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Best of Joe, Lo & Dibs: Wednesday, January 11th 2017

Jan 11, 2017|

The guys dive deep into Oakland's decision to part ways with Bill Musgrave while retaining Ken Norton Jr and throw out their suggestions for San Francisco's next head coach as well as who the team should select with the second overall pick in the draft. Is Odell Beckham the NFL's next Terrell Owens? Warriors guard Shaun Livingston swings by.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right so the big news that surfaced yesterday afternoon of course right after we go off the airs we get an opportunity to talk about it yesterday but. We'll have all morning to get into this the raiders are moving on from offensive coordinator bill musgrave. Who oversaw all a unit that ranks sixth in the NFL in total offense this season. Wheldon fourth playoff bound squad. With the sixth ranked offense is moving on to their offense and quarter in and out you don't necessarily when he used the word fired because Hamas creates contract was set to expire. And the team simply decided that they were gonna do anything about it they were gonna let it expire. And they were gonna move on so quarterback coach Todd downing is gonna step into the offensive coordinator position. Downing according to rumors was getting some interest. From two head coaching candidates that are out there right now. To step up as their offensive coordinator so for the raiders it was either make this move now or risk losing someone that they feel very highly of low the big question musgrave out. Ken Norton will stay. Hey did the raiders get it right here in your opinion. Now all I I think at the raiders you know you knew there was would musgrave you're them there riding his monologue Joseph you bring ahead he bring a guy hand. In he's on the sideline and he's comfortable being on the sideline in the in a couple weeks. Into the season head coach moves him up don't want him on the sidelines. You've you've heard the different rumblings in the end you know even upped it to three weeks ago talking motto wanted to run the ball more and this is not the first time. And Jack this is not the first contacts fired musgrave even though his contract was up. Jackie got a role as Jack be nimble Jack be quick projects pretty quick with that fire in coaches he's fire 27 most in NFL history. That you don't that is a true number. Your friend your number or maybe you throw stats out I have to tell a story about when I played with the titans this is true I'm sorry I just it was good guys you know Super Bowls coming out who we're going to get. But terror and I saw McNair naked shower and boy was he well and out bullets that's true story to go I got so it's about. Other angles times in the league that was impressive very good friends with Ken Norton coming back. Did. You got to figure he's on the hot seat from week one that was the 26. Ranked defensive unit Norton's gonna get another shot five raider nation will embrace it. In the given the most of the opportunity they'll stand behind it because the whole goal here is to move this project forward. Back to the playoffs possibly divisional title may be make a run at the AFC championship but for Norton. What are the expectations gonna be next season you've got to assume this unit needs to take a huge step forward. You'd have to be a team that's considered a top have to defensive team and certainly the secondary problems have to get fixed and you can look at the improvement of individual players Khalil Mac. Didn't have as good a year this year as he did last year not to say he played badly in the stepped back wasn't a big step back. Bruce Irvin it probably wasn't as good as he wasn't Seattle you start looking position by position and you see of players improve because that's part. Of the coaching the formula that maybe we don't always talked about wins and losses and rankings are easy to look at but did the player get better and that's ultimately beyond Ken Norton. You look at the secondary joke you've got to look at who want to Proehl who want to pro war sentiment safety position who was a young who's also look at Carl Joseph how deeply. The who's on it you look at the secondary. Mark rob was coaching the safeties coach in that part. Hall of famous coach nick. Kind of productivity. Seems couldn't get that's why this is kind of odd to me to see you have a pro bowler and then you fire that coach. I tell you right now looking at this team just looking at it in now watching the games. I think and I love the guy. In I know that he can coach 'cause he coached me and I know what he's about is just don't frankly. The defense aligned interior are among the three technique in nine you know those guys in the in the trenches. I don't think they they had a good year do you eat you see anybody would more than three or four sacks go look at our interior line in a plea on Mac. It 51 if dating get it done. Our wasn't by pressure. What do the guys doing to turn just so this team definitely that's a lot of concerns to meet look at that as a guy just watching this team they need a lot of help on defense you. 100% right the interior defensive line was not up to snuff not quite that needs to get better in effect it's better than middle linebacker position and get better because those guys have played a lot more clean you think Ray Lewis was all world solely because of Ray Lewis it was a great player but he had all of those years of guy Sarah Boozer and is not who's and then I don't think it's because it couldn't have happened. Not a good in front of them eat up those blocker so that kept him clean to pursue and make plays I will not Mark Brown he's a scapegoat. That's all that's what that is. Understand that for what it is someone's head at the role and that's not gonna be the guy at the top it's gonna be someone else look at Washington. Jay gruden brought back. But fired his entire defensive staff now as the head guy it's ultimately on you know but the organization is gonna keep your round just like Kabul's with the jets mode all the assistants have to go someone's head that's -- doesn't mean it's justified. But they've preserved Norton's position someone on the defense is that had to go on fortunately it was mark crop who by all accounts. The solid job. But someone's head was general now backed a warrior Wednesday peers in show low end DX. Together a timeline here you're drafted in the first round. Your game gets progressively better. It gets to a pre a point where some may say it's you leaked. You take your team on any playoff run that. Is so magical from a statistical standpoint on your behalf that you win a Super Bowl and you are rewarded with one of the richest contracts in NFL history. Talking of course about Joseph Flacco. Since that time. It's been anything but magical for Flacco the Baltimore Ravens and yesterday. You had ray and an owner Steve the shoddy. Doing an end of the season press their much like Jed York does too not as much fanfare but one of the direct quotes. We needed to get more out of jump. Now on the surface relatively innocuous. You know we need a quarterback to step up a little bit but that's shots fired because you never hear. We need to get more out of drew we need to get more out of fill up. Aaron. Hayden. Joseph Flacco. Top three quarterbacks salary. And that is taking a big big chunk of the salary cap in Baltimore here's what's happened since the Super Bowl run eight may. No playoffs. Ten and six you want a wild card game at Pittsburgh then lost to the patriots in the divisional round. 20155. And eleven this season eight mate flak those numbers. I mean. Since the Super Bowl alone. Nineteen touchdowns 22 interceptions and 27 touchdowns twelve picks. Fourteen touchdowns twelve picks shortened season due to injury only ten games and then this year. When he TDs fifteen interceptions slow the right on the wall these Joseph Flacco is leash getting short Baltimore. Call it out and out Joseph Flacco is gone out to make sure Pete as if they don't win you take it day when he drinks if Joseph Flacco only wins eight or nine games in they'll make the playoffs. Joseph Flacco will be released in Baltimore. And they'll go on a new direction you want out and you may defense of guys who went on got defense you went on got pass rush all the things that they have their part in Baltimore. Enjoy Flacco can't get it done right now joke look I mean he's an offensive coordinator killer. A look at many offered to call all sees that this guys went do and it's always been about. Those these people protect them Flacco says let's go get all seek this could another OC that's gonna invade protected him and given me ample opportunities. Time you have to say okay. It's mean now and I really believe the Joe Black those days of Baltimore's that was is is number. Cam cam wing Cam Cameron excuse me Jim Caldwell mark tres men Gary Kubiak just a few of the guys he's had over the last few years kind the last few years I mean it's almost like a one and done sort of thing dad's. This is the guy who was at the pinnacle he gambled on himself and say you know what. But pass on the contract offer and led the team is suitable. They had to step up and reward him I'll never fault them for that usually just wanna suitable talk to people in San Diego Philadelphia cities that have never won Detroit. They gladly pay that but now that he's not returning on his end of the bargain to. Snow and it's across the board and you read the comments from the owner he was calling the general manager to task the head coach the offensive coordinator. Up and down the line Steve the Scotty. Is holding everyone's feet to the fire and if you Joseph Flacco. Ultimately. You're only going to be as good as your weapons as well didn't have a ton of great receiving options this year. And your it and in the division where you've got to be able to run the football and that offense. Even though the team was better this year than last year so not where it should be. If you hue Jackson you need to be paying very close at business and you need to be lying in the cut look at your division. Baltimore. Horrible CT have a bit her flack goes been put on notice salary cap isn't a great situation ravens' training in the opposite direction of the super Butler. Pittsburgh made it look good right now. Big Ben he ain't getting any younger at some point there's going to be a quarterback issue in Pittsburgh Cincinnati. Long is Marvin Lewis is there they'll never won a playoff game troop if you're Cleveland you gotta be thinking three years from now. We might have a real opportunity sounds insane based on the way the browns have operated over the last decade plus. But and opportunities gonna present itself are they gonna be Smart enough to be in position to capitalize. Three years from now Joseph Flacco not the only individual. Being put on notice yesterday. General manager of the New York Giants Jerry Reese came out flat out told although O'Dell Beckham time to grow up. Time to grow up. The Miami boat thing was one thing the lack of production in his first career playoff game was another this whole plane getting trash on the way back to New York. We know once edits his fault but there were several giants involved and that's all of them have to share responsibility. For doing something like that completely unprofessional on the way home. I'm here's Mike Tran SaaS the godfathers sports talk radio on WFAN. In New York this is how he opened his show yesterday. Okay where we went there on a week I was gonna recommend you visit the boat. Because it's just part of the immaturity that has an out on the field would no short on before the game like he's proven some point to somebody. Nobody cares if you Wear a sleeve fixable. Nobody cares if he's out there would no shorter on pitch the bull nobody is that you can make one handed catch is trying to make it to do it catches. The bull. A lot and maybe maybe somewhere Olivia. Owner general manager coach. On May be one day for us this guy to girl before they look back it's a you don't want you know we never really was as good as we thought he was under the one the one that's what you heard if the shot you. And they never straighten that out. You know he never was as good as we thought it was going to be and to me all the things that that. The celebrity. The one hand can't listen. He has been given stuff that you only used to get from winning and that's the system upside down. Now you become a stall buoyed by basically. Outrageous behavior. And doing something outrageous like make it one in cats would basically drop pay. You know every every fourth hole I'd rather a guy who doesn't make wanted to catches but doesn't ever have a problem a consumer advocates. Lois is becoming a problem in New York because it's not just the media the fan base looks that Beckham and love the guy he's exciting the talent the production it's there. But mentally. He get this gushing now. Adding that he goes he musical. Cius psychologists. And really really try to work on themselves I mean the guys to stand there and you see Ely an easier okay you're okay. In he's crying and new Watson different stuff that goes on in those I just wanna win it's not a big deal. There's a big deal there there's something wrong in I don't know if you say grow up. Because I think it's more than that I think this kid is unstable. And people don't want to acknowledge though he is being immature no he's bipolar he's got some issues and that's me just look at it from outside looking in. You go to the net he Chu and age you just do the things that he's doing punching walls. Two when it did lead the way he acts out when he lose all the things he's do want. This guy the stardom is there its potential athlete it all the different stuff he hustles he tracked. But you bring about a phone welcome warmup in your your film in your body you're doing then put that on its own team before game. You're you're not into the game I can have a phone in my hand. Check snaps or whatever between mom and I don't feel what my shirt off and I I have to make a conscious effort to do that I don't think about their opponent. When I'm older my phone runner on the feel warm and opens it made it send that out. There's a disconnect here Joseph it's simply can't and even I don't care if he's a superstar he because he's he's he's a superstar deterred his team. I know guys on the team that locker room probably seems it may put to a Pope if you want punts the ball get run your head do we don't care. Guys get tired of that. As a player you watch a guy at the disposal like debt you start to lose faith in lose confidence no matter how would the perception is superstar. That's not bad guys and a lock on SARS to feel did you think this problem gets worse in New York before it gets better. Definitely and I think you see the behavior of his teammates on the plane as an indication that. Enacted used not firmly in control of the behavior of his team right now and. Mac it is not even forty years old these young coach and he still. Trying to figure out how to beat this CEO. Of an on field product it's not something that comes do you overnight but he's got a legitimate problem on his hands. With O'Dell Beckham junior. You can't tell me that if Tom Coughlin was still running the giants that OBJ and his teammates would go on the Miami and and on a boat shirtless nom knot put all the blame. On then Mac you do but currently the culture in New York right now is not one of discipline. And self control based on not the 24 hours round playoff game. These images and words and low you touch on this is well. One minute celebrating the next minute crying putting a hole through the wall kissing the ticking net dancing in the end zone. Trashing an airplane. He's living on both ends of the spectrum. We seen this before. Terrell Owens. Wildly productive on the field so productive in fact the numbers justify first ballot hall of fame. He's not a first ballot hall of Famer why. Because he couldn't control itself you remember him crying about Tony Romo that's my quarterback do you see that from Jerry Rice. Did you see that from Tim Brown did you see that from Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt. Did you see it from Marvin Harrison. Now Brandon Marshall you see it from. Brandon Marshall he's an individual and he's come out admit he's got personality disordered saying he's worked very hard to try to overcome. Her so much of what hurt him early in his career that could serve. As the direction you want ahead. If you're owed something because right now you're 24 years old you've had three highly productive years in the league. You can turn this thing around. You can get organized like Marshall or some of these other guys but if you don't. You're gonna be Owens and maybe you put up enough production over the course to your career that you get a placing Cain or you're remembered as a great wide receiver. What's your legacy because when people mention TO not everyone's first thought is man what it damn good receiver some people think about the sharp beat. The dancing. Quarterback killer in Dallas and Philly and San Francisco. Jerry Rice played sixteen years with the niners Tim Brown sixteen years with the raiders Larry FitzGerald who's third in career receptions all thirteen years and Arizona. Marvin Harrison thirteen years with Indianapolis Cris Carter struggled early in Philadelphia. Got his act together played thirteen years in Minnesota. Steve Smit thirteen years in Carolina. Isaac Bruce fourteen years at the rams' Torry Holt ten of eleven seasons with the rams. You know two guys who had great careers but never really were able to put it all the way over the top. Randy Moss. Seven years in Minnesota before became too much to an Oakland before he burned out. Not even a full three in New England for Belichick said get the hell out of here traded to Minnesota the vikings game five minutes traded in the Tennessee. And then he ended up for a year or San Francisco Randy Moss are production was there couldn't keep it together Terrell Owens eight seasons with the niners. And two with Philly three with Dallas won with buffalo won with Cincinnati there's a pattern. There's a pattern there you can produce and if you produced there will always be a spot for you in the National Football League in the NBA and MLB and NHL. But he got to win titles and how are you gonna be looked back upon what you legacy going to be Beckham has a chance to change but he's on the TO path right now I would say he'll be lucky to be TO because the put those numbers up he's gonna need another twelve damned good seasons in the NFL. Just to get to that level he's got Eli Manning isn't in any easy New York City 24 years old only three years in the league there's time. But to me that's the pat I see him heading out. I can agree with you more joy and that's where that's way easy that's why day and that's where. Talk about leadership leadership losing given it's earned that's on a leader it's put their arm around him cement let's go sit down a little much it's a man I don't know you're going. In and its intervention. It's where you're like man I'm just telling you broke your heading down wrong pat you're hitting on the wrong path to destruction what what are you meet men I don't listen to some emotional. No here you can be emotional. But when you're hurting our teen. In your hurting yourself you're hurting your image you're hurting the perception now on GM's common now the owner sends up the coaches are San stepped. Don't you look at it now when. Every went when you keep sand it's just the media and it's everybody else. When you gotta say okay. I gotta be the problem. That's where he's at he's got to realize. It can't just be every went there to meet his opinion is what it's not a big check and I could've went to Miami all those things that you do. What everyone else is and stop. That's when people have to do is stop and say. It's me now backed a warrior Wednesday Kearse Jolo NTX. All right here we go we promised you news we've got news six NFL coaching vacancies at the head coach position. Entering the off season. One has been filled. Jacksonville. Number on got promoted from interim head coach to head coach buffalo is said to be closing in on Sean McDermott the Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator. That looks to be close to a done deal now we have word and a that a third potential vacancies are about to meet nobody got. I write so Ian Rapoport is reporting this morning that dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph is back in the Broncos building hasn't left town and may now announced he interviewed yesterday with the Broncos he was scheduled the plant. The San Diego today to meet with the chargers but it looks like he's going back in the building so what does that mean. All right so Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph one interview and before you can leave town he's back in the facility for a second time low O'Neal. Are we looking at the second time being time to put. And the paper. Yeah without a doubt you are you look at Elway always say okay where this guy is going. And that's why the first place he went is that September it is his first pick his first place that he wanted to go city is gonna fly on a plane to San Diego. And it takes and L is a pretty Smart guy. If he didn't think this guy knows qualified his say okay man go to San Diego go kicking around C would you want to do and and will give back we give you don't get that did sign. Letting Lee. Thought about and said you beg guys to be pretty well like his vision a come back over here let's try to find a numbered it's gonna take to get you to stay here. Does it surprise you at all that a very good defensive team. That while losing head coach Gary Kubiak Wade Phillips was still. You know there if you wanted to make something work does it surprise you that a team so good on defense so suspect on offense would go out and make their next head coach a defensive minded individual rather than an offensive minded individual it doesn't away because you know maybe this guy's gonna pick of the phone call waits to come back because those deep into guys you see they play for him. They don't put on weight weight so if I'm if I'm this young man I pick the phone first call I did this away Phyllis because I'm Marty defense but can add a little bit to it that's fine. And now look offense so he's got to have trust me you don't like Elway asked that question said look your defense of guy. Tell me how you gonna get this offense it's his office can't score any points. We got receivers that didn't play for this young quarterback didn't helping matter all guys that affect just kind of quit on it right gonna give my offense. Back do we get scored at least 21 point two game. Need a lot front. We can score 21 game we wit. This team what do one lead in game joked they scored just 21 points that's apple let the dead defense is not a lot of teams NFL did did say that. Dibs. This Joseph if you're just joining us looks to be in line to take the head coaching position of the Denver Broncos and shows that the defense recorded from the Miami Dolphins. What does this say about Kyle Shanahan his father my eight. Was the head coach of the Denver Broncos when John Elway want to see bubbles John Elway now running the show in Denver. Kyle Shanahan considered by many to be one of the brightest coaching candidates out there or not only that he oversaw all. An Atlanta offense that figured that finished number one in virtually every category and likely has an MVP quarterback in Matt Ryan once the voting is all settled in a few weeks here. What does that say about Kyle Shanahan that LA would say. Drew were born in a different direction. I think it says more about the Denver roster than it does about Kyle Shanahan if you're Al weighing you look at your team you see obviously the strength. Is the defense and you wanna make sure that stays intact. Best defense is in the National Football League so you bring in. A defensive minded head coach to make sure you keep that continuity I don't think it is as much. An indictment of Shanahan as it is of Wade Phillips and his ability. To be promoted up to being now head coach if if he thought Wade Phillips was going to be the guy and you wanna just a defensive minded head coach you would have promoted from within. But you want a defensive minded coach and you don't think Wade Phillips is the guy so you go out and you get at defensive minded head coaching candidate you bring him and. So take me through this if Jacksonville. And that's a done deal dug her own. If buffalo closes on Sean McDermott and Denver closes on Vance Joseph we've got three openings remaining. That niners. The chargers and the rams two of the hottest candidates are offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels from new England and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan from Atlanta. It's starting to look is if the niners won in one of those two could become much more realistic that it was a year ago. What odds do you hang on either mcdaniels or Shanahan being the next head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. I would put money on an ad that bet this one of those two it has to be because that's what you don't look it there's still born through. And this is this bad in you to to to to our dismay we always talk about. No ownership resort got to give him credit because they give me contingency plan in place. If cal Shanahan when these two don't sign him being courted other two missing links what happens is now. They can say okay we got our third we got a third we got our fourth so they've done a great job of point out and seeing different GMs and different coaches Burris perspective so now. If they don't get Kalish and you know at least they've already done their due diligence and have a good idea. Who they want but one of these two guys to meet joke it's an immutable it's a changeable they're gonna land in San Francisco. As it pertains to the Oakland Raiders. You're going to be butt heads twice here at the Denver Broncos one of the better defenses in the game. It's Joseph landing in Denver if you're raider nation right now what are you taking a taken man. Denver just got better are you thinking you know what I'll take this all take this San Diego's and flocks Mitch Joseph. It's not a good that Miami defense was that great based on most match that you would look at and then he got Indian Kansas City how do you feel a curator nation I tell you right now from raider nation in prime Jack I pick of the phone today. In say. Reggie McKenzie. Please let me just bringing in Wade Phillips as a defense consult. You bring him name you're taking market street coach. You take chemical gone off to street preferably way because you want to make sure that contends he bandits who have big guy. That he's the defense that kinda consultant but you know won't run in the defense you got to do that doesn't that upset egos and ballots in that situation you have too many cooks in the kitchen who cares you said what what I do because will Barbara winning king Hussein or window's closing your got a deep to minded guy over their you don't if in the end if you wait. Too long what are wade goes to another team what do you miss out on these guys. Now geared to scramble again. Gold get a guy that you know can this guy can help Ken Norton. What is almost seven years old joke he's not gonna try to be head coach he's not a good head coach we understand that we've seen that but he has he's a plethora of knowledge. Copd he's gone carried out today that Ken Norton Tim Hortons let me ask you wait you think defense of guise of me said Wade Phillips. He's a reasoned defense of genius. Be interesting to see. More shingles on the wall and be able to. To navigate that from ego standpoint I would see it from the outside as. If you can't Norton junior and you know it's a make or break year and you bring in any guy with this much experience in this much knowledge. I would feel like a lame duck coaches are Ken Norton junior I wouldn't feel secure and all that spot. Rumors are floating that advance Joseph does in fact land as the next Denver Broncos head coach and it looks like they're very close. He's heading back in the building for a second meeting which generally indicates it's time to put pen to paper. That San Diego head coach former head coach Mike McCoy would be the offensive coordinator in Denver that he would join Vance Joseph staff. That. Is where he was Denver offensive coordinator prior to taking the job in San Diego what do you think of that move for me it's just too. I think that's gonna happen jokes I thought. That when you look at what I'm Whisenhunt down in San Diego but you seem McCoy. I thought McCoy maybe even come over here to Oakland because it affect Jack knows he needs familiar he's good with offense he's good with quarterbacks. I thought yesterday demo boy would be interviewing here but going back to deliver for him. Elway nosy he's a good guy he's a quarterback whisperer he's good with the offense that's a great move and I think that's good move for December now that. A warrior Wednesday he is Jolo and DX. Here's where we stand. Six. Count them six teams. Entered the off season in need of a new head coach. Jacksonville has solved. There issued Doug morrow in the interim head coach promoted he's now running the show. It looks as if buffalo according to reports all across the league all across the land the the Buffalo Bills have zeroed in. On Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator. Sean. McDermott. Is that correct because I said Mike McDermott from routers and I got rounder is now in my head cut in the last segment is Sean McDermott as well. Lucky. Probably what you progression of taking the risk and just aired the fact there was a cop you're okay you're okay short for another big reachable will be able to bounce back the social look at the bills go with McDermott you've got four vacancies remaining. The niners the Broncos the chargers. And the rain pants. The niners by sheer will of making listening to peak months. Ago let these other spots get filled. And could stumble in the Kyle Shanahan or Josh McDaniels widely regarded as two of the best candidates out there are we looking at a good situation for the niners had dips. It depends on whether nothing could close one of those hot names because if you are one of those two guys and you're looking at the four openings right now. And you start to rag come you probably ranks ever Cisco either third or fourth in my opinion Denver's the closest. To plug and play solution even though. Both those guys you mention our offensive coordinator. Guy aids and Denver's offense is the one that needs the most work. San Diego's better situation you got Philip Rivers and hopefully got a healthy offense returning. LA maybe the big question mark the other deep pocketed owner in the severed Cisco from an offensive standpoint. You've got Carlos Hyde and basically nothing's so yeah that's good news because the niners might be the last team within opening. But in less thinking jail what these guys it becomes that. It's low according to reports Vance Joseph the defensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins. If he does not. Get the Denver job he's gonna interview with the 49ers. If you're the forty niners should do even bother with this guy considering. Your not his top choice what I mean by that is you would assume that the people you're interviewing really want to work for you. Here's a guy saying wolf I don't get this job yeah I'll show up an interview with yet change even bother. I think he bothered because. Maybe Denver to implement and money mean and he goes in and irons. Maybe a guy bill's many bills and mainly bills and nine a franchise get it back to prominent itself. I act I still think you kick the tires on other coaches some coaches they have their first choice second choice and a lot of them get their first choice so they sometimes have to settle with the second. Maybe even third. So which direction do you think we're headed here for the niners because now you've got another report that Terry make. Otto McDonna I'm not really sharp an ounce of my apologies he is the cardinals VP of player personnel. He's getting interview for the GM job candidates continue to surface candidates continue to be interviewed scheduled for interview it looks like this thing's gonna go at least another week. What do you think the team zeroing in on Josh McDaniels reportedly set. That he really likes the situation with the 49ers as possible that is the next forty niner head coach and. Very possible and that. For the niners would be I think a step in the right direction and offensive minded guy who's had a lot of success in New England come here and start to rebuild. This offense but again the question of who the GM is going to be. And whether or not Josh McDaniels has a relationship with that person or can work would that person. It's still seems odd to me low that they would think about bringing in a head coach before they bring in general manager. Yes it does today and you look at you look at. What he would bring he's already been a pro coach didn't farewell so he's learned a lot still pretty good coach knows how to recruit knows differing guys. Gay you know he can pick up the phone and bring in that Mike Vrabel Vrabel come close formed the niners wanted to brave or earlier and I have a guy if you bring in. From that same type a tree they played very was a player when he was here in New England so now you can get both pulls guys and won them that you want and are ready to DC. Brain numbing and tough mentality good coach so I think that would be I think Josh would fit here well jail. Jolo and gives 95 point seven the game Michael Silver scheduled to join us in about nine minutes just under an hour from now 845. Green Day tickets to giveaway when the ticket window opens up. Josh McDaniels certainly an intriguing candidate if he were to focus solely on a candidate's background. Defensive minded offensive minded which direction do you see as the best fit for this organization. I think I think. To be honest I think it offense because you you wanna have that entertainment factor because right now you wanna get people you wanna be explosive you wanna be exciting. You wanna get that fan base the lead mini game that you can score points this has been a stagnant offense for the last couple years. Even though you still want your defense and I really believe if you bring in you know Josh condemns offensive minded guy from the patriots. We know he knows a little bit about offense. But you gotta realize you gotta trust that he's gonna go out and get a Mike Vrabel. Who is a defense a guy that everyone has sought after a darn about him as well also if you get an offer to minded coach. That goes and puts emphasis on the defense by getting that bring in November able I think this team will be okay. It's from the 650 in the Penske auto sales dot context line please explain some things and I don't think they are going to be please let drop. You know and please explain why it's odd to get the coach first instead of the general manager something you both solo something we kicked around lets inform listeners little bit. Well the 49ers have a big dysfunction of recent vintage and not having the general manager in the coach on the same page and ultimately the GM. In a successful structure is the guy who's gonna identify the talent and bring him in and have a head coach coach him up and and obviously. Plays the head coach you want these two individuals to be. On the same page you want the GM to feel like they head coach is a guy that he either brought in. Or can work puts up the higher. A young head coach Josh McDaniels and maybe you just decide Tom gamble is the guy and you slide him over maybe gambling mcdaniels don't have a good. Working relationship may be they don't have the same ideology. When games when it comes to football. That's the one thing to Jed York said they wanted they want to have open communication between the two. Normally the coach would report to the GM so it makes sense to me that you would hire the GM first and then he would be a part of fighting the coach you don't have. Higher vice president before you heard president. So it's the same when the callers and when it detects asking that you have to realize when things are done in order you have your own we get that. Don't you bring into GM to GM what he's going to do is say okay. I know I gotta get my scouting department and inline. And it's a funneled down to trickle down it's a trickle down effect. A head coach trumped up trickle down economic absolutely does a head coach Joseph what he does he gets guys rate play puts in his implemented office does a step but he's got a steal. Look important story he's still getting his orders from the top so you have a GM. It's it okay I'm building here this the kind of culture that one because mask guy department's good and after these type of individuals that we're gonna have my coach. Because my coach is my shift. He's the guy it is the shaft it's gonna get the players get the people out there to go implement right position. But the GM is the one who's given them the ingredients to be successful when he's making their meal deal. Speaking of ingredients Michigan Wolverines all world defensive weapon Jibril peppers announced yesterday he was a Heisman finalist by the way very rare. Heavy defensive players a Heisman finalist. He is going to be entering the draft this is a no surprise to anybody peppers is one of the best players. In the country six foot 210 pound junior 68 tackles for sacks and an INT this year but two things about him one. Big time contributor on special teams very dangerous in the return game number two. What you hear me out on this Gibril peppers played a grand total of 933. Snaps this past season. That's not the wow. Here's the wow. 933. Snaps at fifteen. Different positions. Rule. 933 at at fifteen positions 933. Snaps at fifteen positions ranging from. Quarterback Yasser running back. Wide receiver to kick returner to punt return it to free safety to strong safety outside linebacker to inside linebacker took corner and beyond. 933. Snaps fifteen different positions. One of the Heisman five finalists in New York this past year. He. Will be a first round draft pick. Currently rated by Todd makes Shea and the scouts in people ideas yen as the number four overall prospect in these years strap. Yesterday we talked about the idea of dish on Watson. Number two to the 49ers. Clearly until you figure out your GM coaching structure you're not gonna know which direction you wanna go at number two. Thankfully for us and talk radio we can kick this around all day long. Gibril peppers at number two does it make any sense whatsoever for the San Francisco 49 X. Makes sense and makes a mean EE EE is everyone wants a quarterback can I get that but this makes crystal says because now do you get a guy like that who so versatile. Could run come return can play corner. Can play you know play slow play on the slot receiver Tim play strong safety week safety free safety complain at all. Played down in the linebacker position when that eight man embarks. You get EU can't missile and I think so versatile that's good brings you debt. And you still looking though get a free agent quarterback a stopgap peace. And look for quarterback next year in continue to build and a draft yes joke he's a guy that yeah I would I would spin that second pick on. As he gives you versatility. Did worthy of the second pick not to say the niners go in that direction but between now in late April we're gonna be kicking around quite a few suggestions for that number two pick. This is a big pit. This is part of what makes his job attractive much like Jacksonville but you have an opportunity to bring in a franchise player a game changer someone you can. Anchor around for the next. Hopefully ten plus years Jibril peppers at a Michigan is that the direction the niners could consider going. Not a number two I think if your sick need to and yet every player on the board except whoever Cleveland decides to take. Trade that I think Jabil peppers is more likely to be taken. 8910. Further down the order when you're looking at one of the highest picks in the draft. Yet a look at the most coveted position is their game changer at pass rusher is there any leak quarterback who's available. Those are the kind of players that you would use the number two pick on Jabil peppers. Is an incredible player. But what's is the value over replacement pick as far as you're in that position you might find a guy who is not as versatile as he but can. You know assimilate most of his abilities. You can get Pampers further down in the draft board if you say in a number 20 and you're stuck on peppers trade down get additional picks and get him later in the. And give him that he won't ease and all he's number income before 55 is still really yet because here's what here's what here's the difference and I think when you look at a guy that. I agree with you a pass rusher. Either offensive tackle pass rush and those guys are you know gimme a blind side tackle guy gimme a pass rusher but a reason why don't his name in the air. Is that you have a staple you gonna have a guy digital lineup. At safety. NB a dominant guy who can guard Ty and you have a guy now that you can join in there when it's three receivers for receivers he can go it you don't have to come off the field. Have a guy also now come return you can Hamill cover turn turn kick off return special teams so leads to having solid. Player that can give you so many arrangement that we can do so many things for your ball club that's why I like him if he's gonna make a pick in that situation is what. Now backed a war your Wednesday. Kearse Jolo and did X Shaun Livingston we Jolo in bids on 95 point 7 the game good morning John how aria. All right I'm great uncles grandparents. We appreciate you coming on that started last night's game against Miami other rookie from you and LD Patrick McCall gets his first career start. Nervous at all before the game that you go up and talk to him try to tell him anything we come on down. Yeah I mean I do you know what the Oakland. The game and they got it. Note written great trio and local soccer clinic and quell a great interest. Well I mean. He told the criminal past Poland also couldn't feel important. Going out in the port. Is there any sense from you Sean that may be you'd like to be in that starting unit get a chance to get the starting minutes or you'd just as content. Stain your usual bench role in some like this happens. So good in the law. About four. Long. Called cool. Well criminal and no doubt that the vote but he played for like the electric bill. Even when the order would would never. Certain that neutral they. The so hopefully some solid gold record outcome would remove them. You know come in the senate since the sale to the literally. In the river. Old to the pinnacle it's. It's a trickle down to the next hundred. Then. Shun them to be an embedded in a leader. Do you see things when you know and our teams talk about hey you guys got to move the ball on the fourth quarter lit leads slide up by 24. You don't need do you grab guys who would you talk to key or jury Mon. Our is that you roll or sometimes and I do want a political channel that are sometimes you fields that the need Libyan leader you'd go in and say look. How do we get better how to how do you defuse a lot of situations at thirty your do you feel sometimes that don't know your pay grade do you let the head coach analyst. You pick and shooters spot alone you know and Tuesday. Is it's up to the guys that are out on court I mean yeah political team ready to. You know pulled streams and then. Nobody call certain plays can manage a little bit of it. No it ended today it's up to the players put you Jiaka and so. It's important for patent could coach cute to have that apple peel. Local problems. Lowering current. Fill him in an economic outcome well out there. And while we're and so it's up a rookie they would each other militants. So the give and take. Relationship happens again. John from the 415 on the Penske auto sales dot com X Tex line. Is it mere would Livingston make an incredible coach obviously there's so much left to be playing career but have you ever thought about that concept maybe down the road getting in the coaching. Yeah I thought about it on the wrong though that some in Iraq. We'll. Talk about what shall in the huddle there's no record straight I would. Think. There yeah and not a quick I would bet other little. Give and outlook or thought he would likely. Look at Oakland pitching them one bit. If you so Bob Myers Travis slang caddie aware this that are they hearing footsteps. Yeah but you know opposed. Maybe a little so all week. We'll be Psycho. John added did a great great for a great trade this when he decides habit that we would think about yourself you don't chime bass balls what you do a snow and that doesn't define you as a man. But Adam Petty looked it. You know just to long term injustice process when you have this stage you see guys you know partly for bold they'll Beckham sometimes they act up and unfinished and you know that he looked it's what you do that you have a stage to do whether things will who was challenged in what is your stage in what is coming your purposely drive you. Yeah a great question from Rome. Not start now. That game basketball has and so about the marvelous little. You know it's such a great background let's look. Noble Democrat or other great. Great deal and it can be noticed. Simply that there is little look well not all summer course at about that stick that allow you keep. Little. I perspective you know proved true. At or through in pressure situations could be hit console but I understand that his life the little girl to do so well and it alerted it. Cool name which give back. Milken. Relations what that. All the games collapse or shall. You can do little to do right away locking. Shaun Livingston we Jolo Indians on 95 point seven the game obviously as fans as radio guys. Where is fired up this can be for next week's stretching games. Take us into the life of a player when Monday you're gonna play the Cleveland Cavaliers two days later you're gonna play Ross in the Oklahoma City Thunder and then a couple days after that you're gonna take on James Harden and the rockets once a week like that like for a player. Excited weak U little crow it's troubled. Local interrupt there. One beat too cliche or coach and so she eventually. Split in third. So. Out of you got knocked that in the middle. It's got a fourth article alone it really well Chet relief. Possible eagle test. So where were animal and yet to be on going and thoughtful stay consistent with that can be. This is what happened Welch right yeah some of the best teams that come together and play. On all the hype and expectation and excitement production. Nichols alone with it and actions can you focus on. You to task at hand so it should be fun dollars should be good I mean talk about it keep players. You know that have done recruitment game would have been at the and so it should and should current. Sean we're arching off a warriors package for the Bay Area sports hall of fame that includes tickets to that game against Houston February 9 and then. To gasket to fly and the warriors charter to Phoenix for the suns game the next day what would the order what would these winners. Look for on the charter is it board games is in a Little Rock paper scissors tournament are their cards what sort of activity. Might they see on the charter. About the year you know what I hear I hear people talk Barca at the equipment you know it does sound. That brought pride that bumper at -- note given up. You know but it could. You know the state huh. He's an extremely extremely presidential Lance and I was out of general manager you might as well as his own team now and I had answers like that. A guy but what you're saying is it definitely would be something worth being routers. It's worth the experience got to get in popular personal. I don't stop on his face in Arizona five point seven get shot thank you so much for your time good luck with that stretch games we look forward to catching up to you next week. I.

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