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Patrick Willis

Feb 16, 2017|

Former 49ers LB Patrick Willis joined Joe, Lo & Dibs to discuss if he'd ever return to the NFL, Aldon Smith, Colin Kaepernick & the Hall of Fame.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well this is yeah. Yeah. Yeah he's joining Joseph though it did on nine that was designed by the way I'd at least have that Robert in rock gambit in this is not the right game that you did he really had a good man. Do. And he apologized to the older region called dude Cody at Geico. I wouldn't want her did you have. No we'll we'll cut off pretty much anybody for you were you calling it when you want your Patrick treat you well as. So it's great to have you on the show let's start with this house retirement entry demand for so many fare when and how you've been doing what's out what's been going. In that debate or act or it could meet. There's always nobody can complain about you want to book New York what was it can't opportunity to grow so. Nor does in in a transition but it also charged orbit to link arms so. It is going well bush you know let you write you know I don't don't stop so. Yes it did omitted ms. Warren and mountains or the opportunities that sit. He Willie menu Boyd O'Neal men haven't talked to a long time amber is good to hear your voice. Alum email and a retired you know it's got that knock on the shoulder it was time to you know blog to the pastor. You don't next season come and he just you know when when training camp comes win you know and in the opening day and kick off patents at. You still get that little it sir do you still get that little man and you watch your team and you watched different teams on NFL. EDD a miss it you think about it. At times. Or two. Ago. Just be real quick which I'm pretty cubic indeed use you know it at a party created are numbered. In all the respect he got as you graduate career in our number watching you got in the armed and myself. Wanna buy it beat it works like arm to let you know loosen it. You know now so much that will be aren't humans and in. We know what I'm made that decision are the norm made a decision where it would be part of her honesty in Nam. We're pretty and can't to move alone and do something else and now so when I watched Barnett argues look at it more so on snapped a new loaded Maury. There were on. Are you now back to being little more do we. So no it wouldn't change of this circumstance and so no our our our news you know are on the Cromartie would beat guys Hartman you know when I compete and it. As far as note that the game of the current you know our. And a world and now in Lombardi are non Jews on the government in no way. Sure if you look at toll amnesty and so I know you still complain if you could and we understand the because of the foot. Because other ailments everybody didn't allow you to play like you can only you would want to continue to so with Debian say you know good friend of yours you guys and you guys probably still stay in contact. Navarro moment. How do you talk to a guy like dead who's your boy you guys home you guys in the same meeting room together a guy who looks up to you he looked up to instill desk. You talked to a guy would all the injuries is going on with his body what what's coming your vice and and then what your conversation with a guy like that it. You know vote card. Oh man you know eat. He came in came into being in you know in indefinite thing and it was a pleasure to know play alongside them in Nam in our on our OB to take something around. From the game play together. You know on the way to leave it approaches on the way marriages went about it so Nokia chief monsters to let dangerous compete Arab lieutenant genetic merit. Now are completely at template with them and now you know in those injuries and to you know I go to those arms argue. That would determine keep it an hour and we know about people's part that we get our first or use you know. Our I would do everything or do we now have injury department the of course you wouldn't weighted RB or 88 game to play him and he put them in on in two ago so now to keep the pinkie mistress reduce most of Lori reduce these Martin. Particularly bright to the only the only network goes in. On that you speak. Speaking the truth and what are. Probably yet but he learned it in the lead it in. Keep on Tuesday the beauty. They want role at any point at. A lot of people realize that we wanna be a trek when maker rose on you do responsibilities become rings or should be. You know men played alone apartment in Ireland went so you get you to responsibility. At which world and announced it was straight. To duty do it is to leave. Patrick Willis joining us are not a 57 the game is it tough Patrick to see the 49ers falling to the depths they've fallen does that. Tenet Todd gets a little bit they can that maybe if you're there this would be happening it it's not necessarily a feeling of of guilt or responsibility but does it to the candidate making haven't itch to return knowing that the franchises such dire straits. Aren't our lose our guys this part of around party game supportive. Organizations we took a week you know we don't talk in Lombardo week. Go to topping them you'd go back to Barnes again you know news is our game and and now new you know it toward you personally when I go back in and have also that are currently get morally. That aren't keen nose. I think it was like you can crop there is no mark our look around. You know it as ruling as your. Nose are assembled. Did so can be a Disco like again with people to understand that it needed to ration Levy took the airlifted in and somewhere like new was next in line. Take you into immediate move. That complicated and nurtured right it in the more than. And that did you understand it right you know my arm chain right Jordy Judy. Knows which will work. Learn from the but it also to arms as Somalia or in the lead in the lows. And art and he's news commute if you're ajar and so again normal which current form which the bit. Seven time Pro Bowl or the great Patrick Willis we Jolo in dams. On 95 point seven game the 49ers were in the news for a lot last year what are your thoughts on this if you were still playing for the team last year Colin tapper nick made a lot of news for the position he took the awareness he was trying to raise it was a very divisive issue we kicked it around quite a bit here on the show. Yup that's happening when you're on the roster how do you view something like that is that something that what is been viewed by you is perhaps a distraction to the team or is it something where you sit there and realize you know what. We all are in the public spotlight we do have a platform this is a great opportunity to get a message out there. And there's so richer are Marleau is weird. You know picnic at our shores which Egypt's armed bandits out and injured. You know live to be Merriman and during these students were initiated. That they he goes to court. Note in the market see you know another person. Duel with that you eaten art and down you know I was I would be there to support. Our addiction consent Armani and on news is markets that aren't around what he's dornin and Marty stone and you know it's neat you are no retreat. There's personal. Personal gains something he knows so. You know more work around on the closed. To support margin and sent understand. Whose motives and that an Internet and download onto his art so. You know and calm that source heat source and person. Patrick I had opportunity and hanging out talked only did we hung out on the pillow to fill senior around and I don't your heart's in the right spot and no the waiting to play the game in a way you went about Plame game asking questions one to be great and you were great. And when you see a guy like TD get in the hall of fame shark nearly six years in this give you hope that the voters and people around us say. There is that man their goal that man impact to coolest he played a game like it meant to be played reckless and abandoned but always under control. Does that give you some hope that maybe one day after five years someone come knock in immune nominate you for the hall. Or. Truly. You know the party that pursued. In the league I was compared mean they're armed armed Iraqis know they are barred from you know Ray Lewis to elaborate courtship term cruising Terry to check where retreated. You know big book is. Immediate name they're registered and are that people and I are members get her to do you look from this he later it. In it would be army and the reason I got it at two hours. As simple straight day our respect those guys what they did in the way they played. Great game and then at the level consistency they played in Cairo was so much out there. When I came into the game are an average age mark so Barcelona is the history. He without. Our base on whether I door on the election which became you do and are actually go right. I'd be dead. Not actually collect our league. Yeah actually sort of as an idea and are not that gave raising children are you around you know we can MR. First pitch any channel yet or Egypt or they're so people for a bit. You pretty much commuting. It won't become too rejecting John B and I do you know him. And today as he stated transpired you know gain practice in around and pretty much an ad in the tree care. The net write in Nam he emerged on the loan source program took from woods. You say you have to earn the degree. Great engines you know give me earned their right as those kind of questions that yet in the right now. I know you know the net net arch Sunni terror much. And gore tomorrow home you know he's an well I don't know what his. On the wears on the table that we take Saddam I want to do their thing and now I want earned the right to the corner in a heartbeat great Clinton's. I know Dario on the B and now. And that to date and found that loose that was pointing out that we. I would. So. Patrick I remember being on air that day you announced your retirement or at least when the story broke. I was right next to Lorenzo Neal and it was there was an an unbroken heart amongst the niner faithful. Everybody. Knows how great you are everybody respects that career right before I ask you about what's going all the ballots orcas I know you gonna be doing some posting down there which is awesome for the event that's coming up. On Saturday but. You played with all the Smith he's now with the Oakland Raiders he seems to be. Again. Finding his way into. Precarious situations. I mean you know they show man is their chance he finds a way to change. And and and get himself into position where he can still make himself into an NFL player that we all saw early in his career. You know actually are. You know I ordered that her at her as an individual as a person. You know look there are orange in the hazard. That in the program currently yet it is now. Really be a great deal duke it out in on him as a as a person lives result and erupting there. Our order and I was you know. I will be the first they are letting you know elections always eaten any cons to northern region are no he came. You can have a reason to know where to certain currently aren't rooted grievances against the in I don't get it always comes down to. Millions so the person he sees not yet sent to India and when he. Younger or at some point term he'd to become when he came out. On you. Those secret questions and you know it it's on one income. You know it is gonna currently right and you agree to dictate these arms it. He might worse aren't likely. If Clinton and in enabled console so so great ones so. Robert scores will go right there we are I would meet you so much about it much we think it is you know give mark so. Together. You know this sinister and destroy his or between two to two market mixed reviews are anyways you don't get. You have to. Strained his distance. Between two point does a lot of the shortest distance. Roach right guy here you see. If you are a leader so. You know our outlook straight Adams admirably. I'm glad I I was able to help you out of that to an extent because you were mentioning the Lion King earlier and it's a joke amongst that I've never actually seen the lion king's I really had no idea Delhi were talking about pushy desk or the other. Night yeah. Are asking the boat in Patrick Willis comes on talk about it's like well. I got really blue with this one of the great passing us joke though it did that by puts on the bike so bella more 172. Airs live on spike in 9 PM eastern its this Saturday night you want some hosting for this are you not. Are are some I don't know you know you're in the Michelob in you know Wednesday in the question good or. Well you know what. Patrick we really appreciate you take its time at your day to come on. With us it means the world we're glad to hear retirements going well on if there's ever anything we can do for you you reach out for us. As we do to us as quickly as possible thank you so much for your time. There have Kris it's appreciate you. And again of course he does. Boats or Marty is that it by it was. The last good fight. That's a real slow gentlemen pat thank you so much for your time let you board the good. Appreciate it yeah.

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