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DB Show live from Oracle Arena - Hour 1 - 2/15/17

Feb 16, 2017|

Damon talks about how the Warriors track their odometer miles, and is joined by Jim Kozimor & Alex Pavlovic.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Four more hours and you can make mine a Hawaiian. I mean that's how nice this is going to be my final show before a little break heading to Hawaii tomorrow. I need to little sign an eagle Stan I could use a little relaxation. You and I could use in my time. I get a couple times and I can't use on my tie. We're thrilled to be reviewed today we are from ORACLE Arena we're gonna do you from the Crown Royal club is a matter of fact it. It's always good to do that on a warriors Wednesday brought you by Porsche of Walnut Creek gate 2016 premier Porsche dealer. We've got a great show for it today we are sparing no expense on the get out of town to show it to get out of town game for the Golden State Warriors. They've got the I'd get right not to and their first half tonight. Against the Sacramento Kings who finally got right themselves after losing thirteen in a row to the warriors. Sacramento won the last time these two met. And Denver let's face it that day game of the bad taste in everybody's mouth and really should let the bad taste in the warriors mouth to. They know what happened but you still don't like walking off the court like that. Giving up a record number threes to a team without a real bonafide shooter on it that's not how the warriors like losing basketball games. It's going to be a rough night tonight for the king's I really do the warriors are the best bet in town whenever they come off a loss they always make a statement in the next game. And not only is it the last chance to make a statement in the first half. They've got a statement to make against the kings plus they're coming off of a loss got to like the warriors in the way this is shaping up tonight we're gonna talk about it with Jim Cozumel or. We're gonna do that at the bottom of the hour long time Bay Area. CS and Bay Area kings pre and post game post on TV. Jim codes of war is gonna stop on by we're gonna have a little baseball conversation for the first time. This year Alex Pavel that stopped by for 345 segment. For the very first time we're gonna say a loaded the new niners head coach Kyle Shanahan joins me at 4 o'clock today. Marcus Thompson a little bit later Matthew Hurwitz who is the in arena. Voice of the Golden State Warriors seized the public address announcer here at ORACLE Arena he's also gonna come on by he's got one of the cooler jobs in the Bay Area. And one of the best seats in the Bay Area to any Golden State warrior game so we're going to do was talk with him about now. How cool is gay gays and what some normal people out there can do to get involved. Oh world sports that really. There are a lot more jobs than the ones you think about here about no about. There are tons so we're gonna talk to Matthew little bit later on as well of course at 6 o'clock teary Keating joins me for a little warriors warmup. As we spend an hour getting you ready for tonight's tip off between the warriors and kings. First of all I guess we can start with a congratulations. The top NBA franchises according to forbes' new list is out. And even though the New York Alex didn't in the New York licks. The New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers. Are both dumpster fires of organizations right now the Golden State Warriors. Have risen all the way to third in terms of NBA franchise valuation behind just the knicks. In the lakers now ahead of the bulls. And the Celtics who come in at number five remember Joseph lake have been Peter Guber bought this team for the NN BA record 400 in fifty million dollars. In July of 2010. They've turned 450. Million dollars indeed two point six billion. In seven years. And I'm telling you G I think two point six billion that number. Doubles itself. By the year 225. When they molded to wait brand new arena. That they own operate and control 365. Days of the year it is not something that they rented is now only. Warrior team property it is now assets. That is only going to make the market go up the fact they're coming to San Francisco is going to increase the value of the franchise intrinsically. And if they win a couple more championships between now and 20/20 five you know every single time when world title I don't know exactly how many dollars to slap on your. Franchises. Forever valuation. But it's significant and it would be very significant to think that this team could be worth. Five billion dollars by the year 20/20 five the fact that there are now worth two point six billion. Is absolutely. Amazing you know Joseph lake have been Peter Guber caught a lot of flak for talking about how ahead of the game they are light years ahead of the rest of the NBA. What they're doing something. Because there was a lot of people who bought into the NBA. All long time before these two guys did was a lot of more seasons to get things right than these guys got. And it hasn't happened. It hasn't happened in other markets for other teams and other places and other cities no one. Has the Midas touch quite like this warriors current ownership group it is almost unprecedented. In the history of sport in less than a decade a team go from an absolute afterthought laughing stock. 21 of the most valuable brands in the entire sport it's amazing. What has happened here club at the line great return on investment. Our ally if you yeah you would think so there's a very good return. On investment right there you know the warriors are very good basketball team they are completely invested in speaker's message this team is totally bought in. To reduced minutes meaning longer careers. And there's no doubt about it he really good column this morning from Anthony Slater who of course covers the warriors. For the San Francisco chronicle. He wrote about how LeBron James right now at age 32 is averaging 37 point six minutes per game which is tied with Kyle Lowry. For the most in the NBA. Think about that LeBron James is averaging the most amount of minutes in the NBA. And now with Kevin Love getting shelf for the next six to eight weeks his workload is not exactly about the start taking out. A backseat. This guy has to stay on the court all the time for the cavaliers to be a contender. The luxury that the warriors have is completely. Spelled out in the minutes that are given to the players on this roster. The Golden State Warriors right now. While LeBron is Boston his romp like high allow read every night in terms of trying to leave the NBA and on court minutes. The warriors don't have a single player in the top 29. 29 players minutes played per game the warriors don't have a single player in the top 29 Klay Thompson. Is thirtieth in the NBA with its 34 point two minutes per game thirtieth. Thirtieth. That's where clay is. So the warriors. Are leaving their third option. On the court. Longer than their first or section a second option. And getting away would it to the tune where they've only loss in nine games so far this season. Curry who averaged under Mark Jackson 38 point two in 36 point five minutes per game has seen his team. Pull his minutes back. His production in the Golden State Warriors of a franchise have pretty much exploded. Since then Curry's 12 MVPs with. Fewer minutes on the court. He is reduced his minutes on the court from 38 point two Mark Jackson site to 32 point seven. That was two years ago when he was playing with Steve Kirk. I mean it's just amazing the way these guys have completely bought in the harder it is to sell an NBA player any pat forget about that. Try talking to a high school freshman who mom told him he was good at basketball. Talk to a high school freshman whose parents have told them Billy you're good at this. That kid. Is upset with his minutes. That kid in those parents probably think little Billy should be playing more. The Golden State Warriors have one player after another. Who by anyway you wanna look at it from a on court basketball standpoint. Should be among the top minute givers in the entire NBA. But again not a single player in the top 29 Klay Thompson comes in with the most at number thirty. You look at the logged career minutes for these guys against Slater did a really nice breakdown of baldness Kevin Durant. He's the important one to monitor he's the longest in the tooth in terms of on court minutes Kevin Durant is logged 29900. In three career minutes. Curry's only 21121300. Thompson's at 161700. Plus. Dream on green when he places first minute of tonight's game will be 121000 minutes he's 111999. Career minutes. Right now. It's not the age of the players it's the minutes on their body its games played these guys have an odometer. And it runs. And don't be fooled big your engine runs at a high level. Even though you're getting up there in miles because it really isn't about engine revving performance it's about total odometer miles it really really is. That's why you see so often in sports. That when it's over oh it's over done they could in told they couldn't and it wasn't a matter of of the air time on the court dictating that they could no longer do it they just they just could not function out there anymore. It's like guys get to a certain point in their career. And the skill sets a road so rapidly that a guy who was playing great just a month ago. All of a sudden has forgotten how to play the game I mean Dan Marino went from hey Dan Marino to all my god it's even in Reno. I've never seen anything quite like it the amount of thought this guy to get it done two now can't play the game and all we staggering in some cases. By cutting back minutes now. Steve Kerr Bob Meyers the Golden State Warriors are buying productive seasons at the end of staff Curry's career. Not just the end of the season. They're not just keep it fresh and healthy for a post season run in 2017. They're looking at how everything goes into the soup of what makes up a player every dribble every court stepped every minute. Every day every hour every thing now is measured. All of it. In order for this to work players. One man to a man. Have to completely by Ian. In order for this to work there can never be a night where Kevin Durant walks up to Steve Kerr and says you know what man I want 44 minutes tonight I'm feeling. I wanna go for fifty tonight. In order for this to work with Klay Thompson has a 37 point quarter yesterday and come out of the game. In order for this to work Klay Thompson can be going for sixty and even though there's any game time left him more points to be scored he's done for the night. In order for this to work staff curry can be on the verge of breaking the single game three point record and not be allowed to take a single shot or have a minute of the fourth quarter. For this to work. And the whole team is totally. Bought in. We don't appreciated enough. I don't think I even appreciated enough and on the one trying to explain to use the you need to appreciate this more and I think the reason why there isn't. Easily seen transparent appreciation. For something like this Gionta. Is because it takes the one thing in sports that even the most die hard sports fan never wants to apply to his or her own sporting life. Patience. That's hard patience is the hardest. Thing in sports. Discipline. Knowing that even though you've got more to give you wrap it up right here tonight and now in the name of we gotta be back tomorrow. That's adult stuff it's not fun it's not the you know it's so funny. I gotta give full credit to Ryan Priscilla who I think brought this up today I was watching. Him in Priscilla Owen canal a little while on ESPN this morning and I think it was him said. You know. For a league. Where almost every single guy every single morning. Wakes up in tweets like rising grind 365. Got to get my grind. Got to grind it here's my grind my grind design. How to electric coffee ground. I grind it. You know it's just about Bob grind grind grind. Actually you're totally wrong for Ellis. The grind. Is not the romance that you should be selling anymore because there's not a single team that's really grinding. Or applying it that knows what they're doing. LeBron James is playing that many minutes because of circumstance. On its commitment to the grind. And if you look at what LeBron said in the media which Charles Barkley held to task for you know he's basically saying wait we're way too much of a grind. Too much a daily grind it's not supposed to be this much of a grind if you want the most out of me quit having me grind. All the time. It's the only league in the world that preaches grinding in frequent rest. At the exact same die. You cannot grind. And unrest. In the same day. It's just a funny funny mixed message really releases were gonna talk about this. With Jim goes a more a little bit later on Marcus Thompson two and all of all of Obama Kerry Keating's conversation I'm sure will. Head back to this is well. Again it's the last chance for the Golden State Warriors to make a good impression. No one wants to see a let down before the all star break especially at home in front of the team the Yunnan need to be. He did thirteen times in a row and you lose the gold one senator you don't want those back to back losses Kevin Durant. Says no fans should be worried about the warriors let you down the night. I'm thanks physicist who lost last day where home. Wanna go to break for the good no I think we're all very you know the same could be his last game well right now so home got sick at all we'll. And it won't be sleeping on this one 'cause he says he's convinced that the kings. After just picking up a win and snapping a thirteen game losing streak to the warriors are gonna come in here where they got unreasonable amount of confidence which they respect. Moss point gain since then things. Because you know you have a good life yes another level of confidence that you know especially. Did the best game best record in the league him you know feeling great about ourselves so sure they became now along with the they got all star player Americans French and who. They whenever you beat a team that's now worth two point six billion dollars that's got to feel good. We're going to do really enjoy this one today like I said we've got Kyle Shanahan making he show debuted this afternoon we're looking forward to talking to the new 49ers head coach about what he's been doing his first handful of days on the job. Hopefully things are going smoothly he's getting ready for com buying he's getting ready for draft. He's building his coaching. Odd team around him right now and so hopefully Kyle's got a little progress report for us. And then we have to knock on the door of a memory that scheme to going to be asked about the rest of his life by even sauce in Atlanta Falcons today saying that they. Could not believe. The game plan that he called in the second half of that Super Bowl. I'm sure it's a leaves it a little easier to get over it when you get out of town on the way that he has but still. If he used to sleep comfortably eight hours a night it's got to be six and half right now that's got you got a wake up at some point in the night going. I seriously dialed up my quarterback getting sacked on third down an entire second half the Super Bowl the led by 25 points that I can gallantry thinks about a lot that I do that yet he did that that happened. Hopefully it won't be happening with the 49ers when they get back to the Super Bowl next year. Or the year after just to be fair to pick up it just to be like I told you patients is our patience is hard. We will figure out a way to apply the patience to it. Com one more thing here are big grandiose opening segment that I got a sneak in. Gays. Right before. I head off for vacation ICG honor. That I need to come in and save baseball from itself once again. I've said before and it said this many times and I'm going to keep on saying it until baseball proves me wrong. Given the chance. To keep it simple and get it right or make it overly complicated in screwed up. The only choice baseball ever chooses is make it overly complicated and please screw it up. Every single time baseball has a new idea. And with the exception of the wild card. It's been a bad idea. Every new idea baseball has is a bad idea except for the wildcard which is cool and that you wanted to expand it you know what you're testing my patience. But it's cool. That one game play and I'll give it to via. And I'm sure that that is the kind of excitement the big try to sell me is they're now gonna turn around and try to sell the concept. Of putting a runner on second base in extra innings. In order to speed game. Okay let's talk about this for just a second. Out of that runner at second base. Magically appeared the easy credited. With two bases. As he heads to second base to begin the inning. DD earn first base or second base on talking about total base total. Of this players' careers in it if if the player on second. Then comes home how can he get credit for scoring if he's only taken two bases seat baseball all fits together. And when you start trying to do things that don't fit to get Howell. Does a pitcher. Carrying. A no hitter. Woody Lowe pitch count the goal and extra innings. With a runner on second what if he was throwing a perfect game and you could say well that's ridiculous scenario it happens so rarely all right fine. If your whole point of making baseball. Is to increase its speed. Why would you wait to the games essentially over in regulation to do it. We're talking about extra innings your problems are in one through nine not extras it's even called. Extras right so we know we're getting more that we didn't pay for the percentage that actually went past the tenth inning arsenal went right right. Yeah right it's a slow percentage tonight and all the numbers but. Like here you go about this or just it's just taking crazy ideas how about this how about for each extra ending you'd take a player off the field. That gets you seven innings to the point where you're just down to the pitcher and catcher remaining. And at that point. At that point. The pitcher that has to field every base and catcher can't go anywhere concedes the receipt pitch obviously. If the ball is put in plane goes to the wall pitcher's got to run out and get it you say wait a minute that's ridiculous statement. That's an unfair advantage because in the time that it would take for the pitcher to run out into the gap and get the ball. And then throw it into the relay man who would then is the catcher and then it would have been the catcher at this. At home right well to make it fair when I'm gonna do is when the runner gets to second base he then has to get. Down on all fours and reversed crap himself home. From second base. In reverse crap fashion only. In order for the run to school horror you then have to do three pushups. On home plate. At that and does that sound dumb do you. I hope so yeah. Because that is just as dumb as starting the tenth inning with a runner on second base he didn't earn his way there for goodness sakes. The single best thing you can do for baseball. Tomorrow. Is the same thing you can do for baseball today are you ready here it is. Nothing. The game. Is. Perfect. If the bases. Were 89 feet away. Instead in ninety. Baseball statistics is you know would be completely different language one foot of base path would have changed this game. Our heroes in the history of our nation. One foot. That's great. This is perfect. The game is perfect it's geometrically perfect. It is absolutely. The most precious thing we have in sports to think that anyone has a better idea for baseball. Then the rules of Major League Baseball as they stand right now is out of their mind. It is a waste of time that once again. We are trying to tailor make a sport that was made a 150 years ago to fit modern fourteen year old to warnings watching anyways right. Stop trying to take my grand old game and fit it into the short attention span of a generation who wasn't even watching to begin weight. You know they say what kids don't like baseball like they used to well baseball's a little bit you know it's it's it's an acquired taste. You know you don't fall in love with it when you're young just give it a while eventually you'll appreciate the caviar you'll enjoy it is you. Get older and appreciate. Slower paced cerebral things. It's just ridiculous that the answer to Major League baseball's problems is speeded up for a generation of kids that wasn't paying attention in the first place. Yeah got to be knots. 888957957. Dollars and number blogs but a lot on the table there. Into the next three segments. We are wall to wall interviews so hopefully. You'll remember summit this and be ready to talk to us about it later but next we're gonna say hello to Jim Kozo more and we're gonna preview warriors and kings meeting at ORACLE Arena tonight next here and at a 57 again. It's a warriors Wednesday driven by the all new premier Kia of Newark online premiere Kia. Of Newark dot com and all of our warrior guests always sound better if you're wearing JB a wireless headphones the officials under the Golden State Warriors in 95 cent in the game and I can promise you. The Jim goes moral sounds good he's of course the host of Bay Area a CSN Bay Area kings pre and post game you see him on TV buddy Jim goes more what's going on costar Matt. What gone down. And you think your enemy and it's. Only like our. At that I'm thrilled to be booked for your car ride tonight thank you so much for had me. A thirteen game winning streak I know kings fans waited to beat the warriors were really long time then it happened and then what do you know. The confidence to came would that seem to put a little bounce in the whole franchise has stepped. Kings have been playing some pretty good basketball lately and I think they've got a good bounce over that would over the warriors one sure gonna be looking for a little bit of revenge here tonight. Absolutely right it is their best stretch in the seat in the way to look like it you can certainly circle back eight. In point it'll one time thinking on its products and Wayne and that was after a rent a bit lost the Phoenix the worst in our conference. When the funds beat them ankle the one diner and you figured all right the rest of the six game on and it got to put it the lottery but instead the kings one. Four of them remained five and then they want on the road like I didn't want to get beleaguered the payment. Italy's that are in line to put up a good fight against Perry very. We know that is the kings are playing well that means the markets is settled in and playing well who else is boosting this franchise. During their their there. They're winning streak here. Now it's kinda odd yeah you're searching for work because kingdom winning streak all of the close at exactly it. They're happier kind of snuck up on Saturday and they're in college and one of the name that you grow into the Mac as far as picking their game up. Double figure scoring in the last seven games three of those games in a row were twenty point games back at the end and on. At goal of one banner and he is playing about forty minutes tonight because as back up I'm locked the been injured but of their college and the guy who's going to put up is that light again. You know about you know guarding gain in steps curry but you've got a lot like any hat continue to play at that level and the the adjustment thing is. That Ron where he's playing well Colin but what I ought being hurt I think because they're column does local virtual. Eight implying knowing he makes a mistake he's not gonna have to worry about a check it and so it would be the one guy they watch for him that he would seek it in you dispute that. And certainly what. Just that may. Jim goes more here on 957 game what -- mine called him the best big man in the NBA. I wouldn't argue with it from a skill set standpoint but hearing is sitting at I mean I know what it was he won more tech away from start to miss games or something like that he's getting very very close. There is always a eight temper tantrum waiting to happen in DeMarcus Cousins that keeps me from saying he's the best big man in the league. If that temper tantrum ever found a way to be removed if the maturity process would work its way all the way out. There is no doubt this is one of the ten best basketball players in the world if he could grow up a little. Yeah I don't disagree with that account or I think would be well is part of that. Petulant child also what drives him to be great when he on the court because he'd. Over the top competitive edge. But drain on greeted been able to a fine line and for the most part stay on the correct side line the market. Hasn't been able fine line and because he is set the tone for what the images for. Any time he comes close to the line I think he's in trouble. He all over the limit. Or missing game he picked up its sixteenth technical and at the game. Its first game back slapping and to keep it got a seventy technical plough which means on the eighteenth on that another game. That they denied an aggressive team like Golden State tried to get under the scared of the market that it's only just think he got the technical up against the war. And then a little bit of the old. Of pelicans. He grabbed the market but you don't get these crop it's green trying to get under this kid and it kicked in the market credit. He didn't go crazy and jump punch you you sure don't sit and the market. Keep it together at the ticket. John punched it's a medical term correct. Did the very Medicaid while all this 400. Not the. At the but at a you know warrior fans have quite a head coach in Steve Kerr the guy represents the franchise in an incredible way he's got a lot of microphones shoved in his face and he seems to say the right thing in damp. Dave Jaeger doesn't have nearly the microphones shoved in his face but he's obviously starting to click with his team what you kings fans have been de Jager. You know what I think they've got what they hole is going to be some consistency. They have had I lost count I think it's six coaches in the market currently in the day. Team and even has that been the only panel on over a lot of cute in order to like think they want. This that the date the only outlet guy can get to the market causes and gain his trot. And he appears to be doing at any doubt it was a little like. Texting and after ball game when he hears the market in the immediate growth market that is money that people act as Robin. With the media in Sacramento not exactly. You know go to New York City deal that meet those ads run right back from media at the but would be ignorant person do the right thing and he'll text in deep into the night to say hey howdy. I'm glad that you don't stop doctors a while probably. Silicon and will be negated teacher I'll answer. So who got out that younger team control. But it in the trenches. He coached meant that the two bit beat up when these him and he coached him in it for years there with a depleted brought her into playoff spot. So that's what they're truly hoping that they Avant de Jager and into orbit in Sacramento he can beaters the horror of that and that's why. Jim goes more here on 957 game a vote said Jim people don't appreciate the the things in life that make life. Easier nicer in simpler like for when's the last time we sat around appreciating your garage door opener. I mean they're used to be a time when we would get to our destination. Get out of our car. Had maybe take our keys unlock our garage door open the door drive the car back in closed the door locked the door like did that garage door I can't remember what life is like before the garage door opener. General Q can you remember what life was like before the golden one senator now that you have it. Got the great memories of when I don't call artillery. Which won the million. Which was something else along the way. On I'd I I'd give it the old barn but remember also remember would literally all part torture and of the building falling down. Action. Global ones that are great and are a lot of warrior and who love you guys are doing and 95. You have done are currently. Are going to be like the Utley. A lot of people may detract the gold at one under for that game just couple weeks ago overtime went to the king and talented and it yet. Go to U bird. Purple side when it was made a big at the plate it was like being in a big high school GM. With that too bad genes from small Indiana count going to hold it oh and the crowd which is love and every economic and it made me your. For a first round eight verses one change courses warriors we know. Match up man it would be great to think that and haven't Google wants better cup which game they're widget beat homage to city. But man it's spectacular play and you warrior out there until you get a chance at all. The warriors. Go to check out your don't think although you'll you'll like because it's great great. I can't wait to see the building I really am looking forward to my first trip up there meanwhile Jim thanks so much for. For having us on your trip to wherever you're heading today. In the gym cozy more one man and a car show it was an honor to be on with you thank you. A. Devilish delegate bravery you got. Ratings are being in the third I. I heard the number one rated show your own car. Correct. No. One in certain demo. Always. A great job for you. And they don't review and what you're do or didn't agree. That much. And I want you down and out there should be an awful lot a lot of on the night over or. Goes enjoy the game tonight thanks so much for joining me. Thank you Jim goes in more CSN Bay Area kings pre and post game post. Good to have them on here always like talking with codes and I really do we got to figure out a way to get the gold once again and here's the deal. And mine that'd be a warrior game like we do my had to picket kings a weekend game and you shoot up there and just do it CM I did do I really do too because and wanna make mental notes and talk about. Will we need that would good ideas from there need to yet it is Franciscans San Francisco now that's hours doing. So while we're got all of that coming up at some point we're gonna have our sells low road trip. Meanwhile. Alex babble that she's probably on the road Scottsdale if he's not already there which are Betty is as a matter of fact he covers San Francisco Giants who were about to have. Our first look at spring training and well Georgia black spring training anyways here coming up next the ballots Pavel sits on 957 game. It is a warrior Wednesday but we're gonna stop talking basketball for just the second thanks so much to Jim goes more again for joining us for little. Warriors and kings preview our buddy Alex Pebble Beach is about to join the show on frequent. Eight guest level once again and I'm excited about that because that means it's baseball time again. Alex thank you for joining us I'm guessing your RD down in Scottsdale working on that ten. Yes it is. You know I'd. I've been caught or kind of a bears but the radio receiver chose to come down here on Sunday American spent three days here and have been bad at all. Nine I hope so I hope you're enjoying yourself. Howard calisthenics going I don't know baseball released hearts for another week we could have so everyone stretching how the ham strings. Did you know nobody recorded copper been taken up by a pressure that's on him to them down there at the earliest. You guys are out there stretching in playing the same captain clay when your four years old so. It's kind of started the date victim and logo here that whether you're certainly what. So far so good for the very. They're an awful lot of teams in baseball to use these next seven weeks to figure out what they got I feel like the giants are one of those rare teams that pretty much have their answers. Everywhere around the diamond I mean I can circle third base second circle left field I can circle that fifth starter spot. Is there anything else that feels up in the air. You know I think Mexican be more kind of around the edges and in even circuit that Gordon I think. Even with what collapsed greeted him here I think that the shot what you know we pretty much know that our two guys are. In Williamson Parker and in the rotation you know what something surprising happened it's going to be Mac came. That spot so I think this is it me or those camps where. You're trying to dig you know little deeper and look at Steven poker their jobs so is that this a couple of he would you know who are. Boot before righthander Anibal who's kind of the second. Packet infielder things like that so that we've seen everything can change quickly and politics do or capturing straighter. We're hope week blow out and it'll that are here are scrambling right now it is going to be chip with a really. By April jobs. You know they'd they signed mark Lance and I really liked that four year deal I was able to meet him at their guards in sports auction last week could not have been a nicer guy. Doesn't look like a professional athlete wearing street clothes it looks like a normal guy. So you know it's going to be interesting to see. How he transforms. Into a a dominant closer for this team he certainly has been in the past. You look at the guys who lead up to the closer though and I think that's where the biggest difference lies in a no Sergio Romo know Javier Lopez Jeremy felt sacking your gone. That's probably where there's gonna be a little in Iowa. I guess I should say yeah game day program checking to see who's who's on the team who's in the lineup. Total the bullpen and in the mix up there. Yet in the casting its account to test that mean you'd Geithner looked as much as well as. And a oh in its he has capacity figures from toward the end. We're dropping Robin and now you're you're trying to the next generation will it really should be back. Jeremy apple that I think they're law has all the making that he had the makings of being the future closer Bobby is it revealed a goat milk have been. The quarter to Malaysia can go to I think Lockett easily exploited that aid but he Kirkland. Postage Coker I mean that are down there are those gear and there's a lot of guys here in the or bring him more and so I think the talent there. A real bloopers coach said yesterday that. Keeping what they leave here it's going to be able I think it should be there people and by the end of the year really think that. These younger target target a couple long in the improvement but it is. Situation early on idol think organs stretching that in the aid them from these guys you have to go out there. Match Robin and are related to try to become that guy at some point we will revenue grow your revenue Lopez and ourselves. And Casilla but it is here to sort out. Alex Pavel bitch CS and Bay Area giants in cider talking him for the first time this spring training and it's good to have pitchers and catchers reporting. Obviously Matt Cain he's got you know 21 million reasons to earn net fifth starter spot but I just don't know if he can. Get through rotation twice anymore I'll lineup twice anymore I guess I should say. I've always liked Matt Cain guy battles what does he got left and how hard is again and keep. Todd blocking and a guy like tire roller PDA in his inner rear view mirror. I don't know what he would let that I don't think deterrent odious but the lucky he has a right to it to go out there and try to. Figure out I don't think the leash is going to be very long it would seem that some of these guys. In the past nuclear deterrents are a little bit quicker than me via the Serbs according the big changes but. Matt is the longest tenure Terry you leader of maturity vehicles factored. There's really no way to put it this is on the rotation that you can do a lot of I think I've rocket power media of course but even days idiot so that they can. Pete Pace and with those guys I think Matt can get the first shot at this. And there are a lot of guys their orbit I think you know that the tipping it to help these are coming up surgery of the last spring he had that this has elbows that get sent back healthy is out there on the normal schedule. We'll see what happens I don't think anybody tell you occurred he did it happen is yours. I expect you know the first week rupiah there's number five starter. And you've discussed it would your colleagues ads you have discussed it with players. What are major leaguer saying about the possibilities starting extra innings with a runner on second. To me that's just all day and night long stupid and I have no idea why you're trying to make baseball. A spectacle for thirteen year old went thirteen year olds aren't even watching like I don't understand it it's ridiculous. What do you think about it Andy think it's something we ever actually see. Yeah I think it's for the I mean I agree with the general premise of shortening games in May be make you know it. Easier for the next generation but I don't think you are changing negate I think. You're you're oracle spoke with the negated a bargain with Twitter and being able. To make their players are allowed experience to be part of that by short clips. Angel because completely be up in the way that restrictive. I think. That's the bigger issue is not changing the game there aren't you in an activity that soccer players that mean there adamantly opposed to it and you know. For me it's one of the things all right I don't know what kind of meetings first go to the embargo they use this one of the guys in the game generally looked in and generally goes. Where these things are headed in general right when he. So that's something in in the candidates and that you. I don't like it and it. I think. This particular that you are gonna happen baseball should look at other thing that. This just seemed like it something that they exploded out there is that the trial or whatever and then really liked you better really bad idea. I know he's no longer with the Marlins and I know that he was it fan fest might we ever received Barry Bonds his head bobbing in a giant dug out. During the regular season again is there any interest to bring him in in any capacity whatsoever. I don't know about the dugout during these but I do you think will be in the spring who expected here. As the guest instructor I mean that's that's a big musical that would be yet he's been here before and and you know you look at the guys ballot Ellsberg here and Cody Ross is here now this is what they do that bring guys back payables human interest in that area I think. With him it sometimes vote more complicated with the schedule it in getting rounder obviously a bigger deal. That would other guys come here I think you know get back that spring training things have been having him come here and maybe you five days a week. Once again in many go from parent if you're defense I don't really expected. On the staff at any point because I do think they're pretty that there that they like these guys to have a obviously it did dental work out last year Miami but I do you think we'll be back. As a representative of the territory I think we'll be back he game's been in effect units and he did it probably was an accident that you have this stop by and on Saturday and ended up a bunch of photos and spent about our depth the key have a pretty good idea kind of try to get back involved of this organization. Absolutely he had a box bonds is a lot of things dummy isn't one of the crap out at a hey Alex Mann thank you so much good to talk to again and look forward do was spending an entire season picking your brain about the giants thanks so much money. Yeah who ordered it. Thank you Alex problem edge SES and Bay Area giant insider. Always good to have you here on the show lot of good stuff man Matt Cain I don't know what they're gonna do I don't know what he's got left that's going to be tough decision or. If he's got a full enough and left might be very very easy decision. We're very happy to let you know that the new head coach of the San Francisco 49ers Kyle Shanahan is set to join us next. Here on the day membership.

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