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Podcast 1-11-17

Jan 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live from the Dixie can do dot com. Comes yeah it's a JT the brick and yesterday I was thinking out loud on the broadcast. Probably come up with a way to resolve season. What about the where there's not much to talk about. Satellite steer the show a different direction more NFL friendly Pittsburg Kansas City. Seattle going up against a really good at planet to do a little bit of that. But then musgrave is now. And Mark Davis is in New York which stadium. Financing. Now it's busy. It's busy year round on 957. Again. The conversation. The bridge call triple a 95795. So. What's next at 95795. And now here's seeded team to break. And they with the today JJ. They're busy show hopefully it's a Smart showed today he's got some really bright. Guys. Coming on the show a video like you put Smart people on the radio I get out of the way. With my fourth grade vocabulary and I'll let them talk court dealing. We'll join us from pro basketball talk dot com blogger in chief coming up here in about fifteen minutes on the warriors last night Derrick Rose. What we're finding out about that Kyle Korver deal and why that deal was done for the cavaliers. To go up against the warriors also Andrew Brandt who could be the smartest guy in media from. Monday Morning Quarterback the ESPN business analyst who's in New York as Mark Davis is about to present. His stadium financing idea to the owners there. He is live on the scene told talk to him and about 4045. Minutes Andrew Brandt really go to Matt mailed golf will John Russell that. Later on in the next hour to talk about the diners and match the go to guy I'm really looking forward to talk to him a bunch. Coming up here on what the niners need to do and how it's going with their coaching and GM search. Mean there's more pressure I believe on the niners and any other team I mean Buffalo's been a train wrecks seventeen years who doubt the playoffs. You look at the other teams Jacksonville. What we dug Maroney and Tom Coughlin I think that's pretty good I like Tom Coughlin more than Doug morrow and by the two really good mole the rams are looking for a coach the chargers. Are looking for college the niners are looking for a coach and GM. I think there's enormous pressure on the 49ers because the niners getting heat locally. Right here in this town which they should get. And they're getting national heat too when you combine those two burners in the kitchen local and national on the back burner. It's typical to operate your business model I mean we know the niners account money. They got the stadium deal done something that I think every one with the stay in Oakland campaign. Which is they were able to do the way the niners were able to deal. The big picture for the niners was to get that stadium deal done. It was difficult it was dangerous thing it was unique relationship about a hundred to take about a hunters point and emboldened down to Santa Clara risky move. I don't think most of the fans like it but they secured the franchise. They secured the franchise forever. We're pretty much wherever our lifetime by dumping them in Santa Clara into a brand new facility. A big Georgia fans and writer for and would like the same thing. Even if it's 4045. Minutes out of your comfort zone at least you'd have your teams in your local communities. But that's really not the way business is working now we're days in the NFL. What's happening now in the NFL. Is that all owners are making one of two decisions you they are real simple. I wanna build my own stadium. And the use my own money because I'm a billionaire or bought it from someone or. I wanna get free money from someone else comes down to and I dipped to showing reality I understand bold shots. I personally believe that a lot of owners are billionaires and multi billionaires. Like Donald Trump at a press conference today only did was tell you how rich he was on my company's much bigger than applaud. All I could keep my company and be president and do both jobs beautifully it was incredible it was like the most incredible half an hour. I've ever watched on television today when I woke up watched that press conference in the fell. You donors like Arthur Blank in Jerry Jones could stand clunky that had so much money. And yet they can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. Until they die and still have hundreds of millions of dollars and you have other owners don't have that type of money. Including mark Davis and other owners that have a lot of money in their net worth is going up because as you on the team your network continues to go up up and up because the TV contract goes up up and up but those owners go. I don't wanna build the stadium not involved with the dirt I'm not a contract or Ottawa back Kosier I don't wanna pour concrete that's not my business. That's not their business they're not some guys are tech guys like mark cube it. Other guys are guys have a background in software other issues they don't want to build and pour concrete. Until those donors got to find a way to get other people to develop the deal port of find a way to get someone else to help pay the way it always been for a little bit a little. Tiny bit estate taxes to help pay for these things. And my reason is simple on that because life is too short I don't care about little things. I don't care about the thirty or forty or sixty bucks a year caution that fund a stadium because it brings joy that brings. Responsibilities. Typically and everybody flies into your city and smiles and goes up football games and Rihanna concerts and they go to monster truck as a good timing die and you don't care. When you sit there are your deathbed don't sit there are old for you in your bed and says hey man what's active thirty years ago on that stadium tax vote what did you think of likes to show actually I live my life every day I got enough arm and my wife my parents my kids my job's. To concentrate on the stuff that will affect me every day. When it comes to stadium relocation and taxes and dollars everybody is divided. Because we live in a divided country. As much as there are a die hard fans ago yet his my wallet take my money to keep my team here. There are people don't know if I got bigger problems we need hospitals we need more cops we need better roads and they'll never never never never never vote for anything. And we're living in a decisive time so becomes very complex to stay out of it. First show ever did I sat down with Don columns ago. Well what happens that this relocation comes my way. It's up to you JD I'm not telling you what to ever say you're in charge of all the content on your shelf. I sent instantly hagel I'll deal with that when it happens. If they stay I'm thrilled I'd like to see the writers stay in Oakland I said that the first ten sentences out of my mouth I never ever ever would want a team ever to leave the city there. I think I'm issue that is honesty like you'll never see I never want to Cleveland Browns. Any team from the Baltimore colts the Oakland Raiders whoever is I never. Would ever get in front of that story once that happened it's not I'm from New York my teams are from New York they never move I've never been involved in the situation it's not my deal. I want fans to be happy enjoy life. If the business model gets screwed up and things happen along the way. I gotta run a couple of radio shows and I'll handle that story directly with you all I can do is open up the phone to talk about it that's all I can do because again. The right are staying or leaving. Has zero point 00000. Percent to do with JT the brick it has nothing to do with me on any level of it had anything to do it may lower than that. It would be embarrassing to me. Have nothing to do with it I just want the fans in Iraq. And obviously get what's best for you know. And then when this happens if the writers leave in three years or two and a half years or stay amateur on the same radio show's going to be fast it's gonna be interactive it's going to be about the gains that touchdowns. The two point conversions don't forward on fourth down and then all act accordingly. Andrew Brandt will join us later on to talk about this and what's really at stake today. Would Mark Davis. In new York and what's at stake. Foray hail Mary from Oakland and more importantly hail Mary. From San Diego because the raiders of the second choice for LAK. Diego's the first choice for LA but they actually wanna stay. In San Diego and they don't have the money to do the deal very complex complex deal down there. OK the other issue bill musgrave. Are being out as the offensive coordinator of the silver and black. That's surprising to me but not. At the end where I'm shocked. I knew it wasn't perfect with bill musgrave. Within the organization but I thought he did a pretty good job. It was grating bill musgrave this year I would Adam over a beat to a B plus because I just look at the stat. It's a look at Derek Carr a look at the touchdowns a look at the wins. Regularly. I don't you bring that guy back. But then again there's also a complicated issue their because they have a young quarterback coach was highly respected around the league. When you look at the fact that Todd downing could eventually leave and go out the door because he's got connections from Detroit. Buffalo the vikings. And of course puts up numbers like this eventually gonna cherry pick. Derek cars quarterback coach to be an offensive coordinator so if Jack Del Rio. Who's in charge of the coaches if he decides that he wants to protect the flanked. And keep. Todd downing at the expense of bill musgrave he has the right to do that but I'm not gonna bash bill musgrave a matter of fact. I know this to be a fact. There's no show on this radio station or anywhere in this market that have taken more anti calls. Obviously on bill musgrave the mission. Fans line up even after they wind. And people call the shell ripping him because he runs the ball on first down this out whenever I don't get a pretty good job I hope Todd downing does a better job. I can tell you on this issue is Derek Karr. Is very very very comfortable with him he's that type of player who can make par. Better Clark has a lot to do with this situation. Not a selecting whose coach is going to be but the fact that he is the right guy for Derek Karr as he continues to ascend. To be one of the top quarterbacks out there but I like musgrave. I like Ken Norton junior I think they Ken Norton junior was also the defense to poured enormous twelve and fourteen that. Had several holes on defense I believe in his core principles but Jack del real decided that there was Wade Phillips was someone. Who was definitely better I mean is no doubt that Romeo Cornell. And Wade Phillips and Steve Spagnuolo and other guys are header. Then Ken Norton junior as a defensive coordinator if there are available and Jack del real was able to get them out of their contracts then we've adapted that. But I like both of the coordinators I liked a head coach I think the team. Some pretty good coaches one other thing on breaking news on this story I love the guys who chased the breaking news broke two stories. In history in my career with the raiders won. Barrett Robbins would not play in the Super Bowl. Super Bowl Sunday in the Booth hosting a three hour pregame show for the raiders Bruce Allen came to me instead you're on kid. He's not client here's why I knew about it all week I stayed at the team hotel I knew everything that was going on and I mean. Everything that was going on with our Robin's behind the scenes I shut my mouth I didn't call fox I think Paul mile the bosses and celebrate this story I waited until my boss. My boss Bruce Allen who hired me said. Go with it right after that went to a we went to commercial George Atkinson org party geoghan keynote next to me. And right behind me Al Michaels producer came and said did you just say that can you confirm that as again we just broke the story that Barrett Robbins won't. Play in the super ball below and then they put it out on the Super Bowl pregame show. I think that was a nice feather in my cap the second story I broke with the death of Jeanne optional. When he died I made a phone call to a couple people including the actual owner now of the writers they confirmed it and I want with it. What they are pretty much done. On the I need to break a story on the flagship that the quarterback coach is now the offensive coordinator or the offensive coordinator wasn't retained. Little the other guys run around on Twitter and try to break that story and look like a genius. All public the writers this way we will talk to the fans about it and really have an interactive impact. On the raider nation by talking about this but I'm gonna guy's gonna dance on. Working for the raiders for nineteen years Norv Turner. Tony Sparano. You look at guys who have come in and been a part of play calling in the past huge action as a head coach all really good guys good to me. The date they got us fired or they didn't get retained I didn't go on the radio. These guys a year don't do that when you have relationships with people you don't look behind their back and call someone ago. He really get fired because he was this that up numerous scripts not retained you wish you well. Effected coach is it twelve and four really good job making car become better. Along with Todd downing we wish you nothing but respect going forward. Instead of trying to run around and beat the other guy on Twitter eight seconds before he broke it from NFL network or the next guy doesn't the next guy do it. It's not the end of the world. When coaches are not retained by an organization and it's not breaking news to most responsible people lab actual jobs in the media. Warriors win last night what they dominate or not. Hurt heel and joins us from pro basketball talk dot com and Kurt we talked about this when the warriors where they don't make any news when they lose. It rocked everybody's world let's go back to the loss to Memphis. Losing twice to Memphis this year and any of the flaws. That you saw exposed in that epic fourth quarter collapse. They didn't get rightfully part is that they kind of took they're put off the job but Memphis has also. They are tied to the best defense in India right out at some ice score so. On the they didn't get some contributions from other guys that together on. A plane out. They're not getting out of for their top what they're there that's a solid and so. I got more impression that was just. That's an issue where it kind of and all of isolation and I'd try to do a little too much and they're still. Figuring out globally and stuff and current lot more comfortable there is no where you neatly. It's January it's it's you don't want to teach you know it does matter just try to got to try to find groups. I thought you said very interesting as Memphis is currently the five seed and the beat the warriors twice this year the fourteen and seven at home foreign owned the division. You actually said you don't see them getting out of the first round you don't think they can get by the clippers in a best of seven and potentially be a thorn in the side for the warriors. In the second round of the policies and. It kind of depends of which clippers team we're talking about how healthy for the clippers. I think they help and corporate game is usually do if they get Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and everybody's healthy. And that team is one of the four best teams and B it was for our program you know where you break it but they're. They're they're better than Memphis spot about JT I'm I'm not I'm not like the quarter in my pocket right now the person that he'd tell them. What do you make of nights when Klay Thompson I believe they deserve to shut it down and get rest. You know I would be very critical of clay Thompson in curry got rest and didn't play on the same night. Against a certain opponent and they didn't have to travel you know me I go nuts I go crazy over that but. Any time Steve Kerr wants to sit. Play or do rant during a home game against an inferior opponent like Miami I'd have no problem with that and should we expect more of that heading into the all star break. Well and beyond he also break when you're an ST I think Boris is archived and as they you know try to forget there. And so as fresh and it help if they're going to be for the playoff run. But I think you hit and I like how good. DEC. Teams rest guys you know it would have been can be can be like them not resting everybody at once. Like you know I don't book yet what the rest hurry and electrical last week which would see don't rest. Curry and the hand or Anne Thompson or something you know. As Popovich is principally on what to your spots try to rest as separately a dual home if you got the advantage the other titles he do it coaches do what is. It was the port in the fight nights ago was anyway I'm not take the risks. I try to get that I elected personally to do that at home not just on the road. Pretty owns our guest pro basketball talk dot com basketball talk. A must follow on Twitter. So I got it wrong I thirty crowned Westbrook the MVP after twenty games our starts are all those triple. At what he was due when he was an average a triple double every night I thought it was over because. You know 82 games season after 25 games. Forty ran away with that now reassessing because of what Hortons doing. Leading the NBA and assessed it could just cut down on those turnovers do you think Harden could steal that MVP away from Westbrook. I think it's almost a point sort out get. Here's where it gets interest is like a park. Average a triple double and we probably not legally assist Stuart up there. Have great numbers he's got weapons. So forward. You can have you know twenty something you know one ish diverted by the end of the season. But it's come out also how far it was in actually not. If Westbrook averages the triple double but they went in on peacefully and 4647. Wins right after when it's 47 games. And Harden has the numbers. And they win you. Like that and how much with Victor came up how much granted he's got. Pieces that fit the system around them at a healthy Eric Gordon and all this stuff that. James Harden has really been perfect in that system with that even what you do one right now and if they went sixty of them games may have that's just going to be a tough call it especially. If that little hotter and Oklahoma City and around him. A debt to Harpo. Cardiology one of our premier NBA inside and shall join us every Wednesday right here on 957 game you just reported and put up. A new blog on Derrick Rose take listeners behind the scenes on how bizarre this story was. Why the New York Knicks and Phil Jackson aren't talking more about it. And is it true he's looking for a Max contract. After this summer here at the end of this summer when you consider his behavior in the way he's playing and he's nowhere near the player he used to. That's what he's going to ask for that stepped in and out of all day. You going to ask for Max steel which by the way is starts to get dirty little short of that start. Part two million you know in the thirty million dollar range. You've got to get that aspect to be honest with you and this incident is part of that. What we call them emergencies and listening probably in the situation where. The company had happened and missed something. Because family emergency but not contacting. Instant is it is not answered the phone call continued states and at least they don't know what's going on. Isn't. It it's just not been it's been a that you come next summer on the fact that. He's not finishing near the rim like ones did took what happened outside China. We know better. I can help bridge wing guard now and try to take over came. To me it's more. Mellow and the chip pockets that. Apple's situation was weird just because nobody was and how it goes. And sports are just the general aboard information people so straying change in increase. Until. He doesn't like it is cold like you know a lot of stuff they're not coming back the next I don't know I honestly. And him and and which I thought maybe he'll take its capital and appoint or doctor. I wouldn't guarantee beyond and maybe two years. Yeah I think he can get him. Yet still it's in the it's the NBA that 200 million dollars shoe contract. Is really the anchor got his life that you hunt money that he makes. Per day on that shoe contract is unbelievable court we'll talk yet every week at this time thanks a lot my preparation edit. It that's occurred Gil and pro basketball dog. Dot com and so Derrick Rose makes 200 million total he's already been in the contract a number of years on a shoe contract anything he makes playing is a relevant. It's all that you deal that's why these guys one of the individuals that's what they wanna dog that's what they don't wanna pass up the warriors but a lot of other guys because. If they get a shoe contract from a hundred to 200 million dollars. Now it doesn't matter what happens on the court doesn't matter because there's that a multi multi millionaires because of their shoe deal. That's what we're seeing with Derrick Rose lot of those today no head coach or GM and Santa Clara. And the writers have a new offensive coordinator. And I think the way we go down this road with the writers today is what would you like to see is the upgrade. So you don't like bill musgrave and I would call in today actually. Thanking bill musgrave I think that's part of the phone call hey you know we were twelve and for a lot of big plays this year there's a highlight reel. That goes on for thirty minutes on the writers on offense thanks coach musgrave but if you don't wanna do that what do you wanna see. Out of the next offensive coordinator of the silver and black be specific. You wanna see more of the running backs out of the backfield more discreet game. Todd downing and his history in the sleek and what he's learned. What do you want to see from the right errors and Derek horrendous offense next year. In an upgrade is that going to be a lot of players I think the writers got big problems on defense it. In regards to quashing a pretty important. I think the first three out of four picks a first or out of five picks via free agency on the draft better be on the defense of side at linebacker defensive tackle. Before they even think of offense they got their receivers they typically don't throw the dice and they have running backs. It to maybe it's Murray could be gone but what is the goal all of this fast pace. Flashy offenses we go forward triple 8957957. L we'll talk to Andrew Bryant coming up in fifteen minutes he's real sharp. In New York on what the writers are presenting today we'll get into that on 957 again. Now brackets AT damper on 95 point seven. JJ back with him just got a text from Sargent JD Nelson from the Alameda county sheriff's department we Adam in the studio a couple of weeks ago I donate a thousand dollars to the fellowship charities and they just pick one today. Every one home dot org which ending helps and homelessness and Alameda County. But that was one of the charities that they chose after the donation we wanna thank everybody involved with that everybody stepped up. After the ghost fire plan a Goshen fire what happened there and we appreciate the people who donated. We're listening to this station really happy to get that news today sold in Tuesday with the writers and especially when it comes to an offensive coordinator change. A unique Vista but it doesn't happen to a twelve and fourteen so you can look at it two ways or. She did one of two ways you could say that this is a move that is made because the writers wanna do something aggressively better. Or you could debate that may be that was an issue within the coaching ranks would bill musgrave and that would just be rumor. And speculation. And you don't know if that's accurate enough. But typically you don't get rid of an offensive coordinator and lasts. You have a plan and to me it seems like the raiders plan is obvious. They would rather go with a young quarterback coach with big experience and Todd downing. Move Derek card trust to take the offense to the next level. And they probably are some problems what happened just like you did throughout the course of the season with some of the plate calling selections. It's just tough to. Like in the stock market where I have my background and it's tough to get a stock that one up 70%. It's tough to sell that stock. Just up the Jamaican money you make your money with a stocky just go there and no forgot like downing of these potentially believe to be offensive coordinator somewhere else you give the shot your first and I think that's what was gonna happen. If Todd downing continue to improve with car. He be on the short list to be six head coaching jobs next year. Available there's always six there was fire six coaches every year in the nude here instead of Kyle Shanahan. Instead of other some of the other coaches like Josh McDaniel out there. You'd hear about this wonder guys do work would call for a number of years and he'd be the offensive coordinator on a team that's what's going on here. And I trust the judgment of Mark Davis Reggie McKenzie but especially Jack Del Rio. What he's trying to build chemistry with the coaching staff I just like bill musgrave. But I thought overall he did a pretty good job market San Antonio on the 957. The game apple mark. Strategic you very calm there's all electric shone like the way you do think he just keeping that crop you know you just don't hold back. That's very good and sparked this musgrave I mean well I mean I sent me names and faces change but the team goes on. So we just got to go from here and basically what I like to see more BR print them. More more better running game it makes what some passive because and then we get to. So where are too predictable. Ordered to move the ball. Well there are different. And they have four backs Butler KBS who could go the free agency I spoke to the day be as last night will play a biter to that. Next hour in the show but when you look at what the writers want to do next we all complain when they run the ball. You all don't you all complain when they run the ball. If they run it inside you say Iran and outshot their running outside to say throw the ball. That is the nature of fans when it comes offensive coordinators and once you win games. 42 to seventeen. You complain because you don't like play calling a lot of times offensive coordinators got to balance it out they don't wanna have their receivers running routes every play. They wanna run the ball the wanna take time off the clock there is a method to the madness but I get it. Actually bill musgrave is perfect I'm not saying he's the great look at Norv Turner bought turner is probably. Since the eighties. The number one offensive coordinator. I tell the story all the time I went to Troy Aikman's induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Aikman spent two thirds of his speech on Norv Turner. Not Jimmie Johnson not Jerry Jones not Michael Irvin Aikman did was speak like twenty minutes on north. Nor was the head coach of the raiders really good offensive coordinator. He was in the building you work for the writers. I think that Norv Turner is thought it was a better overall and accomplish play caller. The bill musgrave there's been some really sharp guys in the building. When Al Davis was alive and since she's passed you just gotta find the chemistry that works best with the players crystal last Oakland. You hammered musgrave more than anybody on this broadcast how do you feel today. Or stop the moral of the story pistol like Troy Aikman torture it was eight vote. All it was great did it with all the quarterbacks. Her web quite hear it in with Kerry Collins. It. Is going to be fine because great quarterbacks make coordinator. We talk about. The Belichick street why he'd been such dismal failure we. Fail I think they'll get to take Tom Green with a lot harder to you know. At that point one Super Bowl multiple coaches at multiple coordinators but much much rates if the coaches it's how his team act. Okay it directly with people say we appetite entity I mean for you got a franchise quarterback that identity in the war. All they want it don't. Quarterback that can control the spirit part quarterback rating in the fourth quarter. Why because at and at that point but opening author topic I'd do it either. This year when he shut off and that was why I. Cooper hit it appeared to any time. There's no. Correct. That shot that straight but that they at a rate here I don't ask you do it for every Pollard. Maybe. All year we step back that wow what like all great design. Quarterback struggling in a playoff game and let's make that we haven't checked quite do we have any outside of the block out and. For 12 and a basic white. That works when it now. Joseph you're Jake eat meat or restrict that much and. Rate cut it better how often are important for one reason you can't really get it back and eat when he got that power that the ball. It is just like went out to recruit opening it up. And global we will all out with a quarterback it's all forty game I don't. Balance out what point thought. Bank Iggy. Thank you Chris and Eddie Todd downing is a god do we don't know he's not he's not a play call at the NFL level till now. He's a valuable assistant he's a really good quarterback coach. John before limbo like new when he was here got a chance to move on and get a better opportunity at least what he thought was a better opportunity for his career guys don't know. But I think when people leave on the way out you should at least talk about the good things again. Gary may someday he'll have that chance to do that with me if you think trash me when I believe that you know he did a couple of good things that may be NC and then pile on after that. I'm not a guy piles on on good people when they leave. In their contracts on retain it happens it happens I thought bill musgrave can walk out of this job thing I left with a twelve and four football team. And a third string quarterback going into the playoffs. That's reality but Jack Del Rio knows more and Jack Del Rio for whatever reason wanted to go a different direction which someone. He's obviously more comfortable if your own hold hang up and of electing keep call Jiang and we got Andrew Bryant who's supposed to check in in the will put you up right after it's on the other side. Andrew Brandt for Monday Morning Quarterback ESP and the business analyst he is there in New York is Mark Davis is about. To present to the NFL owners on this Vegas relocation. I want to talk to him about San Diego wanna talk to him about 2016. The ratings issues is one of the sharpest guys we ever get a chance to talk to we'll talk to and Joseph Bryant coming in from New York next. Now practically GT the bridge on 95 point seven game. Welcome back to 957 began a huge David a lot of news surrounding the silver and black bill musgrave being out the warriors what we wanted to bring in Andrew Bryant the great inside there. From the SP and the business analysts also live MM QB who's covering the owners' meetings. And then you before we get to the raiders side of it I want your opinion on The Sopranos family and the reports of a potential hail Mary to keep them in San Diego. And why they just don't punched their ticket to just go to Los Angeles and increase the value of the franchise what are you hearing. Yes did you get certainly an option that's been there for a year now and and set to expire on Sunday the deadline was just moved two days because Sunday's playoff weekend it moved it to Tuesday. Abide Tuesday a bit to decide. Do you think it's interesting we haven't heard a decision I do think insisting they're not even part of this meeting today hours that their involvement coaching search. But here's the deal I just have always. None of the three parties involved really want this to happen in other words the rams want the market to themselves. The chargers really do wants stated in their home had been trying for sixteen years to get a solution in San Diego. And that's for the NFL there Montrose as always we want the teams to stay where they are even though likes Saint Louis science are snickering at that one. It's just seems to me either is Blakey said something to be done now does the money there's a funding gap. And that the funding gap get made up by San Diego by the chargers. Could it be with the rams could be that we could beat the city and county could be San Diego State University. Again all those people would probably say they've come off as farce they're gonna go but. Deadline next Tuesday we'll see what happens I just it's always in the back of my head I've thought that they're not leaving. Yet and let's stick to voters out of it for a second because I live there for eight years and I've seen. The voters' confidence change I was just down their for the raider game and had 45 to 50000 raider fans and chargers. Turn their back on that game the fans did when you look at the funding and the shortfall there. What's the deal with this potential Super Bowls in your opinion we know that they Diego's a great Super Bowl city the NFL could go there twice. Every decade does that have anything to do with this or nothing to do that because the NFL likes to go to New Orleans Tampa Miami and no one of the NL like a bunch of the next got twenty years. Yeah I think both things are true I think the one thing when we cease stadium deals around the country and I'm talking even about cold weather or stadiums like menace. So the elected Corey. And Indianapolis. It's never sort of in the deal written anywhere but we understand. If there's public funding towards a stadium one of the perks as you get a Super Bowl and again even in places like Minnesota. So that would certainly happen with any new and improved stadiums. As for any kind of rotational part of it where rotating say between New Orleans Miami San Diego I haven't heard anything about that but. There's all these little perks you would think would be thrown in to see if there's any help merited being done. Before the chargers go to LA and quickly on LA. Listen. Brett says I would go up considerably. Team revenues would go up considerably. And Stennis would not be. Part of a construction the stadium will have no issues of cost overruns and all that is great for the bottom line. We just gotta wonder is that family really wanna move and they really want to be partners with programs. Andrew Brandt joins us Monday Morning Quarterback to gray business analysts from ESPN. Is not a whole bunch more in his career wanna move to mark Davis and this form of a presentation in front of these owners watch changed in your opinion. About Mark Davis with this group of owners over the last six months to a year because a stay in Oakland fans. One a desperately keep the team in Oakland he raised the revenue in the money in Nevada already through governor Santa ball the 750. Million. Which killed in battles and all that put aside what does change with his perception. Amongst the owners Eddie's talking in front of today. You know I think this is a key date because this skepticism in the past JT has really been. Less about gambling gaining any of that which is uninteresting statement in itself about big as. But more about the issue of sustainability of the markets and tourism market it's a small market. And I think what he's overcoming. In small steps is that perception that Las Vegas and supported came long term. And then it's really comes down under has he exhausted all reasonable options in Oakland. You know we've heard of a group with Rodney Pete we've heard a group with Ronnie Lott you know it just seems like. From a big picture perspective there is no solution I don't know the terms of these fields we hear about from lot to work he earning well now. But what I sense is the momentum. That the raiders have about moving. And that the primary force the momentum is 750. Million dollar fully funded stadium. You walk into an owners meeting with bat. You get people's attention. We got a lot. What about the local politicians in Oakland at this is all said and done and they end up relocating to Nevada. How much of that should be on the local politicians and Oakland who either were not qualified. To put their heads around doing a deal like this didn't give enough effort. Or maybe did everything they could do and fought really hard but it was never going to be. A chance for them to stay because of the 750 million you're talking about a Nevada. Well I think there obviously will be backlash there and there'll be a lot of anti Davis sentiment if they move because you're talking about someone's basically take these franchise and leaving. You know what. There's a feeling whether span of those weather's Davis whether it's crock either why can't put your own money into this one why you have to rely on other people. And that's what really has the backlash I just think that. Oakland. Is going to say they've tried to davis' gonna say they've tried. But the wildcard. Is publicly funded stadium on the go around the country can you find a place that would. Divert all of those funds away from you name it schools police road construction. For that and and they say on the business of football and follow the money in the monies in Vegas strip. Are going back to you years with the Green Bay Packers as the vice president and knowing the league given before you came into the league. How would you look back into 12016. From Colin cap or nick. The rams to LA to Vegas rumors. The contract deals that we're seeing television. And the ratings going down during the election is this going to be a year that we talk about. 2030 years down the road and say remember what it was like in 2016. The issue here in the area I cover and there have been in business of football. He start with the rams going back to LA twenty years no team in the second largest markets. There's even questions about whether they'll supported in LA but. You have the shangri La being built it's going to be NFL west it's gonna host com Barnes and nobles and Super Bowls. And it's gonna pose final fours and World Cup's. And the NFL is now on inept isn't that having a bad news it's going to be bigger than any NFL. And you go to the cap predict situation and this idea of social activism which is really it's amazing we're talking about that being who. Two sport that's had such an African American population and has. Gone through this before. And that becomes new and then that there election the most polarizing election affecting ratings. Everything you last is gonna have to be determined with a look back in this one year two years three years from now. Like wow did that have an impact are we back to 2015. Readings levels. What's our sponsors situation. I think we're grass fundamentally gonna have a transformative. Change in the media I just think social media I think. The group goes the Amazon's the twitters Facebook's are gonna take a radical view in terms of what we're used to it covering these games. So yeah I think this is the year changing your dramatic change in the business of football. Andrew last question I love going games I love the experience better than being in the sports bar home watching a game on a tablet. But recently watched a game on Twitter and I was blown away by it the ball offering everything that went well was a great experience I have fifteen and thirteen year old son's. Or watching their football on their hand held device. What does commissioner Goodell someone you go back a long way it would what are his concerns. In regards to the way we view football games because that edge. Tailgating and walking into a game from Lambeau Field to Oakland wherever you are that experience on game day enemy is second to none. But a lot of kids between the ages twelve and nineteen. Don't know anything about it they don't want to be a part of it and there are members in the media. Who have jobs similar to lie port telling their listeners don't go to football games or might be a fight. People are drinking it's too cold you don't get your fantasy stats in time you see this issue every day I wanna keep that game day experience a life. It's is the biggest challenge for the lead in my opinion. And it has been. How do you secure your family how you deal parking Hattie deal with traffic any deal with concessions and he'd be or whether. That home viewing experience continue to get better that's all been there that changes what you just talked about now. Not only have options with television you know options were hand held devices. And we know I have teenagers as well the younger generation. I told Roger this before or since you biggest challenges. You can't have a 200 minutes product for eleven minutes of action. Just can't consumers will demand. More now other talk they're trying out these 32 break. Less pods are gonna have to skin screen these games with advertising because people won't sit. For 2.2 hundred minutes for twelve minutes of action. I think this is the real challenge that's why this Twitter there's like you said great and you know what it's one button. You push one button you have to get no authentication. No waiting to buffer. That is the future. Also I really respect your time you know I respect your opinions policy on radio row at the Super Bowl back to come on on injured. It thank you Andrew Brown one of the sharpest guys out there at the end I just wrote that down 200 minutes of game experience in twelve minutes. That really jumped out at me when you watch a game. See all the commercials you continue to see that's what like only games you go to a football game in Oakland you don't see commercials. There are you seeing your friends and you talk into your neighbor you're talking to people around you look at the bench. You watch and what the entertainment looks like on the scoreboard the problem he said it's the number one problem. Two years ago when I talked to that was concussions. Is about the lawsuits now it's about how you watch football. And how the commissioner finds a way to get to distill go to games when it's always. Easy to just sit at home. On your last not mold and watched the game. I'm not there yet I still like games better. He'll like be in outside the weather the experience. But more and more of the young fans don't wanna do it in a little experience it. They are softer. They just don't wanna be out the elements of weather like we said they don't wanna walk from Bart all the way to their seat they'd rather just sit at home because. They play their video games at home. It's time for the 957. Four to date contest here's your chance sort of thousand dollars Texaco drive. To 72881. Matched drive DRI VE. The 72881. For your chance to win. A thousand dollars right now what we come back we'll reset at the top of the hour my comments with and conversation with led to pay the us. Murray also on what's going on with him in free agency and bill musgrave the and dawn and quickly as you know being a listener. The 9570 games like being a part of a celebrity athletes entourage. Because 957 game has a stream sports experience. Gives you chance to rub shoulders with celebrities and sports heroes. Beginning Tuesday January 17. Go to 957 again dot com make your bid on your dream sports experience unforgettable. Life and sports experiences for you when your friends you'll never forget it all proceeds go directly. To the Bay Area sports hall of fame to help. Kids in need I love this golf experience. To trophy club tickets for the weekend tournament rounds at the 27 team. Men's US open at Erin hills in Wisconsin. Bigot that airfare for two. Tickets. And travel allowance on top of that that is fabulous she won a bit on that prize we reset and what the raiders need to do. To expand on that our offense. And the niners. They are higher a 957 again.

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