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Afternoon Delight - Hour 1 - 2/15/17

Feb 15, 2017|

Papa & Bonta discuss the NFL off season and what's going to happen with Aldon Smith & Colin Kaepernick and are joined by Doug Christie.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have learned that he is currently under investigation for what is being described as. A domestic gets you in the same Francisco area. Now no more important source told us the cops are called to a home in this city early Saturday morning Smith happens to own a home in San Francisco we're told the cops. Have you Smith any alleged victim and report the case is currently under active investigation doesn't put a note that Smith has not been arrested. But this is not a good look for guys was just we try to get back in the. We'll have a great appreciation for this organization. Dad and pack your relationship with them so no bad things to think about over forward. People want to mislead me. Pure throwers and can make everything apart if people wanted to me to please their legs. There's been talk more aggressive maybe there's been short quarterbacks. There's lots of ways to do it but you have to find out what characteristics of successful and when you do feel that they have certain characteristics. Talk about the quarterback position whether their intelligence there. Mobility it's just they're throwing ability how that you got in America and I put together though his streaks. And as if players around them well strays. Now he's not a natural thrower of the football listed issuer but are these the last stage. Two guys who were teammates two guys that are afforded matters all the way to the five yard line in the Super Bowl college cap for next. And hauled in Smith are they at least the last days very familiar with the group products. It's it's a little bit doubtful WR. Of course he surprised you all about it I got here. I got your checks last night. I don't know but I'm her trip and a candidate that the inside of her. The how to Valentine's Day. I received an had a little seafood eater and our well. If you collars buyers if I do buyers seafood enormous little crappy garlic noodles. Yeah it and I got more than a coconut smile afterwards so you know a good thing. Very but I think the big that you hear your made up holiday trip Valentine's Day they are right in the middle other sports landscape that's got nothing away Sports Illustrated about it there's swimsuit issue missed this week it's coming out of NC an old cover sheets from like 94 to 95 to 97. Because coming out soon and maybe I'll re my subscription with sports it was but it. You let it once a year along with father. If he has as I issue. We're we're in the dog days. Sports were in the dog days holidays or make enough holidays is a hallmark holiday it's about taking get some last night Valentine's Day. But you know today begins a new not overly fast Valentine's Day I've gone long enough without football it's been ten days since. Forget who won that Super Bowl here sympathy and it was so lopsided turned it off a majority three sort of analogy you want it. But at today is the beginning really of the new football season today's the day where first business. Can be achieved critic for the new year and that issue tag franchise players starting today. And teams are back at it do it today they're gonna wait until the deadline is a deadline. World and it's certainly a deadline league they're gonna wait until the first day of march right around the time by which starts in the last day of February this year so we're start to ramp it up. For the new football season and coming up a little after 1 o'clock. We are going to introduce you to the new offensive coordinator of the Oakland Raiders jot down a guy that I am observed we haven't spoken a lot I let him do his work. He's very young vibrant he's in his mid thirties is a great report. Where Derek Karr he's going to be a play caller designer. He's in charge of an offense for the first time in his life. So I wanna get inside of of the mind of a young man it's been given this tremendous responsibility. Of calling plays at the NFL level. Designing plays how much Willie used the no huddle so we got a lot to ask about with with Todd. I guess I'll come up a little after 1 o'clock. But the big issue was surrounding than their raiders right now I think resulted Smith at least the most pressing. Issue as we embark on the new year. And Adam Caplan just off the set of NFL live on ESPN are good friends to join us coming up in just a mere moments together as the very. Latest he has been in conversation with people in the raiders facility at twelve wanting. In Alameda to find out the latest as far as we know bunting nothing new on all the Smith and all the last couple of days since the DMZ reportable what happened over the weekend. Nothing new just what teams he reported the other day no details no further details have come out. All right so enact an outside of that I think it does impact. How you build your secondary in what you do with the line backing core they lined back in cores I stated yesterday is independent of all and spent with the the secondary certainly. Is going to be something you're gonna have to look at and today is the day when you can start tagging players are one thing I wanna asked Adam Caplan about. Is your boy in my boy boy DA. AJ boy AA of the Houston Texans will. Rick Smith and Bob McNair. Franchise tag AJ boy will they pay him that kind of money he was a undrafted player. To tag him a path of what it is is value would increase in dramatically. In one year's time I don't know what they're gonna quite do that but Willie hit the open market. If not AJ boy EA. But today Stephon Gilmore. The Buffalo Bills would be second on my list of trio cornerbacks. I'm not sure buffalo is get a franchise tag and they had made a coaching change on McDermott's more of a Carolina. His own kind of coverage. I think it Josh Norman would you pay and that kind of money Carolina let Josh Norman walk in go to Washington. So Stephane Gilmour playing man dressed man. An obvious that watched a lot of the Buffalo Bills and the last couple years a whole life I've. Obviously but the raiders have played. The Buffalo Bills and recent years and we're gonna play him again this year coming up an orchard parks I know testifying deal more I think he's got the kind of skill you're looking for. He could play off but I think he's he's he's a big bodied. Moves his feet well I think he'd be huge upgrade over Sean Smith and I think he's a better player than David Emerson the question is. What do you do with those players could one of them jump inside animal Fillmore and can do that so like those the kind of names I think we're looking at as far as free agency with the raiders AJ boy a first. And then Stephon Gilmore and it's quite possible. Neither guy gets franchise tag I don't think Gilmore will get it in buffalo boy he gave me but boy his salary would jump from what. Minimum deal last year after being an undrafted player what cornerbacks make in the is for our franchise tag we're talking millions and millions of dollars of that would be huge jumper. AJ boy initial find Abbott Adam Vontae if those guys are going to be available. When the new league year starts and you start by players on March the ninth. Yeah no absolutely. Play that you put BR tag guy didn't really watch much of him but he's a foreign foreign player oblique Brandon Flowers. That's a name that intrigues me because he played for put Carmel. In that could be cheaper move for the raiders are Obama's friend of flowers has left thumb I don't know what your opinion on that one but I think that's a guy may be who could be in the era principal Camara is going to be an unrestricted free agencies he hasn't lived up to the you know the height that he when he was when he is a first round pick with the New York turns at that some of the epic the raiders a look at how can that bring her car out there Brennan cars out here. He you know he made ten billion and Dallas but I think he's not gonna make that much money common and I'm a free agent market may be together for about five to six year old's remains upbeat decorator to work with the blood beat cornerback pop is one of the more deeper. A free agency pools in this upcoming offseason. Imprint of flowers that went way in Kansas City let him go a number years ago I was really shocked and then under the raiders would jump on him and airman in the one of their coaches actually. At AT&T park before giant game and he pretty much Egypt's ripped him apart in (%expletive) we're so glad he went to San Diego we're gonna pick out of the one thing about Brandon Flowers as he can play in the slot. He's not a great player. I would not pay for brain currently burning car was start new ascend. I've watched him closely enough and Dallas to figure out what happened to him but I don't think he's quite at that caliber. Brandon Flowers I think is. Someone you'd look at because of the guy don't you may get a cheap and engaging hate and it is going to be there's well one of the raiders do with him that make a push for strategic Cary. I think whoever you get. If you are gonna keep Sean Smith and David Emerson you've got a guy or two of the TJ can still do what. It's play in the slot you've got to go inside the slot in the picture cruise lines have gone debt. To Danbury I thought about Victor Cruz with the raiders. But that's why don't like by players before the draft I wanna see where that would at Stanford McCaffrey's get ago. And if he's available for the raiders. In that area you may wind up drafting him but also what the niners do with the quarterback position what's going out with Alan cap for next. We heard a little rumbling about Jay Cutler when they ever make it train ticket to get one of these guys that could be available access to Adam Caplan. From ESPN just off the set up as much tomorrow morning on. NFL live good enough to give us his time is via start the new year is start franchise tag in. Players today adamant you're talking about that today on ESPN NFL live. Give me a little handle on on who you'd think we were talking about boy EA and Gilmore Kansas city's got a couple of really good players that. They're gonna have to make a call lot of obviously airy fairy they're great safety John Terry poll their nose tackle you can't franchise tag him. Bolts obviously the big tagging season. Developing here in the next couple weeks before march 1 them. Well Gregory can beat you again yeah I I think that we gently. On players got attacked last year and we've seen is he think initially that you know what we're not close which is Adam. And then there's no sense of urgency for three or four months then as we get closer to July 13. Pushed the deadline to sign player to protect certain extensions. That is really the urgency that that were you in that truly words you'd see it. That's where you easy deal to them Bob Miller deal got done by all the rhetoric and the common and and bond side. How hard feelings deal got done with the deadline around them so I don't feel like you're getting done by march 1 which is the deadline for clubs to for franchised by. Push franchised. The Yuma to doctor appointment kinda one guy I think will get it. I'm not a 100% sure that'll happen but. You're likely brought percent he will not walk there's your chance the doctor poco. Probably not I mean it's less certain what they're very. Are very what would choose what to do was get code on an attack on Berry and then work on to get at them by July 15. A bird caller. Record reflects and you'll not player of the franchise decks so. Are back to get a little bit icy my understand lifted or not remotely close to get a deal done despite reports elsewhere so. I think chiefs situation that you mention it during our one guy to match that division Melvin Ingram remembered Ichi the charters. The move to another defense never run desperately personal. It. Obviously I'll beat the 43 defense to what they do Melvin Ingram and the like but they're treated schemes here. So they have the kind of figure that out they get closer to march 1 so what decisions and imagining aged boy I doubt that he's back but remember these guys. But as former per trumpet have a job to come about victory he's got its start the gonna count for that. It's a great story of former undrafted free agent. Who want to pay. He organized dual frequency end as you know that you were in the corners make it freed Cuba equally well. Yeah he was a guy should mention that Central Florida that was not drafted in the franchise tag figure for for cornerbacks and a visual knowledge in excess of fourteen. Million dollars so there are other guys are getting a little older Kareem Jackson Johnathan Joseph I think they'll try to find a way. To sign AJ boy EA well whether or not each tagged or not if he's tag obviously we know the figure. If he's not tagged Adam how much would accosted by using K annually AJ boy it. We the way these deals work refugee block off the franchise tag and each you know so so he's gonna want it basically what he. Which is what the argument is that he could just keep signing. The protest they get to 20% increase from the next season so. It's going to be fortunate fifty million that's what I would think his agent wanted DO. He's been a self made player very good player he wants to get paid. Up the probably you talk detectives yesterday to order corners. The problem is you've got a first trumpet the temperature options got to play campaign everybody. Now now they would move where they would move on from one of those veterans. The chances would increase to they keep away around by. That said it you don't feel like they're corners spot make it Stephon Gilmore. The guy to order a man cornered and its own quarter Sean McDermott the BO the difference which is media coached before the front court order for the campers out at the two bills early Murray. A lot of zone. And and too many Stephon Gilmore you'd get a minute that you get him in a situation where you deploy an old book or man he's tremendous player so. It got that this year free and secrets can be very effective indicator that we talk but Michael editors from the quarterbacks. They're not a lot of double quarterback would you critique of Quebec's traded late Jimmy drop below. Yeah I wanna get to bed and insider perspective from Adam Caplan for me ESPN a joint is just off the set of NFL live. As far as by a cornerback from the raider perspective whether it's foyer or Gilmore another aired again Sean Smith the big salary in the offseason they. They're not gonna give yeah the Ganassi they receive at the fact they're not built that you know they're not gonna happen. And yet so Shaw shot Smith is going to be on the raider roster and David Emerson as well and you don't see the raiders in play golf one of these big. Money cornerbacks and. No no as matter of fact popular but it's been charged Matt. I'd I'd benchmarks met on the British play just okay I think that they were hoping. To be more consistent I have a shoulder injury later in the season which impacted his play. I think mirror hope Cooper a little bit more and they do a good. They decision to make on his contract coming up. So into what Emerson Emerson is not going anywhere but they also beat duct. Based guaranteed due next month. I think what they're gonna do to address the other quarter and they really need to develop the younger quarter with Lance. And naturally what duck Ken Norton wants him bodily job but gone now. Assistant secondary that's my understanding with. In addition to being sort of a it's sort of like an assistant head coach for the defense. He's gonna help by Ken Norton get that the French writer because that academic record they don't go for the playoffs that's your dark arts LP. It won't because to be off that's good because the defense. All the Smith I think yes certainly his situation affects everything if you don't have to have you know great cornerback play aura or as great he always be great you know quarterback play that guys have to cover Islamic getting a natural. Pass rush I know you've been talking to the people in in Alameda. Adam what do you know about the report to GMC report over the weekend involving Alden and anything new in the last few days. Nothing new but he did talk the league about it this week all their economic there look at the situation. Just acquired by a known all at the what the Republican ticket last year. They never thought he was coming back today personable and I'll talk to yes they have ways of once and stuff bow. Really comes down to it it is all and do everything right off the field all and obviously it got records thing he has. But I acted when it comes down to. It's a win this thing function. The people that know and party at the drug counselors to people that are going to be with them regularly and what they do Gregor is. The way it works is you don't recommend. To Roger Goodell here's what we do here's what we deal with here here's what we know. In the Roger make the finals there's a theory states some are too early next month. I don't know I don't know enough about the situation yet know if it is to keep it real. Analysts there is cooperating fully. But I just talk of the raiders and never expected him back they were optimistic but this idea that it but he is difficult to back what we fault I don't know who started that. But just to talk directly about a all the best. They were hopeful. And at one person's closest situation Albany it ought to be able to pick out of back there were never expect back. That the raiders at Las Vegas and the the finance. Nobody nobody. As of right now and will they have the financing in place to have to have this go infinitely owners and they go on stage Phoenix for the march 26 meeting it. Yeah RB at that meeting and I added that despite the shield -- since situation dropping out and on the underwriter dropping out after Allison dropped out there that basic claim that. The won't be a problem getting everything in place getting a new or underwriter and they're getting enough finances together. I was the way to win they do all the records say it's not could be a problem I I trust their word. But I can tell you that keep the owner shall not pass this the 8024 votes elliptical confident. They've got the financing gathered not to talk Tony and talk and other teams. They've been they've been. Very hopeful for the work yup it's a fun to be coached during. And they'd be like the option Las Vegas. Which is short flight from Los Angeles let me it's about 45 minutes Webster went up to an hour. And they did believe that support will be there and by the way this support was there if you saw the thirty for thirty series Columbia. On the exceptional big team. And it unbelievable bandits that they pack that thing. Not adapted indicator but they do this I think if fan base would be there. My course should be long term the viability of having acumen big accepts or to concern but the fact the matter is the raiders seem to be competent. I remember that team I think JT the brick at a precedes us and this there it was the play by play voice in the Las Vegas in the exit now at Kaplan. Joining us from Bristol Connecticut just off the set and ESPN's NFL. Live Segway over the 49ers for the last few minutes we have with you quarterback. Talent gap project how does this play out is the opt out between march the second and seventh and it does he move on to the aid of 49ers revisit him. Where do you think he plays next year. Well I don't think he'll be back with the 49ers out now couple things here when we reported the story originally that in signing in new deal. We were we were pretty much told that. Colin would probably opt out. Everything I hear would suggest that now Colin Nicole John John Lynch. In the new not a general manager wants to meet with them by comfortably one way or the other you'll be 49 at the summit season. But I know that it's data collar but working out lately. I keep that into a topic keeping body remember he dropped a lot of weight last year and my understanding is that he's still want to play for competitive. Open niners were troubled cornerback position that 10 Manny and and and as we reported. Couple days ago they're gonna change defense to keep the first time in regular in my research thirteen years ago or thirty or forty response. They are gonna run eight. You just Bradley's version but actually Roberts ballots could put quarter they're gonna run a 430. That's Seattle beat that's not complete departure from what they've been running. So this is this gonna change here it's you know there's sixteens grad that change coaches. Lot to scheme changes of course are gonna go to West Coast offense our culture and. He strapped but now legitimate talk about that but today when Annika Shanahan was announced last Thursday with T which which from a 3443. And they are so that a little bit more. In a cab or nick is now at age he's packet again at fourteen point five or fourteen point nine and abilities for this coming year. So it by opting out he realizes that if he doesn't opt out the 49ers will release him is there is there any way. There were realities but he hits the streets. If he's gonna get a job Greece's starting quarterback in the NFL in the salary that would be commiserate with and Adam. Or are might you know he caddick kicked around for awhile and the niners revisit him. Later what you're saying you who think he's gone. Yeah I think one or the other will be gone now. The way that would change would be of geology so blown away by its meeting. Then of course you got the passes along to call China. And the way it worked would be they would have to meet they have decided. Together he could fit. And then of course are gonna what goes off into what West Coast terminology. That's that's departure from chip Kelly's offense. Other Greg Norman he ran West Coast terminology by understand it correctly but yes I think it's a long shot. Now now I would not situated go Laura welcome people readily he would going to learn where he'd be the guy you'd have to compete for the starting job. Any stories on them and it's is that this as a position Greg if you will now I'm not talk to Rich Gannon about a year's average on the neck injury. In my group playing two weeks forty years all. Complaint surely thirty point. My goodness gracious Tom Brady. Receiving like if he turns forty this summer and no quarterback to ever play this well so. Can't coddle longer batter he wanted but he he's nowhere near the quarterback he once was and who doesn't get back there. All right so let's assume college mows down. Give me a name who who who who should we started to look Hindus seriously as being the starting quarterback for the 49ers 2017 and a. Because Greg this is not a creature of directing the look at the better market whether it's Michael lamb and her Jimmy droplet well. Culture and had a legitimate problem for that trip to fourteen when he was with the with the browns. He'd want John immense LT four BR force Johnny mental ought to so I think it I think it will be sort of be a good fit for them off but now. Mitch trumpets yet know that on Mel piper put metric number 202. Penske will go in the first round winner number two mr. rich should now be that the niners. But that's too rich I don't know yet it's too early in the process for Ivan march yet not one on board there at the com by by. They're gonna get a young quarterback whether it's going to be a draft or in free agency the order yet Sony music you've built around and they're on a lot of choices on most of the guys that you look at Iran Contra did not do demo turner Romo what you consideration but. But Michael and it is really only on restrictive breach I think people be after. Maybe Q what the jets at the projected interest sentiment in previous years but it this is not a great years to wanna quarterback. That's why when the raiders got away with their car their fortunes turn around. And we are gonna be joined by Chad down generator new offensive coordinator joining us a little after 1 o'clock here in the afternoon delight with the pop and Dante 95 point seven. They game to throw one more name actually had him for alleged ago. Jay Cutler. What would the mayors to which Jay Cutler it if he's available for a good price. Would Kyle Shanahan go after the guy that is dead loved and you know flowers Jake out and moved up to draft years ago. Jay Cutler. Ready your potential it's what it Jay Cutler early well OK she's got the strong arm you start a lot of games. It also missed a lot of time he he he Benedict uses quarterback. What does that relates to object but they're going to be regard. What do you start over the quarterback position. And get that development quarterback and they're cheaply to come and play right away where urged the drop below the trade for him. Whether Stravinsky or some other young quarterback to be and China better and Utley who who who have young quarterbacks not ready. If that one year traditional quarterback what you judgment council like that. Josh wants to play now that you want him to start by Easter certainly it's still play or at least be a backup. But to me what your color release titled C notebook lonely and move on prevent other top official yet but. Yeah I think I mean. I knew back. Yet at the rap of those could cost you want first round draft pick up sort of does it would go out and. It will block and ideas that are currently limits put back out. Who'd bet is short watts and don't be better then that player that you you have to catch Shoppach if you're gonna make trade for Jimmy crop below. How do you project the quarterbacks over the next fortified into. And why you're actually sort of a don't do. You're back and give up the number two pick for Iraq although you may trade backer gave him a second round pick which would be. Like a late one I think you're in a position to make any trade. Mike Lennon would be that guy I think that you mentioned but you were hearing a lot of rumblings about Cutler just being caught. In Chicago if he hits the streets. And Cutler I'll have to give up any draft pick compensation for a could could cut their dad being in play for the 49ers. Well again I think it's not a Robert Schulman easily temporary barracks. And then again after Hispanic Erica look look what it would have to check out the beat by a quarterback daylight. When he's got a sack a tackle on Cordoba keep these could start without first couple years. I don't see the point of bringing in Jay Cutler and a few prepared yet to how that might coached him and he knows them. Four Denver bronco Cordoba house with the bears. Will have to see how that works out but to me on cheery colors to partner. Thank you so much for your time your work ESPN nineties that maturity here again that I look to first thank you so much for Tammy appreciate. Thank you. Adam Caplan from ESPN so area we are gonna talk to tout downing coming up in a little bit I'm anxious to us speak to that you young. Coordinator for for the raiders. And just get his thoughts you know optional bodily on use heading into the new year. And oh dear brother David was now which AT during the Super Bowl most outspoken about how. Bill musgrave what Letterman Leno like and it took it the other way that the head coach being on defense I wanted to kind of back off tempo. A little bit and I think Derrick is so good at it they could let him do more. At the line of scrimmage with a check with mes that that downing will come off a little bit later after 1 o'clock then the afternoon delight. Catches a warrior Wednesday this is a warrior Wednesday brought to buy one at creek course in 2016 premier horse dealer but we gotta talk a little bass soft pop. We still got the auction one on I 957 game dot com. Were to bet on a multitude of things this one in particular actually two things in particular the Oakland Raiders training camp experience. Right now the bid is that 2025. Dollars got a retail value 4000 dollars popped in this is what you get you get a rate raiders' training camp does it for four this coming up summer you get election should we ever cattle born Napa California good angles that line go Watson football practice that yes had in Europe this country that I absolutely do need that luxury suite for eighteen. To a mutually agreed upon 2070 raiders home game to go to Broncos chiefs maybe it jets to giants cowboys to get a sweep. And you get a 500 dollar food and beverage allowance so this straight right you're gonna retail value of fort. Album. Right now it's at 2000. I'll sit right now that's. That's it and I you know if if we get up to say what's the numbers like. 8000 that we every is that what you what you what you valued at 44000. That we get double the value. Maybe although I drink in Vietnam right. My whole. You'll let me pop this little iPod posting little on its Molina will bring your appeared to also there's another package that just came and there's no bids yet but you get a Tom Brady Jersey. You get flown out the ball on that you can go burning questions about it and that's exactly you go to a arguments crede to get to a patriots game and it rebates and United States next in Boston. So that's a separate deal to separate him. That is the chatter tricked the technical after the fact that slow BA we got a lot of good stuff go ahead check our website 957 McCain got comical bit almost. Plethora of things on the website so talk to Doug Christie about the 2000 its Western Conference finals gobbled up Noah I'm thinking hard I went back to bring Arctic snow we're gonna do about it over my computer that were litigated Doug Christie to talk about the Sacramento thanks people like Boston. Both ties to the right here about 57 again when I tell them they were perfect. I'm Vontae hill the warriors will look to shake off that loss to the Denver Nuggets on Monday night their back home at ORACLE Arena where their take on the Sacramento Kings coverage starting at six right here on 957 game with the way your warmup Damon Bruce and cults Kerry Keating we'll have that for yet and according to Forbes magazine the franchise is valued at an all time high of two point six billion dollar that is a third highest. And MBA to speak about it they were valued at 363. Million. In 2012. Also young pitcher Alex Reyes will be out for the year after having Tommy John surgery he'll miss the entire season for the St. Louis Cardinals and players expected to be tagged. In the in the coming weeks as Washington's Kirk cousins Arizona's Chandler Jones and Carolina's Kohl wants short so desperate to buy Firestone complete auto care. Until that's history now. Raiders' new offensive coordinator Todd downing joins pop and Vontae coming up at 115. Now back to warrior Wednesday with pop and Vontae on 95 point seven the game. He'll have all the way. We'll drive in the seventy's at the front drive ticket revert back hey I got home planet game. Lifeboat like the markets again. That's the other way if I want for the 2000 miles of drivel you have lost the Bali tonight were done. That's why we didn't back out there revised down he's holding his right knee. I ground we'll we'll. At the line. Okay. We'll be now. And it may access a week and a half ago up at the golden ones that are warriors it's beat Sacramento thirteenth straight time so they play twice this year. And it's tied it on the lawn and I simply say. Two in the afternoon delight we need more cal. That's what I do I lot a warrior Sacramento Kings. Playoff series something we have never had doors every inflate the Cincinnati royals of the Casey or mocking way way back. And it was a it was a Phil Jackson or was it Shea they gave us the cow town. To you by the then fieldhouse that's animals uncle Phil. Well you wanted to bring up that their playoff series years ago with our. The other two books. Did Doug Doug Christie's here let's bring Geigy end up up but outside Doug has become about the Sacramento at an incredible work of the studio which impose them aren't he has in California. Kings pregame and post game live who gave us a sack is a cow town was it coach Jack's. Or was it check in China remembers Jackson won. Well wouldn't you know. It smacked around you make about all of the pop. But again it it may in fact and I think he yeah Metallica they were right behind him maybe put in earplugs because. It did get out to crank up the net. If they're in a self aliens are bringing cow bells to the marine little luster of Lula oyster cult to decorate SNL. As skits a week we do need more cow bell is that is that the whole thing about their Sacramento and adding. Oh no I. Who look ago though if he could be could be in. People go one better. Sacramento crowd it'd be incredibly and McCain good. Are beginning to learn how to use and gold one of there and. You know I talked to guarantee the right before the warriors played the kings in the golden blood center the night before the super bully just lost to Devin Booker on the jump shot government are the night before you start that. A six game homestand you went 42 on the homestand the one loss was to the bulls and Jamie bothered at play at night one last night and staples against the lakers so. Forward sooner road you know you're right there they're half dozen teams that are that are vying for this are handicapped and order owner. Watched that she watch you guys in the playoffs should be a great match up. With the warriors so what what is the likelihood that Sacramento gets that eight seed and it's a 18 match up in the first round warriors and kings first time ever the policies that. Boy you know it's going to be difficult but it did you have to market code and you have eight amp B to a because you can bet big men in the league and develop right or Mary guys coming back. All our break you'll. Believe it 24 games left. You'll played the number that it. Three content book or mark there mark electorate which is the team that is currently Ole miss a beat. And coming out eke out record and you've got Milwaukee why he though there are the game that think they king day forward the top cop part of the the good not that he gave it an extremely light or. On the back in in the lap or game but there is they ought to be about leave it there be. Seven the 39 games should give that he needed they would. Like the under plot that the ball well they played about off the beaten but were beginning to see them formulate in come together as a team right now. When you say jamarcus is the best center in the NBA and back in arguing that there there are so many highly skilled at. Sanders now in the NBA in this young guy in Denver Yokich the Joker. In the way they run the offense rule. These big guys in Yokich I think is one to markets obviously from the high post the elbow is. To the low post you could run just talk about what that does for an NBA offense to be able to run your entire offense through yours and here. And because it's passing ability Doug is remarkable for a guy his size. What I think really are are keen team back where not only was. The team that kind of started that in the NBA it was Chris Webber bloody diva demand. Before or old they won their court can't beat Japan that they thought that the current active what was he gonna be different than mark Jack did it. Exactly daddy gonna put Bogut I'd vote for it on Greek. Runoff in them voted you have a guy like that right now would cut. I look at him as a combination of bloody correct that the powers. The deal will be ability to shoot the ball. And when you can have a guys it is that yielding you know one Tripoli from the bat that you ligament that elbow. And guide to cutting will be in instantly in the beginning of the speed and and in previous these and got the bat it around because. Great now out of the market and there haven't been that movie now go to Jaeger they're beginning to learn how to play off him. In the path be cutting it is taken at the bit to a whole new level at triple double up on lap 98 at. And you don't Willie crap out of black coal together the three ball game so it make. That not only you know multi dimensional ball but that it didn't make the team that way well now you're getting easy buckets for guys who. Might be you know not good but there's a doubt contribute because. Get a game going pop you know he's he's the ball go in on the MBA pay in you get a lay your layup there now in the jumper to start the ball. Would take the team to another. To Christie joining us on the very kings of all time agreed to a defense of player on their routine use talking about with. But Chris Webber and plotting and Peja back in the early 2000 you mentioned the night that to market said last night and Luke Walton. Did that double team he singled him a lot in the late forty on the lakers along with a eight assists. Steve Curwood every place and expect the first time they played in the early January he called a timeout the 818 seconds into the game because at. To come over and double the drop stepped on the baseline and dumped. So the warriors philosophy with him is go get a read them. Whether it's on catcher and a threat position. Make him a pastor were Luke Walton has got to take it the way I think. That it may he's so skilled in a variety of ways but he is such a great passer he will throw the ball out of the left block got I got diagonal. To the right wing or across the floor the right baseline and let's get fancy. She is charged you lopped. Do most teams Dodd double him aggressively. Or do most teams fear is great passing ability. Well I. I think they built him grab the lead but now a little bit of bowl op because at least you. Down on the block team you don't yet to learn where they come. From the camera on the brake line off the path off the dribble but now it is being Ian out. Start with the ball on the floor so people are coming at him when the ball on the lower on the top seed from the elbow is he. Are fine where's that he's become he Barnicle the group but these aren't will be colleague. In there not in the all you meant in the pat last night which. There are a lot NBA probably at all maybe it and it BP they can make the path from the Pau. About op that the quarter is apt to be on rope out to be extremely are extremely. And on point. And you got it was the bill he got he starting to learn where all the different teams are coming from. And that that you'd you'd make the court date but last night. While play one on one yet we can't do that he's gonna drop warrior out double team him. He beginning shall it past the real bulk may be eaten out dropped twenty or 22 Padilla and at twelve bit. But bill and get the very productive. He'd be coming what I call they'll you'd only partner in Libya BQ. It's got to an all star game for a third straight year your teammate Peja was the last guy to do that Sacramento on the field during game three consecutive years. But he does have now seventeen technicals CE did miss a game when he gets his sixty you guys once again anyway without him last week against Boston. He is also picked up number seven seeds of the next one he gets every even number technically gets. He's got to be suspended and find a game check it's gonna cost of a close to 200000. Dollars do you see him. Trying to mellow out a little bit. And not take that extra technical and get pop because you guys are coming right out of the end here with Denver. If he gets suspended again in May wind up costing you a playoff spot and also dog. UT makes go at him a little or not teammates but the Eddie the other team opponents go at him a little bit. To try to get to give him off his game and try to get him to flip out to take a technically see in them trying to bait them a little bit like what a warrior opponents do which re not. You know got a little bit op they go at a mall Ole lot into beyond that it yet I know that you deal what you need not what you want what I mean by that it. He needs to learn how to book on him and how to. Be able to control that we get denote the environment finale but it though where if you get another aspect of the printed book he's going to controller they'll last night. Larry Baer junior jump started back. And that it may be brought opera available which may be could have been that the technical he led the Muppets back lap the top go to the replied in knocked down. A bit alerting Kirby an app alerts he highly competitive you want to win extremely bad. And back to be cut off in the wrong in this or. But you know you put to open up with this in now that that the lap prop that prohibit the learning out. To control everything and understand that you know why I call it like that Brett our mentality rep are did not down in he would give up until the guy. Great hit man picked up by. I really like me get back here and when you look at it guys that. It'd be neat take that type attitude towards it that YE would be at the object. They come at a pop. And that the game planned bit about ticket I would use I would Mac beat him. In Poland and they don't look at the bat like it's not be gave it going to be like I work. But it don't bet it become the place boy it going to be a long night wary. Now I see his face whenever it comes adore coloring or for whatever reason he just a boogie man is not that scary a lot of its been Bogut. And you're expanse and united have voters as our David less to do with the Doug are you would studio tonight are you going to be allocation and ORACLE Arena watched the game together. I know I'll put it. But could be in studio I thought about it oracle beat back deck beyond right there right now I'll way but the radios go a little bit but I can be. Ricky bringing a bow tie every hour or Boortz violated that was configured firemen if accurate vote. I don't. Our Lola what are you kidding me little adult ready go get a towel and purple and blue and build on. I I got a bit out of the area. Where did you start with about typed up where's about giant TV with goes on and killing spree in posting your one you're player just when you started doing TV. You know why I like that would go to quote speaker real audio more than most right. And yet though you know I like the look you'd do it a little different you know I got battle. Well that's. There. Stately loves coach drill in the Princeton back or gave shall bring solid votes not eleven slightly below our vote for. You've got. Thanks to attack. Pretty good guy about it. America and that dot quote I didn't I have no I have no I I don't live on a tie ties so a little local time slot at the base went on got a ways to add that in all the trouble not stuff why can't I can't answer that wins or not he had struggled that. Using people I want ties. And I can tie it driving it carried about an hour changing a diaper. And I'd genetic and China tried and tried all the listeners out there please do not practice out there he says he drives me territory we are fortunate. -- too similar to types I wanted to change directory data imply that your mind is on amen amen tough. Got some rude awakening is come in and if I ever have kids in not to do that I'm screwed this is a lawyer with his top players in the wilderness. It's match yet you looks like a messy guy school filled up about half reader. If my guess and the past Jim Burnett change my diapers fit to actually. My that's the way he tells it should think about it like yeah. Lit an hour. And I don't look eight changes. It it was what big puddle which who has dug a little later his baby is supporting cast of the got all these guys like bin maximum or. Anthony Tolliver used to be a warrior map pars wondered sacramental and try to mix it moves it really. Try to keep that nab that eight spot in the Western Conference playoffs been knocked more I've seen nothing out of. Nice playing better news for the hell lot better they had an injury situation right before the Horry in its Phoenix in Mac more flying and they try to trade him in the offseason hype big I think he's worth playing. I think I think I think their owner will be bold I heard they're going to be in May be involved in a three way deal for Melo part of me wondered if they just keep mellow. Ending the luxury tax began now that's a big price in lost Rudy Gay. So I think that this owner will spend whatever about a money needs to be spent to get there so. I think they will be active I'm not sure exactly what they're looking for they got to get. They had to get healthy for one thing Collison played a lot of minutes Ty Lawson is hardly playing at all so they get a little healthier they're at a lot of guys that are out. But I I think dishonorable he would love to take on generally kept. Yeah back in it. Make it kings warriors playoff series he would love that show off his new building so. If they're close it right now I think we got a stretcher they want for Motorola for two homestand. They put themselves in a position to make a push for Channing and they're going to be all it would it would matter what they have to do to try to make. The kings have tweaks its games remaining twelve against teams with a record over 500. This is a lawyer Wednesday brought to you by premier Kia of new work. Eagle tubular for the greater Newark area. Rip talks in raiders football pop you were to talk it's hot down again at 115. Or top will recap the raiders off its season where they were highly explosive would their car it and Todd downing coming up right here him. Afternoon delight and by some. That's actually it's.

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