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Every team play. It's going to be excited for the opportunity to come in here and can knock us off we got a target on our backs and be ready broke. We're very important to forgo dugout foot traffic. Look up. I find it again five seconds ago Kerry Wood floors very good grades to every. It's time for the glory years. Your are your hopes Christos and at best guy and it's yeah all the wide -- It might not as big open. If you look on in Iran waits at the plate might have a party quarter. Bay. Tim Rice set up vast. Are you kidding me at all these notes don't and a half time gone allowed over yet not about after the game. Trademark rain suit taxis out. So acts up forty applies is 858 of 47. McCain's close app on his Evans at Rhonda warriors did not look good. It's just everything was related to sex answer what if I'm right down sack at 156. And all of a sudden. 830. In the third quarter. And then after that it was an absolute. Boat race as difficult state dollars. Where honored. To run current stance of Matt Stein it's. Here at oracle the number is Tripoli not by seven putts but he. That's triple 89579570. What an unbelievable third quarter they outscored the team's. 42 at fifteen and this place was rock app. After half you know this this atmosphere terror lautner hurry up so you of that and it was pretty. Pretty dead in the first half. Straight my agreed may have brought the crowd into it at the end of the second quarter when he got rejected. And do the warriors I think took greens rejection at halftime. Lead to a man went into their locker room and said now we don't have the now we don't have to write my agrees that we better get our act together and that's exactly what they did in clay tops in just seems to love played against the Sacramento Kings. And it was the biggest. Difference. Point difference in the third quarter of any game this season the warriors outscored. The kings by 27. Points in the quarter and that's the most they've outscored eighty team by in the quarters they really did explode. He is just an unbelievable player I mean it's just when you look at everything. About Klay Thompson. And part audience talking about where its national defense to play areas. He now has eight straight games at 18 points or more that's a career high in February. Into February. An eight games averaging 28 point five points. ME aegis if they can and the Golden State Warriors about twelve though this season. Where he is their outright leading score once again all of that's offensive stuff to go back. Arguably we know how good Durant has been as good defensively we know how good drain on his band. What you think about the defense of Simon's this guy as night in and night out for this team he's just an amazing wire. He really isn't the thing I like best about. Klay Thompson is disposition. But just love the way. His two meters days even keel all game long and very rarely do you see Klay Thompson get technical fouls. Very rarely do you see him get overly emotional. And I think he's very good that is what he does get a little upset he gets upset and that it's over he moves on he never let it linger. A lot like Tim Duncan in terms of the way he plays the game not getting too high not get too low and I think that comes from via the son of Michael Thompson. You get a sense for how long the NBA season is you realize that you kicked it up for every game so which you have to do is maintain. Some level of consistency. And try to bring that I needed and I doubt that he's mastered clay Thompson. Well I can say count the same thing for staff these guys who grew up around this you know they don't stress about it he was Joseph cool after the game what Barnett. Where are Jim's I may play the Olympics you played so much basketball it at the break a retirement. Not tired then. You know you get a practice for the three point contest now giving five racks point 2000 me. He's got guys while they. I love a lot of greatest teams this year I care what game was where he has been interviewed by just one person it was like that. And you know but to meet people around history to record slide after me since then he has seems like just. Unflappable really cool he seems like the you don't know what everybody's like you know he's a guy he could sit down drink Beers and after again. Yeah and he's. Just loved the fact that he's. Different than the other three guys and that's the one thing about the warriors that I think. Maybe doesn't get enough attention that they can complement each other on the court so well. With the personalities complement each other. We can't have to drape mine greens. Of your best four players you know which could have won and then that straight binary. And the factory is in number one option. Air would be. He's got to deal with being the number one options so clay is gonna be the number two were number three option at Klay Thompson had an ego. I guarantee you he would want more shots but Klay Thompson doesn't have an ego. And he's been able to blend in seamlessly with Kevin Durant and it was staff curry over the course whose careers so. He is a terrific player and a lot of what he does. He doesn't get enough attention for which is mostly his ability to defend point guards which is. Terrific for this team because they wanna take a little pressure off curry. Warriors at the went one on 986 had in the break is surveys now and I had them by unit in New Orleans what a party that's going to be for the all star in the numbers tripling I'm 5795 cent that's Tripoli 95 cent. I've sent you deftly wanna hear from new. If your leave at oracle which by the way. Walking over here to see you write about eight minutes left man you lots of people were ends at the doors as it Roy's leaving the building and you have a good break. It will CU after the great him were like yeah I mean it was like eight minutes it's not fourth quarter people or go out and out like. Our dollars each other and port. Then there had for the doors early and not say what that smothering defense in the third quarter. It's like they do all right everybody we got to pick up our defense which right on out. And bookie cousins season low. Ties a season low points a season low in. In minutes and his defense was stifling so from 830. Just chart it like he had a charted. Step gets that read now. And eight point three in the third quarter clay it's that three to make it sixty if it seven and the rout was on all the way. From 830. To who's seventeen left in the third quarter that Barnes and finally dunk one and they would actually in on the board to stop that when he. To two run well what's amazing is. To have a 28 to two run. You need to be clicking on offense and clicking on defense. And the warriors were due and that the kings. Don't score a lot of points anyway they're kind of scoring challenged at times. Cousins is obviously the best player their best score the second best scorer is Rudy Gay. He's not playing right now he's injured others a lot of people. Who think that the kings are better without Rudy Gay and they may be better overall because. They're spacing changes Rudy Gay he's not necessarily good defensive player. And he takes he takes a fair amount of shots. Why. Without Rudy Gay they're not as good offensively. Or at least. I should say they have one less offensive weapon until the warriors really took advantage of that they they were. They were kinda how and he DeMarcus Cousins that night they want somebody else beat him and nobody was able to. Patrick Mercado tonight in the third quarter was a plus want me. The defense he played. Along with Kevin Durant and everybody else the defense set up the op events. And a 42 to fifteen run. In the third quarter it's so hard oblique is this game was sacked at all the momentum go to the locker map. Andy come out of there and it just got ugly it's not hear from the fans brought you bite nation's giant hamburgers keep a real. Make it nation's triple like I'm 579578. What it game to hit into the break Antonio and Oakland lead a soccer warriors wrap up. It. Man every night. In our record in. I think we can put to bed that hold lawyer had more Favre last week our lap speed limit to your money out of the water at a Kevin. Rose. The argument. I mean not I don't think they adage of them you value element. In honor and I don't think they'd have let's demonstrate moms much street lately but it's like well. As of last. Lecture. What's coming during monitor that pressure you know on technical not a monster on the horizon that. Now well if you are and Newt trying to impress on the markers that again more singles record amount. But yeah Howard I don't arm artery I don't disagree I mean apart yet they have fun that night what this year doesn't match last year it just doesn't. It does that the players are having as much fun. The fans are as raucous it doesn't mean they're miserable. It just means they were going to be able to match last year's excitement level that they just couldn't because. They won their first 44 games they were. They were going after a 73 when he sees it which they guy. The playoffs were driving it was a whole season in fought in gains up until games. And this year. It was good early in the year the novelty of career. Wore off I think the warriors are waiting game. Games here with a blow out the they're waiting for the and I think the players away but they. Also think it's now. The warriors are three of their feeling pressure. But they didn't feel any pressure last year they won the title in 2050. They came back last year they would 24 straight to start the season. They were having fun they were role in the whole court the whole way. They felt like it the best team in the league they were feeling no fracture. This year they feel some pressure because they don't have to wait period. They don't they can't win it right now they have to wait till you they know they have given the Rhea now everybody expects in the wind expected to win it. It's just a little different and it's not going to be as much. Fun let me give you know that they Ares sample. Actor that day when the 49ers were having a hard time get over the Dallas Cowboys Deion Sanders shows meant. You know that year wasn't all that fun until they blew out there until they actually beat the cowboys in the NFC title game and they'd beats. The chargers what the chargers. In the Super Bowl and it's the famous Gary are Gary Plummer pulling the monkey off Steve young's back. That's when they were having a good time right it was at. That point because back here it was Super Bowl or bust can't you get over Dallas can anywhere in the super boy also get what you have. Those expectations. We've seen with Yankee teams it's like you. You really can only celebrate and have that great time win the championship is in hand. Absolutely and that's why last year. Was a barrel. Of because they had won the title their first title in forty years. They come out they get off to a roaring start. Once they get to January or February it wasn't like. There's a lot of pressure on us we got to repeat we have to repeat. Reports say that they just say it would keep Roland. This year they have to win in the championship otherwise it's a disappointing season. That makes it more serious. Trip AAA advise seven ID 570 year leaving the arena we wanna hear from you lawyers with the wind up. Over the Sacramento Kings 109 to 86 and the break. At 47. And nine aggregates all your phone calls right here warriors wrap up all the home the Golden State Warriors that's not a five. Rambled for curry. Eureka two points nightlife. But after town to mill fire away. He might well. Accurate because it looks fifty in six night he needs to steal it away cricket player if not that's not the break down the middle of the why can't flop last. Now got it's sounding as dining on 95 point seven the game. Let me get it out on clay it's not supporting it back to the calls Tripoli that 5798578. At warriors BR great follow on Twitter plates jobs and scored 35 points tonight. Warriors have won the last 183 regular season games when he reaches the thirty point. That a lot of that's like dad that a lot of waiting went straight mine green gets triple doubles. They win win. Let's see what else they would it would it would dollar does something and they went with the rant has a certain number of things like so it is when. You just forties. Evident night but that markets still 'cause we had Steve Perry you know I had a month last week your body parts of the game. And I asked him about at that 141. Games now 142 games no back to back losses even he was like. Yeah that is really impressive. Well what I felt good about was. As you know touted sometimes there's that out there and I don't like what. That streak of 142 games without back to back losses. I've been saved for the last three or four weeks that is just incredible. Fact that Steve her. Backs up what I say means that what I say is very credible. And not that alkaline hand leading oracle welcome Zulu warriors wrap. A gentleman or you don't. Pavement. Opel will do you think you are. Starring. Jerry. People do it all kind. On the are. The warriors locks the other day in Denver. They wanted to come out on the fact. Sacramento beat them a couple of weeks ago that they wanted to say that Pristina saying. This Google wanna be. This team and a half ago accurate there. This team is not is approaching its all identity understanding. What happens during a two game season that the city if you don't accomplish what she needs you. In asking this season we saw what happened last year we have all the regular season accolades. We have all go to these moments during the playoffs or we scrap fight claw what our guys were only get hurt. And we are happy to be now. Several gain though Casey. All we ought to. Or are okay Siegelman who do you market it. But he. What's left over in nineteen that is the solitary the debris one really organized. That it would be in prison. A very long that they understand the isn't it longer once we get those playoffs. Want to we've been out what you. That much later in the bear upon approach. What you accomplished towards the end of the regular day to do you still not how to win the genie in the play. In the wrong thing to do. Themselves there. Take one opportunity here and there. There resting guys what they did last year and beyond what you they're going to be punished here exports from what I saw today. 42 at fifteen and you know or 153 quarter. Out to Q weren't shocked at scored. Weeks. Wait a over two minutes left in the third quarter because defense suffocated. Suffocated them I like what pricey. Like workers still epic we've got the charter not being in the build up. I'm not gonna disagree with you bill the governor disagree we view Colette about is that. People were sweat in the loss to Denver. I really don't. I think it. Critics most fans are Smart enough to realize that. The grizzlies was an emotional game and that it even got more emotional against the thunder. And those games happen I mean it happens so much more other teams it's just I think we're spoiled right now how many times at the warriors have. Will we like to call clunker you can count on one hand almost and most teams by the end of the season went up with. I don't know ten or fifteen you know. So I'm I'm with you I mean. I've said this a lot recently I just don't see the warriors get beat by any team in the NBA. Unless they have to play without one of their best four players. For an extended stretch of the post season. If those guys are healthy and they're gonna play most of the playoffs are all the playoffs. I don't two wars loses. Let's go to Dennis leading oracle welcome to warriors wrap up. And guys. What is work so well because in the in the I didn't I was there is no doubt but not an L but he wasn't there. I expected but and that his. It was impressive the the brunt of it in the third quarter without drawing much that would call more all of all over the place. Yeah that's a good point that's a great point. If you think about when the warriors. Are most likely to have a great defense is stretch figure drape my greens going to be on the floor well he wasn't. In that third quarter and as far as we'll be cousins goes what I think happened was. The third quarter got so. Far away from the king's. Jaeger just said you know what what's the point put him back in the fourth quarter were already down twenty plus. I just that the game got away from the king she called the re timeouts. Touring that run and nothing to stop it. I think he just threw in the white towel and can't really blame them in this. And he's not a pretty views on anybody and it's. 888 couldn't get their offense Golan at all. They were at a passing lines and there was nothing they mean it worked as clueless. Offensively. They just smothered them there was something. Collect they came out at halftime something absolutely clicked in this. They know what to turn it on and they had a stretch earlier this year of your remember Tony. Where they had a bunch of games. Home games that were fairly competitive. For a half and then the warriors came on the third quarter dangerous. What do with we don't somebody and that's what they did. To the Sacramento Kings tonight it was a team effort the defense was phenomenal they made shots. Everybody played well. The only downside is straight month picked up two more technicals and that's two more technicals or battle. I don't know how many hands off the top of my head but I guess he's got to be near double figures. Is that ten. It's an all ears and I just you know what is it about certain calls. That just sent him off slimy. Whether it's a good color now. Now is going to be called during games this happens every single game sometimes calls are not gonna go your way put to set you lost. At a point like that to where eagle when he first started going off the rest team has seen that part right. Right he got teed up for even after the first explosion he got he got why. It's yeah the way I saw it got called for the house crazy play about strode to the best he lost the ball. They both kind of went for it. And doesn't seem to come up with it in disguise to throw so that up there and look like more before YL. And I though of green Albert not it was really hard to see who is initiating contact. I keep seeing our rafts would call for a well. On that stage rate my deep Fallon but yeah you're right the bout was called. Age rate and waved. Vehemently at the official. Right away it will automatically guarantee you technical now. Ron Garretson that. He didn't see it so that Garrett and turned around. Betray cubic. Right in front of the space it's about her in the first tactical out which could have been its drivers that now. That what happened was while the technical free throws were being shot I shoot through technical free throw and the three row. He just kept actually enjoying it Ryan yeah he just couldn't stop it Ron Garretson. Literally for awhile he'll let you go for awhile but. You finally had thrown out of the game and then it might have been a bad call it might have been done by. Right mind also deserve to get thrown out of the game. That would that. AAA not 57957. You lied about where did take your phone calls lawyers wrapped up. Last game of the first half below the Ulster great seats again later and later after this only 26 games. After everybody gets back from this long all star break in New Orleans borders with the wind won out nine to 8647. And nine. We'll take your phone calls right here on 95 point seven again. I'll never tell me again that plus tickets. Nelson it's. Always nice to watch that while I'm five. And I went. We see if we want Hillary flop but that's overdoing it but who put off by far. Marked as it's been exactly aerial fire away any free. Now docked at Sony is dining on 95 point seven big game. Staff carry a career high two blocks tonight. Yeah I want. Which you don't admit or locked limit the elbow and or before that I should say Uga will call for. Directed a lot of blocks from behind those like those long arms. An undisputed. That's gonna add to re aunt sent struck. Gallop boy and the dude and I drank. Big predicament com. Yeah like yours. The way that you actually true I would be concerned that loss and amber are likely being machine might as well amber hot enough. Oh. But to date gain I was at first. The second half a person arena minutes I was upset what's going on. In an like power color of the board to say intently. McCaw. Out without drama there as the best he now posting a crop failure in the period. Between cops fire. Wake up buyer. I was 22 gone. That little under handed Alley who. Decorated. Can do all right could it was a punctuation point right there. And you know. Are you could go down that list of out of the Robert Horry can talk about. The play three at the corner played there with some seriously deep talk about. The Alley youth from curried bikinis at CNET. It's like 1982 point 222404226. Two outside wins in south Sacramento Drake didn't score over five minutes. That's crazy. Creed bogey what happened yet that terror plot or third quarter we you know straight month on. Now our pentagon. Can happen. He'll the first ever called. Show afterward game when gave him he came back last year. And just give David Lee you know some props in his first all star had a long time yeah I agree what are your. For all stars but never thought I would see you guys Clinton would come immediately. To this point. In the short time. No I don't think anybody could possibly imagine it wait until late go bought the team. In 2010. David Lee. Was. Essentially his first big move. It happened way and he wasn't yet officially the owner but it was toward the transition period. He's always said that he signed off auditor he had the opportunity to sign off on it which did. But now. Now nobody could've never imagined this. Let me go bigger than Nat ray. Did you ever think I app on land there this ownership group is starting to take over. And finally David Lee is an all star that at some point Forbes would be telling us. That there that a third most valuable franchise and all the MBA. To hear that you see that. My crystal ball not in that might not see any of that correct it was spot it's clear now and with so my crystal ball he's. A ring form a unity and so my crystal ball right. Make you drag I think it's right. And think about that knicks lakers warriors. You know trees. And may have even moved into the new arena in San Francisco that make the value anymore to Utley. Hey if it doesn't get it in the etiquette. Look what they're worth now. Title they paid for the team which as I've had a lot for the team. Verses where it is now I think that's investment. It's a pretty good investment the old are alive and return on investment there let's go to La bullying at Santa Clara got ahead late. It been worried. First in terms of it took a look at the speaker prevent it in the best we differential. 72 acres which. Will team won 69 in the championship. At a point differential while want to see. After tonight's game the warriors are twelve point. So you consider. Dominant. Team in NBA history and that county with the law even as he threw it out. In a kind of green tree you'd like Denver game in net first in it and turning human capital well. They've got that they wonder ritual in nineteen industry that the good. Now on kind of ticking here because it's very hard on all with the I'm wondering if that want to run and at a third quarters that the warriors are out they could almost see it. It is like there're. You know they're so good it is just flip the switch and wondering what happened they didn't hear you want it to the game they can't. Quite what the switch that shots aren't all. And they angle on one run so deep in debt being just way too nitpicking thing that immediate concern. Let's start to think everything's through it picky at this point. I really I really am I mean when you put last year and this year. Together and I know they didn't win it but if you then go back three years means this team has been so. Incredible 67 wins 73 wins they're gonna win the high sixties this year. They're gonna go deep into the playoffs it's just a matter of whether they're gonna be able to get it done earned I mean I don't think they have a weakness that can be exploited. Over the course of a seven game series they might have a night where they can't get something they spotter they get. Hammered inside and they turned the ball over too much but I don't see it happening. 234. Times which is gonna do with what's gonna need to happen for the EP. Let late and you say yes. And not go where les gill. When you repeated the post season you I've talked about office. Route three starts swallowed there whistles. Start game more physical. Your now applying the same teams of the adjustments are different. Because it's not like you're on from Oklahoma City not golfer that is. Oklahoma City to Denver to Sacramento it's the same team so there's the adjustment period. Your plan in a year arena vineyard on that there meets his. It's different than what we're seeing so it's really easy. In regular season basketball. We are taking on the Sacramento canes and at 4433. And you watch the white the mop the floor in the third quarter. It's easy you know I don't see weaknesses but don't things changed a little bit in the post season. And and we learn that we know we thought you were doing this exact same show last year. We can't stand there's no way anyone beats them and sent games ears well we can't predict what happened was staff during. Germany and predict what was gonna happen at Fremont there's a reason they played the game. Is anything can happen I'm just throw it out. I wouldn't bet against him and that this sand let's let's let's be honest there's a reason why he's got him the title now. No doubt. But I think all things being equal. They are the overwhelming favorite now that you're an injury to tray by green. Does something. To get himself in trouble. All bets are off but if they can take this team into the post season. I can't see him lose. Let's go to key areas Fremont your warriors wrap up. Yeah. It's very. Shocked. But I quarter but all EO VE. Checks should get it out yeah. It out not I'm not. I'll. Support and but. I want to get our. Hot. It went. Accepted it doesn't matter. It all at. The your change not right now other apparently. Just. I wonder if it. Stop why would your. European and he'd get out did you all are just. The mentality. I eat out there and beyond scary I don't know you but I AEU. Eight Alia I I it's a naked she can't talk about the game. It didn't we have to come on after every game ago others you know it's not we can't talk about it and we can't talk about eight editors in the title. If they lose a game yet you can't talk about the loss he can't critique it. When he's saying is you only last night is that while they're still you can critique your team now Howard how that nobody's perfect. You can still break down each user you can break down grates up to break us up you can work on. Everything is always a process of trying to get to that championship. And what he's an is. You always say I'll look at that loss on an accent while that's great but when you need a post game show people call it do it whether it's the winner lost you're still gonna dissect. That individuals here. I don't think he's necessarily talking about the I section that word you I think he's talking or your fans. Who would let's say leave the game. Bledel as many home games but after the Denver game. Would get really down on the team feel like she's you know they were flat aboard bets you know defense wasn't good in this in this. We didn't cause can't show after it every game on an era of January I think in general though sometimes they do and I think with the caller saying it is. When your championship team you're so good you don't worry about occasional losses. Not necessarily view we don't talk about on the radio but as a fail again. Get worried about loss I don't hear Laker. Got to let suitor. The lakers have a kind of been an egg or your fans. You know it. He had a couple things right on the money life he said if you don't have being at wagon fans you're not a good team and it's stupid it he's absolutely right yes yes right like. How can how can you called warrior fancy that's it it's a lake a fake ass Laker fans. He's saying the warriors. If you pick up band wagon thing. That's you know you're not the fans are bandwagon. He should you need band blanket bans appeared good I don't know I did I. Well stated I have lag fancy really so that's I don't think that's not the way I interpret what you'll Laker fan now I don't care of Fremont mr. Laker now I'm telling you how I interpreted. What he said I'm not part of our fans and I don't know yes we're going on. Let's go to also in San Francisco were on not if not then again. Walk and he got a one. You the head round it. I wanted to know. And probably negate the regular season record this year ignore it really matter that we usually ski ministerial. Better equipped for the postseason this year and last year's team was. You don't want. I would say no. Just because you know what I what that means. There are really don't know what that means to be that were quipped that when it last year they they have the best team in the regular season. They eat they had an interior defense depressants that are great team you know this year they're different but they're still dominate. I expected last year's team to win it I expect this year's team to win it even though they're different teams. If teams built to win a championship. Definitely we'll have got this. You're not gonna have the issue of Harrison Barnes not show up and not gonna have the issue. Are you get healthy boat that are. When he at a guy like kept under Kevin Durant static on the plight he's going to be. Right but whatever anybody wants to say it would vote it was played well. That means. This year setter position there is to drop off. So they've dropped off at senator they've gotten better obviously the three. There are different type the team that they're not shoot the three as well I'm not sure exactly why. But they're different but there's still. There's still the class that'll lead. Are they better than last year. I think they probably have more talent than last year they might have better roster. Although there were spurts of quality come off that bench last year which Speights. And Barbosa so it's a different team but it's it's still a good one. That's gonna radiant Fremont quickly Randy your warriors wrap up. Are regarded adjustments during a playoff series. You guys were the best shooters in the world on one G journal that three are critical scorers. And it you know victory on an all that were just get those guys still cold. Three or. Are they now turner or worse that optical. I'm. I get it out. There. There are. I hate you know I know you gotta play the games but I do not disagree with you I just don't I I don't I don't see it there's not a there's not a magic bullet to beat this team there's not a stone that aren't hurt. Just don't see it. Let's go to radiant Powell out to your orders wrap up. It's one of these things county. If the warriors don't win it this year. I have to see how it happens. And I'll I'll admit last year credits at the same thing when they were rolled toward 73 wins I was like if they don't win policy. How it happened. And I saw them like while I didn't think that was possible. I didn't think the warriors could be defended like that. I don't think that it happened this year with the rain because there better profit that team got some gets banged up that's a different story. But if these guys are healthy. Throughout the playoffs. I want to see how they should be if they beat. As enhancing article that the San Jose Mercury news about album and it's an out at limiting the minutes right at timeout. Living steps Madson had you know he's getting it hurt the collapse. You know it is clean water on the floor I mean a freak thing to happen John Dickinson and asked a very interesting question. About the rate on green Steve Kerr and got a very interesting reaction we'll hear it that is. Next right here on warriors wrap up not five point seven again. They want one ago and whether or you have to do is get a lot of time. Right now we're. At that data. As for the all star weekend at the lawyers with a quick to back homers Sacramento won all night 86. The Golden State Warriors are just incredible. 47. And nine. Would. Now got its honey this tiny body size point 76 games. 47 at nine JT is they had New Orleans pretty amazed. Pretty impressive. I was wondered if that third quarter was gonna come when you look at the way to the warriors have played him in looked like they were tired late team. They look like they were gonna have some difficulty on the defensive and go to that second half with with Raymond green paean. Ejected from the game in it turned out to it to given the lift that they needed in that third quarter so impressive impressive win. Why it was. Speakers. Reaction to the question you asked about. Are you worried about straight Mercury well he kind of laughed in and now it was a good hearty laugh and indeed the simple yet. Obviously yeah I mean did he needs to tow that line between. They edged that he needs to play with. And being able to stay on the floor and being able to stay in the game because if you look at a couple of the warriors losses this season. And if you go back to their most critical loss. Of last season which was yes game seven but I wanna go before that game five when drain mongering gets suspended. And some of the issues that he had in the playoffs. Ate it all stems from him being able to control his emotions so I think what the warriors to this great team and he's great player. And he's there emotional leader. Anyplace with such a passion and energy. There's always that line that he's got a hole up to tell a utility without going over occasionally he's gonna go over and tonight we saw that. But I fake you know it's going to be consistent battles not the right word but I think it's consistent. This discussion to make sure that that that he can control so they don't lose it so what happens tonight. Doesn't happen and NBA finals and I geeky Smart enough to know that especially the way last year played out. Yeah hole. Right you do you know because the bigger the game the bigger the motions lay in the emotions run high heat. I mean if can be just a simple foul call that most people like any. Flips out. You know the play that he Jack you know on. It was not a clear cut play were he definitely didn't back now. He might not have felt that it was an awkward way. That something else going on I think if I don't like it. I'm wolf and I think he was frustrated with the fact that cousins made the Shia. Because it because that was an incredible shot. And I I I think it was more almost two reactions are you kidding me. This guy makes that shot and I get called for the foul what a joke about it here and he had had a great point about how. The arrested even see the first explosion. Right like instantly I thought. He's gonna get to do a instantly and it got one and I thought wait admitted he didn't get to and it was OK he left. Because I see what happened was if that's as soon as the play was called he waved off. The foul and belligerent manner sure that was seen. And so nothing was called then what he did it did what wrong. Ron Garretson looking at it so that was tactical number one and anybody I thought that would be it. But chick dream I can't. Join from the bench. While the technical fouls being shot while free throws. I'd body was getting ejected from the moment he from the moment he first waved it off. I you know I I thought he was definitely gonna get run and there wasn't anything. They they could be done to stop and at that point clearly there wasn't but I any dream on green again I think he's. I think in his mind he knows it's February 15 and the plane to Sacramento canes and really what for the warriors what's the worst case scenario. From the warriors perspective they come out of their flattened daily news I mean from the worst point of view who cares right I mean if that'd happen. Now it turned out to be a spark. And his teammates picked him up. But I just I think Terry mongering Smart enough to know. That game in June is differ from a game in February. We'll see. We will see you you I think you'll look at it the other way too. When it does Nazis and exactly exactly well. You know the yes edit it that it doesn't matter but why did Steve pierce now the other night. Against Sacramento in Sacramento. He just happens. And I don't know that it have to do with. Playoff game I got to shut my mouth regular season game I can lose it I just think he. You can't control devotion sometimes. Now I mean I and we had a lot of great things he would not at all. From the flora John it's a proxy by wild creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. You know it's not so much about his deep and it's so often it's too late wire. But I aegis we have all these different great stats about his points with the team does mean they win so many games as Matt was saying earlier army can. Andre your dollar does this or it snapped as this story client each fighters it numbered shows. They're twenty whatever but I mean he's such a special. I mean it's it's amazing the way he's playing right now Jim Barnett that. Asked after the game we tired a little bit of an edit the brave from a Atlantic now rate ago he's gonna go chase alligators. If it it was at a news anytime minutes he was that he was asked after the game if if what if he had any plans in New Orleans. It before the all star game that he used you know he he related know what to say I'm kind of mumbled I'm just o'clock in the swamps and Jason alligators down. Which will be. Americans can't go on these pilots who votes he can't go on BS want tourists don't clash and I think there are those out of them by you made Orleans that some in May be it at some racer tonight I'm not sure but it but those guys are very busy off the field I spirited chase not urban street that at this. On no doubt an interesting you know I don't know Klay Thompson's scheduled specifically. May be out looking for alligators looking for gators. It's weaker east he's dialed back his encampment and it's at ease that earned back his schedule in terms of the demand. Of the all star weekend prima greens at the same thing as far as. Not the media stuff. Not the stuff where you're with other players in Europe the arena here practice. Or or your mess around the events the field Saturday nights cool points out that's not that's that it. They're still mean. Appearances in sponsorship this place is read it here for thirty minutes early in the next place for an hour parties signed autographs here in this CEO wants to shake your hand there. He's geyser the other veterans of All Star Games these guys I think they're learning how to enjoy the things they want in July. And not is prima agreed said the Russian around thirty minutes or thirty minutes they're trying to you know now. Fifteen minutes in the car on the way next the sides of the keep and ran did they move toward the all star. The veteran vote. Patrick Cobb in the cab in the third the key to the game that he was the guy ever but he mentioned. In the post game as far as justice market and I take a brilliant move by Steve Curtis start him. Is I was wondered what it organ at the agony you know a lot of that when greens misty started when me. At the four at odds against is Ian play loony at that spot would. Column at that spot and put it. At the four position you know Audi Audi try and shake it out but he went awfully small speakers. Like Napster. And it really engaged him reflections. From a call eight AD group to get out in transition wanted to pass on the scene. You know on the second. Back to back in what flip the game was that it was that the committee the warriors were out it. Three they hit 63 in the quarter the kings didn't hit another three. For the entire second half that garbage time in the final agreement as pretty incredible the way smothered him on defense which led to. 22. Rounds absolutely amazing and beyond. These kids have been strange Manny behind and go back to last year when these two teams play. You know the kings had him down at half time hearing by nine or eleven. And the warriors had a big run and there's a gamer like Johnson goes off the game in Sacramento urged a couple weeks ago that worse. Off they were down. Sixteen in January is the second quarter before they came back there there's something about. I think these few teams that. The king of personal trouble in a way I know it's weird to say that on and a Malone and Allen Steve Kirk and kicked out of the game in Sacramento they're they're something to be said for. The way they play their kind of pesky a little bit cheap B they get the warriors. Beat the little uncomfortable. And finally tonight it clicked for the warriors like it does against the a lot of other teams are they say all right none and now. This is gonna happen anymore were gonna throw some hay makers backing you and they did. Well 10986. Victory for the Golden State Warriors at the all star break. 47 ninths that he will be back tomorrow from mine knew that theory correct I will be on from three to six you want wireless tomorrow tomorrow I'm going to be in the care. I know moral statement at the end it's huge it's not. And a Super Bowl and I ability all start quick turnaround for me I really really tough yet so it's not a turnaround. After being Albert street you know page act absolutely years and I'm so we'll we'll talk to you at some point New Orleans yeah I think and Pataki tomorrow night there what you a lot of times on six tomorrow on Europe can somebody beats octaves of ideals are not count -- out of the in happier I'll call you now. Just got a call just slowly laid out cellphone to settle a I wanna see their cash may. I'd best get it you would hear from oracle will be back after the all star break with warriors wrap up what six games. Left in the regular season fox sports take it there wrestling have a great night everybody.

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