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Podcast 2-16-17 Hour 2

Feb 16, 2017|

JT recaps the Warriors win over the Kings then continues to talk about Green disrespecting Dolan. The fans weight in and then Sports Business Analyst Rick Harrow joins to give his opinion on Greens comments. He then talks about the changing attitude of athletes towards the president. Finally Vegas Insider RJ Bell joins to talk about the Raiders and As odds this coming season and how they might be different than you would expect!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

For Vick to yeah dot com. Comes yeah it's easy to take the break. We'll go warriors flipped the switch again last night in the third quarter of what was a very competitive game. Against the Sacramento Kings and kings team that's fighting for the post season. What was the speech in the locker room after joining him on got a jacket. To hit the wars that one of the great epic. The reporters that you're now accustomed to. What we're talking about drama today his comments on his podcast. Which have a lot of people talking. And another high profile rejection. On the I have to have. To win the NBA title on 957 game. It's time for you to join the conversation. Called triple A 95795706695795. Thank you come back our number 20 on a good day to talk NBA basketball we head into the all star break. With the warriors are clearly the best team in basketball not by a bunch. A San Antonio is hanging around in Cleveland on the other side in the eastern conference's Kevin Love will will be out for six weeks. A Cleveland making up their mind on how they wanna set themselves up. For Iran apple warriors most likely in the NBA finals. We spent most of the week talking about that until now because of dream on green's comments on his podcast. Where he compared the owner of the knicks. God James Dolan. To a slave master mentality. When he was on his podcast because of the incident with Charles Oakley the former Knick legend being removed from Madison Square Garden so. Real emotional hour last hour talking to two African American journalist with their opinions won the host of the podcast we'll get that sound. And the other one Robert at all. And we're gonna get into the business side of this and how this affect the business the NBA that's what it is that the business Mark Davis owner of the raiders is trying to run his business. What he believes to be a better business model if you relocate the writer's most people in Oakland don't like that the majority of them don't. But he's looking out a business models still becomes very divisive. The people even with them when you're against them. Right that's what this is the NBA has a business model big part of the business model. Is it to sport dominated completely dominated by brilliant. Rich. African American superstars who make millions upon billions of dollars if you add up all the salaries together. And the league has an image to uphold as they try to expand around the globe to Mexico to China. It's a portable players in the league accuses. One of the owners of having a mentality. That could be described it was described by dry month as slave master. Is that good for business. Or is adored for fans take to get more contact. It's good for me is I don't talk race in last other people do. One thing if you listen to this show help you do every day you'll never hear me ever bring up race car. Until someone takes an eight. During the anthem in my phones are lit or someone says something on a podcast accusing someone of a slave master mentality. I mean you really don't believe when I came into work on Monday and Tuesday this week where my whole industries on vacation. Right on the work in the you don't really think I want us. Or I dream of something like this hour talk about the game from what I wanna talk about the x.s and o.s and the box score. But let's start with that and what happened in the game last night when drain on. Got rejected it actually seemed to spark the warriors. Often as the ball dribble drive until it comes out left wing because. You'll make outside the arc or his dad left can't dribble fix the trouble now it equals nothing and it's not really what I put it. But it back the basket that ballot for a lot of good if you got very much this got himself thrown out of game. What San Joaquin Valley golf. All right so that's Tim Roy on the call that's him on the call and wanted to give the other perspective his last night I was watching. CS and California. And that's grant Napier who's been a long time friend of mine who's the voice of the Sacramento Kings on television so that was the broadcast. That I was watch it last night in my home. When drain mine got rejected listened to the king's call. And how different sound. Now they appear with the for. This but I'd I'd drama. The voice of the kings. So twit now looked down on my couch and ago. Well I'd throw that out there and I'm sure there are sweeteners out and and grant who's calling the game. Weeks like that get me thanks brick goes beyond I'm saying while it was a pretty emotional call from where did Peter on that. So grant Napier verbally escorting. Drama and green to the locker room on the bye bye drama on. So I've a fifteen and thirteen year old son in my fifteen year old plays basketball as it is gonna Google it. It's what we want to second half year and and like always the warriors came out in the third quarter and play live and op. It made for a great town to open love stifling. I. Let. Them. And there's more play as the warriors outscored Sacramento 42 to fifteen in the third quarter. Also what exactly Tolliver pressure by Donna. Still open. That book on Iran. Iran waits. Blake played about thirty quarter. Most of that was the rout was on at that point so I told you yesterday the the Vegas points put on that game was warriors minus eighteen they were an eighteen point favored and they were down adapt. So good that and if your bet the kings to cover the spread you got to feel pretty good. At halftime and then that you were crushed absolutely crushed. Near the end of this game when done right and and the. Now if it went off the line it needs only time frame that. It's got the film that got big he had the break that very underhand lob. So that such and Roy on the call the big takeaway that's a sixteenth. Forty point quarter this season for the warriors no other team has more than six. A team has more than six and the warriors have sixteen after the game Steve Kerr Andrei mongering getting ejected. Now dream on he's always a play on that edge and tonight he crossed the crusty image and we need him to walk to outline and we we don't wanna take away that chip on his shoulder but we need him on the floor to. But so now we're gonna play the sound byte of trim on on his podcast and what he said. About the issues surrounding New York Knicks and owner James Dolan and his beef with Charles Oakley former NBA legend this is what's making national news on all the debate shows. This led off every radio show and TV show this morning. Freedom freedom that's. Why is he buying a ticket to game birds. Know. Stop. Desalvo. You know why does he buy tickets and again. You don't I've found almost taken Dole's own and that thing weighs in when he was way. There was a problem when he was speaking out there wasn't probably protect their superstars. And so if there was a problem do what you're dornin for doll. Wives and columns and a problem now when he speak out. Also in that you don't like and now you wanna do all of you know from its organizers nicely to order from the assault group. When are you doing it against me or not necessarily gives you which is speaking out against organization. Is not good anymore. The slaves and slave master them. As ridiculous a it was all fine and dandy when he was laying people I'll take it. It'll take half of an audience. Organization. When all of the sudden when he faced something that he feels. Is the problem. I disagree with that I definitely think lackluster. Bestseller about some toes. You know I respect affected drain on disagrees with apple when he used the term slave master mentality. That's now become a firestorm because he's the only one who said not Carmelo Anthony not Derrick Rose not Joakim Noah. None of the black players on the knicks are saying that none of the black players in the entire league. Entirely. Thousands of players and executives and African American employees no one else said that other than drama. How could you not think that that's not a big story the biggest story for the warriors and the Bay Area one of the warriors. Who's talking 3000 miles away against an owner in the league and uses the term slave master mentality that's a big deal so. I got a head start on the story last night hosted my show for fox I had on. A couple of guests to talk about this Michael Lee very respected senior insider from the vertical Andrei mom's comments. Sometimes it can overreach it's kind of make appointee and that is one real situation and I'm not sure you know I obviously don't allow people upset by the which probably which street. But I don't know that language could ever be used. We're regardless expel an immediate. Competent if not very candidate as an owner. But to take that have been the lead. My I think he made I'll look at our. People who are highly respected people are coming to the defense of James Dolan because of rain on green. James Dolan is getting hammered in New York up until today where now people are defending him because. Golden State Warriors said something about him that was racially. Racially charged it was opinion dated and old they dry imam was running around on the podcast it was all about race but. That wasn't taken out of context we played that sound byte because that would drain Mon said. This is also a story on TMs say Evan Rosenblum. Joined me last night from TMC because he realized. This was a pretty big story and try him on wouldn't back down. I don't think the drama of the little walk is back though he seems pretty dug in on this one and you know he's got a opinion he's that's how he feels and he's gonna you know. I don't think there's any real pressure and tempted to walk it back to doesn't feel that way. I mean there are a lot of people that are speaking out against it like aegis that I have read see a lot of people. I connected to two into the NBA into business public that it that I have. Disputed remark claim but that's a heavy claim to make me Hugo when you sit you've got to be prepared to try to back up you got a note there's going to be immediate backlash. And you gotta be ready to go to war and I exchanged just. Seeing the kind of comic the Jamont made in the past and he's. Seems like immediate second guys because we doing here so I don't expect in the backtrack on this one but it'll be interesting say. Earlier on the show we had Marcus Thompson joins us he co hosted the podcast. Would drain Ahman Green and I wanted to get his opinion on actually what he saw in the room how it felt when they recorded the podcast. And why other players haven't said this. There is contingent. Behind Nazis who do feel this way. And maybe not to that degree and maybe they go labeled it likely wrap story says the but it is there like this mindset is there that oppresses them there. And that is the product. Young man the common grown man in this climate of our country. Also Robert Wood told joined us earlier in the first hour from black sports on line very well thought out. He writes a lot he talks about all issues that have to do it athletes race the league and I asked him about African American athletes who make a lot of money. Can we tie them to this story and how it affects other people. Multiple the age of inferiority. Type situation because of race. But you know like that it probably that. Much nobody that you may keep a but don't wanna take that equals but one because as a vote you have to go quality of the education period. Racer go because rep you don't want to after all that I would at this they feel like Apollo. Because you know their reaction now. But it makes it to where it is great so are quite the actual real light tight situation. So we've covered it all you know I think confusing is that woke up this morning Stephen A Smith. Is leading with this story leading with that and he doesn't agree with drama and before I get the record just wanna take one call on this. At Stephen A Smith is against rim on on this and I DVR. Comcast sports net central half hour prep for the show and nothing. No one talked about this over half hour last night into today it's it's a big national story. Carlos and San Bruno you're up first what do you think the drama on remarks. Or little. I think it over another important and that's how it feels about it. It was irresponsible like this thing that was impacted. You know goal and remarks saying. We needed help with alcohol he had some sort of problem with alcohol or it responsible well. To label him an alcoholic just like. There's agreement they're going don't want racist or a slave master. And commissioner should get all their and it works good for. You to apologize. That's just how he didn't want to portray our own that. I'll be equal or. Yeah yeah I gotta run cause I don't think he should be made I think everybody has freedom of speech and could say whatever they want especially on a podcast I repeat a podcast is much different than a radio show. Much different on what you can say I don't think did I believe that frame on green should apologize because it's the right thing to do. As I bring in Rick Horrow the famous sports business consultant. Harvard law visiting expert a guy go back over twenty years went and Rick good to talk to again I just wanna begin with this on. Drank migraine calling out James Dolan you've been covering this league you know owners you know former commissioners and the current commissioner. It's not every day. When a black all star pulls out a New York Knicks owner and ties slave master mentality. To his name. Eight pot stirred up a day everybody's entitled to whatever they want to. I can't stick to certain matter respective owners usually get and Eckerd they'd be with this administration generally that respect is less. Also we also understand that just because you're an owner doesn't need it. I tolerate what otherwise would be world seat double barrel so. You know obviously it is a fairly complicated issue but it comes back to. Anybody can say they want to some articulate thoughts. Rick Horrow is our guests were you wrote a really detailed pays on stepped curry. And his connection to under our armor but the under armour founder and CEO Kevin plank and his support. The Donald Trump our president now. It's just get really ugly here over the next couple years when it comes to athletes visiting the White House or even CEO always. Backing the athletes who Wear their shoes and where there apparel. And you know we get people boycott the white out before it all kinds this administration so. You know we're we're at ourselves at BU verse that. The issue now is regardless of party affiliation sports messages endorsement highly visible frequently watched it be misconstrued. It was very quick under armour. Action Juan Ortiz with stepped curry obviously Kevin plank because there is endorsement opportunities there you don't have been a position where. Somebody actually flies in the face have argued they met they patched a lot but the bottom line is if it's not the question. Aptly be role models or like Charles Barkley. Or. With social. He hit a sport. Got to be heard that you're not that automatically get out say well bill listen to eat or young people to be there is being issued now as we know. Said podcast radio show Twitter FaceBook all this stuff. It you know like it look at look at for reasons that relate to sanity but it's a lot bigger than it used to be. Rick Horrow longtime friend of the show famous sports business consultant. A host of Sirius XMV on the scoreboard. You deep dive when we Melissa came out of the top three teams when it comes to revenue in network the knicks the lakers warriors come and at number three and tire and the warriors who are gonna leave the what you've found out with their ticket prices are clearly the most entertaining team. I believe not only in the MBA in all of sports is that reflective and tied to their ticket prices. What is now. Our jointly own joke for a long time. Remember how easy it is to remember. What it was blown out when he was first starting unit took a little. Or argue that that all the race ticket price to 50%. Corporate. You know that the front rows that if he'd bought that should be brought to other places and what you think about it with Joseph lake says. We got a great product we have the product that people don't like he goes they ought to be public service to you know electric gained. Border. And remember he's paying for any arena built basically adequate. His own pocket but that rabbit so it's all a great. And it does put more pressure to perform. But listen there. Are going to be. Rick Horrow finally Rick with the bathroom bill and what happened in North Carolina and Charlotte losing the all star game as it comes to New Orleans. Just comment overall you've been to many all star weekends and all different sports. How important is this to the city of New Orleans with the political. Backdrop of the bathroom bill going forward in what Texas is saying about the future of Super Bowls what the underlying story in your mind. Going into this all star weekend when it comes to the business side of the sport the NBA. You may be my friend first of all the war. Buddies that fall short on basketball party. They put this together fairly quickly because that Silber Adam Scott but it. Back attitude to go. To a well North Carolina I'd better be careful now because you get what you wish for. Just like Eric Marc Luther king. Oh this a couple years ago. Off the league because at like eight indiscreet to pull the dollar out takes awhile to come back. Did you hear that exits. Well you're one of the smartest people I know that's not too tough hang around with me. So we'll continue to do this I love having on the show take care my friend. Hopefully open the door real and I enjoy doing this at the. You got Rick Horrow one of the best sports business consultants out there on any topic that's a go to guy we had a booked already before drain on green and well we were talking about would try monk's comment on a slave master mentality but to be earn more wreck when there's business that affects the east bay the Bay Area the entire Bay Area. All the gonna get your phone calls now I appreciate everybody being impatient RJ's coming up at the 45. On the baseball futures numbers out of that baseball and all that that's also a guy we have on every week but. Everybody's coming. Into the defensive join mine or saying that you dream on always. James Dolan an apology that's rod lean that's it adrenaline I exit freedom of speech. That a guy like me behind a microphone. I'd love the freedom of speech and the ability to say what you wanna say. That will never leave me that will never leave me but I think as my partner I'm when he says will be at night. There's a way to be professional. There's a way to be polite. Other people rule to other people are outlandish. And green falls into one of those categories. Pick. Should mean you don't back him and he's the reason the warriors went entitling get this dynasty which is off the rails. On the rails so they can win two out of 33 out of 44 or five to become a legitimate dynasty. Have an opinion on drain on because if you are warriors he shared or you buy tickets for the game and one of the players said something. That could be deemed. Outlandish. On the edge controversial. Eagle it was sports bar or talk to your friend and I have an opinion on this. This is an opinion based radio show with other opinions other than the host. Okay in your opinion mean more than anything to me what do you think a drain Monte Dei and what do you think drained my needs to do to clean this up. Because it's a big national story. And it's not being covered in the Bay Area look at your TV and then look at the national perspective which I bring to the table this is a bigger story than you're hearing. Or viewing in the Bay Area. Mean trying to mom's a bad guy we had Tim rolling on market stopped and Robert without Rick Horrow all give you perspective on how drama on. Is being treated him what he should do next your opinion means more to me that all the guests we had on will get to you next on 957 again. Now back to JT the brick on 95 point 72 games. Don't airway. Down the middle of the kind of financial. Plus into plus the world in new. Quick because it's so yeah. Like tap tap. At the flag. Texas preventing the free laps. Water and see this just isn't so a lot of potential who. Be nice if every third quarter was like that and they've had sixteen album when you look at the forty point quarters and what they do as Tim Roye said it and we got to cut that out for. Down the road Tim Royce said that he'd he doesn't take this for granite we're seeing a once in a lifetime run. The joining us late we spent the entire show talking about drain on green's comments on his podcast. Comparing the owner of the next James Dolan to a slave master mentality that's what drama and said I'm just reporting on what try him on. Set on his podcast Robert at all joined us last hour. On the fact that dream on probably shouldn't have gone there because it doesn't have the facts straight. Actually pretty picture 80 or take its that would be bad but you know the opportunity you don't jump and open appeared to walk out which accusation you gotta. But why got a black guy or what these social racial component to wrap that. Faxed back a boat but we will create yet welcome soldiers jump ball like. It automatically reject so it's sort of win without any cutbacks. Yet that's an African American guy who has a strong opinion Robert went on that's. The guy that I most relate to today it's my show my name's on in my opinions. But all I think to dream on should do is just apologize. The kid if he does and I don't care could hear he doesn't apologize. But it drama just says he has a press conference at the all star game and go you know. I shouldn't of said that about the owner of the knicks. I I didn't mean it to come out that way slave master mentality. I just believe this of that but I don't think drain monsoonal Lockett back. I would walk intact as I have a radio show when I get fired. I get fired if I didn't walk it back. Right on doesn't have to walk anything back Christian west Oakland always stood there for me what's happening press. You know it's called it one day. But it might get tomorrow on the on the basketball player in the wire coat speaker candidate in the press conference. We're in big deal except with the we're so easily done with it on court mentality because. He caught the championship last year that he could control insult and play out yet they. Actually leading up to it by ESPN's. And acting get a great article in basketball preview at. No later. And maybe more. Player more capable derailing and I think a lot like a lot about that tomorrow or talk about it right now you know. You can get on you know complement and at all. The number one. Integrate my question why are we buy a ticket will this or. Weakness. Let me know why you at that point if any opportunity that you quote beat his. Scott but by the world it didn't get the opportunity to go to look. Like although we by. Maybe that's why don't it would be little warm up you bottom out a involving all all all all blame it. But I want why aren't commenting. And it's going on three out the mile away article. That like at all at the like Jack. Has to African American man. Oh the entire race yet. These guys you'd think. Terror slate when they're compensated hundreds of millions of dollars and a market confidence that they're on it like being a lot of players may. We like what you are commodity you know site up here at the Dominican player in all world quarterback in football. Marty. Mark your club. At the dollars it turns. Out art treatment commodities. It it were. You like it dignity. That that. Level I think it. It is acting on. Our lack. Well it means that. Was tall and a lot of black hat here. I mean. I think frankly what about eight shouted out because what pot yeah. And. And written. Part the most articulate the world why. And that. We we wonder why Mort Mort I. Would look at and ordered forty more debt anyway privately. Yeah it's tough to go it's tough to use the word slave and anything tied to it you can't do it if you were. White and in the media nor should you. I have no experience there's so. I've been running a radio show for twenty years I avoided but African Americans who wanna talk about race relations. And tie in the end war. Or use slave or slave master. The right to do it and they are affected differently. Than white members of the media I get all of that but once you when you go there. You have to be able to back it up idol people I don't think did drain on has a clue. A clue of what's going on between James Dolan and obviously Charles Oakley and the next he's just loose. And talking in and interested in making comments on a podcast. I wouldn't kick the guy in the league for a but I just thought that he won back. Back it up a little bit and I don't think he did it from what I heard Felix in Oakland you agree would drama dead Felix. All right that's the back of it. After the rule. Well. What do you what's on holding get him on a better line guys only when asked to say when I'm hanging up Felix again any area I can't hear you on the radio and headphones on. Listeners can hear you on the Bay Bridge Robert in San those day. Thanks holding dad Robert. Robert dead Roberts gone on record today. In Oakland a guy go back twenty years with what's update. I JT you meant. That they were accused of broke. Question and answer. Did. How are you know he was late or not be able to order grilled. Me. Or. Basketball cheat and a key question and it's a little. It. Commodity. An old station. Or put a right to. Show. We mourn. Her thinking. That people can. Cope and care. Two opinion wait an. Award. Channel. On The English Patient. Movement. In but he. Additional PW sports. This is a bit delicate situation I understand it. Would. Do Q so. What's going to deal would and an X longer each. Do understand. That you can understand. It. Shouldn't. Be here. Change is do you think these people. Don't. Regret. Okay thank you and again I make five mistakes before breakfast every day. I screwed up I screw up five times before breakfast but I have been on the air for twenty years on and erupted on in erupt it would no more than a week off. For twenty years because I'm careful. With what I talk about I don't think drain mom was careful but you don't have to be careful on a podcast. Some of the one I listen to podcasts because our entertaining in their fund. Some Albemarle wasted time because of people who can't be on the radio and that's sir excuse to use profanity. Or go down roads that people with real jobs on the radio can't do. I don't hold. But if you're going to go there and talk about race behind any microphone. It could be your iPhone could be your iPhone into the microphone could be a podcast could be a radio show to be a TV interview. Be careful. When you mention race if you don't have the facts because everybody is willing to pounce. We'll wrap it up RJ bell next if your bet the writers. When the Super Bowl. Watch out with the day's wait to hear these wind totals coming up next. Now back to JT the brick. On 95 point 72 games. And we would love Vegas whatever happens right. We'll never ever ever speak we're up. I'm nervous I have my. Go about win. SimCity. Cheers GT the brings with him. Do this aren't experts aren't seeing. I bring in the best I don't gamble but I know you do. And I bring in deep that's the biggest name in sports gaming Vegas odds expert RJ bell. Weekly and RJ had you like your new open here we put a lot of time and work into that. I gotta tell you I love it but I love what you're talking about Willis I mean top old school. That is our fuel that yeah. You warned us about pocket race that island different strokes I talk about future rods here because the NBA season. Is here and we get ready for the playoffs but all get to baseball to second with the warriors. Explain to our audience if a fan now wants to bet. The warriors to win the NBA title this deep into the season is there any value there what would the return be if you bet today on the wars to win the title. Yes a two answers that question. The first answer is this is historically. Big favor with Golden State. And I mean literally. Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan height. Comparison and be on line I back in the day is used to be. Michael Jordan in the boards even money you know let's say after that historic season with a 72 went. Even money that feel owed you know even money yourself right so booms or the field. This year and I used to be that way it was at Tiger Woods and it was Tiger Woods. Or the field in the big major golf tournament which is pretty amazing against all those players back in his day. But right now Golden State us obviously haven't started yet. So it's not like they've progressed further than Jordan's boards theater you know his point is obviously a really good start the season. You've got to lay minus 170. To win 100 dollars so Euro minus money favor Golden State Warriors are. And let's just say for example 170 dollars risk return to win under. So right now I could say the following at this point in the season. The Golden State Warriors are the biggest favorites. In the modern era of the yen while out outs in its in 1980 onwards. Would be a good way to define modern you know magic number so once again biggest favorite at this point in the season we've ever had in the modern MBA. Golden State. Incredible so. I don't I think the only team that can beat the warriors on this horse. Because of their coaching their gap and the spurs are in the Western Conference. And they'll get a shot at the warriors before the NBA finals with the cavaliers. Even though they're the champs I don't think the cavaliers match up. With the warriors the way the spurs do do you think there's value there of the spores. Or twelve to one of hearsay and the warriors of the biggest favorite in the modern history at this point there's gotta be value with the spurs a twelve to war. You know something Jake. Hear you but let me give viewers and again we got Silicon Valley guys BC's listening I know they follow you. On the radio a's. You can beat the biggest favorite of all the time and still be under rated. Right caused by definition. The biggest favorite does it mean that your overrated does that mean there's a premium. It could mean let me give you an example let's say for example. That. I was playing you know we said Michael Jordan let's go back in time low in a one on one game. Yet you might have to risk 200 dollars to win a dollar you might say wow that members odd that big there must be value note note. In that case the value in Jordan in his prime or today would be on the wrist into wanted to win a dollar surge I agree with you generally. Is if you have historic extreme lives there's usually some type of inflation. But I would say more of the guys I talked to. About this who are professionals and make a living from being right about these things not right always right more times in the wrong. They actually think these prices cheap they questioned this murmurs. They really think that can Popovic in the long term you know success of that they just don't think they have the horses and you're right Cleveland. I think is a big question marks of it's not San Antonio it's not Cleveland it's probably not. Anyone and risking a 172 went under might be the value plan. But the Celtics a 25 to one of Kevin Love doesn't come back. Or is not a 100% coming off the surgery you get the Celtics the Celtics won the east. The Celtics could be in the NBA finals a 25 to one I would do it well a guy if you don't my GQ let's talk about that request is and I'll be real quick with it. If you go back again in the modern ear and say. How many. MBA champions have not had a top three player in the leak. You're literally go to look at a handful. In the last you know 3040 years literally. And my question is who's the best out expire and where they rank in the late. Isiah Thomas and he probably ranks at the back into the top one. I idled the up that team wins it got it. Real quick on the writers you're accurate last year talking about how you thought the raiders even though there are twelve and four walk over rated. Because of the way they won games the way they won games late against inferior opponents of I look at the Super Bowl odds for 2017 slash eighteen. The writers were eighteen to want your gut feeling with your experts is there value when the writers at eighteen to one in is that number going low. The 2122. To one how important is that number today. OK so one we can see for the Bay Area listeners that I had not a homer no matter where I do radio somebody give it to you straight I did think Oakland was overrated but Jake I'm not sure I was proven right. Right because once car went down that dean didn't really have a chance to try it's you know they will very likely would have had a number two seed. And they very likely would have hosted Steelers. If that were the case and that would have been a variant stressing game. So I I strongly feel that we war right but I'm not sure the way things played out. It was proven that we were right and in the flip side of that. I like the raiders and eighteen to one because I think people. Know in the back there my car got harbored Al they think about it I'll raiders you know they they played in the first round they got beat. And and again as the months go by we're gonna forget. How would this scenario really was which say one of the best quarterbacks in the league was replaced by not you know Bob Mitt below average back up so. I think in general the raiders are young team and you expect young teams to trend up words. I am optimistic about the raiders and the an eighteen to one to win the super one next year there is value on Oakland. At large and Vegas at large and Vegas pregame dot com I got to run my friend next week thank you Jake. RJ bell follow me and if you gamble you must follow him and RJ and Vegas will give the edge Felix and Oakland happy we can get jump again on -- on I'll wrap it up go. Are. Okay. But. There. Are. Yet. Oh. You. Would know. As. Well. About. It on. Glee. It. It. Yeah yeah I've managed. It's. Equity. Then. The economy. I am able to get back through Felix thank you for him to be impatient with us and we had a guest again. This is just my opinion we'll wrap it up for Greg and bond to believe because I have an opinion and I don't sit on the fence. That dream on green owes James Dolan an apology. For connecting him with the slave master mentality. Carol the players black or white warriors pelicans. Pistons whoever it is I thought it was outlandish. I thought it was over the top. I think he deserves an apology. I think the owner deserves an apology of drama doesn't want to do that. He has the right to do every once but you know where I stand. Every day on 957 again.

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