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Kyle Shanahan

Feb 16, 2017|

49ers head coach, Kyle Shanahan, joins the Damon Bruce Show!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kyle Shanahan is what those were very happy to have the new head coach of the San Francisco 49ers joining us for the first time. Coach Damon Bruce we have not met yet it's a pleasure to have you on my show how worried are you doing how things settling in. I'm doing a good payment. Not to use and how to market this week in those dropped the first split started to settle and feel a little bit better about it now but. And join me in an officer here. I hope you brought your wallets to yes yeah a little frightening. I was warned us about it but she never really know until you actually see it and widows poll was accurate. Well. Yes it is very accurate hey what we were told about you turned out to be accurate your name. Was attached to this job weeks before you're actually able to take it due to the playoff run the falcons enjoyed. And I'm guessing that that was just kind of either. An odd situation for you or made easy for you by the Atlanta Falcons and it seemed like you know normally when there's a little coach coaching going on there's not a lot of love shown from that other team. The falcons seemed to be very willing participants in all this and I'm guessing your your pretty grateful. Yeah I mean that without the degree coming in at just the whole process. You know is different you're right it was a little because onto that play out front and don't had a possibility at the end of it to go somewhere else. You know is different for me causes most open and repent or before but. In going through it the way the league rules aren't so for O'Neal I need to do so much that me too little bit easier goes you know the I. And have to really struggle back and forth could go wild too so that allowed me just to focus on them. On the falcons play up front that made it harder to rent a Russian ignited begin to Wear. All man unit citizens in that might be an ideal policy stuff and I'm accurate and out time on that put. You don't really have any other option and he got to follow the rules and it kind of makes it easier 'cause the most important thing at that time struggling to purple smoke. As soon as that ended was able to that trial and look at the contract to get that finalized and you know it did not. Not for the final until you can go over all that stuff happened and sign and kind of do that after the Super Bowl so once elected that we need a final on disability get out here. In fact communicate it would be and went throughout the whole thing and there's number coaches I want to bring and you know he was great with me in. Definitely allowed me to take all the assistant coaches and opposition coaches over there and you know they able to get one position coach down there Bobby turner and I was very grateful for that. I'm guessing you also wanted to bring Julio Jones would view in the falcons won't let that happen it I guess last night when other quick now. I'm. Dial your first order of business obviously is going to be to analyze your current roster you come in and you're taking over a team that is released fallen on hard times here. Are you looking at a team that has more talent and under achieved or are you looking to team that you think has a massive talent gap in issue between. Where they are and you know that the team that you purchase coach. A little bit of both in odds still long you know. Surged into the felt pretty hard now it's the Phillips gonna take me a lot of time. A public does to a weekend it's not that justice and here is to own animal they also trying to finish a put together coaching staff attorneys in this building and no really runs and on top of them looked at free agency a little bit draft and he's just got to soak it all and it's it's really tough to do it because you can't do it all one days so it's going to be a lot of work overtime gave better more familiar with the B Tuesday. But you know I think it's global what you say any country you go to fourteen. Obviously that need to prove from Mattel standpoint but I'll December's bad as the names of those errors cruises. And so so confident with the guys here but we we definitely need and continued. The entire time here. No correlation you said the need to get comfortable in the building and the last two coaches and even three coaches before you. More neighbor table literally get very comfortable in that building there's been a lot of pointing at the building in a way that building operates in communicate some leaks information. The two coaches prior to you both got a year before that they were fired how much pause did that gives you and how much reassurance did you need from. From Jed York that you were not going to be given. A one and done opportunity here in San Francisco despite what your contract dad set. Just give enemy which the first interview with them in as a person and arrogant you know personally talked a moment. Those are things that we talked about a time and you know you hear everything you know what has turned stories but she never really know please talk to someone and you really never totally get somewhere but. Jets that all the right things Saddam in any seemed extremely genuine. I'm not out a lot of tough questions. Not at all coaches on into the interview just trying to get a job a trying to get the right job man you gotta make urged the right job yet those tough questions then. Just to be with an owner who. Had no hesitation. I was extremely hobbled further out. And very honest and open it made me feel very good and that he'd never really know until. Com how about that but the contract together. You know if they had to do on what they told you they would do away and you know project at. Allow the GM in my adult to comment at the same time to given the contract that he did they match everything that he told me. He proved it from that standpoint and you know I think when you get a chance to comment was with the general manager something that's pretty rare and and having me feel very comfortable with the situation to where. And I know we could be on the same page that's why we're all here together and that's ordered to do. New 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan on the Damon Bruce show and they we've talked with John Lynch and we like him an awful lot. Surprising though to say you'd choose someone without any front office experience to be your GM as you embark on your first head coaching opportunity. Kyle what did John say eighty units sold him. To you as the right man for the job. Why I just I think you gotta look at that would most important thing that you look at Ford and general manager and to me the most important thing is is you wonderful book. Definitely understand football who has been around it. But you wanna guy with a lot of integrity very honest person so when you can work with the don't want that you'll understand their tendency go to a lot of but a lot of the business to be made in this league players. I you do your schedules on coaching personal stats there's a lot of patriotic go through and would you trust the person that you work with you're you're gonna have disagreements but. I think it's extremely healthy to have disagreements and if if each of the character per person what they're diligent are. I'm when you have a disagreement with that person you can learn from you both can help each other out you know you get the same common goal nothing to a special organization. That when you know you guys are both on the same page in your comment together and whether we succeed or fail here it's going to be together so it allows you to disagree with each other and to get better from a. You've got awfully good draft position and you've got a ton of cap room which is the most important piece of the war chest to turn this around. Our. Hope I mean I don't think you can never just say Hayward. Do that halted the traffic you can never say they were gonna do this Alter free agency. You need improvement every fast as possible and everywhere you're given a chance improve your football team you need to not hesitate to do that and you need to be Smart about it. Are you wanna be aggressive but it's got to be Smart and always the best way to do it to the draft goes I think he can build your roster and you don't have to overspend and do things like that but yeah Ottawa there's a good player out there is a good person. You know he can be a leader for you they don't want the you get a dual Michael paid those guys also and payroll guys and I'll let him go so. I don't believe that there's just bought a way to build a team each each year it's different sometimes there can be a lot of options in free agency. And if there's a good player as a good person. And you think you'll help your team for awhile you medical periodic there's not many people free agency. You don't just go pay people to pay people just could you have money. IE you gotta do what you write you can't larger organization long term just went right away so you always wanna win right away. But every decision you make is also involved when I was gonna effect the year after so you take everything no account I hope we can improve this team and bold the draft and and free agency and I hope we get the players that are here better off well. Have you spoken with Colin Capra nick at all do you see a scenario where he is under center with the niners next season. I think anything's possible you know knock it make any strong judgments on our guys to like get to all the states like get a chance to meet them all I spoke with culture text. To reach out to me now on sale of the day after my press conference on. We communicated through there and have always been phantom call on especially coming out of college atlas study from the hardest. And we had a lot of success in this league and look at port setting a more and couldn't nobody comes and there. I would imagine leaving Atlanta helps you put the Super Bowl behind you're a little but I would also imagine you've done an awful lot of second guessing since that Sunday to. Kyle what what. What are you wish you had back in that game. And when you look at it game and it goes this way for any game as a play caller you wish you had back every single play that cut into the game and the Eagles played it and you know to give up that stack on second eleven. I wish we didn't difficult places that don't get it back come all the complexity guarantee they'll run slow at times that a photograph that there are no it would on the guns back but. If you can put that second guessing game forever go crazy. In now to another series before that we are now there may be our line's second want to. And we ran the ball laws for art got a holding call brought on the ball which put an account or to expect as the ball so. So it's it's you never know what's gonna happen you never know you're gonna make the kicker. I had no idea what Dolly right at the time. Although we lost the games so complex against them forever I'll post pretty cops. But then why I've made the decision that the time but when it doesn't work he got to live with that plan. I'm just I'm proud that we that are best and I deliberately that the time was right and you have got to do the vote came over them changed a lot every play that network and I think we scored a lot more points. I was underneath that having Coleman injury didn't change year year you're game planning there are a little bit and the reason I ask is does. I went to Indiana University so to see a Hoosier having NFL are level success doesn't happen very often we're very proud that actually happens. And meant he he turned into a better player than I ever ever thought he was going to be at this level. What do you hope to me you're. In San Francisco the found success with in Atlanta. Style concept. Package is that will what are you most proud of the hope to duplicate here. As I hope we can build our roster to where we have guys who could help those in every facet you know we had some council and a everyone knows about whose child Matt Bryant. All the guys that we had our roster you know they were in a lot of they were very talented but in other not all their guys other teens Lego people give an opportunity. These but there are certain aspects of their game that we felt we could really use and which again guys who have certain traits. Home that's what I love like cap and he's spread around the field. It's certainly to attack coverages you get quarterbacks and can distribute the ball give it to the right people. And you don't feel cup as a coach you have all types of guys can do certain things yes some speed guys run by people yes ship the guys. Took a break people off in the slot yet ready Mexican run the ball or they can be effective in the pass game. And you get different that the trying to send a really just gives you options the coaches as a coach and allowed just throughout the year. And Kabila made it so special and it wasn't just happened. On those people. News we had some very eagle those people guys truly didn't care. Alec game Blanton and data truly knew their number was going to be called eventually. The tunnel the defense stated. Home all the guys on the field runner past were always work and on the Arctic ago some guys would go a game where. Around the defense and I'll probably get the ball and in the next in him miked five cents. Yeah I can never total difference from Mecca but look at them and trade after the gamers in on Wednesday. We had guys who truly. Played for each other and all that wanted to do was win and truly believe that's one of the main reasons first success and that's what we got better as the year went hours. I've always said that if you're paying for me you get the old man for free in my dad unfortunately passed away a little while ago but. He was always in my year and I'm guessing it's gonna be the same thing with you a father's advice is never far away. How is your dad going to be involved in this informally formally in any way shape reform. Now on that'll be involved was and it just like he has moved the opry my entire life he's going to be my dad and just accused in concert you. You call for bison spokesman special winner in the same line line of work Richard and you know the close relationship with the ailment if so when your respect not just is the man but also. As a coach you know are always glad my dad and talked a moment I think it's very similar to most people are dead. Meehan my dad is going to be enough. Little more a lot of work for people hear about little bit more by. You know by no means is my dad coming out here work ferocity editing you can join being retired. And join golf and among bomber Koppel on their vacant lot and six. He's you still loved football and he is up or dropping anything a talk about it as much as. As much as I have time to do it put. That's it's pretty cool to have that and her dad and so what you can go to pick up the phone and note don't look and help elect a little Peter professions. I got respect for your dad's careers for use a football lifer and we really do hope we've been saying all the Shanahan and we hope you are that Shanahan used of the mall I'm excited that you're the new head coach of the 49ers Kyle thank you very much for joining me and I hope this is first of several conversations we get to have. Here on 957 game thank you and good luck coach. I am I enjoyed it appreciate. Thank you Kyle Shanahan head coach of the San Francisco 49ers on 957. 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