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Feb 13, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Area 95 point seven the game these days. Hero who were jobs and I am -- alive two hours in the books. One more adult this is the critical third period school right in the rom and Greg Greg gets very topics. I do say so myself and we'll give you one more fantastic hour before we give way to leave live broadcast. I believe is the teal verse the blue. Tonight the center bruise warriors first the Oklahoma City blue I can't wait live from oracle feared getting out there you probably should be there by now right. I'd imagine first 101000 fans receive a special addition. Staff curry surfing Bobble head doll courtesy of Santa Cruz beach more war. I guess the have to be there now. Yeah that urgency is gonna be rob watts I'm ready if not hurry up and get on out there if you wanna weigh in on the so we've been doing a lot of basketball. We're in unison general basketball door a lot of warriors basketball part of that. As the warriors. NBA teams playing. Last night a lot of Boeing. A lot of bush league behavior if you ask me from VO Kasey fans and management. Are we talked a lot about that we're gonna talk about general MBA we've also talk some football what every one weigh in on candidate not 579570. Tripoli 957. 9570 Penske auto sales doc Comtex line 95795. We are of course why from the DG DG dot com studios on the twelfth floor in downtown San Francisco. I felt like he was WWE yesterday from a Oklahoma City Thunder. And arena and fans per spec not a bad compared to be in the lawyers rely little cartoonish it's exactly yeah. And the warriors brought their lunch pail and they did they came to work. And they work him and it was a it was a sweet return as you talk about the cup cakes. All the cup coming how to really know what was stored up it's just so it's like it's like when somebody dias is you. But it's not creative or or or funny. Or it doesn't even cut in deep like you think Kevin Durant was. Offended by any of that after the game we talked about how he's been called worse I mean it's such a bad she can't would be like. Or use stink. Good or use spanky do you think that you would be offended by that and you come hearted somebody come with something good I will say in if Kennedy's listening goes on did the biggest Katie supporter hang on hang on. There's every time you do this I have to bring it up you talk about. What was it beyoncé at the Super Bowl was in Santa Clara this. We're talked about if beyoncé is listening they weren't all that that's not a five point seven the game you'd think beyoncé isn't a limo requesting the limo driver to turn on 95 cent at don't buy things happened is focusing our aren't so it's okay he's listening what. I'm his biggest supporter okay. And I'm just saying I like to Serbs did see it coward would the K dated it could be. You know idea what John Wooden foot it was I give credit for being you know particular. He get. Goal Annika the tax okay and they wouldn't say getting big in the deal doing days I mean that that with a look at what kind of clever yeah but there was there was weak but it was clever. Yeah eighties the way oldest and here's when here's my thing what we do that was cowardly. He left home well aren't what you and beyoncé left you talk like Matt stick around yeah. I'm Rihanna left turn. Who's your girl. Jessica album skin skin nearby the admittedly a Jessica he had a knee. Some are looking a little picky I told him that is my number one what in case you're new to the broad enough and now as a bug and a cold not to saw we had enough cash Warren. I'm a cash Warren a mess up so I can swoop men who. Cash Warren is a husband and a way so has our name it's cash. It's probably fake it I mean yeah that's what goes by it. In an order itself it's a fake man whose real name like on his birth certificate can be looked and get our crack staff on that. Edited on 57957. L again at the top of the hour mortgage you too. The Santa Cruz warriors. Eagle. I'm guessing teal because we had. We had the play by play guy on earlier and he has he has he'll city all day is a Twitter bio Kevin Donna. So we're gonna give way to him so with Steel City vs the Oklahoma City blew so Spielberg's blue tonight at oracle. Should be fun guest room and cast some excitement there we go on his first to get more you know right we are here to inform. Pitted not 579570. Also at the bottom of the hour not the top group Scott Reese Stanford play about play you also get to Monte TVU he's an anchor. And a reporter he knows a ton about college it's about that time. But let's goal on the MBA shall we. And I'm ready everybody says foregone conclusion that you're gonna be seeing the on the cavs and the dubs in the finals but you haven't seen the you'd think is actually get a brief. The cats in the playoffs so is it well that's too strong a word but I think Boston is two games back. They may make a blockbuster trade Q we call it that broke a first and only blockbuster night on the six or playing for their Roche for all real okay cutting our breaking news sounder told me stay home we also an insider about what's your TV show when I was a kid. The insider like. Now here I'm I'm 33 a beautiful I deck and not enough not now a public and give what was the what was the sap okay Gino dumb and dumber. Okay greatest movies ever made when he does pretty bird does he bought a a bird that had his head cut off. On the error there's insider addition. Get the get there and get sounder for inside edition somewhat that anytime Guerrero as incitement a play breaking new sound a rehab this pretty big news. Go live two lives at Philly tell you with the US we go live to Philly and I'm actually is San Fran on business. Well. Or at odds San Francisco we go live to see every Cisco on a business trip Gerald Berger were Johnson has an insight on some or the did not get on a plane local. For did not board the 76 are playing for their current road trip. And the reason being is the trade is in progress possibly. And he's one of the chips to would be going to. They don't have the team listed. But a Boston the Boston he would but I don't know who you know what team the player with. There's supposed to be of three teams for Bol guys so I don't have the other okay I'm confused and now it's our butts he did not go on a road trip fourteen just feel that strongly yes you know it like day. I talked deity you'd better complained you back here. For Boston if they were get open for that would be special. Normally when they're sued back quickly and normally when there's smoke there's fire hustler. Really you see the Celtics. Did you see this and I watched him play. I have Isiah Thomas they're talking about Biederman and didn't NN BP isn't what he defense would. Well don't tell Greg Papa that our guard problem wanna rant about how is that it I think he literally is adamant it was what DiMarco and I walked in here that doesn't shine to his his clutch. Stats you know however Wright does analytics now. He's like number one in clutch that she's unbelievable the fourth quarter can I give you better and every area and Katie better instead of better than LeBron and any. I'll give you quick scenario and how you can't orient come. The leading scorer in the fourth quarter this season is Isiah Thomas got. They slipped did because Boston's record. Of losing leads in fourth quarter they lead the NBA so they tried to turn around and said he did that because Zach rot I have the most points in the fourth yeah is that why they're why they're using those games when you can't you can't win are you cannot win. A Boston 35 in nineteen did they play today. So I update data read in the newspaper. Our Cleveland 3716. They play today. Again read in the newspaper column about it was a light up quite dead you honestly think that Boston can give them almost literally see. Right now they're two games back of the best record in the east interest in so BA these Oates went to Toronto. And I birdied two with 22 now. Struggle with the pistons right now they're up three. At home. Not over by any means. Reback prep state laws and bosh stay in their life if they do the exact part edited on 579570. We have created characters. Well on our show we have mention New Jersey but then we have Tony. The New Yorker I believe he has his own via. He has his own music walk up music if you will. Sony The New Yorker and now what city eating give me a city like Gallup meter summer right Tony were yet. You know what. Director Barry vehicle wrote. He no room in remote that aren't so I'm always everywhere. Oak elect an answer. Only the emotionally everywhere and what are you got Tony. Well. That was an interest in game Monday's. Warriors game was cup not. That's all you are to come Tony got to bring some emotion that went out and what you think a bottle Jason has given a video tribute. To KD no respect for enormous that are no respect Tony. The end hurt. What got hurt feelings. Battered and everyone does. Applause life you know. They got a raw political I was a little now. Too much. I even heard over the radio listen hurricanes someone yell and here. You radio expand you can hear it everywhere. Ridiculously books some. Replays on app on my fault then. Our man show they put on for a post war if and it was great it was a great game. I think that they'd be in that book. Definitely have to be started because this little. Free agency. Switched around. That gay people you know what. He's in about a place now. You know us are that Tony. Forget about it. Oh. Tony. Forget about it forget about it forget about it you this look this little bit in the music play Hamlet we got Tony. The New Yorker we got Mitch New Jersey. Guy New Jersey their calls but it's only rader talked. Normally when there were jobs exactly right now to five point seven the game taking your calls candidate not 579570. Tripoli 957. 9570. The Penske auto sales are Comtex life is of course. 95795. Bomb and we are. Live from the DG DG dot com studios here in downtown San Francisco on Twitter guru has surpassed me he has more Twitter followers I haven't even checked in the banana out there they told me was breaking the rules before. I've grown up I don't even care about the it would be a rights when I got more than you you called me from your son's games that I look to your followers in this a lot of eggs there. Anyways he's had surely guru dvd GU or U mats exports ZAK sports. Checked it's excellent I've not seen that I'm actually working. You guys should be monitoring them. A look at this. Home edited out by seven on Fossum and I was I didn't get him we were talking about whether or not niners and raiders fans are a little bit overly confident. About bear. Coaching and GM situations. And now we're gonna go to Chris and report to wants start but the niners coaching go ahead Chris. I'm excited about. Players that coach break. Well great and all players got back. And it. So I think he argued it is. Great. Yeah I mean that's troll and and you know and and thank you for the phone call Chris guru alluded to that we're talking about basketball. Not not football the moment but yet you're right I mean you can look like a really good coach when you have Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant Shaquille O'Neal Scottie Pippen wanted Jimmie Johnson say the great Jimmy Johnson you can now win the race if you don't have the horse yet and you don't look like a really bad coach we don't have the talent around you but that's where. That's where I'm more okay with a six year deal because you can't judge. You can judge Winchester next year you can't judge Kyle Shanahan next year because no matter what they do even if they get a collegial Mac and dare core. You're still not going to be able to judge what Kyle Shanahan does next year from the tax line. You put him on the 510 hagel group. You wore the lucky break winner for a reason. And the Zach is a loser Zack please there was a favor and move to Brooklyn and never come back. If they offered me a job by police and sport he's wise that turned me on knowledge did not turn me on turn me off puts it it's always my name writes this must be a real fan. If you don't know what's the one and ZAK. He spelled it ZAK normally I get ZACHZACK. But I yell all they offer me a diet and rob talk about the knicks and the nets. No I don't. But again that what's your best big let's go to grant in south city. But see how he feels about gurus asinine claim. That the Celtics might be the cavs in the Eastern Conference finals go ahead grant. And that man eleven and that come out and out here or country. An arm here and has ordered our opinion that it is reassuring because are you at the war that they'll make it straight. And they get them help out rebound and good defender of big net. I'm telling you they can they can now take out not believe it. Really are you the Celtics fan. Brent but there are so that's part of it right you're a little bit biased. A little app well I mean. It's the capital brought talking about opera like that. You aren't that looked a little bit. Yeah Alan that's very ballot I mean look Brad Stevens is great they brought in Al Horford that got us a Udall Isiah Thomas I like they're small pieces to that difference now. I ever saw and what the lawyers last year they could slow day overtake the cavs though bigger beat LeBron and and light of that I'm just I don't understand the look the cavs are gone to a rough spot no doubt but to beat them and a seven game playoff series I think that's forfeits I just don't get out there that there are only two games up regularly look what who. I'm Morgan to the lawyers up on a team right behind him. In the west a million. Well you cleaver stars fans via modem. I'm with you odds somebody is requesting a breaking news sounder who are you ready to take this from the you said I was off and you were taken over the do okay. And breaking news sounder. Now if this is it is fake news. If you will then flag on Matt in the back of bill. He record I am yet Diaw and it is he's caught onto it don't in Indonesia and well it is diagnosis are dot. After the flag on Madden back ability request a guru to break the news he said oh good for change as Twitter to Chicago but now I'm getting. Com yeah which held to a lot of friends Abbas and his his destination get high with a little my friends are few and why would we trust it's excellent. Who's that that to be a flag of them. Think in that they knew what they were talk today we of the tax line I know I do too good for us to throw the sounder. That's the and we are confident in what was tied I did from the 95 if one day I hear my forget about it in a SoundBite will buy you pizza. Could do it about it are you guys going to use the mock PO so mad right instrumental beat for a rejoin now to follow what the music for Tony The New Yorker that would be no less current doctor drew yeah. We do not do anything behind the scenes we are we are crippled when it comes to anything but use the microphone and some would say that we are crippled using the microphone. Edited not 57957. Al Tripoli 957 on if I certainly don't put all text line 95795. Let's go to a mole and Dublin he wants the talks in silver and black alama. Early. But you're talking about it all out. There agree yelled at them. I don't know Ol like you guys those that aren't there was your outlook. I your professional. That you don't go. Out there. Are now. On the all I want interrupt you are watching to continue with your point but gore were actually brought that up yesterday. He was talking more about getting the raiders back into the knew his line with with. With positive news but he also talked about how. If you have uncertainty about where you're gonna play that locking down your head coach might be a Smart move and that's more the reason that and the fact that. That the fact that JD your would've went into the season as the lowest paid coach. In the league for those reasons I was starting to come around on giving in the the extension for what I thought was initially premature. Baker burger it'll. Pop up culture. You're a player. Now. Turkey there. And he's wired that might be. A couple of years. Be out portray. It that. That structure. Out why they are at the race. All. Week or are there but she's got a perspective on. The only eat Turkey. An important player. And a free agency under an all out further contract year's award the outside there are four years. What to expect. We'll Mac I'd look at our I'm with you Mo I'm with you nobody here's the thing here's the thing these football players or gone. Half of the year anyway so how much does that really change that you're gonna be at a different location now I get you dirty even during the offseason. Raiders players have to be in Napa so they've got to be in north I mean. I'm with you when general but that date date they move around so much that I don't think it's going to be a huge issue. Don't the ability to play soccer on the order at all. At the center of the psyche of an athlete but don't bet that he. Beat capital twelve or week or so but they got to go out and they'll play the. I hate that that patriots game Mexico I think you know how to tolerate thank you for the phone call mode yet no I don't think it's gonna play and you. No I don't at all Boca in the bay area's you know speaks volumes for itself but. I just hate to deploy and Tom Brady and Belichick. In Mexico that are ready bothers me that bad now what does not. Did you just went down their get away don't get you think Mark Davis is getting some on the banking and of court course or you can. Is is that not passionately for public and public information. There's no way in Mark Davis is not getting action for them going down in Mexico city of this ice around the world and somebody today his own game so yes to go you think that's underneath the table could be Q we looked at up. Does Mark Jackson make money for playing his. Quote unquote Davis home games Mark Davis what a sick Mark Jackson it's 'cause we had him on the brand earlier. Does he get cast doubt that I thought that was public knowledge. There's no way he's not getting money for that of course he is he's giving up the whole game. Know our target chip anyways it's horrible especially with the chance for the raiders fans the boot Tom Brady. The talk rule and everything else you know much I Tomlin didn't have to come our way this man at that bothers me that team needed to come out here. Ed let raider fans exercised those demons from the tuck rule a week removed from the Super Bowl. I still Sue Anderson. You've won the loss on. And if we have to blame pie who gets to biggest lies for the Atlanta found Matt Ryan stopped Matt Matt Ryan did what the coaches. You to your question I'm shocked degenerates. Matt Ryan is the one that hung on the ball. And took Zach and knocked it bumble and strip sack it as the kids called. Not kids but Baldelli have breaking news breaking news you are are you are you back on the court now Bagram and Kandahar is right. Last we have back. Go live to Gerald McGrew Johnson who I thought was either in Chicago or Toronto he has neither do you and therefore there's San Francisco on business story -- force I just alluded to the Toronto Raptors in their struggles here of late and they were up four points at that juncture com. Guess what the final is here in Toronto give it to 102101. Detroit Pistons in the Toronto Raptors on. No showers with a jail wow. Isn't gonna. These were good news for your Celtics VG. The Celtics on knowledge yeah or commentary on our did the Celtics make the finals I'll give you this and not let it out alarm Brady aren't. On the give it to you anyway. Candidate not vice oh my god that can't teacher did you have your four okay well I thought well look you want Leonard out by the way we need to figure out when we know. Your on air not because you're either in my ear or your on air. Odd worldwide Wes. The ones and twos guy along with toll call war while west says that somebody texted in. Requesting the worldwide Wes drop. Of dirty white boy which I think it's either his girlfriend. And our guest Brandon were Monaco and drop it raw dirty white boy it. I was just awful I just can't imagine now and I can't imagine anybody riding around their car listen to this. Enjoys that dropped its horrendous. Yeah I mean it is it's a really bad. Are all for you having your own dropped just get a better one although I guess it does coincide the dirty white board is a dirty white boy would have a bad drop. Seeing more Davis take this to sway the other owners in regard to a vote. Possibly for relocation. They're losing that right I mean we recently talking about it's not I don't think it's gonna get to a vote battles and and I'm sacks or how I'm I'm I'm just thrown it out there wire the raiders going back to Mexico for their. Home get a little it. Again can we look us up enough to loot if you could indeed Colin how are yours on this side. Illegal. You figure out whether or not more Davis gets cast doubt replaying his quote unquote home games. In Mexico City. You realize how much money they could have made on the game being at that bad at the coliseum. Ottawa law that we don't have to call it. Whatever was before I don't wanna upset anybody but we need is called the coliseum I know there are. So much as it wants him for a bit call can be called the ZING. Coliseum. That Iran to us right usually mute them. And it may not 579570. AAA 9579570. Text line 95795. Scott Reese. Stanford play by play also KT VU anchor and reporter it's about that time are you feeling the fever of March Madness. Now that's his sack awry and the guru on 95 point seven big game. Fifty cent really ended it's our rules career didn't. Like literally murdered it and it's not right but the idea ironically it. He can also add John rule doubles a big fan ironically because Joba rules a moniker was it's murder. While murdering got a rated bond affiliates. So that's one release started it dissent it's America. Ali went to prison. So yeah the money I was yeah I did yeah yeah. I like fifty cent murdered charles' career one of those loop god to do with the smudge on a roll your voice wasn't bad but you're. Your cadence is terror. It's murder soon enough that really was that event and her Italian coming at me. Coming up at 545 Gerald Herbert job Zach right 95 point seven again coming up at 545. It's the word we end the war the show one way one way only. Santa Cruz warriors taking on. The Oklahoma City blue I believe is what they're called a we will have that live for you here at 6 o'clock so what did you that. At the top of the hour the word at 545 right now. It's about that time can you smell the air now we can talk to Scott Reese anytime we want but we especially love talking to him. In February and march as he is kind of our college basketball. Expert who also Ketchum on KT VU channel two anchor and reporter Stanford play by play on Twitter at Stanford voiced Scott how orient. I'm great now we get registered over compensating can opposite the grammys that's where that market. Or I now know that that was none of those going on right now c'mon that got. You know it's not. Out what's not on the TV in the year. But let's talk Samoa let's talk some college hoops shall we now you went to Stanford I went to cower kind of like Romeo and Juliette but I wanna talk to you about that cal lost to Arizona. Not number ten Arizona. Last night. They were without their starting point guard for the second half and rab has just been terrible on one or he's gonna stick around but they still barely lost that game. What are your thoughts on Cal's team overall are they a lock to get in. And what do you think about rap possibly sticking around for another year based on his draft prospects. Dwindling based on how bad he's been this year. You know. And been battle here attacking the search couple weeks ago where it went really well I think inconsistent is probably a better term I would still be surprised if he comes back because I still think he's either a lottery pick really close to it and it got that up once I saw him patent the second straight year. As for Powell I. I think they're located they're certainly not a lot by any stretch others there's too many remaining in their resonate strongly have to say they just think you can get in the tournament but I do you think. They're in good shape I think if they win the game that they should win. He'll slip up against being that they should. Beat the no BR my mum might cents on cal that they don't read too down the stretch when it in the bag that that he had. Yeah let's hope that happens Scott Scott I'm eager to get your thoughts on the niners press conference they've been the butt of a lot of jokes here in the last couple years but to me. I think they nailed it hit a home run I'm Noah game wasn't played but it looks like they're moving in the right direction they got some cap space. And I'm here and talk about it's Robiskie from North Carolina. And I know you called that bowl game against Stanford. Who first what are your thoughts on the press conference and it's Robiskie do you do you think he's you don't blue chip murdered go to the that fail. Bottom look let me take tribute keep our first idea kinky. A really good NFL prospect. Number two in the draft I don't let let's put this what might turn out to be that good that he's not yet. Ready to be the number two pick in the draft you draft and you got wrapped. In court next year I think to beat the guy to beat the guy I think he can pick it looks so so I like him actually a likeable lot might erupt. Calling Mets doubled in just in in his ability. He just had that that that pocket presence. And and the boy that he can sidestep the Russian not trashed. But he just had that the work is phenomenal any assurances where the rush is coming from. Make that one little subtle move to read it and then wrote that dark and Tibet I can't get. Also a couple really bad interceptions. Where you're like how in the world did you not feel that linebackers so. I think there's still some work to do but I do like long term it purely an artist go that direction our press conference I was actually in Arizona which in part why didn't you party rarely so light obviously you know read the the aftermath. I think it's. There's there's so much negativity and it has been pushed along with regard to the niners I think it you know. It doesn't take much to get everybody sort of okay breath of fresh air now moving in the right direction and I think they are IP ranges. Even go to unorthodox putting which is a good hire I think it chanting and despite the two global. Fiasco is a good hire and I do think they're moving in the right direction but there's a lot of work for me. Yoga and I think about bringing in John Lynch is. You're now living in credibility with free agent you'd have I mean think about how how many. Big time free agents of the niners pulled it a little more by the year right. So all of a sudden they got a guy who has a terrific. Reputation that terrific relationship a lot of credibility. And you might be able to turn it around a little bit more quickly. Because you don't only got director of the draft got cap space and are a little bit more. In a free agent which in his chair so. They're definitely things to it to be positive about but I think it. Maybe the part of these little magnified because we're just so desperate. Any sliver. Of but but that they're they're moving in the right direction I'd like to. Scott Reese Stanford play by play KG BU channel two anchor reporter on Twitter at Stanford forced him enough to join us. Exactly right in the gory or not a by point seven against Cottam. Now we meticulous around all weekend Goran I in terms of the the contract six year deals for a GM that is never GMT six year deal or a head coach that has never. Head coach and also. Crossing over the bridge and going the other side of the bay an extension for JD. OK with it I mean I'm on I guess the ability would be the argument for the niners doing at. And in terms of the raiders he would've been the lowest paid coach in the league which is not just the final based on their record what are your thoughts on those caught on the length of the deals and the extension. What you are for that correct. Yeah 44 he had two more years does he ripped it up and and they sonnet written under contract yet. And I've got no problem. Absolutely no these are I mean it if you're raider fans in their raider fan out there so there's not a lot the next four years on the I can't imaginary and so. I think I know probably that at all. As for the six years on the other fronts. Yeah I mean again it but you got that secure contracts like them. Out of seven for me since I've got a six hour contract actually have a six medic contracts got a yeah well and expect the united segments in access to exactly how long this might not be around Scotty. It's it's definitely shall I think yeah almost how do I mean if you're Jerry York and your got a call at this point cracked. It you're coming off or coaches in Borger is so. You've got to. You have league's ability yeah I think the risk at the risk of Macon road courses at this point you know what what you got to lose. There. They can't get worse I think we need to recruit stability you got a way to create edit. You know that the UNESCO world like hey these are our guys that we believe in the so much that you know we're not gonna fire guy after a year because what you're too good deterrent so. I think you overcome it go back to work that out of the broadcast a great acting I think you over compensated a little bit but I understand. Yes got I got so many questions for you on this one TERRELL OWENS in the hall of fame do you think it's right first to dictate what a player does off the field. And do you think TO is a hall of Famer because I do but I do understand. How divisive he was he was but I just don't think it's right it's got. I agree with you when we try to not let me throw another name right back at you get it. How in the world jet and not see Celine. Could you rub people wrong way and it didn't like him any wasn't almost went and got a deal worked out and backs so I. I agree with you I don't think you should be about what guided on the field not his personality now that says when you start it in you know. Guys who have broken laws in the Pete Rose and at that. That's another argument not on it. But but in terms of should he'll be at all yet sure it would get on the field. Is deserving of respondent group and I think you'll get your bench was acting it's the price. That the and the guys who wore it to the Croatian OK I don't picket that these guys are negated and you got to wait a little longer almost what you gotta pay your credit. Because you're very nice of folks you know when you're a super. Paid back etiquette. Our courts there Eagles directing here is another story but but I think that that might take I think that those guys would get in but it and more. I mean I'm okay with the steroids thing and amp T all he DE never got caught up with steroids and never even did nobody ever thought I mean I kind of thought he did when he came back from the broken leg and play admits a global so wonderfully. But Eagles against the pacers but he just it just rubs me the wrong way because it's not about. It's not the hall of that it's not the hall of war you were good guy it was in its hall of war UA. 00. Worse yet. Courts and and he was just a great player but being mean that it's as we talk about the I'd warn you you know the best guy at your position. You know four or part of a generation any more that's receive orders you know where the good joke it is that your. I mean what needed on the field deserves to be and we all understand what happened and it's the way it works on it got media members of people you get the vote. This is what they do this to take you know it is is this is called it. But he'll get it it's news that the numbers demand the. Well like to call a middle school girls locker room I mean it's just it. How patty dread that was great Scott Reese to ever play by play cagey do you anchor and reporter on Twitter at Stamford voice. But we always love talking you are so we're going to be talking and do a lot more now that you can't do everything stubble we'd love talking college with you March Madness is. Close to us the very soon thank you for the time enjoy the rest your weekend thank you. Eagles country's great stuff from him as per usual age is oh my god. I'm not gonna get back on my soapbox about how much I hate to TO is not in it but. Even if he was likened it if he was a top fifteen. Wide receiver. Who world I'd be a stomach it hit a that it would jab like if you was the top ten. Wide receiver it would chat my hybrid I could get over it he's a top five wide receiver. Now this may be the father and me just give me forty sec I'll start. He sure is nice he should've been better I guess we are the criteria. And they and they said that he wasn't I can understand it and that Jeff great to. If you want to DOE and Randy Moss of the new Erica understand now if your dream is to get to the hall of fame you need to be good epic character park is well I can say you alleviate but as he's got. I'm a criteria but they need to say it will be a need to say and you're right well which makes it that much NRA he might get in that first O'Malley who was not as good as TO. And also did win a ring. You know he's an elemental all these Blackbaud Canada says some record yet. I don't know TO but he strikes me is the type a guy that's very proud and he played that way in you and I both know besides 250000 dollars you did. When you make a hall of fame. Your life changes in regard to page that we needed to go here's a descent to sign this or that it not only is it proud and personable but he does other things in the community all over the United States to and so he's loose and out on that end to meet it's more than just eagle putt without all the Faber we know what is her solves that give our best if that makes Citi is her number rackets the. All you riders that never got a concussion are took a bad he would broke his way you all you guys there that are not putting him in. Just because you didn't like him shame on you like seriously. I hope you don't sleep properly at night there's no way you can look at the NFL and tell me that. Terrell Owens is not a damn hall of fame and the same with Jeff can't do it in the hall of fame as well Scott was right on that jet to it was a bad man. Be like telling it. The whole thing and chaps my high. I can't even think of I can't even think of a subject at a more passes I want now if I don't have the stats but I get on the ballot no exact Ryan was such a great guy he would come watch all that was the hard. Many people are in that don't really. Apollo candidate not 579570. Tripoli 957. 9570 Tex 195795. The word and the wacky world of sports. The narratives have been in the news. Things didn't moments come. And I'm in a much Finn I mean how pin on all in money you'd keys stick it in the mission that can I get. That gimme a tour. Dolls. Might literally my parents are never that boy got ripped allowed to bark. Hello Bob Marley I love Louie Armstrong. Love Al Green. Spice that grip situation to start you. On the board. More on the board but this song man this on as a make you happy you're just an angry person welcome back Bay Area 95 point seven the game. Darryl and Google Johnson. Colin Zach arrive for one more segment as we take you to. Warriors basketball and I don't mean warriors warriors basketball put it aids is close is he gets right. Santa Cruz warriors against you were Oklahoma City blue I will have some cool laid in sit back relax and watched again are your. I just told Joe's gonna want Obama to listen to it on the radio. 'cause we're going to be playing in the night for a seven game Kevin Dana why have your call is indeed leads broadcast thirty will always be a broadcast. Next time that were on Google. Saturday the crickets I'm not Saturday I'll cease Saturday but as you'll be on Friday with Chris Townsend and Sunday called off another suspicious explanation of why someone will be up there and I'll get rid of that add to this you know you know. Control and yet know that we're gonna lighten up like that want to fumbled dumbo why not like that don't that you set it anyway this back on solo on Sunday for reasons. I don't know you I don't solve all the time but. I'm going to want some leg as you keep calling a stretch in the studio guests which seems to happen every time I'm not all Maggette forty probably a little work or forty from now until Sunday I just look at my phone like when I'm not there's this huge is Dole's Eagles hey thank you to worldwide Wes he had his friend texting and hang on let me -- and I gonna ruin my text. Thing that I had going I like it though and now his friend texted and it was a real just listeners that meant no it was not a word is it all from the 51 I'll on the white boy at the laundromat. So I'm really a dirty white boy in ye YFW's. Dad drop ha ha ha hash tag go niners what is FW for the win. Paul blank where we cannot say the F mom and humorous about worldwide awareness now and Afghanistan. God that is felt like that thank you world wide web as thank you Nicole Lee Cole about me producing. Both of thank you know. I would hope he's at a good time I had a great time with the all the would you and they are leaving me for the limelight. Organ what you are doing that all the time of change and we can we go over the flags. What's the miscellaneous. That one flag on OKC. Just for how they handled their business in general I don't know we get to NAACP and what admits get a flag. Mean it's got to be exact. Didn't NAACP. On the lot out of town that there was every flag gas well what does that mean given nine do it made me I don't know you I. Act you'll have one. We're gonna get to you why are you Jersey get a flag. Want to mention New Jersey you're like in this has pitcher cut your Nell that's not a flag on in the senate too is we looked it up like stalkers. What did Mitch in New Jersey get a flight we don't know are we don't know Nancy knows let's get to -- that you sound like arsenal met and backed a bill got a flag because he said that oh preferred changed his location and should not just got off from believing that but I got to I believe I mean I was gonna go that put him bleed but that's false news or fake facts what's the thought alternate facts are whatever that is. Into gore got one I got one Wes got one and Cole got zero what a good show we had to richer and didn't feel like immigrants and thought to have my fastball and of course the cell that guru cheats on me with. A certain show that shall remain nameless they always get a flight infect one right now seeking your the real flags around. As long as that flag is stolen loan meals meet Korea complicit stolen which is what I thought was between UN high stolen from us. Is now being used somewhere else it's a fake sound don't believe the fake news why does colonial or Adrienne bush as he bit and he bit well that he wouldn't get booed him now and you're the referee did he got blue. Booed right well there's no debate. IC pretending like you know no I had no contact yet I didn't hear it I'm sure I'll get it with. Couple of it we didn't hear that throughout the week of school room leads me for greener pastures in the morning so skip to the work we have no time port of course was get his act don't quit. Barbara but Fareed about two minutes you sent me a text earlier today talking about the LeBron Katie Serena and Nike aptly starring in the powerful equality vial. Zap please have a lot more power than upping some of them think they have but that was moving to me. Not same as Canadian you know change anything but that was very. Deeply in and I loved what the year whether you are against it or four. It's like the message getting out and then as a color scenario was that on air. Gonna just say what I saw it what I wouldn't say it like that but I would say that there's some inequality in who's making this year the producing a Nike products that's the way that I would phrase it. But Haiti's mob was upset that Hokies OKC fans called him a woman's private part eight coward. A female dog. A sellout a snake in a cupcake got a I had added that that means there her husband as her talkers would call that's it in her talk. Com this is actually as this does have something to do with sports the Brazilian ladies tops keep falling off while playing slip and slide. Basketball what channel is and go ahead Google it. Resilient levees tops falling off the Brazilian error baseball slip it's. Are you looking at it now and look down on the look that up you know. When the gulf war thoughts on the trolls we're all kind of sell now. How support Oakley Spike Lee did didn't didn't Spike Lee haven't Oakley Jersey on. He played for the knicks not the New York all please. Don't want to do is named it aren't did you see that the Madden video game champ. Was forced to give back his earnings for being here racist troll. How would they would try to come knock a modular television we need to really blood. Are we don't want it yeah it would never did that liquor did not come our way. In a aboard just welcome. LC you have do you leave me for the limelight come back down in the lead me on Sunday. For reasons we never know. Bobby Allison Buick touting Friday we have Oklahoma City. Blue public's idea against these Santa Cruz warriors teal. I believe the broadcast coming up. Right now thank you for joining us we always appreciated or the girl we're Johnson Zach Mariah enjoy the game from oracle and go get to Bobble head doll even though it's probably too.

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