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Jim Kozimor

Feb 16, 2017|

Host of Sacramento Kings pre & post on CSN Bay Area, Jim Kozimor,, previews Warriors-Kings on the Damon Bruce Show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jim goes moral sounds good he's of course the host of Bay Area a CSN Bay Area kings pre and post game you see him on TV buddy Tim goes more what's going on coach Soria Matt. Was gone down. And you think your enemy and showing our. I'm thrilled to be booked for your car ride tonight thank you so much for anatomy. A thirteen game winning streak I know kings fans waited to beat the warriors were really long time then it happened and then what do you know. The confidence became would that seemed to put a little bounce in the whole franchise has stepped. Kings have been playing some pretty good basketball lately and I think they've got a good bounce over that would over the warriors who I'm sure gonna be looking for a little bit of revenge here tonight. Absolutely right it is best stretch of deceit in the waiting for it you can certainly circle back. In point it'll one time making on its products and Wayne and that was after they read it lost the Phoenix the worst in conference. The funds beat them ankle one diner and you figured art the rest of the six game on and gonna put this the lottery but instead the kings one. Four of them remained five and then they want on the road last night in lot B to get beleaguered the payment. Italy that are in line to put up a good fight against Perry there. We know that if the kings are playing well that means the markets is settled in and playing well who else is boosting this franchise. During their their there. They're winning streak here. Now it's kinda odd yeah you're searching for work because it came in winning streak all of the clip at. They're happier kind of snuck up on Saturday and Darren Collison one of the names that you grow into the Mac as far as picking their game up. Double figure scoring in the last seven games three of those games in a row were twenty point games back in Vienna on. At goal of one owner and he is playing about forty minutes tonight because as back up I'm law. Been injured but but there are columns that the guy who's gonna put up is that light again. You know of that you know gardening gains in step curry but you've got a lot like Eddie happened continue to play at that level and the the interesting thing is. That Ron where he's playing well Cullen but what I ought being part I think because Derrick how does that local virtual. Implying knowing he makes a mistake he's not have to worry about it check it and so he would be the one guy they watch for him he would seek it in you dispute that. And certainly what. Just that may. Jim goes in more here on 957 game what Dre mine called him the best big man in the NBA. I wouldn't argue with it from his skill set standpoint but Kyrie is sitting at I mean in what it was he won more tech away from start to miss games or something like that is getting very very close. There is always a eight temper tantrum waiting to happen in DeMarcus Cousins that keeps me from saying he's the best big man in the league. If that temper tantrum ever found a way to be removed if the maturity process would work its way all the way out. There is no doubt this is one of the ten best basketball players in the world if he could grow up a little. Yeah I don't disagree with that account or I think would be well is part of that. Petulant child also what drives him to be great when he on the court because he'd. Over the top competitive edge but Raymond green and been able to find a law. And for the most part stay on the correct side of the line. The market. Hadn't been able fine line and because he would set the tone for what the images. Anytime you come close to the line I think he's in trouble. He all over the limit. Or missing game he picked up its sixteenth technical. At the game. Its first game back lack the guy to hit it got a seventy technical file which means on the eighteenth killed at another game. That they denied an aggressive team like Golden State tried to get under the skin of the market got its only just think he got the technical up against the war. And then a little bit of the old. Well the pelicans. He grabbed the market by the marketed crop it's green trying to get under this kid and kick in the market credit. He didn't go crazy man jumped punch you you should go out there and the market. Keep it together and make it up. Jung punched it to medical term correct. It is the very Medicaid while all this 400 bubble well not that. But at a you know warrior fans have quite a head coach in Steve Kerr the guy represents the franchise in an incredible way he's got a lot of microphones shoved in his face and he seems to say the right thing in damp. But Dave Jaeger doesn't have nearly the microphones shoved in his face but he's obviously. Starting to click with his team what do kings fans have been de Jager. What I think they've got what hole is going to be some consistency. They have I lost count I think it's six Cogent and the market content came to the team and even at that it would be the only panel on over and a lot of cute in. Over so I think they want consistency date the only only guy can get to the market causes and gain his trot. And he appears to be doing at any doubt it was a little like texting and after ball game when he hears the market in the immediate grow the market. On the people he adds that rotted wood the media is back not exactly. You know go to New York City deal that needed to let them run right back from media at the but would be urged her to do the right thing he'll text in deep into the night to stay cloudy. I'm glad he's been stuck up result while probably you. So wouldn't it will be negated future opponents are so young and younger teen girl witnessed. It in the trenches. He coached meant that the two get beat up when these then he coached him in his third year there with a depleted rock or annual playoff spot. So that's what they're truly hoping that they have indeed Yeager and into orbit and back he indeed there's the horror that happened or why. Jim goes a more here on 957 game a vote said Jim people don't appreciate the the things in life that make life. Easier nicer in simpler like for when's the last time we sat around appreciating your garage door opener. I mean they're used to be a time when we would get to our destination. Get out of our car. Had maybe take our keys unlock our garage door open the door drive the car back in closed the door locked the door like did that garage door. I can't remember what life is like before the garage door opener. General Q can you remember what life was like before the golden one senator now that you have it. Got the great memories of when I don't call ARCO Arena. Which won the million. Which was something else along the way. I I I do it the old barn but remember also remember when. Literally all apart there were chunks of the building falling into the action. Global ones that are great and are a lot of warrior and who love you guys are doing an identity that you have done well are currently. Are going to be fighting these Utley. But a lot of people may detract the gold at one under that gain just couple weeks ago overtime when the king and talented and it yet. Go to U bird. Verbal side when it was made a big at the plate it was like being in a big high school GAO. With that too bad genes from small Indiana count. Don't hold it oh and the crowd what you love and every economic and it made me your. For a first round eight verses one change courses warriors. We know. Catch up ball and it would be great note California that and have a legal ones that are at a couple of games there would get beat homage to city. But man it's spectacular play and you warrior out there until you get a chance to go and warriors there. Go check out your don't think although you'll you'll be at great. I can't wait to see the building I really am looking forward to my first trip up there meanwhile Jim thanks so much for. For having us on your trip to wherever you're heading today. In the gym clothes and more one man and a car show it was an honor to be on with you thank you. Devilish delegate great you got. Ratings are being in the third night by now I oh yeah our number one rated show your own car. It that it's a tight battle but won in certain demo. Owns his. A great job. Think we'll preview and what you're dude grow it didn't agree. That much. And not everyone down and up should be up. Awful lot a lot on the night over North Korea. Goes enjoy the game tonight thanks so much for joining me what do. Thank you Jim goes more CSN Bay Area kings pre and post game post. Good to have them on here always like talking with clothes and I really do we got to figure out a way to get the gold once again.

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