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Todd Downing

Feb 15, 2017|

Raiders new offensive coordinator, Todd Downing, joins Papa & Bonta to talk about his relationship with Derek Carr & how he will run the Raiders offense.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Todd downing is there I think he's hearing us now on 95 point seven again in the after eleven pop and Vonn takes let's bring at the new offensive coordinator. And shot first of all welcome to the show interest in the give me your thoughts I was telling the offense the the audience your background and professional football and Mike Tyson. At PR intern to now be elevated age 36. Two designing and calling offenses that the NFL has got to be a dream come true for you. It is and thanks so much ram again I appreciate you taking time have me on. Yes it's it's been. Of fun career to this point but even back when I was the PR intern you know I had I had aspirations and dreams of a climate to this level so. It'd been. You'll whirlwind of the last couple weeks just in terms they didn't do this disposition. And hop on the radio he has but it's it's been a career goal achieved pressure. So hot yet howdy do this Jack and you've had a background you played the position your coach the position and you work not only with Mike in Minneapolis but Saint Louis Detroit. Buffalo you were to a variety of off and she worked with Derek obviously and and bill the last couple years but calling plays I think there's there's a real steel. Says that high you set up a day he had a young defense tat by calling one played a show on some and then. Get to it later odd hobby you acquire this deal to be able to call plays in the NFL. But they were I've been really fortunate is that people I've had the opportunity to work with along the way and I was just having a conversation. A few moments ago about my mentor in this business who's Scott Linehan has been a long time with him and I think he's one of the best play callers and football. And you know he really taught me how to design a game plan how to attack certain personnel. And so that's been a great learning experience for me throughout the years attempts have also has spent time other play callers. They taught me how to you know. Really build your tendencies she took out isolate certain individuals on the football field from. Kim tendencies standpoint or statistical standpoint. So it's it's been. A wealth of knowledge I've been around I've tried to absorb as much of it as I possibly could and different feel up to the task. To excuse myself. Yes scotsman a fascinating guy head coach in the NFL the last few years the OC in Dallas and when I see on the sideline I don't users have a laminated. Call sheet he has this big black binder. Daddy hairs can conduct an old school Rolodex and what he's got I don't know what he's got in there. What what does he have a third big black binder that Linehan has on the sidelines at have you thought about. You know call sheet what you wanna bring into a game and will you script your first two dozen plays or whatever tact. Certainly have thought about the call she I can tell you affirm. My years with them that there's a lot of information. A lot of knowledge in that black by news sky accurate that. I hope the period. Did the even a fraction with nobody. I'm excited about putting together game plan to do that against such a great staff here to work with them. You'll be working together and how we lay out the game plan. Michael shields look a little bit different just. It might scare bring can you plan plays on Sunday but. You know it's it's going to be a fun process and I look forward to the challenges. Lame that mountain and beat him bullet excuse. Yeah what's your what's your thought process about skips because scripting plays Bill Walsh gave us the first fifteen some coaches went to eighteen of agriculture and hand likes to strip the first. 24 plays William script the raiders' first that segment Plaistow. You know come to a final conclusion on that only well we get to this season but I certainly like a play this without giving away any trade secrets. But certainly like attacking when I see is vulnerabilities in the defense and and testing system. Formation adjustments personal adjustments and all that early in the game so that we can get a good feel for where we're gonna get throughout. Todd downing the raiders knew offensive coordinator elevated from quarterback coach for nosed Eric are obviously very well joining us on the afternoon delight with pop and Vontae here and 95 point seven again I was telling the audience earlier the breakdown of the numbers in the raider no huddle. Offense during Garrick years 1415. And sixteen last year which is six point 1% of the numbers that I got. From pro football focus you guys have may have different ones little bit down. From the league average of about 12%. Would you like to see that number go up obviously have to do it in combination with a Mike Tyson and the head coach Jack Del Rio what what are your thoughts and letting Derek. Run the offense more at the line of scrimmage chat with a check with mes system. Well I can say this he he's certainly. Can and what he is very intelligent and as a nation have communicated in the line of scrimmage to. Yes sometimes I think those become a week by week decision. And can really depend on what type the defense your plan and what your overall game plan is you know directed by the head coach you know that might be games where. You know we wanna be able to be a little bit more deliberate with our huddle and our last skirmish procedure. I'm there there are also certainly be times are we wanna give up on the ball go fast so. War through that on a case by case basis but I feel very confident that if we do pastor to do. More of that stuff you handle it with flying colors. Being his quarterback coach the last couple of years and I watching guys warm up before games and it's like today it's like a couple of kids in the park there's just such a youthful. Exuberance. And Derek is so playful like he's playing basketball he's more monopolies when the ball over the field with a lot. It before the wide receivers come out with a lot catch balls just talk about the energy. That Derek has and the relationship that you guys have been able to forged a tie the last couple years. Absolutely at tea. We kind of approaches. From the main if you are enjoying what you're doing you're in the wrong profession. You know and Erica and I certainly boat view football the same way we feel extremely fortunate to be able to do it. As as the mean do work but it's not worked because we we have so much trauma that you know and I think that. My relationship with there release starts there is that we both love come to work each day. How we really respect the heck out of each other. And when you when you have that kind of relationship between any coach whether its position coach or coordinator head coach and quarterback. You're taken a step in the right direction. You know Derek to leader our franchise he is. You know in my opinion the best young quarterback in football. And we've we're extremely fortunate to have them so why wouldn't that be in a good mood every step mom around amends and get to see in tough smaller. And you guys have fun together Chad. Is there any year he does his game you would like to see him get better at when I watch him I I don't see a weakness mobility can play under center he's gotten better under center. Reading the field any kind of throw you on if you wanna change the launch point is there anything he's still a young player all young players got to get better in some areas. Our other areas that you would like to see Derek make. Advances into. Well one one of the best attributes he has Greg that he. He doesn't think he's arrived himself he knows he got to keep polished in those. Good attributes he has and keep working on the one enemy may be a little bit mediocre. You know he'd take if he took a big strides last year in this footwork. In his progression and really just overall command of the offense. How big he knows he needs to keep working on this thanks and you do that city don't pick step backwards and you're able that continue that growth picture directory that. That he showed last year or so. He's going to be working hard this offseason and they're gonna via a couple new wrinkles and things that you need a gay used to and I know it will immerse himself and in those things and find a way to continue to grow the way he grew last year. Chad we had a nine probably a week or so I guess Vontae after he fractures that mile through tourism the year a lot of emotion in and I the one thing I asked him was as you look back and trample play. Was there a moment that he should it just gone down it looked like the burning building was collapsing around him they had no escape catching me. He wound up fighting a little longer talk about that play specifically happen to win the one thing that he has really improved on. And gone back to the end of the Kansas City game last year is knowing when the play is over and just get rid of it take a sack in that spot and let's just stay healthy. Yes you know there's there's a fine line there and I think one of the biggest challenges. For a quarterback that is as competitive as there is. Is often times they think they can make every plant and no for Derrick a lot of time he's right and he you don't wanna harness that back too much. Because you want him to have a little bit of you know extending the playing a little bit off schedule in this game. But that player particular I think showed some of the growth that there's made. In the 2016 season with his pocket presence you know he didn't flush out there in mobile and out to the right and taken off. Scrambling around in and thrown the ball over to me on the sideline he went to climb up in the pocket. And keep his vision downfield now I agree with you that there's moment in time there where you start protecting yourself from protect in the football. And that certainly is an internal clock that you. You know got to continuously work with those gas but I certainly don't wanna get rid his. Gross in terms of keeping his vision downfield staying in the pocket so. In that particular case could you. There's a ball there or burn it you know probably in hindsight that you shot to make a play first team in and put that. At that game on nine. That have distinct and how well you guys were playing in at that point against the colts and his finger you know it's fractured finger was still yet a compromise to get under center a couple of times but the on runs the the pistol runs the running game Washington and such a great game. I get a little thought and here we are talking about Derek in the no huddle and I know my Mike Tice Susie got to which was when he your managers coming into the NFL. Is a power running guy so talk about the the idea of the running the ball and Derek in the shotgun at. Verses the power running game pullen to Lecce and getting under center and I you have to balance that Derek stability in the gun vs a power running game to us. Well a tea really appreciate what you said few minutes ago I think there's grown exponentially in is on the center operations and and we'll work in in the run game in the past game. So I don't think were were feeling like hey we gotta stay in the gone in and keep their back there. Mike is so talented developing a running game that suits our formations of the week our personnel groupings two week. You know so I think in a case by case basis we can emphasize whether we wanna be and instead of with one back in. In the gun and attack in people more spread out or we wanna. He'll get some big boys on the field and and play a little big board also speak. That's. Something that's only accomplished because of the church growth and understood her passing because he can't. Find yourself every time here understand him the ball off and on topic and again every time you wanna pass and so I expect there to continue. The growth is under center passing game development. And that'll just help us open things up even a little bit more. Jot down a generator new offensive coordinator joining us on the afternoon dilemma puppet but they are 95 point seven the game and of course let's company you're just generator. At quarterback coach and act Cotter cook. In ourselves in a fracture video a match in in indenture. He gets aired in higher plane a playoff game account or cook agent. Tell me what you see from Conor and a very simple question I have two is he good enough to be your number two. Next year or do you still worry about them and maybe should be your number three next year. Yeah I think Connor showed a lot of growth for the time he got here in rookie minicamp. In May and towed. You know he went into action against amber and I think he showed an NFL skill set I think you mean it's really nice throws. He's certainly fearless which is a great trait to have you know he stood in there. And and delivered the football and captors progression than is there room for growth absolutely user rookie quarterback that completeness. Essentially second half the last game of the season and playoff game but he showed a lot of really gets fixed he'll rule will continue to do the evaluation process. Is as far as free agency is concerned the draft concern and all that that we were encouraged with what we south honor. They played pretty well and used despite all of that he stood at their mates and throws for a playoff game against that ferocious pass rush to. Absolutely and he could you know he could've gone the other way you can is seen things that you really don't want senior quarterback camp in panic and confusion and there's none of that. You know we can certainly clean up. Some things from from his usefulness and that. You know will we'll see him continue to grow I think. Parents are congratulations to your I just dawned on me you and I are in the same business calling touched on race for the passengers. A lot of inflation that you call the right on navigating attached powder. Say hello yet again you must five real on the Oakland as a great impersonation views here touch. Hope I hope you get begin force throughout these. If you're giving 550 weekend yeah your heart you know are gonna call plays and appealed to both tiger would you prefer. Right now I plan Colombia on the field. Speak into that with Jack. You know I like being down their beat him look deer in the and kind of get a feel for. How the personnel you know as dune and who who's got the high and then sort of speaks so. I like it down their temperament to create you an environment for me. And some people prefer being upstairs sterile environment I'd kind of like be in down and handle. Merits that vacuum and we appreciate Utah thank you appreciate it. Stop.

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