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Matt Maiocco 1-11-17

Jan 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That male good joins us every week are niners and shot from CS and the Bay Area and Matt just get a listeners up to speed on how you think the pace of the searches going on they. Going and a fever is fast pace or are they taking their time and is a very. You know slow and methodical how would you describe it. Well I think it's kind of been hurry up and wait pay you know Liz Barr is they've been having a couple interviews in a day. They're doing your head coaching candidates are doing general manager candidates. Yesterday. Pretty. The danger blending together but they've interviewed. On the today. Sean McDermott. They've interviewed Louis Riddick game branded been the Carolina general manager just this week. Nothing today invention is the Astros is since bill. You know without any coaching job tomorrow which accounted doubt they'll be him. The get interview. Apparently got to the assistant general manager. With air zona later in the week and in Seattle people. Tom Cable into the Coke personal tractors over the weekend so. I think they're taking it there. Got about a measured pace because some of their candidates. Who remain. A viable option is that the head coaching position are still playing football game got being Josh McDaniels. And title chanting. And so. Yes I think two of the strongest candidates they have they would be able to hire L after their seasons are over any. I met a lot of times the agents will jockey or leak information if a candidate really wants a job here do you sense that anyone of the candidates who have been interviewed. They're agents are stepping on the gas and at least trying to get the word out there that their client wants this job are we getting a sense of anybody really desperately wanting to gay. Yet not being told you I think all the guys that they interviewed her. Would take that job in you know that the the number one guy that people really want her. Is mcdaniels he's he's a good situation. With that the New England Patriots. If he failed miserably as a head coach of the Denver Broncos. You have to rebuild his career. In some might say well. Yeah he went back to New England market under bill ballot check. Under what Tom Brady uses as a quarterback pocketing not. Do well in those circumstances. Yeah he did with the games early with that Jimmy dropped below. Jacoby that so. Yes he he's the one guy that people say well he really didn't need to become coach but every indication is that he's he's ready to kind of get out. It's CP can do this over again and it would Palestinian. That you ought candidate now. Being the up as the coordinator of. Very good offensive. MVP candidate. In. Matt Ryan's so. I don't get this sense that. That the 49ers have been talking to people. To. Are really all that interested in becoming that they had coached one of the major selling points for the 49ers are one of the reasons that it's not be reason. That these coaches are interest in is that. They're becoming to a situation where if you out or report with the general manager but you've been treated together for a reason and you know what that area. The other is that the property is still there that. Quarter a lot it's still there but but the deteriorating Howell is going to be you raised in its gonna be rebuilt and that's what. Is attracted to some people knowing that you're gonna have some time I would. Theoretically was somebody you trust. To build the 49ers back from basically nothing. You think Matt that any head coach would be interested. And bill musgrave because of his offensive ideas and principles and his pass to considering. He's right on the market close right there in the Bay Area and came off the successful year with car and the silver and black. Well I think what would you get a fine it is if I'd be surprised that the 49ers hired deep into coach. So they're gonna I would I would assume they're gonna hired opposite minded coach and that head coaches in the hat is philosophy so. Yeah in Athens. You know that the biggest hired then that connect coach would be the defense side you know occasion you're gonna probably wanna keep your defense of autonomy. While use in essence run in the Arctic air. So that's what I would expect for just that would expect and higher. It's somebody who's gonna go contrary. To his beliefs I don't know did. You'd necessarily. Need. KD inexperienced offensive coordinator in that position because it's going to be the other head coach as the spirit that that guy running the show. That I really enjoyed your column in the look back on what the Clemson Tigers did on their last play the play they called crush. And and Bill Walsh is playbook for the catch sprint right option really interesting the line up the set up. What Clemson was trying to do to win that game. And what Nick Saban didn't do by calling a timeout and trying to coach against it. To pick listeners behind the scenes in the similarity down and distance and what happened with all those plays. Yeah community to do the exact same play in people like pat wouldn't necessarily know the game only because. What Dwight Clark did was he is basically the second in the that progression so his job was that a lineup on the outside. It and Italy. Politics you know kind of running interference whatever. You want. The guy the quarterback the slot cornerback covering that guy in the slot. To try to get distracted with. What kind of a garbage in there in the two you lose track him in the he's wide open which constant rant it perfectly in the forty aircraft that it. Actually play earlier in the NFC championship game at the cowboys pretty well caught a touchdown pass. Like call these the same play. And downed at the six yard line with the game change in the balance and Freddie called it lips coming out of the break. Which mid July and I didn't have anybody throw it too so he bought time bought time by time. And the delight Clark rented that to the back line and then I came back toward the ball. Ian and Monty acquitted in a pretty good position so it is watching them play Monday night. You are in Italy oh yeah and that's. That's sprint right option and play in the united just touch they look like Clark a couple of days earlier he told me you going to be in a. Watches all the marker Clinton plays clay immediately text July. Ku who added a pretty good chocolate can you imagine having played it like are extremists. He's in the air at in the media watching is all the modern women's national championship on that exact play. In he observed. That big guy in his position. For Clinton will hold to the ground but that Alabama defender and dad and I'll bet that's really help. He'll hide that that quarterback. Who was covering rent pro. And in a very easy pitching gets cut it so yeah I'd now like I hear a sound that. Really adjusting too in the fact that it happened on the use of the 35 year anniversary. Of the catch at a broader at all or. Yeah that's great reporting because again you need to clarification. From Dwight Clark and what are the odds you know he's an alumni he's there you have the ability to tax get Dutch of them get on the phone and to put that altogether and then I put it out as contact and when your reporter. It doesn't get much better than that your cover and an iconic franchise that's their most famous play and you can tied into that night with the guy you need for confirmation who's there and really can confirm everything the way you thought about the must've been a lot of fun for you. It debt when a lot of on the appreciate people in an update the appellate it is kind of made my night. The kind of deal they come together in. In just needed just ought to have been. Everything you know that the Dwight Clark being there at the you know that the 35 anniversary of the play Ian. And everything is kind of tied together so yeah very thing just to write about it and talked about. Great work thanks and apple talked an excellent are at it. That they'll go.

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