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DB Show live from Oracle Arena - Hour 2 - 2/15/17

Feb 16, 2017|

Damon is joined by Kyle Shanahan & Marcus Thompson.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to a warriors Wednesday. Brought to you by Friedman supply NC trusted name in the Bay Area since 1922. Were about to say hello Kyle Shanahan knew 49ers head coach look afforded that conversation. Very very much. Hey we also got to do a little public service here after all I believe the radio station needs to inform not just entertain. And there are some important information I think anyone who's heading downtown San Francisco lorries in downtown San Francisco. Needs to know right now especially if you plan on using. The date rage because right around where you would get on debate bridge there're massive massive back ups in gridlock right now. Five different buildings have been evacuated. Due to weigh thirty stories. Up. 2000 pound concrete so. It is dangling. Off of one of the construction sites this is close to Harrison. That went chemistry yeah okay so that's like that's that's right when you get off that first Fremont street exit ramp. Off the update ranger where you would get on it at the last place to get on the Bay Bridge. I'm guessing that right around there it's pretty awful right now from a traffic standpoint so if you can't. Avoid that area at all costs I suggest you do is they deal with a huge construction issued as a whole bunch of people. Looking up and going where Superman and he thinks that you know down. As I should we don't need a 5000 pound concrete slab falling anyone in downtown San Francisco's Sola. And on the swivel heads death and it's like closures first second Howard street all that little that pocket there's Austin counts if we were in our studio today. This we would be right in the middle and it's so we are actually at ORACLE Arena. And we are in the safety of the Crown Royal club where no 2000 pound slab there hanging over anyone. Not a very nice here very accommodating very comfortable as a matter so we need to worry about any. One of the things that is going on I thought that was kind of interesting to just last week and we saw the NBA the league coming here and set a brand new attendance record well. Don't get too close to that. Is about to become the G lead. Gatorade is going to be the primary sponsor and they want there and you know. An initial used instead of development they wanted to stand for the Gatorade league that the league. Is gonna be change its name starting in 2017. And eighteen and as successful. As the we will see more of those soon I've just been told Kyle Shanahan is what those were very happy. To have the new head coach of the San Francisco 49ers joining us for the first time. Coach Damon Bruce we have not met yet it's a pleasure to have you on my show how worried are you do and how things settling in. I'm doing good payment. And I use and how to market this week in those it was rough the first split. Started pedal and jump a little bit better about it now but then join me in an officer there. Yeah I hope you brought your wallets to yeah. Little frightening. I was warned about it but she never really know until you actually see it and competent that would total was accurate I'm well. Yes it is very accurate hey what we were told about you turned out to be accurate your name. Was attached to this job weeks before you're actually able to take it due to the playoff run the falcons enjoyed. And I'm guessing that that was just kind of either. An odd situation for you or made easy for you by the Atlanta Falcons and it seemed like you know normally when there's a little coach coaching going on there's not a lot of love shown from that other team. The falcons seemed to be very willing participants and all this and I'm guessing your your pretty grateful about. Yeah I mean that without the degree to me in just the whole process. You know it's different you're right it was a little bit because going to that play out front and don't had a possibility at the end of it to go somewhere else. It was different for me causes up under center before books. In going through it the way the league rules aren't tough for O'Neal I need to do so much that made it a little bit easier does. You know I don't have to really juggle back and forth could go wild too so let me just to focus on them. On the falcons in the play up front it made it harder to rent a Russian thing I he would be getting to where. All man unit citizens in Namibia and deal with all the stuff and I'm accurate and out time on that put. You don't really have the other option and he got all the rules and it kind of makes it easier 'cause. The most important thing at that time struggling as a couple so different that ended was able to. Then finally look at the contract to get that finalized and you know it it's not that the final until you can go over all that stuff and and sign and kind of do that after the super doubles so what I did that we need a final and disability get out here. In fact communicate it would be and went throughout the whole thing and there's number coach Izzo wanted to bring and you know he was great with me in. Definitely allowed me to take all the assistant coaches and opposition coaches over there and you know they able to get one position coach down there Bobby turner and I was very grateful for that. I'm guessing you also wanted to bring Julio Jones would view in the falcons let that happen it I guess last night grandma got quicker now. I'm. Dial your first order of business obviously is going to be to analyze your current roster you come in and you're taking over a team that is really fallen on hard times here. Are you looking at a team that has more talent and under achieved or are you looking at a team do you think has a massive talent gap in issue between. Where they are and you know that the team that you purchase coach. A little bit of both you know steal home you know search into the film pretty hard now that the silica take a lot of time. A public does too little weekend. It's not to here is to own fumble they also trying to finish a put together coaching staff attorneys in the building and no really runs and on top of that country agents a little bit draft and he's just got to soak it all and it's it's really tough to do it because you can't do it on one days so it's going to be a lot of work overtime gave better more familiar with the B Tuesday. But the united global what you say eighty countries you'd go to fourteen. Obviously that need to prove from Mattel standpoint but I'll December's bad as it seems that matters it is. And so actual content with the guys here but we we definitely and our continued but territory here. A cop you should have been Lisa do you need to get comfortable in the building and the last two coaches and even three coaches before you. More neighbor table literally get very comfortable in that building there's been a lot of pointing at the building in a way that building operates and communicate some leaks information. The two coaches prior to you both got a year before that they were fired how much pause did that gave view and how much reassurance did you need from. From Jed York that you were not going to be given. A one and done opportunity here in San Francisco despite what your contract had set. It is going to be which the first them interview with them in the person America you know person talked a moment. Those are things that we talked about it time and you know you hear everything and everyone has certain stories but she never really don't really talk to someone and you really never totally get somewhere but. Jets that all the right things Saddam in any team extremely genuine. I'm ask a lot of tough questions. Not at all coaches Conant an interview just trying to get a job I was trying to get the right job and you know making urged the right job too yes those tough questions then. Just to be with an older who. Had no hesitation. I was extremely hobbled or their out. And very honest and open it made me feel very good and that you never really know until. Com how to how to put the contract together. You know lifting and doing what they told you they would do and in a project. Allow the GM a model to come and at the same time to give the contract that he did. And that everything that he told me. He proved it from that standpoint and you know I think when you get a chance to comment was with the general manager on the that's pretty rare and having me feel very comfortable with the situation to where. And I know we could be on the same page that that's why we're all here together. And that's ordered to do. New 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan on the Damon Bruce show and they we've talked with John Lynch and we like him an awful lot. Surprising though to say you'd choose someone without any front office experience to be your GM as you embark on your first head coaching opportunity. Kyle what did John say to you that sold him. To you as the right man for the job. Why I just I think you gotta look at what's most important thing that you look for general manager and to me the most important thing is is you want a football guy who definitely understand football who's been around it. Public wanted to with a lot of integrity very honest person so went to work with the one that you understand their tendency go to a lot of the plot of the business to be made in this league players. I do your schedules. And coach access personal steps there's lot of patriotic go through and when you trust the person that you work when you're you're gonna have disagreements split. Think it's extremely healthy to have disagreements and as if each of the character per person what their attention to our. Now when you have a disagreement with that person you can learn from a you people can help each other out you know you get the same common goal nothing to a special organization and a comment when you know you guys are both on the same page and they're coming in together and whether we succeed or fail here it's going to be together so it allows you to disagree with each other and to get better from a. You've got awfully good draft position and you've got a ton of cap room. Which is the most important piece of the war chest to turn this around. I think both I mean I don't think you can never just say hey we're gonna. Do this halted the traffic you can never say they were gonna do this Alter free agency. You need improvement every fan as a possible and everywhere you're given a chance improve your football team. You need to not hesitate to do that and you need to be Smart about it you wanna be aggressive but it's got to be Smart and always the best way to do it to the draft goes but you can build your roster and you don't have to overspend and do things like that but he also there's a good player out there is a good person. You know he can be a leader for you at all. You get a dual Michael pay those guys also and pay your own guys and I'll go so. I don't believe that there's just one way to build a team each each year's difference sometimes there can be a lot of options in free agency. And there's a good player as a good person. And you'd think he'll help your team for awhile you Google music there's not many people free agency you don't just go pay people pay people discuss you have money. And he got to do what's right he can't merger organization long term just went right away so you always wanna win right away. But every decision you make it's also involve a out of a can affect the year after so. Take everything no account I hope we can improve this team and bold the draft and free agency and I hope we get the players that are here better also. Have you spoken with Colin Capra nick at all do you see a scenario where he is under center with the niners next season. I think anything's possible you know knock it make any strong judgment on our guys duplicates were all the states like get a chance to meet them all. I spoke with culture text. He reached out to me now on sale of the day after my press conference on. We communicated through there and have always been a fan of call on especially coming out called adjustment studies from the artist and I had a lot of success in the this league and look at port setting a more and couldn't nobody comes and there. I would imagine leaving Atlanta helps you put the Super Bowl behind you're a little but I would also imagine you've done an awful lot of second guessing since that Sunday to. Kyle what what. What are you wish you had back in that game. When you look at agreement. It goes this way for any game as a play caller you wish you had back every single play that custody game and it will split it and you know to give up that stack on record eleven. I wish we didn't political play that that don't get it back hump. All the blanket guarantee go to run total and hide that Porter ranch and there are no we would and the guns back but. You can put that second guessing game forever go crazy now to another series before that weird now that are playing our clients expect and want to. And we ran the ball long for ours got a holding call run on the ball which put an account tortured Backus up also. So it would you never know what's gonna happen you never know you're gonna make the kick. I'd annoyed at what Dolly right at the time. Tumbleweed all the games so OPEC against them forever. I'll post pretty confident wide made the decision that the time but when it doesn't work he got to live with that plan. I'm just I'm proud that we that are bad and I deliberately that the time was right and in Africa do the vote came over it wouldn't change a lot every play that network and that we scored a lot more points. I was underneath that having Coleman injury didn't change your year your game planning there are a little bit and the reason I ask is does. I went to Indiana University so to see a Hoosier having NFL level success doesn't happen very often we're very proud of it actually happens. And meant he he turned into a better player than ever ever thought who's going to be at this level. What do you hope to me you're. In San Francisco the you've found success with in Atlanta. Style concept. Package is that will. What are you most proud of the hope to duplicate here. That is what we can build our roster to where we have guys and helpless and every facet you know we had a from now I'll and a everyone knows about who's child Matt Ryan come. But all the guys that we had a roster in there and a lot of they were very talented but. In other not all their guys other news Lego people give opportunities but there are certain aspects of their game. That we felt we could really use and which again guys who have certain traits. Home that's what I'll look like cap and he's spread around the field he would certainly to attack coverages you get quarterbacks and can distribute the ball again it's for the right people. And you know field and come as a coach you have all types of guys can do certain things yes some speed guys run by people yes ship the guys who can bring people off in the slot. The other running Mexican run the ball or they can be effective in the pass game. And get different that the tie it and sent that really just gives you options the coaches as a coach and allowed just throughout the year. And to be what made him so special and it wasn't just happened. Com those people. News we had some scary. How the game and to date it truly knew their number was going to be called eventually the panel the defense did. On all eleven guys on the field runner past are always work and under the Arctic ago some guys would go a game where. The defense and I'll probably get the ball and in the next and it might get five and yeah I can never tell a difference from Mecca but look at him in the trade after the gamers in on Wednesday now we have guys who truly. Played for each other and all the wanted to do was win and I truly believe that's one of the main reasons first success and that's what we got batters the year went hours. I've always said that if you're paying for me you get the old man for free in my dad unfortunately passed away a little while ago but. He was always in my year and I'm guessing it's gonna be the same thing we view a father's advice is never far away. How is your dad going to be involved in this informally formally in any way shape reform. Now my dad will be involved. And that is like he has the pre my entire life he's going to be my dad is accused us on there you you call for bison spokesman. Especially here in the same line line of work major dad and you know the close relationship with the moment if so when you respect not just as demand but also. As a coach you know are always glad my dad and talked a moment I think it's very similar to most people are dead. On Meehan my dad is going to be and a little more on a lot of work for people hear about little bit more by. You know by no means is my debt coming out here work and ferocity editing you can join being retired. And join golf and Tom. In my bomber Koppel there may Google laden had some nice things that he still loved football and he is up or drop anything to talk about it as much as. As much as I have time to do it put. That's it's critical to have and her dad and so when you can go to on pickup opponent knows you don't look don't be like that'll look in your profession. I got respect for your dad's careers for use of football lifer and we really do hope we've been saying of all the Shanahan and we hope you are that Shanahan used of the mall. I'm excited that you're the new head coach of the 49ers Kyle thank you very much for joining me and I hope this is first of several conversations we get to have. Here on 957 game thank you and good luck coach. I. Appreciate. Thank you Kyle Shanahan head coach of the San Francisco 49ers on 957. Game guy's got so much work to get done. I mean the amount of things that this guy needs to sift out. Just before he knows when he meets heated seats to find out what he has can't you don't know what you need until you know which you re. So the work that he asked to do something else but from a hey let's sit down and talk standpoint. The San Francisco 49ers in two conversations. With Kyle Shanahan in in John Lynch on just dish ago. And think of all the other shows and interviews that they are granting him giving him think evil the other. You know that columnist that are now going to get actual copy from these guys. Not mono Slavic one word almost dis information. Written answers like there is an awful lot. To be said. To have the ability to communicate. The ability to communicate will keep the dogs it bay when their common for having the ability to communicate will keep the panic level. Down an awful lot and these guys are gonna need to do quite a bit of communicating because this is two years away from being a year away. Right and I don't care how good Kyle Shanahan. Is I don't care oh. Hitting the ground running in Austin John Lynch's early decisions all our. This is not a quick fix. The San Francisco 49ers. Have the steepest of steep hills to climb to return to NFL relevancy. They really do they're not one of those teams that tweak it a little they're not that far away. I think they are far way. And so did the NFL and so did the scoreboard and so did their opponents week in and week. There's an awful lot of work to do we can only hope that the right guys are now in the building doing it in there and getting real opportunity to do it in there won't be. Leaks undercutting them there won't be rock rock days this weird Specter of who's really calling the shots hanging over the franchise you know. This coaching search. Was almost two trains there what you almost oldest too much almost over shared. In your desperation for trees or some transparency now. The very best thing to do. Is to let everybody fade back into the background. And like Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch beer won't appoint people you people in the public. And the ones that you're talking that's I mean that I think these guys do pretty good job. X apple leaning what's going on as they get better and that'll do an awful lot of good for the 49ers who need an awful lot of PR help. Over the last few years. So first look at it does so inaccessible and well spoken they say the right things well honesty in the air from Kyle and enhance that's good and have a little bit of a sense of humor yeah. I know what we do. Comes with a an awful lot of pressure is an awful lot of scrutiny and the stakes are high. Born actor and cancer. This is officially. The toy department. Even at that most pressure filled levels of the toy department it's just toy department pressure. And that's real pressure really is but it's. Look I don't know better days are guaranteed because the days were leaving were so bad they almost you almost can't do that again. But it really does feel like better days are going to be coming hopefully sooner than later for the 49ers sometimes. The only bit of hope you have left is a fan base. Is the hope of a fresh start. And that's of the 49ers are selling T right now Bob Hope that comes with a fresh start and hopefully it's something that people. Believe it you know it's not a temporary. Feeling hopefully there's progress he can be made before the wings start stacking up and the bravado comes back because it's gonna take some football fans pointing out. Small incremental improvements week to week to really see this team getting better because on the scoreboard. It could be ugly for awhile. That's just the situation they've dug themselves and to hopefully the right guys with the right tools can dig themselves out of it. 8088957957. Dollars and number we've got one more interview right around the corner with our buddy Marcus Thompson Gergen talked him yesterday. But unfortunately. His phone died on battery life objection to real problem out there. So hopefully you're staying away from downtown Selma area while there's 5000 pound dangling block of concrete. Well flea markets has plug in his cell phone and is ready to go and hopefully Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch have all the luck in the world coming to them. Because they're gonna needed to turn around the San Francisco 49ers. In a timely fashion pack it's gonna take a long time even if we are patient waiting for it we've got to eat yet we can't beat vacation reputation. Baseball a patient person that's why don't need to start. Extra innings with a runner on second to stop asking me to. The warriors are worth more money now than ever and we're gonna ask Marcus Thompson what his studies at the next year and 957 game. Welcome back to 957 game NC warriors Wednesday brought to you by a portion of Walnut Creek gate 2016 premier Porsche dealer. You see that the new. Curry three color ways all announced today as of them black sports on line they've got that new Curry's out. They're no longer get the grandpa treatment. A bad kids who deem them cool is hot fire mode g.s have been used a hopefully everyone is feeling good about that. Obviously under armour CEO Kevin plank and do like backtracked off these priests trump just a little bit. And and you know stuff curry basically was thrown into the middle of this by his CEO's. Comments about. Donald Trump and you know basically. You know he's think anyone it was like man is drunk guys something else well. Things recently approved and they get a sub bells are right maybe you might wanna praised the guy right to Madrid on their. Under armour sorry backtracking saying like hey you know this new poll foreign ban travel thing like Hannah Dayton knows that in don't support that and it's light brush is keep your option there Kevin plank here. Our body Marcus Thompson he is ready to join us after. Having. Battery issues on the phone last night we OP's. Charged up and ready to go we're certainly excited to have you back here mark is what's going on man howry oh. A religion is so I had to really country to local city. That's that's a. Now I know your line because I was watching the game and it's a rare NBA arena where writers. Get to be seen on TV and you know Italian. You know the NBA is more interested in communicating with fans ever before in and pulling back the curtain on its own league than ever before. And one of the worst things that has happened that the coverage that we get his stance is taking the beat writers. Off of the court floor and putting them where they put us here ORACLE Arena at the top of the lower bowl sometimes even in the instances it's in the upper deck. You are privy to interactions in conversations. From that seat that you are not privy to from another seat. And and and I'm on the side of writers having the best access possible like this I took a picture review and all your colleagues called a murderer's row is very happy he got some good seats their markets. There have been so long to go light hand it's and I you can hear every game it's eerie day. I you know a bit there really be like that like the outward side in the PD. When your back close to you could feel it. Westbrook and obviously it's an honor the until he blows past these artillery unit. So analysts here that that was pretty phenomenal and arteries they probably don't do it is you'd hear of that they probably they'll but it and watched it this year but he's the top equities speed the development. That like mainly all that up. Well it's that Niles who think they like selling those seats at a premium price to people cool day. A lot more than giving it to you for free. Earns for the team but at the same point it really has changed NBA coverage and we would be a better informed fan base. If you guys were given better access and so I'm unhappy that they do that and Oklahoma City I hope they keep it up the Chesapeake arena. You did sit courtside you had the whole you know I'm common Kevin Durant saying yeah Abbie you're losing thing going on you saw a lot of the in fighting what stood out to you the most there is their particular moment of the game that jumped out to use like. Wow man this is this team this city they're really really upset that this guy laughed. You know of the big gains to Israel on agreed that didn't rich Taylor. Courtside that was pretty. Developed pre law of the pick and like the read how it all a political. No no split what happens. So there's a band visa payment Oklahoma City. He's actually from fair Diego and witnesses penalty bait. But he yeah and it's power journal Kevin Durant and he taught it would turn around dignity game eco trip I. Don't Kiki variety is very much turn around its public he Q. And act as a bit later on they got it would hear it and there was. You know like police looked like after the Taliban that we are. And the the police bounces aren't very out of it would be quiet this outrage about that because. You don't need a black officer had to be right details. It was don't like Al that would happen it period to hold. Kevin Durant hit that under over there. Not to like I was only wants the bit by hackers earlier I got my imaginary popcorn aisle I've watched you want to. Lack. Real house lot Oklahoma city of the vote. Yet you know it is funny though the NBA these guys I think they want the rivalry out there they know that it gets them attention they know that he gets in coverage. But I don't think anybody in this league. Seriously these days. I'm saying is about the ramps and is about Westbrook and neither one of these guys get throw punch neither no one wants that. Like everyone's really tough right up into the moment of truth and and I betcha everybody is like amen. Why are we don't it's like the NBA pretends to be a lot harder than it really is it. So it's scripted breakup but it's. The bit about. Like really guys and if BA. And they all know who now. Right and James goalless draw them at a knicks games. Player might know you know meant. Only. Serve Ivo. A legitimate Atlantic black guy from try to wrestle it Tony Allen's so. There's the guy that you know look for the most part I'd give or. Nobody that are really. Do anything and it's all like. It's like scripted the unity harmony so well which startled back. It is all of these breakthroughs like Waller to do that. Be correct. It's it's. There's an element of this immediately you do that this oh well we might bite you back a. No it's no fight no no one's stolen anything around these markets are. A lot of that is that is. Out there yet. That's what that's I think eventually three months gonna start looking at what this means financially. And watch him come in with fifteen technical fouls and it's all said and done hopefully anyways. That's the way it goes markets you saw them lays the egg in Denver it was pretty predictable as a matter fact I sort of predicted it on Friday as a watch them play two great games and then go get unraveled in Denver. Is number one the retired number twos the B and emotional letdown number three no one even likes being in Denver know when he likes driving from the airport to the arena from Denver I think that's where most teams. Lose the game they just don't like being in Denver. Kirk had a moment to may be bring guys back he decided it was gonna be a white flag gaining gave it to the second unit who did play them back into contention but then. A ten nothing run for the nuggets and that was it. What's your biggest take away from that game to me it's this. I don't have to like the losing but I understand like I really do like I get it I read the entity Slater piece today about. All the minute management and how clay Thompson is the most minute it up per game warrior he's thirtieth in the league like that's impressive really it. Outlook actually the prize that you and I have talked about that before that he didn't away you know the white flag off off the top. And and looked opposite they'd knows Barry Bonds notes there. And he kind of let them play and it is like thicket. You beat Torino. Italy though our people back in a game like victim in better quarter and they look of merit. It was just weird you know like you as well coming off all the other. For being that it's like the game I would bet there are guys out because it will win pretty here. So witty it would agree that most of us to war beat Denver. Which had to work really hard and do so that popular partner the built. Up. They have it was well there. Are great people like that so that people like situations the better off the bat. Those that those very 08 the quote there. From the beginning of the Arab predictable but being as particular wrote that it aren't really a problem though. You've got really got to. Markets before we say goodbye there is another thing that happened in Bay Area sports this week that involve bald and smitten the cops stopping by his house. Two I take an inventory of the night's situation and looks like that's all the really happened and I've edged assaulting comes and goes with. Without an arrest without anything if something really bad happened we would've learned about it by now. But knowing what you know about Altman his reputation. The raiders how they've responded to domestic violence domestic issues in the past. What do you think the next movies here do you think he ever plays for the Oakland Raiders. I don't think so. And you know what they have the money to go I was very. Making go he would it is. A thank you get a young Russians to in the draft are. Polite would be I don't know what the upside is and they ticket they take advantage of the situation and what makes her David needed. Talent on the field. They were headed for was spent on these. You know they they. They were just buildings have been without its load floor and one about the it's beat UTE. Not depicted him eat pretty well everybody the debris and we have a it'll let it affect your guy or garner who don't know what I created an agent bill would do well. I'll go though let's just really. Want to help. But it is that the maybe not played Auburn beat up glove there. I don't you upside in the those are who beat. You at 8080 back there where we're not air brake you back. By the way speaking of upside how about Joseph lake have been Peter Guber. Turning for a 115 million indeed two point six billion in seven years. Why. Outbreak now Collison would put like being the only. Right it's a pulp. And what it did not build it back it beat out the homes no reason that is remain opera would be paid to. Ticket if they sold the team right now they could put on the market will litigate brief period or believe. I think yeah I think I think I think. Interest in serious offers are coming in at 33 point one in the winning bid would be somewhere about three and a half maybe to four. By 20/20 five wood more banners and a new stadium and the San Francisco address. They gotta be worth five billion dollars by 225. They they keep it hard. Let mixed on the lakers are two. And the warriors are three liked it right there I don't Max or in the right. More than noble is more than the Celtics. Unbelievable really release has markets I'm glad we did catch up with you man thank you we'll see you around here tonight. Not anywhere near courtside but we'll see here tonight with a cup. Are a lot. Thank you buddy mark he stops here on 957 the game hey. Look what we have for the first time in over an hour. A few open segments for I know you've been waiting to get in. You heard from markets good stuff is always how about the worth of the Golden State were the warriors are worth more in the Chicago Bulls. Or Boston Celtics that is a really says un believable. I've never seen a franchise redefine itself. In the pecking order of the sport's hierarchy. Quite like the Golden State Warriors that it's amazing would lake of Cooper Bob Meyers have done it releases. We've had Marcus on we've had the warriors that we talked a little bell baseball thinking about tinkering with extra innings protocol it's ridiculous. How the warriors got to get right tonight against Sacramento Kings that's on the table. And also our first ever conversation with Kyle Shanahan. Who was impressive I thought it was an interesting conversation. Now you get to weigh in on all of it. 888957957. All our next guest is going to be in about an hour from now. Where the in the arena voice the PA voice of the Golden State warrior rose and ORACLE Arena Matthew Hurwitz is gonna come and join us for a little bit should be a fun conversation with a buddy of mine. I think you'll find that interesting but that's an hour from now lots of time for me for you 8889579570. This it's the day membership. It to get right night for the Golden State Warriors. They lost their last game. They lost their last game on the schedule they lost their last game of the Sacramento Kings in this is their last game in the first. So. Final good tonight I guarantee you they're gonna show up and do just that this team answers the bell better than anybody in sports. They really do. That's something speaker spoke about yesterday on the show he's not done by for his weekly conversation. The bounce back ability to Golden State Warriors is something that you can no longer. You know did you eat. It happened so often you have to assume it's going to happen. This is the way it is eighth seed it varies a certain amount of we can depend on you to show up win. This team loses. And I do appreciate that we better see it tonight because the last time they went down played in embarrassed by the Denver Nuggets team that shot lights out. Without a shooter on the roster. There is a serious shooter on the Denver has roster but they hit. All those threes against the Golden State Warriors on network Klay Thompson at the nine authors no surprise there. I still keep on coming back to this number though Jian a two point six billion. Billion with a B two point six billion only the knicks in the lakers are worth more. And that's just because we're talking about a New York City LA based team. Those teams right now war on court trash compact actors they're awful. Absolutely awful cellar dwellers in terms of prestige real fan interest is there side chips. By the way to story about. Magic Johnson. Who has been brought back into the mix by Jeanie buss this year valuing the director of the franchise he brings in magic to be Liggett. A team consultant in the that it week he's tried for a full fledged power grab. When magic wants to run the whole kitten to brutal. First call I make it fun and chard said Magic Johnson Kobe Bryant. Because Coby understands winning. Oh my god you just disqualified yourself from running anything. Look Kobe knows an awful lot about winning basketball games when it comes to building basketball team to guide couldn't get along with his own whole thing senator. I mean I don't. Kobe Bryant is not the person to talk to match doubts about this team really isn't and I I think Magic Johnson is a sweetheart of a guy I love Magic Johnson. Right up until Magic Johnson tries to communicate. In the nose goes downhill so fast. The Magic Johnson television show on there. On every I mean it lasted all of nine episodes or whatever was. It is amazing. He had a comedian. Who was there to be like the sidekick the funny guy and the side yeah and every comedian would tell a joke about somebody that doesn't all them. Name written. You danced a dad. That will be his only comment. The magic got tired the magic hour who is his coach who was the co host on that show does it say. Does it say who he is like his Ed McMahon was. Then receive. I'd I don't know I don't know if it does an animal can for the name too it's not pop and now. We'll I don't know you would you say Scott. Scott Ackerman and Scott Ackerman was that it was he co host. Weird I yanked him Vick was it goes there for a minute I must've missed that night it now is as the show has wrapped for instance sketch comedies orca was Scott Ackerman and we're tight gap. This is an easy guy. All main. Thing you can say. As the whole show. The entire show. Was does it say I don't know I anyways we will look that up during the top of the hour break but anyways the fact that Golden State Warriors. Are now worth more than the knicks or excuse me worth more than any team in the NBA not named knicks or lakers is on. Freaking unbelievable. Can you just go back and this we needed one more piece of evidence to see how bad Crisco and once that Elvis. I really think about it how bad was Crisco and and owning the Golden State Warriors. He enjoyed none of this success he enjoyed none of this are all high return on investment. He didn't know the right moves to make the right people to hire fire it was a disaster in in the final acted proves how bad you war. Days you've sold your franchise at that peak of NBA its lows in value. And in seven years 8415. Million dollar purchase price which at that time was a record rain. Is now worth two point six billion dollars. Joseph like it is officially smarter than you Crisco and I'm sure of it. I'm positive. By the way. This brings us to Mark Davis. Imagine if Mark Davis were replaced by eight lay them tight. Who knew how to maximize profit earning potential. Local fan base it. Imagine if you had someone who knew how to build the stadium. Rally community do all those things running the raiders. You have the opposite of Joseph lake get in Mark Davis yeah. You know Joseph is a self made billionaire. Mark is a I inherited everything. Millionaire. Sounds good to me. I would love to be an inherited everything millionaire. You know other billionaires are gonna get rid of the inherited everything millionaire. When they don't allow the raiders to even get a vote to move on March 26 I don't think there on that vote. You know they're gonna do. They're gonna pull mark. Out into the deep end. Where they're all very comfortable swimming. And he's gonna drown. They're gonna drag him out to the deep water and drowned him. Sounds savage doesn't it but that's what's going to happen. You look at this you look at the value of that Golden State Warriors you look at the businessman that are attached to them and you look at the raiders and you say what a similar here. There's nothing similar here. You've got. Whip Smart genius business decision makers over here. Here we have Mark Davis. And elements and the mark is a bad guy because he's not a whip Smart genius businessman that wasn't his path in life it wasn't what he was to do. It's it's not anything that he pursued. I'm not you know hold the guy accountable for being something that he never tried to beat ramp. Mark didn't want this I don't think really I don't think this did secession plan was mark Cody can be running at one day all by himself. It just happened that way. And you know Crisco and had this incredibly valuable thing year didn't know what to do it it sold it and look at what happened at exploded. It hit me he needs to at this it's outwit. And Italy can't. I just. The radar device the raiders have been framed for so long is the team it can't. I would love to see someone else in charge show you how much this is the team could. I really mean I mean it's just a shame it's an absolute shame that inning incredibly. Successful. Businessperson. Isn't anywhere near the decision makers that are guiding the open operators. Crisco and 450. Million dollars is an awful lot of money to walk away from. They Sunnis you left the this the value of this more than quintupled this is crazy. Would it quadrupled the cynical and toppling a value is out happened it's a point toppling of actual value it is amazing. Tommy really really amazed Tommy did and Tommy Davidson the sidekick four Magic Johnson he was that. All how many. Are you can say. Tall ones the entire magic for all man. 888957957. Now we've got open lines to begin next hour and a big segment for you to be a part of if you wanna get in. If not we got dream on green talking about how. James Dolan. Basically treat players like slaves in New York in a diet that's a tough accusation to throw around but when you looked at the explanation drink mine gave. It's not battle by the way this comes with. The knicks lifting the ban on Charles Oakley at little to latent damage has been done. We're recapping it all and taking your calls it dated 89579570. Next. Here on the day membership.

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