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Matthew Hurwitz

Feb 16, 2017|

Warriors PA announcer, Matt Hurwitz, joins the Damon Bruce Show!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Coming to a game I love the atmosphere love the site tell of the sounds and part of the sounds of being at a warrior game of course along with the crowd. Is the PA announcer Matthew Hurwitz who does I think one of the best jobs in all sports. Introducing. Players to the excitement of the game now he actually doesn't do the play your inner reductions which again. That's like the whole point of being the hometown PA announcer how we never gave that away I do not know but. That's the part that Frankel fined arise when he does all that screaming Mets not a screamer. He's a lot he's a lover and oases of voice. Matthew it's good to see I've known you for years I don't think we've had yeah on the show but may be one or two times. And we were talking about just having on the talk about what a cool geek you had sports fans know your voice all over the Bay Area. You've been the PA voice announcer and how many different events it's the warriors here full time gig but he is also do like. Roller derby. Roller hockey roller ISO today. For theaters. Mightily ice hockey at the cow palace for one year spiders spiders those fighters six years of arena football on San Jose. And then go that's GAAP. Timing was off the negated when any of the championships there. And then just a unique college sport I've done because sported a host of colleges and universities here in the Bay Area. So but now we're we're pretty well. Much it's ensconced if you will with the lawyers much like you guys are here in the Crown Royal club by very much way to work in the emotional blog very nice all. Like I said the voice once he hear it it's very familiar and obviously you don't get into PA announcing without the pipes you got the pipes and you really do. At what point did you think of doing this as a career knotted something you'd dabble in on the site. Total accident total by a fluke because in college and went to schools and UC university of the broadcast journalism major I wanted to going to radio worked at this student radio station. So was doing reporting behind the scenes phoned proteins in San Diego and just by accident. My track coach goes running track and cross country asks me to announce army one day. So it's an okay insurer and having been to all sorts of sporting events here in the Bay Area. Kind of knew what to say and how to project myself. And that led to doing soccer. Two volleyball to basketball so pretty much I was doing. Five or six different teams are going to school make a little money on the side again never think you'd be a career. Still pursuing the career in. Sports talk radio as a producer came back on the Bay Area and then started my career here working counts Stanford then. The roller hockey team in these spiders and it just kind of unfolded from there and how many years have been doing this now the warriors are 7000 season yet she's seventeen years and a deep season RPA guys guys that are. Sort of turned over often or if you're good that it is almost like a Supreme Court lifetime appointments. I think if you're good enough fat and you do good enough job in the people in the team appreciate what you do you're gonna stay for awhile obviously is on mr. physically. Mentally able to suit to produce. And still perform. So I don't know all of it necessarily of a sense of why after X amount of years you're you're done in you have to turn over but of course nothing last forever so knock on wood. We'll still stay in this thing tomorrow as I can't do it. I obviously. Winning new arena coming on the horizon I'm guessing you'd like to be the voice of the new arena as well when that happens do you have a contract is a multiple year deal the city game by game thing like how how. How do you go about. Assigning the yes go through there is no contract involving truly up to discretion of the team and so as of as far as chase senator's concern obviously would love to be there. A couple of years down the road and hopefully. Everything will stay as is in terms of the off court personnel of the personalities whether it's TV radio broadcasters are myself you're so but definitely again. Would somebody be out Somalia enthusiastic to be there courtside for that guess what we hope it happens I don't think that they can improve on yet again your three point. Heard. I like. Doing nailed it before I haven't felt pressure of being in the arena and now I think it's sitting across from you pretty intimidated. That's it right now it in the studio been very impressed with it through. But like I thank you you can we don't want to know now you'll previously no freebies and starts at seven and he time. Fair now we get that that's the penis so many three point baskets that's the thing with this water over the last couple season he never. Thought they can improve upon itself not amongst staff but clay and Kati and everyone else. The three points to just keep coming and coming through got to pace ourselves of those is there the name that you like seeing more than others. Any name that has a lot of us is said fouls that I can stretch out so curry is easy to rant is easy. Names of that nature make it fun and exciting to call the game if it they my. A short name would not a lot of valve on syllables that makes a little bit harder to do. Like did you read it have you ever come across a name and you're just like god I hope he does and checked into the game don't not at all in fact there are allowed to ask you what's the hardest name to pronounce and so for tonight for Sacramento the rookie out of Greece that is not. New York goes puppy on this the hardest name for me to pronouncing get worried about is Stephen Jackson. Because he spells his name just like Stefan curry and I don't write it down own Uga looked down and days Stephan Jackson. And you know. We could have been the case where Stefan curry might have been pronouncing his first name Stephen Curry running little things like that you really have to be careful of the don't fall with the drought. And Tony Antoine is another example of Angola names that. Could you could easily mess stuff sure European people. People from he'd be Janice are detectable ball easy yet even that's that's a problem. To write a fanatically customers at least that I won every single one in fact. One of the. Three writing things down one of the mistakes I made my first year first full season with we at a closed practice here. And warriors talk drafted Chris Porter was on the court and I just being little lazy. He went for a basket of the scrimmage couple Bosnia earlier I accidentally said. Jerry Porter what did you think about it compliment going to careers of those two individuals and and as soon as it went in and out of my mouth I realize. Non it's crystal in that case. You know it's like you cannot assume anything's on the case the names. I can see where people would mispronounce Monty Ellis because they see him away and T today so little things like that would it be careful about. How do you pronounces. Shows last name the owner of this team. My cup okay because it's lake up. It's also look Cobb. In effort to family agreed to it's pronounced different ways so I was wondering if they ever gave you wait a way to lean on the lake of every. Much like a lot of the words from Mike comedian lineage we can stay barrage or rash okay. Nice tomato to macho right though in Indiana it's wash or Walsh. But it works discard he'd meet him. Spoken yet occupant miners from that part ever that you see there are different ways to pronounce words that it made it absolutely is out there and existence. You have been here. For seventeen years you have seen the best of the warriors you've seen the worst of the warriors can you believe. What has happened did you ever think. That you were going to be sitting courtside. For the single that show in sports not in the NBA but the best show in sports and the true north of global interest in a team this is. And I think he get any better than it did. Three years ago two years ago last year's today as we keep. Constantly increase on the court production as a team and individuals my first year we won seventeen games in the whole season to put that in perspective. When you win the NBA championship you win sixteen. Post season games writes in four rounds so we went sixteen games in the finals to win the championship. We went seventeen games my whole year 2002001. And to see how far we've come not only would do we believe and assess assess the following year when they didn't make the playoffs. But the years since Steve Kerr has been on here. Didn't think they can improve on the record didn't think they can improve on individual records and statistics that people like stuff during Klay Thompson doing now you have Kevin Durant in the next. It matter how you top it. And it's much like what it was like you growing up in the Bay Area with the 49ers in the eighties and then we had the a.'s going to three straight World Series. And the giants going to two or three post seasons in the late eighties that we. Which had these bits and spurts and now. To see the warriors do it as a local fair it's pretty pretty special. It's amazing and he did you grow up your hear your Bay Area guy you know Bay Area guy through and through this all means an awful lot to you who. Do you look up to. In terms of a play by play voice you know I mean is there a a holy Grail of play by play gigs that you someday hope you'll be offered like do they invite. A certain plays out PA guy to do every all star game that sort of thing yeah I usually. Home. Scheme that postal also game won't get to host out and get so called that so obviously. If we get to host another all star game in the chase and I hope to do that. My constantly. There's opportunities to do post season NCAA championship events I might. I do that I just did the women's championship at a via stadium NCAA division one championships. As far as put my play I have no aspirations to play by play anymore. I looked up but I think Tim Roy is one of the best in the business is and considering for how many years twosome at all by himself which is a feat in of itself. So I really. Appreciate and admire what he has done for this organization over the years and he's been here longer than I out. So I've given up that side of it PA us is good for me in terms of the on error. Appearances if you will. Nightstand way I'm glad he came on by it's been a really long time since we talked I think you got one of the cool jobs in sports you had an unbelievable. Seat. You are required to pay close attention. And I really do you think the you were part of the atmosphere is that this building has become famous for so it's all an awful lot of that is I think thanks to you. And obviously the players putting on the show now when it comes to the starting lineups against Frankel in it does the announcing for the starting lineups that's kind of the on. It's that it would be like Damon we want you to host your show and you can do everything but the important interviews. Don't you wanna do that too of course I'd love to do that but there are certain elements of the game that other people handle throughout the game guessing game in the entertainment. Experience has evolved over the years so to. As my rules Franco's rules and other people. They're working in the game experience department so I'm not crying I'm not matter anyway yeah Accra you know there's a lot of aroused great we love Franco I'm not here does and this is not a this is nothing negative about frank on the supporting my PA. Body right here at all for what it's worth there are going to be a couple of games in the regular season you'll not be here so why we back on golf hot might doing home in droves. So what you know when that is an anxious to get the very night the stamina up we will be sitting listening in of course judging harshly is just reporters in a game for media. Get my money's worth out of this is these hair voice of ORACLE Arena Matthew Hurwitz thanks a lawful a buddy good to see you again as to what degree work I appreciate it thanks much Tim Drake got Matthew Earl Woods here joining us.

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