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Mark Trice

Feb 16, 2017|

The Arch Nemesis of Lorenzo Neal Mark Trice joined Joe, Lo & Dibs to recount their high school rivalry.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We go to the folks now we have been teasing you all they were very happy to talk a little high school wrestling on this program. Mark strikes the arch nemesis Lorenzo Neal joining John Lowe in gives a 95 point 7 the market morning thank you for take its time Matty a day how aria. Now UN we'll have a history going back to the high school wrestling days those told us about it you guys met how many times. When you were both wrestling and high school. Just once in and what year were you at what you're whiskey. Are. Now of the entire group of high school wrestlers that you had to go up against because there were some great Marvin Eastman was in that weight category two of not mistaken. Well you went up against east and as well right. Very challenging yet he's a horse it marked man all time no talk to me it's been since those juniors blows and Mosul we we've teamed up again. Aid would you do it now by the leading up to in the. Coaching wrestling coach football. Run and cheap apparel prisoners. Just dual mark Portman. All we gotta give mr. website disease guys here they want shirts and they want to abide by two stuff and support you so. It was going to shoot out and give us your website and letting guys ought to listeners are even talking about it all they can't wait to give children fall for they give me a hard time. He blew up that don't buy dot com. And mark it's my senior met my junior year. That would steal that would still just irks me you don't want them looking think in a whole year I knew it was going to be a crash course collision. We're gonna meet up. You know in in Nassau Marvin Eastman you go to my card that we chart we Myanmar and it was in a draw the year before so at that water rotational sick okay the issue coming detracts. And I don't say I didn't have the best coaching never never testament to my freshman in high school never wrestled in junior high grade school. But I tell you get you had some great coach and I had that one movie and you go to wood that snapped out. Who hopes did you guys tell me because that's that dot I cannot give him on you the whole match. And how would just like so just upset although I don't know what coaching on the head at some remote. Well you know in my mind my coach but mr. on our these still quote. Who is till Tuesday. You know we just watched you as semi final acts. And you know I just knew what Heidi couldn't let you do in order to match. Mark tries Lorenzen meals high school wrestling rival joining us here on 9570. Games so you guys duke it out 1998. And a 191 pounds you've got it out at 221. Victory. Is that still good out as one of the great highlights of your. Very proud athletic career. I'll look at all would be the best at something you always the chemical wannabes so. To be on the page at the end will always be held as it where there are still only one stage. It ought to Dubai. Between divisions and collapses. And agreed to California we are rejected abruptly. Europe won there is no one in total can tell you why so that is what migrated to. So life goes on from 1988 of course low O'Neal goes on to be a great college football player and and may be hall of fame at. Pro football player as one of those things they'd. As you went on able to tell your friends hey EC never forty over the chargers. I was able to what that guy was this like got a badge of pride for you throughout your life. Problem. I don't know about pride but I sure. You do. It well ball players route. Q Mardy and put away as it is broad. Today you know all I'm Russell and bill in high school. And played well look at the great. So you know don't just political ball well oh app. Armon since it's on my wrestling pulled I think these sports go hand in hand why Eddie new coach you coach both now. In your mentor has. Why do you think there's such a huge fall out of wrestling geysers afraid to rest there rather just do football what is been the biggest thing you've seen. As a mentor and as a coach why these sports are ignoring didn't do respect that it should. I'll wrap please you know it'd do you artwork at least. And who really matter at all. Want to know well yeah well what are the broader goal Ratliff is one out not a war. And you gotta be able to accomplish at a every single easily get all like football you can't you know. Every time when oracle. You got to put it all out there that streak that kids just to there aren't. Up to the challenge put it out. There are probably you know match. Flat picked up a lot it would. You know and I do mean you know coach yesterday departure you. I mean you know back in the day. Out no choice might. Out in my right who put it. If you don't. Play. Soccer in the wintertime. If you don't Russell. There you don't able to put extra soaking up there Russell and do it Alba. Marks rice mix it up the load mile high school wrestling he's joining us now 95 point seven the game do you still get any work in the wrestling room. Yet fired. Champions at my agent ways. That is a port in the world. Bulls' record reached out my agent wait. I'm preparing to grapple. It and move in the march. On national. Cycle when that title and then I'll run again. It and a rule to win three dollar and oracle again and then I'll get to Bulgaria. And now the ball too well world. And don't sleep the Bulgarians now Marc Jacobs and all of them on the man you know that. It. Well it sounds like you that's the right moment it's it'd come when he thirty years later it could have been a lot. Wrestler in college too and he wrestled views it you know finally a slide in college as well and in knows all American so what mark has been able to do with this age and perform at that level. Kudos team a man that's freeing an absolutely amazing. Much respect droll. Appreciate what you do when in the community and helping young men beak become Meehan rather opinion kids become me and and just being being that being that deacon in the community manga look Tia. Hope nothing but the best for you mark. Notes and you're you've done a great job to know that we're in the same return via wrestlers. And to know that you are caught in the world as well so it's always great to know that. Oh all he brothers' no matter why these jokers that outlook czar. And you know you don't put oil and you know it to you wanna open you know about. We were all bought in the world in Oakland and you do. Mark tries ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for your time today mr. tries we really appreciate it. Well absolutely colleague Simon. Yet there are be being chipped it up an outlet that they cared.

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