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Doug Christie

Feb 15, 2017|

CSN Kings analyst & former player, Doug Christie, previews Warriors-Kings with Papa & Bonta on the Afternoon Delight.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Erica the studio which impose them aren't cius and California. Kings pregame and post game live who gave us a sack is a cow town was it coach Jack's. Or was it check in China remembers Jackson won. Well wouldn't you know. It smacked around you make about ought the pop up. Ought to get it it may have been a packed and I think he yet the count down they were right behind him maybe put in earplugs because. If you get people out Crump cup in. After a self aliens are bringing cow bells to the arena luster of Lula oyster cult and decorated Chanel. Skid so we we do need more cow bell is that is that the whole thing about their second and another. Oh no I. Look ago though it could be could be in. People go one better. Sacramento crowd at incredibly. In the include. Are beginning to learn about these you'd go one of aired. You know I talk to you on TV right before the warriors played the kings in the golden once entered the night before the super bully just lost to Devin Booker on that jump shot government are the night before you start that. A six game homestand you went 42 on the homestand the one loss was to the bulls and Jimmy Butler didn't play and I won last night in staples against the lakers so. Four we consider road dog you know you're right there either a half dozen teams that are that are vying for this -- handicap and order owner. Watch this you watch you guys in the playoffs and be a great match up. With the warriors so what what is the likelihood that Sacramento gets that eight seed and it's a 18 match up in the first round warriors and kings first time ever in the post season. Boy you know it's going to be difficult. Did you have the market has been they can't do it because you can bet big man leave him develop right or bury guys coming back all of our break dual. Believe it 24 games left. You'll play the number that it. Three times book or mark there mark electorate which the team that is currently hold a beat. And come out Uga Brooklyn and you've got Milwaukee why there are the game that think they king paid forward the top cop part of the did not that we get it there extremely light on the back in the in the lap or game. But there is they've paid pop the ability to play about leave it there be. Seven to 39 games should give that he needed they would play the under plug up the ball they. What about all the beaten but we're beginning to see them formulate and come together as a team right now. When you say jamarcus is the best center in the NBA and back in arguing that there there are so many highly skilled at. Sanders now in the NBA in this young guy in Denver eurocard the Joker. In the way they run the offense through. These big guys in Yokich I think is one to markets obviously from the high post the elbow is. To the low post you could run just talk about what that does for an NBA offense to be able to run your entire offense through yours and here. And because it's passing ability Doug is remarkable for a guy his size. What I think really our our team team back when I've played well that routine that kind of started that in the NBA it was crude. Weber bloody debug demand. Four or old they wonder or can't beat Japan that they thought that the current active what was he gonna be different than mark Jack did it. Exactly daddy gonna put Bogut I'd vote on Greek. Runoff in them but I did you have a guy like that right now would cut. I look at him and accommodates a bloody secret that the powers. The deal the ability to shoot the ball. And when you have a guys it is that field in either one triple weight from the bat that you would demand that elbow. And guide to cutting will be in instantly in the beginning of the bees and and and creepy at these and guys that been around because of great talent of the market and it hasn't been that movie now OJ they're beginning to learn how to play off them. In the happy cutting it is taken at the bit to hold level that triple double cup on lap 98 at this. And you don't Willie app not a black all together the three ball game so it make. That not only you know multi dimensional ball but that didn't make the team that waited well now you're getting easy buckets for guys who. Might be you know not good there it out and contribute because. Big game go on pop you know he's he's the ball go in on the MBA pay him. You get a layer here late there now in the jump start the ball would pick the team to another. Doug Christie joining us on the very kings of all time agreed to a defensive player on their great teams he was talking about with. But Chris Webber and plotting and Peja back in the early 2000 you mentioned the night that to market said last night and Luke Walton. Did that double team he singled him a lot and he laid forty on the lakers along with a eight assists. Steve Curwood every place in fact the first time they played in the early January he called time out the 818 seconds into the game because. It. To come over and double the drop stepped on the baseline and dumped. So the warriors philosophy with him is go get a read them. Whether it's on catcher and a threat position. Make him a pastor were Luke Walton has got to take it the way I think. That it may he's so skilled in a variety of ways but he is such a great passer he will throw the ball out of the left block got I got diagonal. To the right wing or across the Florida the right baseline and I skipped Nancy. Just charge you lob. Do most teams. Double him aggressively. Or do most teams fear is great passing ability. I think they doubled him aggressively but now it's a little bit of ball up because this league you. Get down on the block in team you don't get to learn where they come from the cover from the brake line off the path off the dribble but now it is being Malia and not he. He start to put the ball on the floor so people are coming at him when the ball on the floor from the top to keep from the elbow if he'd start. Fine where's that that he's become Brooke he Barnicle the group but he's starting will be colleague it. In there dump in the ball humid in the path last night which there aren't a lot of guys in the NBA there's probably apple may begin to pick people they can make the path. From the pole about op at the quarter is apt to be on a roll it out to be extremely hard extremely bad and on point. And you gotta know where the double team covered. He's starting to learn where all the different double team they're coming from. And that that you'd you'd make it more tankers but last night. While that on the play you one on one you absolutely can't do that he's gonna drop forty on out double team him. He's beginning to show it past the field but maybe eat out drop that 24 or 22 but yet in the twelve bit. But he still gonna get the very productive. He'd be coming what I call they'll get he'd only part that's going to be able to pick him. Go to an all star game for a third straight year your teammate Peja was the last guy to do that sacrament on the field during game three consecutive years. But he does have now seventeen technicals CE did miss a game when he gets his sixty you guys won the game anyway without him last week against Boston. He is also picked up number seventeen so the next one he gets every even number technically gets. He's got to be suspended in finding game checked it's gonna cost of a close to 200000. Dollars do you see him. Trying to mellow out a little bit. And not take that extra technical and get pop because you guys are coming right down to the end here were Denver. If he gets suspended again in May wind up costing you a playoff spot and also Doug. Do teammates go at him a little or not teammates but the idiot the other team a opponents go at him a little bit. To try to get to give him off his game and try to get him to flip out to take it technically CN them trying to bait them a little bit like what a warrior opponents do which re not. You don't got a little bit pop they go out of Ole lot in beyond that it yet I know that you deal what you need not what you want what I mean by that it. He needs to learn how to book on him and how to be able to control that we get the note environment. But now but it though where if you get another aspect of the printed but he's going to controller though last night. Larry Baer junior jump started back. And it that it may be brought opera colonial which may be could have been that the technical he let the opposite back lap the top go to the recliner and not there broke the big learning currently an app alerts he highly competitive you want to win extremely bad. And back he'd be cut off in the wrong in this or. But you know you were to open up with this in now that that the lap prop that gambit the learning about him. You control everything and understand that you know I Paula liked the Brit our mentality prepped our did not down and it would give up until the guy great yet. It may hand picked up by. But I really like he'd get back here and when you look at it guys that that gives it unique take that type attitude towards it that YE would be that they'll check. Big comeback popped. And that is the game planned bit about that it I would use I would smack in Poland and they don't look at the bat like it's not be gay it's going to be a like I work. But it don't bet it become the place boy its going to be a long night wary. Now see his face whenever it comes adore coloring or for whatever he said he just a boogie man is not that scary a lot of its been Bogut. And steadfast and united have voters as our David West to deal with the Doug are you would studio tonight either to be allocation and oracle over to watch the game together. I know I'll put it. Could be in studio I felt about it oracle beat back deck beyond right there right now oh way up but got the radio show a little bit but I'll be. Bringing a bringing a bow tie every Warren orb or Tyler that was triggered chairman to the picture and attack. Why don't our Lola equity kidding me little adult ready go red ball. And purple and blue and gold club. It there. Where did you start with the bug tight job wears a bow to I had TV with goes on killing spree in post when you're play her just when you started doing TV. You know why I like that would go to quote speaker real audio we're both right. And yet don't ya I like the let you do it a little different you know I got battle. Well. Oh saintly loves coach drill in efforts to bat or game shall bring solid vote tonight eleven saintly me along our vote for. Thanks your tech. Appreciate you guys get married to that not that's not about the at a time.

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