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DB Show live from Oracle Arena - Hour 3 - 2/15/17

Feb 16, 2017|

Damon previews Warriors-Kings, talks about the All-Star break, & is joined by Matt Hurwitz.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's great to be with you thanks so much for stopping on by this warriors Wednesday driven by the all new premier key of Newark online at premier Kia of Newark dot com it's great to have you Borden of course all of our guests. Appear. Always sound better if you wearing JB a wireless headphones the official sound of the Golden State Warriors in 957 games like final Scholl for the week. In most of next week is wells matter of fact I'll be back a week from tomorrow the night the warriors begin their second half. With the Los Angeles Clippers off to Cole why. Off to cool wise so it's only one in this our final hour of the Damon Bruce show. I'll open up the phones for this is well it dated 89579570. Cold why advice for the experienced. Cool wide Goer that's what I'm looking for. I don't need be a check Medicaid beach or pay check out no Polly coast yeah like I know I've been this is my second time. So we're looking for inside cool why insider tips if you have any love to hear from you what those might be today were spent you know a week on the island so yes three nights a two or three days on the north side threes on the south side. So it's just it's going to be great art iron and like just relax me it's and I Keenan and fun stuff. Until time Chinese social here or I figured out might might last few vacation moments were as follows. My grandma died of a getting married which is hardly a relaxing. Paula bit of vacation time. And before that is when my dad passed the way law I mean I don't take money breaks I really don't know I I described I am here and I love being here so. I timed this break we timed our little honeymoon win. The NBA all star break. So now that the warriors are finally laying off I can into the I'm excited for a while there I really am yeah hopefully you guys all do well with would now mean don't break anything like come on back everything you'll still be here. In an order that's who were hoping for anyways. We are now oh. Looking at what's coming up here two nights what is coming tonight the Sacramento Kings now the Sacramento Kings really don't mean that much of the Golden State Warriors. Is a matter of fact they just snappy thirteen game losing streak to the Golden State Warriors Sacramento's playing with more mode till now. And before though they really are two markets has been playing really well in the warriors well Kevin Durant knows. That it would be easy to let down in the last game for the all star break they better not let that happen tonight here's to rant. Other aspects physicist who lost last day where home. Wanna go to prayers for the good though I think we're all very good note saying maybe his last game well right now so home take care overhaul of. Got to take care of the home floor at some in the warriors. Have done for the most part this year against Sacramento Kings did get a win in that last game at the golden one senator. But the warriors are coming off a loss in their last game of the Denver Nuggets the warriors do not lose back to back games they respond. And Kevin Durant knows that they better respond tonight to these kings are coming and feeling good about themselves. Moss point gain since then things. Because you know you've ever felt like yes that another level of confidence after you know especially. Did the best game best record in the league him you know feeling great about sells so should they became now along with the they got all star player an irritant French and who. Bob Meyers told a great story today two up pop and Vontae when he was on within here on a warrior Wednesday. And he basically. Said that Steve Kerr walked in the practice this morning and said hey guys. When does the all star break but began. And I guess someone was like tomorrow he's like that's right let's get to work break. EU. It's amazing how it doesn't take too many guys coming off the ball. For an NBA team even as talented as the warriors to take their eye off the ball that opens up that avenue to be beaten on. So I think Steve's gonna have them ready to go to night. And then of course he is to get ready to go with his coaching staff and for his players to New Orleans one of those players of course will be Kevin Durant. And he understands exactly what an all star appearance means. It's something that you have to vote here Ackerman morneau is seventh grade. All Star Games in DC. MI my teammates my A teammates who hasn't changed on it just threw for buses to get down and jam session we will make it work. You know this trial data get down there are privacy NBA players on forward especially that we can in his. It is a spectacle for sure the spectacles been moved to New Orleans from Charlotte which by the way. Makes a spectacle even better like I know staff doesn't wanna hear that but the choice of going to New Orleans or Charlotte for a weekend. That's no choice at all golden world instead at a ten times and I'm sure Charlotte's a lovely all lovely place but New Orleans is an awful lot of fun. And on that note these players better be a little bit careful when they're in New Orleans because that can be is draining as any all star competition. Or gain could ever be if not even more so in that is something that dream on green is acutely aware of his he had staked his all star weekend. Those all of those that have I don't know appears here and it's there one hour here thirty minutes an hour and a half there by Moscow as it was clear the floor every hour today in this team and that's the car. They've got that book and do. There you go you've got to make room for those snaps but as we do know from Dre money set it on here any amount of sleep that happens during the day. Is and it needs to be nighttime speed actually sleep. Eye on what this is gonna be a fun weekend for. I think the warriors that are heading it'll be even better weekend for the warriors that aren't going to the all star game. Lots and lots and lots arrest is the only thing that I prescribe even to the young guys on this team. If I would have a team rule. That anyone is not going to the all star break doesn't go to the all star break like I don't you wanna come and support your teammates or whatever you wanted to go on the trip. Don't don't. Get in bed and stay there for a few days rest up remember. This is the same league that preaches rest while players get up every morning to tweet about how hard they grind. It's kind of talking out both sides of the leagues now there really is. But the rest really does pay off there was a great article today written by Anthony Slater. About how the warriors are just completely bought in to the rest that Steve Kerr asked them to make intake through out the regular season. LeBron James right now in this number's about to go up with a Kevin Love injury LeBron James 32 years old no regular season anything left to prove. Is averaging. About 38 minutes per game which is tied with Kyle Lowry for the most in the NBA the warriors don't have a single player. In that top 29. Minutes played so far this year per game. Klay Thompson the most minutes played per game warrior there is and he is thirtieth most minutes per game in the NBA. Steve Kurz and a great job in this team has done a great job buying indicts her. Not pestering him to go on and when someone's about to break it three point single game record looking to score more than sixty. Looking to follow the 37 point quarter the Golden State Warriors are he shouldn't patient and that is a Harvard. Staying to sell to your own fans even your own players when they know your rights. These players understand the importance of rest they can tweet about grinding all they want it. 888957957. No. Let's go to what gene in Oakland wanted to talk about the readers it's going on Jean how are you. Aren't going well. Yeah a couple quick things earth below we view line now on my views and they. The other and it fell on the salary that they did not try to preach this guy out give them. An ultimatum to take care of the stadium deal. I don't know enough they would in the next year so he. And which part. I mean every single time they tellem like hey you can't come back with a third party person well that's what he's in need for any deal the dots. Mark needs a third party pay for this. That's right so I hope I hope you know let them Gruber expressed interest in mind either one point. And I opened. Able and willing to step then that he picked up he has the raiders one time come. And I go one more than employer. Collide. I went there many years ago. And dance and that this one idyllic spot is like a lagoon little waterfall. And a man made life just the most beautiful little spot I was in my life. I'm certain listening or. And what's the name of common. You remember and Parcells will start oh I know Lebanon and is it you know. Pat you know the movie South Pacific make back in the day. If they did they did this scene when he sang happy there so yeah maybe it would grow and I'm that would. But I find that place do that. Thank you I appreciated Jeanne thank you very much experience I appreciate the experience of gene. I mean and the musical South Pacific can't be wrong either now. Watch him for you go we're gonna have to look for natural water slides and rot rose thank you very much this is a Nicholas. In Half Moon Bay Nicholas here in 9578. My doing. Up Nicholas good stuff let's go to red in San Francisco read how Rio. He thinks you do mention. I was just a little bit on the warriors are made are still when he returned I still like to reach on defense you know when it was determined try to cut creates studios in depth. You don't dream on green kind of proves that but I don't like it won't comment a bit on what Steve Kurt said about. McCoy on ingenuity. No decent wanted very well could get to play out time in rotation I don't like cap idea you know my main thing is. These steps curry he needs to. Fatigued right and all cylinders to play this step Corey trying to gain he can't have people on them you know with the ball. You've got to be aggressive territories and has passed in the it would did shall the last game. And I guess I just like it when they clean that top eight or nine. Possibly attend player go what does that drive come playoff time in a hundred applicants for your comment on the I don't know I really enjoy your show. Thank you as always read you know look clarkin loony and cause they have very important roles to play in the regular season to get this team to the playoffs healthy and then once the playoffs began. The bench gets shorter and you'll see lesson that. But that doesn't lessen their role in the regular season it really does and you look at. How many minutes staff curry was playing when Mark Jackson was the head coach again and Denise later today in a great article. In in the chronicle. Curry averaged 38 point two. And 36 point five minutes per game in mark Jackson's last two seasons Kerr arrived in the team exploded. Curry won two MVPs. And they were able to reduce his per game old workload. Down to 32 point seven in 34 point two in the last two years so they're getting more production. Out of fewer minutes. From curry. Other players have to see that go wait a minute so you talent mean it lasts equals more. Fresher meat is a better me more energy. Is it's a good thing for me. Players see that they start buying and and that's like. Steve Curtis at the walk up to Kevin Durant explain to one's not playing 41 minutes and right now. You're not playing 41 minutes tonight because you're way too important plea 41 minutes and we never bring a car. Isn't he sees you eroding. In awe of him basically you don't you bring the junker. When you're going off roading. Off the beaten path looking for a bumpy road to travel 91 nice smooth highway for years sports colors. It's what they pulled their cars off of the road in Denver because they knew wasn't going to happen. Let's go to Linda in Hayward Linda power you you're on 957 game. Hey. Hey Linda. IAE. Yes. We went to cope on the old hotel I'll board that. And you know it's more they're guided. A tour. In the old decrepit hotel and it and where else. Did I. So it's like who wanted to work. You know one thank you very much I appreciate the tip and I had no idea there was lately. Rundown hotel torrent cool ass abide by haunted things and old stuff like that would be some analysts did you picture C. I would do. The whole haunting thing as does it rule my guys hole on line it's a little but it's written. I really doesn't exist are really happened but it's a different and. Then I got to tell you why he's one of the few places in the world they're actors to beat stared that I got to and I'm not impeached nine. Not it nature. Person enrolling in on decide you know I just. That really floats in people's votes not want those people you get this on the beach for a day on off the board at that point and bored out of my lineup lighting strong board. Patriots too bright. The there was something though on this speech that was like borderline spiritually. Active really really was like. All right are right maybe main land them on it but out here on the Hawaiian Islands eateries some sort of mystical something. Like that. Admitted does it really is special it really did there is something special about the place. We wanna get back to the warriors to the raiders not so much coli but I do appreciate the tips looking for good to travel tips too cool YA. No beginners stuff they'll need the I need the inside dirt the warriors are now worth two point six billion. Level of dirt which is just I just cannot believe how big that by Dirk. Jolie have been Peter Guber. By team in 2010. For 415. Million dollars. And now sees two point six billion dollars seven years later that's before they spend another billion. More than that to build their own arena they're gonna rebrand this team. The San Francisco address in an arena that they fully operate in control. Which is then going to be part of the purchase price. And valuation price. Of the Golden State Warriors if it were five billion dollars. By 20/20 five. It's just amazing. On means saying. But whatever I want W and told you. By the way in the year 2030. The Cincinnati Bengals are going to be the most valuable team in the NFL would you believe me. Melo away and I'll you'd never believe me if I walked up to you in 1991 and said. The Golden State Warriors will be worth more than every other NBA team other than in the lakers or the next do you believe me. No one would believe me. The Cincinnati Bengals. Are now the most valuable team in football. Is basically what we're telling you with the warriors rise in the third anything can happen it's amazing. Absolutely amazing if the warriors can be worth all of that. In this parking lot Howard the raiders among the least valuable than FL franchises can you explain that to mean. Do you explain that in any way shape or form. Yet I can ownership and management. That's how it's easily explained. Knowing what you're doing not knowing what you're doing. Being well run being poorly run capitalizing on business opportunities. Behaving as if you're allergic to them. That's the difference. We got Brian in Alameda Brian your on 957 game when he got. Yeah yeah. In February he coli. And I. Do out there it's been a question. He wore on. Record that you remember. Yeah. An increase. In. And look like duke and Nikolay. Okay two doors we will look for two tourists at school. It's really cool aunt and then I'd want to have their own person like the Grand Canyon. I have been there yeah it it is amazing it is Ab so I I I did seem that the first time I was there. Think it's called the YMA canyon. And it is just it is unbelievable it really is breathtaking thank you very much for the call Brian I appreciate you know I'm never been the Grand Canyon. And I have my guidance now I really I've flown over it once an island in Arizona you live in Arizona I now I've never been my parents never to meet the kitty there. Well. Out. You know I lost a lot of money on that benefit you wouldn't op bill would Oakland billiard I 957 game when he got forty bill's gone are right that's okay. Some analyze him and at this fall's Jurassic Park fault that I mono Y opponent. Yeah I care accounted anyway. That's the hike I did when I was in collide to see the fault it was nice appetizer it's kind of a long trek. It sort of similar to the inner tubes you do go through dark tunnels yet to take a light lake. Go through water up to about your knee. Through a dark area it's pretty. And any measure at an event as they have creepy trolleys to me you don't see a ton of people on the hike but it was totally worth it so. The end is gorgeous waterfall. The toughest part of temple of doom to mean wasn't when he reached in his chest to pull out the hard it's when Kate catch was reaching ended the into the bug yeah it doubles I handle extension does and our hands on. Are greedy traders creepy crawl is the it's like team creepy crawler easily. I wanna get to see the creepy crawl he's like if I saw like one of those big Beatles. But it was well lit a bit like while it's little grossed at least till well late beat. And the last thing I want is a dark menacing. Under the water brushing up against me beatle. It happened but yeah that be pretty gross it did I mean it couldn't have wanted to Shelby Italy either to be totally Johnson. But it's like that this is a bit like dark creepy crawl these. I elect I don't suffer from a lot but the he BG visas a little did I do suffer from just a touch. Of the he'd be GP. We get a little bit of it for sure we all know median and water in a dark tunnel for like a mine. That's fun TV GP stuff. I don't know how you make this transaction or this this this transition transition Agassi should say but the New York Knicks have lifted their ban on Charles Oakley but it they didn't do it in time enough for dream on green to compare. Basically. James Dolan to a slave owner. And when we come on back we'll share with you would dream on had to say about that next here on the day membership. Ownership matters and matters over and over again and it matters in terms of success public perception. Certainly profitability. It in the knicks' case James Dolan is just been a disaster. Not the point where he's affected nick pricing. Most valuable franchise in the NBA according to Forbes were 3.3. Billion in the lakers were three. Warriors two point six bulls to point by Celtics 2.2. In the Golden State words are worth more than the Boston Celtics that's unbelievable. Anyways. Charles Oakley obviously has a lot of people talking about the knicks for all the wrong reasons and then when James Dolan went on a public campaign. To explain why Charles Oakley was escorted out of Madison Square Garden. James Dolan. Like most kids who inherit things earned nothing learned nothing. Embarrassed himself when he was in public. Absolutely. Just sounded like the rich sun pompous as the days long nobody. Absolutely though wouldn't hire you as a Comcast call center operator much less the guy who owns Comcast and that's. That's where we are with James Dolan seriously so drain on green there. Talking in the east bay kinds. Basically lid it. To James Dolan saying about first of all Charles Oakley elect first bowl Weis even buying a ticket why is Charles of that to buy a ticket. To go see the knicks like that guy is a legend treat him like so. Many says. You know when you do it for me it's all good when you do against mean you speak out against my organization to not good anymore. That's a slave mentality. A slave master mentality and that's ridiculous. It's up it's all fine and dandy when he's laying people out taken fines and all the stuff you organization but now all of a sudden when he says something knee feels that the problem. An okay. Say if they don't know if they they actually knew in the research that they did did okay and anger management problem that's not something the hugest city to the world. It's not classy at all. When three months right about this. He really is now when I saw him attach the word slave mentality to raise my first the ball. You know as a white guy would might say about slavery series. Other than this don't disrespect slavery. Where you compare a multimillion dollar career in the NBA to it. I think I can I I think I can say that I'm allowed to say that I'm allowed to defend. What I don't know about slavery. By insisting that the NBA's probably nothing like it. But I do hear what he says in terms of the you know when you were doing it from mean. We love you. But the minute you stopped functioning is my property I had nothing to do would you like there is something that there really is. Klay Thompson was also responding to recent criticisms directed at the warriors and this one came from LaMarcus Aldridge. LaMarcus Aldridge apparently was griping about the warriors having four players on the NBA all star team. While the spurs. Have just one. And it's not end. It's cool why letter. Thompson. He told fox sports one that looked golden state Golden State has had a better chance. Did the fact they've only lost nine games so far we're 4694. Games at a San Antonio. We're still in the single digit loss column coming up on the all star break which is pretty hard to do Oakley points out. Any strike. And then there's also this. No one watches the San Antonio Spurs until the NBA finals. And even then the San Antonio Spurs are always involved in the lowest rated NBA finals. The San Antonio Spurs are for basketball aficionados. You got elected details you gotta like the little things like the San Antonio Spurs. If you like sexy flashy splashy basketball. Throwing out the team amateur wrestlers and now and what's really funny is when they did beat the Miami Heat. In the NBA finals that was the greatest Christmas ball movement I've ever seen a basketball team employee. Right up until the Golden State Warriors started play in two years ago under Steve Kerr. I mean it it's just. I love the San Antonio Spurs. But the San Antonio Spurs. Do it with out looked at me ability. There's not a lot of flasher sizzle there. The single most important San Antonio spur is the single least flashy player in the history of basketball Tim Duncan. In now you you'd take on the DNA. Of the guys to set the tone for your franchise. LaMarcus Aldridge look I hear you you're frustrated. You know you went a little ring chasing you went to San Antonio not quite expecting the warriors to be who they work. Everyone's a little frustrated maybe LaMarcus should take it David West pay cut come here next. Absolutely Stewart slipped at all they'll stars and that the results are used to used by the way who's ever practicing via. National Anthem is. Doing it very loud. That is a little girl. Did they definitely somebody younger Blair does it look out though that is a little girls in the National Anthem somewhere behind this morning and it's nice to hear loud and clear. Art song to sing in front of an audience kind now she's gonna ever moment for sure your firm Perry very tough song to sing she sounds good. He sounds good I'm incredibly curious now to go OP speeded couple little led to mildly. That'd be my only criticism of speed that up to slow its its ninth sector. You wanna get through it seriously blue Bryant intern in his Super Bowl opus in under two minutes nine seconds. So did the girl in front of warriors spurs on Wednesday before the all star break team. Thank you chains like I appreciate that it is warriors and kings tonight again the warriors beat the kings. Thirteen times in a row until their last meeting of the golden one senator and now they've got him tonight. They've coming off a loss against the Denver Nuggets as well so. I think this is a night where we're gonna see the warriors look very very good tonight and that's really all you once. Whether they win or lose it it's not important tolerances that is. But I understand it's how you are playing. In the way that the warriors were playing in Memphis and Oklahoma City was a level of basketball that made you just nodded and worry about what might come. It's a good work like well that's right how good today that the best team. Best team where in the NBA actually disabled for the net the best team in the world. The best in the world bile. Everyone needs to relax. And then Denver it's. And like you know I understand why Denver happen played it go and David West stalkers towards the Robert Livingston was out of a lineup that night and you just come off the big emotional. Rollercoaster in Oklahoma City plus degree brine Memphis game so like I get it you were a little tired three games four nights like I get it I get at all. Still expect to see an NBA record number threes down for team at the net shooter. Like that still wasn't good we don't have to like. I guess it's easy. To understand where the warriors are but still want the game to happen a certain way. But we're not gonna go we want all the time because there is no regular season win that matters. Really there isn't. Take your home court advantage away from yourself like that would officially be a bad thing by the way. If you're the Cleveland Cavaliers in the name of giving LeBron the finish line healthy. I don't know if they can be the ones see. Betsy the Toronto Raptors the Boston Celtics and the pass in the cavaliers if they're going to be without Kevin Love for all this time and they got to start dialing back the bronze minutes. Whether they want to or not. They have to. LeBron is averaging way too many minutes. And that's why he's complaining and that's like Charles partners don't like all those terrible. But really I'm I mean it it's it's. LeBron James. Is going to leave a shot to defend this NBA title. On the court in the regular season when all these minutes that he's plane by himself. The number is 889 by 79570. But I really don't know for gonna have any. More opportunities to squeeze any calls in because the next guy them and talk to. Well he's got a big voice a voice that if you're a warrior and you are incredibly. Familiar red step parent. And that is my man Isaac terrible impressions really wise but it's. They're very steroids. That's more like the opposition 31. The. In. Israel would you get. We'll have him do it for you he is the warriors. Public address announcer. Matthew Hurwitz joins me next and then at the top of the hour two warriors warmup coach Kerry Keating joins me here we're gonna get you ready for warriors and kings tonight. And ID 57 game. Welcome back to 957 the game and it's always good to have it's always so much fun to come out to the game a level where over ORACLE Arena and we're here for another warriors Wednesday brought to you by. Portion of Walnut Creek gate 2016 premier portion dealer. Coming to a game I love the atmosphere love the site tell of the sounds and part of the sounds of being at a warrior game of course along with the crowd. Is the PA announcer Matthew Hurwitz who does I think one of the best jobs in all sports. Introducing. Players to the excitement of the game now he actually doesn't do the play your inner directions which again. That's like the whole point of being the hometown PA announcer how we never gave that way I do not know but that's the part that Frankel fined arise when he does all that screaming. Mets not a screamer. He's a lot he's a lover he's employees he's a voice. Matthew it's good to see I've known you for years I don't think we've had you on the show but maybe one or two times. And we were talking about just having on the talk about what a cool geek you have sports fans know your voice all over the Bay Area. You've been the PA voice announcer and how many different events it's the warriors here full time gig but he is also do like. Roller derby. Roller hockey roller ISO today. For a few years mightily ice hockey at the cow palace for one year spiders spiders spiders six years of arena football on senate today. And then go cats. Yeah. Timing was offered to negated when any of the championships there. And then just you need the college sport academic counselor and host of colleges and universities here in the Bay Area. So but now we're we're pretty well. Much it ensconced if you will with the lawyers much like you guys are here in the Crown Royal club very much way to work in the blog very nice. I like I said the voice once he hear it it's very familiar and obviously you don't get into PA announcing without the pipes you got the pipes me and you really do. At what point did you think of doing this as a career not something you able on this. Total accident total of lupica in college and went to schools and UC university of the broadcast journalism major I wanted to going to radio worked at this student radio station. So was doing reporting behind the scenes phoned proteins San Diego. And just by accident. My track coach goes running track and cross country asks me to announce army one day. So it's an okay sure and having been to all sorts of sporting events here in the Bay Area. Kind of knew what to say and how to project myself. And that led to doing soccer. Two volleyball to basketball so pretty much I was doing. Five or six different teams or going to school make a little money on the side again never think you'd be a career. Still pursuing the career in. Sports talk radio as a producer came back on the Bay Area and then it started my career here working accounts Stanford then. The roller hockey team in these spiders and it just kind of unfolded from there and how many years has been doing this now the warriors are 7000 season yet she's seventeen years and now the season RP guys guys that are. Sort of turned over often or if your good that it is almost like a Supreme Court lifetime appointments. If you're in good enough fat and you do good enough job in the people in the team appreciate what you do you're gonna stay for awhile obviously is on mr. physically. Mentally able to do to produce and still perform. So I don't know it necessarily a sense of one after X amount of years you're you're done and you have to turn over but of course nothing last forever so knock on wood. We'll still stay in this thing till I was pregnant do it. I obviously. With a new arena coming on the horizon I'm guessing you'd like to be the voice of the new arena as well when that happens do you have a contract is a multiple year deal the city team by team thing like how how. How do you go about. Signing the guest host there is no contract involving truly up to discretion of the team and so as of as far as chase senator's concern obviously would love to be there. A couple of years down the road and hopefully. Everything will stay as is in terms of the off court personnel of the personalities whether it's TV radio broadcasters are myself you're so but definitely it. With Sony beat out Somalia enthusiastic to be there courtside for an active blowing open happens I don't think that they can improve on yet again your three point. Heard it sure I like. You nailed it before I haven't felt pressure being in the arena now by the sitting across from you pretty intimidated that's it right in the studio been very impressed by. But like I thank you you can we get one now now you'll previously no freebies and starts at seven and he time. Fair that we get that that's the penis so many three point baskets that's the thing with this water over the last couple season you never. Thought they can improve upon itself not amongst staff but clay and Kati and everyone else. The three points to just keep coming and coming through regular pace ourselves of those is there he mean that you like seeing more than others. And you name it has a lot of us is fouls that I can stretch out so curry is easy to rant is easy. Names of that nature make it fun and exciting to call the game if they my. A short name would not a lot of south on syllables that makes a little bit harder to do. Like did you read it have you ever come across a name and you're just like god I hope he does and check in in the game zone not at all in fact it allowed to ask you what's the hardest name to pronounce and so for tonight for Sacramento the rookie out of Greece that is not. New York goes poppy honest the hardest name for me to pronouncing get worried about is. Steven Jackson. Because he spells his name just like Stefan curry and I don't lie righted their own you can look down and say Stephan Jackson. And I and you know. We could indicates where Stefan curry might have been pronouncing his first name Stephen Curry running little things like that you really have to be careful of the don't phone with the drought. And hone in on this another example of England names that could you could easily mess not sure European people. People from Tahiti Janice are detectable ball easy yet even that that's a problem. To write a fanatically capital's streets and it won every single one in fact. One of the. To your writing things down when the mistakes I made my first year first full season in wins we have closed practice here. And Warner's top draft pick Chris Porter was on the court. And I just being little lazy. He went for a basket as a scrimmage couple thousand people here I accidentally said. Jerry Porter what do you think about it compliment going to careers of those two individuals and and I say does that weigh in and out of my mouth that realists are. Now it's crystal and that is that you know it's like you cannot assume anything's on the case the names. I can see where people would mispronounce Monty Ellis disease the MO NT today the little things like that would it be careful about. How do you preannounce. Joe's last name the owner of this team. Lake OK because it's lake up. It's also look cop. In effort to Stanley agreed to it's pronounced different ways so I was wondering if they ever gave you weigh a way to lean on the lake of every. Much like a lot of the words from my Canadian lineage we can say garage or rash okay. Nice tomato to macho right though in Indiana it's wash or war should. But it works this car keyed me to. Spoken yet occupant miners from there are ever that you see there are different ways to pronounce words and made it absolutely is out there and existence. You have been here. For seventeen years you have seen the best of the warriors you've seen the worst of the warriors can you believe. What has happened did you ever think. That you were going to be sitting court side. For the single that show in sports not in the NBA but the best show in sports and the true north of global interest in a team this is. And I think you get any better than it did. Three years ago two years ago laster today as we keep. Constantly increase on the court production as a team and individuals but first year we won seventeen games in the whole season to put that in perspective. When you win the NBA championships you win sixteen. Post season games writes in four rounds so we went sixteen games in the finals to win the championship. We went seventeen games my whole year 2002001. And see how far we've come not only would do we believe and assess assess the following year when they didn't make the playoffs. But the years since Steve Kerr has been on here. Didn't think they can improve on the record didn't think they can improve on individual records and statistics that people like stuff during Klay Thompson doing now you have Kevin Doran in the next. It matter how you top it. And it's much like what it was like you growing up in the Bay Area with the 49ers in the eighties and then we had the day's going to three straight World Series. And the giants going to two or three post seasons in the late eighties that we. Which had these bits and spurts and now. To see the warriors do it as a local fair it's pretty pretty special. It's amazing and he did you grow up your hear your Bay Area guy you know they're a guy through and through this all means an awful lot to you who. Do you look up to. In terms of a play by play voice you know I mean is there a a holy Grail of play by play gigs that you someday hope you'll be offered like do they invite. A certain play PA guy to do every all star game that sort of thing yeah I usually. Home. Team that postal all star game won't get to host out and get so called that so obviously. If we get to host another all star game in the chase and I hope to do that. I've constantly. There's opportunities to do post season NCAA championship events I might. I do that I just did the women's championship at a by a stadium NCAA division one championship I'm as far as public place I have no aspirations do play by play anymore. I looked up but I think Tim Roy is one of the best in the business is and considering for how many years he was of it all by himself which is a feat in of itself. So I really appreciate admire what he has done for this organization over the years and he's been here longer than nine out. So I've given up that side of it PA us is good for me in terms of the on an error. Appearances if you will. Nice to anyway I I'm glad he came on by it's been a really long time since we talked I think you got one of the cool jobs in sports you've had an unbelievable. Seats. You are required to pay close attention. And I really do you think you were part of the atmosphere is that this building has become famous for so it's all an awful lot of that is I think thanks to you. And obviously the players putting on the show now when it comes to the starting lineups against Franco thin it does the announcing for the starting lineups that's kind of the on. It's at that it would be like Damon we want you to host your show and you can do everything but the important interviews. Don't you wanna do that too of course I'd love to do that but there are certain elements of the game that other people handle throughout the game guessing game in the entertainment. Experience has evolved over the years so to. As my rules Franco's rules and other people. They're working in the game experience department so I'm not crying I'm not matter who you are pro you know there's a lot of at this rate we love Franco I'm not here does this is not at this is nothing negative about frank on the supporting my PA. Body right here at all for what it's worth there are going to be a couple of games in the regular season you'll not be here so why we back on all hot might doing home in droves. So what you know when that is an anxious to get the very night the stamina up we will be sitting listening in of course judging harshly is just reporters in a game Bermuda. Get my money's worth out of this is these hair voice of ORACLE Arena Matthew Hurwitz thanks awful a buddy good to see you again as to what degree work I appreciate it thanks so much Jim Gray got Matthew Earl Woods here joining us. And coming up next the other guy not too bad not to shabby himself Kerry Keating's slips on and and joins me for warriors warmup and that's next here 957 game.

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