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Kurt Helin 1-11-17

Jan 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Warriors win last night what they dominate or not hurt heel and joins us from pro basketball talk dot com and Kurt we talked about this when the warriors where. They don't make any news when they lose. It rocked everybody's world let's go back to the loss to Memphis. Losing twice to Memphis this year and any of the flaws. That you saw exposed in that epic fourth quarter collapse. Isolation I think part of it is that they kind of took their foot off the just a bit but also they are tied for the best he. In the NBA right now it's a very Jeanne with some dice can score assault. Mike Conley go at it and get some contributions from other guys so that together once they are come playoff. They're not getting out of the first round but there are topped out what they're there that's a solid and so I. More the impression that that was just all the state. That's an issue where it kind of all of isolation and I try to do a little too much and they're still figuring out globally instead encourage. Lot more comfortable there is no where you lately but. It's January it's it's you don't want to peak and you know it into the matter of just trying to kind of try to find where. I thought you said very interesting as Memphis is currently the five seed and have beaten the warriors twice this year they're fourteen and seven at home for and own the division. You actually said you don't see them getting out of the first round you don't think they can get by the clippers in a best of seven and potentially be a thorn in the side for the warriors. In the second round of the policies and. It kind of depends which clippers team we're talking about how healthy for the clippers. Health and clippers game is usually if they'd get Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and everybody's healthy and that team is. Of the four best teams and B it was for our podium where they break it. They're up they're they're better than Memphis. I'm about your JT I'm I'm not I'm not putting the quarter in my pocket right now the person and a TLC. What do you make of nights when Klay Thompson I believe they deserve to shut it down and get rest. You know I would be very critical of clay Thompson in curry got rest and didn't play on the same night. Against a certain opponent and they didn't have to travel you know me I go nuts I go crazy over that but. Any time Steve Kerr wants to sit. Clay or do rant during a home game against an inferior opponent like Miami I'd have no problem with that and should we expect more of that heading into the all star break. Well and beyond he also greatly when you're an ST I think Boris is Marcin and as they you know try to try to get there. Themselves this question it helped if they're going to be for the playoff run but I think you hit them pay like how good opponents. DEC. Teams rest guys you know went into can be can be like them not resting everybody at once. Like you know I don't book yet don't rest hurry and electrical last week or two of the season you don't rest. Curry and the hand or Anne Thompson or something you know Popovich is density time was secure spots try to rest as separately. And do what they call me if you got the advantage the other and the guys do it coaches do it is. It was the port in the fight nights they'll lose anyway I'm not take the risk. I tried to get that I elected that person won't do that at home not just on the road. Pretty owns our guest pro basketball talk dot com basketball talk. A must follow on Twitter so I I got it wrong thirty crowned Westbrook the MVP after twenty games our starts are all those triple. At what he was due when he was an average a triple double every night I thought it was over because you know 82 games season after 25 games. Forty ran away with it now reassessing because of what Hortons doing. Leading the NBA in assist it just cut down on those turnovers do you think Harden could steal that MVP away from Westbrook. I think it's almost a coin toss it out get. Your mortgage interest is like a park. An average a triple double and we probably not lead the league in assists spew it out there. Have great numbers he's got weapons. So forward. He's gonna have you know twenty something you know to punish diverted by the end of the season. But it's come out also how far it was actually my. If Westbrook averages the triple double that they went in on peacefully and 4640 seven's right after when it's 47 games. And Harden has the numbers he has and they went you went. How much with mr. came up how much rested he's got. Pieces that fit the system around them at a healthier Gorton and all the stuff that. Jane Park has really been perfect in that system with that even what he's doing right now and if they went sixty something into. May have that's just going to be a tough call it especially. If that little hotter Oklahoma City and allow him. That to heart called. Cardiology one of our premier NBA inside and shall join us every Wednesday right here on 957 game you just reported and put up. A new blog on Derrick Rose take listeners behind the scenes on how bizarre this story was. Why the New York Knicks and Phil Jackson aren't talking more about it and is it true he's looking. For a Max contract. After this summer here at the end of the summer when you consider his behavior in the way he's playing and he's nowhere near the player used to pay. That's what he's going to ask for that that's about all day. He's going to ask for Mac steel which by the way is starts in the dirty little short of that start. I think there's a million but here in the thirty million dollar change you've got to get that app to be honest with you and this incident is part of that. And emergencies and listening probably even in the situation where. Something had happened and missed something. And we emergency but not contacting. And distant distant and did you. Not answered the phone calls and you'd be sitting at least they don't know what's going on in this. It's still not been. That you come next summer on the fact that he's not finishing near the rim like. Want to eat out and have an outside shot. We. How awkward point guard now and try to take over came. To me it's more. Mellow which pockets that. Apple's situation was weird because nobody was and how it goes in sports or just general. Aboard information people so straying into an increase. And so. He doesn't like it is like you know a lot of stuff there. He's not coming back the next I don't know. I honestly could pay him an am which I thought maybe he'll take it up and into my card after I wouldn't guarantee beyond two years. Yeah I think he can get to. Yet still it's in the it's the NBA that 200 million dollar shoe contract is really the anchor got his life than him on the money that he makes. Per day on that shoe contract is unbelievable court we'll talk yet every week at this time thanks a lot my preparation at it that's Kerviel and pro basketball dog.

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