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John Axford

Feb 16, 2017|

Oakland Athletics reliever & Oscars Aficionado John Axford joined Joe, Lo & Dibs from Arizona to talk Spring Training & shares his one lock for the Oscars.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

John acts bird a's reliever joining Joseph lo and dibs on 95 point 7 gave John good morning how large. We're doing great how is everything in basis so far you've been through training camp before you've been doing spring training. To get down their early take us through the process to the first few days. It's pretty laid back against the starts you come in you get your physical done on the first day in the next days just on the field and and turning a little bit so. For me it's just might do that that's known to outside Mexico baseball outside rather than and it Jim. Is it a ton of a lighthearted feel early and things get more serious as time goes on or do you still to come in with some sort of a quote. Deemed phase in and really make it seem like you get after in mid February. And you wanna make sure you're. You're just taking your time don't slow. They think things out a little bit as a committee can be a grind out here that's for sure in a year. He really count in the dirt hard now for hours of the day so you wanna be a kind your body the best you can but. The same time you wanna make sure that you are preparing for for the rigors of the long season. Political blows pours in play sixteen years in. Easy training camp. Lot of meanings we need just to say we mean timing timing is always on the field always in the classroom. Is it like efforts for for for baseball spring training as well as it. More free time. I've been in camps were you've had meetings every day. Here we we don't do that I'll witches is great and probably make sure that the he focuses on on the time that we have out there on the field that we need to get together. You definitely get together have a meeting about something but. You know you always have the people coming through the the players union coming through. Different programs that. You know the alumni associations we always have recruits coming in four meetings and spring training. Back to take care of the meetings themselves but other as far as team meetings go I think we try to take care of business but out on the field while we can't. He led the National League in saves in 2011 and he's a reliever for York Oakland Athletics John ax or would Jolo and dams. On 95 point seven a game every year at this time we start to hear about potential rule changes I as it pertains to baseball during football season we hear the same thing. Talking about expanding the strike zone and also down in rookie ball they're gonna start a concept where the game goes extra innings. Teams are gonna begin with a runner on second base. When those types of ideas come across your plate what do you think is baseball fine where it is or could use some changes specifically with the strike zone. It depends on what you're on the strikes on considering him a pitcher I would outlook to expand it and figure it out. They'll be great for me if they're talking about sorting it out that that the different story and have a battle on external position players and pitchers that's for sure. But yes I mean there's there's always going to be some changes you know baseball's been around for a long time. He has that just beat the mainstays are still going to be there things there are holding strong but obviously. Things change times change people want to see something a little bit different but as far as the intimate parts of the game it's in Libya. I mean it's an aspect of Nachman. I'm not gonna wanna have a runner on second base and in an extra innings I think. Implementing map the minor leagues might make more sense right now because they don't have maybe the depth of pitching. That we would have appear in the big leagues. Could that could save some arms for them down there Medina maybe I heard as many players as far as the extra innings. You have depth in the bullpen with stuff for guys who had 820 C season all down there in the pen. Are you getting an early indication on how Bo Mel is gonna deal with who is the closer is of no and open competition or will just be. Who was the hot guy that he rides. I really don't know I think Jesus himself that it could be it's gonna be open but. The way things went last year I think. You know not just with our team but with father came especially going in into the playoffs. Seeing managers ride the hot guy maybe that's something that's gonna you know pick fire in and take over for. Managers or teams in the game. We afford as the back and that. Have closed before. Have been closers multiple times so. I think that just that bodes well for us and hopefully shortens the Cayman. Hopefully you know each orbit can contribute at some point. Each and every team thinks about it championship any sport I don't care you know. Hand ball you name and everyone thinks about championship both realistic goals for the easing your skin you think about it squad. What are some did you say well I know that we can attain if we do. And I you know it. I don't think you ever. Come into the season looking. For something other than a championship. It doesn't matter what you know what came here you happen and what team west's. There is some great attempts incorporates. Great players on this team now. Pitching staff as young a lot of guys showed and proved themselves. Well last year in a couple great men. Coming up big in the second half what some and I have really matured in the big leagues. You know Sonny Graham although he could to get a little bit of injury plagued season. Up and down he comes back strong you know we have we have a great rotation obviously with that back in the pan we have the Federer and now. And guys have close. Like to be forced chip short in the games so as far as the staff goes I think it's it's. Looking good and I think we have a very good potential to. Two Purcell and some close games. And we have an offense. Some some big bats some guys reckon that keep in the ballgame as saying you know a two or three run homer and two point. I think some special things can happen here. A's reliever John expert would Jolo and dams on 95 point seven a game John you've been around a long time so you pitched alongside and it's against some of the best guys in the business when you look at the young rotation and some of the guys are joined by Sonny on nine a drop cotton came on strong last year is there any specific pitch for many of those guys were you just looked and said wow. How like has anyone had any remarkable stuff that just watch your high early on the may be a stand should keep an eye on. Certainly I mean like England draw card came Upton have sought his changeup. Does that play different then than most people I've ever seen before. I think about this kind of drops down out of nowhere. And can agreement. Picking up well he had the sinker but really utilizing it is best ability. Down toward the the second half of the season and I think is strong part of the power tanker and he was running that pretty much the you know I think two thirds of the season with essentially just that pitched. Frankie monsters is making an early splash in Tampa clocked in a hundred miles an hour coming off a any injury last year. How did you see his bullpen and have you ever had an opportunity where you've gotten a chance to throw a hundred. I have not seen has open you know in in camp we kind of just put them into different groups so you know things are separated and not just one big massive. Of pitching staff all during the same thing at once so things are broken up very well here so. Your you kept it working again and now. Yes I guess I don't like him. There is talk about myself that can't be. Miles an hour right that it last year. Before that I think as well mom pumping that. I think pops up on a while for me when I'm feeling good field strong gently. You know meant middle middle months of of the season. But yeah that's something of against pride myself and being able to maintain stay strong. And keep that Fossett appears. That's got to be pretty cool it when you throw a good would you maybe get a quick glance over your shoulder begun to see if it was 98 or nine uniter he's even got there. Are to be honest. Yes sometimes you you do have to check ID I think you're reliever and you maybe don't fuel. Particularly well on a day or maybe just electric stuff is there sometimes that it is good to take a look and see where your velocity is. Because if it is there that you know you know what you can you can throw strikes you can through your body out. And just go what you have on other times of maybe it's just you know your ticket to the world you know you have to. Maybe refine a little bit. Actually work in the secondary pitches that more. But the it certainly is interest in looking up and then seeing. Our higher number but at the same time that's not something you on the trying to pitch towards it's not. You're not trying to hit 97 and then tried to thank you the next pitch in the 1990 you're trying to make your pitches and. Chaired. John acts or would Jolo Indians on 95 point seven named the Oscars are coming up live on ABC February 26. 7 PM eastern. Everyone knows you can pit stop but a lot of people aren't aware of the fact that you are. As sharp as they come with Oscars predictions now it's still early in the process so you might not have gone through all your information and all your handicapping just yet but if you had to pick for us for the Oscars. Anything specific catch Iraq. I think you know I'm still going through some of the big picks but I think for me personally that. The one I'm gonna hold strong on right now I think I mentioned a while ago. Was Herschel I'll leave winnings. Best supporting actor movie moonlight so. I can have strict about one's still right now I think I think he's gonna win. The other ones high school there's still some films and indices are still some. And some roles I need to trying to counter and and figure out. But that's that's one way and on and respect you for now. Did that was a picky made this morning yeah commercial Ali a friend to friend so can we put this in the bank as the John acts bird at best supporting lock of the year. Yeah I don't think going to be changing mine. My stance on now when Wednesday comes. My own merit as Jon Sasser a's reliever which Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven give dot. Thank you so much for your time this morning we appreciate it good luck down there mesa we look forward to catch up with a against zone are.

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