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Joe, Lo, and Dibs Podcast - Thursday February 16th, 2017

Feb 16, 2017|

The guys discuss Draymond Green's comments on James Dolan, analyze Mel Kiper's Mock Draft 2.0, and give a recap of the Warriors victory over the Kings. Former 49ers LB, Patrick Willis and Oakland Athletics reliever & Oscars Aficionado, John Axford join the program.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Friday at Memphis Saturday at Oklahoma City I'll tell you why it. The height. Was is real as it's been for this team in the regular season in quite some time in. The Golden State Warriors more. More. But at the bell and cunning. Exhibit through roasted reminder read by Atlanta. No refinery in other ways like CD opened with a bullet stepped around Westbrook now the light side while my Robertson all the way to look. I'm putting an end up color blue flag KD. Their brand. At the right to make a game like tonight very block who beat her he'll make up around for that. Think why didn't look right handers tonight. Agreed I have. Bird Kevin Durant. A home. About what you mean. We want all four. You'll be here dagger right there. Team basketball prevails over iso basketball boys 113. Excuse me 130 to 114 is your final in Oklahoma City Saturday night. As the warriors advanced to 46 and eight on the season 23 and five. On the road they also knocked out Memphis with a big win and cover Friday. In Tennessee good morning and welcome in Jolo and gives 95 point seven the game mail cause you to join us at 730 Tom rat me out. A coach that a lot of guys who played for loved. In San Francisco he's out not gonna be part of the new regime. Less mail go about that San Amy get 810 on all the latest with trade deadline that's fast approaching the end. BA and Shawn Estes at 905 pitchers and catchers report today for the giants and tomorrow for the a's a boys we are living. In a brave new world when he 23 year old can racked up three Grammy Awards without having ever signed with a record label. We out however having ever. Even sold any music chance the rapper won it three years old. Mr. doesn't even have a label he's never even released an album it's all streaming teach the last night. Incredible I mean to have this happen in your right Joseph it is a new world where a lot of the music that comes out now go straight to consumers you don't even by. Records or cassettes or eight tracks for the people my aero CD's used. Have music you can put it out yourself. I like what happens to sports now with things like the players Tribune and other sites where players can go straight to the fans the media dare I say becoming obsolete as well. You can reduce your own podcast. You don't need a radio station he degrees your own TV show on YouTube. Don't need to TV affiliate. You can write your own column you don't need a newspaper he can start blogging now apparently you can create your own music and from start to finish controlled the product. More importantly all of the products and win with a product. And in an amazing it's the power of being good at something that you could add so it just goes to show the talent prevails with some common sense. In all the different things that you're talking about their debt at our disposable at our fingertips to be able to grab. And galvanized and build a brand here's a guy didn't go inside with the labor and record label company and say okay build my brain now I have the talent I have the means the YouTube channels everything to get it out there and look at this guy gaining three. That's bring an unbelievable. And that's just crazy how the world works its does that we're presidency. It's unbelievable now if you have a brain and you have a good message. You can win. And if you know how to build the damn we could use that help is welcome the state of California apparently there's a mission they're low on dams is gonna be coming out of foot and a little bit yeah right now. Now his did that your update well I go to sit lawyers looking for a perfect road trip after winds and Memphis and OKC they would to finish off their forty trips. At three you know they've got the nuggets in Denver Kevin Durant both talked about playing you know Casey and play the game just have fun. Basketball is one engine is proceeding play an environment like this crowd was amazing night. Slot as I've heard here and this is part of it. Joseph is just one of those classic letdown spot for Golden State after such an emotional win you know cases for most basketball team Hewitt absolutely circle this is a letdown spot what they had a day off and with the all star break coming in just a few days it's easy to get the message across let's finish strong Denver on the other hand making trades who knows how the new unit will gel together nice opportunity here for the dobbs be over. Eight and oh the last eight times he's to have gotten together 200 and 39. Total points on the over under tonight only the second highest in the season for the dobbs to 42 was your total against Houston on January point. Denver has reportedly acquired Mason palm leaf from Portland in exchange for Yusuf generic kids are covered about a starts. At 430 today here on 95 cent in the game story never do pitchers and catchers reporting across Major League Baseball the giants did in the Scottsdale. Tuesday first workouts later in the week Oakland a's welcome their battery mates to mesa. Tomorrow's story number three some off season NFL action with the raiders aside head coach Jack Del Rio to a four year contract extension low how. Much is this good news for raider nation. We have money so we demining Jack there oh you don't equities do with the raiders and is taking his genius thus far he's done a great job I think this would seem to get twelve wins like year seven year before it's always build and in the right direction hey big red knows what to do big red today let me sign the checks good project Oreo. On the niners side they part ways with running backs coach Tom harassment as cal Shanahan continues to remake his coaching staff Bobby turner. We'll take over for rather than as the coach of the running backs the update. Brought to you by your San Francisco Giants the Tony seventeenth season is almost here mini packs special events. And single game tickets are on sale now and SF giants dot com slash tickets. We are as at five day of deadly. On your own little warriors they faced Denver tonight our coverage starts at 430 right here on 957. Game. Thank you did here's how it's gonna play out for the next hour were all over the warriors in OKC as well as tonight's game against Denver. The next half hour at 630 we get in the spring training giants report today. Little bit of a twist on what might happen with Sonny gray that's coming up in 23 minutes at 630 and the raiders' Jack Del Rio. Is Derek Karr next. When it comes to a contract extension that is at 645 but we began. With the warriors and Oklahoma City 130 to won fourteen major final. That game was as hyped up as any game that's taken place in the NBA this season even as much as Christmas Day in Cleveland. That was the finals rematch this was TDs return we talked about cooling. Whether or not they should they shouldn't. And when all was said and done. It was yet another warrior victory convincing victory. Well watching that game Saturday night did everything live up to the hype for you with what you thought Meeks say you had going into it to that game deliver what. You know big excitement part absolutely just anticipate seeing the crowd out loud they were more boos and cheers. Everything that was you anticipated that. But we just talk about on the court you talk about in the game. You knew that it was going to be a you know Bill Casey was the battle and I did try to you know give you know give direct debt loss. But at the end of the game when the game was in the ballots you know 23 minutes left. It's what we expect at that wasn't what I think people what Eddie would seem more. But the warriors with too much won by what fifteen inch steel and you look at it and you look at the game itself. Yet the build up was everything we anticipated. But it wasn't any drama at the end of the game was close was it to the team that would just overmatched absolutely cubs do much. Did the cup team comments I mean to ray got booed we expected that but the cupcake chance throughout the game. The utter vitriol at that stadium throughout the evening. T think they went too far with that no thought it was perfect the cupcakes dove I thought was also and that's to me that's the way you do it when you wanna give somebody riled up. And then you learn the back story. About Kendrick Perkins the former okay see senator. And the inside joke where they would call teammates cupcakes when their plain old it's soft and now you each shed some light on what happened July 4 when Katie made his announcement and Russell Westbrook sat out the picture. Of cupcakes red white and blue cupcakes. At that time I personally didn't understand the reference but now. You see in all the fans showed up at their cupcake. Outfits yet the guy shirtless with a cupcake pain on his chest. You red cup JT shirts and signs I thought that was great if you're gonna Iran as an opposing player. Save the expletives. For social media when you're gonna be in the arena do something clever slight tip my cap to the people. All of Oklahoma City that was awesome I will say this the irony was not lost on me and I'm sure a lot of other people realize this is well. You've got a fan base that was shocks over the top aggressive against a guy who did what. He made a business decision rant realize that for his business his brand it would be better to leave Oklahoma City instead. You can boo. You can feel however you want about that but the irony is that they have a basketball team because someone made a decision. At bettered the business Seattle SuperSonics we're not gonna get the funding will sell the team. They're moving OKC. So on that in the equation the good people of Oklahoma City benefit greatly from a business decision regarding the relocation. Of the product yet when it happens to them they don't really like it the other way around. They had no problem taking the Sonics and enjoying it but the second someone wants to make a business decision for themselves that involves leaving. Okay see as a major problem when it more on that we talked about cupcakes what about. State specifically revise and whether or not even allowed to eat them. Unbelievable is taking place Saturday night in okay see more on that next Jolo and it 95 points of the game. Now back to Joseph lowered dibs on 95 point seven the game. So Katie. Anticipation. Hopefully victory Saturday night at a Casey wanted to rent out a steak house for. All the boys on the team whole staff 40000. Dollars he wanted to pay Dave Osborne super Dave Osborne out not submitted. Correlation. Dave Osborne is the owner of mahogany prime steakhouse in OKC. Rant like seating manner or at least did when I was in okay see so after the game. He wanted to rented out for the warriors forty day. I'm more toward no can't do it. And that became a big thing Friday into Saturday morning Steve Levy from ESPN was apparently in no Casey and I believe. I'm and he was eating there he is talking to the owner and the older had told that seems again you know Katie wanted to rent the place out like I condone it. Could do it Saturday night. And needs not with the governor anymore couldn't do it. So he told me this link between it it now all these national reporters called in and ended up being stored Katie ended up eating their anyway after the game. Osborne told them yeah I get your reservation whatever you want I just can't rent the steakhouse Nazi. Does it surprise you that someone's thrown forty grand around to rent a place out and. It's being turned out. A little bit but he may be then maybe he felt that he was going to make more. But I exists Serbian and staying open on Saturday nights and this goes to show you would never rest on one. Two may be was affected he said okay no Katie I Cameron the whole rest from a may be a section. Here's a just like that you know you're no longer a worry because even though it was sometimes owners who just like you know what it's my guy. I lose a little bit. In order to you know to appease the individual that brought me so many great month my memories in not just that all the time he's eaten them my establishment so. I got a lot of different things that like the looks have some questions and electing it's a mantis do but it's just amazing to do guy doesn't know but Katie still winning there's so. Goes showed they still have some type relationship. Well the main reason he shut him down. It's Oklahoma City. He doesn't play there anymore he said I have a lot of fans that come in here after gains Russell Westbrook comes it'll after almost every game in fact is a private room in the back. Osborne told Ross that you room is always George whenever you want after games it will never be occupied. Even if you don't come and I'm not given it to anybody else Jewelers and Russ was there eating. Now they didn't interact with one another. But he couldn't do it wasn't about the money he just couldn't do it to the people of Oklahoma City did this place reminds me of Texas high school football you received Friday Night Lights yes. That's a displaced reminds me up the bullying that cupcake eat we're not gonna let you spend forty grand come into our restaurant. They in LA this never happened know what we can do it but bear it's like Texas high school football this is their world this is all they have going big. Guess tonight the year in Oklahoma City in May be the biggest night they're gonna have in five years Kevin Durant it's homecoming. And the reception that he got the fact that date. All went all out with the cupcake shirts in the booing and all that so it doesn't surprise me that the steakhouse owner of would say no because imagine the backlash. From the local people. If you're a regular if you go to that steak house every Saturday night and you week to go there and it was closed because Kevin Durant rented it out. That would have been a blow to the restaurant owner of the would've lasted for days and months in the future you would have been the persona non Grata in all. Loma city he had to turn away KD yeah it's good business move for M long term. Even if you could make more money. With Katie and his crew in there you can't do it people are going to be upset that's how much. That game meant to everybody and they did their bowing and they had their signs and inevitably they got beat up why. Why did they lose that game. I got enough it did in the bottom line is he into making money you get it's we liked at the local well stand up port so his. This is going to be bullet but alas as they sit there problem here. There man there how kind the warriors if you look at this road trip these two games joke. It just goes to tell you how release appeared this team is when they're playing at their best. When they want something. In mentally they on the same page it doesn't matter what those other things that other teams stink the grizzlies the under is mentally doesn't care that I don't care. How big how tough how physical it we'd planned at our best look at that both these wins were by two double digits so when you think about it. That's when you think about that at double digit winning your cold and planning good team. That just seems he doesn't happen in a competitive sport but here you go this team dominated both these teams do is tell you how good is this morning team earliest. I think Steve Kerr said it best and you said it better than anyone Els during the game when he had to do one of those in between commercial break got interviews and asked him about the Boeing. And he just kind of looked and he was trying to find his worst is a lot going on is trying to coach game. And he just kind of smiles and looks at whoever was interviewing him. And it was booed the player not the man. Who the player not the man you don't like him cause he doesn't like your team we got it. But that's a guy who donated a million dollars to relief after the tornado came pouring through and destroyed ravaged that area. All the money he gave to schools to the timing was Errol to charitable work he did not just the money being out in the community. Mean they really had it in for this guy because he made a business decision to leave here's the kicker. Everybody got what they wanna in this deal. Westbrook doesn't want him on the team Ross wants to be the stat guy Russ want all the shots he wants to be the star go back to win Katie one that MVP award rust sit on that stage just I am not. Again about how that's gonna be him one day. I always maintain that the only person who fought. Russell Westbrook was a storm that team was Russell Westbrook everyone knew that was Katie team. But it rust is mine that was his team. Katie was his side can't collect attitude and he's now got what he wants full control that's your team maybe you can go full Iverson all you want. On your way to a seven seed eight seed any first round exit from the playoffs ray got what he wanted to. Winning games that's all that matters for him that's all that matters everyone got what they want except apparently defense. Yet the fans want a championship in Europe 31 of the Western Conference finals and you lose three straight and Andy get knocked down and and Katie leaves and now you're left like you say. Jason that number seven seed of the number eight seed and hoping for the future Westbrook signed on they get three year extension so you know he's going to be there. This year and a couple more seasons and then after that who knows what happens if you don't have Russell Westbrook. They know Casey's suddenly you become New Orleans you become Minnesota. You've become Charlotte you've become an afterthought in the NBA landscape. Only only if only if you don't get another guy to replace and so when you look at Westbrook. Westbrook let's face it he's exciting electrifying he's absolutely unbelievable. But when you have a guy. Enjoy alluded to earlier did talk about it's me. It's about me it's my team you watched it clear he's uncontrollable he's gonna take over in due west but does because that's how I feel. You never gonna go for Yale lab that shiny object you put some butts and asleep yet people come on watch sister radio Kamal watch your guy play. But is that what it's about this last I thought it was about winning championships and right now in west Texas Tech got in winning the championship. Love did how in the third quarter Steve Kerr switch to rant on the Westbrook first time all season he had to rant guarding a point guard. In those seven plays were direct guarding Westbrook Westbrook to a 58 points and turn over. That guy in that game he put up his numbers Westbrook had his numbers. But his eight assists led to nineteen points for OKC. His eleven turnovers led to fifteen points for the warriors so while Golden State's passing it around playing efficient basketball Russ is doing his thing. Everyone got what they wanted Russ got his numbers and ended up with a lost JD got his numbers ended up with a win more on this throughout the day here's a question for you. What's the likelihood that Sonny gray is on the a's opening day roster. Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow all right you would think he's going to be with the case. Not so fast coming up next Jolo Indians 95 points in the game now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. He knows that it again as well he's on Twitter. On out reporters. Who are writing these articles. Speaking to former teammate is saying yeah he was a bad teammate he's essentially saying that's what are funny. What about all the guys coming out saying it was a good teammate Ron Amadon for example how come we're not right about those guys. Jolo did that it five point seven game we'll get into that plus all the latest with the raiders coming up in fourteen minutes at 645. A new contract. For Jack Del Rio. Actually one coming soon for Derrick calls are speaking of contracts one of the big discussions about will they won't pay in terms of signing. Pertains to one sunny Douglas grant the ace of the Oakland staff. Now sunny we all now had eight rough for season last year ERA north of five everyone trying to figure out what went wrong was there an injury that wasn't disclosed. Lot of the guys who studied this for a living. May very clear his breaking stuff. Wasn't landing in the strikes out. So opposing hitters would lay off they were honing fastballs and as a result he got touched up double corrections should be fine however. That doesn't mean these are trying to move on this offseason. Was he weak free agent class from Major League Baseball. Not just in the pitching market but everywhere. Is we're gonna get the return that they were looking for they're clearly in a rebuild they're clearly going young they're clearly looking to sign prospects like usual. And everyone thinks are right will Sonny's gonna be on the opening day roster will be your number one. But the World Baseball Classic did is starting what Mike a couple of weeks here get twenty days and love this and indulgent it's an apps. Little bomb and age it's neither a world event. Nor is it a class if you have if you put title for your event and two of the three words in your title are ferociously inaccurate. You don't have the right title it's a roast it's not a world event you've got sixteen. Of 280 countries in the world or something president. And if not a classic. It's like the third or fourth. Rendition. Duration addition whatever you so angry you gotta be angry if not it's not a World Baseball Classic. What would be a better way to name it. Regional baseball of it. The army folks don't miss it. Buster Posey ladies and gentlemen will participate in the regional baseball. I mean you've got you have one out thirty countries in the world play based. Ball so to call the World Baseball Classic. Is a devastatingly. Pathetic overreach in my opinion do you also have an issue because some people bring this sop. When a team wins the NBA championship they call themselves world champions. The New England Patriots world champions last year Chicago Cubs world champs are they world champions when their relegated to America and may be one lone Canadian team. I don't think so but you know the World Series because it was called the World Series before other countries played bass. All your grandfather did so on giving that you know in the NBA champions you're not world champs we don't know if you've got beat re on the I. You can't tell the world champs until. It. Does it. I think it's in the world to this there's not a team out there it could be that absurd to caps that your kids that they would. The problems I would know but we in the Russian team can win I mean if you think about baseball and basketball and other sports. I think it should be world champs multiples Q what is the individuals that are in other countries. They come over here and that basketball they play sports if they're good enough to play because this is the cream of the crop. Mine the world champs to my I think it's okay exhibit. Beat the patriots what does Brady only go only one country plays American football so that what does that tell you how. How do you know Singapore's not ability right now Nino that's I don't assembling a team all this time and no one knows the son of the suddenly they're gonna roll out this this football team it's gonna beat Tom Brady. Maybe North Korea Asia's. It was smokescreen and all this missile test I hit and went back to coney all those you know yeah I mean I think he was gone so don't. Phone from what. It. What was our another Yao Ming prior to this I don't remember another eight foot eight guy walking around oops I swear it's makes me that's what makes me think that they were called so cold and whatnot tomba oh yeah. Maybe is approves it maybe was a mixture of something maybe it's the yum eggs actually. You joke around but he actually was genetically. I'm created. They took two athletes and brought them together and that you will make a baby. And they had the coming of the fact. You mean like. The sperm in the tag we're from two athletes correct. The Chinese Government said you phenomenal athlete and you phenomenal athlete you'll have a baby we will call in the army coup was it could. Mississippi audience but the fact he was it was a responsible for raising the child the parents of Chinese Government. Of course please call on Israel. She does sometimes you know his his life story as a young boy when he took you don't have many people can be cloned walk around a nuisance to them. They brought you clone it beach jeeps into and golds the pointer cloned people add low on cloning to loan dams for that is too much lower on and it. Current program. But one cloning can be tomorrow but one dance is gonna be elated today I feel that this is gotten away from us and when it usually does actually bring any into the program so here's today's date typical question. Brought to buy at the age Dalian about the Chevrolet and a good morning good morning at by protecting deadly thing and not being clones and I got funny in that department says no. I'd be the Greeks are going the opposite direction trying to call little else. It could be jockey you know yes they did it take a lot of Taylor portrays your definitely been a missed opportunity to act. I today's difficult question will Sonny gray beyond the eight is opening day roster you can let us know you think they're going to ninety size seven again dot com. Also the editor at night by seven game user has sent take a thick necessarily. I'll sit this one up it sounds preposterous at first. But consider the fact that DA's have been trying to move them but didn't get the deal they wanted in return why. Because he had a rough season last year in no one's gonna be willing to give up the farm in exchange for a pitcher whose best days. Could be perceived to be behind him I don't find that to be true but it's a risk based on any RA that was north of five last year. However if Sonny pitches in the World Baseball Classic which he's scheduled to do AKA the regional baseball event. Any pitches well who's to say. The nationals. Or another big time team looking to make a run don't pick up the phone and called the gates the Dodgers a lot of people perceive this to be their year. Cubs are coming off that huge win there could be some complacency. They've already delivered for Chicago Washington trying to push it because they know they're not can be able to re sign. Bryce Harper in the American League everyone's looking at the Red Sox who picked up Chris Sale in the offseason they are going to be loaded. It's like growing up to you anyone in particular like to start on this one. Joseph O'Neill you'll start UDA shirt on and everything to dash cam aides think greetings all think you got you know I wanna Wear T shirt is Ayman knock out a couple pushups you're all the people push what I am start and it's gonna you know make sure she records and get a bit. It's assigning green I think everyone talks about perception isn't reality Joey laid out so well saving grace struggled last year they understood that put him on the shelves that time they turned I mean they want to build his confidence. Like the perception it's an OK there's a. There's a huge outpour against the Muslim religion to sink in OK they're rolling over there now and it's all that's the perception all these other countries bit. The largest country with Muslims that we know is Indonesia and you look at there's no and then not let these moves them to come over to the United States. Because there. People don't understand that's reality that's where the Mormon Muslim religion this Wetzel went outside progressed to get back yeah. Please answer to your slippers a look at this guy who wears is Singaporeans. Most of it is so did Greg pitching for the a's on Daytona. It's. Possible it's impossible. To get hot here that take. I managed. Yes he did the AC Roma traded you know you got anything on foreign policy I do. Much like Israel not. They always are not gonna change Tony. Granted at this point if they're struggling before the deadline in sunny rays pitching well you might seem dull then that I think with new. Ownership change new team president coming in the. There's a whole new sensor on a's baseball that they're moving forward. And they're gonna try harder to spend more and we more I think to trade him now would send the wrong message to the fans and for that reason alone I don't think gonna deal. Anna is Sonny gray has a great World Baseball Classic and someone alters the right package DC and possibly leaving or is he got no. Our injury and all that stuff is gonna be your opening based. Art guild of the opening day starter I think so because if not at least want him or he'll be second. That thing is for me angry when it was Allen gives on this it would be such a bad message this early on when you're trying to do the whole. Roots in Oakland and try to get the fans back at the fans excited. You send you send away who's supposed to be your ace. Today out to somewhere else and when he's had a great World Baseball Classic showing. It would send the wrong message that fans it would not wanna come out you'll have so many people upset with Oakley and if you really aren't gonna turn on and have to which were sent. Deadline once he hits the deadline that's hitting get more free money. Jack Del Rio. As a new contract how does that. Equate to the former. Soviet republic. Does it equate we'll find out from a loan next Jolo to identify points of the game now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. The best take I've ever heard on this program. Came this morning before the show and is anti beyoncé you know believe that want none what is it time beyoncé. Not fully okay look I'll tell yes she annoys me after watching her at the grammys last night I was pretty you know light she pregnant when I see she's beautiful. But she's still self absorbed. And her whole act was so self absorbed is all about her. All of that was going on now with their and then when she's doing her acceptance speech you've got a gold envelope. I just can't stand the deep isn't just a lot of these I can't stand alone and act outside take time scorching hot. Mercury that's mercurial left her talent she's so talented just knowing don't back away from me not take not tell me I hate hate and. And it you're if you believe that you're a good person and you have the best start out with you can you are also anti beyond that is certainly an Anderson it. I do find that disturbing. Now she's at it that we know she's unbelievable talent beautiful sexy all those things and but when you're doing that it's yourself self absorbed. So self resorted to stop agreed to the beach and it creepy that people like Luke now in any down now and that was the pour summation of what she RD said you don't get credit for that. Little knowledge it is now yeah I don't know Middle East and Singapore Sonny gray thinks we. Riveting but. That was just a lukewarm version of what anise and our rights out anti beyoncé 95795. Happy people. Did your focus away from me is that yeah I actually agree with me on that I guarantee you. Parents are you just not allowed to say it because it's beyoncé because they're considered the royal couple that's what you always here is that any it as close as we can get to the European royals it's Jay-Z and beyoncé that's right and so it's always tough to. To take them on that and it did so I'll I applaud you for your courage and trying to attack the royal couple in America on their taxi to. Is it looked she self absorbed she said she's at. Teach it she loves music love that they did she can do she is an individual when you become about yourself use it in just know it's there but isn't that what people want. When she was that the Super Bowl they don't want her walking out and handing money to port children they want her coming out and being a diva is about what the whole thing's about. I'm asking for friends. Don't count. Yeah that's part of the reason people because she is our national. Identity you see a guy it's just too it's too. Ends of the spectrum joined I don't know all the rights but you got a guy like KD did. It's a million bucks goes all these great things people. William and do all these things because he leveled at him but he's still a great he's not in east totally opposite of you say. She's self absorbed but her talent is just. I've heard him believable but I don't think people why they're superstars are people being pumped this. Into acting intriguing being condescending to other people think that people. This backed by the entire tech site agrees and now apparently the whole world hates beyoncé. Everyone's just walking around to get it to themselves right just like this last election religious ticketed to help us. So privately that the come out make a decision unbelievable. Not everyone look beyoncé yeah I ever wanted to you know hatred of the tax time when the new album comes out itself ten million day and you realize that but they still love it love her music did this this doesn't listen to music don't mean they love her I will say this I bristled a little bit at her announcement of her pregnancy Vienna pomp and circumstances surrounded that as well. Little much for me to answer. Tom in San Rafael wants to weigh in on this conversation. Some believable talk sports might get a call. Up beyoncé phone lines go off Tom thanks for call on the program bad. Yeah I responded. Thank Jennifer actually trained what I think a lot of people were spanky. I watched it last night. And after she was and I didn't know what it was because I am. Fifty years old open it was because it's about fifty year old Lorena but I had no. Hulu what was going on and I just thought why is she just continuing to just say everybody look at me look at him. Very disturbing. Excellent point thank you for weighing in Tripoli 9579570. If anyone else would like to weigh in on this idea I think he really touched a nerve here I have looking at the text on my goodness immediately agree actually. Many people feel that way the Penske auto sales that context 995795. It's nothing but people who he's a guy who hates drinking skip the line a wow. I had no idea I did watch the performance last night I was in and out I have to be honest I was. So we say invested in the kings pelicans get last night so I was a little more focused on but he shields. Jump shot to them after a DeMarcus Cousins that got him thrown out cousins got technical last night when all is said and done over in the first half under in the second half wham bam thank you ma'am great weekend but I was checking in I saw the BG tribute which I liked the beach street view is great. Com outside of that some of the chance the rapper stopped it did not see Bruno Mars doing his prints I did not see any it is beyoncé stuff but apparently it was. Quite the spectacle of people are not about the. This year I can imagine that the backlash for beyoncé. Is building I had does have a chance you. And often cue this up during the break to see just. How egregious it was a ditzy a little bit of the Adele George Michael tribute when she stopped in the middle of it in constant and they restarted it. She was overcome with the emotion she could ignite five grammys for a bill. James had field to his guitar and chucked it off the stage Metallica was performing with I did see this was would like Lady Gaga they had some sort of bomb. Microphone malfunction I don't know pet fields was a work in but there was a sound problem have you also pistol he took his guitar chalked it off the stage at the end it was awesome classic Metallica. Op pat in San Mateo thanks for call on the program your thoughts on beyoncé. Yet. It likes in China. And the ballot as well. That are open. App okay. But it felt a bat a little like that. That aren't quite a bit flat that it. Couple that I'd I'd put it in the box and see it. Get that. Market of today. Appreciate phone call very well said pat feel free to call the show any time. Well said that anything you get from any must anti myself that outside of low on dams in the whole Sonny gray Singapore thing Amazon. You got. It's indeed welcome back obviously you add the largest B Jack of all trades work at every station here but you've got overwhelming support overwhelming support. You guys are so jealous of yachts and that really jumped and I if I could be got San probably would sure lot of money actually you know what I don't know yet probably not you. You have 100 I don't want to be a woman coach he wouldn't wanna deal but I would have to do anything ever again on. Oh really out of it and we got fewer insulted by that comment author of critical about I found that to be very and so. I'm not siding with the U. That was an. Isn't it man. We're. Not well maybe LTE ready George well in a joke. I Jack Del Rio ID we tease him I don't pay off Dario gets a four year not even extension. With the raiders the deals finally done they tore his deal. The two years left on his original for you deal the raiders set tore it up gave him a brand new four year deal. Derek Karr may be next but as this speaks to the organization for where they were. Pre Del Rio where they are now you agree with the move could you just tacked a couple years on the the end is it surprising that they tore that thing out right in and gave him four more years we have four more years years. Forlorn and Dell Rio everybody here know a little more years bill as did a real Nolan more than meets. But he's about it until it's it's pretty much an extension. He had two years on it they rip did opening game four years suited them add two years on that everybody up okay we're getting a four year deal. Okay so yeah two years get a two year stint. I mean what principle they lifted up by the Gallup more money which is great so got a four Udoka project a real hopefully you know he can continue to have this team and then right dredge. Since Jon Gruden eight coaches in thirteen years and then Jack Del Rio. This is stability. That's what this deal is stability now there are some that will argue this is too many years that Jack has peaked you're gonna hear that take out there. That he has gotten his team as far as he can but when it comes to the next level. Winning the Super Bowl out scheming evil could be out scheming the best the business he might not be able to do it. Not saying I agree with it that is an opinion of some so instead of giving in the four years why not while the bottom play out one more year why not give it a two year extension on top. The raiders just go for why because they know what it's like to not have stability. Eight coaches in thirteen years last year it was Reggie this year it's Jack and now there are probably right around the corner dad says he should be in. As you continue to build this organization you need that stability need continuity. And you saw then elevate. The offensive coordinator elevate quarterback coach to offensive coordinator taking care dare car. On that front then you take care of them with a contract as well and you start to keep these pieces together and even though you could be critical. A Jack Del Rio maybe he's not the elite schemer the elite game planner. Todd downing as a guy who is good game plan he's great coaching quarterbacks Derek Karr has made strides to become one of the better quarterbacks. In the NFL so it's not always about. Who's at the top of the coaching pyramid of he surrounds himself. With good people he brought in put got on the defensive side the coaching staff seems to be improving and if Jack Del Rio as the guy at the top and so bit. It's a really big test is here next year Joseph in the year after these two years. Because there raiders over achieved so much this year these two next years are gonna be very very Paramount that they have success. This defense will play better this year I guarantee that. This is going to be hard. Very hard they're going to be better categories every category and a little guy is gonna do I know would this guy is. Defense much more sacks there interior linemen gonna bet they're gonna they're born to do better this year as far as if you look at numbers defensively. But reason why these two years to me Joe's police opened because they may not make the playoffs this year. And it's going to be an M people that's okay what that's just say you know regressing but the only they got better look at all the stats gotten better a lot of things. And in that following year ago. You don't if you don't not just give him the win at least two games in class people processing what's on our Jack so. This extension but wouldn't that discs into this new contract is good. But these four years for Jack. Is going to be Paramount that he makes it gets into the playoffs in deep deep as if you go to the playoffs one added these four years. Act now. We don't know he'll be back where the greatest militants hindsight to go that far down the line but foresight actually yeah pretty good but if you think about what they have this year pars this schedule they had. They might make you can't. Well I would say this. Coach has a new deal the GM got a new deal last year quarterback's gonna get a new deal the pressure is on. Pressure is on twelve wins is in the celebration anymore while wind is expected. I don't think it's that far a stretch to put them in the AFC championship game next year and they were to fall short to question. Right you get it and I'd stand the division's top you might have to go the wildcard route you better find a way to win a couple games everyone's getting paid new extensions are being handed out free agent money's being spent. Caches everywhere you got big time players you Pro Bowl is coming pro bowlers they have this year. Senate into ten and six and a wild card spot or you end up losing at Pittsburgh at New England. That's not gonna be the type thing revelers okay good season will build upon it. Expectations are gonna be an all time high but that ladies and gentlemen is a very good thing for a team that has struggled for the better part of the decade. Pitchers and catchers report today for the giants tomorrow for the a's but the excitement. It's already under way and I putts on the back com where in conjunction with the Bay Area sports hall of fame. We are bringing you somewhat of a kind sports and entertainment experiences to bid on from the raiders to the ace of the giants to the US open. To hanging with Ed O'Neill Al Bundy and Hollywood. We get dialed in and ipads in the game dot com rafter you register and bid. You'll be under way all proceeds go to the Bay Area sports hall of fame to help children in the knee did how we look at where look at. Good job on the bargain hunt and eleven days ago the US open dream golf experience number nineteen it's only. At 500 dollars right now for two trophy club tickets to the US open in Wisconsin. Airfare for 202 said golf tournament. Travel allowance of 200 bucks per person that's four bucks right there plus two entries into the 22 annual base shop golf classic. At the Olympic club this package should go for two grand right now it's only 500 bucks and it's a super bargain it. Get your bedding in now at seven the game dot com. Wins over Memphis wins over Oklahoma City Russell Westbrook however he got what he wanted Sony Kevin Durant so why was everyone booing and why were the state house is saying now all that sixty seconds it's Jolo Indians 95 points of the game. Friday night wham bam thank you man at Memphis that concern. All the books Saturday night. Second in the back to back Brody Oklahoma City a hostile environment Katie returns home and the warriors in that one. Just as well and done. Exhibit driven through the green on green by Atlanta. Suffered minor anomalies like CD opened with a bullet stepped around left work out the lights side we'll plant Robertson all the way to look. Happening late inning ended up our move like Katie. They're playing. At the right to make a game like tonight very broad and deep to right field makes up around for that. Many flies in the right handers and right of make the delivery guy. Bird Kevin Durant. The home. About what you mean. Want all four. You'll be here dagger right there. What do they say baggage chips and it cherry Coke. Saturday night the butt kicking was on edge or Golden State Warriors. Hammer. The Oklahoma City Thunder 130 to 114. Kevin Durant now three and now. Against his old team what's up everybody Joseph Ford ball the reds O'Neal DN deadly. Jolo and gives 95 point seven game Matt mail going 26 minutes at 730. To go over the departure of Tom rats then from the San Francisco 49ers coaching staff the boys wanna began. With the new Errol we're living it. The grammys last night got a 23 year old. Who hasn't sold a single record. Who has no record label whatsoever. Winning three grammys chased the rapper at a Chicago last night takes down kind yea and Drake for best rap album we're living in and brave new world. It's a great world India had me thinking about the dean's win you had a lip syncing fraud act so yeah I grammys Milli Vanilli. That's in in an email and don't even start with cumulative and don't you know it's just. Did you and I it's easy it's sort of saying. It's clear the decks were allowed other it is the bank of Milli Vanilla but it's funny joke because this is a whole new era where. You don't need a record label you don't need album sales he just needed good product. The grammys recognizing that whereas 25 years ago or whatever it was for Milli Vanilli. When they were just an out and out fraud at winning grammys the grammys and come along way baby. You wanna talk technology. I'm I to take advantage of technology this weekend voice training for the San Francisco half marathon also gonna run bay to breakers this year. And I took off Saturday morning just started Ron live down there by AT&T park summer the mileage 7 in the morning yep people camp out for fan fest are all over the place. And I make my way to the American Daryl Hannah the pier 39 generally somewhere out that vicinity is when I sort the loop back. Get myself in the seventy mile range deaf so the golden gate off that this is as it you know what'd. ST don't don't get to see if we can reach the gold and it would just push it today. Was always golden gate to you know what some of its cross heckled game at four crossed it. Got the other side said oh my gonna do now yeah. Hello I had a job back across the golden gay because it was a beautiful view I never want to before. And I had to go driving health while his I had nothing left and I was about nine miles from my boat did figure out. Also ordered her look and end their long road trip with a victory after winds and Memphis and oh Casey either trying to finish up three you know. On this four day trip. But VO Kasey Kahne still on everyone's mind Steve Kerr says he understands that people are gonna hate on Golden State pension. Feels a little different it felt like the last couple years I think people like this will be more I think people like it's as much anymore at you know and I understand people's higher force lieutenant couple great years and then we pick up Kevin to add to what we are. Does it matter joke that most people are now turning on our beloved gold. State that matters because when people don't hate you you're not. Doing something right or more specifically you're doing something wrong company haters out there are all the over the Orlando Magic. Coming haters did Phoenix Suns have. Sixty acres right once you've reached the pinnacle you're gonna have nothing but haters out there that's a good thing for warrior fans and it's bad news for the rest the league our coverage starts at 430 today warriors at Denver on 957 game story number two. Pitchers and catchers reporting across Major League Baseball today giants heading to Scottsdale after there fan fest this weekend were Buster Posey said he's confident. In the team's younger arms look around and arms we have we've got some power arms with got some guys that then pitched in a while icons those. Some younger younger guys that I think it's got a little bit of a taste last year and hopefully that will. We'll help going for this year very confident giants' bullpen a big area of concern that last year hopefully improve this year the eighth welcomed their. Pitchers and catchers to mesa. Tomorrow's story number three some offseason FL live as the raiders signed head coach Jack del Rio de Los. Four year contract extension with the 49ers part ways with the running backs coach. Tom harassment PG AB as a proud sponsor of the 957. The game. Dream sports experience auction go to 957 game dot com right now the bid I'm Dan diddley on your all the lawyers there in Denver today. Our coverage begins at 430 and 957. Game. Thank you did it's fun fact about the nuggets the last eight times these two teams have gotten together the over is eight and 08. NO. 239. Points is your over under for tonight's game and surprisingly. That's not even the highest worries that had all year. That would be January 20 at Houston that try to uniter over under 200. And 42. Points. Good morning Joseph for ball the reds and you'll Dan deadly for some reason I have a map of Indonesia in front of me and knocked it on a those ran at 645 enough Sonny gray and how it pertains to the South Pacific. They do agree to it that at some point. Before we get in to showcase the and the warriors and Saturday night. Quickly imagine Shawn Estes we've moved him around he's coming up at 745. Talk about pitchers and catchers reporting to day. Friday night at Memphis it's a game that's getting overlooked the grid is it taken the warriors down twice. Told you delay the seven and a half the warriors covered the seven and a half but more importantly. Trade mind green with a triple double to end all triple doubles for points. But he went ten plus in rebounds. Assists and its discs that rabbit before. First player ever to have ten or more steals and five blocks in the same game since they started tracking blocks are not only was it. The first triple double without hitting double figures in points. The first ten and five game a defense of 105 game was steals and blocks he was unbelievable and it was fun to watch and Alan late. When he at eight steals and they got his ninth in on every play he swiped at the ball he's jumping in every passing lane he was hot that the basketball. At like eagle and avert trouble as I steal from left Neil. Oh Christ I'm not. They read those pigs they bring it to receive Rudolph to die either ha ha but now he be good route. He didn't he delete or Demi was rude mean dig dig. And yet they were actually using no sorority that I. It's as well and he's Arnold's got eagle wrote. Does that point I did not exactly. And so he he chooses it this guy that we talked about it on Friday we said here's a guy we talk about who is they who is the glue that team we talked about treatment. Who's the physical guy would all the guys being out desires and Wes guys injured the other physical guys. Drain mind is that guy. And so when you add that did that pig as well and he said no this team has beaten us up they'd been more physical than us they have been they've been out get this on the glass they've done everything. I had a point to make my presence felt in this is a guy that window with that mindset. Is at. I'm gonna do any means necessary it in for this god according to instill the rebounds in the way that he went out and played. He ignited this team instead now I want to show you guys. Bugs you that I can do more than any of the guys on that team and that was a dominant performance by drama blue eyed Joseph. The death yet let me write that down. Never. Thank you double stick in the Eagles cerebral cortex I appreciate that did you make an excellent point we've seen guys selfish players in the pac. Take the ball with the clock winding down and meaningless game and throw up a meaningless shot to try to grab the rebound just hit the triple double you can't do that with steals you can't just go out and self steel. Would you camp itself rebound dream I had to go out earn. Every one of those. That's the game. That will be on the first line of the resume for 20162017. Defensive player of the year. Famous artist famous musicians you always point to a certain piece of work a certain album. As the highlight of your career what changed your career what ignited your career for dream on to win the defensive player of the year. That will be the game you'll look to that right there is is Mona Lisa. And the fact that he had five blocks is it's easy to fixate on the triple double for points but you may forget the five blocks in the fact it. He's become their rim protector he would Kevin Durant. Have made it so that name Andrew Bogut. Hasn't been thrown out since early November when people were wondering in myself included what do you do about rim protection. I'm concerned about rim protection Andrew Bogut being gone. Now I don't even need Zaza in there to protect the rim and David West hasn't been able to play in about a month. Katie and drain on our your rib protection and you sought Friday night in Memphis. And then the attention turned to Saturday night in Oklahoma City here's Russell Westbrook on the relationship with Kevin Durant. Didn't salute some who care about you and TV and you know what I do. Think this. Doesn't make any sense there's always eBay is wasting my room my team and do his thing I do my thing. But I don't. A hot. Multiple points to get there you can't consider rivalry number one is never beat him. You have never been Kevin Durant but more poorly number two when he says he doesn't understand why people make it a thing. Wasn't he the guy posting the cupcake thing on Twitter last July 4. You made a thing. You made it thinks so now you've got answered those questions it's your team owner Oklahoma City you're getting all the stats you minutes or drop you shots or dew points are. Assists are up you rebounds are second highest year career it's all there. Your turn overs are also up in your windows X account. And he doesn't have a Tana help I mean admittedly Victor only deep bow and and the rest of the crew not a very good. Offensive team and when you go against a squad like the warriors a team that. Everybody's struggling to beat except for Memphis has gotten two times you can see where Oklahoma City is gonna struggle in that match up but. The real answer that he should have given is it's not a rivalry because we can't beat them that's why it's not arrivals. Excellent point and to what you had said earlier they're just not good enough they don't have the talent. I shed no tears. These teams it's a business that's the business you put together that's the team you assembled remember. If Kevin Durant didn't wanna play with a Russell Westbrook who will wanna play when Russell lost illegal because it wants another. Which superstars are gonna wanna join a guy who wants to take all the shot Mello who's gonna drain the clock she didn't start yesterday. You watch it they're seat yesterday at the garden. Oh my god. Why glitter was going off in the first half and then before you know it the knicks won my game. Look troll spree well in the house sitting next to James Dolan we might as well again in this mix owner James Dolan in the wake of that Charles Oakley fiasco. Is now calling it. Former players. Essentially begging them to come sit with them vin baker was on now. Dolan sounded so sad news inviting him to sit next on the game board guy now not Puerto he owns the next not Puerto poured. I think menacing for an meaning that this that the choices that you choose to make when you've already escalated something been done now warmer job. Management do we featured let your message get out. Shame on you you're talking about dysfunction and now work it did from the 49ers how dysfunctional they work couple years ago and last year and now seems that the game and on the right track. Here's an organization that is waive further but did that weigh that in a way worse place than even Cleveland Browns look at the way they're born about everything. From off from GM owner. You know calling guys up they consume me show that a matter races are consuming show that I that I get along with a all the former players to stump. You reach out the guys you haven't talked in fifteen years well we. And you know guys it'll put tumble so why do. Well Derrick Rose a pretty good the first half game yesterday he had that explosion of the rim spurs could defend them Popovich was getting fed up that half I was watching that game thinking in my some eventually San Antonio will pull away. And they did an after all said and done for the weekend. You're looking at an Eastern Conference that has Cleveland who's won seven of their last ten. Two and a half above Boston who scorching hot they've won nine of their last ten the wizards as ports are not as well also have won nine of their last ten but they're five back. The spurs are now five back of the warriors for the one seed the rockets are seven and halfback Robles public this thing and we haven't even reached the all star break tips yeah. And it's getting to the point where unfortunately for warriors fans are gonna have some some rest periods coming up and the thing I'm really adjusted about Joseph coming out of the all star break. Are those two games against San Antonio on the road. Both for the warriors games against the spurs on the second half of the ActiveX. I'm curious to see how Steve Kerr. And Gregg Popovich for that matter are gonna treat those two match how much is Kerr gonna. Wanna go forward and play all those guys. Will he just straight pulled Popovich and sit the big four and one of those matchups because both of them are the second half back to backs. May Alco coming up in thirteen minutes to talk about Tom wrath may no longer win the 49ers low. UN guru had met last week about how Kevin Durant would be received in Oklahoma City you chose to believe in humanity. I thought a man who gave a million dollars to tornado relief to meant so much that community for so many years we get a welcome reception in his first trip back. Turned out. And went the other way on that one but he'll do your push ups and you'll pay it off couldn't tell you do yeah but were you surprised at the overall level of atrial he faced it wasn't just booze. During the introductions at the cupcake chance all through. I really was still an early talked about Westbrook and what he's done any talk about it's not a rival but yet still he wore the cupcakes knowledge that he did earlier this. Analysts say you know BC giants sleepiness desolate that giants sleep it was easy and walkie month. You're made gay warriors you know now that cupcake what did that into net spurt that into the spiraling into the all the fans were in the K cup cake cut shirts why because of what one man did so when he's talking about it's no rival or I have no you know it's he's on his team I'm on my team number that you started this in you help build in fueled this. If he could amend like hey I respect him. Here's a man you don't ahead we had seven great years together. Love when he taught me help me in the game a week she was here but I will go the best in Kenya part you of course you're upset disappointed. But he handled with class in you do the right things now they'll come megabytes that's and so now since it came at the biting it goes not a rival all he's on his team now. Motorboat at this team is dominated Choo every single time you what you chose a bogus. I was just really really Joseph acute the first question you ask would it surprise all the vigor and how much venom that the fans showed toward Katie absolutely because this I'd XT cursed he sick okay. Don't hate the man and you can get on the guy from the game and talk about that. But the man in the individual ROP born for the right reason because that individual Katie that is it's a great man the irony should have been lost on no one watching met game puts during the. Productions it's fun. It's why one there is while of sports I was just about that game all that all day the schedule on Saturday was geared up towards making shore. I was there watched pregame show. Dinner the beer whatever I was gonna be doing focus solely on making sharing. Nothing would get in the way. That basketball game that doesn't happen that often during an 82 game season of course you have the Christmas game yet some games and the rockets' other games you prefer. Sixers come to town a little bit for me that's been 19 o'clock although in BD can you believe it now we have the parent amend this game is terrible it's altering its class that's what happens when you tank karma comes back to get you but I digress. The point of the matter is. This is a fan base that is so all upset with the guy for making a business decision. The ring it's business decision was that he would do better as a business. Not playing with Russell Westbrook he didn't wanna get the ball with two seconds left on the shot clock he wanted to win championships Russ want stats. Rant once wins he decided to the business of Kevin Durant it would be better to join the Golden State Warriors. I don't expect you and Oklahoma City to applaud that but you do realize the reason you have a basketball team to boo. To begin with. Is because someone in Seattle made a business decision to sell that team to someone in okay see the NBA thought it was a good business decision to allow it. And the franchise known as the Supersonics. Moved to the middle of the country in your state where you never had a pro sports team before and and gave you the Oklahoma City Thunder so it's a bit ironic to meet you boo derail its business decision. While the same time being the beneficiaries of what was essentially the exact same thing. That's different job because this is emotional when you have a star player leaving you in the lurch you know forget what happened with Seattle emotional for Seattle to lose site this it's not important if you're in Oklahoma City resident trophies you've got their team. That's your come up and your. You were four quarters away from being in the NBA finals again. And it didn't happen you blew a 31 lead you're superstar left town and left you with. Russell Westbrook who's also a superstar but he's not the kind of guy who's gonna make the other players around him any better and now you senior team regressed a little bit. So OKC fans who were dying for a championship. Like you say they've never had pro sports before so they've never had a pro title before and they were so close and now they see that dream slipping away. Kevin Durant was did you Kevin Durant made you not Orlando he made you not Phoenix he made you not Milwaukee Milwaukee is on the up. They really a nationally prominent team at the moment now they're not. That's got a situation he major relevant he legitimized. Your senior franchise that's how you treated him coming back the Boeing I get the cupcake thing. Look in their face afterwards EC staff and a bunch of the guys grabbed the shirts and then where in the locker room after the game I was always a Larry they're just taking your own. Bruise and using it against. An evening in ninety instead Joseph when you think about eighteen what he brought like you Santa that city you know that things around that area he was such a great guy. In now when you locate your guy now that's a superstar. Westbrook. How long this lasts if they don't get help and if they don't make this team get. Westbrook could be a thing of a Westbrook is going to be a thing at that you won't even harder here. The Iverson as time stats may be one trip to the finals majority ad that's gonna be it in you you're absolutely right in what happened right now. Westbrook in this team and a team they're living off of KD and there's in this stardom what they cancel it makes them relevant if not. 78 seed they. When to rant and Ross kind of got into it there at that it was third quarter jawed back and forth. Ross kept saying I'm common I don't know what that meant I had to derail the demands of the board is your boos coming your booze and did you see Venus hits during his suit. Get off the bench to come down a star Johnny T 82 wrote you broke your forearm punching a chair sit. Now no one cares what you have to say you are not and vault business. Leg running down Holler in the office Howard you're down double digits you broke your arm like a buffoon sit. In it. In the shattered lives that he program it has a cushion for you at the Madison via Cushing broke him more notes. Yet it pretty hard to break your hand punch in a cushion are you got soft bird bones and yourself that you're cupcake. Something's going on there. And we see as going that it's gonna that maybe we'll get to that later how we got a request from the Penske auto sales dot Comtex line tomorrow Valentine's. Would you be willing to do with special edition of low one love. Yes I will I really appreciated assets with too if that's the requests and that's what the people one enjoyable Oklahoma animal person nine people Cingular oh. Will put but maybe pack up. Maybe people. Tex signs 95795. Would you like a special addition Valentine's Day last minute for all of us who might be behind the eight ball. Would you like in addition of lol I love you got some for the people. I've definitely wheel house of the for the people joke I can't wait for valentines tomorrow. It's died I can wait for Valentine's Day but I'm in favor now did you get to texts. Or did you get off the one singular collapsing. Tokyo and it but it's butts. There is time not 5795 if you want a special edition of low on love Matty mail call up next. Tom wrapped no longer with the organization what does it mean. For the niners last in that more Jolo did not five points of the game now back it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven game. Did you get TVs figured out we have been working in this new studio for months nobody can figure out how to use the remotes or any of the TVs on channel other than the but apparently was Curious George on PBS's. Or denied they acknowledge their kid out that was Clifford the big red dog house clip yeah solar monkey with a Red Hat. Her whether those Curious George imagine that maybe some of byte is not I might ahead songs PBS kids up on the corner the problem with our situation here is. The TV receivers are next to each other's and you try to change one channel. It changes both. Real world issues ladies and gentlemen welcome in Jolo and did not a five point seven the game to the phones forty niner insider from CS and Bay Area Matt mail go. We Jolo when bids on 95 point seven the game Matt good morning it is always thank you for your time we'll jump right into the latest with the assistance being hired a for Kyle Shanahan its news staff note Tom harassment from what we understand what happened there. Well yielded outstanding. This system Ian is dead at his system and an under both systems those which feature that don't run. Bobby turner has been the running backs coach and obviously the league know what are the Broncos did it running back position. All Famer Earl Davidson and a lot of guys who also succeeded after trump. Indian Wii and like Cheney and went to Washington ought Beecher was riding coach. And when Kyle came and went to Atlanta. Bobby term was running backs coach Ian title ended a long time ago we told Bobby that by her becoming head coach. I want you become what I want you to be my running backs coach. Well Palestinian head coach he kept his promise. In you can only have one running backs coach in Bobby turner obviously knows exactly what outstanding and is looking for running backs run game. And so he's going to be that the running backs coach they tried to work it out Tom rap and it would be the running backs coach should be some other position. And after I kick it around like he is confident you know let our outlook be running backs coach you have running backs coach. Let's just. That is kind of sever ties here in the I don't wanna be uncomfortable with Bobby looking over his shoulder at. My job. So Tom wrap it is it's he's prepared to take a year off from coaching. At this point in the offseason there aren't very many jobs out there. And they need to try to get back in it next year. Because he says that it or you still want to coach. So in in ways this was a mutual party known by both sides in India the niners looked into say hey look we're going to bring him in to Johnny explore. Yeah as a escape out of possibly one around me scout. In other options for the 99 or since he has been such a figure in this organization for so long. Well I don't know did that Tom wants to do that and what he likes to deal. What he believes he's good. Is beating down and dirty years in charting out a patent protection and you know he really arise on blitz pick up. Keating in the air and in getting in dirty work those players former player obviously itself. Are the couple Super Bowl in 1940 niners are all back. So I don't think key and the desire whatsoever that this that I ended gas score. Didian rental car and drive at the bit wet. Look for talent EU want to coach he won't be on the sideline during game days. That's what key that's what he does that two years so. Yeah I just don't think it any other position on on the coaching staff. War within the organization. Make sense for him I don't think he is excited about any thing in in the possibilities so. I guess EE you'd be he's prepared to take the year. And then get back in it doesn't. Travel a lot of desire to go to college ranks you want to be Indian and now he wanted. Put himself in a position where he can help contribute to another Super Bowl winning team. Matt mail to joining us are not a 57 the game apple put aside the disappointment from Saint Mary's over the weekend for just the moment. What other moves and his coaching staff have raise your eyebrows third got you to think that maybe the niners are moving in the right direction. Well I pattern that I would they've been getting loose and maybe think that they are moving in the right direction. I think it's interesting that. It's interesting and it accepts it Libya. Outs an inning and not having equal or uncle offensive coordinator. That I've covered a lot of coaches. I've seen a lot of coaches who come from opposite backgrounds and they're running the and yet they opted coordinator. When he talks the and to coordinator. In the court uncle op and a coordinator he really that even though they act on because as they head coach who's calling shot then. It's our respect I respect it count gaining independence and you know what. I'm running the American has some a year and a guy all the square meter went that's going to be my job like I kind of like. Did the deep into coordinator positions going to be interest. Robert late Earl Anderson. Are right now appear to be in line to be code decrypt a coordinator and I don't know how that works you know and I don't know what what a competent. First successful union. Cody in to court. In economy meet bank bit. You know the dating a guy they wanted this year. Perhaps mixing Ngo and maybe they feel like if they put a place holder is in the air. Is that they can get Dick next year is Dick doesn't sign an extension with that. But the payers and I would assume it would not so you've become a free agent next year. So bad that we can you what they view and I think the coaching staff. Or a coach I should say and outs in an image Ian job link they can do their thing. Because they're on net secured contract you'll thereon that. It's similar secure contracts. We're at Betty can look at it a year OK we might not be able to give the guy we want the position. This year. Why we have time we have time to build this thing that we want to build it so we concluded in a system. Indian brains that that person in a year from now and maybe that even at other positions not to let the coach maybe. Maybe this offseason ago at. School we'd like to get our quarterback of the future right now. But that option just is available so let's give her a place order. Let let. Let's continue to build the program around what we're doing and then next year will be a better year for us to get out quarterback of the future so. Yeah I think you can pick some patients note that the opinions. Or are gonna have to kind of see what the plan is and I do believe that the sheer. Better than other years. That will be articulated by the organization. You know in the affluent literature bought it would make him Luke. People be let. That in so people were out of left scratching their heads they never saw that. The reasoning behind them lose. Many of which didn't turn out well. Would John Lynch he's such a great indicator it's what he's been doing for the past eight years. That I think every move they may they will tell you why the move was made. And then you can hear it in oh okay I see that or maybe go. I don't know about that loop but at least it'll be articulated. I think the scene ends well appreciate. The candor and the reasoning behind Zuckerman. 49 is insider from CS and Bay Area Matt may Oca would Jolo when dibs on 95 point seven the game Matt thank you so much for your time we look forward to catch over the next week. It. Well let me they summoned pitchers and catchers to the giants reporting ten day. Tomorrow for the games the excitement is already under way at nine cuts in the game dot com where in conjunction with the various sports hall of fame. We are bringing you some one of a kind sports and entertainment experiences. That you can bid on. Right now from raiders training camp to the ace to the giants and their luxury suite packages to the US open to hanging with Ed O'Neill and Hollywood we've got you dialed in with. At 957 in dot com where. After you registered meant to be under way all proceeds go to the Bay Area sports all of Dade to help children in need did you been monitoring them all morning and we'll call you arrive. Oakland a.'s luxury suite experience number 54 gel you get eighteen seats and luxury suite at an open May's home game. 500 dollars food and beverage allowance a Sonny gray autographed baseball. And attendance by Oakland a's legend. By the blue. In your suite right now fully known for 15100. Dollars this is an incredible deal. For the 957 the game dot com right now register and bid on this and many other incredible sports experience. It's low on love -- turns it will be at 845. Today with Valentine's Day red around the corner up next the raiders. That make it moves but is another big one. Waiting in the wings will have the latest Jolo and it was 95 points of the game now backed it show lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. Breaking news panic Jeter formerly known as Hannah Davis. The absolutely stunning. Actress that was in the DirecTV commercials from back in the bag she you guys. We can debate that later I she has made announcement her and Derek Jeter pregnant. With a baby girl which confirms the question we've been asking for years does Derek Jeter. Had sex. Turns out he asks Derek Jeter who did Derek Jeter. And I got lately is once so congratulations to Derek Jeter congratulations Derek shout out that anyway and you don't know he mean yen six there's things they caught yet. Yes it's years not having sex sure isn't a member of rich Sunni and a three dozen nick club hi Derek Jeter should. Justine has confirmed and it Wilt Chamberlain level you see. The list. Of who he needed in his career right before he retired. They created you know before the game they'll show you the infield outfield and whose plane where that they did that for his ex girlfriend's. It is it is a who's who I mean it is just there there is no weak spot in the lineup coach it's the true murders for now is not a weak spot and that. Can't put it in left field like he kept the giants now is it gonna be Matt Williamson is going to be Jared Parker now left till the unlock it's very box. Center field you know guardsman is getting up and it's a little bit now. McCutcheon and his problem. I his starting on nine results hands what you're saying. I'm it's your starting point for where Derek Jeter is in his life speaking as starting points. Well the Oakland Raiders they got some started last year twelve win season to the playoffs for the first time since 2002. And the news broke over the weekend head coach Jack Del Rio knew. Forty year contract not an extension. The raiders took his current four year contract which had two years remaining they tore it up. And they gave them a new four year contract low despite anything strange with that don't mean strange negatively but. Generally in these situations it's an extension couple years tacked on May be some more money this just in out right new contract. It is Joseph but then again you've got to look at it so it's a four year deal. He said he had two left on the deal so if they would gave them an extension of two years it is still wouldn't Luke came out to be in four years so they can say look man let's rip this thing up. Run and had two years on it where it's gonna give you four we're gonna give you four years so that's way to say they look. Ribbon up giving more money let's get this thing done and I think it just shows some consistency in the raiders the raiders understand where they're trying to go into where they tried to get. So they said look let's make sure that we can stay consistent at this cape coaching job. 17 games the first shooting next game to make sure 112 here's a guy jacked the real has put together pretty good team. He's put together pretty good coaching staff and we are heading in the right direction give kudos to big raid Reggie McKenzie for Sam look. Let's quitting get this thing done. Project Oreo dad's last year it was Reggie McKenzie who got the deal this year Jack Del Rio Derek Karr could be right around the corner. For all the instability is it comes to where this team's gonna be playing in the future. I guess we should give mark Davis and credit in the sense that he's found what's working from a personal standpoint. Any stick and buy it any stick and bite the big way. And it makes sense you know look I think you give a number earlier eight coaches in thirteen seasons surf that is not a formula for success you look at the gold standard for all of professional sports in America. And it's the New England Patriots and I think. Bill Belichick spent their first season or two. Stability but it got him 2012 believes the bill per share the front office has been there the coordinators have been there they caught the quarterback has been there. All the key pieces are there in the raiders are trying to emulate that successful formula with. A GM who's now been in place for a small handful years you've been head coach an extension. Then next up. On the litany would be Derek Kerr yeah the quarterback is a franchise quarterback he's a top seven QB in the NFL so you lock him down. And he can't help but think that going forward if you're gonna have more stability in the organization which is critical. To having success. Derek Jeter's top ten counting backwards not mindless the novelist the NASA Manila. I ever ever Jordan and a Brewster Obama she of the fast and the furious. Send to and does it make twelfth at this point eight Anthony here's a grant for public these movies much. Every time you come out of the theater after a fast and furious movie. Every Jibril in Honda Civic that's all busted on a national city peels out of the movie you market Mikey is one of these calls are. With the nitrous oxide and held a float around on these movies. Everybody watch next time he goes fast and the furious movie theater watch all the idiots that jump in their in their dual floppies. And just our fuel and out idea parking lot it's really a sight to behold. Number eight Mariah Carey. Had good gains right here don't yet Jeter Jeter is not catch in the news detail and anything now for now I figured literally yes. Let's be careful it's early morning I should have punctuated till I'm dead what's the in the game. Object real union in my hand a Davis who he's married to now Scarlett Johansson and Mika Kelly and Jessica Biehl. Adriana Lima Jessica Alba dement is Baptist Albert. But she's. Is there's not take. I tried to. Just heard that you'd think some of Purdue and now. Justice. Yet let me go ahead rank Jeter's life when she's batting a thousand in every department we need to build the baseball team built for middle and so. That when she might be in the ocean human nature. Yeah. My dad and I believe it's essentially had is four demise you those three made the cut would be bruised. I mean I mean you name it peace too risky for me Joseph in the spousal window right now. Oh yeah I'm really yeah at my time in lost by listening to its it's. Jeff. And did 95% of the game's not good for that and nearly all guys were fired don't know where they are. All their stupid comment. But Derek caller we're gonna see a new deal go down we think it'll go down before. The team. Gets the training camp because the leverage right now is with the raiders he's got a year left in this is why the Texans were able to get JJ watt for a bit less than what he was probably works because there were still watch case there may have been two years left on the deal. So you've got to give something up if you want the security. In exchange however Derek wants to roll the dice to become a free agent about ultimately leads the franchise tag. And no one's really happy with that below do you think we see a twenty million per year deal for Derek Karr before week one of this upcoming season. I think we will Joseph and here's a thing. You don't rolled the dice to go be the second filler meaning that if he goes to another team he's not going to be received can be received here. When you're on your first team in missed the first one he's using the best one you know we're talk about all these beautiful women. First time uses it is most you don't just amazing and so when you think about this guy he's here. That's in your car is the raiders love him he is the face. So he'll give the home county the home town discount. I think he will. Because in effect he sold blood here he's entrenched in this community he is a raider they would through. You don't wanna see dirt you don't see deer car and another uniform so I think because of those reason and who the man he is. I think the yes he's gonna get paid he's gonna get paid. But I think that he could get more mobile market but that's just not deer car is as an individual. Scheduled to make 977000. This year nothing to sneeze at for everyone in the room area outside a low but. 977000. As a Pro Bowl quarterback in the NFL. That is a valued deal but she got to ask yourself. Do you want a winner do you want bottom dollar you make an excellent point on the hometown discount Tom bradys the 28 ranked player in terms of salary in the NFL. Right behind Jermaine Johnson. We talked about last week to quarterback from the Los Angeles rams why. His thirteen point five million a year gives the patriots the flexibility. To go out and sign a variety of players in 84. Eight million dollar per year range so instead of relying heavily on guys on their rookie deals. As an inexperience as a may not know the system as it may not have proven themselves or may ever prove themselves you go out there and you get. The more courts you go out there and you get the Patrick Chung the Rob Gronkowski it's. The Sebastien boulders all these veterans who can round out year old lost. Nobody in the business has more players on four to eight million dollar per year contracts in the patriots jaguars are up there but that's because they need to make the salary floor. The rams are near them but they don't know what the hell they don't. They don't have a quarterback who's making 29 year that your advantage when it's Seattle win the super bull. When Russell Wilson was not making twenty million per year why is they had. The money to spend elsewhere that's not the say Garrett should take less but the quarterbacks in this league. Take a look at Joseph Flacco Baltimore take a look at Drew Brees New Orleans the worth every dollar it's cost their team wins 'cause you don't have any cash can spend elsewhere it's a little. Tough for Derek Kerr right now because he's looking for that first big contract you know when you Tom Brady and you've already made your money you're 39 years old toward and your career. It's probably a little easier yeah to quote settle for thirteen or fourteen million a year but for Derek Karr. He's look at that first big score in his agent is look at for that first big percentage. So I can't. Imagine that he's gonna take on town discount at this juncture. Toll Greenwood cheers and gives I think the biggest thing is. Hometown discount I mean it's a million here it's a five it you know told may be five million dollars different the whole like for the conflict. Sources say 78 million each kick it. They're units in the eyes shut up but it that you got with the what stadiums it's just shut out stadiums around the world with no no number a jock Cochran it's. She's. Just Oakley Stevens we need a stadium that Armenian stadium pretty bad here I'd think but you know he is I've we digress and get back on track would rather have a stadium or a damn. And your hot on what's going on right now number Norville well you don't want. Could be a damn. Near the stadium xenon. That's the that's for fans and when enjoy. This water situation is real dams we need to collect more water. We need another game and Gaudin since the seventies and its toll the roaches. We don't mean when you get an M how about this a stadium that. Now you're 21 wall is the dam wall and then you build the city around about that would be actually awesome needs TM. That's mine too hard hit a straight market's mind that's jets now did I ordered all out. Hired Todd Davis is big enough to almost be damned merging with the key now. To fill the bar car not blue water turned that into this bill I broad ego problem solved. Leonardo hazard Monday morning. Call it. Well I'm not mistaken you're the one St. Joe I wanna get into the dance it's. Always what I'm going oh well when you wanted to the hole. That don't don't discount inning start and did exhibit at the evolution of the conversation. With it when you get she didn't think that's in when you don't. Think you need a stadium mediated and. Let's do it the first world's first ever stadium Dan. I think Mike Huckabee has spit out all of herself a cup I love baby at home I don't need to coming here Burke another opt out. Anyway he but the thought that this Derek Jeter cat. He's apparently dated some attractive women upper hand. He's gonna get all girls I'll. You know that right not to have any boys when you have that much success it's not. It's not gonna have success everywhere buddy the world's gonna pay it back now I gonna have to be careful. The rest you like is do you think the offspring of Derek Jeter and handed Davis isn't gonna get any attention. Crock pop pop up. Big gorgeous he's getting to hire personal security for her much like Iran had gone back to OKC which by the way. That was set just the stunt did you really need an additional security force to go to KC I don't awesome as an ancillary story line that we can all get excited about. But like Goldberg didn't need those cops to walk and monitoring it just looked cool. This is better safe than sorry you don't know what's around angry cupcake teacher wearing two Brody. There's gonna throw Molotov cocktail you are some fear the rant momma to rant she spoke after the game she was in the stand she heard it all and she was not too pleased. About how those fans. Treated her son in the return based on everything he did have done for that community excuse me all that sixty seconds Jolo dips but if I went on the good morning and happy Monday alongside Lorenzo Neal and Dan diddley I'm Joseph Ford below welcome. Two mornings when Joseph Mullen did on 95 point seven the game. Did you see. March Madness they had revealed Sunday. I miss that a lot of people that a lot of people did not realize they were gonna release. The first ranking of the top sixteen teams in the land your four number ones twos the reason for hours. As a precursor to let everyone know. Here is our train of thought. Everyone better adjusted Villanova. Took that number one overall ranking and ran when it. Welcome man. We're loaded today we're glad to have you loaded in terms of show kinda had not actually loaded we have not been drinking before using this morning on I can match that everyone in here is very very sober sand and nick. The great NBA insider from USA today's gonna join us in about eight minutes that he ten at the C one at 830 we've got tickets to giveaway. At 845 up right now here's did with the update. Lawyers are wrapping up their three game road trip in Denver it's a four day trip they had a win Memphis a win in oh Casey of course the headlines from the trip. To take on the thunder was Kevin Durant and he talked about his interaction when his former teammates. Not a man knows it and so there's organic and in his room. She for a wonderful you know coming off the floor in. As part of games respective. Issues can plan and they shouldn't it shouldn't do anything as part of our files. Talking. All of us the support of the game of Michigan fortress. He was talking about is had been handed tickets at with Andre Roberson Joseph did you pick did. Everyone made too much of that little mideast conflict it was awesome we paid too much everything this weekend but that's why we love sports for games like. I don't think we're making enough and he has changed during his suit with his broken hand coming off the bench trying to get involved in the game son you broke your arm punch in a chair. Keep your butt on the chair wait until the game's over. I found that to be quite gallant warriors and Denver tonight our coverage starts at 430 here on 9570. Game story number two it's pitchers and catchers they're reporting. To Florida and Arizona as Major League Baseball gets its pre season portion going to giants will report to Scottsdale. Today the aides needed to mesa tomorrow brand Crawford at giants fan facet blown save last year the other problem. The errors are kind of some of the bunker busters and if I mean along with baba. And analyzed a lot of it has to do about look at times and but judges who we are we're hopeful and struggle much forget this is that anybody and we're talking about. How vote the fans will be excited to see him. I'm sure the fans the players everyone excited to see mark Blanton and others in the pen this year Joseph Blanton was a huge hit at fan fest on Saturday I went running by the stadium. My 6457. In the morning people were sleeping outside. Getting ready to go in the critical date was at like thirteen hours before the gates opened the orange and black nation is ready to go this season the bullpen looks good. What are they gonna do in left field bids that's gonna be one of the key questions beginning today down there in Scottsdale high hopes for the green and. To a four year contract extension the niners part ways. With running backs coach Tom harassment Bobby turner we'll take over in his dead the update brought divide he Jeannie a proud sponsor. Of the 95 point seven dream sports experience auction go to 957 game dot com right now to bid this. I'm Dan deadly on your home of the warriors they faced Denver tonight. Our coverage starts at 430 right here on 9570. Game. Call on that did the warriors act dank nuggets coverage at 430 with warriors warmup featuring David Bruce. And Kerry Keating tip time 605 right here on 95 points and the game the great Sam Avic coming up about five minutes. The talk about that game Saturday night. It's like to begin grade. Weekend of hoops for the warriors the ultimate revenge spot Friday night which I don't believe is getting nearly enough attention because of what happened on Saturday. We teased it. Bobbled the rant. Said after the game she was up in the stands I believe I have these quotes in front of me she was not. Too pleased about the way her son was treated quote we poured our heart into this place not just him. Our family this is basketball this is not whether or not you're going to make it in to have that they called him a snake a sellout a expletive it's just a sad day I understand that they loved them. I do understand it but the name calling the people with the cupcakes on their backs it didn't have to be like that slowed you agree some bullying. He's always funny and good nature that's how sports are but the fans were pretty aggressive towards the greatest player in franchise history when he returned Saturday night. I I agree I think that it's wrong when a billboard and understand that you gonna do that but did you go too far and I think that's why Steve Kurtz on Monday look I don't mind you guys to some point in the basketball decision. But the man and by call and so on their name into an all those other things. What are we come into a mean lewis' woke up into here's a guy that she say it wasn't just tell but it was our family. They've given to people they couldn't help themselves. These same people are probably going to mean the millions of dollars that he did went to its some of these individuals in and help people change lives. So to me it's not about himself he was about trying to win a championship so he went to Golden State. In understand the fans are disappointed that he left. But the name calling. Being derogatory be in those kind of those kind of things as a fan. I think shame on you where the cup picture when the mad about that you can boo the guy get that but calling people all added their names and snake and all the different things are just. I just don't think people really realize. The magnitude that that has an effect on individuals. In Kevin yeah he's he he get he don't say the right things so that matters part of the game and it's fun. Now he looks at these people cement. How king. How can you know be so hateful that things that would dorm with hateful wasn't all in fun cupcakes are in front but when you're doing com slash gays and if it's not it's. It's the sides I think that she's. Make him a very valid point did not only that. Kevin Durant tried to pay forty grand to rent out a steak house for him at the teammates. Tom. The coaches have all that after the game and he was told no. Told can't do it can't do that to Russell Westbrook who has the open room in the back. At the same steakhouse for any gain for anytime he wants to attend after the game. Tom lot of fans going to the steak house afterwards he underwent given tubes all the way around okay speak very hostile to the ran his return was it to the magnitude you expect it. Was to the magnitude yes and I didn't think that the steak house would refuses business but when you look at it. From the steakhouse owner standpoint in mix of good cents you know ten to close down the restaurant for a night. You're turning away a lot of people who wanna come here restaurant may be regulars. Who come there all the time maybe out of towners who wanted to go there who rural leave town for a few days and I've always wanted to go there. And to close it down for a a former OKC thunder player that's it's a bad message to the locals. I was actually impressed with the the thunders creativity. Using the whole cup cake. Idea to try to get under Kevin Durant scanned the of course you knew it wouldn't bother TD he's such a pro and he was in there expecting that kind of treatment. To your point low I agree. The foul language the expletives. To me that stuff is that's the lowest common denominator if you're a fan in you really wanna Hackl. Be creative reminds me of a my famous tackle. We now Marcus Thames came to play at AT&T park against the giants. He was on a string where his last seven hits world homer well it's so I was heckling him for not being able to do anything but it homer not it's a great season and out of hurricane Gail. Some heckling about it awareness. All they could use it singles you Bob Hope he does it also has gotten up the tab gets up hits a home run. Roads are on the bases cross home plate looks right at me. Hit the cap gives me a point goes it was done again no expletives. No foul language known was harmed in the making of the Hackl. It was I had a good tackle he homered and he shot. Me down it was a wonderful moment I hate to see wind foul language gets thrown around. When there's kids and church going people and other people who may be affect what are you teaching are you teaching that. You know it's the most prominent comedy to I had this same thing those same kids in earnest and they grew open to those same breeze at Indian wars so shame when you. Activist and a few minutes the very happy to welcome in the NBA insider for USA today's sports. Sam payment we Jolo in dibs on 95 point 7 game Sam good morning thank you for your time we're gonna jump right into Saturday's OKC game. A lot of buildup lot of hype regarding tendering its return Oklahoma City did you see it going that way in terms of the fan reaction was it more or less than you were expecting. Where guys probably. I it to him that war that spot but in the ballpark you know you do. It was going to be optional goes want to and I couldn't reconcile. Them going into it. What did oklahomans in general my experience our December. For these people in the country charges on the way to the wire. Either. I went in guys and Cooper. And you know it back I use is just you know just losing friendliness had a couple on the plane. That today I tweet about that actually they. They were on about vacation they gave me the phone number and today we're here in town you anything of note so what you at this. And bargain folk art not currently. What that was not case Saturday night you know eight years. A lot of memories in a lot of shock and destructive Woodrow. In the anger is that these folks. Going into free agency had convince themselves they have come back. But it's been so long now Sam since July 4 and they were talking about seven months and nine days since that. The Hamptons the whole thing went down is this so much time that. Thunder fans in and Russell Westbrook didn't Enes Kanter who was hot in his three piece suit could they have all gotten beyond it by now. Pressure. Point to a couple of things one. Because Russell wrote. Is they're whether you know at shell as opposed to being part of the dynamic duo like he was four. I think rush would set the tone for a lot of the stuff until Russert the one. The first the two teams met at oracle. Putting on the photographers get up you know Russia toward whatever reporters after the game. When asked about the two of those guys talking. You know relationship wise he nature of the world do it no we're not stock market it wasn't until. A couple of days leading up in this game. On Thursday and Friday actually tackle a little bit of a few things about Al can do a lot for the city for the team I thought maybe that would. And I stopped the blow a little bit note that it it'd make you worse by. I just think it affected. These folks that that bullet flight he'll basketball wise they were on the break championship yet though bird anybody but it came so close to get into the finals. Again for times in 2012. And then you know in terms of just that relationship he's gotten in the same and they they count a lot of news as their adopted. Simon and this is you know this is the place where there are used to seeing people beat her bigger and better things that entity that may mistake like that. The cab was their gear. What does this say about the state of the teen that the Internet is in word big goal winning. How far they away from getting backed it in a team that really can compete. In when you look about what Katie what he brought to their organization. Ink that is something to their head and onto the fuel fired. Yeah no doubt I mean. They've they've built everything. Charged in terms of roster and asked at the graphics and the contracts. They did everything geared toward general ruts in Beirut a way to go. Do it they even pay grades. You know up until the time he laughed you know get registered to Barca. Sectoral vehicle culminated where. Is they would spin that forward and that they thought that they were in the clear that the opportunity I really think even from GM's Democrat on down. Not that he was single somewhat concerned. But I think he would feel really good. All the free agency until now it you know did that compound in fact is that not only have gone. But they are just not a good place to reduce all of at all so there idea to have a good year ethnic. Emotionally the city. It's positive that there are playing well not to be firmly playoff position. At to have you know delicate game there's still on they can they win one and it was Joba and batter but it terms of the championship aspirations. It was a bad action and I don't know how old world again find another. Start to play would drop so what it's gonna be really hard they don't have money. And create conceded all six. They're really by. NBA insider for USA today's sports and Amy would Jolo when Gibbs. On 95 points and the game Dray mind green with a gem Friday night at Memphis only four points. But it triple double thanks to rebounds assists and steals. If this season ended today is he your defensive player of the year. Good question I mean probably and then you'll qualifier today is you know I've had circled back and do. My in my work on in the eyeball estimate for the seat but that is to a had. Out front. Bleiler two time winners has also been fantastic like solid on defense. But I feel like. You know narrative does matter injured miners and their clothes you wrote most of award the last couple years and it matters a lot in the that you know he is the captain of the defense. That lost its anchored in your boat that had people saying that there were far. And then for him to be able to lead that charge and Adams say it that you league level. I also try to help. You know would categorize becoming his new defense is costar what we did not net certainty coming. Now that in the script fantastic he's a leader I can't ever ever. She and a guy. As somebody you know sports that are worthy defense to highlight to the course of one sees that he's been doing that. Left and right Syria but it is probably have Rudy builder jets. It's certainly right there that's watcher discussions get a focus on the during locker great. So and the all star game is coming up Steve Kerr says he wants all for his lawyers to be on the court together. And he'll coach the all star team for the Western Conference would you expect. Russell Westbrook to be. That fifth player and if not do you think he K deal be on the floor at all together. Oh lead. Then they probably will it you know. Awkward steal the way to put it in on in the entire weekend like even before you heated discussion about root out rotation playing time. Lineup it's like you know I think the thing that they have built Serbia understands that the spectacle of all star week and involved charity event it you know when the players are rub shoulders with one another calls you know hijinks in different up the court. Games go on and stats parties. Is it to bear. For the guys that are by. Is your most of the times the players. China in the old little bubble. You know that had to get through that the Juliet. You know be fraternity of NBA stars and now you've got this group where we just saw now. You know how published pensioners that room. And they mr. Locke and and remember years ago. I can direct me to do if you allegedly choked up about. Like Howard burial or we can locker room did. Held kind of defense to comprise. And I was like the greater little flight back is also the the just like that and so. Steve Kerr had a situation. Because it's. Not only yeah industry would have rushed. I mean it's getting you know it is it chipped here than. Oh relies just between these two teams in the way that the wired what value and even like the triple double discussions between. Being on the way straight month vs the way rust as the social layers in the bill he's the right now what he's got app view of the week. San may make NBA insider for USA today sports when Jolo Indians. On 95 point seven game what is going on in New York with the next there's the Charles Oakley dust up last week between him and owner James Dolan and then Dolan over the weekend has Lecharles spree while sitting next to him vin baker says he hasn't spoken to dawn in fifteen years. But Dolan reached out about coming to join him for games this. Dole in trying to do some not damage control when it comes to the New York media and fan base. Yeah I mean but it you know it and it's pretty trite and pretty transparent and edges dole have. You know the about a bad PR thing is anybody here clinical crops you know what he needs to be built it and finally connect with Charles and even though. There's no love lot between those two parties he got to pick it because. Did you know the juxtaposition. The destruction. Of the current sixteen and basically. The knicks history going back to what the building after ten years there like the idea that all of it were with Charles and that group. You know well he's getting. You know kind of drag bunt like years and what he's not in this industry are yet he does a legendary temper got hot. It is such as spectacle that was so. So deliberate because now ago. It every time Charles walked in regard you do have security on him you do people calling games so thank each year easier absurd. So I just don't think that have a trial guys out there and go put lipstick on that date it's obviously what he's trying to do. Yeah I think it put a little morsel. In that open moves because the media elect those guys are right. It's at that age are really learned you know you get popular players. And that oh my god today saying yeah I mean agent. This guy not only up at a web never seen a guy the pedestal do what that the guy you know ought to mean that is not a news is Colby. This has piled into purposes. A high level role player but he's part. Of those nicknames should know they don't like your body who they work and in and out as can be worse. Sammy Mickey does a terrific job for USA today sports we Jolo in dibs. On 95 points in the game Sam thank you so much for your time this morning we appreciate it we look forward to catch up with the again down the road. It you know he touches on something never the next act mandates that all about blue collar. Wright was still Sims ever the most famous New York giant hole Carl banks Gary Carson Connie Anderson mark pulled borrow yen. Those are the guys New York fans standing cheer for. The Charles Oakley is the John Starks Patrick Ewing of course great mic right and I just started I was asked to deliver a title wasn't able to do it. The Oakley is at the world. Represented New York represented true fan base not the people sitting courtside every night although spike Lee's true fan. Talk about the people the upper rafters and the people who take the trains to get the game. That's Charles Oakley he epitomizes that they. And ninety say to your point dates where you have a Spike Lee weren't open is Jersey on sidelining going crazy trying to say look I got your bag broke that. In that thing about it when you think about Wichita LaMont about Oakley what he means in New York fans. It's no different in here Joseph with the doves Dre mongering. Is not a superstar he's not KD he's not step. But he's their glue he's a guided people get behind he'll never being in BP will never be in BP and scoring title but he's tough. He brings that toughness toughness of this organization. And that's how open was so when you see what's going on just interest in perspective because I think that Oakley was that type of guy like drain money is to disturb team now. He brings that toughness and you can equate the two but the reality is it's not that way here. At all and that's not a negative but there are more staff curry jerseys. They're more Kevin Durant Jersey but that's not how it is in New York you don't lead the way with Phil Simms and Eli Manning jerseys you lead the way with mark the borrowed jerseys Otis Anderson the guys in the trenches. That's New York that's what makes them different. That's what makes the Charles Oakley situation so heartbreaking for all the fans. That's why they want James dole out because he doesn't recognize. What true New York Knicks looked like. Doesn't get it and it's a shame because it she. Could be. The one of the great franchises in the NBA it's supposed to be the Mecca of basketball New York City. When I grew up it was New York City and then you had. You know saint Johns Mark Jackson Chris Mullin that's where basketball came from and now you see the knicks it's been so long as they've been a championship team. It's been so long as they've even been relevant. It's sad to see New York fans in such dismay over the basket. Multi like Mark Messier only played for the Rangers at the end of his career he wasn't even that wasn't even when he was at its peak. But he helped deliver them that first title like fifty years the famous story about messier is it the first time he was in the rangers' locker room. In the middle blocker on small hockey locker room there was the training table. And then the Rangers are losing at the intermission. Messier looks around the room when he sees his training table. And he tips it over smashed that he's asked after the game wide you also that tray table was the problem just a regular season game. I wanna be able to make eye contact with every single one of my teammates on merit in Amish. The next training table was in the way of me make eye contact with a all those guys. That's why New York loves Mark Messier that's like New York loves coral backs Otis Anderson. Michael Strahan. There are more Michael Strahan jerseys and Eli Manning how often is the pass rusher gonna sell more jerseys dentists are Super Bowl winning quarterback very rare but that's New York single figure. One of the most famous moments in New York sports history it's Willis Reed rightly yeah Zach from the locker room it's the amazing Mets of 69 coming from out of nowhere. To win the title underdogs. Upstarts people who are written off that today lot logged onto. One of the great moments ever to send off a Yankee. Derek Jeter Mariano Rivera those were great you remember the Paul O'Neill sent yes in the seventh inning when he's in right field this final home game and Carol Channing Paul O'Neill. He's out there crying in right field trying to pretend like he you know is zoned in on the game watching Yankee fan I was cry now how could you not. And that's Paul O'Neill. He's hit legendary let Yankee because he represents New York City is the blue collar type. Well all unloved returns at 845 Valentine's Day is tomorrow we will be taking your phone calls 8452520. Minutes from now. Most got the advice dialed up if you're late in the game coming up next to him. There's really want Gary staging delegates that tied into the game now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven the game. I bring this daily one Garry saint Jean it we can't seem to settle this all throw it out to the listeners. X 995795. By the way. Low unloved returns. About thirteen minutes and 845 along with a ticket window tomorrow is Valentine's Day low will be answering any and all questions you math is today a holiday. Some in this rumor saying yes summer saying now I don't know what's going on look at on the TV Mike Mike's a rerun. NFL network's running reruns for the morning just by just put your. Greed that's a way that's why we're here who can Wear the B squad what do you say please please I want to counter meant that B a compliment. Joseph the answer Jeff Lou and Gibbs on five point seven game of the Qaeda. The say they want Gary saint Jean joining us 6 good morning it's great to have you on. Saturday night was that UA anticipated with Kevin Durant his first trip back to okay see that crowd was torched. Old song he won't or they were really odd. It's equal I'd say they didn't include apply here you should cheered the person. All take it in the mall and it didn't locate the senate that the that he had what they're. They're over eight years for that community came back. Everybody better example in the NBA. Charge I'm sure. A lot of emotions. Hurt a little bit however it is mom's comments. All. Yeah he needs all too often poll sheets all. Poll this week or. Save the fans always cupcake T shirts gone back to her perk insane that if you play soft they near a cupcake. When it comes to cupcakes and what's your go to saint what's your favorite cupcake. All that. Won't. And bulky it won't get the small. And didn't it. At all. All. Right well. It's a little shocked that. All white. Dark shot loved the singing your song over that same one that couldn't do two more to say that darkened beard Swede did she seem like they said. It. Is it safe Olympic would you pick when you have big game on Saturday and think about what. Westbrook Manning going through it's also Katie being here the words jam him back and forth. It's just seem just that CU is this a rival and also is just a war is that much better than that under and you think a lot of those emotions because it affected their. Just on another level. You know that station all the what world and you don't. Want to keep any ideas on political or wrong. School couple weeks won't that you want all all Turkey out eats up. Score so they spoke to sport light on eight cents wouldn't eat out. At eight. Alls and eating. At all. I respect that. And not leading competitor. I don't like demeanor on the court an upbeat and all of all the extra Kevin Durant in the right place. Well with a little off although it won't solve all. He wanted to play. Any salt won't walk or couldn't get in Indonesia English all. Well all day meet. Say they want Gary saint Jean the Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game it was such a big game. On Saturday night that were kind of overlooking what happened Friday in Memphis the warrior not only got their revenge. But ray mine green with a triple double in only four points saying he's gonna win defensive player of the year. I think that's the game that's gonna be first on the resume line what did you think. How about we put our triple X relations are not. Yet apple out yeah it was. We knew that but I go out there where and how would Robert. Wood. You know with quadruple doubles up like but the fact it would go for points. Just. Let's stay at odd years. There. You know what that won't slow. Right now CT 48 at six week. He. It reached an organization. Or porch step in that the players were in to say. I don't rule I won't keep that. Again. And help us win basketball gates. Elena and I think that. How. Is all set though it's all at an aching need him. Mafia fat lever saint Anna yeah. With the quadruple doubles of course. Exit question inert got all of only if they keep almost egg thing is it. When you got me thinking about Dan issel of course that nugget team is the team that has the highest points per game average for a season of all time and the warriors in the mile high city today. Saying is this a spot or may be the the warriors are gonna have a let down after the big emotional back to back down south. You know what you would like to keep making all boats and went. This scheme record in terror. Each whole. Team keeps you. All in this vehicle shut. Like each cheek as he won't want to launch Kerkorian begin here. The term projects aren't let them run in a trailer. He looks at each ball or. I called in the dogma preached like points or. Seventeen. Were. 182. On the floor all night and I don't know our our reader light. Wilson Chandler explained it well. Yeah and now all of you know also played all right yeah. All ericsson's. Spartan like maintain law and it's it's eight. Opted to. So it's important game and I'll got to remember you are in a halt to 88 I. Know people say he's got a loan. I can't begin to retain its claim. San as always we value your time and appreciate you coming on look forward to catch up with the again next week. A solid one last topic while Walt just now I'm watching The Today Show what Robert Kraft about it with the trouble he dreaded night that you know. Bring it around the town. You said it you said you love those patriots. All the years that are heard me screaming at halftime when we were down 28 to three. And those high notes on saint well. A copy. That. Element comes. You what kind of beverage you turn to in that situation down 23. I. I went from pole beer. A red wine. I washed down with a dark chocolate cupcakes saying oh my. Thank you say we'll catch up actually and I insanely. Is the lone wolves and how can you not been a good mood after the doctor's name me one I don't know he's always like cloud nine. All warriors gas always sound better if you're wearing JBL headphones you officials sound of the Golden State Warriors. And 95 point seven game Gary CG brought you by your northern California. Acura dealers the return of low on love Valentine's Day is tomorrow lows going through his pockets as we speak eminent talk about this and real time he found a one dollar bill. Pellets hit a five yep let's act trouble was at ten yeah sixteen by Snyder too often there. Got about thirty box and he knows well they did tell us why does one know about the push up situation. Apparently you had a wager with the guru last week I did Marty Landau well he has been unleashed we have got Yeltsin went. Love it but more video of him doing it as well so the post and I've seen a backside colonial more than I would have cared to today output in more than LT. Tell you what dads. You know it was a bad. You think the pitchers and catchers there reporting today for the giants they report tomorrow for the days but the excitement boats already under way at night by sitting in that come where. In conjunction with the Bay Area sports hall of fame we are bringing you some one of a kind sports and entertainment experiences that you can bid on right now. From experiences with the raiders training camp to BA's for the giants and luxury suites the United States open hanging with Ed O'Neill and Hollywood. We got you that live ipads and the game that come early you have to do is register bed that's it you're on your way. All proceeds go to the mayors were told they had to help children in me tips we've been talking about this for a month now which were you high enough today. While looking at the behind the scenes of Jolo and gives experience. Because you a chance to hang out with the odds he had breakfast the guys that meet. And greet with Joseph lo and myself Dan diddley maybe lol there's a push ups. Maybe Joseph where love will go off on on a rant I might crack a joke or two a year a chance to meet the lovely and a gag gag decency can. How do you spell her name. Right now we're at Porter 35 dollars for trailing Damon bruised people this cannot happen this won't happen go to 957 the game dot com. To visit only eleven days left in the bay shop auction. Well we've throw some black water into the equation absolutely you've been on Macs you come in with us you'll get some black water get it looks like Derek and my taste it can't happen. Next we've also got tickets to giveaway still loaded 95 points in the game. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven again. The phone number is as follows AAA 9579570. Valentine's Day is tomorrow low on Bob returns. Always here to help you. If you have any last minute questions for how to make tomorrow special. Did how do you approach tomorrow why is everyone laughing because he's done radio shown it seems like that was going on that is regularly. Your. I love is he was out of balance we're trying to pull him back within the lines and I we thought I was about to sneeze at that's at did it ask you anything at all. In one relax. I have to say to you Lorenzo just understand I can read hand signals there well John look at it two years of marriage now I've been a little bit of guys five years it'll bring these 25 years child. He's John I you're locked into a you're married I'm married there's a certain the whole damn room is married yeah yeah he has got advice on anything not because we're all I mean were all locked it what you do Valentine's. Either you go if I go over the top I wake up on the fifteenth of February still married these high. Bit by bit limited and don't put everything I wake up February 15. I'm still married so basically. It's you know damned if I do damned if I don't rent. Dibs on. This Toby upkeep is coming up at 9 o'clock even it one hot. I appreciate we appreciate the truth there's out here. In the nation dribbling not 579570. If you want to weigh in give any questions for the great Lorenzo Neal he is here to offer his services we've also got tickets to giveaway. This week what are we working with here it's your chance to win a pair of tickets to the Q1 02 pop icon series. This Sunday starring the legendary Slick Rick Austin and money beef from Digital Underground at ruby sky in San Francisco for tickets and info. Visit Q1 oh to SF dot com Q1 oh to SF dot com. The trivia questions is as follows before dream on green on Friday night. How many players had recorded a non scoring triple double to believe 9579570. How many players. Have recorded a non scoring triple double B forgery in my green did it Friday night Tripoli 9579570. All right so. One lover chew them up right now apparently the fault lines are exploding and return it Lama people have been looking for AAA and I'd I've 790 bus revenue. Com. The deal league record for attendance was set this weekend at oracle the Santa Cruz warriors. Had 171000. People show up that game amazing I don't know who was against. I don't know what exactly was going on there but I do know that Al lot of people came out to seek first thing I thought. Are so many fans getting priced out of warrior games currently that this is the next best option it was a some awesome player. I think there's something else at play another take on the Oklahoma City blue and these two teams till they just don't like each other effects seriously though it. It's all about Bobble heads I'm not saying that people didn't wanna come out of citizen anchors lawyers and oracle because they're great. About as well as they do there NBA team it's a great. Promotion it's a great production. And that it's a popular team. But when you have Bobble heads involved people will show up for just about anything I gave you an off color example before the show started about what people might do. From Bobble head that if you and I sat down and played checkers at oracle at half court. But they had a. Andre Iguodala playing checkers bobbled the first 101000 fans. We would get 101000 people to show to watch you and I play checkers at midcourt people love. Bobble hits and that's why you had 171000. Plus at oracle to CD league game. I think you speak more cause this to brand GO. You have a brand you have a you know that that the warriors and now he had their. It's the weekend before the planned Oklahoma thunder. So it just it is flow people couldn't be there so it's a sec guard these two teams he's deep leagues are gonna play so people to come out they wanna support there wars and they believe that this is an extension of the war is so I think it is because your brand is so good. Good right now. And Annika. I worked a Minor League Baseball years ago I donated big dips I think you're right about the Bobble heads it's anything. It's a giveaway in any case in point. He was the Lehigh Valley iron pigs in the AAA affiliate in Philadelphia Phillies. The team stuck it was the first year in existence they lost like their first nineteen games of the year the players were just moving to town knowing the setup of the bad situation but the fans loved. I did the work in this like during the games everyone worked everywhere and Minor League Baseball and I had the working when I called the customer complaint but it was really a book there that if anyone at a question about the DM or something they come up and ask you all they did was complain. About one thing or another. You could make it very clear tonight's giveaway is for children twelve and under first thousand. Dora the Explorer stickers or something right. Indeed the seventh inning. Some old guy would come up to the Booth hey you know I didn't get the Dora the Explorer stickers what's the story man I paid good money for the taken I didn't get to give away. Sir the giveaway is. Twelve and under first 1000. You were number 7000. And you're 65 year old and a half I don't qualify what they screen and they yell until you give them the stickers and then they walk away. I don't know what they're gonna do with the stickers I don't know if they actually want the stickers but these people. Want their giveaway they don't care they fit the criteria or not they want the damn giveaway and I would have to deal with this all the time I get really sarcasm with them. So I am so sorry you did not get your Dora the Explorer stickers as loud as can be so everyone here is that this is grumpy old man says he's not getting. Little girls stickers that would be when I would I would make it's so loud and just pour it on to the point where if you're getting the stickers you're gonna walk away feeling at least some of level of shame. Have to take it that's I don't get in the seven to get the sickest of kits couched I would love to be in there to watch Joseph got this great they had Julie. I just conceived his bowl not want one guy this one guys season ticket all the right it's Minor League Baseball. Right the season ticket package not a million dollars up 55000 dollars a granny you are a paying customer you deserve respect. This guy used to just give me grief every damn game there's a problem and everything so you know he's done strike once what I did was I went into one week I went into India. Peter's system and I deactivated his tickets for one game. Just got to try to get. You have to go to the extra step of coming to the front right. And like explain why take a hard working show is ID get back up tickets to go and I was just so theories and do. Just went into the system deactivated tickets and then moved on my dad. You in customer services like. Hey Mattel. Yeah not to my out of the people that lived in Iraq aid are let's do a little Lola love raider Josh and rotor park. Rader Josh thanks for calling in tomorrow's down Wednesday the love doctor Lorenzo he was here for you please go ahead. Management. And an Apple Mac that. Man I'm doing good and I just means I was going. Going down about being. It is to always do when it happening again. An allegedly I don't know if they've seen me am I going amber actually beaten me pretty. And he got. Craziness. Yeah like yeah man is giving me again aren't I call on the map but don't well sort Rezko and escalate. I'm back and. Let everybody appreciate the phone call doesn't need any low on mob apparently got some long love in the past and is now getting married and Ichiro and that's awesome numb and guys get married. Appreciate that they mailed a little we are melt on Valentine's Day is coming the new ones like what am I gonna do would tomorrow. I think people first got you as well as well as they love as a choice that was a choice mint we won. We wanna receive the what do we really willing to he has to make our love. Newly continue to grow deeper and how will know we were able to go to make ourselves full uncomfortable it's meant to shore significant other. How much you really really loved. Because sometimes beautiful beautiful wife we know we're gonna kill the roses in the flowers and go to dinner. But that's what we always do and we still should do that it. But I think the biggest thing this Valentine's they force yourself to sit down. It's a little. I'm gonna write them love letter like it was the first time to sometimes we just go to dinner we go to the flowers we go to the roses and it just becomes and here it is every year did the flowers. It will really. Still we're really not connected there and we just want to emotions and they give that she gets you gated. And you just do what everybody does okay it's Valentine's Day but what about the first time to sit down. But dependent paper down to sit down until what made you fall in love with their what made you wonder what made you look at this woman her look at this guy say. In this something about them that I wanna go deeper and explore who they are as individuals. In it you can sit down and talk about those things on paper. In sit down with Dubai the letter read that or your girlfriend your ports and whoever might be. It's not about first time you laid eyes on not to step for the first time he's just decided to take that next step. It to make this thing become a relationship. First time you wanted to really take her to dinner and you open the door of those things I tell them those things just want to bring you guys closely together. Because they you can wake up and get some of that. Six were hill because sometimes we forget that process what Protestant so we just can't become numb it's the same tradition here's your flowers to your car. And we don't I'd give my two old. Something different and we cooked in the morning that that the cargo fill it up make sure it's clean and she comes home what she conveyed to go to work here. That's going to hold day MI baby clean my car. In my car was cool but also remember reading this letter and I get to think about all the awards this Maynard this woman sandy beach all day I'm thinking about what. This is the first time we were together in he felt this way she felt this way. Oh my god Valentine's Day will be oh points up. Beautiful incredible get a little bubble within Altria and I think and I know it. He can't spell emotions without motion isn't going through the motions think about that also did you success did you suggest a tank of gas around I'm saying. In the league and very good point it's better says Levy like 91 octane baby and used again right I'm not happy Saturday I'm not. Kind of what the car off a late night I'm such a actor in a car has what it would you like it and mixed. It's little things just little things add. Attacking gaps that gets you going to take a gas slowly getting up in the morning believe it was like I'm in need gas in my car. And wanted to refilled. Gasoline. Blends a do or die but no I'm gonna go to one of the places I'm just gonna get a five Yonder filled up walk in tomorrow. Given the last week here's two gallons aghast at Lowe's said it would work Diana are read hello. I had 87 make Smart tell Carson on the ice team free. Ten gallons or more money elevators and air filters because I. Because I love you I scheduled a blue balloons outside shot I 99 over it didn't. That's it yeah. It's beautiful it was beautiful it is very beautiful I forgot how much I miss the sag I missed so much noting announced got a call and I went and I laughed I cried. And I thought. I do a lot of wondering and a lot of self doubt yes that was me. All right steak house is cupcakes and we're not talking about guys they were talking the warriors were talking domination. We're talking the Oklahoma City Thunder all that's coming up seeing a few seconds they'll go anywhere Jolo and it's 95 points of the game. Yes sir just like that we are back alongside. The love my doctor Lorenzo Neal. Drake candidly I'm Joseph for the ball welcoming Angelo did 95 point seven the game. Ben Gulliver national NBA writer for Sports Illustrated is going to join us in about 28 minutes. Talk little dobbs but demo how we do an annual watch the grammys last night. There's a 23 years old chips the rapper. At a Chicago has never sold an album in his life doesn't even have a record label. Three grammys beats out drinking Kanye West last night the world's changed bids it's a whole new world yeah. I was blown away by that the fact that he was even nominated let alone the fact that he won against such titans as Drake you know guys who can show album sales. I think it's a it's a good step for the music industry to step toward the future to acknowledge that somebody from the outside can come in and do this. Make music that's good enough and it shifts the rappers album. Is fantastic his music is great. For them to recognizes somebody can come in from the outside in wind maybe Oscar should take note. Instead of always rewarding the big budget flicks of the popular movies. Step outside in and really look at what the best movie might be when you give nighter you trophy. Yeah your right arm and sometimes you punished and they say OK the golden rule he owns the goal rule money using prevails. Here's a situation that you see that it drinks and all the guys that are out there to have the big money nick and by all these did that air space on radio into all those things. Here's the young man. They did it old fashioned way this and I'm a grind them and be cutting edge U2 biggest all the stuff that I'm going to push out there to the airwaves and in that streaming. In making sure that my people get to hear my voice in my music. Rosie show you meant. You don't have to necessarily have the money had the biggest pockets the music you have to departed to be success successful in the show and man he did it to our our way it's awesome. You know what you need you need work ethic you ought to be on the radio start a podcast wanna be on TV. Those are YouTube channel you wanna work for a newspaper go start a blog you wanna be a rapper. Go ahead you can release your music on the Internet. I'm not saying it's the best approach what I outlined now listen a little bit of acid rap which was 2013 mix state. He put out I know a little bit about chance rapper Mike and his senior and profound and now. Whether or not. He deserved to win last night or not but I will say put the work and put the hustle and these types of things can happen but they don't happen overnight and they don't happen by going path but effort into it you gotta go full tilt. Boy was running all over the damn city this weekend read so far ahead the call over to get me home at. But I still was running all over the city now and you're on the opposite end inspection you're a big fan of big budgets like beyoncé and last night you were treated to a great beyoncé performance MI wrong. You run actually I'm not a huge fan of beyoncé anymore and luck I think she's a great. It's a great performance artists she's beautiful she's talented but. And that's kinda sick addicts and just over saturated with her at each little self absorbed lately. And just this kind of Democrats. Wow I have not heard. I didn't know you're allowed to say those things about being out there were coming right back to that used is that your updates for the lawyers are looking for a perfect. 380 road trip I'm Dan deadly winds in Memphis and Oklahoma City but now they head to Denver. To take on the nuggets tonight but Clay Johnson talked first about that chip Venus in the game against the thunder Saturday. Ortiz just we wanna win and this can be frustrating moments from both sides. It's nothing new in this museum and seen it before it firing. Guys who make as well so it's not us. Clay doesn't sound very worked up McLean aggregate time work. Over anything Joseph that Salinas was that too much out of the ordinary in the Oklahoma City game it's exactly what you want. Because this is why we love sports 82 regular season games how fired a few for tonight's nuggets game. Most people probably not paying that much attention outside the diehards but. How many you were fired up for Saturday night and of Casey. All of us that's what's great yet. You know what the fans got after he had his revenge three and elegance Oklahoma City more importantly three straight blowouts rusty that's that's kiddies got the wins our coverage starts at 430 today warriors and nuggets try to united 57 games started to pitchers and catchers reporting across. Major League Baseball the giants heading to Scottsdale. A is welcoming their battery mates. To mesa tomorrow story number three. Some offseason NFL news locally the raiders signed head coach Jack Del Rio to a four year contract extension the niners part ways. With running backs coach. Tom rapid as Kyle Shanahan continues to remake his coaching staff that may 020 talked about rapid replacement. Bobby turner obviously knows exactly what Palestinians looking for from running backs that run game. And so he's going to be the running backs coach. Shanahan reportedly had promised Bobby turner that when he got a head coaching job that Bobby turner would be part of the staff low. Is this move not surprising news that Tom wrath that is out. Rep Tom Matt it's always going to be in nine and this is a big move for this Kalish inning he simulate challenge let people know this is gone the way that I don't want to move forward. And wordy bring this guy from the land of make about loses coach Bobby turner. Fresno state he understands federal state as the best coaches out there. I couldn't believe I didn't see that guy on the job on a national titles I don't know where they handle the hardware easy GO. I walked right in that one PGA needs of proud sponsor of the 957. Game dream sports experience auction go to 957 game dot com right now. Too big I'm Dan diddley on your home of the warriors. Our coverage begins at 430 today right here on 95 point seven game. Thank you dips. I was unaware that you're allowed to say negative things about beyoncé I thought that occurring cheesy were considered the royal family. I don't criticisms would be met swiftly and dealt with harshly you actually have critically beyoncé. I did you not I will say I'm really kind of creeped out. By how many people almost have this candlelight worship towards sir they kind of worship prayer in just ten idolize there's so much. It creeps me out. It really does so it's kinda. And I I'm not a big fan of and I disk was in a big fan of her holding the gold like envelopes to save her speech is just all Mimi me in I'm not a big fan of. About see you address last night dress like a goal RTD to anyone think I. Doesn't do that. Now he's not seeking repeal a hole in the leader of the essar could take a gold fat Archie Deaton. Again I'm I mean everybody gets fashion advice and I'm sure somebody sits low you gotta Wear this pot it's lit. I'd be so proud to Arby's had come at some point. They suddenly catch on Russian culture trucker hat that caught on. For Els Arby's hat that never caught on so insistent. I don't know it is 95 point seven a game we are fanatics dot com. On asked 400 people to rate their head shots of NFL players on a scale of one to ten to determine who would be the best looking. Obviously. Not a lot of content this week. And I were touching on this for about a minute they were transitioning to a big time question about Sonny Graham however. Joseph Flacco was rated the best looking man in the NFL. Joseph Flacco. Can he played with Joseph Flacco. Yeah I was surprised to hear that Joseph Flacco Nigel for Campbell was going to be the best looking guy now you were surprised that I was invited the best and a battle in a player on its best that the period it was only reason it probably. That these guys because I've retired so I meant. Faust and eat. I would be too. That's a couple votes probably I want to. Start robbery it's the guys. That people think they get chronic. Seen. Look wise I think he's funny I just think he's bunnies great fodder for stories Julie Flacco indicated. The paint. It bright isn't the black has got Eli Manning thing. He always looks confused and I sometimes got tripped up some estimate calculus question he could put together so it's kinda like com. Touchdown interception it's all the same thing with. That is when you go to Delaware you have been at Delaware that's nine. On this and anything is on the short list of stateside probably 10 boy dragged that you get from Pennsylvania Ocean City, Maryland that's. A pass Dewey beach. Tax freedom there that's pretty much go cross the border to get blue's driven through Delaware I famously drove from Baltimore to Vermont in pursuit of a girl back in. Must have been 91. Really OK let's get into the only to find out upon my arrival and snowy Burlington net. She had a boy different colors. What were you doing in Baltimore a member of the dog the unit brother lives in Baltimore at the time you know before he became the unit brother back when he actually would leave his house and hang out with actual human beings. I went out there to visit him for Thanksgiving and I had. Pat and an affair with a girl brief affair super brief. She went to law school Vermont's we're now back and there's no email to we write letters I've not got seat mr. cycle a thousand miles from Baltimore. Up to Vermont. And I went through such states is any kinetic gated may be peace in New Hampshire right now. Written by yelling it's certainly close the opinion that. Kutcher in ten minutes. It is not put it smells and I've rented a car drove up to Vermont. And now I'd do a thousand miles into it is the way I go Baltimore Vermont. OK so hard to go I digest. I finally get out there come to find out she's got a boyfriend of course nine at sleep on the couch with these two make it known as the badgers and wrote on the next day and drove my tired broke behind act the Baltimore thousand miles. Dale. Did it's. I. You stay there. Because it was like seven at night it was snowy you boy had no hotel money. Also open for one of those things where you show up but she like needs. Of the after she and a party. A lot of act on on you boy got shot straight down. And acted like our egos the Baltimore. It's stays the night. And sleep and a car. Seamless and saluting when you showed up completely broke. He's. Made the growth this made the move just the notion goes straight up cold call. I've got to knock on that. An audience Jack you know what happened. The dead bull Goldberg to mortar Vermont. Itself miles round trip now I think about it to see birdies and it is an. Lovely state but it hasn't forgotten nine hours that makes a great ice cream in Vermont to two story. I'm just that's a great story so great because I'm. Laughing and laughing with you because you got shut down and I'll have that part. She's now. Happily married to the guy she was wind and I'm actually happily married to a great Valentine's Day pending of course. This went down there and let's today. Take your pick poll question brought to you by FH Daly and about the Chevrolet pitchers and catchers report today for the San Francisco Giants for your Oakley amaze. Tomorrow. Sunny graphic going to be one of the big story lines as we approach opening day. See what I did there and a good morning what are you got four. Cited today's question you'll Sonny gray beyond the a's opening day roster let us know anything but gone and 957 game dot com. Also between Iran and by seven again he's passionate take your pick to snow we think. Let me sits these here. This seems like an obvious answer could. Opposing hitters just sat there honing fastballs and as a result they teed off on him. Sell the a's were shopping him couldn't get what they wanted was a week free agent market you get teams that are looking to make moves in the wake of Boston going out there and signing Chris Sale. Wells affected the cubs are loaded. The Dodgers are loaded. Sonny gray is going to be playing in the World Baseball Classic if he pitches well in the World Baseball Classic who's to say someone does it make you call going you know what. Amid invest in this now graves back last it was a blip salt the World Baseball Classic let's give him now before this price goes up because we know how these do business. That's why he might not be on the roster opening day so who would like to take it off. Will Sonny gray be on the opening day roster for the Oakland Athletics logo had you got the -- tee shot that you're looking good and green angle. I think human dilemma push us in the green goes well we get everyone thinks so the prevention. The perception is he's gonna be there opening days can be to pitcher. But is that really reality I think not having to be like you said he plays well. And he shows that he has value because Lester they say niche and I ain't does wade presenting Grady giddy going to try to shopping. Didn't happen so if he does pitch well you've got to move that they'll try to move this asset to acquire more picks so. I think there's a strong possibility he won't be there opening day. This I think he'll be there a 100% blocked hitting guarantee they aids right now are trying to remake their image. From the past they're trying to add assets not subtracted I mean they were. All of a whisker away from getting Edwin Encarnacion in the offseason they made a hard push forum they've got new. Not new ownership and a new man in charge of ownership a new team president a new attitude I don't think it's selling Sonny gray or trading Sonny gray. It's gonna help to alleviate fans' concerns at all. I think maybe before the deadline but definitely not before the start of the year and a. Yeah we did on his 100% the only way they'd they would actually ever think about. Getting rid of sunny at this point is if they got somebody huge in return and right now the start of the season that's not happening. These to know everybody starting fresh fresh new clean pages season and I just I don't think he'd be good for the perception of the fans right now because everybody wants that. Excited first feeling and he is the eighth I know he had a rough year last year but. I don't see them doing it this year. Like the direction they're heading is what I suggested to the niners about a year ago he catches rebuilding your re branding. The shine has worn off the multiple playoff appearances from a few years back last years of Rauf for this team. When everything going on the fan base has a right to cast a dreary eyed but. Lew Wolff out. Pavel Stetson. He starts having these open door meetings saints can come at Spiegel that they're talking about having a stadium site by the end of the year. Every move their making. Renaming the coliseum what Rickey Henderson field bringing Rickey Henderson back in front office role kind of like an ambassador type who doesn't love Rickey Henderson. Making all the right moves sending a message is that it's anywhere but no a's fan is gonna truly buy into the new era and told what. Until they spend some money. That will be the final hurdle they need to clear to convince everyone that it really is a new era. You've got to spend some money you don't need to spend like the nationals are the Dodgers and the Yankees but she got to spend a little bit being in on Encarnacion. Nice. When you missed out. I don't blame you for not spending much this offseason because the free agent market was pretty barren but the fan base is it gonna buy in completely to this new era until they see some cash mantra. Yeah and cash won't be thrown around in less you start to win and it this team's not get a win early in the season and less you have your Frontline starter and it's sunny Drake comes out and he pitches poorly. Any falls off the map and or maybe gets injured the end then you've got problems because he won't be trade blasts but I think if you look. At this young rotation they did add some pieces in the offseason to the position players rod. I think this team looks better on paper than it did last year so there is some optimism that they're gonna take a step closer. To the playoffs. I don't think their playoff team this year but I think they're moving in the right direct. West is loaded west is going to be very tough also with with that. Train of thought. Exciting plays world in this World League. What would you look it didn't say god now he's shown he's there do you take the chance to say is this really our ace it mean. Just like we thought Heston had done hasn't you know came on C would he do with the giants came out early pitch well what evidence to guys figured him out and you look at sending great. I'd send these ads shown he can be pretty good guy. But it's for sure he'd tell you he is going to be your bona fide ace. You know you look at him he was helping steel was struggling at times so if you have a if you have a guy and he shows that he could. Pitched well early. Look at this insane I can go on a choir mortgage trauma this teams that guy trying to. You know excluding you know get rid of assets are trying to acquire assets while. This is more student I'm a more plural and singular cause you'll be moving one assets to acquire more if that's possible. To make your team better. They knew god they explored that's what good management has to do. Yeah I don't think that the World Baseball Classic is you know for him enough opportunity. To show enough the body of work to where people around baseball say wow Sonny's back. Let's give up the farm formally yearly talking about wander maybe two starts. In the WBZ. Not enough of body of work for me you love this event on him it's absolutely atrocious. What it is stupid event gel it's baseball trying to be like soccer. The World Cup is truly a world event if you're a country and you have eleven people you can put together a soccer team and try to qualify. And make it into the World Cup even on not in favor of World Cup expansion. They're expanding it. The tournament going forward so more countries have the opportunity. This baseball turn it is not a world turner there's only thirty or so countries even played baseball and by the way it's not a classic. You're event that started about ten years ago cannot be called a classic. So until you renamed it appropriately. Which could be something like the regional baseball event the heartbeat. In Chile improperly named it. I'm not gonna tune in to one pitch it is joke. The 2006. Baseball classic classic beginning who won the 2000 does that you can't use the same work twice in the same sentence who they come. How are you know six World Baseball Classic anyone. All the way you. I app. I'm fired up because baseball. Is a sport that doesn't need an international term that baseball is perfect as it is all these people. Who want a change baseball. If you don't like it. Get the hell off while. Baseball's -- we don't need. Automatic intentional walks we don't all that dang well what's the role on this now. That you can just declared you're gonna intentionally walk someone and then they let him walk correct you on it broke the four you don't have to throw the four pitches anymore we can gain. It's a joke you have that there's an element to that I like you when the guy screws it up. It's great it's great to watch a pitcher screw that up one gets away runs come around it's offs and what's the what's the very essence of baseball low. It's the wind up in the pitch what the essence of football the football is snapped between the Sanders Lex. The essence of basketball's you have to put the basketball. In the boot I'm calling you all these things are hard not to instrumental. To the gate and it's like in tennis if you took a way to serve or of golf if you took away all the ultra Dini putts from now on inside two feet. All these things are essential to the sport and to get rid of on the in the interest of let's save time. Here's an idea what do you strip away all the time between innings make it sixty seconds between half innings Ronnie didn't. Run out when your kid it's console in us a lot in Major League Baseball it's 22 and a half minutes now we have a clock on it. Get rid of it didn't baseball's too long the go watch an of the sport people. I think you're on fire right now I think you make a lot of great points you make me angered the World Baseball Classic I regional baseball events. And on the task finger you have a topic that's it. How do you feel about the M minor league world are looking Nat with in extra innings putting guy on second base is out of the inning. It's ridiculous you know that is skewed it's called soft ball in case you ever watch softball. They have the runners start at second base and extra innings that's great softball. Got ahead of that image into the break it. In softball. Major League Baseball. Games we remember we remember the giants in the eighteen inning game against the Washington Nationals. That game is a classic that thing went on and on and on nobody was clamoring for pay up do we throw the Buster Posey at second base to get this thing over with. You break joke. All. He'd go off on an all you bright and angry loves I like being angry to bring a counterpoint. Boats would be a fool to put Boston on second your site. You're not exactly Johnny wheels aren't there. The meat spanning two week span in. Which god bids from these seven OO seven on the Penske auto sales that context I dips. Don't hate on gimme putts that's how I got my 79. Estrich yeah exactly seven united asterisk. I taxied. I played them with Matt's nine minutes when he broke eighty for the first time and he had about a two or three foot putt for birdie on eighteen to shoot seven or not. And nobody was saying don't study pick it up to take you 79 run to make that soccer. No Guinea's whatsoever few and any situation out Jimmy is for sure if only on the highway issued a 95 I'm thinking or not. It's fun putt in for double or triple bogey it's a two footer. I'm picking it up if there's no money on the line it's a different story but I'm not a professional golfer. Far from. You know it's a different story which a policy in the breakfast ball. Breakfast all I'm I'm for it if you don't get a chance to go to the driving range will do breakfast all but then again. If you hit your ball and it's not out of bounds you don't take a breakfast ball if I can find it. I'm not gonna take a breakfast ball. What about the gasoline ball. I'd never heard of it. What a story for you so I'm playing shadow creek in Las Vegas and it's a media event before Michael Jordan's invitational. And were but we make the turn it more with a caddie and were coming out we got the sandwich is and stuff and I asked the guy was like what I'm doing a story as you ever have any big time gambling on on out here with the members. Usual depends I can tell you but it's off the record type stuff which I'm now realizing I'm saying this on the air shock flat out and tell a story anyway Tom. I will give the names but there was some heavy gambling that went on. Not between a foreign dignitary. In a local Vegas celebrity on the poker circuit and they would bet. Bricks of tax while came out with a backpack filled with bricks at 101000 dollars the other just walked out with. To arm falls and just dumped it in the back of the car is pricks to catch a plane. You gotta be careful playing with a poker players because if you don't designate what clubs vs strike clubs they're gonna play what what clubs and what clubs is when you take gasoline. Or chapstick and you caught the end of the driver the end of the iron. And you hit the ball like that eliminates all spin. So I'm with this threesome that's also in the media to like you've never heard this now I never heard that my life. Whenever the caddies it was an and onto it's top the top taught you gotta have suck yes and some suntan lotion yet he was at some chapstick is not the best thing but it's the next best thing. Were coming up to this big dog leg right let's wait for the next hole. Took latest oddly we get the next hole short par four it's like 315. That it may be it's around 255. Put down the middle but not a lot of behind it. Gasoline driver I put that thing on the green and 300 just in just not all the spin goal just. Cross strait out late in the Tiger Woods video game rule. You've gasoline driver it takes way to stating you get anchored. However many our eyes vastly dripping off that thing about it I don't know legitimate shot the rest of the way out poured gasoline on everything's gone there's gasoline everywhere but it knocks the spin off the ball so there's going to be no slice is gonna be no hook you can just hit that thing flat a mile. What I believable so what it knows yet what drew I talked about it wanted that everyone gets all worked up that's that I played golf that's cheating I can you do that. Well yes it's an anecdote like you said I'm not going through Q school here right and I'm not dead yet or if I beg you might as well. Designated but now I wouldn't run out hustle on anyone but the bricks of cash in this game. That's good you know. I know that dad a poker player you're talking about either of golf die hard and doesn't surprise me. His last name may be what the Wrigley Field yet I feel good all. He's made critic and you can figure that out good for you Joseph though it did 95 point seven Iain bend Oliver on Saturday night's showdown in okay see what's next. For Russell Westbrook in the under things are not looking good oh and three at sadat's. Back in a flash. Now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven the game. Welcome back Joseph Lowe in gives 95 point seven the game to the phones we go one of the best guess we have on the program on a regular basis. National NBA writer for Sports Illustrated then Gulliver with Jolo when did. On 95 point seven to gain big good morning let's start with Saturday night in Oklahoma City Reese a prized. At how aggressive. That Oklahoma City crowd was in Kevin during its return of the pack. I mean that their Christmas and in India in Kuwait four months I wouldn't surprise at all did he get a little pat the other side and redeem on old data. Infection little bit more coordinated by you know bought the lot the cupcakes document referenced. Regent it is story week where perks. Up a poet on into green about a recall on and saw that. But for the most part that we get that college town they're very very excited but the under. I've clearly either they're trying to settle old that was left when Atlanta. Let for the warriors sent. They don't really have a solution do it but that was really take what it would. At the gap between those two key. It is so that's compared to where it was flat screen during the adopt and is not going to be solution that I think it's gonna be able that your practice to the lead back. I retreated Lee Jenkins story for those of us listening here locally and in that story talks about Russell Westbrook looking to. Grow from may body language standpoint and leadership standpoint are we started to see those things from Russell Westbrook. Well to me I mean you look at leadership like just hit night tonight at curry consistency he had a charter media at this moment where he gets frustrated. In my that the current congress to think coach wrote cheeks and called downer you might tactical back lot remarks. And take a moment called so you if you look right now at what you do it this year. I think it's true leadership in our great contract it is you're DeMarcus Cousins in Sacramento people our guys are incredibly talented. It'll even be at their position. False guilt that they score. Are they can play make carruthers they do every image you want and yet you know one team winning a complete anarchy ms. losing consistently year a year year and I think it does speak a little bit too west brooks' leadership. Ability that people leaving him I think he makes his teammates better too I think you really get guys out body and he's vision currently they're going to be. Clearly it's happened underdog story that you they've got nothing to lose and it's gonna copy it should there Oklahoma City. I think it's working you know they're not to be able to compete with you beat teams. Into their thinking series but there's no real shame and now I mean like it's that they're trying to figure out whether it'd be 23 years from now who are the pieces that are connected pastor brown west Burke. Those have been the kind of questions that era they're asking it is in building. And while they haven't figured that out. They know happy very strong foundation what are. When you look at the warriors in new watched their consistency when they turn into when their own fire when their plane at their best news talk about this weekend. Saw the Memphis the grizzlies in the under. We sought to have two weeks ago. When this team is planned at their best as this is it just. Really unfair to watch how they can do is steal dominating blow even good teams out of the water. Yeah it's looking more and more like they're the only team that can beat themselves in our community effectively keep issues you know maybe your account that a little bit too much. Maybe opposites and it comes to our against some weaker team recently went about at Miami your sack over at that. Where if you look back the result like but they just played art recording made it clear but he had locked in. You know that that should have been a lot I don't really you quit your blueprint for our UP he's got a good man. They take her out the ball and then maybe they ought to Iraq and that's sort of been there issued this season. Any direct the NBA you're probably reached that equation too there's not any. Major weakness especially when L and I think the scary part. Scorer you know keep that are looking at that potential play our match ups and meet you guys are like that many. He looked around the league in terms a guy like LeBron pal Larry court just logged huge minutes ago or forty minutes regularly. And you look at gold seats and star players and coming and they're panicking Easley could get up in the play out they need to be even more devastating. You know another network it's just how well this year's starting lineup has done compared to last year relax you're starting lineup including lineup book eight. Mean it's your starters are just so much earlier by the numbers the black street versions so I think we're kind of a situation where this becomes a real Mikey. Tackle expect speaker any keep these guys focused and intent can't keep their. Are in the ball you know especially when they've got a CE twenty quietly in the fourth quarter you know don't let that go just. A step up their teams rodent actually what you saw it and they were they were not messing around. They wanted to go with a cup Kiki should anyone have any kind of you know collapse like any app on Christmas then they made it happen. NBA writer for Sports Illustrated and Oliver we Jolo in dibs. On 95 point seven a game what do you think about the way JaVale league he's been playing is the five. For the warriors before the season started he was one of those guys everyone kinda hoped would make the roster rounded out buddies get more minutes he's pretty good in the process. Yeah you know lack a little bitter. Out or let the lead early in the heat and Arab count that's why anybody yet in its at all yet it it was finished lot of that month that up. You could do its job and an article. 24 code are eaten yet so that sort where you got a pretty good light pretty good job. He makes his future state so you're gonna you all ought and they're Berry. Obvious you don't eat it would be like the book the grand you know. Slam dunk on that dialogue. But he's gonna get them back on the other end at their regions maybe a few questions in the clout in terms of what it will be. And match about the eighteenth app I've bought and Brett you know I think to ourselves in that that maybe they'll. Advocate each and every condition and the situation that walks and a minute. Apple when you're going to get maybe Cleveland air force it on they could really pick our weakest link. No I I'd be a little bit more out there outlook for now he's given bury. Which is great because again in straining your record pieces. Mean a working near you're turning monstrous box acute treatment and medical. Okay victory playing target and demeanor are foreign bodies or to work out don't be sort of golden week. Worst case I think I'd like bogeyed the only. And you podium. Not only keep open need it in and minutes and an article pretty deep in the court and that can be super helpful. Come Manger. All star game just six days away Doc Rivers giving some advice to Steve Kerr is saying make your enemies happy referring mainly got. Russell Westbrook do you expect to see the four warriors and Russell Westbrook on the Florida gathered how well Steve Kerr handle. This potential simmering feud among the western all stars. What do you know what we're gonna go up or keep their beat because it was real Turkey and BP every year in part to put out there with anybody it don't matter and actually love that about an added. These last couple all our games have been terrible you know outweighed weak about that that is the quality of the play of the defense that. I intensity edge is all way off lat couple of years. So I'm actually really hope and pray that Westbrook set its own ears. The warrior economy start to speed up that we get ourselves real game we're kind of kind of gone back report that each other and it is you know not just a three point shootout between the forty corridor and and not guard anybody so. I'm hoping he's been at the pot I don't wanna eat a lot of you know a team back and forth. You know warriors or is what I would hope that his. His drive and aware top and everybody else because you look back at those Tron game the New York in the mid to pretty up watched exhibition. Do you think to don't take your cue from the Pro Bowl which was much more competitive this year. I hope I. I mean I don't know I don't Albert it'll all look like they're in what triggered a global I don't know but. It was a hard hit a fan this year man. Well brilliant will bring it back yet but in the budget questions for the game you know day in a little bit but not what you. But I would hope that. And he's got to take it upon themselves to it would epic lautner do. Let you know at least clip art that bedeviled it. A call we get that nose broken and it's not that long ago way it feels like that go. Given how lack he's got that last couple years. One of the best in the business national NBA writer for Sports Illustrated bend Oliver we Jolo when did this on 95 points and the game Ben thank you so much for your time we appreciated. Catch up with the again soon. Well up there on TV here movie OJ made America maybe. I haven't seen this is out for an Oscar published. Ten tasks now again FX series the Travolta was great to. But the actual documentary but the real footage cool power at least a powerful Baird. Maybe you'll end of that next actually no we got low one dams low on gloves at 845 lol on dams at 945 visit from JT. The college basketball world was an awesome twist this week and all that's coming up. Jolo Indians 95 points in the game now back to show lowered dibs on 95 point seven big game. But isn't there a voice tomorrow Valentine's Day but over the weekend. Good friend of the program. Also Oakland a's reliever Sean Doolittle longtime girlfriend Erin Dolan got engaged so congratulations. To Sean and arron you. Looking forward to the not Schultz and everything that goes on after that but congratulations man that's also that's got to BOY hailed. Wedding would those two kooky kids and I say cookie because they're both very eccentric you can only imagine that the theatrics and hijinks and go on that nuptial will she allow him a Star Wars themed. When super question bachelor party for sure the anything else that goes onto it for sure are but the wedding I got to turn that down. That's yet to shave the beard would you making sure the beer. Make them say the beard he's won that you know it's something he's had for along time candies at. As part of millions just curious I was photos aren't yes nice and clean out that you have to she I think I. In the or should know this answer but I'd I do all. I think it's only element bricks at the 09. The verdict please that conversations about state tax law. Come on alcohol all catchup speed and he certainly can ask him a wide variety of things he's he's he's very very intelligent but congratulations Sean Doolittle and -- Dolan on your recent engagement we wish you guys. The best ten and soon JT the brick joining us now on 95 point seven the bricks Saturday night was a thriller in the warriors once again come away with a victory. Yeah Joseph they dominated the whole weekend without the Super Bowl in football coming to an end these ratings were enormous. And I think the NBA wants to see that again in the playoffs and I don't think we'll see it with a 17. The only way we see that as with a 18 match up. With Oklahoma City and I think I could be wrong upload up to you guys 018 match up with the warriors Oklahoma City. Quick get higher rating. In the Western Conference final. I'm dead serious believed the rating was so big for a non post season game in the regular season non holiday game like Christmas. I think the league wants to see that again because of all the drama and intensity that went into it. I think you're right break I think we need to pump the brakes on having that ringing be higher than the western final note talking about the spurs or maybe the bearded James harder dare I say the clip joint archived maybe a little over your skis and this result not at all because I think that Westbrook if let's. What continues dips to melt down because. Like a lot of NBA players and we've been talking about this for months there melting down a round believed. There is a Chernobyl meltdown from new York and Dolan. All the way through Oklahoma City to LeBron and everything it's happening because of the success of the warriors and I just think I would rather see Westbrook play. Do right and then Harden on the big believer in Houston I think they're doing that would mirror his. And San Antonio why traditionally light because I love there style apply in the way they play. I just think the country is not as excited to see that match up because there's no bad blood there's no real intensity that this Oklahoma City rival yulia it's gonna deliver for the next few years. JT the brick ten the nude Tim dot bon Temps will join him a 1015 day Andrews announced it 1045. Thank you brick have a great showed and I think guys thanks I always got provoked. I don't know instantly to the down tonight. I thought that he was just a little bit over his skis coming home I want I can't even hurt us it's always to one off when you go Casey in the cup figures come out but a four game sweep but it would be a sweep of okay see it's not an outrage the western finals I'm sorry even though he got eternal bull references and which I love. Shot out you know the US SRI. Actually USS leg you know. I don't see it but should noble reference in there. We're head on and all that I go out Chernobyl Miller dam gives from Baltimore all the way up to reminds me get away. It's being horrible damned Indonesia we obviously all seen the footage of what's going on up there. You obviously very passionate about this because from the central valley you give me of god great detailed history lesson about central valley today. What are we doing as a state with some of these names that we just not keeping up with them and an incandescent things showed me what I'm looking at the water conservation and how the lack of water we've had in California. You know kind of talk about a drought. We have a bill to dance since the seventies and did we talked about that and it was good deeds he Indian the moral that the big ones was what bill. Even further back than that so when you look at it all this water that in addition running down the ocean because we have no place to save it in a hole it. She doesn't mean we need to build some more dams and even now. Don't of these dams are getting old fool me you won't let the water out in this insulated out boy into the ocean. Let it come down the central valley. Now you put in all the canals and if fled to feel so what do you do you think about. Our land structure and how least cavities or sometimes it this summer mark collapse in because the water has been sucked out of the ground summits is a plumber collapse and filming scene Kohl's all this up because of the you know lack of work so. Let all these feels let this water come down. What this central valley like all the Ford plant in that water that's going to be sit on top of the dirt. It's gonna sink into the ground until a couple of water table so instead of releasing all this water back into the coaching coached. We do the logical playing. Let essential in these who's missing a lot of little and it's going to be able to live. Aren't all series and let out the central valley washing all the way start fresh chilled again. Today potential ballot again should they have about a fertile again. Off again. Look. At him. On fire and you're on days. Marat did the East Coast northeast travel to do a situation I knew more yes. And our thoughts are with all the people who were affected hundreds thousands residents are being out or to evacuate. Yeah I watch the news you like screaming at me about yes now I saw all the news report he's passionate met him he looks me it's not a 100000. Yes it just seems did you need a south kiss and this morning. He's keep it real. Until two K keep it seems to me exactly to be junk that we go from. A state of extreme drought don't water your lawn. To now we have all the water we don't know what to do it we have the smartest people on earth yet we don't know how to move the water around. Maybe we take our attention away from the DA PL. Disaster. And put all that it like toward moving the water around which is the number one resource that we all use in that thing. About it jolted praising about it is we understand that population continues to grow. Word have been more kids there's more people in the earth now and it's bastion of valley ol' mean in California in general so why would you not play in and start building these dams I just think that's. Bad business decisions by California. Shut out California's do better. Did you shout out all I want I have to be some regional that you get shut out Oakland California it's not shout out our. It's a big part the waters to the public got a sudden. TO he doesn't coaches. You sit down there in Los Angeles. As is the nice light Monday show if you like. Issues about damped structures in central valley and whatever and palaces thing was about today JT the brick candidates in my dad's dead fifty Andrews announced yet 1045. It's up to their boys except that this week a lot of the media takes off not this week. Not this media may you'll take off track but not. And a short game week for Jennifer Lopez did until formal text value add everybody JT the bricks up next we'll catch you tomorrow morning 6 AM sharp right here on out topless and don't you. Are already.

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