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Best of Joe, Lo & Dibs: Thursday, February 16th, 2017.

Feb 16, 2017|

The guys dive into Draymond Green's comments about Knicks owner James Dolan and also recap the win over Kings last night to end the 1st half of the season. They also discuss Mel Kipers latest mock draft & how it pertains to the 49ers. 49ers legend Patrick Willis joined the program as well.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So yes today. Just to get the hell away from everyone I need to go get on the treadmill you boys get run about three and a half miles yesterday's and up the pace because we're working on the car EO we wanna get stronger so that we can X expand our distances. Come a long run this weekend. As I continue to train for the San Francisco hat. Every time and get on the treadmill though I go through the podcast senator and I'm just can't say look at for new stuff is not just sports it's anything. News comedy entertainment. I've been all over Joseph Rogan quite a bit I think he does a remarkable job on which his interviews. Those things go like three and a half hours by the way I really think he's got to take a break in I don't know I go three and a half hours with some of these guys but they're great conversations. But I'm constantly just flip it around west rolled was on I was listening to some west world podcasts all that stuff. Yes taxable cross something a publisher and on this existed called Dre day. There's like three episodes this trade dream on green. Our friend Marcus Thompson the dilemma podcast together just started it a few weeks ago so I launched into episode one. And dream on does a nice start kind of pop and a ask well can take the question and expand upon it for eight to nine minutes hoping you through a variety of different angles I kept thinking that. Markets play the role do dips you hear is voice every 1015 minutes I thought we had a very quick brief interruption in the and that would be nice cell. Yet the episode the runs complete it reminded nice job for the first several episode I get back and in the kid the wife. Ramos make him to lose this podcast apparently there was a new episode. And on it he and Marcus are talking about James Dolan the owner of the knicks in the situation in the New York with a mix. And essentially. Dream on. Said that James Dolan operates with a quote. Slave master mentality. By taking issue with Charles Oakley is criticisms after the organization benefited from his contribution of the player quote. You doing it from me it's all good. Greene said from his Dre day podcast is from Ian Begley on ESPN quote. You do it against me you speak out against my organization it's not good anymore that's the slave mentality a slave master mentality. That's ridiculous now this immediately made headlines. Both nationally. Locally it's everywhere. The question is whether or not reminds in the wrong too offensive. What how do you read into this when you saw yesterday did because this the word slave the free slave mentality suddenly that's gonna get a lot of play. In the NBA we tend to see a little bit more. Leniency towards players and coaches being outspoken vs the well I think. This is not a little bit of an overreach it's hard for me to. Fully get inside what the mentality would be like as a white guy because I don't. I don't really understand her internalize the struggle nor life pretend to low seriously I. So put to that level I did just recommend black literature from the promoter read if not I. I did an excellent book stroke you know statement why black people tend to shout Ralph wiley recipes it's a very very good book but. To this. I IC would be saying Charles Oakley was a brash physical player and now when he's turning on the owner the owner has a problem with it I see the double standard there. I think dream on mining gone too far with the slave master mentality line. That's just my opinion and hard to meet again to internalize that as as a white dude from marina solo. You read these comments you see what he's saying about the situation we've been all over the Dolan Oakley situation we've been talking about it on the show quite a bit now dream on comes out uses this phrase to describe it. How did it land with you. Well you guys personally you know I am Woertz. You know why I think it's a loquacious yes look big deal it I can Jirga as in me emphasizing. And gobbling in my view for words and make it sound so eloquent. And sometimes I think individuals they. Emotionally they say things. And you and to date there bits undertone. I know what he's saying. But the words that he chills to use. I grew too did. Should you should use a different content words but I just think that he's looking at this is San. Okay back in the day guys weren't certain people weren't allowed to do certain things. In when they did decide when is the fight chicken smack in the name chickens and dogs in humans that. They even have gloves. Slaves were. Slave or fade that the the ones that did the fighting for the masters they withstand great steak they got to eat everything in once a week once a month. They were taken to the other other slave masters house in the would have fighting quarters when these guys would mourn their fight to death the guy that would win. Continues to eat great. Different he runs he runs by different set of rules he's taking care he's in the big house the guy that was it didn't win. He's put back in the field and may and lame lame duck you know can't can't fight anymore and he's just use that. So but man has to realize those days in those type of treatment. It's way. Different than what's going on now so Dray should have been like hey look. You don't take advantage of individuals because it's it's it could be in white black it's a sport is a sports is very diverse. So I just think bill the way that he put that together I understand what he's trying to say but. You gotta realize what slave mentality means and you got to realize how you know what went on and slavery before you kind of you know try to put that in content like that because I just think that those words that he used. Were you like you say Indians were a little harsh. The one big knock on this if I had anything on this would be. That's a powerful enemy to make that would just be the one thing the one it. You can be critical. You've got your podcast say which what this migraine is always always been he speaks his mind these us how what he feels he at the very least is authentic. That you can I never take that away from dream Andre he's authentic. But this is a powerful guy. Two might. To have not your corners one on trying to say what I mean by that is look what he did Oakley. I mean they had out little tiff he had a bit of Madison Square Garden. That he's got other Nick's coming back the guy isn't very stable and he clearly has an ego inferiority complex. Daddy gave on the money for the team he hasn't really done anything with his life. But he still owns. The highest valued. Franchise in the National Basketball Association he has a direct line items sold the commissioner if he is a problem with this statement. He can call Joseph lake he can call silver there are a lot of people he can talk to he could try to make Dray mind greens like uncomfortable not saying that he will. Just when you pick your battles and choose your battles realise who you're going after. Olin is looked at by many as a buffoon in relatively close but he's still in New York City up as the owner of the knicks with a direct line of the commissioner. That's a pretty tall order a pretty powerful opponent to have. No matter what type of terminology wanna use when criticizing them. I am I admire him for speaking his mind and obviously this is something that bothered him and and rankled him he's got his podcasts and it's great in. What he says was obviously well thought out from his own standpoint. Yet Charles Oakley guy who made millions in the league in James Dolan a guy who's probably worth. Around a billion dollars owning the New York Knicks would that the slave. Master mentality. Doesn't really fit for me and Charles Oakley was upset because Dolan wasn't. Giving him enough attention as a as a Knick alarm to me that doesn't. Ringing up the same impression that you were laying out low Amin you know ultimately the biggest offense from Dolan was what that he was icing Oakley and LT felt disrespected by that. Yeah and in in to not than this guy can do the owner Joseph that can affect great month in effect it it's too many guys like three months. Who maybe don't feel. Those words were appropriate but they do feel. Like this guy did ostracize a person they shouldn't he should not have handled the wreck that way. And that's why I'm ownership came that's why. Silver came out that's why Michael Jordan came up in other guys around the NBA come out when go play for their franchise because it is so. I don't think that this guy can make anyone on the war your staff or ownership. Punished remind me might say dream on you can't use those type words and talking about it but I think that he has too much support for them to really try to discipline. If anything else NBA players more than any other athlete America realize they have power NBA players realize more than anyone else you know what it all started. The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers the racist and they ran out what was his name again Don sterling right now Donald Sterling. They took a man who had more money than virtually everyone in the country safer handful of individuals he own the clippers. He was a slum lord and we know all of his background and the players and the coaches were able to run him out enough of a problem was raised enough of agreements was there. That the commissioner and the other owners had to get together and they forced to Minnesota team that day was when the players know. They had a lot of power and that's why you see them being more outspoken than in any other sport 'cause they know what they can achieve. Pick your spots and be wise about it I don't necessarily have any problem these comments it's just a powerful guy. To have in the other corner keep that in mind pretty big warriors feel about this podcast now. Knowing that the way that this is gonna be making headlines as you know driven not exactly gonna filter himself move before this is not dies I. They feel fine about it you know you've got Steve Kerr speaking out on his platform right anti trump statements in. Anti U whenever his beliefs are you've got stiff curry and his platform with the under armour thing and I got dream moment as podcasts like you said. The NBA players and coaches aren't unique position where their platform is may be more powerful certainly than the NFL players who gets find for even taking off there. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. The belief for months has been that were headed for trilogy. Only stayed out of the west Cleveland out of the east first half of the season has given us little reason to believe it will be anything but. Gold state currently sits at a very comfortable 47 and nine. Four games ahead of the San Antonio Spurs ahead of the rockets and third place teams clicking and they're jelling perhaps more importantly. Faster than people give him credit for in the east it's LeBron in the cabs in first 39 and sixteen. But only two and a half up on Boston. Five and half up on Washington who is absolutely surging. And then you've got the raptors seven back but they just trade him for Serge Ibaka to round out their starting five. Kevin love's out for six weeks GRC has been out LeBron is number two in the NBA in minutes played per game. The rumors are now starting to swirl. Jimmy Butler. Is available in Chicago. The team that could make the move because they've got the artillery the Boston Celtics the question. Do you give up. That Brooklyn nets pick which right now looks like it's gonna be the number one pick in the NBA it's got a good shot. Do you give up what could be the number one pick to acquire Jimmy Butler to make a run at the caps. This is a Celtics team that has been holding a bounty of picks ever since they swung that deal with Brooklyn a few years back Kevin Garnett and all the other guys you remember how went down. But of that hole Downey only two picks remain. This would be one of them. Some feel you've got to come away with something on this deal the clock is ticking on this Downey. But you've done such a nice job of assembling this frost here. You push the panic button now or none as silly panic button. But the make the move for Jimmy Butler and hope he and Isiah Thomas can coexist deal hope you're good enough to get by the cavs and then you have the warriors waiting for. Which direction do you go do you get aggressive and make she gets them out of it or do you. Played slow plate patient and possibly risk coming away when nothing. That's the question the Celtics or face without two and a half back. Of the cavaliers having won nine of their last ten games did what would you do in the situation if your boss did Danny gains you picking up the polish. I don't know I'm standing pat because I've got a young coach in Brad Stevens who has this roster this unit playing well and playing together. Jimmy Butler is an unbelievable talent but. This year he's been a little bit disappointing Chicago. Has been a mess if it wasn't for the Dolan Oakley nixed disaster. Carmelo and fill that hole mess. We be talking about Chicago a lot more. But because they're not the biggest problem in the east we're not. Jay Butler is an amazing player I don't think he fits you've got Isiah Thomas played a near MVP level you don't wanna start. His development and what you have going on there with great chemistry in Boston. It makes a good point load do you agree. Yet because here's a thing whose team would be. Butler is gonna come in and they say he's best to do when you talk to two way players in the league top three at the doors. So. Whose team is going to be guys there would be about it because bottlers. So if you don't know if you keep Isaiah Thomas he can't remember they're still trying to figure out if he's going try guided there worthy. I'm giving 200 million dollars to people is a lot of hero ball and it's working for Boston now you bring Boller and the Max. It's got to be Boller steam. And that's what makes it tough job because if you look at Isaiah the way did I did just. You know it's spoke about the way to he's playing in the penetrations of the end wines. He's playing like I. Iverson and in some ways not the that is political but three point shooter but he's doing a lot of things penetrate the shark guy small guy and statue but he's making things happen. If they can coexist. If you do you make sure you got to long term deals for these two guys and have that one too bad men and Robin bunch. I would think about dog but you gotta Farley Gilani that good all of Butler and see if he fits in you gotta make sure that the man had been coaching staff sit down with this guy before anything in transit. Remember that new collective bargaining agreement makes it fall are more difficult to get marquee free agents to come year town. There's so much money that you're allowed to spend to keep your own guys vs other teams the NBA wants to prevent the super team. So they wanna give teams that draft well the opportunity to pay more than anyone else so they can retain their own talent. So it's gonna be more difficult for Boston to go out and build around Isiah Thomas and what they've got now. Al Horford isn't getting any younger you are already starting to see the dip in production. It's possible pulled George becomes available this summer Paul George is a better version of Jimmy Butler then Jimmy Butler it's seek to try to make the move there. But again the big risk for the Celtics you've been sitting on all these picks. The clock is ticking you're almost at the end the line here you have got to come away with something. And there's no guarantees. That anyone you draft is going to be a lot Alonso ball at UCLA. I mean he's been solid but is he gonna be worth that pick is he gonna be better than Jimmy Boller or possibly Paul George. Mark health Fultz that's the one everyone says is gonna go number one overall but again you're not even guaranteed the number one overall pick in the lottery so. It comes down to do you wanna make sure you come away with something or do you wanna stay the course and wait out the Brock has in two years of sobriety and have left in the tank. Right I think you're right Joseph when you talk about when you put it out there like that thing about Paul George nature being a free agent meaning about LeBron in Tyreke. You get you you get Iverson. In Paul George that's kind of liked that LeBron and Tyreke both these guys they can both do Scott and a similar to same thing not seen it be more report man. LeBron and cut entirely but those two together Isiah. And talk of Paul would be a nice tandem in you look at this team. And everyone NASA really if you stay put if your music but if you're the boss and because LeBron like you said. Is getting older and he understands his one is closing what do you think he's on management gimme more weapons I need to compete. He understands his window of opportunity is shrinking so I think you sit put if you're in if you're. If you Boston from a totally selfish perspective I'd like them to make the move because I'd like to see the cavaliers pushed in the east I'm tired of the east being a foregone conclusion. I know the warriors have made it kinda look at what they made it look that we two years ago last year was anything much. Specially with that series until Casey. But I'd like to see some obstacles presented rather than the playoffs just serving as a formality for two teams. I don't wanna see the dubs in the cabs post through their conference playoffs. To meet each other. What I just skip through the process then and let everyone play for a third place prize right. I'd like to see each team go through some adversity I said I'd like to see the warriors face of adversity what does he clean sweeps all the way through coliseum wit and but I'd like to see some entertaining hoops in the prime. Process that is you don't think it's better for best ball gives it both these teams make it easy ball he it is trilogy is great for basketball but I'd like to see someone pushed the cats I'd like to see the cats go seven games against somebody for a change was the last time LeBron went seven games with someone in the conference playoffs right. It's been a few years laughter. And I know Toronto pushed him a little did they get to win the and that theories and the warriors were down 30 under okay see him last year now I actually was an incredible run up. I want to thank you Vince shout out to Africa I would caution you actually believe that the London passport. Yes but the thing that closed it out I believe me that I heritage its dividends might get the crap on those Congo. Go from not just authentic consumption. And Abbey's I always rebounds and one day eat be. And they did I don't yeah. That's much tumble and not beyond Obama let's get our combos straight I don't think the Eastern Conference getaways and as a good deals out. I think Cleveland's gonna be tested is now backed its lowered its on 95 point seven game. Mel kite or perhaps the greatest head of hair when it comes the NFL draft has his latest mock draft out at number one. Miles Gary batsman Texas a M to the Cleveland Browns this is becoming a consensus opinion. Will be it seems he wants to get past the come by in the pro days whether or not this holds. Milk diapers archrival also felt the same why. If I had not not why not not. That's right we're talking about comic Jay but we go back to our focus on Khyber number two of the San Francisco 49ers with miles Garrett all the board hyper suggests. Quarterback. North Carolina Mitch to misty. Now Khyber goes on to say like the browse the 49ers could also use this pick to solve the quarterback question either BA draft or trade given the current state of the rebuild. I expect. They're more likely to draft a quarterback or move down for more Dexter this is my top rated QB and a lately it's of the current crop to land here. Also don't be so sure that new coach Kyle Cheney and doesn't want to work with the young QB. He worked with the young Kirk cousins and did some good things with Brian Hoyer mixture Robiskie according to milk paper mocha Bruce cities the most lied to man. In the media. Because he's always talking to GMs and coaches and everyone's trying to be awesome to get out their propaganda. Mitch abyss you number two how would you feel about that did it that's the announcement come draft day or the 49ers continuing to head in the right direction and that's where they're gone. I don't think cell and obviously with Kyle Shanahan now the head coach to quarterback whisperer if he thinks an extra risky is that guy for the niners his opinion. Has about a billion times more weight than mine does but just from the outside looking in the I don't think that he is the kind of difference maker at quarterback that you would burn the number two overall selection on I just don't see it was true biscuits. This physical stature. V production. The arm the footwork Desi compare at all to Matt Ryan because that's essentially what I'm gonna look for when it comes to Shanahan he got an MVP season. Out of Matt Bryant. So logic would dictate that if you could find another player similar to Matt Ryan you might be able to get a high level production out of him as well low when you look which Robiskie and I know your early in your evaluation process but. Beats work you've done much of this deep. This he had all in any way of my. And you have Matt Ryan. Voiced tall until he can stand the pocket he can go every every ball too you know doled out route though the fade route why Cisco I stand there and bill ball down the field is god good norm big arm. Iran has a big armed stand apart could do a lot of things so so when he does. But for me Joseph it's. I don't necessarily go quarterback here because of that when I look at to draft and you look at teams. If you miss on a quarterback. You that's it that's set your team back years because. You've got to realize that is the investment you make to say that I'm going to build but you also got to realize what that quarterback has to do. He is who he is the maestro in the conductor he's got to make sure everyone's lined up in the right position. Read a defense is do all those different things. If any do you look at the other side like disk one and give any athlete wanna get a pass rusher a linebacker offensive line in defense of line. It's plug and play defense see ball get ball. Offense run block both of those things I think it's harder to be perfect on a quarterback. In any is on bona fide and talked to ethics so I think the San Francisco 49ers because of all the needs they need. I wouldn't necessarily go quarterback specially at number two. One way shape reform the organization is going to need a quarterback there are rumors that it could be Colin -- and coming back. There's the idea that could be true disk you're Watson or further down the draft you can look at a guy like Patrick Holmes from Texas Tech further down Davis Webb from California. Possible long shots but still possibly worthy of consideration. And you've got the trade route. Jimmy drop below a New England Kirk cousins in Washington. And then there's this which just popped up on Twitter courtesy of Ed werder from ESPN who has a source saying Tony Romo. Is expecting his release. Not to be traded and he believes he can start as an NFL QB two to three more seasons despite turning 37. And having a lengthy injury history much of a surprise there Jerry Jones in this report holds true which. Ed is plugged in to the Dallas Cowboys is anybody in the business you would feel that this is Jerry Jones saying you know what. We're gonna do Tony solid ended up moving on quickly from him I don't think anyone saw this coming with press got. We're gonna go ahead let him choose his team rather than be hamstrung into trading him to. Perhaps someone he might not like and to do it now gives him the full breadth of the off season because we have even gotten into the new league year yet. Franchise tags could be issued as early as yesterday I don't think any have been issued so this is really a clean landscape. As we head into the offseason. And really the quarterbacks who might potentially be out there Jay Cutler. It's magic. Maybe Jimmy drop below at a trade Tony Romo is head and shoulders better than all these guys. So he immediately becomes the Belle of the ball for offseason quarterbacks. He does but you know what though he's not gonna get more on these guys. Here's a link to promise not to them doing them a solid. Target shopping. No one's gonna pay this guy twenty some million dollars and more just what it is I know you enjoy as a GM and it gives you would if you're the gene. Because if you look at the last two years this guy's been excellent team is don't doubts pick up the ball thinking Jerry Jarrett don't think Jerry had picked up the phone and called around to try to stop this guy around. And nothing bad. So it what's next steps they wanna you released you know he told me that. OK don't releasing anybody at the market and I think that he is the better quarterback at all those guys going to be a market. Yeah but what does that mean does that mean right now. At right now because bleed your value waiting Romo vs cousins are Romo vs drop below and you think it long term. You probably rather have grow Rob Lowe because you're gonna get some years out of Robles only got so much left in the and that's and that's the point that we're making that yet if you say hey for a season don't you think Robles better than those guys more season to get things done. I just say long term three to three years. He's probably gonna get injured he probably won't have that iso that's what I'm saying that's like Dallas and prod letting go. And that's what I'm Tony won't give more even though teens might say a team like Denver say I want him a team Mike is a team that's right there Arizona. They might wind now because they're close but. Arizona blew it and they're having Carson car come back that was a huge mistake you know what you're having Carson Palmer he is not going to we knew a Super Bowl he's not capable of getting you to a Super Bowl I the evidence is there he's been around for years Romo you can say the same thing but you put a great team around defense and he's gonna have an opportunity if I were Arizona I would have. Absolutely opted for Romo over Palmer. Romo over Palmer. Really I think it's Houston is a great spot for a while soft division. Indoors which he used to he's got weapons he's got a running game and he's got a great defense. There it is you stayed in Texas you're out of the NFC EC you don't have to worry about her many feelings when it comes to the cowboys. That's your best fit although Denver is probably the most likely destination. Like you're called a Houston it it'd be interesting to see what would happen when Brock also Weiler will sit on the sidelines like good groove looking like a goof. Acting like a goof continuing to be goof that word has not slightly damp today it would take up the six foot seven. The tax does enjoy the text is dole sit on your wallet because that things can stand the level they have to all the money he's yes I would like to see him go to Denver. And get a chance for the raiders have a crack at him two times and. Have Tony leave the Broncos to a level of five or twelve and four regular season. Throw for 4000 yards and then come out of the playoffs and is going to as usual gag Mo. You don't want him in December dips. Ease and amber. They might be department. Of the suitable for the division board division for the AFC. Maybe for the suitable. This guy's help with the weapons and they got right back and do the things that got to get to decent receivers with bad deep bids. But. To do is now backed Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven game Patrick well if I. Hello I'm glad it got. Yeah he's joining jello I did and that wasn't designed by the way I'd at least have that Robert and rot gambit in this is not Iraq and it's he really had a good man. To. And he apologized to the polar region called dude Cody in the Garko. Would be well did you have. Know we'll we'll cut off pretty much anybody for you were you calling it when you want your Patrick treat him well as. So it's great to have you on the show let's start with this house retirement entry demand for so many fans when and how you've been doing what's out what's been going. And then bay in our our kicker. Nate. There's always nobody can complain about you want to book neo what was the opportunity to grow so. Nor does in a in a transition and we're also transformed it to think arms so. It is going well where you know I knew right you know I don't don't stop so. Our own yet let it meant at its warranted rounds weren't opportunities that sit. He Willie manageable and slowed to a man haven't talked to a long time amber and it's good to you voice mail or email and a retired you know it's got that knock on the shoulder it was time to you know blog to the pastor. You don't next season come and he just you know when when training camp comes when you don't in the opening day and kick off patents at. You still get that little it sir do you still get that little man and you watch your team and you watched different teams on NFL. EDD a miss it you think about it. At times. Aren't true. Oh. Just be real quick which I'm doing a pretty cubic Indy use you know it at a party will create numbers. In all the respect he got as he graduate career and remember watching you got in the armed and myself. What do I have to tip on where apps like arm. To let you know loosen it. You know we're now moments that go beyond that humans and in. When that when I'm made a decision. On you know I made a decision would it would be part of honesty in Nam. Will pretty and can't on loan and don't do something else and now so when I watched Barnett argues look at it more so while I nap I knew a little bit bored. Then we're on. Are you now. Our commitment would do more daily. And mark. So no I wouldn't change of circumstance and so no our our. On this you know are the Cromartie would be guys Hartman you know when it compete and it as far as you know the game of the current and Nomar. And a world and now in my body are non Jews come from another place. Sir if you look at toll amnesty and so I know you'd still be playing if you couldn't and we understand the because the foot. Because other ailments everybody didn't allow you to play like you can only you would wanna continue to so with Debian say you know good friend of yours you guys and you guys probably still stay in contact. Navarro moment. How do you talk to a guy like dead who's your boy you guys home you guys in the same meeting room together a guy who looks up to you looked up to instill desk. You talked to a guy would all the injuries is going on with his body what what's coming your vice and and then what's your conversation with a guy like that it. And noble are always demand in knowingly. He came in came into being in the you know in and guns thing and it was a pleasure to know play alongside them in Nam in. Probably to take something around. From the game played together. You know on the way to quit approaches on the way marriages went about it so Nokia keep monsters to let dangerous compete our Whitcomb. Genetic merit. Now are completely at template with them. So now I know to include those injuries and to you know I go to those arms argue. That would determine keeping an Qatar and Renault are. About people's verdict we get our first or use you know. Our I would do everything or do we now. Indeed it apartment. Of course he would win in. 088. Game to play him and he put them in on in the play go so now and keep it pinkie is there's so that is most of boy not just beat Martin particularly bright to the only the only network goes in. On that you speak in. Beat in the true but are. Probably yet but he learned it and lead it in. Keep on Tuesday the beauty. They want to roll at any point at. A lot of people who lies when he won object at Wednesday rose on you to our booties a comment or is or should be. You know basically alone apartment and outlive what was so you do your players are blew a whistle blow and and down or was straight. To duty guard due due to legal. Patrick Willis giants are not a 57 the game is it tough Patrick to see the 49ers falling to the depths they've fallen does that. Tenet Todd gets a little bit they can that maybe if you're there this wouldn't be happening it it's not necessarily a feeling of of guilt or responsibility but does it to the candidate making haven't itch to return knowing that the franchises such dire straits. Oh. And aren't are who aren't in it is part of around party game supportive. Organization Leo bit weak you know we don't TARP in Lombardo a week. Go to top and then you'd go at the bar again you know uses it or the game and and new you know it toward you personally when I go back in and have also let you are currently get Morley. That aren't keen nose. I think it was like you can crop that is you know mark our look around. You know as well as letting your. You know our assembly. Did local media it is elect again will people understand that it needed to ration or leave it there Leo that it hadn't somewhere like new was knicks aren't too. Take you into immediate move. That complicated and natural right take in the more than. Internet did you understand it right you know my arm canines or did it again who knows what shall. Learn from the but also to arms as Somalia turn the lead in the lows. And art and he knew commute if you're ajar. So again normal which current form which have been. Seven time Pro Bowl or the great Patrick Willis we Jolo in dams. On 95 point seven game the 49ers were in the news for a lot last year what are your thoughts on this if you were still playing for the team last year Colin tapper nick made a lot of news for the position he took the awareness he was trying to raise it was a very divisive issue we kicked it around quite a bit here on the show. Yup that's happening when you're on the roster. How do you view something like that is that something that what is been viewed by you is perhaps a distraction to the team or is it something where you sit there and realize you know what. We all are in the public spotlight we do have a platform this is a great opportunity to get a message out there. An update so Richard arm Marleau was weird. You know in the camps. It shortly Egypt's armed bandits opened an injured. You know live to be examined and bring you these are student would initiated and that they he goes to court. We know it made out to see you know another person. Duel with kitchen eaten their art and down and heating or lose I would be there to support RO argued acute sense calm on the stand. On news is Morris that aren't on what Easter morning and white and when it and you know it's he'd normally keep. Most personal. Personal gains something he knows so. You know more work around you know and opposed. To support marketing agent sent understand. Whose motive and had an Internet and alma and I know it's art so. In Allentown. That source heat source and and the person. Patrick I had opportunity and hang in town talked only did we hung out on the pillow to fill senior around and I don't your heart's in the right spot and no the waiting to play the game in a way you went about playing the game asking questions one to be great and you were great. And when you see a guy like TD get in the hall of fame shark nearly six years in this give you hope that the voters and people around us say. There is that man their goal that man impact to coolest he played the game like it meant to be played reckless and abandoned but always under control. Does that give you some hope that maybe one day after five years someone to come knock in immune nominate you for the hall. It could. Truly. You know the party that pursued. In the Leo and current commander of the armed armed Iraqis know Herbert on an already boosted my Robert coaches are losing Terry to eject Richard. You know big book is. Army unit name here registered and are good people and I are members get used to it to do people come to see rigor or art which. In it would be armed need. And the reason I got it and it too is. A simple straight day our restrict those guys what they did in the way they played. Great game and then at the level consistency they played it. I have always so much out there. When I came into the game our average age mark so Barcelona is statistics. It he would go straight to our base don't know whether I door on the lecture in which we indeed do an arch at least go right. I did this. Not actually collect our league. Yeah actually sort of as and ideas are not that gave each of our years. Down you know we cam our first pitch any channel yet our case that they're hoping for a bit. You pretty much comedian if you won't become too rejecting John. And today it and dated transpired you know day in practice and down and pretty much ride at ads in the attorney Carol. Mean that right in on you pretty much told source or write a charming woods. You are yet to earn the right to be query. Great engine in note give you earned it like as those kind of questions that you that night and now. I know you know we the cart in the tournaments. In court tomorrow room you know he sent well I don't know what is. Our own words on the table that it takes. A regular thing and now I want earned the right to the owner and a right to be great news. I know Dario and I would be Vietnam. And that who and that loose that was pointing out of the Kate would so. Patrick I remember being on air of the day you announce your retirement or at least when the story broke it was right next to Lorenzo Neal and it was there was an an unbroken heart amongst the niner faithful. Everybody. Knows how great you are everybody respects that career right before I ask you about what's going all adult orcas I know you gonna be doing some posting down there which is awesome for the event that's coming up. On Saturday but. You played with all the Smith he's now with the Oakland Raiders he seems to be. Again. Finding his way into. Precarious situations. I mean you know they show man is their chance he finds a way to change. And and and get himself into position where he can still make himself into an NFL player that we all saw early in his career. You know actually our. You know ordered as her character. As an individual as a person. You know look at their first look at achievement. That in a program currently yet chances. Really BA's great deal to let our league tournament as a person is what is the result and acting there. Our organ I was you know. I will be the first is they're like you know council speaking when he constituted armies are no he came. You can have a reason to know where to serve currently I looked at games there again in I don't get it always comes down to. Millions so the person he sees not yet sent to India us when he. Younger or at some point sound he'd like to welcome when he came. When you. Those secret questions and you know at some point income. You know it is gonna currently write your grip to take these these armed it. He marked the worst sound like. Equipment. In in a good console so so great form so. I'll put chorus where who are so right there may not we are are the meat egg and much about it much we packages you know get my. Together. No this sister has the strongest. Or between two to 200 demonstrators. Anyways it'll be right. You have strained his distance. Between two point it is time for the shortest distance. A drug charge you guys here you see. If you are a leader so you know our outlook straight Adams admirably. I'm glad I I was able to help you out of that to an extent because you imagining the Lion King earlier and it's a joke amongst that I've never actually seen the lion king's I really had no idea Delhi were talking about with you guys are the other. Night yeah. Are asking the boat in Patrick Willis comes on talking about it's like well. I got really blue with this one great passing us joke though it did that that would send the about right so bella war 172. Airs live on spike in 9 PM eastern its this Saturday night you could some hosting for this are you not. Are are so I don't know. You know you're Michelob in our own you know Wednesday in question good. Well you know what. Patrick we really appreciate you take its anti met your day to come on. With us it means the world we're glad your retirements going well and if there's ever anything we can do for you you reach out for us. As you do to us as quickly as possible thank you so much for your time. That creates its appreciate. I mean again but he does. Go toward Marty when it that it by it was. The last good fight. That's a real slim gentlemen pat thank you so much for your time that the boy be good. Now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. I'd like to move off this light topic to something a lot more controversial stop laughing Gibbs not funny. I am very upset. And has a news report that she she only really threw me a couple sentences this. And if you were accurate with those two sentences I might I might lose my mind here so I'm gonna go ahead and turn over you please be gentle. But be accurate but. All right so a classic game Pease has been voted out of the monopoly board game. He could gain access a game p.s they can still. Okay. Now collecting hundred dollars and the Bard that you cannot do it soon. With the Kimble. He. You. Updated version of the game will be sold later this year Hasbro lodged a monopoly it's hoping that this campaign that allowed fans to vote. On a mix of classic eight token than a dozen new ones and has said with more than four million votes cast the gamble did not make the cut. It was actually part of the game since 1935 as of right now the gain peace since. Include the Scottie dog. A car the battleship the hat the boot the wheel barrel and eight tax now that in 2013. Hash tags among d.s and even hey Robert not may have plays dogs cats cat in the upcoming version. Winners will be announced on March 19 and we'll get out. Now back. Then you're telling me at peace that has existed on that game since 1935. Was. Floated out by social media. Crack and that's what we're dealing with ray that is exact 1935. We get to a certain point where enough years is gone by you can't remove things you can't make changes. I get it when it comes to social issues because we make progress in certain areas the world changes rules laws are perception needs to change. You just go ahead and remove the symbol a monopoly because some Twitter eggs decided he didn't want it we never. Joseph. You need to do some of you bulls beat. The best in the world on top five I never claimed to be the best I'm top five in terms of monopoly players and are now you have a foot and that took a laughing loud tomato thing yeah obviously yeah you have to hold the bonds if you bid on the package based shop yeah comic I was diddley said you'll have the bushes but does my buttons we'll joke I'm reaching out to stand up you're in these basketball football players no guarantee -- to stand now you being the top. So one. So managed to Joe's been talked about all right so what has to stand up and be the first why do you have to take the symbol of the game did it cost too much money to keep producing. On did you realize what we can't replace I just found this out yet I know this happened I was gonna lead into it's a topic tree begun hat that day that I thought I don't. I didn't like to read the greatest multi layered but go ahead we'll jump to that the iron wasn't yet the irons already been voted out to for a cat. A look at I got to do at home he's grey cat did you have a tag that produced at the dude you Dolly was named. Nicky. She's a mother NASA's product like this story but Obama tell it anyway did you people deserve it but I thought she's in college shoes bar tending. And where she's from New York so the bars are open real late. So they get done bar tending out of 4430 whatever they're done with there. And there's this sound like she's still a joint that a ball would go eat out all the bartenders afterwards and everyone knows she's is big time animal lover she rescues near and dear to our hearts. So she goes over and as she's got some eat one of the guys working it sort of Mickey there's a kitten Erekat just had a litter of kittens out back so she goes out all buzzed. And season it's cold I mean this this Western New York it's cold as winner. And she seizes this letter and the one just the runt of the litter just doesn't have a chance. Good look at the run of the picks about terrorism alone now all time he's trying to escape she doesn't care. Brings them home sits down on the couch opens a sandwich Stearns on TV it's like 5 AM what's on big about oust seats it needed a name for the cats of the cat. Is known as the dude awesome dizzy abide go to trap they abide by and nothing did. Aziz Al. He's finally getting used yet navy. All right we are gonna find a way to shut down this'll symbol idea what's next a top pat I can't play anymore if we take out the top is that you Augusta and he's a of course I play the game and style gives them a gentleman a clip. You know not when we replaced did not Italy's you know the youngest cry until I got to be to carve a you know race car you know as the symbol. Compete. Hurricane Danielle had to get Galen they show this is just heartbreaking to many people that Kimble is out what's next the race car kids love it the battleship. The real there problem do wheelbarrow which. In the wheel Barrow I mean you're getting you gotta get needs something get all your money around the properties right unbelievable run that next job now no not more of that next ports next.

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