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Warriors Hit The All-Star Break, Franchise Value Continues to Soar

Feb 16, 2017|

JD & Steiny discuss the Warriors NBA best record at the All-Star Break, the Dubs weekend ahead in New Orleans and the value of the franchise reaching $2.6 billion.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right John tickets and that's died Mets beyond the numbers podcast episode number five. And we are at the all star break the warriors. At the break in their gonna send for players to New Orleans are also gonna send it their entire coaching staff to New Orleans. Led by Steve Kerr and Matt just what what do you make it worth this team is at right now as we finally. Finally reached the break. Well like the fact that they have four all stars and it tells at all let me tell you that there have been a phenomenal year. The 46 and nine. Heading into the last game before the break. They might not be playing quite as well record wise as last year but I don't think there's anybody in the warriors organization is disappointed without the season's gone. The fact I think everybody's getting got to be extremely pleased. And if you look at the orders oral scholars and I was thinking about this. What grade would you give each of them. At the halfway point. For staff curry have to give them a worse than a minus may be B plus but I'd give an a minus terrain it's got to get. To me and eight minus again at worst because he's come here have been a better player than most people expected. Tre Mike Green hit play any better I think he's got to be an LA. And they Klay Thompson just because maybe that's sticking out like the other ones. Maybe he gets a B plus but all four of those guys have really good brigades which means they're play it well which means that lawyers are gonna win a lot of games they have. Well I think you looked at and I was jot them down as you read them off and I think Kevin Durant and drink my green both get solid gains. For the waited they've played Andy Kevin Durant did make it cases that. That two or three bad games for the entire. First after the season right I'd probably give Carrie at the loss although he's come on strong. Of late as we've talked about a lot of Klay Thompson has probably be era beep losses quality the bottom line for me and I know this stuff then. This is a topic the that you brought up that you wrote about the fact that you could the warriors win the championship if one of those guys was gone. Right we've discussed it on the BA this week before I don't think they could. And it just goes to show you because they've got all these guys went at such a high level. Well I don't if if they were to lose one of those four players for a big jump to the playoffs. Or the entire playoffs. I don't necessarily think we could rule that now but I do think they stopped being the favorite. Because I think right now they are the clear cut favorite if you look around the league the top competition with Cleveland Cavaliers. They've just lost Kevin Love for a little bit. They haven't been really hitting on all cylinders. The warriors are ahead of where the Cleveland Cavaliers right now and as far as the Western Conference goes. The only team or not. Completely sure about. By the San Antonio Spurs because they beat the warriors on opening night the words haven't had a chance to play them again. When it comes that he used it when it comes to Memphis the clippers warriors have proven that they can handle those thieves and maybe even handle over the short series. The I think you know there are teams that can beat the warriors wants let's say in a playoff series. There are teams that maybe could beat him twice if the warriors are plan while. I don't think there's a team that I've seen they can beat the warriors four times in a playoff series and you write with maybe the exception San Antonio. And the only reason we say that it's because they've only played one time. We'll get a better feel for that between now and in the last few months here before the regular season games. Right and those will be good games do because the warriors will be on the road in both of them and all on a back to back in both the vote. So that's gonna present the warriors with a big challenge you when you look back on the season. Those two games against the spurs I guarantee you're gonna be important games because the warriors believe will either have won the one of those games or lost one of those games and if they lose one of those games that means they're vulnerable and that the scorers. Beat them at home and readable on the roads that the warriors actually wanna try to win both those games to reestablish some dominant. It's John tickets in Matt's diamonds beyond the numbers podcast here for 957 the game were pocket warriors. We're talking NBA and all star weekend the warriors obviously haven't heck of a president's. Down in New Orleans with the four all stars with the coaching staff. With Klay Thompson defending his it's three point title. Over the course of this weekend and you'll Steve Kerr. He's he said he wants the guys to enjoy it embrace it there there's no special words that he says that the team before they leave. For the all star break of the players that are going to be with a big New Orleans he just wants him to have fun and view as they see fit clearly treat these guys like the adults that they are. Ellison the first year that they've had an extended breaks or if you're not. On the all star team we're not gonna New Orleans I mean. Your delegates separate days off it used to be those last games. There were couple games that trickled in on Thursday night but. Most teens. Basically just had a four day weekend and that was about it so this is twice as long and it's gonna be interesting to see if there's any residual effects of the long break he used to be kind of running joke that. The first game back from a break was kind of a half hazard type game because guys that. Got maybe a little out of shape in the past four days now might be eight days so that'll be worth keeping on on. On Steve Perry's gonna give the warriors all the way until Wednesday. Before and after the all star break before the warriors are gonna have a practice I think teams mandated they can't practice Tuesday. But there's gonna give them what the game Sunday and obviously the guys that are played in the game. Everybody for the warriors is gonna get Monday and Tuesday off they'll report back on Wednesday. And then they've got a ball game at ORACLE Arena on Thursday so. Everybody gets at least of the 48 hours which Steve period it said. The before the game against Sacramento. That it's not a time to time but it's enough time to try and checked out of remove yourself if you are one of the guys that's in New Orleans. Once you know what though over the warriors for all stars. And their coaching staffs to a lesser degree. It's not enough of the right. They'll leave tonight after the game and really either. We've got a charter. Tonight which I doubt I'm sure they'll probably leave tomorrow. They'll get to New Orleans Thursday night Friday Saturday Sunday is a whirlwind. Friday's media availability Saturdays all that competition Sunday the game Monday they fly back. I'm not saying it's. I'm not saying it's ditch digging but it's not easy it's not easy it's got it takes that stuff out. Yeah I think there's no question about it and maybe that maybe that third day or that fourth they would it would help. They don't use up the middle with that they're they'd be able to relax but now it it's clear that it. Yeah otherwise but the orders thirteen that they get a lot of rested their careful with their players and I think they can do sort of a slow build. Back out of the all star break in and stay sharp they're good at hiding pacing themselves compared to edit the Cleveland right now. It right let's get Kevin Love out. LeBron James is playing over forty minutes I'm not sure why I guess because they need to still win games to get the one seed in the east. But there are not talented back at all he's going to be there over the weekend do. And I think this is a situation where. The fact that the warriors are able to pace themselves is if it can't help but be a benefit. What once the playoffs come around. What's the benefit of blown out so many teams. Warriors. Handle so many teams. That. A lot of times that all of the play there for all stars 3840 minutes a game that's what. I think makes them particularly dangerous. In the playoffs and is a team that's got to make its third straight championship run. All the water and you wonder if fatigue enters into it on the other hand. If you look back at last year curry sat out tons of four quarters. The minutes worked at a high we're headed in the same direction this year. All the players are in their prime so. If you look at it that way they should be fine real. I think so beyond the numbers John tickets and Matt Stein nets the other numbers podcast for 95 which sent the game. What did you think. The way the warriors most recent road trip shook out. With the game in Memphis to back it back in Oklahoma City emotionally we joked about it you know this warriors need there's no way to lose to Memphis. There's no way it was Oklahoma City but if there's one game and that made it out of hand at the point where they'd just yet get it back. It would be that game in Denver. And sure enough it played out exactly like we thought it mind. Yeah I thought it was a little bit predictable to tell the truth because. Memphis had beat the warriors twice they had incentive there then the following day they're gonna Oklahoma City and obviously that was going to be a zoo. And they were gonna wanna play well and hard for that one. But I was thinking about it. And Memphis with the game that was really underrated I think by a lot of observers. That may have been the biggest game for the warriors on the trip but I think they do it. Then the next day on the back to back at the play Oklahoma City they go in and out whirlwind. Then they stay overnight in Oklahoma City that wake up the next day. They fly to Denver but you don't want when they're flying to Denver there all checked it what it's been written on the Internet. All about that game Saturday night against Oklahoma City there was so much that came out of that game. Players like to read about themselves like to see what's written about so what I'm getting at is I guarantee you they spent all Sunday they can about the thunder game. They woke up Monday in Denver and all of a sudden it's time to go. How to play game that maybe there were ready sport but overall I think the trip was great I think it. If you told the warriors look you're only gonna win two out of three on the strip they would take I give us Memphis and give us Oklahoma City. Yet I think you look at you know the warriors losses he just kind of go back through their last handful of games it's the Denver game. Team that's under 500 jail currently they'd be a playoff team right and Sacramento team that's in the mix for the eighth spot but worse the Denver below 500. And it's a Miami Heat team those in the middle of a long winning streak at the time but another team and that similar range record wise or Denver and Sacramento are. Those games it seems that the warriors there are more apt to get beat at this stage of the season I mean when's the last time the warriors lost to somebody good. About it's I mean. Well let's start have to look at the schedule Gemini good team great thing about that but this though you pop up 500 right when this is also. I think proof that. Warriors are getting teams eight games. And maybe what we're seeing is that when they know they're gonna get a good team a game. They're ready. But sometimes when they get a bad team were so hard team to a game. Maybe they have a little trouble getting go on and I don't know that it's any more than that. I do know that they're 46 and nine so they're doing something right. And by the way the answer to that question January 6. January 6. It was the last time the warriors lost to a team that was a while 500 it was the grizzlies game where they would lead oracle wound up losing that game right to other of their last three losses Miami Sacramento. And beat Denver Nuggets. All teams in that you know and right game below 500. The have to be if you're not on your game. But not good enough to be on your radar one and acting. Yeah exactly and I think. Give those other team some credit Denver was phenomenal. They didn't miss any shots he can't wait for the missed threes they never did. And it. I think that's unsettling. Whereas I read an eye on the right screen right now. We're partners at ORACLE Arena it's beyond the numbers podcast you gotta pockets you can say this right exactly roots of what society is look at it itself. Up on the big screen in ORACLE Arena doing a radio show was it was a little unsettling for me right in the middle of a flaw and it it's. Alice when I was also that we did you weren't around you're at the Super Bowl you're not in any of that should be. But they did all that building in taping when you're the host our show. Off. Still lives and make sense and makes a lot of said yes OW come back Saturday right is it gonna back. I'm gonna be gone into an all star tickets this is the one and done after they hate me for my Edmonds. She got tickets and that's dime it's beyond the numbers spot gas. For body by seven the TB in superimposed mean it is you know I'll drop off you can shoot some some fake video. Just need flatten my guns here at the game tonight. Double double figure out. You look at this. You look at where the warriors are added that road trip in L the news today you know every year that the value of the franchise is comes out and the knicks aren't that up with the lakers. And as you might expect that Golden State Warriors do you think the top five number theory. Right mind addicts and the lakers and you're talking about New York you're talking about outlay. You're talking about you historic franchises. That have done a lot of winning although not currently in the mix for quite some time happen did. Why you look at those guys now the warriors were there and moved its efforts though. All the superstars it's it's at an act of a rise for Joseph wake up. Well it's been a very profitable ride through because. He bought the team for approximately 450. And a million more times 4:5 times and I am pleased about four and a half five times more than that in. Coming up at seven years he bought the team in 2010. And really what he's done to this franchise has been remarkable. I've talked about this a lot but when the warriors were up for sale. Most people believe Larry Ellison was gonna end up being the owner of the Golden State Warriors and that's who everybody wanted to be. The owner of the Golden State Warriors which relate to found a way to. To end up buying in the team. And people forget that he gave bidding here and he wasn't really welcomed in here and not just talking about the brewing. About the Montreal month to illustrate the Chris Mullin retirement ceremony talking about genuine disappointment. That and a note it got the team and Larry Ellison one of the richest man in the world so. If Joseph lake a lot of credit he was fighting an uphill battle from the star. After a little bump in the road couple bumps in the road the first year too but it's been smooth sale of its gonna be the fifth straight year there in the post season. There. Even to go to the finals for the third straight year this team down a league franchise. Well you and you look at the fact that you know in that nine years that it will be at that at the point when the arena's at San Francisco open stick to be able to build a new arena in the state of California and others a lot of debate about. Its efforts Cisco and Oakland in an act that's at divisive topic among warrior fans. They're put their pending move but did you set that aside just being able to get an arena it done here he would. Our stadium done period in California. Is under a decade is is remarkable in and of itself. Yeah and one thing I remember. Talking to Peter goober about and that's the warriors Bono co owner it's probably harder to do that to win a championship. It might beat it might be. While talking to Peter goober about the arena coming in 2019. You know it was a day when everybody was very excited everybody was happy. It's it's full steam ahead on the project. And many people work congratulating Peter Guber over the course of the day. And he was very. Safe and kept saying well you know. The buildings not up yet the buildings not out yet and it almost reminds be of a team that's trying to be really conservative when they know they have a great team but. I get the sense that they still have hurdles it's going to be. A tight timeline. 2000 in nineteen gonna come very fast that's in less than. It's a two plus years so they're not the builder. Of that structure to flush years who's to say something doesn't happen and it gets the lady years ago. But. It's a great start for Joseph lake have been Peter Guber and right now ordeal for the warriors. Is there any reason to think it will continue. For awhile. Yeah and I think you know you look at it you know Joseph likens goals with this franchise one did win a championship obviously wanting to track. Star players to come to that area and be a member of the wars he's checked that box off the list checked championship box up the list. Eyes able to check the arena box off the list. As well as being. If I mean it's just incredible I know we keep you know it sounds like we're saying the same thing but it really is mind boggling to think. Of what's been accomplished at such a short period of time given where this warriors franchise was. At the point where he took over even the first couple years he was he was in control. Right I think what we're looking at right now is the Golden State Warriors hope there in the middle of their. First wave. Of maybe not a dynasty but of a franchise run like this San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs have essentially. Made the playoffs for twenty consecutive years. And the Golden State Warriors. Are headed to their fifth straight playoff appearance. So. And I think about this because the Golden State Warriors Joseph Laker say they wanna be the best the model. And you start thinking about what you have to do to make the post season twenty straight years. It's pretty amazing to tell you the truth and so if you think about what just happened with the warriors. To do with the spurs didn't they're the ride this wave down for the next three to five years. And we it maybe would have multiple titles. And goatee and another couple years and then. Have to reconfigure the team somehow. So that they can keep it don't look for another 568. Years that's going to be easy in order to do it over twenty years and you've got to. But David Robinson and Tim Duncan OK will the warriors have staff Currie and Kevin Durant they're gonna take that about. You know 67 years you would think what's been happening after that. I don't nobody's thinking about that right now but if you wanna be the best franchise at all professional sports. That's actually the way got a thing. A rapid and up here beyond the numbers podcast on tickets and that's done it couple league wide issues. I wanna get your MVP front yet I want your your biggest surprise in the positive your biggest surprise in the negative. The route this first half for just over the first. The regular season but before we do that. I wanna ask you about. He's what do you see from this week and is now but up in New Orleans as far as Russell Westbrook. Will Steve Kerr play Russell Westbrook with him and that's the question keeps being over and over will he be the one guy plays with the four warriors. Forty wanna see is that it. I know we've talked about it a lot I would like to see DeMarcus Cousins as the it guy does is it because he's so different. And so yeah he's the one type of player the warriors haven't had. In this round or ride so great so to me it would be fun to see that level of dominant big man. Why were the other or even if it's for 45 minutes of audio wanna see you think it'll be Westbrook. What's gonna be up to Westbrook my notes the terror. If I know Steve Kerr helped pull those guys decide maybe individually. Maybe together. I'm sure we'll read the situation a practice or day. Confront each other on Friday but I think it's simple if you go up the Russell Westbrook finished ahead. All this crap happened with you would derail. I think we can admit but all of the bodies few out there with the war warriors brought up and down for three to five minutes have a little fun when those guys. We get out of here. And all this stuff we'll go to bed. You'll get asked about it today and it'll probably be over. And to read obviously doc and have a problem if Steve -- what's the would have built on the floor out with derail it so I think it's going to be up the Westbrook. If Westbrook wants to do it maybe put this thing behind it. They'll say yes if he doesn't hurt not gonna put a mini game an all star game at its Westbrook doesn't wanna be a part of it. Yet I I I don't think I still think it's a little too soon when you look at the waiting game played out. And I think that's the indicator that I'm looking at the waiting game plan I don't know on the city they're just. Still seemed to be such an edge. And animosity between the two and a and I get it Kevin Durant tried to downplay it Kevin Durant is say look it's about basketball on the court and you know I love all of it will work out they actually. It's true network that out yet. And I think to. It looked like it worked much closer to work in and out. And it or before that game in Oklahoma City so I still think it it's probably a little too raw. For it to be something that'll happen. What few weeks. You know are we basically and we get it day you know from from when net gain took place amid. It'll make it just want us to lose you wanna like Westbrook. What's hi I wanna see DeMarcus Cousins. Who's your MVP. James art. We we agree on the hard wow I got art on Westbrook threw it hard team to me is doing better. For with the talent there in the Oklahoma City team is doing with the talent day what do you think of the warriors and then in that mix where region have the the former auto workers. I actually agree here. During Perry repeated Tuesday it would be in the LT. Restraint moniker exactly. So I think they're all gonna nullify each other I think we're gonna see LeBron in there were gonna see Hawaii and there we might see Isiah Thomas and there. We look I don't know where we'll see curry or terrain better maybe even to write my injury but. I think all those guys are gonna cut in Italy each other about it I think. What are you pick between curry underage. I don't know. I give me your biggest surprise. To the positive so far in the NBA season and and and not give you minded able to the negatives ads and the rockets. The fortieth seventeen. They are clearly better than they've been in the last two years. They look like more of a real deal. Come playoff time I think they can beat some good teams. They've got front court players who could shoot threes. They've got back court players out and shoot threes that works with James art and the decided to leave that on a night when they knock shots down they can beat anybody. It's a Houston. Yeah and I think that when you looked added the other biggest surprise for me in the positive. Is data V a couple of teams in the Eastern Conference at the Boston Celtics. And the Washington Wizards and for me. I didn't think the Celtics could be a team victory bullish than it fifties in terms of wins or at least the loaded if you saw that they were. A 45 to 48 when he needed in the way that that Isiah thomas'. Taken his game to adapt their lap in the fact that they are able the wind is I didn't think you couldn't win it. The level that the Celtics are winning with him as the best player just based on the weight plays they think they beat too easy to the dead. He'd be a little too streaky. And the wizards that team that was awful at the beginning of the season now vaulting themselves all the way to third. In the east and I get it eased its fragile you got some teams that he thought might be good run on Atlanta are a little bit down. It's given an opportunity for those other teams did to move up the biggest disappointment for me. Is a Portland trailblazers and they continue. It just disappointed as it seemed ideal if they were 500. I think you sale. It's back from 44 wins a year ago. It would still have been a position where they'd hole the eight spot probably hold comfortably. If they were 500. But you look at this team now. What should and games below 500 it doesn't look like they're going to be able that necessarily pull themselves out of it very big disappointment. Just based on the fact that they should be better than the rest of those teams. That are in the box for eight but they haven't yet. A city LA clippers. And other fourth or fifth or whatever they are in the Western Conference but. I think their time is over. As far as being a legitimate championship type team and the season started very very well for them. They were playing very good basketball they look like they were focused they look like they were ready to. Just kind of shut their valves and play because they've they've known. For the past few years they've been kinda ridiculed. By the media by fans for not being able to deliver. And here we are the halfway point again or at least at the all star break and I don't really see a lot of hope or the only thing. They can hang their around right now is hoping that they can get healthy. And then make a run but I don't know what that run is I don't think it's a championship run they win two rounds. I don't know not that second round against the warriors so that's the team I think it's been disappointed. They've been very disappointed as well my BP is also James Harden Russell Westbrook could be down my number two that he serves that deserves a lot of credit. For the way he's played and the fact that the thunder are up for sure playoff team above 500 above that month. That we looked down and nightly basis in the Western Conference that's gonna do it for us beyond the numbers podcast. John tickets and ads I've met for 95 cent of the game episode five in the books.

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