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Afternoon Delight - Basketball Hour - 2/15/17

Feb 15, 2017|

Garry St. Jean & Adonal Foyle join Papa & Bonta in studio for the hoop hour!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Find the random. I might suppose. Crossover dribble right hand painted deliberate act of several very bird Kevin Durant at Golden State right now they're more just leave it on the game. 87 physically won't. And went record going at each other and they went to their respective models there at that time. Other company. Gold. Apple's I'm a white flag let the did you get home then come back. Now that he's got a chance to they have gone Robertson found no overdraft. Director of the bullets that might get people hired away the ball about 43. We have the arc pulled the the bigger. You're right there or Kohler slow economic potent form in the noose is card games respective hard fouls. Talking polish troops home. And they have a collar ADT shirts they had cupcakes for everybody good. And it's so much reached allegedly missing Leesburg today have Kate they had Saturday. They between these set to be about today over six. Million. Viewers 6036000. Viewers watched Kevin Durant returned. To the author Ellie okay acre island Chesapeake Energy Arena said it the most watched nine Christmas. And BA regular season game. In four years and it's why don't America loves drama and they it'll that Kenderick go back to Casey. That's Saturday night that's signed up with the voice thing Tuesday or Wednesday and a basketball power in at a five point seven games are up about today you know. Here's thinking it's here and start with a title foiled tonight saintly and I've talked about it is not a moment ago which is that as a whole thing it. Shattered I can never call a warrior player being booed like that anywhere ever drink not once in awhile but that was for kicking guys. Schuerholz take and Kevin Durant going back. To Oklahoma City on Saturday now. I think in a way if you suicide to see that BK is this this young man give us such huge pot of these basketball operates at this organization and I understand that there is this. Dichotomy where you you you upset that you you left the organization. What you can kind of forget what he has done for the organization. I think at to a man what he's done in that community. What he's done on the basketball court is going to be did and lived there for very long time. But I understand also that these have friends that are or hide broken when he left and the states very clearly. A lot Obama's about that so so the booed him but I I thought that he handled it brilliantly. You know he basically went in any plea is caught note he was nerve roots he was excited and and you seed. Throughout the course of the game. But I think when it's all said and done they gotta look back and realize that it matters hole you. Welcome back the people who left the organization I was. I think a bit upset that it didn't Eden was gracious to him up for that time by showing of the view you know I think the course that the best you that you have to. Unity on a demand and you booed you booed. Layer but you have to I don't know what he's done there. And I'm I think it was a little bit would note costs. But this time. On the motivation of the fans. There but not the organization I expect better from the organization. Sincerely want a Jeff is here and went to Dallas talking about is the the Oklahoma City Thunder is an organization San impressed either general manager you know well. Chose not to have a video tribute and you know had they played dead on Saturday. That would have been received at. May be what the warriors go back there in March or next year you can salute the greatest player. In history of your franchise but maybe maybe the timing is a little bit early based on the venomous you cupcakes and a coward and everything else gone out. To be playing a Kevin degree attribute that Saturday I do stand up on that you're quite there yet. Well all I'm all for anything that there has to do with cupcakes. Africa especially. The dark chocolate once it when you bring knows you got that salacious hole might cut choices don't we're so sick can make you green league but they could affect us I felt like it usually not put it right my emotions right on here. I I I got to share with I concur with the Donald. It was funders responsibility. To educate. Their fans and let it sink in their mines. This is the player's prerogative now from the heart I understand the reps that somebody they love left them. And day you know they can. Boo and do whatever they wanna do but. Yeah and they also needed expound on what that young men did in their community you can say he's one of the best ambassadors in the entire league. The way he stepped up to the plate in the tornado his continuing support for this. School for these homeless kids down there. You know this guy's got his act together he understands the game life. So I I I agree with that the concept that I would like seemed to thunder. Do something in terms of recognition but to just let them to be out there like you just another guy who left. That didn't sit well with me but but but it through at all he handled it with class and dignity and his interviews pre and post. Nervousness is a Donald said in the beginning but he settled in played really well. And I loved his comments for Westbrook says that made my day when they kind of looked at each other during the timeout near mid court. And it would would Westbrook Saddam comment on current. I'm comment. And in his simply learned to protect Katie said manager Katie sectors that yeah you're you're gonna lose the threat that. He's right it's that I do everything in every night and as you cannot. I I loved that. From the other side and it a battle. In other warrior players had to go and have building. For the first time with Kevin Durant and not to play against Kevin Durant. And there are a couple of moments where it got really testy when he went to grant Robertson went for it to Florida that like their football players Wear helmets. And they backed away they had a look at the replay for a long long time and and figure out if it was a flagrant robbers and ultimately wasn't. But you know or your players they the city the fans were spilling into a drain not was gone after eight dollars a great citizen. It never gets involved in this but he got into Eddie got to do with security. There because it was everybody he put out Kevin your rain and they had debt gotta have their guys back snatches the basketball game and in this hostile environment. What could that do for the warrior team. Obviously they want it to rant here they want the advantage to recruit but. Going in there with him and have to go through that hostile hostile environment. What does that do for the warrior team proceeding forward now in playoff series going back to Oklahoma City in March and having to deal. With this kind of wrath when you go on on the road in the NBA right now. Well look let's declared that he goes. All just did not play badly via the warriors player unbelievably well. And I and I think it is it goes to this point where. Guys on this. You know I think from the onset of that game that they had to protect QB's back that they had his back. And they went in with that mentality and you could see that. During the course of the game there will carry the load the they wanted everybody to note that. He is one of us now and we're gonna protect him and I think that this bodes well for the future be kids. He's that kind of hostile environment they're Noual there's no question about the fact that. A lot of the players around the league a lot of teams view that the war is by getting TB is no you know an MB number worn and they're gonna come out. And they're gonna do everything it takes to get underneath the skins have this players and I think they have done this kinda going in but the widow hunger of this scheme I mean. Clearly this suspended a lot of physical energy would be more shuttle hole of this game. I think showed up in the next game which is that the Denver game. But this was such an emotional game and you concede that this was the playoff level utmost. And that I think that this this this is good for them movement or because they've they've beginning to understand kind of the rough out there and what it is what it's gonna be. To win. You know not NBA championship. Adonal Foyle Garry saint Jean the singular joining us and a basketball our order won here not far fortunately. And bond today. 6036000. People of this drama and it came right down knew it was Kate he against Ross. That's the way BC's played it up on Saturday saintly. What I wanna look forward to now it's Saturday morning our time. Win the all star teams get together for their practice. And NB ATV's gonna have it live. The western all stars in the eastern foster's tactic like at 6036000. That I could get a lot of people in out of the upper earlier Saturday to watch it. So big guy who's been around the Western Conference all star team and Ellie back in 92 here where there for the practice how is this gonna work. How much interaction and they gonna have to have can they go through it all star practice and ignore each other. What are we gonna see Saturday morning when their teammates again. Kevin Durant and Russell whispers. I'm wondering if for somebody might become the intermediary. And and say hey you know it's done we've got to move forward. Be interested to see how that all comes about whether. Kevin will be proactive and go up to him. I really don't have a feel for but I can share with you back. When we were there in Orlando at the anniversary of the 25 anniversary was just this past week. And I can still closed my eyes and then in the Western Conference locker room all the uniforms were laid out. And that Timmy Hardaway stood up when Magic Johnson walked in the room. And everybody stood up and kind of came forward and Timmy said. I want you to start my place and that. National week we had tears in our eyes I mean everybody was hugging and everything in and so 91 and practiced or no magic can play so you don't Nelly he he wanted to win we did it. So that guys aren't taped. And and we're going up and down what do you know O'Donnell goes rob diamond or go at 3020211. Were run in transition or go five by nothing at all is kinda thinks. And and finally as somebody from one or the other Western Conference teams. Suddenly said to somebody said hey put it to a belly to back off who want these guys go down to break their wrinkle here. We're all in big trouble south EL is a lot of fun stuff that happens and and I I did it again not I I got to share this with you guys. I can remember Ann and Adonal you'll like this it was on ESPN last week and I even had four strands here. On the top of my head because I saw myself and Donnie Nelson and Nellie on the bench and they showed magic out of you guys remember this going one on one. With the Eastern Conference guys here and there. He just he took Isiah Thomas the only smile and Adam he backed him down to the lane from midcourt. Rolls up and shuttle broke everyone's going crazy he did it to a couple other guys that you'll be did it to Michael Jordan and remember put that. That was a special day in and what this is going to be special for the warriors Fordyce. But don't hold subplots could beat. How about Steve Kerr is he gonna play the four book together with him. On council not unlike the rest record oh well Larry that he that he's gonna play the four warriors simultaneously. In that game he's sorry said that the question a duck boat is a deeply regrets brick out there. And handed me the fifth mustard I'll start with the four warriors. It's he has by paying right and it is he's got to do it. Baird gonna kindly. Beautifully because. That's become a bit. I have seen Wes wrote I believe the Westbrook should have been. One that is the starting players and or else the game I think what you've accomplished is is remarkable by. I've seen also holiest on pollutants the vote he gets chirpy and yes the probably have a few words. But I'm hoping that they have that often the fool I and I think they've board understands that everybody's. Is from the united this. A bit I think they gonna they gonna make this right and they're not gonna make this the spectacle but I think that we are going to be looking at it and looking at everything. It cost them the ball. It is not possible as -- I think they're incredibly broad and I think they actually get a play it's gonna seed be seamless and we're going to be bigger and polite debate talked to go to new what's going on and they're not gonna let president I I think that bees these two people all. Extraordinary. And how to handle the media and he had this done optics and I think that that well. I've had said that I'm gonna have been at the practiced for one speaking the quick are you at all tragically there. It. Yeah yeah. It out time out here McDonnell expound on what you're going to be Dylan and Eric is not proud yeah I think it's wonderful when you beat the probably our young players and. Yet they have a group of a busload of borders with them from all crawl around the world are we going to be I'm going to be part of the training team would be these guys. Few of them is going to be from the island now where I walked we deputy in and emote the last year so bring us some of those players in and we gonna get a chance to walk the walk would have been really just put them on to mops the people know where they all you know -- as an end date. And these were to really great job of monitoring the players across the wall that we think is going to be the future of the week so this would be fun thing to see. The up and coming guys and and what the what the potentially tough for the future. Glad O'Donnell will be doing something constructive I mean it is not Portland's cafe Dumont hardware tavern house includes needs. The wall and admit that's where I know this isn't all okay yeah you're right how right Dellucci and a how puzzled blues skis yeah possibly go to let me ask also drug fifty years ago I really asked that. They keep their side when it Donald goes there he's gonna be talking about life lessons and and entering these young people went pop goes there with saints in the raiders this planet earth that hole and he mumbled. Yeah. I love knowledge of their efforts if that's. Your point about somebody needs to bring Katie chorus together. I think it really needs to be solved before their teammates again. As they would sticker. I don't see it yet this guy all the guys that the gap is guys products. Well good point guys when they were kids they were together. He was there Katie was accused him in the draft that Westbrook I wondered Adams oh yeah at Russian sailors and that's just that's just it out hashed this out. At the other side of it a lot of being. Never Michael's first all star game and all day rather that you guys I used to not. What if it's the other way where they put the world warriors of the team Westbrook and nobody passes Ross the all. These. Oh hey listen dog we had got a lot of big. Ball I remember when Nate iced Isiah Thomas out of the Olympic team mentoring to and date Iran and Iraq. By Michael Gotti yeah. And so I think yeah it's not mess to happen were. They put this is maybe that maybe it's just that kind of cute they can't put it besides. Poppy is somebody's gonna score 200 points. With the team yes. What was alleged you're 180 subtler and I think that at this team can no there's no defense anymore. I'll tell. Them that used to play at how the thought that that. That they'd they'd die each game for those who are members of the year magic which HIV positive right so he missed the entire year he did not play game. He came out to play that game also played in the Olympics in Barcelona that summer but he was the DPP. Of primary suspect is is network started. Where guys just backed off a magic Atlanta beauty of it what is happening where there's no defense in the all star game because I remembered as a kid. There is to go ahead and play defense. What 2003 pop the west 1155. To 145. And now everything is in the one point he's 130s last year. 186. The once it was the last one and went out there in New York -- 163 but 158 where Westbrook won the MVP in the with the pass and anybody so I would expect Russell what everybody regulators two years and our world. Well I think that a lot of the reason it it'll maybe even valuable because you're particularly big man your vocal advocate of bullet that they're here with blocking everything yet it never. It's like you kinda decide what you want by the way you pick the human team wouldn't duplicate what auction doesn't blow. (%expletive) different. It's not surprised because we still aren't as big man maybe going to be if we just want to be entertaining a lot of dunks than about it three points. Natalie got your back and yet your IQ IQ. I think big man are taking over the NBA we saw the Joker all Mike and got her on line here lately and I love it and and cause coming in right now they're start to play through the bigs. I think it's flipping now where some of these big man we are seeing as a half dozen of them. But today have guards' skills. And I don't think we've ever seen it in the NBA so they made a lot of you're all star game but it is going to be a point. Where the all star teams are going to be nothing but these guys entity Davis in the Joker. Carlin that he towns and DeMarcus Cousins that are forcing gets there are big guys now. That are skilled like we've never seen it before in the history of this game. And hopefully Joey and argued Joseph and even he can stay held a contract guy that. He can do it inside outside he's got handles all plea and beat it's healthy to write pop and say this this thing might be flip him for you O'Donnell the big man may be relevant again. That's a bit hard to get back for a second. Wish they brought by triggered yeah Newark to go to do to further greater Newark. Area and the lawyers Eddie had a hard time we yolk it's the other any double triple double. Big the couple Saturdays ago gave it's little lawyers up in Sacramento so anywhere folks to talk about the big man. In the NBA right here in the afternoon delight is the basketball power say the Adonal Foyle public in bonds they rate your mind by some and again. San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan joins the Damon Bruce show coming up the floor. Now back to basketball hour with Garry saint Jean and Adonal Foyle on way or Wednesday at 95 point seven a game. Guilty to the readout but could not have liked. Lola not the other way it's live on for the 2000000. Dribbles and a lot of volleys I had done. That's why we didn't back out there. Let's tonight Nelson picked up the dribble down again with 76 with my drive to go pervert. Bad lifeboat like the market's gotten the man fourteen points eight rebounds for instance. And this they got that the game was the night at nine down if he's doing you know right now the. And cousins as the boogie man it's Nicole Yokich. Is the joke here. And he is. He's a fun loving guy get his nickname because of his personality. That is as skill level year lowered. He is unbelievably the triple double off the warriors. And Monday night and I think gonna get to markets cuts and so. As you look at it back to the basketball power and at a five point seven in order Wednesday pop and bowed to yours and jeans on Adonal Foyle. Adonal. Size up the big men around the NBA and what they've become Yokich engenders the Joker. One of passers they run their entire office room low post I postage stamp was saying even hi here. Is saying what to markets 'cause it's forcing gays in New York Carolina that he towns in Minneapolis Saint Anthony Davis the unit brow. Who are these guys markets all. That is the big guys that are played in the NBA today a battle are playing like guards in there are 6117173. Who are these guys. Well I hit they tell us we shouldn't you know we should going to pay that it was a we decided to go to department of we're good amazing thanks. The players respond to win the game is going I mean the thing that was amid WK two is that. You have twelve assists as the big men that is unbelievable. Right but what you want rebounds. I mean you. You don't have a bulletin board and to be rebounding you you you really finding your teammates and you still have some time to score seventeen points I think that the future. Beautiful big man is great I mean when you look at that what democracy is doing. You know down at sock you look at the you know what what Zynga the future for him and and and his skills that. Is that we've seen big men that are both capable of being effective on the block especially competed over Philadelphia. Affected by the black. But to me Ibaka know in Toronto and they're able to shoot threes they're able to put the ball and voted to control the ball I think that. The big men are responding to win the game is going and they're taken to do impacted because they are called there's still. And you know we always talked about unity Christian lead then they Kevin Garnett. At dot mole and we seem more those guys because a lot of them start off a basketball players first rotted and being. Stereotype at a very young age they think that the futures greed continues. To make sure their players or basketball player for us give them all the skills that a particular Claude. And let them specialized later and you see that and this is partly. Due to ho overseas. Trained at this competitive oh neutrino big man. I I agree the dollar item. We gotta keep your mind that as pop calls and the Joker. He and a new unit brow were both guards and they then grew like eight inches in a year or two. And so they were so comfortable facing the basket it is a Donald said they'd at all. The drills and a guard or perimeter player would do. And I marvel at this young guy I I'm I'm really infatuated with him because as a Donaldson. This is worthy game is going. Now in beat is different he has big man he's big but he can play in shoot threes and face out. And and the guy tonight yet is unique because out of everybody we mentioned. He has the element of power and strength to go along with this. Super skill level. You know we're seeing in the eighties. He's now. And games we get 678910. Assists. What he's doing that and rebounding. You know he's not a shot blocker he loves to take charges. But he scores and a variety of ways. You know you if you put a bigger slower guy on him he takes him away from the basket and just drives but I am. Ivy gets a smaller guy on and takes him down in the box. He uses to crab dribble worries in the middle middle or you're not gonna double teamed he lays it open and he double team him. He's going to the Topper to pass away and the diagonal. He has the whole package in and I see some progress. On the mental side with him he's still a little better job keeping his school. You know he's at the limit their for the technicals. But he's over it now yes and it plays Micky has made progress in my mind in that area. And I've in the inability. And I'd go to Mecca that I was gonna say is that a lot of the changes the game is all I think that it has that it is that it's a big man. You know ten years ago charity shoot threes the courts were how old you don't expect him. At ten seconds I Minnelli was the only one wearing. To allow his big meant to go to an affirmative yes I used to you know more coaches are open that's I think god is one of the season has been in the league. It puts us and gore should make market to. I can't get them. Do you read and or Iraq but Donald you might remember this I know pop will you remember when Nellie went to the knicks. Andrea yes yes a catcher so he's trying to run a white senator. With Patrick Ewing. And I think everybody in the metropolitan New York area dot. General Mills had lost his mind. You know that you're gonna take this low post. Dominating shot blocking scoring player and not you're gonna initiate offense up there with a holy bull he got a lot of crazy look son that will. Cuts are a good solution. He challenged you and he will he walked it this guy he did that you should you worry garbage Caligiuri. But you know Ralph Sampson who Nelly also better where at 741. Of the play like these guys but he didn't quite have the skills at. So that that thing and shoot the three is a part of an addict and you want the stretch Ford I want the stretch five. And all these guys are trying to shoot the three but the difference between Yokich. And cousins. Is the way they they run saint yeah offense wrote them. Whether it's the high post I made bogey it was that kind of guy that can shoot like these guys are having offered to game besides passing. But whether it's in the low post or the high poster with a Yokich it's out further where the ball and that's not these guys. Cousins averaged almost five assists to game. So to my my point tonight is an episode of the kings lakers last night stately but Luke Walton talk talks to Steve. I would then budget for dinner for Valentine's Day. Argue that this. Honestly I I was watching balance working and never stop where I eat a lot of sorrow no serious so I scored flu like. I I was at large Greek it Walnut Creek beautiful love lark creek an idea of a different line thus slowing beautifully it was a nice. It's the art of it in a little did not double because she let a gulf. Now he got to I think eight assists and forty points anyway we're Steve let doubled up right away. The first itself. The aunts cousins to me is greatest Shiite allies guilty to running but he could pass any so big. So we see these guys in a playoff series you may see the Joker just talk about football that the balance lately your philosophy out. What to do with a guy they can pass like this that's this big. Making pitching out to all the shooters he would double to right away do you do what located say we're gonna stay home on a shooter you go get yours picture passing skill. What do you do with a big like cousins that yoke and stick and asked the way they can pass the ball. Well first and Donald. Yeah you know one of the things that would shock when arm of a shock beat it came into the game and the impact he had in the game and I remember I was crazy enough to decide that at one point. Then what it was gonna do his front him so that he could winning them to block. Daughter alone to get easy pass inside front amendment that happen to throw the ball over the top which you can have some tunnel was so I think and to block. You do a combination of fronting get him back behind. Double and short double halfway and keep them really off ball and you can't be too predictable with him because as you said he's a very good process. A process when he gets the ball don't box you wanna definitely. Send a guy from the baseline sometime steps they can steal the ball. Because somebody in the tendency to put the ball on his head them and I'd look what's hopman behind and then you can send a guy down from the fall line. You know to kind of pinch a little bit. And somebody wants to go at the big men behind just front of a little bit you know show him different looks so he's not comfortable I mean I think for a big man. Especially when the plane to block the thing they need more than anything else is predictability and you need to change that. Yes that's that's that's a summation right here. And I I don't want to take a lot of time here but I could give yet the variety of double team packages that there are. Adam in vogue one is coming from baseline lol. The weak side and that's usually a big because you want your big down and small out on the weak side so. You're trying to take away middle and when he spins back to baseline he doesn't see that guy you're timing in the coming over to double as a Donald said he'd come from the top. In the old days used to come from the strong side wing if the guy it was a non shooter. If you'll also could come off for the Cotter. And the key then is will you come with a good passer. You probably don't wanna come and catch. You probably want to let him come on the buy outs so he takes one dribble or is he serious meaning he's neared the paint. You want a time it and be easier then sell there's a lot of double team packages but that all involves the box. What are you gonna do on the perimeter with that with cousins and for me pat. You know I I wouldn't be opposed to mix in an up that I wouldn't just give them straight one on one coverage and I just think he gets its free throw line too much you got to figure out what you gonna be live office somebody. Horribly one pass away so. There's a lot that goes into the game plants. We're Wednesday brought to you by Friedman's appliance trusted name in the Bay Area since 1922 also saying we will be breaking down double teams on season and later today and York on the top poker I'll start a great great clarity challenge actually attacks are girls that that. How stargate covered up to New Orleans this weekend trade deadline around a corner and the curious case of Charles Oakley. Not bad image you know where he just got to earnings came out today and lastly what three days four days a lot of apology first or an act on bag that they're trying to they're they're coaching guides or move a muscle or changed that dial the no no caboose crystal ball so well hour right here on the afternoon delight that by seven game up about it. San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan joins the Damon Bruce show coming up the floor. Now back to basketball hour with Garry saint Jean and Adonal Foyle on what your Wednesday at 95 point seven game. That was the big story last Wednesday so we haven't Chaka spoken to us lately in a battle on the basketball powers since the oak tree went crazy. And Madison square garden and the follow up is that the sides did reconcile. And I'm so over the can measure the NDA and Michael Jordan. The oak trees former teammate in Chicago got the sides together in so James Dolan is lifting the ban. They know MSG ban for Charles Oakley but that's one of the apology so. It's it's a massive New York right now saintly. NM Phil Jackson on top of this is tweeting and he's openly challenging Carmelo Anthony to me to get him to drop his no trade clause they could trade. By publicly brow beating him. So what what what do you think happens between now and we talk to you next week we're gonna be a close to the NBA trading deadline a lot of trades duke it. Discussed in in and consummated in the all star game. DC the New York Knicks trading Carmelo Anthony between now and the deadline of February 20 thirds. He's got all the cards in his hand because he has a no trade contract which only. Four or five players in the entire league have so they've got to get his approval. Would he go to the clippers for example which I don't know they can put a packaged good enough for him to go. You know he's very very close with Chris Paul or all the rumors about Cleveland. That's about it in in my eyes and in this this whole thing back stairs is is just not good for the NBA. I'm gonna give you another mediator for Kevin Durant and Westbrook. Adam silver did a great job with this. Maybe he shows up at the Western Conference locker Romans at fellas I need to talk you for a few minutes because that I I love that Adam stepped up. Adams a great guy very bright guy. He doesn't have a huge ego and I commend them for what he did. And hopefully some time will heal I know Oakley wants an apology which I think he's earned. And is it just wasn't good I I didn't feel good about it. The data on your closest Patrick Ewing. You speak to Patrick at all about this mess involving his guy Charles Oakley what happened in New York last week. No I didn't I think get a chance to speak to him about that whether. I think there's a few things here very noble one is that we don't really know all the different elements of this story one of the things that we heard it that. Oakley has returned to the organizational fifteen times and that there was no response I think from anything that was very disturbing which who has. The whole idea like he was an alcoholic people ideas mental problems I think that. Potted a problem with the U haul you're recognized the legacy. A player suspending ties you now life would have front side and feel that they give the front and everything this guy. They have to give and now the franchises not recognizing. Even by sneaking into a meeting and saying we don't have anything you would it's a job when it's. An opportunity redundancies and I think it's important that there's somebody in place. That deals with did the guys that have transition out of the league this wouldn't you all and what all could be has done. I've been ended ended a hundred and some of those elbows what he's done blue. The fact that big it don't have somebody please don't have a sit down with him. And listen to his concern is whether or not they can help him one way or the other that's not the issue here the issue hit to me that this respect than that there's not. Elements in place of time both guys that have given so much today organization. I think they can afford it. At that position Adonal they were valued at 3.3 billion today so I think they can afford that underdog and you. They won it five billion and they have mismanaged their teams to New York now and so. This injury involving Kevin Love. And you know the the first we heard six weeks James was saying last night it's eight weeks. And it it's eight weeks there it's right to the start of the playoffs six weeks is April 1 eight weeks is right when his season ends that. Tax day as saint laid it out how does that impact the cavaliers. This Kevin Love injury. And with that make them more inclined to go get Carmelo Anthony or less inclined how does that Kevin Love injury. Impact Carmelo whether or not it goes to northeast Ohio the play is play games. I just don't know I that I see that happening I don't know what is it Cleveland would give them that that would make the whole thing come together. They just signed on a ten day they sank Derrick Williams who was a very talented player. In Arizona any kind of never found himself he was in Sacramento he was with Miami before he got let go. And he said a couple good games forum and day of course it starting Channing Frye now. So they're gonna go more resident you know pick and pop kind of look we talked about the modern day senator. I think you're comfortable where they are but you know look LeBron keeps looking at this team out here in the Bay Area insane do we have enough pieces. He still talking about another facilitator on offense to get the ball. To the shooters beside himself and Ky we Irving. But these big deals are really really hard to make. I I personally I commend. Toronto I think get near bako was really a good move. And you know Boston's played terrific in Toronto getting Golan and the team it's just shocked me it's playing so good as Washington. So you know those three will be battling Cleveland once we hit late April. Toppling your leave at least four weekend. Half. Yes they all start with de La good totally night and fixed. And go to the mountains. We don't think god you know why can't be all right wolf whatever whatever the joys they what does that. Holiday here we get Italy that week and he Ulster you know that's why pop it's far. Because I'll be joined by the master of the Joseph looked Cobb interview of president of the chubby Sox fan club. Am sure won the grown men that it's like the gentleman's name was jumping count right. And that it usually owners want to hear about thirteen years old eyes again and I'm a grown man I just talked to the point guard. A fifty cats docket instantly. Boosted its city want to go right. I need to tell street debt to boost sales of equipment if you kill you forgot to Archie offered the great US after Chevy guy. Obviously you can we get to have a sickly O'Donnell the other obese sacred you or accessory highlight experience for. Yeah yeah yeah backed out last night about ballots by the day and greater knowledge and I. Now it's ballots David Bruce live from oracle oracle or even next here on by the by a seven game.

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