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Feb 16, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pretty impressive. I was wondered if that third quarter was gonna come when you look at the way to the warriors have played it it looked like they were tired legged team. They look like they were gonna have some difficulty on the defense have been gone into that second half with with Raymond green paean. Ejected from the game and did turn adapted to give in the lifted they needed in that third quarter so impressive impressive win. Why was. Steve occurs reaction to the question you ask them about. Are you worried about straight Mercury well he cattle laughed in reality it was a good hearty laugh and indeed the civil yeah. Obviously yeah I mean did he needs to tow that line between. The edge that he needs to play away at. And being able to stay on the floor and being able to stay in the game because if you look at a couple of the warriors losses this season. And if you go back to their most critical loss. Of last season which was yes game seven but I wanna go before that game five when dream mongering gets suspended. And some of the issues that he had in the playoffs. It it all stems from him being able to control his emotions so I think what the warriors to this great team and he's this great player. And he's there emotional leader. Anyplace with such a passion and energy. There's always that line that he's got a hold up to toe to toe up to without going over occasionally he's gonna go over and tonight we saw that. But I fake you know it's going to be a consistent battles not the right word that a ticket consistent. This discussion to make sure that that that he can control so they don't lose it so what happens tonight. Doesn't happen and NBA finals and I geeky Smart enough to know that especially the way last year played out. Yeah hole. Right you do you know because the bigger the game the bigger the motions while in the emotions run high IT. I mean it can be just as simple foul call that most people like and any. Flips out. You know the play that he it Jack you know on. It was not a clear cut play where he definitely didn't fax oh. He might not have felt if it was an awkward way. That something else going on etiquette is that I don't know if there's. I'm wolf and I think he was frustrated with the fact that cousins made the shop. Because it Abby because that was an incredible job and I I I think it was more almost a reaction to are you kidding me. This guy makes that shot and I get called for the foul what a joke about it here and he had had a great point about how. The arrested even see the first explosion. Right like instantly I thought. He's gonna get to a instantly and it got one and I thought wait a minute he didn't get to and it was okay yankees want. Because I've seen what happened was if this as soon as the play was Paul he waved off. The foul and belligerent manner sure that wasn't seed. And so nothing was all bad but he did it did what wrong. Ron Garretson looking at it so that was tactical number and anyway what end I thought that would be. Which victory might have join from the page while the technical fouls being shot while free throws. I'd body was getting ejected from the moment he from the moment he first waved it off. I you know I I thought he was definitely gonna get run and there wasn't anything. They they could be done to stop and at that point clearly there wasn't but I any dream on green again I think he's. I think in his mind he knows it's February 15 and their play in the Sacramento canes and really what for the warriors what's the worst case scenario. From the warriors perspective they cannot name their flatten it loose I mean from the worst point of view who cares right I mean if that'd happen. Now it turned out to be a spark and his teammates picked him up. But I just acting dream on green Smart enough to know. That game in June is differ from the game in February. We'll see. We will see you you I think it look at it the other way too. When it does Nazis now exactly exactly well. You know that yes edit it that it doesn't matter but why did Steve Hurst now the other night. Against Sacramento in Sacramento. He just happens. And it. I don't know that it have to do with. Playoff game I got to shut my mouth regular season game I can lose it I just think he. You can't control devotion sometimes. Now I mean and we have a lot of crazies. Would not at all. From the flora John Dick it's a proxy by Walnut Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. Where savings is simple online at Walnut Creek G dot com likely tops. You know it's not so much about his deep and it's it's not then it's too late wire. But I aegis we have all these different great stats about his points with the team does mean they win so many games as Matt was saying earlier army can. Andre the dollar as this are snapped as this story claiming each items that numbered shows. They're twenties whatever but I mean he's such a special. I mean it's if it's amazing the way he's playing right now Jim Barnett out. Asked about the emea tired a little better and at the Bragg from a Olympics that now rate ago. I he's gonna go chase alligators. If it it was news minutes he was that he was asked after the game if if what if he had any plans in New Orleans. It before the all star game and he just you know he he related know what to say and a mobile eyes you know go out to the swamps and Jason alligators down. What's Abby. Americans can go on mrs. Potts who votes day gig on BS want tourists a question now and let them as out of them by you made or some in May be it at some racer tonight I'm not sure but it but those guys are very busy. The real high spirited chase on urban street didn't respond no doubt an interesting you know. I don't know Klay Thompson's scheduled specifically though he may be out looking for now alligators looking for gators. Its staff and carries he's dialed back his schedule and Kevin Durant it's it that he learned now back his schedule in terms of the demand. Of the all star weakened prima greens at the same thing as far as. Not the media stuff. Not the stuff where you're with other players in your at the arena here practice. Or or your mess around the advance the field Saturday nights are cool with the three point shootout that's not that's death but. They're so mean. Appearances in sponsorship Danes in places re gonna go here for thirty minutes of your own the next place for an hour parties yes sign autographs here in this this CEO wants to shake your hand there. I think he's geyser you know that can and veterans of All Star Games these guys I think they're learning how to enjoy the things they wanna enjoy. And not as straight Marguerite said be rushing around thirty minutes or thirty minutes they're trying to you know now up. You know fifteen minutes in the car on the way to the next thing so wide open to keep an island. They move toward the all star break. The veteran vote. Patrick Cobb in the fabulous in the third the key to the game that he was the guy that everybody mentioned. In the post game as far as justice market and I think a brilliant move by Steve Curtis start him. Is I was wondered what they were gonna do they get a you know a lot when greens misty started looney. At the four bodies eagerness is Ian play loony at that spot would go to. England column at at that spot and put the ran. At the four position you know howdy howdy try and shake it out but he went when Cobb played small speakers at one point faster. And it really engaged everything reflections. From a call I think we were able to get out in transition they wanted to play fast and trying to run McCain's. Yeah on the second night of back to back today it would foot the game was that it was the deepening the warriors were getting out hit from three. They hit six threes in the quarter the kings didn't hit another three. For the entire second half until garbage time in the final three minutes. As pretty incredible the way smothered him on defense which led to 28 to round absolutely amazing and beyond. These games have been strange Manny behind and go back to last year in the east the teams play. In the kings had him down at half time hearing by nine or eleven. And the warriors had a big run in the game Berkeley Thompson goes off the game in Sacramento first couple weeks ago that were. Off they were down. Sixteen in January. The second quarter before they came back there they're so open about. I think these two teams that. Of the the personal trouble away and it's weird to say that one and a blown out and Steve Kurt and kicked out of the game in Sacramento they're they're something to be said for. The way they play their kind of pesky a little bit cheap B they get the warriors. Beat the little uncomfortable. And finally to and I eat it clicked for the warriors like it does against the a lot of other teams they say all right now on them and now. This is gonna happen anymore were gonna throw some paint makers back unit did. Well 10986. Victory for the Golden State Warriors at the I'll start rate. 47 ninths that he'll be back tomorrow from mine knew that theory correct I will be on from three to six you want a lot of us to tomorrow tomorrow's going to be in the year. And oral supplement at the end it's just use them on. Yeah Super Bowl and item below the all star quick turnaround for me a really tough yet so it's not a turnaround after the game Albert street in the page act absolutely years. Are well we'll talk to you at some point New Orleans yeah I think I am gonna talk due tomorrow night there what you lot of time on three point six tomorrow European summit to be talk its nobody else aren't happening on the out obviously happier I'll call you now. Just it's gonna call assets Loney laid out cellphone to settle at. Least I wanna see their podcast. I don't get it could hear from oracle will be back after the all star break with warriors wrap that 26 games. Left in the regular season fox sports take it there wrestling have a great night everybody.

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