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Alex Pavlovic

Feb 16, 2017|

Our Giants insider & beat writer for CSN Bay Area, Alex Pavlovic, joins the Damon Bruce Show with the latest from Giants Spring Training in Scottsdale.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our buddy Alex Pebble Beach is about to join the show on a frequent. I guess the level once again and I'm excited about that because that means it's baseball time again. Alex thank you for joining us I'm guessing you're already down in Scottsdale working on that ten. Yes it is. You know I'd. I've spent a lot along come the bears but the radio says he chose to come down here on Sunday American spent three days here and hasn't been bad at all. Nine I hope so I hope you're enjoying yourself. Howard calisthenics going I don't know baseball released hearts for another week we could have so everyone stretching how the hamstrings. Did you know nobody recorded copper and taken up by Dave pressures on him to put them down here at the earliest. You guys are out there stretching in playing the same cast that you clearly here four years old so. It's kinda started the basic and in the logo here that whether you're at least but of course there are concerned. They're an awful lot of teams in baseball that use these next seven weeks to figure out what they got I feel like the giants are one of those rare teams that pretty much have their answers. Everywhere around the diamond I mean I can circle third base second circle left field I can circle that fifth starter spot. Is there anything else that feels up in the air. You know I think it's actually can be more kind of around the edges and in even circuit that's important is I think. Even with a glass beaded you know let's hear I think that the job what you know we pretty much know it's occupied bird. In Williamson Parker in the rotation and you know something surprising happened is going to be Mac came. That spot so I think this is if you want those camps where. You're trying to dig a little deeper and looking at Steven Coker their jobs so is that the signal that he would you know Laura. Whose support right in renewable and whose turn it the second. Beckett infielder things like that so that we've seen everything can change quickly and politics do or entries straighter. Or hope week blowout in all certain kind of scrambling right now it is going to be chip where they're really not. Fighting for all our jobs. You know they'd they signed mark Lance and I really liked that four year deal I was able to meet him at their guards and sports auction last week could not have been a nicer guy. Doesn't look like a professional athlete wearing street clothes it looks like a normal guy. So you know it's going to be interesting to see. How he transforms. Into a a dominant closer for this team he certainly has been in the past. You look at the guys who lead up to the closer though and I think that's where the biggest difference lies you know no Sergio Romo no hobby Lopez Jeremy Affeldt second year gone. That's probably where there's going to be a little in Iowa. I guess I should say game day program checking to see who's who's on the team who's in the lineup. Total the bullpen and in the mix up there. Yet the new cat its account to test the immediate answer look it is much as Romo well as the and entity as much as they did here on the court yet. We're dropping drop in and now you're you're gonna happen next generation will it really should be and act. Jeremy apple I think there cloth has all the making that he had the makings of being the future closer Bobby is it revealed a quote given. The warrior dew points and I think Lockett easily cited that they are or where. Postage Coker I mean that are there other Gary and there's a lot of guys here in their bring him more and so I think the talent there. I agree with hookers boat it yesterday and it. He thinks what they leave here it's going to be able I think it should be there people by the end of the year really think that. These younger or are gonna come along in the improvement but it is. Situation early on I don't think organ pitching the seventh the statement from the guys you have to go out there. Ketchup in and are related to try to become that guy at some point we will revenue grow your revenue Lopez and ourselves. Nicosia but it is your take to sort out. Alex Pavel bitch CES and Bay Area giants in cider talking him for the first time this spring training and it's good to have pitchers and catchers reporting. Obviously Matt Cain he's got you know 21 million reasons to earn that fifth starter spot but I just don't know if he can. Get through rotation twice anymore lineup twice anymore I guess I should say. I've always liked Matt Cain guy battles what is he got left and how hard is again and keep. Todd blocking and a guy like title or PDA in his in a rear view mirror. I don't know what he has left that I don't think the terrorists odious but lucky he has earned the right to it to go out there and try to. Figured out I don't think that we should it be very long it would seem that some of these guys. In the past nuclear deterrents are will be quicker than me via its terms according the big changes but. That is the longest tenure Terry he's the leader of treachery vehicle factored. There's really no way to put it this is on the rotation that you just to a lot of different thing I o'clock and I repeated of course as we've been made his debut yet so that they can. Pete Pace and with those guys I think Matt can get the first shot at this. And there are a lot of guys mayor Rudy orbiter I think you know that the camping and it does help these are coming up surgery of the last spring he had that this has elbows that get sent him back to a healthy is out there on the normal schedule. See what happens I don't think anybody type of occurred he did it happen is yours. I expect you know the first week rupiah there's number five starter. Have you discussed it with your colleagues ads you have discussed it with players. To me that's just all day and night long stupid and I have no idea why are trying to make baseball. A spectacle for thirteen year old went thirteen year olds aren't even watching like I don't understand it it's ridiculous. What do you think about it and do you think it's something we ever actually see. Yeah I think it's for the I mean. I agree with the general premise of shortening games been in maybe make you know it easier for the next generation but I don't think you are changing Lee Gabler I think. Your your oracle spoke with the NBA is there would bargain with Twitter and being able. To make their players are allowed experience be part of that by short clips. Angel because completely out of the way that restrictive on that book I think. That's the bigger issue is not changing the game their argument in an activity that soccer players that mean there adamantly opposed to it and you joke. For me it's one of the things all right I don't know kind of meetings burst coaching is the embargo they use this one of the guys in the game generally caught in a bit in generally goes. Where these things are headed in general right when he. Tell that something in in the edited and that you. Like in an app I think. This particular that you are gonna happen baseball should look at other thing that. This just seemed like it something that they exploded out there is that the trial or whatever and then really liked you better really bad idea. I know he's no longer with the Marlins and I know that he was at fan fest might we ever see Barry Bonds is head bobbing in a giant dug out. During the regular season again is there any interest to bring him in in any capacity whatsoever. I don't know about the dugout during these but I do you think will be in the spring fully expect to hear. As the guest instructor I mean that's that's a big musical that would be yet he's been here before and and you know you look at the guys ballot Ellis Burks is here and Cody Rauf to hear about this is what they do that bring guys back being noble human interest in that area at big. With David sometimes vote more complicated with the schedule it and getting rounder obviously a bigger deal. That of other guys come here I think you know get back to that brings ratings during have been having him come here and maybe you five days a week. Once again in many go from parent if you're defense I don't really expected. On the staff at any point because I I do think they're pretty that there that they like these guys have a obviously it is digital work out last year Miami but I do you think we'll be back. As a representative of the territory I think we'll be back he game's been in the fact units since he hit it probably was an accident that you have this stop by and on Saturday and ended up a bunch of photos and spent about our depth the key have a pretty good idea kind of had to get back involved disorders. Absolutely he had a box bonds is a lot of things dummy isn't one of equipment at a hey Alex Mann thank you so much good to talk to again and look forward do was spending an entire season picking your brain about the giants thanks so much money. Yeah look who ordered it. Thank you Alex problem edge is CS and Bay Area giant insider.

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