across the league all across the land the the Buffalo Bills have zeroed in. On Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator. Sean. McDermott. Is that correct because I said Mike McDermott from around ears and I got rounder is now in my head cut in the last segment is Sean McDermott as well. Lucky. Probably look at the progression of taking the risk and just aired the fact there was a cop you're okay you're okay short for another impeachable will be able to bounce back the social look at the bills go with McDermott you've got four vacancies remaining. The niners the Broncos the chargers. And the rain pants. The niners by sheer will of making this thing take months. Ago let these other spots get filled. And could stumble in the Kyle Shanahan or Josh McDaniels widely regarded as two of the best candidates out there are we looking at a good situation for the niners are debts. It depends on whether nothing could close one of those hot names because if you are one of those two guys and you're looking at the four openings right now. And you start to ray come you probably ranks ever Cisco either third or fourth in my opinion Denver's the closest. To plug and play solution even though both those guys you mention our offensive coordinator. Guy is and Denver's offense is the one that needs the most work. San Diego's better situation you got Philip Rivers and hopefully got a healthy offense returning. LA maybe the big question mark the other deep pocketed owner in the severed Cisco from an offensive standpoint. You've got Carlos Hyde and basically not think so yeah that's good news because the niners might be the last team within opening. But in less thinking jail what these guys it becomes that. It's low according to reports Vance Joseph the defensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins. If he does not. Get the Denver job he's gonna interview with the 49ers. If you're the forty niners should do even bother with this guy considering. You're not his top choice what I mean by that is you would assume that the people you're interviewing really want to work for you. Here's a guy saying wolf I don't get this job yeah I'll show up an interview with yet should even bother. I think he bothered because. Maybe Denver to implement and money mean and he goes in and irons maybe a guy bill's many bills and maybe he bills and nine a franchise get it back to prominent itself. I act I still think you kick the tires and other coaches some coaches. They have the first or second choice and a lot of them get the first choice so they sometimes have to settle with the second are maybe even third. So which direction do you think we're headed here for the niners because now you've got another report that Terry make. Otto McDonna I'm not really sharp an ounce of my apologies he's the cardinals VP of player personnel. He's getting in your view for the GM job candidates continue to surface candidates continue to be interviewed scheduled for interview it looks like this thing's gonna go at least another week. What do you think the team zeroing in on Josh McDaniels reportedly set. And he really likes the situation with the 49ers as possible that is the next forty niner head coach. Very possible and that. For the niners would be I think a step in the right direction and offensive minded guy who's had a lot of success in New England come here and start to rebuild. This offense but again the question of who the GM is going to be and whether or not Josh McDaniels has a relationship with that person or can work would that person. It's still seems odd to me low that they would think about bringing in a head coach before they bring in general manager. Yes it does today and you look at you look at. What he would bring he's already been a pro coach didn't farewell so he's learned a lot still pretty good coach knows how to recruit knows differing guys. Gay you don't he can pick up the phone and bring in that Mike Vrabel Vrabel come close formed the niners won it very morally or so now I have a guy if you bring in. From that same type a tree they played very was a player when he was here in New England so now you can get pull pulls guys and one of them that you want and already at UTC. Bring them in tough mentality good coach so I think that would be I think Josh would fit here well GO. Jolo and gives 95 point seven the game Michael Silver scheduled to join us in about nine minutes just under an hour from now 845. Green Day tickets to giveaway when they ticket window opens up. Josh McDaniels certainly an intriguing candidate if you were to focus solely on a candidate's background. Defensive minded offensive minded which direction do you see is the best fit for this organization. I think I think. To be honest I think it offense because you you wanna have that entertainment factor because right now you wanna get people you wanna be explosive you wanna be exciting. You wanna get their fan base the lead mini game that you can score points this has been a stagnant offense for the last couple years. Even though you still want your defense and I really believe if you bring in you know just condemns off the demining guy from the patriots. We know he knows a little bit about offense. But you gotta realize you gotta trust that he's gonna go out and get a Mike Vrabel. Who is a defense a guy that everyone has sought after a darn about him as well also if you get an offer to minded coach. That goes and puts emphasis on the defense by gay men bring in an emperor able I think this team will be okay. It's from the 650 in the Penske auto sales dot context line please explain and Newton I don't think they are going to be please let drop. You know Anna please explain why it's odd to get the coach first instead of the general manager something you post solo something we've kicked around lets inform listeners little bit. Well the 49ers have a big dysfunction of recent vintage and not having the general manager in the coach on the same page and ultimately the GM. In a successful structures the guy who's gonna identify the talent and bring him in and have a head coach coach him up and and obviously. Plays the head coach you want these two individuals to be. On the same page you want the GM to feel like they head coach is a guy that he either brought in or can work puts up the higher. A young head coach Josh McDaniels and maybe you just decide Tom gamble is the guy and you slide him over maybe gambling mcdaniels don't have a good. Working relationship may be they don't have the same ideology. When it games when it comes to football. That's the one thing to Jed York said they wanted they want to have open communication between the two. Normally the coach would report to the GM so it makes sense to me that you would hire the GM first and then he would be a part of fighting the cut you don't have. Higher vice president before he had a president so this is saying when the callers when it detects asking that you have to realize when things are done in order you have your own we get that. They don't you bring into GM to GM what he's going to do is say OK I know what getting in my scouting department and inline. And it's a funnel down it's a trickle down it's a trickle down effect. I head coach trumped up trickle down economic absolutely as a head coach Joseph what he does he gets guys rate play puts in his implement his office does a step but he's got a steal. Look important story he's still getting his orders from the top so you have a GM. It's it okay I'm building here this the kind of coax it out one because mask guy department's good and well after these type of individuals that we're gonna have my coach. Because my coach is my shift. He's the guy it is the shaft it's gonna get the players get the people how they're going implement a right position. But the GM is the one who's given them the ingredients to be successful ones making their mail joke. Speaking of ingredients Michigan Wolverines all world defensive weapon Jibril peppers announced yesterday he was a Heisman finalist by the way very rare. Heavy defensive players a Heisman finalist. He is going to be entering the draft this is a no surprise to anybody peppers is one of the best players. In the country six foot 210 pound junior 68 tackles for sacks and an INT this year but two things about him one. Big time contributor on special teams very dangerous in the return game number two. What you hear me out on this Gibril peppers played a grand total of 933. Snaps this past season. That's not the wow. Here's the wow. 933. Snaps act fifteen. Different positions. Rule. 933 at at fifteen positions 933. Snaps at fifteen positions ranging from. Quarterback Yasser running back. Wide receiver to kick returner to punt return it to free safety to strong safety outside linebacker to inside linebacker took corner and beyond. 933. Snaps fifteen different positions. One of the Heisman five finalists in New York this past year. He. Will be a first round draft pick. Currently rated by Todd make Shea and the scouts and people ideas again as the number four overall prospect in these years strap. Yesterday we talked about the idea of dish on Watson. Number two to the 49ers. Clearly until you figure out your GM coaching structure you're not gonna know which direction you wanna go at number two thankfully for us and talk radio. We can kick this around all day long. Gibril peppers at number two does it make any sense whatsoever for the San Francisco 49 X. Makes sense and makes a mean EE EE is everyone wants a quarterback can I get that. But this makes crystal says because now you get a guy like that who so versatile. Who can run punt return and play corner. And play you know play slow play on the slot receiver Tim play strong safety week safety free safety complain at all. Played down in the linebacker position when that eight ma'am box. You can't eat can't missiles and guided missile personal that's good and brings you debt. And you still looking they'll get a free agent quarterback a stopgap peace. And look for quarterback next year in continue to build and a draft yes joke he's a guy that yeah I would I would spin that second pick on. As he gives you versatility. Dips worthy. Of the second pick not to say the niners go in that direction but between now in late April we're gonna be kicking around quite a few suggestions for that number two pick. This is a big pit. This is part of what makes his job attractive much like Jacksonville but you have an opportunity to bring in a franchise player a game changer someone you can. Anchor around for the next. Hopefully ten plus years Gibril peppers at a Michigan is that the direction the niners could consider going. Not a number two I think if your sick need to and yet every player on the board except whoever Cleveland decides to take. Trade that I think Jabil peppers is more likely to be taken. 8910. Further down the order when you're looking at one of the highest picks in the draft. Yet a look at the most coveted position is their game changer at pass rusher is there any leak quarterback who's available. Those are the kind of players that you would use the number two pick on two real peppers. Is an incredible player. But what's his value over replacement pick as far as you're in that position you might find a guy who is not as versatile as he but can. You know assimilate most of his abilities you can get Pampers further down in the draft board. If you say in a number two and you're stuck on peppers trade down get additional picks and get him later in the. And give him that he wants he's not bogeys number gum before 55 is electronic yet because here's what here's what here's the difference and I think when you look at a guy that. I agree with you a pass rusher. Either offensive tackle pass rush and those guys are you know gimme a blind side tackle guy gimme a pass rusher but we let go his name in the air. He's scheduled to have a staple you gonna have a guided you can line up. At safety. NB a dominant guy who can guard the tide and you have a guy now that you can only mean there was three receipt was a four receivers he can go it you don't have to come off the field. Have a guy also now come return you can have more calmer turn turn kick off return special teams so liege to have a solid. Player that can give you so many arrangement that we can do so many things for your ball club that's why I like him if he's gonna make a pick in that situation as well. This conversation is gonna roll and we're also gonna get into the breeder coaching search with Michael Silver that's all coming up in one minute don't go anywhere Jolo and it's not about what's the game. Just like we promise gone for a minute back and right in the conversation. Because that's our promise to you. More sports talk than any other station. In the area what's up Jolo and gives 95 point seven a game let's jump back into the conversation. Gibril peppers Michigan all world safety. Heisman Trophy finalist and individual who over 933. Snaps this last past season. Played fifteen different positions. He's coming out. Presumably he'll be available to we kicked around the ideas of you draft him if you're the niners would you consider him if you're the niners low kids you tour again into it did you get a great question for La. I was wondering if you had to Shawn Watson go number one to Cleveland which you don't know third eagle quarterback or not but if you're Signet two. They have a choice between miles Garrett. The great defensive player from an am pass rusher yet the pass rusher for it and or Gibril peppers which direction would you go then. The Dow and I'd I'd I'd probably take at the test Fisher but watch them and a watch and I'm watching. Close and didn't come down you look at the nine's say okay. Who's mad pass rusher. David if this if there were if this was a raiders here let's say not would take the past Fisher because I got a demo abdominal and I would take the young safety. Because he could still bring something to your team. So we have with the niners though. They need to pass rushers allowed probably eagle pass OSHA but I just think that this young man from Michigan he is gives you a lot of versatility. It would help routine but yeah I would I would definitely to pass rusher. Yet to understand his situation. There are teams that could really use peppers their teams that could use someone like the bottom line is what are the niners. The niners are in me he rebuilt the niners are years away from competing. When you're gonna rebuild the concept for how to build is very simple very simple. Build inside. Out. You don't go after corners and safeties and wide receivers and running backs early when you're gonna rebuild you start inside. Offensive line. Defensive line quarterback and work your way away from the football peppers is a nice player but it still for the 49ers. Doesn't make it's much cents and it's not a knock on him. As the idea of a miles Garrett. Which is a pass rushers from Texas CNN halo is text Zeta located. In the south they are yourself really say about where you find pass rush does this sound baby yeah that's right niners or gain is not regal for pass rushers big easily led the NFL in sacks this year where's he from the south you wanna pass rusher you go to the south. More on this in a moment here comes your update. Yeah. You go to the east you know he's telegram back after an exact and if you can't stand the heat. You get out of the kitchen while the lawyers could just standing he'd. They stayed in the kitchen it's too reliant helped everyone get home safely over Korea if you're. I've called for April. 105 foot birdie or an airport each day thank you Jim goodnight and god bless lawyers beat 107. And I. Tony 48. And nine do and a lot of the apps to play Thompson not only that when Steffi in the rams are playing with Klay Thompson their big minutes or staggered a little bit more but the play out. Those who stepped in Iran. They're minutes a line of what we see with the moral line minutes more picky rules I would love to see that the rain so let's step curried chicken roll. Take place on more frequent basis that's a devastating to man combination maybe we'll see it tomorrow the lawyers and pistons at oracle story number two low the raiders make the move had offensive coordinator choosing not to resign bill musgrave. Todd doubting gets elevated from QB coach to take over the gig is this. Good news for Derek Karr. You know I don't. Moments good news I don't know that's bad news all I know you've got a quarterback gig got a pretty good when you've seen how good he is the last five or 68. In quarters of the raiders' season it was dismal why because. Car was no longer they're driving it in the lead at this that guy you know it's going to be a student of the game if you can get the right coach. This guy's career is going to continue to skyrocket defensive coordinator Ken Norton junior will stay the team that did fired defensive backs coach Marcus. Robert since. Horry number three on memorable night. For the sharks might tell Bob cares at this point classic hit right tips car. Write it for the next felker Carlson was causing all kinds of traffic in front of the goaltender at the shot eleven point five classic. Trickle right but the legs and it is eight fort watch actually blogger gets the goal and. Accurate maybe in attendance. 53 the update brought to you by day you know tires. Big O tires the team you trust I'm Dan diddley on your home of the warriors pistons in town tomorrow right here on 95 point seven game. Thank you dips. NFL insider from the NFL network Michael Silver joining Jolo in dad's on 95 point seven a game Michael good morning then network of individuals you talked to one a regular basis what's the feeling you get in regards to Clemson quarterback to Shawn Watson highly coveted possible top five pick or is this guy that might slide a little bit towards the end of the first round. I'd never thought would be talking about the drought. And these flagship station operators didn't. Early January it's over and I area even the traders are not the market record back a game. Eric Le tactic what happened a quarterback is early on. People get reviewed it. About that but recovered a border. Possible last year college potential failures then proceeded to come when people start. You know finding a lot to lot applause. We thought that they've added Britain water per couple. And that eventually it kinda cracks but there's always been ordered. In the third two and a parole wrapped Beijing. Voters and court wanting to believe like our old files but it. These guys are trampled because that should that report position and it's so dark quiet open markets so. I hate to show up and obviously at the series very attractive qualities. Of Arctic hole will be poked him I gotta tell you. What agreement to elect Barack Obama. Golf in the times but what I will talk to people who. You do for a living in the real good well not real strong opinions quotes are. I have bullet Israel focus on more important now. The play and coach opening and all that stuff. You have so far. Michael when you talk about the coach opening since he was on an Oakland musgrave. You know in the ninth and retain him to you know wasn't fired but. Mu and in a new direction in the new look at you noted Ken Norton's a lot of speculations out there and you'll see it's say he's gonna. Be fired or is going to be retained and you know they fire mark Robbie read articles and mark rob was an up and coming coach that people talk it would be. You have Wade Phillips in and the good friend of ours and also a jumper got the DC. DC the raiders do anything or do you see that we kind of shocked that this movement. Yellow are being in our close things happen that are a lot of talk right now I might go years wit here I would buy certain. Doesn't pertain to the raiders. But script that really prize. I've known bill entirely covered player. And some perceived ups and but I was really excited by what you got goal here. You know obviously they're in the opening their I don't know his situation where you know I on paper. And again I would do not surprisingly having a joke. If you watch the raiders do churkin went off and closed the present the only time it did very understandable. They were playing cricket the double and people that play out on the road with the third string rookie to a historic game it didn't look so great. The previous record. Back or move it back a couple of quite a lot. Also look at you know to deepen obligated somewhat close to the bill also. You know look. I I'm surprised that they decide to move. You know. I have heard that lockdown and quarterback coach would getting interest from other teams possibly juggle has been one. Parent. They call out to make a decision but you know don't look it was fired and council members. Forty niners still looking for GM and I head coach does it seem do you that there. Kind of waiting back to see what sorts out with other coaching openings are they thought about it as aggressively as they can right now. No I mean everybody wanted to result quickly got to remember the timing for judge Hilton's very much. A which I believed he didn't. You know you're talking about a guy yet higher. And so that you don't play which indicates their true very well. You know into February. We've seen at different clinical you know couple years ago welcomed and I have. Understanding and then wait it would. Computers in the Eagles last year. No no protected in that scenario but actress happened but I. You know. I don't we've been decided because it is the two part process of trying to make that got in Russia today booster who rams order. Auction up and accordent YouTube and Bluetooth. And better. Equipment so. That may have impacted the sinking. You know I know there's at least one coaching candidate debate at. You know you're from members of a couple personal that. Triggered reach out and because you are all kind of finalist so you know I think it's. There is a process I actually they're running good truck and I also think that perception that nobody wants to work work. Jerry York for the position of not playing out of spirit that you. Wrote a great process try to get the people that whatever it is as though would interest right now are getting. Release candidate to Purdue package ultimate to its lowest option. Michael Silver NFL insider from the NFL network joining Jolo in dad's. On 95 point seven the game were you surprised at the California Golden Bears decided to part ways with Sonny dykes so close the national signing date and do you think Chip Kelly could be in play as the team's next head coach. I was surprised but the timing. Yeah I've talked about a Twitter because I I out of you know the Wimbledon. In the aftermath ING republic flight cloaked publicly. We all the the first rule fight club low with the virtual place quote. Don't. Like what what the second rule like close. To. Us. You know I. Are all ethnic uzbeks reporters and not about oak isn't. I believe it helped is better than anybody. Publicly made. Understand. There are some victory there in Colorado been up it would look at. They're. They're very very good coaches outfitters. And yeah and you know. During this row and so we'll see what actually happened my quote a trucker is running a really good church that. You mentioned trying to. They're trying to do that in the very children Taj and there are. Very very intriguing options out there and it I am confident that there. I give him Michael goes no don't tell those who tell don't know. That you. Mention here that. Shorter. Distraught I love Michael Silver and Loney O'Keefe and it a hundred as a kid like that. Mike we go from the coaching carousel to the fun house that is the best weekend in the playoffs the divisional round. Which of the road teams do you give the greatest chance of pulling off the road upset. Well I think it was a little I don't lives. And quarterback guys who looked like across the U. Michael Jordan Michael told the crowd that the Packers of the boy and obviously the Al literally could be hard up the bell will be there and the cowboys bashed the Packers. During the he'd been a Lambeau about that Bryant. All of that whatever Rutgers are elevating to that's ridiculous level from the floor and certainly it. Forty cattle can with a number should be available there. I tend to believe that he could do anything stroke. I I absolutely believe the Packers can land and you. Certainly you can see. Kind of the playoff feel. A bird should second alliance that the united war. In Atlanta where the thought about it history. Struggling home. Don't know fairly ample loud crowd at the world like the zone. So that the gala to get through it popped a great shot and it means. A man and chief eastern Greg do you handle the battle happened this but it. You know that up and look rule you'd think yeah that's but that's a tremendous game. The patriots are very. Fortunate and earned there good fortune in the treatment of course up what both. Lobos but should it survive. Tackled well which looks like looks lots you know. Michael Silver from the NFL network would Jolo and is on 95 point seven the game Michael thank you so much for your time we'll catch up with the again next week and enjoy the action this weekend. Thanks Mike. Patriots Texans looks lopsided on paper dad's Janet in odds just looking at the NFL network and there are rolled some of the highlights from the match up. Earlier in the patriots had out. Number seven at cornerback. And look at it that I'm Megan and some old gamers the preceding game payroll Houston with Jacoby Brusett. Under senator Snowe 35 to seven I believe early in the fourth quarter and if memory serves me a few years ago and I think protections to consider this. Put those varsity Letterman jackets back on go back to Foxborough last time you did that I think it was a Monday Nike annually got beat by about forty. Everybody thought if you wanna keep the clothes you Wear those varsity Letterman jackets on this warrior Wednesday brought to you by Porsche of Walnut Creek. 82016. Premier Porsche dealer Tim Roy the voice of the war are set to join us at nine Shaun Livingston is gonna join us at 945. The news of the day if you're just tuning in the raiders. They're making moves at twelve and for bill musgrave whose contract was set to expire. On the raiders gonna let it expire they're not gonna do anything about it musgrave is out. Quarterback coach Todd downing has been promoted to offensive coordinator Ken Norton junior. He of the 26 ranked overall defense will be remaining with the club. Well we had talked about this for a few days would there be a move made if so who would it be could it be both good at twelve and fourteen have two new coordinators next season. Here's the dust is settled musgrave out. Norton states surprised in any way shape or form how the organization. Has taken the necessary steps to move into the offseason. Not surprise I'm not surprised that. Musgrave is no longer here because they didn't fire you I think was mutual. When you think about what you heard wit and Jack. I'd like to see the ball ran more all the things he did put musgrave a pin up in the Booth instead of on the floor which he like being on the field. Penn cardinals on a law. That he probably would know redo his contract and give him in contract extension you got to realize Jack's fired him before and into the injects money in his eight year his ten year. In in you know in Jacksonville techies aren't more coaches in the history of the game in 27 I think that's a number. So when you look at what's going on. Was in this are surprised when I was again look at the defense first two games give a 4000 yards looking Ken Norton was a linebacker coach never been in DC. And another friend but you look at what's been going on in just didn't see it the defense was inconsistent and you went out and you spent a lot of money on the defense aside the ball. So I was kind of debt that's haunting that I knew that he would probably must they would be retained. But I thought it also that'd be a possibility that at least ten Norton would be on the hot seat a little more than what he has. Who do you think is forget a lot of this on the Penske auto sales that context like 95795. What do you think was responsible for this decision do you think marker Reggie had any say in this or was it strictly GDR. I I believe did its I think it's a little GDR. And I think that mark. In Reggie. Brought in any. Innocent discriminate the year I really don't really believe. That Jack wanted to go on a new direction. And I think that he eat I think his hands and stuff. Because they brought me and and Reggie says hey look what that is give this guy his time it's the second year you're not gonna fire both quarter engine and I mean not gonna fire this guy so I really believe that. They they they they stopped JD from two when he wanted to do. Dips what kind of pressure is Norton and face this upcoming season. This is going to be guy who's gonna be closely money absolutely you oversaw the 26 ranked defense team was twelve and for you kept your job I can get behind that. If raider nation and the silver black decide one more year for Ken Norton so be not gonna stand up in the trees yell and scream and calls and an issue with this but. People are going to expect at the very least. The. It's make or break for Ken Norton and yet the 26 ranked defense and I think you ranked last in sacks. From a defensive standpoint and Jack Del Rio and his departing press conference mentioned a lack of push. Upfront you look at some of the young men on the defensive line and you Jihad war didn't. And Chile Calhoun they didn't have monster. Impact years and you look at the back end the secondary they struggled until you get rid of the DB coach. And now you got to look at that man the defense the defense of coordinator if this team comes out again. And has the worst defense in the division you get expected to be wholesale changes Joseph one thing you've taught me in our short time. Working together. He's got to look featured a vision. You talk about the AFC north and you've got rugged defense does he need a big. Strapping quarterback he got Roethlisberger Flacco you look at the AFC west you need to have an elite quarterback. The raiders have that but you also need to be able to get after the opposing team's quarterback in Denver has a great defense Kansas City direct shot. San Diego's got Joey boasts up. The raiders of Khalil Mac and Melvin Ingram that's a nice. 12 punch they got down there in San Diego but at that point the raiders have Mecca urban and all and Smith coming back some next year if you don't have a team. It improves defensively. Then it's gonna come on Ken Norton junior look you can. Prove this pass rush by improving the interior of the defensive line Jack Del Rio made it very clear this team did not get enough. I'm an interior push you talked about it throughout the course of the season. When you kick at the interior push. Quarterback's going to be able to step up in the pocket to not only that. When you run the ball your linebackers are constantly going to be facing blocks you're not gonna have those big. Space heaters and take up one to possibly tripping up the third guy. To keep linebackers clean that's the key keep your tacklers clean so they can bring down the ball carrier. How high a priority is interior defensive line going to be for this organization. And specifically Reggie McKenzie as we continue to move into the offseason it. Has to be it has to be more than secondary. You have to look at didn't say we gotta get better up front. Because what you do and you've you've you've allowed teams now on the double team a little Mac more and beat him up more. Because you can't win your one on ones if someone's skin double. Your got one on one match of somewhere else in most of the times and interior line in the inability to put on pressure in the middle and interior line. That was a big cause this year for lack of success on offense and defense so yeah. A lot of pressure is going to be put on this defense especially up front so they better do something in the draft are via free agency because all my interior linemen. They don't make their own darom they're nice let me run a hypothetical by you. The raiders have another good regular season next year let's say eleven and five the city go to the playoffs and they win may be a game but they don't make it's this adorable. Their defense struggles again. And they face the decision when you know what they got a part ways with Ken Norton. Twelve and four and you dump your offensive coordinator you have a good season next year and you move on from your defense coordinator. At what point does the spotlight land on the head coach to the point where it's wait a minute. Good organizations. Are not firing coordinators every year. Mcdaniels and Patricia in New England. They're they're consistently they've been there for years Seattle the only reason it was coordinators has caused the guys take head coaching stops what's the likelihood that if the defense doesn't get better. And the team partly as a Norton next year suddenly all eyes turn to Del Rio. I think it's gonna happen because that's why if I'm Jack as accurate cannot less in NC and give me wade or Jimmy took the gun on because. I know my legacy is going to be on line. I know that after this year I have to going that direction and I got to know the year after it up following year I'm not giving any extensions. He's a ghost car can hide those faults on offense but if your defense in your Deke he got to realize now a lot of cyst column on Jack's kid because of the fact joke. Don't think that Reggie same Jack. You are a defensive coach. You are defense minded guy in you don't also think the coaches idol and Ayman in this chair to a mutt Jack got fired from where. Denver food in mind Elway offensive mining got hired a defense that coach with Jack in he fired so that goes Italian. That you're gonna stargate ms. ball snowball they don't play better on defense after this next year absolutely Jack start to see who get a. A bit more dynamite stuff low on this warrior when they brought T by premiere T of Newark the go to a dealer for the greater Newark area Tim Roy set to join us at nine Shaun Livingston coming by the program at 945 the boys. Which is six days away six days away from the launch. Of the 95 point seven a game dream sports experience beginning Tuesday January 17 go to our website 957 game dot com. Where you're gonna have the chance to bid on some unbelievable once in a lifetime experiences. That you never gonna forget. Did slow and I have had a chance to preview some of what's gonna be offered these ultimate fan experience is the giants the games the warriors all the teams get involved this is a really cool stuff out there. Yes like horse racing there's a golden gate fields experience for the motor sports fan began at Sonoma Grand Prix. And NASCAR. Experience as well a whole bunch on that I. To be added so six days from now you get your bids in to help a great cause all proceeds go directly to the Bay Area sports hall of fame to help. Kids in need well. Big news is bubbling in the NFL as it pertains to one of the head coaching positions dominoes are starting the fall ladies and gentlemen we're gonna have that breaking news next to a low end of 95 points in the game. Now backed a warrior Wednesday Kearse Jolo and DAX. All right here we go we promised you news we've got news six NFL coaching vacancies at the head coach position. Entering the off season. One has been filled. Jacksonville. Number on got promoted from interim head coach to head coach buffalo is said to be closing in on Sean McDermott the Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator. That looks to be close to a done deal now we have word and a that a third potential vacancies are about to meet nobody got. I write so Ian Rapoport is reporting this morning that dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph is back in the Broncos building hasn't left town and may now announced he interviewed yesterday with the Broncos he was scheduled the plant. The San Diego today to meet with the chargers but it looks like he's going back in the building so what does that mean. All right so Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph one interview and before you can leave town he's back in the facility for a second time low O'Neal. Are we looking at the second time being time to put. And the paper. Yeah without a doubt you are you look at Elway always an okay where this guy's going. And that's why in the first place he went is that September it is his first pick his first place that he wanted to go city is gonna fly on a plane to San Diego. And it takes and L is a pretty Smart guy. If he didn't think this guy I was qualified his say okay man go to San Diego go kicking around C would you wanted to do and and will give back we give you don't get that did sign. In letting Lee. Thought about and said you beg guys to be pretty well like his vision a come back over here let's try to find a numbered it's gonna take to get you to stay here. Does it surprise you at all that a very good defensive team. That while losing head coach Gary Kubiak Wade Phillips was still. You know there if you wanted to make something work does it surprise you that a team so good on defense so suspect on offense would go out and make their next head coach a defensive minded individual rather than an offensive minded individual it doesn't away because you know maybe this guy's gonna pick of the phone call waits to come back because those deep into guys UC they play for now. They don't put on weight weight so if I'm if I'm this young man I pick the phone first call I had this await Phyllis because I'm Marty defense but can add a little bit to it that's fine. And now look at offense so he's got to have trust me you don't think Elway asked that question said look. Your defense of guy tell me how you gonna get this offense it's his office can't score any points. We got receivers that didn't play for this young quarterback. Did helping matter all guys that affect his kind of quit on it right gonna give my offense back do we get scored at least 21 point two game. Need a lot from. We can escort when he won a game we quit this team what do one lead in game joked they scored just 21 points that's apple with a dead defense is not a lot of teams NFL did did say that. Dibs. This Joseph if you're just joining us looks to be in line to take the head coaching position of the Denver Broncos and shows that the defense recorded from the Miami Dolphins. What does this say about Kyle Shanahan his father my eight. Was the head coach of the Denver Broncos when John Elway want to see bubbles John Elway now running the show in Denver Kyle Shanahan considered by many. To be one of the brightest coaching candidates out there or not only that he oversaw all. An Atlanta offense that figured that finished number one in virtually every category and likely has an MVP quarterback in Matt Ryan once the voting is all settled in a few weeks here. What does that say about Kyle Shanahan that LA would say. Rude were born in a different direction I think it says more about the Denver roster than it does about Kyle Shanahan if you're Al weighing you look at your team you see obviously the strength. Is the defense and you wanna make sure that stays intact. Best defense is. In the National Football League so you bring in. A defensive minded head coach to make sure you keep that continuity I don't think it is as much. An indictment of Shanahan as it is of Wade Phillips and his ability. To be promoted up to being now head coach if if he thought Wade Phillips was going to be the guy and you wanna just a defensive minded head coach you would have promoted from within. But you want a defensive minded coach and you don't think Wade Phillips is the guy so you go out and you get at defensive minded head coaching candidate you bring him and. So take me through this if Jacksonville. And that's a done deal dug her own. If buffalo closes on Sean McDermott and Denver closes on Vance Joseph we've got three openings remaining. That niners. The chargers and the rams two of the hottest candidates are offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels from new England and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan from Atlanta. It's starting to look is if the niners won in one of those two could become much more realistic that it was a year ago what odds do you hang. On either mcdaniels or Shanahan being the next head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. I would put money on an ad that bet this one of those two it has to be because that's what you don't look at it there's still born through. And this is expanding you to to to to our dismay we always talk about. You know what ownership resort got to give credit because they give me contingency plan in place. If cal Shanahan when these two don't. The sign of being courted other two missing links what happens is now. They can say okay we got our third we got a third we got our fourth so they've done a great job of point out and seeing different GMs and different coaches Burris perspective so now. If they don't get Kalish and the what the least they've already done their due diligence and have a good idea. Who they want but one of these two guys to meet joke it's an immutable it's a changeable they're gonna land in San Francisco. As it pertains to the Oakland Raiders. You're going to be butt heads twice here at the Denver Broncos one of the better defenses in the game. It's Joseph landing in Denver if you're raider nation right now what he's taken are you thinking man. Denver just got better are you thinking you know what I'll take this all take this San Diego's in flocks Mitch Joseph. It's not a good that Miami defense was that great based on most match that you would look at and then he got Indian Kansas City how do you feel a curator nation I'm saying right now from raider nation in a prime Jack I think of the phone today. In say. Reggie McKenzie. Please let me just bringing in Wade Phillips. As a defense consult. You bring him name you're taking market street coach. You take chemical gone off to street preferably way because you want to make sure that contingency bandits who have big guy. That he's the defense that kinda consultant but you know won't run in the defense you got a team that doesn't that upset egos and ballots in that situation you have too many cooks in the kitchen who cares you said what what I do because will Barbara winning king Hussein or window's closing your got a deep to minded guy over there you don't if in the end if you wait. Too long what are wade goes to another team what do you miss out on these guys. Now geared to scramble again. Gold get a guy that you know can this guy can help Ken Norton. What is almost seven years old joke he's not gonna try to be head coach he's not a good head coach we understand that we've seen that but he has he's a plethora of knowledge. Oh giving these don't care to tell me that Ken Norton Tim Hortons let me ask you wait you think defense of guise of me said Wade Phillips. He's a these deeper into genius. Be interesting to see. More shingles on the wall and be able to. To navigate that from ego standpoint I would see it from the outside as. If you can't Norton junior and you know it's a make or break year and you bring in any guy with this much experience in this much knowledge. I would feel like a lame duck coach for our Ken Norton junior I wouldn't feel secure and all that spot. Rumors are floating that advance Joseph does in fact land as the next Denver Broncos head coach and it looks like they're very close. He's heading back in the building for a second meeting which generally indicates it's time to put pen to paper. That San Diego head coach former head coach Mike McCoy would be the offensive coordinator in Denver that he would join Vance Joseph staff. That. Is where he was Denver offensive coordinator prior to taking the job in San Diego what do you think of that move for me it's just too. I think that's gonna happen jokes I thought. That when you look at what I'm Whisenhunt down in San Diego but you seem McCoy. I thought McCoy maybe even come over here to Oakland because it affect Jack knows he needs familiar he's good with offense he's good with quarterbacks. I thought yesterday demo boy would be interviewing here but going back to dimmer for him. Elway nosy he's a good guy he's a quarterback whisperer he's good with offence that's a great move and I think that's good move for December. Tim Roy is set to join us in twenty minutes Shaun Livingston is coming by at 945. And up next. Who makes things number one we're giving you Green Day tickets that play in the coliseum in August the ticket window will open. At 845 as it does each and every day and a little bit more on this NFL conversation as it pertains things are shaken down all across the league looks like Denver may have their new head coach. They may have their new offensive coordinator what's it mean for the niners what's it mean for the raiders it's all tied together. Two cats living together. Mass hysteria that's up next cylinders on hybrids in the game. Now backed a warrior Wednesday Kearse and show low end DX. The news is flying its fast and furious and the dominos continued to fall what's up everybody Jolo and his 95 point seven the game. Tim Roye is scheduled to join us and up fourteen minutes at 9 AM Shaun Livingston is coming by at. At 945. And we got green gate to get Steve weighing just the moment but here's the latest. It appears as if the Denver Broncos are all but finished closing the deal. With Miami defensive coordinator Vance Joseph to become the team's next head coach the rumor following that is that Mike McCoy. Former charger head coach former bronco offensive coordinator would join Vance Joseph. As his offensive coordinator in Denver so he'd be returning home. Bill musgrave yesterday told he won't be back with the raiders. Rumored by Bruce Feldman from fox sports to be a candidate for the California Golden Bears. Head coaching vacancy he's apparently meeting with towel. In the very near future also there are some reports out there that it's possible musgrave. Could unite with hue Jackson in Cleveland although that has not been confirmed at the moment. We're gonna get into all that in just a moment but for right now it's time we give away. Some Green Day tickets. One of the baddest bands on the planet. Will be playing the Oakland coliseum Saturday August 5 we've got tickets to giveaway you can't even buy these things yet. They go on sale Friday January 13 at Ticketmaster dot com. Trivia question you've got to get it right you've got a call AAA 95790. I seventy. Triple A 9579570. Last night James Harden registered at the fourth. Ever NBA instance of a player going back to back in triple doubles. With forty or more points. So back to back triple doubles while scoring forty or more points for. Players have done it now that hardens died. Russell Westbrook Michael Jordan James Hardy and and who's the fourth triple 89579570. Triple 89579570. Who is the fourth player to have done that. MJ did it Russell Westbrook did it James Harden did last night there's one other guy and we talked about it earlier in the show the dominoes continue to fall gentlemen. This does it looks like he's gonna win in Denver Mike McQuay is the OC. That's a big advantage. In those matchups against the chargers one of the key betting angles always look for find a coach. Who's going up against his former team for example when Ron Rivera took over in Carolina. In one of the first couple years they were in San Diego against the chargers charges like six point favorite. It does blown out by like thirty. Rivera knew the team. Chargers didn't know the pit is at all because they were non conference folks so you've got Denver arming up as we speak it's going to be Vance Joseph it looks like and it's gonna be. Mike McQuay stepping in as the OCC Diego still out there flowed in the breeze. Don't even know where they're gonna be playing next year in fact January 15 rapidly approaching. That's the deadline to determine whether or not they're gonna join the rams in Los Angeles. So Shani hands out there make Daniels is out there which direction DC the chargers going at the moment how long's it gonna take for them figure out they wanna deal. I think that they wanna go young and probably I think this can be a Shanahan someone might get one of these two guys gonna get that same eagle in the other's gonna get to San Francisco 49ers in my opinion. You've got to realize Shanahan Cordoba type of guy got Philip Rivers there already got defense got some guys on offense got to run him back. They've just been injuries killed this team so I think these two high candidates I think LA's you know I think that you got to realize that this panel said that they're gonna go ahead and try to move to LA that's probably a foregone conclusion it's not gonna happen in San Diego we're gonna see what's going on. Saying needy young face and then meets it was going to be either pro while joke Cindy goes another team in need some stability. Did how hard is it going to be to hire a coach and seen Diego when the first question any Cheney it's gonna ask his. Out where my moving my family to San Diego or to Los Angeles has you don't really see and haven't figured out what they have until the fifteenth which should be I guess what Sunday should decide whether or not that they're gonna accept the LA. Maneuvering and go there SI think by the fifteenth he should have some idea I'd be surprised at the chargers made head coaching hiring before that date. Of the fifteenth I know the NFL owners are meeting in New York today to discuss Steve situations in Oakland. Los Angeles Las Vegas and San Diego also may be after today. We get more news about. What the future will be for these AFC west franchises and maybe that helps clear up the San Diego question as well. But to meet Joseph the most fascinating thing. About LA San Francisco and San Diego at their coaching openings is how long do you wanna wait for Shanahan made Daniels who. Ultimately could be tied up until the super normal you could have an Atlanta. New England Super Bowl which would mean these two coordinators wouldn't be available to be hired until February. If your San Francisco. And Josh McDaniels or Kyle Shanahan as your top candidate. That's gonna be the guy that you feel can create a championship culture and to return to prominence. You wait as long as you need to wake. Son you're the San Francisco 49ers. Certain embarrassment right now hope what it is you're one of the most dysfunctional. Embarrassing franchises in the National Football League. They don't wait on you you weighed on them. The fact you even have a shot at one of the top candidates out there should be something you embrace so you've got to wait until after the Super Bowl and that cost US scouting unit down there in mobile. At the Senior Bowl. So be it. Get cautious scouting unit at the East West Shrine Game getting prepped for the come mine so be it. If you feel that Josh McDaniels is the guy. To bring back the championship culture you feel how Shanahan the guy to bring back the championship culture you wait and you close that deal. Most and ousted in zeeland sorry about DeVon Aussie they still will have guys at that's senior poll. Tonight is gonna have some type or rest read right rotation. And even if this one and those guys he leaned toward you say hey who's gonna guys you kind of wanna use god you ask one of those guys. And you hired that guy anyway if you think that that's going to be one year one of the guys gonna have he has got an apartment because that would be pretty important and scouting. The problem with that is very rarely do the decision makers listen to the scouts the scouts file the reports. The scouts do the work they submit it to the data bank and then when it comes time to make the decision. Very rarely the scouts brought it and actually consulted. They come in for maybe one or two meetings and they answer a few questions in the that sick so you can use this outsider here now but do you trust them. Do you know them are they actually gonna be involved in the decision making process it does hinder you tend not. In your. As a person yourself mcdaniels Shanahan to beat the Senior Bowl but that's fine. This is a rebuild no one's expecting ten wins next. I think it did Mike Silverman has given us a clue as to the direction the 49ers might go that we had a month topped the hour he mentioned. Sean McVeigh had a terrific interview. With the 49ers he's the grandson of John McVeigh who of course is with the 49ers. 3540. Years ago. Something about the name Sean McVeigh joke a Sean McVeigh Louis Riddick combination. Imus go ahead and make the Nostradamus prediction and say. That's the candidate comes severance Cisco Riddick is GM midday as the youngest head coach in the NFL does that worry you at all. All larceny I mean mcdaniels worries me Shanahan worries me there's not a situation out there. There's not an individual you can bring in and I would say all yet. They're back in the playoffs in two years there's so much overhauling the need to be done in so many unknown candidates candidates without. The resonate in the shingles on the wall that all that scares me. Not to knock either candidate but it's going to be a tough sell early. To take a guy who is on TV and combine it with a thirty year old no one knows and say this is the future of the championship culture. The savored it means they can't get it done but you can sell a mcdaniels you can Sele might Kyle Shanahan combo. A lot easier to a fan base that's become quite disgruntled and you can a thirty year old they've never heard of and a guy who's been on TV for the last few years. Something about the McVeigh name load just you know you got Jed York king he's obviously asking his uncle for advice and as a local those John McVeigh. And Denise and John. DeBartolo York they obviously been around the franchise forever something about keeping it in the family. I think strikes accord I would not be surprised if they would dish on Macbeth. Tripoli 9579570. Raider fans if you wanna weigh in on everything that's been taking place not only would your organization over the last 24 hours. But with the AFC west in general how do you feel about the idea to let bill musgrave walk. But keep Ken Norton junior Tripoli 957. 9570. Congratulations to frank in San Jose the answer this dole Pete meritage. Four players in NBA history have gone back to back triple doubles with forty points scored in each of those games pardon became the fourth last night along when Russell Westbrook. Michael Jordan and pistol Pete Maravich Franken San Jose you're going to see Green Day. At the coliseum. On August 5 that's the Saturday tickets on sale January 13 Ticketmaster dot com. Feel like there's a lot going on Constance goodness that's always good news Tim Roye is coming up in just a few minutes talk about the warriors. And all the latest regarding Klay Thompson if we'll see him. Tomorrow night against the pistons we got Shaun Livingston at 945. We got shakedown amongst the raiders we got photo Beckham junior getting a warning flat out from giant general manager Jerry Reese the Teddy better grow up. When he four years old. Three years in the league. Entering the fourth season do you think she's beginning to become one of those polarizing players whose dividing the locker room in New York TO was very good at dividing locker rooms is Beckham becoming that guy. Yeah it divides and a different way he devise an emotional TO was his sake teal loved him some him. This this kid is little unstable you just go soft antics that he does you know it it just kind of money and little TO but. Yeah he can be divine Reebok or because it affects. You don't know what you gonna give you don't know who's gonna have to go talk to me don't know what order a Betemit and again when he's door well he's OK with he's kissing nets he's pulling nets down he's just. The guys just CCE's all over the place so if he needs to grow up but he needs help this guy Timmy is unstable. He is TO junior the way I see it he's got time to fix that situation but don't know Beckham junior has got to decide if he wants to be TO or wants to become a guy that wins and Super Bowls that's not a knock on TL US TO's career. You go to all the fame but there's a reason Terrell Owens one of the most accomplished receivers of all time wasn't a first ballot hall of Famer. Eight seasons with the niners went south two seasons with the Eagles went south. Three seasons with the Dallas Cowboys went south one season with buffalo one season with Cincinnati in always and did. Poorly TO could never get out of his own way and very similar to O'Dell Beckham. The crying press conference about Tony romo's my quarterback the ridiculous press conference in his driveway while he's doing his sit ups. After being suspended by the Eagles the guy lived on both ends of the spectrum there were some personality issues there and that's all right that happens. But Beckham has to realize do you wanna be TO or do you wanna be a guy like Larry FitzGerald thirteen years of Arizona. Marvin Harrison thirteen years with the Indianapolis. Isaac Bruce fourteen years at the rams' Torry Holt ten years with the rams because at some point the giants might say you know what. And that's enough we got a part ways you can put up numbers much like TO but it's not worth that it. Especially in New York where everything is scrutinized at a level unseen anywhere else in the post is just waiting for Obi Jay's next ms. stab Bork. Perceived misstep and and it's splashed on the front page of the of the paper. And everybody talks about it the New York news cycles a lot shorter than ever or else yet they hold on everything forever. Sad to the Forte at day cash contest. Here's your chance to win thousand dollars Tex the code word mouse to 72881. Message and data rates apply. Not to be confused with that malice. Just mouse. 72881. Each a chance to win a thousand bucks the voice of the Golden State Warriors Tim Worrell he's coming up next. Is this team gonna make a move for a guy like Maryland's Noel was that more Jolo and dad's not environments of the game. I don't know maybe my eyes deceive me but as I look out the window is now. Such out there over the Bay Area bits can't be can't be were in the middle storm again you know it's got to be just a passing fancy. Does Shakespeare are like kids without Michael asks. Joseph blow and is 95 point seven game glad to have him. Thanks for hanging out Tim Roy the voice the warriors coming up in just a moment Shaun Livingston scheduled to join us at 945. Today. But you know. Let's get sort of like this about an update my. Talk about the Golden State lawyers Joseph as they handle the heat. 107. To 95. Shaft curry set up shop 24 points eight boards. Nine us this and Timberlake helped everyone get out of the buildings they felt were afraid and it's true. My whole face was 105 foot birdie there ran at 46. General of the call will join us in the moment here on 9570. Game but Giles Hassan Whiteside. 28 points. And twenty rebounds maybe the longest most active big. Man we've seen. 5050. Is the number when it comes to white side that is now fifty consecutive games he's recorded eight or more rebounds. That kid is sick. Big question would Miami consider trading him if this rebuild doesn't go so well so that they can require even more draft picks. And more pieces because the way they found it was remarkable. The way he's playing is it's remarkable we got to wonder can he get a team together in time to take advantage of this kid skills savage dunk on staff curry last night as well little or not of the dubs win. Pistons in town tomorrow Tim Roy joins us next story never do raiders make remove offensive coordinator choosing not to resign if bill musgrave Todd downing gets elevated. From the QB coach spot take over defensive coordinator Ken Norton junior will stay low. But the team. Fires DB coach. Markets are Robert sandy is this change get me enough to make his defense better next year you know I don't see it but I you know with only time will tell you got elements that have him back he should have some of the fleet we should get in the draft so. Ken Norton knows he's on notice she made a fire you fired a secondary coach. Ken Norton it's going to be a hit in the hot seat he is on the hot seat so definitely defense got to step up next year to all and for not enough for the raiders making some offseason changes Vance Joseph reportedly very close. To being the Denver Broncos. Next head coach story number three sharks on the eyes it was. All about bod period he would leave at that point classic at Wright did star. Right that put that it Welker Carlson was causing all kinds of traffic in front of the goaltender. And shot eleven point five classic trickle right through the legs and it is eight Ford I want. Sure actually. Classic got trickled through leg gel according to the call from Dan if you didn't risen now if you are big wins at maintaining is no longer a joke that team is playing in their playing well and they're gonna be a threat right up until the wire when it comes. To the Pacific division Mattel bought your guys' credit that goalie got the Patrick 53 they beat the Oilers the update is brought to you by Hyundai of sir Monty wanna save money on a new Hyundai. Visit Hyundai of Sarah Monty over the lowly San purchase price for their latest deals on a huge selection of new vehicles shop online. Act Hyundai ceremony dot com or stop by Hyundai. I'll Sarah Monty I'm candidly. On your home of the warriors pistons in town tomorrow right here on 95 point seven a game. Thank you did this deep voice the warriors to Roy's coming up in just a moment on this warrior Wednesday brought to you by premier TO of Newark that goatee dealer for the greater Newark area but Reggie philly's been on hold. We love it when Reggie in Philly calls of Reggie in Philly guy had the floor is yours. I know. I'll call you get as we. We've talked about all corners of the discussions with our. Recruitment. So what particular problem. But let's not nothing will enter an agreement. The ball. Out who didn't let it go up and we weren't happy with either one of our priority Ken Norton. And think about it mode great quarterback mark Paul says. There are car being such a great quarterback smog can net must grades. What state law also put Merrill. You can have some problems keeping them Arctic Norton was more of the address you need to address that aren't what. I mean what took place there in the it personnel board. Newton dugout where out of position. Do you play him well what did it would war personnel. Both knew that it earlier today that Internet bubble that door wouldn't do more pitched well well John Anderson the attitude at its patented. No real cred back intact and will allow that we're deepens have been so good because that the government orchestrated. The whole system need to be heard. And outlook did talk to. I'll root will be bit bored. It retains the bill real way of hold it last get out of jail free card holders and wanna play that car at that at school last possible minute. And that violence and exit TARP should be you know how important these. Thanks for the call Reggie it's not a bad way to look at it everything on the defense side Joseph seems to be trickling up the word yet heard the DB coach. And that'd be the coordinator if things don't go well then it goes up today head coach if that's not fix and go to the GM and keep working your way up the ladder. Or sleep fixes if there are others to blame they're gonna be the ones that get thrown into the fire before you know it happened on a small scale here mark rob you known. That's backs coach by all accounts did a nice job. But someone's head to head the role on the defensive side of the ball for a unit that finished 26 in total defense this year Norton's gonna say someone beneath it needs to go. Todd Bowles in New York with the jets someone's head needed to rule for that atrocious season bulls gets to say he's got a fire's entire staff. Washington Jay gruden he's gonna stay but they collapsed in December. So someone's head guttural who's going to be the entire defensive staff was cleaned out. It's not a bad theory in that you play one card now to buy some time and then this year does it go according to playable than Norton's out. Will say it's gonna be a very compelling storyline moving forward for the Oakland Raiders as expectations. Continue to climb for this team after twelve and four season. The voice of the golds they warriors Tim Roy joining Jolo and did is now on 95 point seven the game looked up Tim how are. Good morning guys what's going around. Not a whole lot another win last night against the Miami Heat. What did you think you Patrick will call the rookie Eddie UNLV made his first start last night with Klay Thompson had a action get the night off honey look TO. You know I think he looked like a repeal bit he he he did some had some really good things. But I think he usual surprise did at. And in the quickness the Miami guards and I think it it's that's going to be an adjustment for him as Lori to defend. Smaller quicker guys you know he's not been more moral wing. And so I think last Bible bit of a learning curve for but it didn't hurt the warriors in and I think it's great great they get to experience great that he got his first NBA star baton and has that wait now so it happens again if it simply it's her work. Or later around them you know in his career matchups are different you know he'll. We'll have that you know starting experience out of the way so that you'll be able to. Come out there and and not have the the Il understandable -- anxiety that you half when he start for the first time. What kind of. What kind of difficulties that other opposing teams. Does it pose when you have to pick and roll by Stephan enclave and in stepped in in Katie well how much pressure as it puts on the defense has. I think puts a lot of pressure because they'd take guy guarding staff like last cent cord dropped to really strong he use the does that look it. But if you if you watch him and if you get up close to news guys use these radio. Guy. It's a great job with his MB body and so but see in this case you now few if Miami's switches. Now staff can just throw the ball it is immediately an automatic mismatch there because Katy could issue right order. So then Miami has to make decisions we let goal while 12 chances or double that. And so yeah it puts a lot of pressure and then in in other cases if you're guarding. You know Cady was say like James Johnson now curry has James Johnson gave Jeff does not equipped to. To guard a point guard with the ball ability to step Curry's he's. In this situation where they might have it helps with a lot of pressure. I think it's Tim -- joining us or 957 the game dream on green a remarkable night last night defensively Tim played his usual. Stout defense but did not. Commit a foul DC and playing it. Under more control or was last I just one of those nights where the calls broke his way and the defense was stellar. That the defense is really stellar ride them I think he would you know for Fremont to be attacked if he's got to commit coupled. Can be. Chat that meets east county chapter he's been in the top five. In in the elections contesting shots all year long and you know that if that leading at different times but. And one of the reasons why he's he's always talented people always count out so. Which remind you at the live with a thief now last night disorder. You know blip on the radar but he wanted to challenge out his action. And his fearlessness is what is has made him into the the great players they use the have to have. Tim another strong night from Ian Clark. Against the heat he shooting 51%. From the floor this year he's getting more minutes and he's taken advantage she's producing and higher level what's been the key for Ian to take it from last year to another gear this season. And he just keeps expanding what he can do you saw last night you would talk about this couple factories he's the best you know guy cutting. I'm always team may have brilliant back at last night on the ball for a lamp I think. Adding that to his game or before. They were telling him he's great shooter. And so I think he tended to when he first got the league tended to look for that you know shot and worry about becoming a point guard. Now he's just playing he's just plain being who years. And he's. Sort of hybrid ill off guard he's not really a point guard he's not really big you have to be off guard but. But he can really really shoot any get relief. Got in there I think he just keeps expanding his game and keeps making a little bit better. And other things and great you know great success story on drafted. Pastor on page at what point played out Miami summer league team. He played played with the Todd gas formal plea with Denver for a moment. Just kept working. Guys that do that they have and if they have a skill set that's good that the league his shooting. They keep working keep working on the game and keep you listen to what some of the coaches along the way of told him what he needs to do. You know then eventually those guys become successful because they wanted so bad. You know another example. Is that the did last night mayor kip Tyler Johnson you know undrafted you know Fresno state. Think what one we label books for heavily I think to. Who proof proof. They I like that is here. And it did help and it would get to work with a all right if he in now Paul George Eads. And what course or mild desperately right rod Higgins it and they played. Yet grants general Ryan Grant is young name. We don't let these guys as Jack year on fire right now that even brag about our dogs that he. I don't know secret hair and for me out time joining policy act Fall River blues well you may want again it's an unbelievable booked him earlier on knighted by seventy game. And we talked a lot about. Kevin Durant jelling with the warriors how Long Will it take for them to gel but we didn't. Wonder about the Zaza factor how long until Zaza got comfortable and really started to show. His personality on and off the floor have we reached that point now where Zaza is comfortable the pride of Georgia. No no question I think it's it's a great point here is that think if you go back and look at him playing in November. You could see he get the ball in his head was spinning in OK now I shouldn't take that shot because I've got to ran over here curry over their talents and Miami. I should move it to one of those guys starry starting out say OK am I he's he's playing with instinct now supposed to. You know thinking about you know the game over thinking the game so he's relaxed and I think we're all kind of NM I was guilty as anybody. Because it came together so quickly offense man. And then it took while the defense I think we're still seeing signs. Of this team learning about each other you know I think we're seeing that especially in the ethnic and in their fourth quarter play. Of late because I think there's still a little. Tendency to it and make the the extra pass to a fault sometimes giving up a lay up to try to find somebody else. And I think in inspection unit IQ in the fourth quarter if you get an easy look you have to take it so I think we're still seeing this team learning about each other. Which in one area. Is a good sign because vanity you can look at say you know what there there the record is where it is. And it's an incredible record but this team still can get a lot better I think that's the best thing last night there are some defense to break out there were some. You know all offered to struggles for a few minutes but. But this team can still get better and you give Miami credit to us because they they play hard and you know under Eric's bolster they're going to be well you know. Discipline they're not gonna make a lot of mental errors. You know they they really work really hard we have a team right now has a lot role players. But maybe maybe just one star Whiteside in hand. And or potential stories that consistent. Calls aria that. But there there Graham Neale will make a move in this offseason I think you're backed it up. Tim Roy the voice of the warriors joining Jolo and did on this warrior Wednesday brought to you by Porsche Walnut Creek. 82016. Premier Porsche dealer are you at all surprised the great country of Georgia has showed up in such a big way to try to get actually into the all star game. You way that you're you're talking about form power influencing elections and. No the how do you feel to Baghdad and Alan gold there. You know it it's great I think it's it's fun for and it's great that they rally behind him. Five guys the vote that lately. And Nicklaus this Tskitishvili. For awhile it was a high draft if they ever had him her a few months. When under these actions the morals are coach mark goes roster. So it I think it's it's great that they arrived behind him and he's done a lot of that from that country in terms of giving them somebody as a role model. I mean EE tally nice of the basketball camp he buys the old Milwaukee Bucks war. When they changed logos. You know ships and over two to the Republican Georges and Alex. Sitting in the in the gym where he you know learn how to play basketball. In the attic you know toasted places like Harvard Business School offseason. You know to to learn and to take courses and things like that he's a great role model for. The kids that country's great guy so yeah I am not really surprised they rally behind the story. Tim we've reached the overreaction portion of the interview where dying awesome where I pretty close to the edge and you talk me off Monday and that may. Cleveland comes to town and MLK day. If the warriors lose should I go ahead and cancel the dream of another championship parade is this a must win for Golden State him. It's never Moscow because you know in the grand scheme of things. You know for a meet in June is really gonna mean anything. No soul. That necessarily a must win but I think to win they really want because I think they'd they'd know. That they gave way to game on Christmas Day. That they were playing better in Cleveland meal almost the entire after. I think they would like nothing more than to close it out for their own site. It is it is to hear it so. I wouldn't say the again it's that it it's not gonna matter in June if they win or lose you know with the exception of if and forbids them at her side but. But. But I think they really want. Tim Roy the voice of the warriors would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven game Klay Thompson got the night off last night should we expect to see him tomorrow night against Detroit. I would think so I think so I think he usual run down he would have been sickened and I think they decide you know hey this is a probably good time right on nine out ten home. Kim emotional life you know mental night off and and let him mix packet is it is thought to the body back together so. Yacht thing I think we'll expect about the music thing lingering there it was just the fact that he had been sick and they say you know like him an extra day in and Atlanta better this game January you know we really. Again this whole whole campaign that is geared you know try to get this team ready right healthy you know for post season. When Cleveland made the deal to acquire three point sniper Kyle Korver what went through your mind immediately do you think this could start more of an arms race or should I say continue the arms race between Cleveland and Golden State do you feel a counter move. May come between now and the deadline. I think if if there if there is one to get that think they will bomb. I think you know they're a little bit of a different spot I think that Brinkley wants Cleveland had you know completely there. To which is a very very serviceable player needs to send to Atlanta. Calm so I think you know there there there are a little bit of a different spot I think field they there there benches is set up such that that may be. You know if they they give up a decently you know he'd give company Clark are going to get somebody back is actually help be on the kiss. You've got a good player there Ian. So but I I knew I fully expect the warriors to look around and see if there's something out there. And retry him on balance a roster of movement in hand but I also think that. Teams like Boston and Toronto may look at that and say and maybe make them more active and maybe that's away. You know words do all this is helping facilitate a trade for somebody else while improving your roster the same time. Is third chance that the best way to upgrade the warriors and I say upgrade thinking that maybe they just need an extra big piece but I'm thinking back to last year they got very Zhao. Basically off the street after he'd been bought out at Cleveland. Is that the best chance they have of adding a piece is just getting somebody who is jettisoned by a team or because they're not in your playing time. That that's one way of doing it off the street denies term it wasn't wholly aside those signs wrote. Books that he you know like they come. I think. I think that's what that's one way you know you pal around after the deadline and this if there's too young guy gets way because teams meal made that trade to. You get something else that's one way of doing it I think the guys are preparing themselves you know for roles in the NBA. And sometimes that in Paul's scoring sometimes balls holding their skills we saw a couple guys. You know last night from Miami that have played it dearly he clarks played that the elite. The kid Magruder had spent a couple of years and it Healy but he worked on his shot and that's what that's what got him back. You know to the to the NBA so. That's one way I think he getting a guy that's been in traded released and others. You know maybe you know taking a feature picks a world on the way and saying annual Wilson that they report this guy if it works out. You know cap wise. You know that's also a consideration when. It's on this hour Campbell who wears Tim won more than four minutes ago that we would like to let you stretch out beyond an ass yet all is nick same here. Yes and it's the divisional round I'm just gonna ask you about football but not about. Coaching vacancies but more of a prognostication. Sensation. Follow divisional round. Give me one give it to roll I locked of the weekend maybe a surprise upset or a favorite. Who like go ahead fire the big bank yet. IA guy I I can't see any way shape or form that the that Texans beat the patriots can't see it. General reluctantly plays you don't get a new lately with a van external finally called white hot life. You can automatically a bridge and it's and I took away the high fives that night I thought it tabloid inflammation is second to none yes exactly regretted that triggered it and if it. You know the voice or is on site to god. The Dodgers got. Bio it what a fabulous. Championship game on Monday that was awesome yeah it was really list. In mean I could have used it. Field that lessons for a half hours but OK but you know it it was really is really compelling and you know like now like him I think literally nor Clinton I think he. He he looks like if he went there and I old inside now which is his persona and everything he looks like he'd be a fun place for. He's easy to use of relief guy only likes his job likes it likes his kids and there's a great job with that team. Think you're absolutely right voice golds they warriors to Roy would Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the antenna is always thank you so much for your time we always and joy these moments every single week and we look forward to do it again next week. I look forward to doing again the next week in and hopefully will be talking about oh win on Monday yes. Beautiful indeed and we've got Oklahoma City that we got you see it's going to be awesome week next week gap which extends idea Diaz thanks in Tim Roye ladies and gentlemen. Brought to you by. You're in northern California Acura dealers to. 9930 and these gentlemen all warrior guess always sound better if you're wearing JDO headphones the officials sound of the Golden State Warriors and 95. Point seven. The game. Derrick Rose gets fine not suspended for just bailing on his team. What kind of message does that send and that New York locker room common Mick in the sky hung me out to dry. One of the highest paid players on the team a dude who right now it seems like anytime I hear his name it's associated with today. Rape trial in Los Angeles it's associated with bailing on the team it's associated with isolation basketball. MO forcing his of one of the younger guys on that roster what do why think when I see the team go you know what you skipped out on us eating even puzzles gone on. It would decision with a fine that clearly isn't gonna hurt your pockets but you can go and play the next game. Might if you're parsing is he think this is the NB today and welcome to it where. Not everyone is treated equally and the reports coming out about Derrick Rose. In his time away from the team talking about whether or not even want to play basketball anymore so. This is an athlete who's clearly. Go do some soul searching he's had a injuries he's had off court situations that have gotten into legal trouble and now is questioning whether or not he wants to play at all. Might be time for him to take. You'll take a playoff low as you would say just get together and figure out what you wanna do that you got plenty of money. If you love think if you love the sport you don't play for the money. But also you know you play because of the love of the game. When your little kid in backyard playing basketball football no matter what sport you plainly sports you don't get paid farm people and cause you love the sport. In then saw happen you start getting better and better. In then it becomes a reality becomes apparent that you may be going to the NBA or the national globally. So once you get their this is in the year it's you've been blessed and fortunate to play in when a guy just says I'm gone I'm chicken out I'm Leven. Do you go to questions that they still love the game like there are still big on kid in the answered to me simply no. Six days are now is gonna be the launch of the 95 point seven to gain dream sports experience. Tuesday January 17 just six days from now go to our website 957 in dot com you're gonna have the chance to bid on some really cool. Once in a lifetime experiences pitcher clearly never gonna forget. Did low and I've had a chance to preview some of what's gonna be offered giants experiences these experiences. Warriors experiences. Some of this stuff is awesome and more is coming. Next Tuesday night 57 the game back up all proceeds go directly to the Bay Area sports hall of fame to help kids in need. Dominos are falling left and right a second meeting in Denver for Vance Joseph and a second meaning. Happening elsewhere. Which could lead to just to. Coaching vacancies by the end of the day but here's a question Korea is the Oakland Raiders lost the San Francisco 49ers game. Silver and black may have swung and missed a big way that could open the door for the niners. To take big advantage that's coming up next Jolo and in 95 points in the game now backed a warrior Wednesday. Peterson Jolo and DX. Here's a thought. If the raiders are gonna stand pat on Ken Norton as defensive coordinator we have no choice is raider nation but to get behind finally pat him another year the China figure this thing out. Bruce Irvin it was his first year in the system. You gonna make some changes Sean Smith that was his first year in the system Reggie Nelson. Rookie Carl Joseph missed the budget games seem to get some time to upgrade you've got some time to make adjustments who knows maybe one of the top safeties in the drafts halls you. Maybe you can get Emily cook Greta why state or Gibril peppers at a Michigan it's unlikely but it's worth considering. What if you're gonna keep Ken Norton Wade Phillips still out there. You're the San Francisco 49ers why aren't you trying to put a package together that involves Josh McDaniels and Kyle Shanahan or Palestine and and then you go ahead bring Wade Phillips in Asia defensive coordinator makes too much sense. Then that way you have offense and defense covered if you've got a young guy and an old guy in there because the last thing you want a few niners fan. Will the young inexperienced owner is to bring in a young GM a young head coach in young coordinators you wanna have. At least one experienced voice in that room and right now outside of Tom gamble you don't have that. So I go ahead NF time Josh McDaniels on Kyle Shanahan or wherever that next head coaches say your offensive minded senior guy capable of developing a quarterback. You hire Wade Phillips many sit wait a roomy given tape of miles Garrett the pass rusher from Texas NM. Given tape of the defensive end from Alabama Jonathan Allen. Tape the peppers capable leak cooker tape Rubin Foster the inside linebacker from Alabama you get all the stuff can you say we're number two what you find the guy you want. And after number one goes to Cleveland K wait. Who's the next Von Miller hey wait who's that guy that you can build around like you did we JJ watt. In Houston like you didn't see Diego all those years like you were doing in Denver. I like miles Garrick okay wait here's miles Garrett. In the defense over well he's making progress isn't that the road to recovery right there one step at a time. Definitely and I think you start identify players later in the draft too low and that's as important as getting somebody good at the number two overall pick. To your point you police say a lot you pick a number two in every single routes he got to find somebody with that number 34 overall pick who can help you in subsequent rounds is well. We we in and laid out a bit of rounding Messina guy picked guys met a Wilhelm from Ohio State just a guy. Played 78 years insanely well. Stephen Cooper. Guys he hadn't just outside backers mark. Mark does all these guys to do just was average guys and they played in his often in his defense he looked over and timber. They did guys that he put out there on the field some guys you never even knew their name but they'd come in and have impact plays because of the system. Where it would be great if I'm Josh if he gets the job you bring in a Wade Phillips absolutely Joseph he's a guy and it's cool he's not gonna beat these doesn't. Rich who has Hayes is not a threat as a head coach he's a guy they can build good 34 defense in he's gonna make guys he's gonna make me and improve and do better. It looks like the Los Angeles rams have zeroed in on their head coaching candidate. That's coming up in just a moment but for now here's today's take your pick poll question brought you bite at age Dalian Amato Chevrolet and a good morning. Admonished us today's question are you surprised Ken Norton junior will return as the raiders defensive coordinator next season. 62% of the voters say yes as of right now on nine by seven game duck cops he could also vote there and it also go to Twitter at nine by seven. The game to vote as well. Reshape that global start with you. Your response are you surprised with the raiders and decisions they made yesterday regarding coaching staff yeah I am and surprise and surprised akin Norton's got him back a destructed. You know you look at defense first two games are worth over a thousand yards. Just really just couldn't find a way this year no they had a couple injuries but he invests in a lot of money is song gave deep couldn't cover the tight end. And I think that you got to holy coaches accountable it's on the heart this team to win twelve games they cheer that won't happen so you should make you need drastic change in right now it's on defense aside and ball. It's I'm also surprised that he returned I figured if he looked at. The two coordinators offense and defense that Ken Norton junior would be more likely to be your place Lowe's right. You did have to make some change on the defensive side of the ball you were 26 the league. From a yardage allowed standpoint and low you mentioned they couldn't guard the tide and this is something that fans from game one game two on the even laymen novices like myself conceded the tight end is killing me. I should adjustment. So right last year is the same thing. So when we wanna see this team get better and you spent on you spent some money in your still number 260. Didn't see enough improvement in my opinion. As it pertains to the coaching search around the National Football League here's what's taken place today reports last night the the Buffalo Bills are zeroing in on Sean McDermott to be their next head coach he's currently the offensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers. Jacksonville already sold their issue by promoting Doug Maroney to head coach from the interim coaching position that's to leaving for. Denver Broncos are having a second meeting in the building with Miami defensive coordinator Vance Joseph. That indicates he's likely get a win with the Broncos which would take another team off the market that would be three. In addition that former charger head coach Mike McCoy rumored to be going. To Denver to join Joseph staff as the offense coordinator that leaves us with three openings San Diego. Los Angeles and San Francisco and now reports. From Tom palace arrow that Sean McVeigh the thirty year old Washington Redskins offensive coordinator. As a second meeting with the Los Angeles rams he interviewed for head coaching job last week he's now about to meet with them again. That generally indicates you're getting very close to putting pen to paper a thirty year old. In Los Angeles tasked with rebuilding Jared golf in this offense. On your way to getting in new stadium that would leave just two jobs open San Diego and San Francisco with Kyle Shanahan and Josh McDaniels still out there. And those franchises thus would have to play the waiting game it doesn't look like new England's gonna lose to Houston and their sixteen point favorites that would. Extend Josh McDaniels out. At least another week if these two teams both go to the Super Bowl joke. Will look at that early February. Until they'll be available to be hired so. Do those two franchises wanna sit out there that long and playing essentially a game of chicken with a each other and head coaching candidates that's an interesting thing to look at. To terrific question here's another one McVeigh is a thirty year old. What kind of obstacles as he faced in the locker room that other coaches one that's a young guy. Wet behind the year's not a whole lot of experience in terms of running eighteen you're gonna be in LA working for stand cranky what are some of the challenges he can be traced. Is gone face a lot of sound as one get the respect that players. To how far do you go heavy make you wanna shown that you cool but at the same since you wanna be does the ignoring guy to make sure you keep guys in Iraq. Three better go get a lot of older coaches at that dot not lessen the threat to you but guys that are going to be buying into what you need to be teaching. Because you're the head coach down in you're gonna have guys on their teams is his older it probably even older they knew on that team. For you gotta commute habit you have eight co rookie quarterback Columbia city new quarterback that is going to be the face of your franchise. They brought him in there because it affect what he's development of cousins and say hey can you develop this guy. I don't like when you go get head coaches it's quarterback whispers because I think it's better. They be assistant helped those quarterbacks get where they want because it's too much time developing a quarterback in trying to be head coach as well. From the 65. On the Penske auto sales dot com text line wade phillips' coaching. When is that miles Garrett that's the pass rush out of text save them we filled coaching miles Garrett. Buckner Armstead lynch and Bowman I wanna. And I can't read the rest of that but rest assured it's a very positive sentiment from a niner fan thinking about the idea when he Wade Phillips is team's next events coordinator. You don't think that's a guy who get the most that a Buckner and armed steadily and you just spent first round picks on to Oregon pass rosters if there's anyone that's gonna get anything out of those two. That's one of the top guys of the job so the texture is saying they're excited about the prospect of Wade Phillips coming into there excited yet. Excited to the point where I can't read how excited they are on there that excitement that's pretty excited and for a franchise and it. Went to a fourteen low. To have your fans reach that level of excitement would be a welcome change for Jed York Rogge brought tape company it's Wade Phillips did it's it's a guided. If he doesn't he doesn't he's not a threat all he does is win in all he does is give defense playing at a high level not a great head coach. But a great. Coordinator who gets guys to play at a high level the San Francisco 49ers it would behoove them. The date of the phone and say here's a guy wherever you go any in his head coach. He can't mess with this guy especially wood at 34 in the kind of talent that they have in San Francisco. Mike Shanahan he's GM Kyle Shanahan has head coach Wade Phillips as defense is the coordinator miles Gary or to Q&A. An Alabama his name is escaping me at the moment. He's Jonathan Allen the defense men. You put all that to get it sounds like a plan yet you're likely Geddes. Lane Kiffin now Obama aha I. Don't no idea why golf my god are you kidding me Alabama has not won a game since Lane Kiffin left. Alabama is winless since Lane Kiffin left. That says something that's a staff while Lane Kiffin may be lured away from Florida Atlantic to the 49 Ers can't be an exit coach sunglasses and all. Never coached the game for FAU doesn't need to do. Did you need to know Alabama. Melted down and fell apart without Lane Kiffin pat tell you could sell that story I'm sure that's how lanes on it. Speaking of which you see what trumps on right now. I can't point to go back and much is press conference this is sports Schobel foot on that so guess what Shaun Livingston what atop the warriors will talk the warriors next. Livingston is gonna join us Jolo Indians 95 points of the game now backed a war year Wednesday. Pierce Jolo NT it's no screwed around right to the phones very happy to welcome in. From your Golden State Warriors Shaun Livingston we Jolo in bids on 95 point 7 the game good morning Sean how are. I'll read them great uncles grandparents. We appreciate you coming on that started last night's game against Miami the rookie from UNLV Patrick McCall gets his first career start. Nervous at all before the game there you go and talk to him try to tell him anything we come on down. Yeah I mean I just you know one Oakland. The game and they got a little camp creek trail and 12 o'clock there late and quell a great instant and cooler on the he milk and know how to play. Paula could feel important. Going out in port. Is there any sense from you Sean that maybe you'd like to be in that starting unit get a chance to get the starting minutes or you jest is content. Stain your usual bench role with some like this happens. All good stories of the law and oh about four. Called cool. We'll cover all the you know a lot of but he played for like the electric bill. Even win the order went would never. Organ intro. It's because the post publicly and cold and look at what point guard company with a one of them. Not come from the same car that failed to Coke. Literally. Helped move the river. Told him to the pinnacle it's. Got cycled down from Monterey. On the. Shunt to be an embedded in a leader. Do you see things when you know and our teams talk about hey you guys got to move the ball in the fourth quarter lit leads slide up by 24. You've been in the do you grab guys who would you talk to key or jury Mon. Our is that you roll or sometimes you like not a political channel that are sometimes you fields that the need Libyan leader you'd go in and say look. How do we get better had you defuse a lot of situations are ready for your do you feel sometimes that don't know your pay grade do you let the head coach handle. You pick and shoot shoot spot alone you know at eight Tuesday. If it's up to the guys that are out record I mean yeah the coaching and he took. You know pulled streams and nobody called bird played him Gingrich look at it now at the end of the day it's up to the players are you a job or cancel. It's important for raping and could coach could to have that platforms PO. Local problems. Lowering kind of tell him and another guy it's kind of what it's all there as well out there and so it's up a roach and other you know it's it's. It's complicated Seneca. Relationship will have Kim can. John from the 415 on the Penske auto sales dot com X Tex line. Is it mere would Livingston make an incredible coach obviously there's so much left to be playing career but have you ever thought about that concept maybe down the road getting in the coaching. Yeah I've thought about it on the although it's of the matter alone. Paula probable war or criminal there's no record straight and I went yeah. Yeah yeah yeah and not a quick I would bet the other though. Opted out of thought he would like. Little apart and put them one bit. If you so Bob Myers Travis slang caddie aware this that are they hearing footsteps. He. Oppose that maybe a little but we'll all we'll be article. John and getting great great for a great trade this when he decides habit. That we would think about yourself you don't chime bass balls what you do list nor did doesn't define you as a man. But how do you look at you know just to long term injustice process when you have this stage you see guys you know probably four bowl they'll Beckham. Sometimes they act up and understand. You know that hey look it's what you do that you have a stage to do whether things will who was challenged in what is your stage in what is coming your purpose it drives you. Yeah a great question ruled. Not start now. And that game of basketball has and so model as the militants have a great back yeah. Noble Democrat or other great. Great note that can be militant. Only that there is little. While not all have respect that about that topic that allow cute little my perspective no proof room. At first through in pressure. Situations that it saw. Understand this life the little girl we do this shall well. And alerted a group of equal and you know which give back Malcolm. Mutilation. But what that. All of the game in the last sports shall. Are sharply clip you can have little to do the right way locking them. Shaun Livingston we Jolo Indians on 95 point seven a game obviously as fans as radio guys. Where is fired up this can be for next week's stretching games. Take us into the life of a player when Monday you're gonna play the Cleveland Cavaliers two days later you're gonna play Ross in the Oklahoma City Thunder and then a couple days after that you're gonna take on James Harden in the rockets what's a week like that like for a player. Yet excited week you know little crow song. Arnold will interrupt here. Well wouldn't be too cliche or coach and so human shall that developing third. So. Out of you got knocked that in Phnom. It's gonna force article alone it really wheel chair at relief. All eagle test. Kind of where were at a box and yeah be on knowing an awful stay consistent with that on the this is what happened Welch right out some of the best teams that come together claim. All of this hype and expectation and excitement production. Nichols along with Newton fictional how can you focus shall enjoy your task at. And so it should be fun dollars should be good I mean talk about it declared and you know the cavs obviously crucial game was kind of a potential that it should and should current. Sean we're walking off a warriors package for the Bay Area sports hall of fame that includes tickets to the game against Houston February 9 and then. To gasket to fly and the warriors charter to Phoenix for the suns game. The next day what would the lord what would these winners. Look for on the charter is it board games is in a Little Rock paper scissors tournament are their cards what sort of activity. Might they see on the charter. All alone. About yeah. There are there people are locked out at the equipment so you know it got a son that brought product the palm are note given up. You know but a hypocrite you. Don't play the hunt. He's an extremely extremely presidential answer was rather general manager you like it is only team I thought our chances like that. A crack about what you're saying is it definitely would be something worth being around her. It's worth the experience got to give him popular personal. I don't know stuff on his face it's over my irons and five point seven get Shaw thank you so much for your time good luck with that stretch of games we look for to catch and begin next week. New apartment and. I let these old ladies and gentlemen all warrior gas always sound better if you're wearing JBL headphones the officials SATA the golds they warriors and 95 point seven the game. In addition tickets for all warrior home games including Thursday's game against Detroit at Monday's game against Cleveland. Are always available on warriors dot com even in the event of a sellout. There are always last minute holds and secondary tickets for resale available on warriors tot. Can't they just last is that Andy Reid lifetime regular season or playoffs nineteen into when coming off by. You're big ten's number booed Mike Tomlin. And Joey Porter arrested yet the coaches that get arrested and are now. Like chiefs' nineteen and to offer bots and that's amazing that is. Mets that's incontrovertible you can't do anything but look at that fact and did make it there while those words he just incontrovertible. There's no controversy though like. I did like it. More on that tomorrow for and a love for did JT the brick is up next Kurt hew and at 1015. Matt mail got 1115. Speed wreck at 1145 until four ball facts are hanging out everybody will see you tomorrow at 6 AM 95 points in the game.

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