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Afternoon Delight - Hour 2 - 2/15/17

Feb 15, 2017|

Papa & Bonta talk about the Raiders offense and are joined by Todd Downing & Bob Myers!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Doctor. I. Lower left of our Cooper's. Blocked my drive. Sorry yeah this Milwaukee did behind it. It was a good thing it was a nice Derek did this it. It's definitely. Third down twelve year old daughter drugs rock and roll back half a block. Outside our. Downing and do a fantastic job and I think musgrave is is good as he was. I mean sometimes I've been around there's this old style thinking you know and Derek has been such. A place especially now this point his career. He it's time for some more flexibility into letting just take ownership for this thing. And I think that that was just a little that's hard for some coordinators I mean I was with Kevin guilt right. In new York and it was hard for him even let Eli Manning who's an absolute master at the one scrimmage to give him the freedom to do that. It's I think that some guys just that must it was that way and he he wanted to get their freedom but at the same time I've been doing this for twenty years I have a certain way of doing things so. I think you'll see a lot more freedom from there it was original flexibility there. And him and Downey have an incredible relationship that talk every day on the phone. Game plan was and he was really the in between guy like there that would give ideas downing were taken to musgrave and that if they got through they got through that didn't and they didn't just didn't get through but. I think now you can eliminate that gap it's going to be it's gonna be good they're not there I miss a beat. And as David character acts older brother visiting the JT the brick the what is your approval from Houston Texas and we're gonna talk to Todd downing the raiders' new offensive coordinators and John is a mere moments. And we'll introduce you to on the will get into you know what his thoughts are star. As the the no huddle and it's interesting when Ned Davis talking about the raiders reluctance to go to the the no huddle. I had richter amen from pro football focus. But today called up the numbers on the raiders usage of the no huddle Derek rookie year. And Greg Olsen was the offensive coordinator Greg Greg did not know the no huddle leaves very reluctant. To let Derek on the team with a no huddle. It was actually the highest figure history these numbers are shocking and neither raiders ran the no huddle. And you have to go back and watch it really closely to see if you're exactly right that Rick and his staff do a great job analyzing every single snap so does take its. His numbers as fact. 9%. The raiders ran the no huddle during rook Derek rookie year in the league average that year was twelve. Point 2%. I I thought they went to Whitmore when bill musgrave was here. After Derek second year in the first year objector Rios then head coaching 2015 because bill. Despite what David was talking about bill came from Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia system. Before he joined the raiders and they actually drop the no huddle usage from 9% to seven point. 4% in the league average in 2015 was twelve point 7%. That is interest in him I would think by just watching it in my eyes I thought the raiders used the no huddle more into one and fifteen with bill here. And they did a Greg Olsen during during their trickier 2014 of the numbers say. Now now. There are varying degrees of the no huddle as farce tempo I think the raiders to use the no huddle fast temple more in 2015. Then they get a lot of it also is you know you're using the no huddle I think during the 2014 year with a Olson was there late in the first half more. When you're going into the two minute offense the raiders may have more snaps so it may have been a little bit deceiving. Those numbers were clearly this past year. They reduced usage of the no huddle it was down to six point 1% from seven point 4% the year before and when they did use it. They didn't try to snappy fast. And do it every twenty seconds they would hold teams in the line of scrimmage and use it no huddle. But then holed the clock more like San Diego did it. With Philip Rivers a couple of years ago 2015 years at rivers ran the no huddle that you're 23% of the time. When they had frank Reich and then this year when they try to get the young. Back on San Diego was dead last in their use of the no huddle Donna 3.2 percent so. It's fascinating to me I think we'll all we'll find out from Todd what is theory yet but it's not just the offensive coordinator. It's the head coach how much he wants to use the no huddle how much he wants to Eric to utilize that but what David was talking about Vontae Derek are. Is an expert. At the line of scrimmage for a young player he does have a great football acumen growing up around his brother watching game film when he was a kid eleven or twelve years of age. And just the way he ran the offense at Fresno state so I think that is going to be the evolution of the raider offense do they want to let him run it more. At the line of scrimmage with a check with me. And at no huddle at times in his play with the temple. The one thing I do know and we will introduce you it's not downing coming up just to monitor and the ethical dilemma puppet but say 95 point seven a game. That's shot is going to be a different personality than they bill must rate laws bill was an older guy. He had been a coordinator number spots quarterback coach and number spots. Todd is he's just I'm surprised even read his age and he's 36 he comes off younger as far as his energy level. I watch him and Derek. Warmup before games they're like two kids in the park Newton word charges flip and the ball dormant and Derek you know Derek each tells you what a great basketball player is gonna watch a want for games. He and Todd. We'll just roll the ball around and Derek will simulate a lot of basketball moves like you stepped period on the crossover move. They just have a youthful exuberance. That I think that side. Will bring to this job and is David articulated attic Todd. Before being the quarterback coach and I wanna get an account or cook is he ready to be the backup quarterback for this team based on what he saw. And and Derek development I think he was the conduit between Derek being its position coach and bill musgrave the former policy and Jack they see the head coach I think it's a it's a great. Thing to bring out the real true skill sets in their car. Now we just got to figure out. What those are how much you wanna put him in the shotgun go god runners Marie is not a great gun runner do you wanna use Reshard in Washington more and use more than pistol. And then got runs in just how much do you want to let Derek are going now. Into his fourth year in the NFL in let him run this team more. At the day at the line of scrimmage Vontae with a check with mes system that he was so great having college and the numbers shall always been good and it's so far in the NFL. No I'm with you and really this past year I just remembered a buffalo game we're down 2498 gotten to the no huddle and dare Carter ask when he came back because buffalo really dissected them. And like you said if result stadiums and that spreads has so it was up temple sought big terror car. You don't would've shot bill huddle could do wonders and you look at the teams in the Super Bowl pop. Atlanta and how we can see much of it in the Super Bowl that when record high temple and the patriots its that they were down but both teams run a lot of no huddle and that seems PH ran in NFL we could get c.'s defense is. Look for it here. They can't substitute a kick into their nickel package or die packaging got to keep their same eleven guys on the field so that could just make this all fits even that much more dynamic if they did run a lot more no huddle pop. You have to use it smartly inning and I think and I'm anxious to see where the patriots used it as far as the overall in the league average last year was slightly under 12%. Of the snaps they were going in the no huddle into England it surprised me the unease that five and a half percent. So I think teams set the ability to jump in it in jump out of that you referenced the buffalo game and come back. There are a lot of games writing the raiders jump started their offense by. Going into the no huddle the question is how much does attack the defense again your your head coach of the defense of guys. And he's not going to be in at a lot but you are gonna use it. Here in the air strategically. Two up tempo of the office but her for Todd downing and get tattooed John is a mere moments here and Audi five point seven again in the afternoon light with. Pop and Dante. I have such great respect for offensive play designers. And play callers an issue on guy. I think it's going to be fascinating to watch him do this for the first time. In his life he played quarterback in in Minneapolis Eden Prairie high school. He played for Mike grants which is the legendary bud grant son. So I played high school football in Minneapolis the Twin Cities for but grandson. And then he went and Mike Tyson I think is gonna have a real strong. Handle on this raider offense the way John forgot though. Is gonna have a similar role I think with the overseer of the raider defense I think Mike Tice and this offensive line is going to be the staple of this and that's you know partly why. You know if you wanna be a power running team and how much you wanna let Derrick go on the no huddle and shotgun. I think they still wanna get under center like habits or Jack is gonna have input on the offense obviously Dana head coach I think Mike Tice is gonna have a real strong. Handle on this offense and when Mike was the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings Mike Tice. Todd downing came in their their their front office is a public relations intern. ADH nineteen that's his first step in the NFL. Is being a PR intern. And then working his way up and having more of a role. Throughout the years and he was hired in the early 2000 as a coaching intern when Mike. Was the head coach I think I think Mike Tyson is gonna have a profound role I think he's more of a rotted guy. You know the Kansas City game in the way that game ended adding there was a general belief the raiders specially when Derek Johnson got hurt in that game they got away from the Ron. That night and if you win that one football game despite Derek injury. You're gonna win the AFC west so the whole thing just changed. Dramatically but tat tat downing is there I think he's hearing us now on 95 point seven again in the afternoon Levitt pop and buy it takes let's bring it. The new offensive coordinator. And chat first of all welcome to the show and just Indy. Give me your thoughts I was telling the offense the the audience your background in professional football what Mike Tyson. At PR intern to now be elevated age 36 two designing and calling offenses in the NFL it's got to be a dream that trophy. It is and thanks so much ram together appreciate you taking time I mean on. Yet it's been. Of fun career to this point Freddie Mac when I was the PR intern you know I kind of aspirations and dreams of have climate to this level so. It it's been. He'll whirlwind of the last couple weeks just in terms they didn't do this disposition. And hop on the radio TV has but it's it's been a career goal achieved fresher. So hot yet how do you do this Jack and you've had a background you played the position your coach the position and you work not only with Mike in Minneapolis but Saint Louis Detroit. Buffalo you were to a variety of off and she worked with Derek obviously and and bill the last couple years but calling plays I think there's there's a real steel. Says that high you set up. A day a they got defense to by calling one played a show on some and then. Get to it later on hot you acquired that skill. To be able to call plays in the NFL. Let's say you are I've been really fortunate is that people I've had the opportunity to work with the long way and I was just having a conversation. A few moments ago about my mentor in this business who's Scott Linehan has been a long time with him and I think he's one of the best play callers and football. And you know he really taught me how to design a game plan how to attack certain personnel. And so that's been a great learning experience for me throughout the years attempts have also has spent time rather play colors. They taught me how to you know. Really build your tendency sheets and how to isolate certain individuals on the football field from. You know tendencies standpoint or statistical standpoint. So it's it's been. Oh wealth of knowledge I've been around I've tried to absorb as much of it as a pot wicked and different feel up to the task. To excuse myself. Yes Katzman a fascinating guy head coach in the NFL the last few years DOC in Dallas in what I see on the sideline I don't users have the laminated. Call sheet he has this big black binder. Eddie hairs capital's school Rolodex and others got out of the what he's got in there. What is we have with the big black binder that Linehan hands on the sidelines if you've thought about. You know call sheet what you ought to bring into a game and what you script your first two dozen plays or whatever tact. I certainly have thought about the call she I can tell you from. My years with them. There's a lot of information. A lot of knowledge in that black binder discuss accurate but. I hope that period. Did the even a fraction was it nobody. I'm excited about putting together game plan to cut staff against such a great staff here to work with them. It'll be working together and how we lay out the game plan. Michael shields prior look a little bit different just two my scampering can you plan plays on Sunday but it. You know it's it's going to be a farm process in the look forward to the challenges of lame that mountain and been able excuse. Yeah what's your what's your thought process about skips because scripting plays Bill Walsh gave us the first fifteen some coaches went to eighteen of agriculture and hand likes to strip the first. 24 plays William script the raiders' first that segment Plaistow. You know all come to a final conclusion on that only well we get to this season but I certainly like a pay this without giving away any trade secrets. That's certainly like attacking when I see is vulnerabilities in the defense and and testing them. Formation adjustments personal adjustments and all that early in the game to get a good feel for what we're gonna get throughout. It's not downing the raiders knew offensive coordinator elevated from quarterback coach for nosed Eric are obviously very well joining us on the afternoon with and bouncing here an. 95 point seven again I was telling the audience earlier the breakdown of the numbers in the raiders no huddle. Offense during Garrick years 1415. And sixteen last year which is six point 1% of the numbers that I got. From pro football focus you guys have may have different ones little bit down. From the league averaging about 12%. Would you like to see that number go up obviously after doing combination would Mike Tyson and the head coach Jack Del Rio what are your thoughts and letting Derek. Run the offense more at the line of scrimmage chat with a check with mes system. But I can say this he he's certainly. Can handle it he is very intelligent and as a nation have communicated in the line of scrimmage to. Yes sometimes I think those become a week by week decision. And can really depend on what type the defense your plan and what your overall game plan is you know directed by the head coach you know that might be games where. You know we wanna be able to be a little bit more deliberate with our huddle and our last skirmish procedure. And they're they're also certainly be times are we wanna give up on the ball go fast so. A war through that on a case by case basis that I feel very confident that if we do best here to do. More of that so you'll handle it with flying colors. Being his sack quarterback coach the last couple of years and I watching guys warm up before games and it's like today it's like a couple of kids in the park there's just such a youthful. Exuberance. And Derek is so playful like he's playing basketball he's Mormon but he went in the bowl with a field with a lot. It before the wide receivers come out with a lot catch balls just talk about the energy. That Derek has and their relationship that you guys have been able to forged a tie the last couple years. Gasoline at tea. We kind of approach it from the main if you are enjoying what you're doing you're in the wrong profession. You know and Erica and I certainly both the U football the same way we feel extremely fortunate to be able to do it. As as the means of work but it's not worked because we've we've had so much homelessness you know and I think did. My relationship with their release starts there is that we both love come to work each day. How we really respect the heck out of each other. And when you when you have that kind of relationship between any coach whether his position coach or coordinator or head coach and quarterback. You're taken a step in the right direction. You know Derek to leader our franchise he is. You know in my opinion the best young quarterback of football. And we've we're extremely fortunate to have them so why wouldn't that be in a good mood everytime I'm around him and and get to see and talk smaller. And you guys have fun together. Is there any year he does his game you would like to see him get better at when I watch him I I don't see a weakness mobility can play under center he's gotten better under center. Reading the field any kind of throw you on if you wanna change the launch point is there anything he's still a young player all young players got to get better in some areas. Our other areas that you would like to see Derek make. Advances into. Well one one of the best attributes he has Greg that he that he doesn't think he's arrived himself he knows he got to keep policy in those. Good attributes he has and keep working on the ones that me may be a little bit mediocre. You know he take he took the big strides last year useful work in his progression through and really just overall command of the offense. Abby you know opinions to keep working on the effects and you do that so they don't pick step backwards and you're able to continue that growth trajectory that. That he showed last year or so. He's going to be working hard this offseason and they're going to be a couple new wrinkles and things that you say get used to and I know it until immersed himself and in those things and find a way to continue to grow the way he grew last year. Chad we had a nine probably a week or so target spot today after he fractures that mile through tourism the year a lot of emotion in and I the one thing I asked him was as you look back and trample play. Was there a moment that he should it just gone down it looked like the burning building was collapsing around him and he had no escape catching me. He wound up fighting a little longer talk about that play specifically happen to win the one thing that he has really improved on. And gone back to the end of the Kansas City game last year is knowing when the play is over and just get rid of it take a sack and let's Pont and let's just stay healthy. Yes he knows there's there's a fine line there and I think one of the biggest challenges. For quarterback that is as competitive as there is. Is oftentimes they think they can make every plant and you know for Derrick a lot of time he right and yeah you don't want to harness that back too much. Because you want him to have a little bit of you know extending the playing a little bit off schedule in this game. But dat player particular I think showed some of the growth should there urged made. In the 2016 season with his pocket presence you know he didn't flush out there in mobile and out to the right and taken off. Tremor around and and so on the ball over to me on the sideline he went to climb up in the pocket. And keep his vision downfield now I agree with you that there's moment in time there where you start protecting yourself from protecting the football. And that certainly is an internal clock that you hear got to continuously work with those guys but I certainly don't wanna get rid it is. Grows in terms of keeping his vision downfield staying in the pocket so. In that particular case could you. There's a brawler or burn it you know probably in hindsight that you try to make a play first team in and put that. At that game on nights. That I am just thinking how well you guys for playing in at that point against the colts and his fame Gary Haas fractured finger were still yet a compromise to get under center a couple of times but the on runs the the pistol runs the running game Washington and such a great game. I get a little thought and here we are talking about Derek in the no huddle and I you know my Mike Tice Susie got to which was when your managers coming into the NFL. Is a power running guy so talk about the the idea of the running the ball in Derek in the shotgun at. Verses the power running game Poland to Lecce and getting under center and I you have to balance that Derek civility in the gun vs a power running game to us. Well I had tea really appreciate what you said a few minutes ago I think there's grown exponentially in his understand our operation in. And what work in in the run game and the pass game. So I don't think were were feel like hey we gotta stay in the gone in and keep their back there. Mike is so talented developing. A running game that suits our formations of the week our personnel groupings two week. Yes I think in a case by case basis we can emphasize whether we wanna be in instead of with one back in. In the gun and attack in people more spread out or we wanna. He'll get some big boys on the field in and put a little big board also speak. That's. Something that's only accomplished because of the church growth and under senator passing because he can't. Find yourself every time here understand her hand the ball Loughner incompetent again every time you wanna pass itself. I expect there to continued growth is under center passing game development. And that'll just help us open things up even a little bit more. Jot down a generator new offensive coordinator joining us on in the afternoon to let up in about eighty or 95 point seven a game and of course let's company yours is generator. A quarterback coach and act Cotter cook. In ourselves he fractured video a match in in indenture. He hit certain higher plane a playoff game and counter cook agent. Tell me what you see from Cotter and it very simple question I have is he good enough to be your number two. Next year or do you still worry about him and maybe should be your number three next year. You know I think Connor showed a lot of growth for the time he got here and rookie minicamp. In May into. You know he went into action against amber and I think he showed an NFL skills that I think you mean it's really nice throws. He's certainly fearless which is a great treat to have you know he stood in there. And and delivered the football on captors progression than is there room for growth absolutely user rookie quarterback that completeness. Essentially second half the last game of the season and playoff game but he showed a lot of really get fixed deal will will continue to do the evaluation process. But it is far is free agencies concerned addressed concerns all that but to we were in courage with what we soft honor. They played pretty well and used despite all of that he stood at their mates and throws for a playoff game against that ferocious pass rush to. Absolutely and he could you know. He could go on the other way you can have seen things that you really don't want to you know quarterback camp in panic and confusion and there's none of that you know we can certainly clean up. Some things from from his usefulness and that. You know little luck will see him continue to grow I think. Answer congratulations to you I just dawned on you and I in the same business calling touchdown racist they had angers a lot of inflation that you call the right on navigating attached powder. Say well we've got to get you must five real time together Oakland as a great impersonation views here touch. I hope I hope you get begin a course throughout. If he's 550 weekends that and how old are you gonna call plays and appealed to both tiger would you prefer. Right now that plan Colombia on the field. Speaking to that was Jack. You know I like being down they're being able to deer in the eyes and kind of get a feel for. How the personnel you know is doing and and who who's got tie and then sort of speaks so. I like it down there's never meant to create you an environment for me. Some people prefer being upstairs in the sterile environment kind of like be in that down and handle. Aren't that vacuum and we appreciate your time thank you your. Stuff. That's a good question about it because. You know you know that there is essentially change the rules in the NFL last year you can call it directly from the press box level and the quarterback's helmet does not have to go down and to the field so. A lot of coaches you know past yeah color plays in Atlanta last year up in the press not level because he's got to gain an advantage to see. They ought to point to see every player on the field and you get a better vantage point from. From upstairs and as I was saying a lot of coaches on field quarterback and we have looked in the quarterback's eyes switcher if your upstairs she can lose that that that fashion levels of that's good question. It now and Spencer because pop last year we know musgrave was in the Booth then we all know what believe that musgrave wanted to be on filled correctly and in media as there are some things where he had to go to the Booth so. Suppose a sense residency tied down engaged on the feel great that's and a lot of like you said a lot of play callers like to get a feel the quarterback. Do you take game action speed rector and the fields so. You have to steam and young guy young guy can offload all partner summit us 36 sounded good Scott Linehan is it is a very good mentor to happen is it not been all over the place. Just wonder what the hell that black box that he does that only has the laminated call sheet and replace them both sides who enhance its cult. He's got this huge big black binders and similar to get out of the accuracy of almost nobody gets over the the sideline talks to the players when they defense is and the feel he's the one guy seen. Jeff Shepard used to have like a billboard sized sculpture that was just mongers or that they felt it was never an it's the for Atlantic and the always and today in effect he's got that black fighter never deliberately hit and there but anyway it's a good guide it to learn from you know got Linehan former head coach in the NFL and that's sounds like he can handle this stimulus assess elegance. Yeah I think the biggest place you know saw last year smack in due to your giants yet like all kind of an advantage is huge had been actually executes played sheet but future there will westerns as a back over to bass while pop this is a warrior Wednesday approaching by Freeman's appliance. A trusted name in a Bay Area since 1922. And our failure are one of our favorite spot Myers is gonna come on the afternoon delight coming up right here on 957 again. It's lawyer Wednesday Garry saint Jean and Adonal Foyle joined popping invited say live in studio for the basketball hours from two to three. Now back to grad popping and Vontae hill on 95 point seven game. First. Read by Yeltsin's. I heard it build my build fire away at that. Record with the warning port story. They lead at 130 don't want those things that Denver Nuggets got away with a win 130 C a one van. It's not a good choice I don't know it's true. Thanks. They could do it. Authorities exit interest in having the Sacramento Kings that game binding statement team yesterday here. Predictable after the emotion of Memphis. Am I emotion and drama of Oklahoma City on Saturday in Horry didn't quite go as hard as they could have. For the game actually get it done and about six minutes to play it is not there there's start back in the games they. That loss number nine Myers at the Jonas Leo it's just an order Wednesday here and that it five point seven game warriors president basketball ops and general manager. And I saw you and Oklahoma City on TV and cheddar and. That your duties stay for the Denver portion of the trip for come home. Nom and I was there were brutal one game. But network. It relates to golf and got out there and act on the that he has there is enabling a lot harder. No it yet I didn't 20 and I flew back after. After OKC's violated. Early Sunday morning but no no Denver it was he could feel it I mean I don't know when we lose revenue beat I talked to Steve and about clay and Sean and you know not not just that but it was one of those ones it was going to be tough. And Denver which uses as well as they did a good time you know you watch the game I'm sure energy just wasn't. Will wasn't there and understandably so. What's the deal with clay HIV here. Arch and take it out and about a foot a lot of things go wrong I guess he's got to go to die but what what's the deal claim this or urged. So some little nagging pain down their but he. You know he'd he'd probably you know who playoff gamer different game he goes I think the idea was to just try to cut tomorrow they had support became an issues so. He it was preserved as the even we just thought you know let's not try to push through an injury at this point in the season months that's in the game and about those things creep up port and then you play through him and Alison become something where. Yeah it fuel them and a more meaningful ways it was more for preventative. Type thing with not with this injury. Progressed anything more than it is anything but it's not talked to clay today should around he's he's good army Claes. Please he's competitive guy he plays through like he he was quick to mention like Dakota could've played you know. It sort of got to protect these guys themselves. And yet a busy weekend. They also are shattered in in the three point competition. I think going into the game Steve felt like he wasn't gonna push the guy's real hard it's understandable obviously but I question do you is all the sports science you guys to. And this is now three straight years of lost in Denver who two years ago. He just decided not to play at the onetime really rest dog got simultaneously written for your stars. And you lost that game last year Dre and I didn't play and you wind up losing. And then this game you know I got a job at nine if you if you bring your Star Trek even without play you may win the game but you just decided not to Gulfport. It it all the sports science and the analytics and you know analyzing the players are where they're at how much is the altitude. Coming into into play there if you are playing at seat level after the Memphis Oklahoma City. Experience say you went to Dallas. Would you push the guys a little more orders a sports science show. Let's not push him at 5280. Feet if we don't have to. Yeah pop mean all she knows I mean you can see it to mean you can objectively back it up by this team's performances there it's awful. East Coast teams are back to back on through Denver. It's a low lives game you know exact camera and hold. It would call off the top but it's. It's not. By coincidence. That it has the reputation of being a place to play especially coming off you know for us was three game four nights. Into the trip game is always tough Euro story but they're real and also you look you you've covered I'm not I know the UI were doing gains. Up in Denver. You also can see it appears there you can see it see the fatigue. Conceding guys. Whether it's languishing out there and not cutting this article is harder revenue shorts her. In the numerical. Backs it up the evidence but still it's it's real. I think Steve's idea of just I'm not again it was and we have a conversation when he got to cut to nine but I'd talk to him after he does it look. Those guys for gas and the young guys the ones who they can do Denver brought their guys back but look we've had to do that too at home. But I think you know organize. The trip was not just physically demanding Memphis was an emotional one and physical one. Because they place of physical and in Oklahoma City with different. And that was of more than regular season game in a playoff. Atmosphere intensity. In players got up for it you know great performance that we had two really good games. There's an emotional. I would say component. To the trip that is taxing too and I think that caught up to us and then as well. And the reason I bring it up is because Denver's playing really well now and there they're right there. For an eight seed and you know just by everything you're talking about it I've observed in all sports more so basketball over the edges its attacks on the body. You know in eighty I mean if you get the one seed and they get the eighty got to go play him. But then I'm also look at at the possibility of you saw in the second round and it's not quite a mile of large sea levels that she level but. The Wasatch Mountains are guiding percent I think 88 tenths of a mile should I should I drop my way of thinking here were have a little concern about. Not so much about beating those teams but. How much will it take out a year athletes to get to the western finals to have to play possibly. 45. Or six playoff games and in the mountain. Actually the year prior and I think we did what we do we do Houston. On the your report was New Orleans members or its first round. And then an excuse to question the fire is orally that meant issues Houston right cheers and last year it was. Used in port of Portland. And then no Casey right so it's a little bit better but what 1516 carries 1415 year one it was. I just remember every single flight was three and a half at least now everything and then we've you know so it's. Playing on the West Coast in the Western Conference flying to Memphis Houston Oklahoma City you know whatever Santonio. Those long flights that's a unit and an end and can some of those teams you know in the first if dallas' prince Antonio or Houston plant that's an hour. That's that's us from the clippers that's that's. That's something in this them. That's not good either so I'll tell you whether it's a three and a half hour flight or flight an hour and half altitude two hours. It's all pretty tough I mean the nice thing though is in you know this vote against. They're really space out the first round and in and little but he sector. So you're getting a couple days go back that acts. That matters and damage to sit in place and even if you had been whatever place you go to. Is it you go to games at home and then you go to games there. That's even helps you acclimate but landing in the city. You know early in the morning in Nigeria haven't wanted acclimated there reports that completely different experience that we played Denver. For five years ago marked as their coach in the first round. And I remember it we were we had some use our guys are plain and it wasn't. I don't know if it's because the intensity of the playoff system override the altitude things like that but I will tell you. Yes it's been proven that the altitude can be taxing. But the playoffs are so spread out I think that compact to. The weekend in a drama of Oklahoma City you're there exactly. How did that feel good watching it at TI never I could ever called in history this franchise a warrior player getting booed. Like that and injuring nine in now because of the incident was Stephen Adams last year he got a little bit but nothing that was it for a whole different reason. Just what what was that life. As you have to go back to that place in March deal with a again maybe that's the same level or Saturday night like for Kevin and your tired your tired team. Intense pop I mean really. That communities. Who similar to ours as far as passion for their team. They are into it and big way they'd accuse you hugely supportive of their team. The Kevin component mean we've been there in the playoffs last your we knew. Removed from the from the Kevin's situation how. That's a hard place to play I mean there look at their record at home it's really good. Always has that it is the loud building. About it with a lot of motion and fans are. They're behind it I a lot of people listen and then there TV never really does justice but I do hear that this game. I don't know what you saw the did you people or don't mean it could kind of feel it through the TV a little bit. Did you think Saturday united Heath yeah but not that that has seen its financed in yet though Jessica it's everything doing a lot of new catcher it's Death Valley in its finest and yet it's okay great felt that Imus felt that's the meal deals in I was you know I think. I think that thing was is that and I for Kevin. And I asked this question I don't know I mean. I can't pretend to know what he felt I'd sure it was a range of emotions and just go back Torre was. One that's one part of its impedance seen. Being booed by people that had. Being on the opposite antithesis of Boeing and need to lauded him and paraded him and celebrated in pre nine years in the just to have that 180. That's a big thing right there process. So I don't know how keep I know as individuals we all walk around like we can take a lot that. You have to feel I mean you have to feel that raining down you're united human being veto so. Perhaps become come play the way he did played fantastic games. After starting off a little slowed those of the games where. Really you could understand if he didn't play it that well how do you expect the united do anything out there. It's got all these different motions. Pressure. He really rose up on in the with takeaways have about him was while he met the town's key to our team did as well as heated. But I'll say as a sports to the fans of sports. The regular season games in the NBA baseball. Some standout that was an intense. I mean now that was have been dollar playoff games last 56 years. Now as a player like people seen at a playoff atmosphere that was. Sometimes even more than some playoff hamster. So their fans are you know like you said there intuit. I think map I'm guessing I'm not in that in that community but it. I do think they like to guide you think they like I just think it. You know they despite this and I'm guessing in because he can't Kevin's a very hard guy not polite. I am street had him on he's a very decent human being. As an individual he's given a lot of the community. He's doing here he's done he's done there. Just a quality person so. Wasn't as if they're blowing a bad. Character. But I think I think he just care about a lot coming out that in that way. And his high drama to be sure about buyers the orient president of basketball operations and general manager joining us and is going to be another a bit of drama this weekend plane. I don't see that that Western Conference halls and her to go to this Saturday and Erica for girls little reading material as to arrest record Durant stepped. But I just just giving how this is gonna work because you got your whole coaching staff going. You got four players going it's only five times in the history of the NBA's teams and four plus. Their whole coaching staff so and I think you gotta be there. As early as tomorrow night so there is job and fire up the charter like it's a regular game you always apply tomorrow the mobile alert and if you guys the New Orleans. Steve was Steve had a good line that it here on its and a nice when is the all star break start. In the players' tunnel and exit when does that start. And they said tomorrow. Yeah not today. Remarks that some like it starts at 1030 tonight. Yeah at night after the game at the Rea. That's the middle you know look I think every coach has seen in the same thing to their teams that are subject to put market but it. The ones that are played at night it's hard not to it's like your last class before you know spring break when your college is to elect halfway there. Mentally so he's trying to get the guys that stay engaged which I think we will and I think certain mental brain it's always a good game with a Sacramento. But we're leaving tomorrow at nine and we had a bunch of people you're it's not just. For fifteen years you know I think it was Raymond and I don't even know auriemma did you get it. Yeah because players don't go out there for three Allen Iverson. I bet he is the got four guys. As you know we got its army coaches ago and I'm going people Bebop -- ago and then we've invited a some some of the players greener they're wiser guest and we've got Raymond and his crew and it's. Every year. Seems to be in the group gets gets bigger and bigger but this year I think this year's it is a little live anomaly for guys like you said only five times in history. Coaching staff is going. Will be well represented which is a testament a lot of hard work more on different people so. You were reloading my pop idol river river room and we we've we've room for. Orally not the only violence all I can you Hillary got lucky I don't Bryant's. Katerina nobody. Wears a week ago pat don't have a chance for hurricanes to where it took me a bit. There are good but I don't know we go there don't go very far after you were out if you get a lot of drank a lot of to have dinner having the greatest help. If you're a trip like no I didn't need the next it is a great city it's a wonderful city at rates and what what do you. When you go there is this this always coincides rights of the trading deadline. Which comes up and we can't she answer all their eyes at GM meetings when there's more. Like a lot of straight start at. Percolate and start coming out of activity and the Atlanta. Yeah. Wealthy what it is. Used to be that a formal Gian mean they've got that we only do that now become mine in Chicago so there's no formal meeting and that and that mean it was more about. Rules and things like that it was an informal couple winner baseball career setting creed and things like that. So I'd say about half of the GM's echo depending on you know William Schneider were schedule. And winds up happening is. Through the course of you'll run into. All of them mostly. And conversation goes like this it he think about. Where anything can. For us specifically. Because we're not we're a little bit of a different position every every team's got its own. Unique perspective on deadline. And how they're going about it but. It's just really information gathering and I think. That's always positive you'll you'll you'll leave the all star game normal well little or a lot more. And some of it's it's you know it's like being in secrecy personal used as shown up. Doesn't mean fifteen meetings scheduled without him but being there. Being around being present interacting you'll learn something in navy's information maybe you don't. But it's one of those that the situation. I've found it to be productive. Not making it to the hole for days sometimes you're sitting around. Right. Resorted that are whatever but Kleiza three point you know go all stars immigrant rookie gamer coach as a coach and that celebrity there's enough. Or I thought I would say it was coach and that and the other thing is. I ever know if our players care if I'm there I think you know it's interesting if you guys read. There's different people that care differently if you're if you guys were all stores you're performing. I never get a good read on whether they hear. If I go I. It's one of those things right so they don't but then you'll get someone says you thanks for Kristi common and a lot have no read so I think. It's nice to supporter coaches or players. Because they do obviously than most people. Just to feel like you cairn players felt and celebrate. Accomplished and you put together this team team. There's only about eight in the history of the NBA this and for all stars in a single year plus. Your whole coaching staff so it's only five time that you got to beat this is why I need you to come with that together wrap this. Why not you know in my life it would city bike I'll go let's go my ego and your body I don't know Brian let me buy you ever seen. You know celebrate cafe du I thought UConn better nobody you parkway tapper for po boys. I essential part of AM you let them I am chartered. Right on occasion. You can we can we do the show from the plane. Whatever. Do Butler and oral. Go dogs so what I did it at I came back twelve and if that is yeah I eat well you always hear the plane ride home here to what is. News. Beaming with pride and I will need this as if with this amazing guys. Appreciated it. Like about eyes are about the about it card I'm good. She can shift but which it is fair on the obvious Susan. I'll start a collection efforts that's theaters sports report pop got guys like that. Lakers games in this New York LA Friday that's about it and it Horry who want to ethnic harmony harmony but when. It. About two ports. But he's actually bought the team for 450 million dollars for crystal. Dialogue to be here. And actually attacked that day it's beard arts should fit the crime. It up. Two point six. Two point six lately its efforts are more titles all over as the lakers. Which can we get Cohen on ask and we can just grill and functional fracture he'd love to combat skills but reports there are a lawyer with they brought to buy it Walnut Creek Porsche 2016. Premier. Porous dealer. And it's about that time pop the basketball our coaching saintly hanging out cards. You don't say at least he's got a lawyer pull over the dollar portal somewhere lurking is probably at Starbucks by an open place you know he doubles point on what to Starbucks couple weeks ago and he stopped and he spent about a hundred dollars to us for just start off big coffee espresso holds a Derrick Todd bill swaps it's like golden double it would be highly caffeinated nick Sanders designs. Art most it was good basketball or pop almonds right here in the afternoon delight pop about him responsible again.

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