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Andrew Brandt 1-11-17

Jan 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We wanted to bring in Andrew Bryant the great inside there from ESP and the business analysts also led MM QB who's covering the owners' meetings. And you before we get to the raiders side of it I want your opinion on The Sopranos family and the reports of a potential hail Mary to keep them in San Diego. And why they just don't punched their ticket to just go to Los Angeles and increase the value of the franchise what are you hearing. Yet they keep that certainly is an option and been there for a year now and and set to expire on Sunday the deadline was just moved two days because Sunday's playoff weekend it moved it to Tuesday so by Tuesday a bit to decide. Do you think its interest thing we haven't heard a decision I do think insisting they're not even part of this meeting today hours that their involvement coaching search. But here's the deal I just have always thought. None of the three parties involved really want this to happen in other words. The rams want to market to themselves the chargers really do wants stated in their home had been trying for sixteen years to get a solution in San Diego. And that's for the NFL there Montrose as always we want to teams to stay where they are even though like Saint Louis science are snickering at that one but. It's just seems to need here is like you said something to be done out does the money. There's a funding. And at the funding gap get made up by San Diego by the chargers. Could it be with the rams could be that we could be the city and county could be San Diego State University. Again all those people would probably say they've come off as farce they're gonna go. But that line next Tuesday we'll see what happens I just it's always in the back of my head I've thought that they are not leaving. Yet and let's take the voters out of it for a second because I lived there for eight years and I've seen. The voters' confidence change I was just down their for the raider game and had 45 to 50000 raider fans and chargers. Turn their back on that game the fans did when you look at the funding and the shortfall there. What's the deal with this potential Super Bowls in your opinion we know that they Diego's a great Super Bowl city the NFL could go there twice. Every decade does that have anything to do with this or nothing to do that because the NFL likes to go to New Orleans Tampa Miami and no one of the NL like a bunch of the next got twenty years. Yeah I think both things are true I think the one thing when we cease stadium deals around the country and I'm talking even about. Cold weather or stadiums like Minnesota elected toys and Indianapolis. It's never sort of in the deal written anywhere but we understand. If there's public funding towards a stadium one of these perks as you get a Super Bowl and again even in places like Minnesota. So that would certainly happen with any new and improved stadium. As for any kind of rotational part of it where we're taking say between New Orleans Miami San Diego I haven't heard anything about that but. There's all these little perks you would think would be thrown in to see if there's any help merited being done. Before the chargers go to LA and quickly on LA listen Brett says I would go up considerably. Chamber revenues would go up considerably. And spinners would not be. Part of the construction the stadium will have no issues of cost overruns and all that is great for the bottom line. We just gotta wonder is that family really wanna move and they really want to be partners with programs. Andrew Brandt joins us Monday Morning Quarterback to great business analysts from ESPN. Is not a whole bunch more in his career wanna move to mark Davis and this form of a presentation in front of these owners watch changed in your opinion. About Mark Davis with this group of owners over the last six months to a year because a stay in Oakland fans. One a desperately keep the team in Oakland he raised the revenue in the money in Nevada already through governor Santa ball the 750. Million. Which killed in battles and all that put aside what does change with his perception. Amongst the owners Eddie's talking in front of today. You know I think this is the key date because the skepticism in the past JT has really been. Less about gambling gaining any of that which is uninteresting statement in itself about big as. But more about the issue of sustainability of the market it's a Taurus and market it's a small market. And I think what he's overcoming. In small steps is that perception that Las Vegas and supported came long term. And then it's really comes down there as he exhausted all reasonable options in Oakland. You know we've heard of a group with Rodney Pete we've heard a group with Ronnie Lott you know it just seems like. From a big picture perspective there is no solution I don't know the terms of these fields we hear about from lot to war. But what I sense is the momentum. That the raiders have about moving. And that the primary force the momentum is 750. Million dollar fully funded stadium. You walk into an owners meeting with that. You get people's attention. We got a lot. What about the local politicians in Oakland at this is all said and done and they end up relocating to Nevada. How much of that should be on the local politicians and Oakland who either were not qualified. To put their heads around doing a deal like this didn't give enough effort or maybe did everything they could do and fought really hard but it was never going to be. A chance for them to stay because of the 750 million you're talking about a Nevada. Well I think there obviously will be backlash there and there'll be a lot of anti Davis sentiment is removed because you're talking about someone's basically take these franchise and leaving. You know what. There's a feeling of whether Spanish weather's Davis where they're cocky don't like change that your own money in the as well why he'd have to rely on the other people. And that's what really has the backlash I just think that. Oakland. Is going to say they've tried to davis' gonna say they've tried. But the wildcard. Is publicly funded stadium I mean go around the country can you find a place that would. Divert all of those funds away from you name it schools police roads construction. Through that and and they say I am not on the business of football and follow the money in the monies in Vegas right now. Are going back to you years with the Green Bay Packers as a vice president and knowing the league given before you came into the league. How would you look back into 12016. From Colin cap or nick. The rams to LA to Vegas rumors. The contract deals that we're seeing television. And the ratings going down during the election is this going to be a year that we talk about. 2030 years down the road and say remember what it was like in 2016. The issue here in the area I cover in the Caribbean and business of football. He start with the rams going back to LA twenty years no team in the second largest markets. There's even questions about whether they'll supported in LA but. You have the shangri La being built it's going to be NFL west it's gonna host com Barnes and Robles and Super Bowls. And it's gonna post final fours and World Cup's. And the NFL is now on inept isn't having a bad news that's going to be bigger than union itself. And you go to the cap connect situation and this idea of social activism which is really it's amazing we're talking about that being who. Two sport that's had such an African American population and has. Gone through this before. And that becomes noon and then that the election the most polarizing election affecting ratings. Everything you lasted gonna have to be determined with a look back in this one year two years three years from now. Like wow did that have an impact are we back to 2015. Ratings levels. What's our sponsors situation. I think we're we have fundamentally gonna have a transformative. Change in the media I just think social media I think. The Google's the Amazon the twitters Facebook's circuit take a radical view in terms of what we're used to covering these games. So yeah I think this is a year changing your dramatic change in the distance of the ball. Andrew last question I love going games I love the experience better than being in the sports bar home watching a game on a tablet. But recently watched a game on Twitter and I was blown away by it the ball offering everything that went well was a great experience I have fifteen and thirteen year old son's. Or watching their football on their hand held device. What does commissioner Goodell some when you go back a long way it would what are his concerns. In regards to the way we view football games because that edge. Tailgating and walking into a game from Lambeau Field to Oakland wherever you are that experience on game day enemy is second to none. But a lot of kids between the ages twelve and nineteen. They don't know anything about it they don't wanna be a part of it and there are members in the media. Who have jobs similar to lie. Port telling their listeners don't go to football games or might be a fight people are drinking it's too cold you don't get your fantasy stats. In time you see this issue every day I wanna keep that game day experience a life. It's is the biggest challenge for the lead in my opinion. And it has been. How do you secure your family how you deal parking Hattie deal with traffic any deal with concessions and he'd do it whether. That home viewing experience continue to get better that's all been there the changes what you just talked about now. Not only have options with television you know options were hand held devices. And we know I have teenagers as well the younger generation. Told Roger this before or since you biggest challenges. Can't have a 200 minutes product for eleven minutes of action just can't consumers will demand. More now other talk they're trying out these 32 break. Less pods are gonna have to skin screen these games with advertising because people won't sit. For 2.2 hundred minutes for twelve minutes of action I think this is the real challenge that's why this Twitter dirt like you said great. And you know what it's one button. You push one button you have begin no authentication. No waiting to buffer debt is the future. Also I really respect your time you know I respect your opinions policy on radio row at the Super Bowl back to come on on injured. Look forward to a particular.

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