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Travis Schlenk

Feb 16, 2017|

The Assistant GM of the Golden State Warriors Travis Schlenk joined Joe, Lo & Dibs to recap the 1st half of the season & how the team plans to handle the NBA draft w/ no picks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Always a pleasure to catch up with Travis like the assistant general manager for the golds they warriors he's now joining Jolo in games. On 95 point seven. Are you a monopoly player. We're on the street is that monopoly need they had a vote they are removing the symbol from the game and they got to replace it with. I don't know god knows what abomination but this is a game that is iconic. Symbols been around since 1935. That move by a monopoly to take it out of the game. You know when it comes. Think in general I'm a traditionalist Syria is fairly clear the senate. I appreciate that because I'm a traditionalist as well and other talking about they remove the iron was an Anna yes a few years ago and they replaced with a cat. It just the labor go with technology is what's next you gonna come up with a little Netflix icon you can go around the board with Regis. They are happy to hear I had no idea they're apparently there are. I'd ask you check your tolerant the next and you bring it not knowing that Travis. I get direct. I'd go back on what are the it. Well John Wall word taken personal shots is by the best time for me to ask yet. What do you do out there on the road I did my homework travel I noticed that the warriors in the two round NBA draft have not too. Not one but a grand total of zero picks buddies don't brother got nobody. Do we do have. 3.5 million dollars and mr. Ehrlich of money is spent trying to buy. Yeah and if you go back and look. He's been very aggressive tobacco in the car so we gotta be your. Our rights go this one's for you Travis like if you could refresh my memory EU paid for the patch in my Coptic. How much was that it wasn't there another ticked you bought the year before. Yeah Patrick I think was two million dollar rate range. The year the school are in. Agreement is primarily a matter it's. Tough tough tough tough tough button and Yi has invited fastest they did you. Aren't we monopoly could come up with a new piece out to play that you Indians could use. You dare touch at was going under the bus and am not a good move her. No we Turkey for the cut to pick. We we thought it can be picked. Herbert wrote that. But Jeremy Tyler pick. Year. Purchased. Could commit the public. Know we've been aggressive tactics in the pass rusher. I'm just busting your chops on that you know that jobs. That I'd never say I get a cordial. Think MSNBC deal to that I demolish some go to jail everytime they must I stay army. Recruiter. Absolutely can but lows been warned before about his actions towards other people in this room accorded that the MacBook still has enlarge itself. I mean very very. Correct or. He's got too much on today at least our episode you know Kabila that. Dre mom last night no that'd be kicked out of the game. What was on what was timid it was a reaction at halftime you think and what happened to get this team eagle was needed. You know I don't know that needed you know obviously Cramer got called for a you know it Yuxi lucky. Committed you know got emotional on it as you know earlier the return crew left I. There are gonna keep it under control. And then to have them obviously you know we can't around the capital of apprentice you will be in close games that are in their order. We go ahead and clicked rather. Good true point you know that's what we get can not Smart. Travis like assistant general manager of the gold they warriors joining Jolo and dams. On 95 point seven team no doubt it energized the team at least to some extent. That was one of the greatest quarters this club has put together I mean absolutely on fire they now headed to the break four all stars in New Orleans. And as. As a fan. Then you work for the team so there's some bias but did you do have the opportunity to sit back and watch is all star game. And I don't even know if you can comment on the would you like to see the four warriors playing alongside Russell Westbrook out there. But the obvious but it can't be locked and art are. That's not. I'd rather it's that important to me. I know these cities and played those order together. Is the rough up there with them. Kudos mr. The art department make it make for good TV so maybe to India requests to the degree. He had absolutely is something that boy your fans are sure would love to see you a little bit of a return a true role. For Oklahoma City Thunder fans what did you make of all cupcake situation. When they went down to take on the thunder with a T shirts and a chance and all that was that. Over the top or is that just good old fashioned heckling. You know I don't wanna come bill on the organization did I will say this are. Even our fans. Him mom all handled it great. You know they didn't take years. Personally you know all current Blackberry in our crowd you know guys will silently looked cupcakes Kevin's mom talk about what she looked at eight. Please dead saying what that does cupcakes. You know after the let down timber talk about we get there because like the cup I think I think our guys who are grant him a great. And have a ticket personally. I'm really really proud of that. This I don't have kids gets look Stoller but on Friday night. Dre Ahman Green his performance. It was a December leave only saw all the what he was able to do is ten steals and things the way he played have you ever seen meaning like that. Yeah no he enemy dominated the game. You know promote because they employ. You know and again without court you know you Lokachokyo five blocks you know it is hard to buy a lot along the tent yield. And you know several of the election you liberal. Mark down or so. You know his ability to look they're in control the game currently its president VIR pepper salt Bill Russell play live but I'm Sumi practical things that you're. They'll talk about what it nearly eleven championships or appears or was there could be you know he just dominated the first assume. You know that that would eat it violently and. He's one of the great ones Travis like the assistant general manager. For your Golden State Warriors would Jolo in dibs on 95 points and the and Travis enjoy your weekend we always appreciate get the chance catch up but didn't look at she get next week. I know prop guys at the border so.

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