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Marcus Thompson

Feb 16, 2017|

Sports columnist for the Bay Area News Group, Marcus Thompson, joins the Damon Bruce Show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our body Marcus Thompson he is ready to join us after. Having. Battery issues on the phone last night we hope he is. Charged up and ready to go we're certainly excited to have you back here mark is what's going on man how real. I mean the truth is I had to really concrete to local city. Now I know your line because I was watching the game and it's a rare NBA arena where writers. Get to be seen on TV and you know Italian. AA you know the NBA is more interest in in communicating with fans ever before and and pulling back the curtain on its own league than ever before. And one of the worst things that has happened to the coverage that we get is stands is taking the beat writers. Off of the court floor and putting them where they put us here or cool arena at the top of the lower bowl sometimes even in the instances it's in the upper deck. You are privy to interactions in conversations. From that seat that you are not privy to from another seat. And and and I'm on the side of writers having the best access possible like a set and a picture review and all your colleagues called a murderer's row is very happy he got some good seats their markets. They have been so long to go like man it's fine. I you can hear every game it see every day. I you know they're they're really be like that like the outward side. And the speed. When your back post where you could feel it. Wes ergonomically it's an honor people. Until he blows past you artillery unit. So who was there that that was pretty phenomenal and arteries they probably don't do is you'd hear that. That they probably go at that they'll watch it here but he's the top equities speed of development. That like game we know that up. Well it's that Niles who think they like selling those seats at a premium price to people who'll day. A lot more than giving it to you for free. Earns for the team but at the same point it really has changed NBA coverage and we would be a better informed fan base. If you guys were given better access and so I'm unhappy that they do that and Oklahoma City. I hope they keep it up the Chesapeake arena. You did sit courtside you had the whole you know I'm common Kevin Durant saying yeah Abbie you're losing thing going on you saw a lot of the in fighting what stood out to you the most there is their particular moment of the game that jumped out to you is like. Wow man this is this team this city they're really really upset that this guy laughed. You know of the they gave to Israel mine green lit it and rich Taylor. Courtside that was pretty. Developed rely on the pick and Blackberry how it all told it was lots don't know explain what happened. So there's a band visa payment Oklahoma City. He's actually from say Diego went to the penalty spate. But he yeah and it's Howard Stern all the Kevin Durant and he taught it would turn around dignity game eco trip I. Don't keep gave variety. Mr. Wagner houses on the GQ. And act at a bit later on they got it would hear it and they're what. You know like police looked like have a detailed and be quiet. That is the the polling boxes started very vibe of it would be quiet this outrage about that because. You don't need it but I doubt there had to be right details. It was don't like Al it was happening there at the home. Kevin Durant hit well under over the not to like I was only wants the unit by hackers the lead off I got my imaginary popcorn out I've watches ought to problem lack. Real house lot Oklahoma city of the so. Yet you know it is funny though the NBA these guys I think they want the rivalry out there they know that gets them attention they know that he gets some coverage. But I don't think anybody in this league. Seriously these days. I'm saying this about the rams and is about Westbrook and neither one of these guys get throw punch neither no one wants that. Like everyone's really tough right up into the moment of truth and then I betcha everybody is like amen. Why are we doing this like the NBA pretends to be a lot harder than it really isn't it. So this group did pick up. It's. The bit about. Like really guys in PA. And they all know who now. Right and James Dolan has thrown them at a knicks games. That I ever known you know meant it. Only. Survive though. Oh demand China give black guy from try to wrestle it Tony Allen though. There's a guy that you know look for the most part though I'd give or. Nobody better really. Do anything and it's all night. It's like scripted the unity harmony it's well which startled the back in the in Albany to break through like one hour to do that code be cracked. It's it's there is that element of the heavy duty to Nabisco where we bite bite you back right nobody. Now it's no it's right now no one's own anything around these are markets are. A lot of yeah is bad is it out. Yet. That's what that's I think eventually Dre months gonna start looking at what this means financially. And watch him come in with fifteen technical fouls and it's all said and done hopefully anyways. That's the way it goes markets you saw them lay the Aegon Denver it was pretty predictable as a matter of fact I sort of predicted it on Friday as a watch them play two great games and then go get unraveled in Denver. Is number one the retired number twos the B and emotional letdown number three Nolan likes being in Denver. No when he likes driving from the airport to the arena from Denver I think that's where most teams. Lose the game they just don't like being in Denver. Kirk had a moment to make you bring guys back he decided it was going to be a white flag game he gave it to the second unit who did play them back into contention but then. A ten nothing run for the nuggets and that was it. What's your biggest take away from that game to me. It's this. I don't have to like the losing but I understand like I really do like I get it I read the Anthony Slater piece today about. All the minute management and how clay Thompson is the most minute it up per game warrior and he's thirtieth in the league like that's impressive really it. Outlook actually the pride that you and I have talked about this before that he didn't way you know the white flag off off the top. And in the opposite they knows Barry Bonds notes there. And he kind of let them play and it is like thank you. What you do you know this shows though our people back in a game like speak and the third quarter they look of merit. It was just weird you know like we used well we are all numbered. Mean that like game I would bet there are guys out because. What liberty here. For witty it would pretty light what so most of war beat Denver. Which had to work really hard and do so that popular yet there's the build. Up. That they have it was. A great people like that though that the market situation is the better off the bat. Those that those very port au eight the bulk. Of their. From the beginning is the parent of predictable but being a particular wrote it are really proud though. You've got really got that the. Markets before we say goodbye there is another thing that happened in Bay Area sports this week that involve bald and smitten the cops stopping by his house. Do I take an inventory of the night's situation and looks like that's all the really happened and I've edged assaulting comes and goes with. Without an arrest without anything if something really bad happened we would've learned about it by now. But knowing what you know about all than his reputation. The raiders how they've responded to domestic violence domestic issues in the past. What do you think the next movies here do you think he ever plays for the Oakland Raiders. I don't think so. And you know what they have the money to go I was very. They can go he would it is. As they can get a you know Washington. In the draft are. Light would be I don't know what the upside is and they ticket they take advantage of the situation. When they targeted heated. Talent on the field. They were headed or less spam and not be. You know they they. They were just buildings have been without its load floor and one event he uses its speed debate eat. Not depicted you need pretty well everybody the debris and we have a you know let it back your guy or are there who don't know what the outside. They just don't do well I'll go well let's just really. Want to help. But it is that the maybe not played well be our globe there. I they'll be with upside is that the those are blue beaded. If you have. Any facts that there were were here repeat that. By the way speaking of upside how about Joseph lake have been Peter Guber. Turning for a 115 million indeed two point six billion in seven years. Why. Outbreak now how that would put like being the only. Price if that's what I'll. Put it did not build it back it beat out the homes nobody says that should remain up to be paid to. Ticket if they sold the team right now they could put on the market will litigate brief period four billion dollar. I think yeah I think I think I think. Interest in serious offers are coming in at 33 point one in the winning bid would be somewhere about three and a half may be to four. By 20/20 five with more banners and a new stadium and the San Francisco address. They gotta be worth five billion dollars by 225. They they keep in mind. Let me pick on lakers are two. And the warriors are three liked it right there I don't Max over in the right. More than a bowl is more than the Celtics. Unbelievable really release has markets I'm glad we did catch up with you man thank you we'll see you around here tonight. Not anywhere near courtside but we'll see here tonight who could put a I had their respect a lot to thank you buddy mark he stops here on 957 the game.

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