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John Dickinson

Feb 16, 2017|

Super Reporter John Dickinson recapped Warriors & Kings w/ Joe, Lo & Dibs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Speaking of information news that oracle last night John Dickinson joining Jolo in bids on 95 points and the game. Are we just gonna book people named John today is it exclusively people named John or maybe. Mark tri ace nemesis of load Neill night a fifty sharply GO book it. JD how are you this morning. What's gone on guys like Italian at Raymond green get it back ejected and that it app inquiry. Since. We worry. I'm done today day's top judge by JD look at you actually yeah. God just give me the all right to take it's that moment last night first half didn't go exactly is the way many of us planned second half of a back to back for the kings the warriors were arrested in a revenge spot. They were coming up the loss and became a little bit flat but. What do you think it was straight months rejection that really served as the catalyst for that third quarter explosion. Yes I think it indexes for whatever reason the warriors we're certainly all are great a little bit early in typically you know warriors lose to a team that they did. That it gained on back a couple of weeks ago in Sacramento they come out and they're just you know. And the blades and their they're ready ago. They're ready yet and blow up until but he for the beginning when you lose the game like it I typically to come out. And and and a lot on the back. But it flight for whatever reason last night it just wasn't there and it looked like a higher Blake. Team. In the early going and the team that was gonna have a yup prime grind that thing out and Kevin Durant after the game the bulk. Trademark ejection was absolutely spark. And Steve Kerr also note that the fact that technically. In other warriors straight on green devotion but that last night it was him you know getting. A vote and another way gains despite leaving the game and forcing the warriors it to work harder in the second apt to get the way and that group to be exactly what they needed. JaVale McGee came out inspired on defense in the third quarter he continues to impress is there any sense that you're getting that. Perhaps they're gonna flip he and Zaza one's not like it's healthy and JaVale will start in Zaza will play with the second unit. I think he dug up actually being you back into the starting line I think Steve Kerr the warriors like. What actually agreeing. With that group at the start. Gains I still think eventually get back the Pachulia but where he's the starter JaVale he comes off the bench but then make it. He's been terrific with background it's well now. Among the leaders at once the leader. You know earlier in the week you know playing with that group I hear that after caught. A lot with clay content shooting turned that game around early in the third quarter he was terrific and Patrick McCaw on the decision to go it. Smaller at. Position. Rather than have been. Have come out here somebody come in and play straight not spot that also. What that in the warriors paper was a great public speaker. Klay Thompson. What can you Sarah this man is a 100% that means that he was really drain in those threes last night Alice eve feel. To thicken and yeah I. And he he was good enough. Like it looked good at shootaround yesterday in the and a huge age where you know he doesn't play that law makers probably that would met game when you look at the way. You know during nine green one out in the in the way they look in the first ascent. You know I I thought the warriors should be careful but they were given the game are on sale is the reds game yet ready lap. You know knowing that back at the warriors are gonna happen a week before they play unique legitimately competitive basketball. Public before I go to the all star game obviously so I think he wanted to make sure everybody got their run it last night the precaution was Monday and and clay was terrific and you lost. It Sacramento. He's he's those jurors seated and just built what thirty epidemic in the quarter but includes. It was just what the doctor ordered for the warriors. JD. Earlier in the day the news broke about what dream on had said regarding knicks owner James dole in. I in his approach to the Charles Oakley situation he said ironies trading podcast. It's actually calling him a slave master I caught some fire last night at the arena was that addressed would trim on it all is anyone talking about it. Dollar and last night at what it. In Vermont actually because of the ejection he wound up not be considered the media after the game in the past so was everybody else. And he ended up yet but are actually from re eating at those comments that also addressing you know its situation now that. About piling up. End you know the issue was whether he can control to vote on the court all that. It's sort of hit it about that or opened. In this weekend you know one you'll beat air with that Kevin Durant at curry quite opted for the rest it all starts. John bigots in 9570 reporter we Jolo in bids on 95 point seven a game thank you JD we look toward catching up next week.

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