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Bob Myers

Feb 15, 2017|

Warriors President of Basketball Operations, Bob Myers, joins Papa & Bonta on the Afternoon Delight.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Myers at the Jonas Leo it's just an order Wednesday here and now at a five point seven a game warriors president basketball ops and general manager. And I saw you and Oklahoma City on TV and said in acuity that your duties stay for the Denver portion of the trip for come home. No I mean I was there were one game. I'd network. You released about the got out there and act on the that he has there's definitely a lot harder. No you know I didn't two and I flew back after. After OKC's Thailand at an early Sunday morning but no no Denver it was. He could feel it I mean I don't know we would lose their new beat I talked to Steve that day in. But clay and Sean and you know not not just that that it was one of those ones it was going to be tough. And no Denver which uses as well as they did a good time you know you watch the game I'm sure energy just wasn't. Will wasn't there and understandably so. So what's the deal with clay in an HIV here. Arch and it figured out in the bottom of the foot a lot of things to go wrong I guess he's good to go to die but what what's the deal with clay and a sore right art bout. So some little nagging pain down their but he. You know he he probably you know and playoff gamer different gaming goes I think the idea was to just try to cut somewhat they had support became an issues so. He it was preserved as the even we just thought you know let's not try to push through an injury at this point in the season let's let's get in the game and the of those things creep up port and then you play through him and Alison become something where. You're deals come at a more meaningful ways it was more for preventative. Type thing with not with this injury. Progress than anything more than it is and he's a tough talk to clear today should around he's he's good army Claes. Please he's competitive guy he plays through like he he was quick to mention like a coda. Could've played you know it sort of give protect these guys themselves. And it had a busy weekend. They Ulster shattered in in the three point competition. I think going into the game Steve felt like he wasn't gonna push the guy's real hard it's understandable obviously but I question do you is all the sports science you guys to. And this is now three straight years of lost in Denver who two years ago. He just decided not to play at the onetime really rest dog got simultaneously written four stars. And you lost that game last year Dre united play and you wind up losing. And then this game you know I got a job at nine if you if you bring your Star Trek even without play you may win the game but you just decided not to Gulfport. It all the sports science and the analytics and it. You know analyzing the players are where they're at how much of the altitude. Coming into into play there if you are playing at seat level after the Memphis Oklahoma City. Experience say you went to Dallas. Would you push the guys a little more orders a sports science show. Let's not push him at 5280. Feet if we don't have to. Yeah pop mean all she knows I mean you can see it to mean you can objectively back it up by this team's performances there it's awful. East Coast teams are back to back on through Denver. It's a low lives game you know exact camera and holding. Call off the top but it's. It's not. By coincidence. That it has the reputation of players to play especially coming off you know for us was three game four nights. Into the trip game so it's tough Euro story but their real. And also you looked you you cover them or not I know the you buy were doing games. Have been Denver. You also can see. It appears there you can see it see the fatigue. It's these guys. Whether it's languishing out there and not cutting this article is our revenue shorts her. In the numerical. Backs it up the evidence but still it's it's real. I think Steve's idea of just I'm not again it was and we have a conversation when he cut cut to nine but I'd talked to after he does it look. Those guys for gas and the young guys the ones who were taken dude ever brought their guys back but we've had to do that too at home. But I think you know our guys. The trip was not just physically demanding Memphis was an emotional one and physical one because they plays so physical and then Oklahoma City was different. That was of more than regular season game in a playoff. Atmosphere intensity. In players got up for it you know great performance that we had two really good games. There's an emotional. I would say component. To the trip that is taxing too and I think that caught up to us and then as well. And the reason I bring it up is because Denver's playing really well now and there they're right there. For an eight seed and I you know just by everything you're talking about it I've observed in all sports more so basketball over the edges its attacks on the body. You know in eighty I mean if you get the one seed and they get the eighty got to go play him. But then I'm also look at at the possibility of you saw in the second round and it's not quite a mile of large sea level that she level but. The Wasatch Mountains are guiding percent I think 88 tenths of a mile should I should I drop my way of thinking here were have a little concern about. Not so much about beating those teams but. How much will it take out a year athletes to get to the western finals to have to play possibly. 45. Or six playoff games in an amount. Actually the year prior and I think we did what we do we do Houston. On the your report was New Orleans members or its first round. And then and accused it was in the fight it was an Orlando man issues Houston race tears and last year it was. Used in port of Portland. And then OKC rates so it's a little bit better but what 1516 carries 1415 here we won it was. I just remember every single flight was three and a half at least now everything and then we've you know so it's. Playing on the West Coast in the Western Conference flying to Memphis Houston Oklahoma City you know whatever Santonio. Those long flights that's a unit and an end and can some of those teams you know in the first round of it doused in San Antonio or Houston splits that's in our. That's that's us from the clippers that's that's. That's something in this them. That's not good either so I'll tell you whether it's a three and a half hour flight or flight an hour and half altitude or two hours. It's all pretty tough I mean they're the nice thing though is you know this boat guys. They really space out the first round and in and little but he sector. So you're getting a couple days go back that acts. That matters and damage to sit in place and even if you had been whatever place you go to. If you go to games at home and then you go to games there. That's even help acclimate but landing in the city. You know early in the morning in Nigeria haven't wanted acclimate that are in reports that completely different experience that we played Denver. For five years ago more user code in the first round. And I remember it we were we hats and use our guys are plain and it was a I don't know if it's because the intensity of the playoff system override the altitude things like that but I will tell you. Yes it's been proven that the altitude can be taxing. But the playoffs are so spread out I think that compact to move. The weekend manager out of Oklahoma City you're there exactly. How did that feel good watching it actually I never I could ever call in history this franchise warrior player getting booed. Like that injuring nine in now because of the incident with Stephen Adams last year he got a little bit but not that it was a whole different reason. Just what what was that life. You have to go back to that place in March deal with it again maybe at the same level Saturday night like. For Kevin and your tired your team. Intense pop I mean really. That communities. Who similar to ours as far as passion for their team. They are into it and big way they'd accuse you hugely supportive of their team. The Kevin component mean we'd been there in the playoffs last your we knew. Removed from the from the Kevin situation how that's a hard place to play I mean they're look at their record at home it's really good. Always has that it is the loud building. About it with a lot of motion and fans are. They're behind it by a lot of people listen and then there TV never really does justice but I do hear that this game. I don't know what you saw the did you people or don't mean it could kind of feel it through the TV a little bit. Did you think Saturday united. Heath yeah but not that that's that's why I'm asking though it's just doing a lot of tree it yet not. Yet so grateful that Imus that's you know is you know I think. I think that thing was is that and I for Kevin. And I asked this question I don't know I mean. I can't pretend to know what he felt archer was a range of emotions and just go back Torre was. One that's one part of that seen people in scene. Being booed by people that had. Being on the opposite of that antithesis of Boeing and need to lauded him and paraded him and celebrated in pre nine years in the just have that 180. That's a big thing right there a process. So I don't know how keep I know as individuals we all walk around like we can take a lot that. You have to feel I mean you have to feel that raining down you're united human beings veto so. Perhaps become downplayed the way he did played fantastic game. After starting off a little slowed those of the games where. Really you could understand if he didn't play it's well out how do you expect the united do anything out there. It's got all these different motions. Pressure. He really rose up on in the take where have about him was while he met counts and key to our team did as well as he'd. But I'll say as a sports just a fan of sports. The regular season games in the NBA baseball. Some standout that was an intense. I mean now that was have been dollar plant in last 56 years. That was a playoff let people see that no playoff atmosphere that was. Sometimes even more than supply up hamsters there. So their fans are you know like you said there intuit. I think I mean if I'm guessing not in that in that community that. I do think they like it I do think they like I just think that. You know they despite this. I'm guessing you know because you can't Kevin's a very hard guy not polite. I am street had him on he's a very decent human being. As an individual he's given a lot of the community. He's doing here he's there he's done there. Just a quality person so it was as if they're blowing a bad character. But I think I think he just care about a lot coming out that in that way. And with tiger sure about Myers that he or president of basketball operations manager joining us and as you know either a bit of drama this week and plan. Don't see that that question I think also I heard a guy that is standard in America because little we realized that breast register staff. But actors too skinny how this is gonna work because you got your whole coaching staff going. You got four players going it's only five times the history of the NBA's teams and four plus. Their whole coaching stamps O and I think you gotta be there. As early as tomorrow night so outraged over the fire up the charter like it's a regular game August apply tomorrow on the urgent that you guys the New Orleans Stephens. Steve had a good line. That it here he said them guys wins the Ulster pre start. In the players come to him since when does that start. And they said tomorrow. He said yeah not today. Well remarks that some like it starts at 1030 tonight. Aunts and yeah it's not a night after the game and we. That's the middle you know look I think every coach in the same thing to their teams and it's something to put market but. The ones that are played at night it's hard not to it's like your last class before you know spring break when yours college is to elect halfway there. Mentally so he's trying to get the guys that stay engaged which I think we will and I think certain mental brain it's always a good game with a Sacramento. But we're leaving tomorrow at nine and we had a bunch of people you're it's not just. Yeah for fifteen years you know I think it was Raymond and I don't even know auriemma did you. I don't think it may not be players going to go out there for three Allen Iverson into these JJ rich for the government can't answer guys are just slowdown Ray Kelly yes OK now it's a couple rookies aren't guys could say there was no plane going that. There's a lot of guys Leo and because. Got four guys is you know we got our coaches ago and I'm going people Bebop or Nolan and we've invited them. Some some of the players greener they're wiser I guess the we've got to Raymond and his crew and its. Every year. Seems to beat in the group gets gets bigger and bigger but this year I think this year's it is a little live anomaly for guys like you said only five times in history. Coaching staff is going. Will be well represented which is a testament a lot of hard work more on the people so. You were would load them up pop idol river river room where haven't we we've we've room for. Orally but. You like Ireland golf I can you worry a pal Bryant's. Carey got he wears a week ago perhaps it'll have on this particular case that is where it's going to be a bit immigrant. There are the better part I don't know where we go over there I don't go very far after you're out if you you know a lot of drink a lot of theories help. It died the next it is a great city that wonderful ad rates and what what what you do when you go there is this this always coincides rights of the trading deadline. Which comes up and we can't she answer all their eyes at GM meetings when you're there's more to it seems like a lot of traits start at. For collate it and it starts coming out right after you get back India and the deadlines that are upon yeah. Wealthy what it is. Used to be that a formal GM mean they've got that we only do that now become mine in Chicago so there's no formal meeting and that and that meeting was more about. Rules and things like that it was formal likable winter baseball meetings were injured others setting up trade and things like that. So I'd say about half of the champions echo depending on you know William Schneider were schedule. And what ends up happening is. Through the course of you'll run into. All of them mostly. And conversation goes like this is a figure about meeting where anything can. For us specifically. Because we're not we're a little bit of a different position every every team's got its own. Unique perspective on the deadline. And how they're going about it but it. It's just really information gathering and I think. That's always positive you'll you'll you'll leave the all star game normal well little or a lot more. In some of it's it's you know it's like being in secrecy personal is showing up. It doesn't mean fifteen meetings scheduled without him but being there. Being around been presents interacting you'll learn something and maybe use information maybe you don't. But it's one of those type of situations. I've found it to be productive. Not making it to the hole for days sometimes you're sitting around. All right in them. Resorted dinner whatever what Kleiza three point you know go all stars immigrant rookie gamer coaches are coached in the celebrity there's enough. To re fun to look at what he did say it was coach and that and the other thing is. I ever know if our players care if I'm there I think you know it's interesting if you guys read. There's different people that cared differently if you're if you guys were all stores you're performing. I never get a good read on whether they hear. If I go I. It's worse things rice made don't but then you'll get someone says you anything expert appreciate common and a lot have no read so I think. It's nice to supporter coaches or players. Because they do obviously most people. Just to feel like you care and theirs they'll. Celebrate. Accomplished and you put together this team team there's only been eight in the history of the NBA this and for all stars in a single year plus. Your whole coaching staff so it's only five time you gotta be this is why I need you to come with it together right this is. Why you know in my life it would exhibited by I'll go let's go my ego and your body I don't Brian let me buy you a great team. You know celebrate cafe du I thought UConn better nobody you parkway tapper for po boys. If I essential part of AM in Atlanta for the ma am chartered. Right on occasion. You can we can we do to show from the plane. Whatever I am not a Butler and oral. Call it dog so what I did do that I came back twelve it's it is yeah I eat like I was that you're the plane ride home you're just what is news. A lot of that. Beaming with pride and I will need this as you put this amazing guys. Appreciated it. Like about eyes are about the about it aren't up.

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