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Podcast 2-16-17 Hour 1

Feb 16, 2017|

JT slams Draymond Green for his comments bout Dolan then the Voice of the Golden State Warriors, Tim Roye, reacts to Draymonds comments, his ejection, and the Warriors win over the Kings last night. Host of the Dray Day Podcast, Marcus Thompson talks about what Draymond Green said on his show yesterday that has everyone so upset. He then breaks down what Green meant and how it compares to other players in the league. Finally Robert Littal, Host of The Drip Drop Hour Podcast. joins JT to weigh in on Greens comments and says he needs to get his facts straight before making accusations.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Line for big yeah did you talk. Yeah it's easy team to break. The all star break and there's no debate the warriors of the best team in basketball. Not by a bunch. Any Antonio's hanging around. That would capitalize on that knee surgery. Cleveland looks to be the best in the east but they don't look like they could match up. Against the warriors at full strength. What we have a problem today. Frame on green got ejected from the game last night that's a big story because of this past behavior. But his comments. About a slave mentality. Against the owner of the knicks. But they should demand an apology. Immediately. Before July Mon pitch ground in New Orleans for the all star game on 957 again. The conversation. Call the police 957957. 46 to 95795. Did Tim brought the voice of the war of will join us in about fifteen minutes of thought about that. And also a market stops it from the Bay Area news group who was there. With the drain on Campbell talked about joining months comments which are making national news today. So as I begin the show this is a show you're gonna wanna call into today. Because if you called on the cap and it shows that you called in on any show that's the deal. With race relations Robert Wood fall's gonna join us at 1045. This is one of the shows that you should definitely call in to today. Believe me I commented this radio show every day after doing a national show at night some people get that other people don't care it's not really that big of a deal. And the fact and prepped for these topics because I talked about it at night on fox Sports Radio. Told the drain on story to me is a really really big story about his comments. On a podcast about the owner of the New York Knicks and that's due to what happened what Charles Oakley one of their former players being dragged out of the game. Because he might impede an inappropriate when he got to his seat he might have been. Intoxicated. He might have said. And we know he said stuff about the owner in the past. And he doesn't like to direction of the organization of blew everybody has been leading with that story for about a week. It was a bigger story than any NBA game I'm not making that up and has. Wake up this morning and I put on the debate shows and the debate shows are national and dream on is the lead story in the a block. Well I knew that was gonna happen because I got a buddy of mine produces one of those shows I see and hear what's happening when I go to bed at night and I knew that this would happen today. I began I like drain on a lot. I'd like him a lot I don't know all of becomes solid game and we're partners with the warriors here I think he's a really in play right play. Last year the melt down and getting kicked out of suspended from the game. I don't even blame. Drain on for the warrior is blowing a three games to one late I don't think they get there without him he's a great play I've nothing negative to say about him at all as a player I think he's brilliant he's getting better and better. But I believe that he crossed the line as an athlete. That 99%. Of athletes never cross the majority of athletes. Are great people when it comes to. No domestic violence no issues outside or off the court or off the field they have good families they do great things every day the majority of athletes. Our old bullet. There's always just a player that does something wrong and really garner is all the attention. Gets the attention and then we on sports talk radio and you abolition of start pointing and going is that right or wrong is that an appropriate or not. We're dream I'm agreeing to insinuate that James Dolan the owner of the knicks knicks has a slave mentality. Because of his opinions on Charles Oakley and barring him from Madison square gardens to me is reprehensible. Because the league recently through loud and racist owner in Donald Sterling a couple of years ago and forced the sale. A billionaire. Opened NBA property to another billionaire because Donald Sterling on tape on record on audio or TMZ. I said several things that we deemed racist and he was forced to sell us day. How dare dream on drain a black all star in this league. Even bring up race when it comes to a man and James Dolan who is inept as an owner. Is a multi billionaire who wants several teams on the Rangers owns the Foreman LA has some successful businesses. How dare dream on green go there and bring up rice. And here's why. James dole and currently has a roster full black players. Some of the greatest black players to ever play in this league who have played rim including Patrick Ewing you go down the list of the Great Neck. Former black players Phil Jackson. One of the most respected men in the history of sports wrongs the next. And Phil has a tremendous relationship. When it comes to race relations this is Phil's boss. And frame. 3000 miles away doesn't know James Dolan is going to infuse. Race into this debate. I think it's distorting. I think he always the league an apology I think he posed warriors an apology and you better believe beyond James Dolan an apology. But that's just my opinion. This is a free country we have freedom of speech you can Neil during the National Anthem you can burn the flag you can do a lot of things in this country that I don't support. I'm just disappointed. That drank Mark Green would bring rice into a situation. That he's not familiar with doesn't know the back story and doesn't know. James Dolan has been the employer. Oh hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds and thousands. Of African Americans in his other businesses. There's never been brought up on anything NASA do with slave. Owner mentality. So imaginable white player in this league a white player said that about a black owner. And Michael Jordan and African American owner and talked about aids gang bang mentality. Laura Horton mentality and said that about Michael Jordan what additional sound like today Applewhite play I did that. And to double standards and all that I've I have a great track record when it comes to right side and on the radio on and erupted for twenty years. I said last night to my partner on the radio I avoid. I avoid wards that cannot help me. I don't use the word slave on my show ever ever unless someone else says I don't use the H word to describe the forma. Off your cup of Germany back in the day could I say if I if I keep saying that how he used to saying it. That gets fired because of my language and one person will take something out of contact and I'll get fired because I make a living with words because I said something even though I don't have. A racial bone in my body that's against any race solve global deem me to say JT said that so he must think this and and and don't and people don't know. I'm just disappointed which Raymond green. I've talked to friends of mine in Oakland on this last night before the show who are very disappointed that race was brought up. Only one player. In a league. What well over a thousand. Players and staff that are African American don't want to ever brought this up about James Dolan. Raymond Green Day. Well then people start spending today Stephen A Smith on first take was again straight month on this issue that was really emotional about it. That emotional about it I'm just. Lucky very fortunate and lucky to be on the flagship station the warriors in my boss's let me talked about this and I value the partnership. With the warriors I think they're great. I'm not demanding that drain mongering apologize. I'm not saying that Drake Mark Green should shake down with the commissioner. Just saying it's rule. It's very rude and unbecoming. To bring up race. Two and older or any other human being when they don't have a track record of being a slave owner mentality. So this was the sound of the drama on Granger AJ podcast. When he actually said this about the owner of the knicks. The man is. Freedom freedom of sucks. Why is he buying a ticket to a game birds. Know. Stop. Desalvo. You know why if you buy tickets and again. You don't if I'm not mistaken Dole's own indexing weigh in when he was player. There was a problem when he was speaking out it wasn't following who's protecting their superstars there. And so if it wasn't a problem in what you're dornin for Nadal. Wise and all of a sudden problem not only speak out or something that you don't lie and now you wanna do all of them. From your time organizers master slave mentality you daughter from the assault group. When are you doing it against me or not necessarily gives me which is economic as an organization. There's not a good anymore as a slave slave mass tournament. As ridiculous. It was all fine and dandy when he was led people I'll take it upon. You know take a fire and an audit stuff wears organization. But now all of a sudden when he faced felt in daddy's deals. Is the problem I disagree with that definitely think like us that are the best slave master mentos. Lots pretty strong it's a slave master mentality for an owner of one of the teams in the league who actually owns the most expensive. Property in the lead the next the most expensive team in the Liggett doesn't matter p.s say that against the team that's ranked. Last so I am just surprised and people are outraged by this just hatched Dre mongering. Ash tag on Twitter drain on greed and read this and that was from the Dre day. Podcast would Marcus Thompson who's gonna join us I just disagree with that and I would say that about an -- just so happened he happens to be a player plays in this community. For the warriors Dooley who believe that he needs to walk that back. When asked it to I got nothing else either you agree with people saying outlandish things with no merit. Even though it's their opinion it's not accurate. Because that has nothing to do with why. Charles Oakley was removed from the garden he was removed for a number of reasons the commissioner brought the owner and Charles Oakley together in the band's been lifted. But another big issue here that's important may I host a radio show host the official raiders podcast. On the raiders podcast I don't use profanity. I don't use terms like slaves. Owners mentality I don't use any words acted put my job in jeopardy with the team I work force I just cohost of podcast. And we interviews and famous people we move off. These bright and I'll give drain on on this is this is on a podcasts. On podcast most people level podcast don't have a radio show. That's not a knock against them a lot of successful people have unbelievable podcast but the majority of people on podcast don't have a radio show so they have the ability to use profanity. Or get really deep on topics that you technically can't do on radio because on radio there are certain guidelines. So for Dray mind. I guess that's one of the passage you can get bombed but I'd like your opinion on on this because it's important because. Dream on dream wrap presents the warriors he wrapped presents the NBA. And he took a direct shot. At one of the men who own the team in this league and I wonder what you think should happen Tripoli 957957. L unbelievable game last night. One of the greatest third quarter as you'll ever see on the call the great Tim Roy joins us a voice of the warriors Tim before we get to the game last night. Do you have an opinion would you like to have an opinion on what your mom said in regards to James Dolan the owner of the knicks and that's slave owner mentality comment. You know I think I think you're right Bob podcasts I think people have their guards down podcast I don't think the he doesn't feel. Like they're broadcasting something it doesn't feel like there situation where everybody's guess a year here. So I think they're gar guard is down and out of the podcast I think you're different answers podcasts like that. Drew must go right to an opinion you know what it is and whether I'll I like theater or don't like it is it is irrelevant. You know he has a right to to to speak out on some issues and you know the exe in the head coach. Now say the right things about issues they're going our country today. Of the Fremont also eat you know is this the electorate money's very passion he's passionate about everything. And so. You know it did they beat you over the top in this William debut of video that you did but but still it's it's his opinion in is how he feels I think that it. I think he was trying to say you know there was. You know was okay for James Dolan to to you know have Charles Oakley Gerber said the knicks when Oakley is out there you know banging around getting beat up by people. You know and doing all that putting his body. On the line night in and night out of the franchise but then once he retires all of a sudden now yours that I you know cast aside hand. And if he's upset about the you know wait things are going about the franchise here's guess ego whatever just get out here I can't thank. So that you try to get back kind of be out there. That he he thought that village of at least that a little more respectful opinions Charles Oakley as opposed to just dismiss him. I would agree with all that other than the slave master mentality because no one ever in the history. Of the knicks organization who have more directly affected by this has said that including Carmelo and you know would tell spree well was sitting next to the owner the other night in Bernard king and if they're not gonna say or Patrick Ewing whoever relationship with him. I was just surprise surprise that one player in the league would say that but I agree with you. In regards to his emotion and obviously it being on a podcast let's get to that game last night and let's pick it up from where. Drain mine got thrown out of the game a cousin makes that short you shot do you believe because cousins backing him down and throwing in that circuit shot. Why did he get dejected was something leading up to this that you saw Tim or was it just on that one play where he lost. I think that it though I think it was number one place to be honest it because he he touched the ball. And then and then as cut and start to bring the ball he lets go and cousins just throws out there I mean it would it was a not call there's nothing there it was without. And and they you know again it's at its heart played a call because if from looking right over the top what Ronnie Garrett is on them directly behind him. At that time he made the call and straight month behind cousins in cousins is huge so he can't see straight month. Behind cousins who he assumed that rate mom was the one that forced cousins too to throw the ball instead would drip mud it was tight cap pulled the chair. Because of the back off mold it to cousins got off balance. And and I think. The fact that that. Yeah tree in my really basically didn't do it felt all I think this set off because there're there're that you don't actually got to think about there were a couple of other calls. The dream I didn't get. That I think he was kind of leading up to that I think about that there was a couple of there's a drive. And terrorists. Over the backward clearly. He got like hit on top in the head and there's no call. But I think he got frustrated that it's O so yet that they probably was a couple things leading up to that but then to have that called the basket goes and you know now of them in and one word you know and his mind he had done nothing wrong it looked like Hillary played it absolutely yet now. And then. You know Fremont this could control so deftly used it. Once he starts the stream of consciousness sometimes coming out. He'd skipped cancer off. Tim Rollins our guest voice of the warriors and that's what a lot of national. Members of the media picked up that story this morning on the debate shows where. The other just looking for contact and as you know Tim you provide content and play by play I do as a talk show host and people looking for content and wondering. Wondering if this is a sign of what happened last year and should the warriors beat concerned at any point in the post season that they could happen to drain on again in a bigger spot. With the championship on the line your comments on that. Well last night seeker was asked that in in this post game press Garretson you know is there need to enter product you know. Curb Fremont emotions of it he said gap there is you know and then how to go about doing that without sacrificing unremarkable play that's the trek. Because. You can't have them play passive that's not Julius he have to be will be used that emotion in a positive way. And when it's done a positive way you have one of the best players only. Without question and Il guided. Dominating game in Memphis while scoring four points I mean that this just doesn't happen. More on this team per game compared to maybe it Dennis Rodman doing it. And he had that kind of potential that kind of impact the game so so yeah I think it's it's it's it's an ongoing. Issued the lawyers' tools will keep monitoring. Keep the dialogue blowing. I think three month bill lot better this year than he has been his first year that they keep at times it then you know he's. The at the other part of Andre about which is unfortunate is now he has this target you know he's target yeah. You know the other that would sop up play and quality officials. Lou foul on Fremont. And Fremont started to protest in the official merely grabbed his whistle put it in his mouth and looked over drama like he was waiting. He was away all he wanted to portrait on one more. You know ridiculous thing you get a team up you don't see that. Every call I don't actually issue that's the issue going forward Jimmy you know that's the elephant in the room is that. Will referees looked to tee him up in the Western Conference finals. Or the NBA finals in a tough spot and we can't predict the future but we remember what happened last year. Or how his suspension a lot of people believe that that cost the warriors a real shot at winning the championship. You know it it is it is selling appear have to be cognizant cognizant of how many technicals he passed. Mom Yugoslavia right now but a huge issue for the case has already with seventy. So yes I think gets up and at that that's gonna have to be in the final. You know one quart we're kind of in between the one quarter of 13 pole of the season here after the all star break and it's just that we seven they're gonna have to really be careful about agreements going to be a little more. You know. This guy like turn walk away and kind of bite his lip bicycle that because he don't want you in that position now when the playoffs started starts over again. So then it's flagrant numbers it is is technical numbers will be. Will be will be assessed it that way but in the playoffs indeed the weird thing about the playoffs and the numbers they have. Four suspensions and four. And and for the that they get that magic number flagrant fouls and technicals all that he is it's really weird it's a standard number. Which to me doesn't make a lot of sense because at the same number four whether you're playing in the first round where you're playing in the finals. So if you're in the first round and he you know you could eat in have to really try hard to get that number you know. We'll but then as time goes on to meet you kind of gradually go up because the more games you play. The more chances you have of getting. You know teed up. It should be the same for a first round series and for playing twenty games then and it's it's kind of weird that way that they that they Andre expand the number. As the the level playoffs go on but but again that's that's something that they have to monitor have to. Two. To you know keep the conversation going between Fremont and coach in Bob Myers teammates everybody's got Vietnam this. To make sure it works out to their advantage. Kimbrel is our guest we wrap it up with the best the sixteenth forty. Point quarter this season 42 to fifteen. In the third and I was locked and I I was watching the game and I I'm singing the injection and hadn't seen the struggle. For the warriors and what this game's gonna look like in the second half. Last one Tim what was this like phew how much fun do you I know it's not an out of body experience I've known you're such a Pro Bowl when you're in the midst. Of a 42 to fifteen run how much fun you're having polling this in rapid succession Nolan this team's on a roll and they won't be stopped. It's it's it's incredible that it's almost like you're watching. You know video game time afterward you're watching. Something that has been preordained. And it's in mandatory two to nothing run last. 2.2 to zero last. It's their longest round without you know the other team's scoring all year long and just it's just it just amazing and then end. To watch a guy like clay and he just kids and of that zone and and you know he has seventeen point quarter last night. Which is deal course twenty off the club record but it's still it's it's a great quarter and he just but the ball is leaving his fingertips. As soon as he gets the ball it's not way and it's it's a pure stroke and it's just. It's really it's really remarkable and you know I'm I'm trying to have been promised myself every now when you get rated game don't take this program that's why at the end of the night. You know night sign off and I'm look at this regular season record I say it twice. Because I want people would give the ideas that that this is not normal you were not an NBA normal territory here weren't special territory weren't once a lifetime territory. Right here mean they're 47 and nine. 479. Ethic there at 102 and seven at home since the beginning of the fourteenth fifteenth season. I mean think about those are mind boggling numbers and it's it's it's remarkable that run the franchise and I am so lucky and and so honored to be to be notes that a small part of it to be able to to broadcasted and the chronicle what's going. To the fans that's it's it's it's it's it's incredible I am very herbalist. Everyone's lucky to have you do a great job Tim I was appreciate our conversations enjoy the break that you JT to. Jim Roy a voice. Of the warriors unhappy can comment on drama and bubble getting into more of dry months comments on the podcast the host of the podcast. That is make it all the headlines this morning. Marcus Thompson joins me next on 957 again. Now back to JT the brick on 95 point seven games. Wise and all of a sudden a problem now when he speak out or something that you don't lie and now you wanted to own ego from Lawrence our organization you daughter from me assault group. But no you don't really gives me a slave master and as ridiculous. Well that's one of the sound that bites it's making national knows all over the country markets stopped in front and up to join us. From the Bay Area news group also the host of the trade and podcast markets. Great to talk to you and jumping in here right out of the gate I think it's really important to you to clarify. What you believe drain on felt or said at that time so it's not taken out of context because. I'm a die hard knicks fan and I don't like James Dolan and all I wish she would sell the team needs an awful owner but this is the first time any athlete. Let alone a Knick player or Knick executive a former alumni. Has ever tie the owner. To rice let alone use a term like slave master mentality. So. I think it's very ma was pretty clear in Indy is. Statements the auto I don't wanna speak for. But. I just knew he was saying he's talking about this idea. That players are seen as a commodity. That are useful as long. And when they're not useful you know there are easily cast aside. You know it anytime ebitda labor rates in the it ought to Matt Light kinda. It kind of takes away from the actual point. I don't be accusing. Dolan of being in a slave master easy about them that the slave master mentality. Which is which is a little bit different obviously you know and it's lost the ball which you lay on Tuesday it's it's an idea that. And owner who sees a player as a commodity could be used or it's been. And when that players no longer benefiting. He had no longer and views and at the EU distraught that he bet that the mentality that he knows. It could make it maps are probably would you rate massive the that the what you. Has the right he has the right especially on the podcasts and it's it's great that you have a podcasting you can get a guy who's comfortable and feels free to talk freely that's what podcasts are all about the better ones in the past ones have people who are comfortable. A stating their opinions from listening to and listening to some of the excerpts of its clear to me that he was definitely talking. Directly about James Dolan when he said slave master mentality and offended by it at all. I'm just surprised by it because I connect all the other people that have been associated with James Dolan and when you wanna. And all around the league and Donald Sterling who was directly tied to racist terms. And comments I don't think African American play or white player or a Latino player one time another owner to that term. Or go near the adage don't near the Bob wire going near that because really they are starting to. Admit that possibly there are other owners and the league if they wanna disciplined former players or they have riffs with former players. That this mentality could exist and the other point on this is that a lot of Knick fans on a nick media. Don't even know the entire story about actually was Oakley. Upset when he came to the garden was he drunk was he saying stuffed as we all know he was talking down to the owner of the knicks for quite some time. Before this escalated. I'm just surprised that dream on didn't wanna apologize for this. Once it made national news and you posted the podcast he's gonna stand by these comments sound. I think so that they you know as a media people and professionals. It's our job. To provide context and be able to reach new lock step that you don't you're governor mark. So we could say he called it in late map there but we can kind of parks to the different. Slave master and slave master mentality. So and I don't always speak the latter is a point of malice. Like just like. Talking about race is always the problem out there just the issues that are there because they history of this country or what we've been through an idol I don't think. I'll be Europe aren't too many players. Who won't make that correlation. We're not in a trade deadline and you that required two man you feel about the fact that it be it. He might not he might make that compare it. And they write tell you all on their most on its moments that some owners do treat them a commodity like that though. My legacy I don't know about how would that shall Wimbledon where. But where where is our actual correlation it's Europe player you don't like your beer market alive or. If you hurt where part of a family have been any moments you'd be dismissed. This cat. Like what is that correlated to describe that it's not. I'll be back treaty port act in a bear market during Black History Month and there are a climate of the country. Attempted to use that the courtly and though it's probably not the treatment waited though. But not talk to media players who all the time you're like man I'm just the commodity to be used a bit. Well compensated I'm not gonna complain but it. I have to remove. All big aegis nailed that we're talking LaMarcus Thompson who's a host of the rated podcast also at the Bay Area news group that. When I look at all the social media as I prepped for the show and I listen to other African Americans such as Stephen A Smith and other individuals who are upset about this I'm just a white guy behind the microphone. Trying to run a fast pace shell and get opinions out on this many people believe the hypocrisy. On social media is this is a league dominated. Why African American not millionaires and multi millionaires who part of the job of traveling on private jets insane at the four seasons. And making multi millions of dollars is that yes they could get traded every once in awhile they could uproot their family and have to move schools and they are treated. Like a commodity but. Know them. Make no debate none of the players use the term slave master mentality. When they're dealing with this they might actually that they might think that book if they're responsible. And they work for a company like the warriors of the knicks all the hornets they typically don't go there so again. I'm not knocking drama and I love content you provided unbelievable. Content tonight by a I think you understand why this is making. National news and this is such a big story because of the way he phrased. What he thought the owner of the knicks was doing when he was treating Oakley this way. I have absolutely at the movies they don't like. It like. But but. I hear a lot bill mind it is because the wild. People who elect are. Laying the rate or you're gonna bring that out. That Smart people are gonna say well what it really would be talking about and if nothing else. We gained that the people who want to have more interest in the dialogue. Kick kind of park figure out ways emotional ups that players there while he may not have. The context at the 45 year old right took to figure out what the numbers situation compared to do he might not have. So if you really want to figure you can eat it all about it as you and I have that kind of and that I called and not like a late day later. There are people who enemy in it would be with the trying to say where he error when he's not here is there any ability. And don't like. I disagree with that context that nobody Maria great. They are pre but it's bad to happen today after. What you brought Larry got to those girls really well many people compare that it. Up bring it. So that conversation there. Put it right spot to keep them level that you. Do well. It is so. Marcus really got a minute left but I think what's really important and we can wrap it up but this is that this podcast. And his comments will expand in this conversation that's all I'm doing today on the show I'm thrilled we were able to have you want us to talk more about this issue but I think. Would you agree with me that a lot of black athletes in all stars as we go to the all star game aren't gonna touch this only are they at all. They don't want episode it would not gonna stay away from. That's absolutely Activision orderly and trying to get their money. But. There is contingent. Behind this cities who do feel that way. And maybe not to that degree and maybe they don't label it likely wraps or racism. But I eat that stuff curry just went at the CEO of the company. So it is there like it might that is there that oppresses them there and that is the product of young man become a grown man in this climate of our country where we are dialogue about this step in their fears that so. It's not going away for sure maybe it might be. Park differently or maybe like treated. Tread lightly or say the right word but it's weakened it and are open about it in great monitors ratchet up the to put in the most. Uncomfortable aren't we did your racquet and both of art not a two bit of the vote deeply badly. You might you might hurt your money. Thank you market's great talk and give arsenic in time for us. It. I'm Marcus Thompson bringing this up and how did you not talk about this today I mean would you have to be afraid. To stay away from the stop. When an African American player describes a white owner in the league in the league he plays and with a slave master mentality. And you gotta be scared to death. If you don't go near this on the radio I mean I'm having two prominent African American opinions on back to back Marcus Thompson and Robert Wood tall palm black sports online. They have different opinions on it again listened to the conversation. Before you make up your mind a while we're talking about this frame on green made national news because one of the owners in the league who has no tie. In his life anything racial was just described as a guy who has a slave master mentality. And you don't wanna talk about that and it's connected to a war on their flagship. On 957 again. Now back to JT the brick on 95 point seven games. Quick release of until they got back the article. Afghan rebels take the trouble. I'm about to. They've got this. Lawyers with a win tonight. Always Sacramento wal. JJ and we're joined by a frequent contributed to this show Robert what Paul joins us from black sports on line. And Robert obviously we're talking about drama on not to injection by his comments on his podcast. Comparing or talking about the mentality of knicks owner James Dolan to a slave. Master mentality. In regards to the Charles Oakley incident. I believe he owes James stole an apology the warriors and the league an apology even though it doesn't have to do it's just my opinion because you never won a high someone. To race in a negative matter if they didn't do anything wrong. How do you see it. But you know a situation where the very low you wrapped the charm. It is important to. Award it to be with they'll talk all week what you what you should look like wait it out. To beat choke me to like eight models early at the kitchen waste LA actually. Tickets on the beach at the that would. Break appetite for Tucker a blockage maybe you don't jump and open appeared to walk out which actually got a hat. White black guy or what so racial component to wrap. The back though but it yet or just jump ball like. We have to go. About our backs. So as an African American if you take a step back and you are not associated with the knicks don't know the back story. Oh boldly and you hear you here I'm in the business I've headphones on. If I close my eyes and I'm not driving and I hear a train mons podcast. And these comments would that be easy. For people to connect James Dolan as a racist because strain on an African American all star connection to a slave master mentality. Absolutely not out there but they're really well because. Kind of paranoid or HBO. Y you know everybody the key issue it is that. Was what. And black and salt. We've it would account sports. But what to expect to older. A ball player you know it is automatic recount has. They keep the that you tall that's why he says app to as. We got to be there are couple were racial. We like to do that because apps. Sure to what you should do more true. Out in that apple cut it to Wear you out and acted with social axle. That PGA. Open all that. Were mine. Beat up out Paula white. I order. It accused shell. Q in real well it would be it to go is to be. I'd say they'll. President oh at all order Google which he. Shall meet you go or are. Without oil or. Robert Wood tells our guest the worst thing you can hi James Dolan to which is a big deal. Is when Isaiah Thomas a hall of fame guard the legend was working for the next. Involved in a sex discrimination. Case. Door and backed the black legend in Isaiah to us to all the criticism was in new York at the time with world won't end. Felt that she was betrayed because that was a sexual harassment case going on she was within the organization and people believed it Dolan. Was supporting the black legendary athlete and Isiah Thomas the thing on this idea what this all the time with college sports that. Not the terms slave master mentality but African American college football players who don't get paid. So there on and they get these huge ratings and play for Alabama clams and I don't make a dime they play in the national championship and they go oh my god. I'm not getting paid a penny and the television networks in the schools are making not millions. Billions and you don't hear that term slave master mentality which you can really connected to. Big and rich NCAA. Not paying the African American athletes who predominantly dominate the sport. Drama and I millionaire one last thing drama to multimillionaire how do you deal with that when white guys on social media or white guys in the media say. I'm not one problem how can any black player complain about making. Hundreds of millions or millions of dollars in complain about race when they're making this type of money. Wait map itself to that big key he is in waters now what to act. He's had to go to you know real problem adding light out or not. Like that you know we outlawed in a lot of days cynical at all that feel it way top. Eighty more about the concept and of itself. Shouldn't matter major barrier. Doubt whether or a picture of it here shortly. Type situation because he's. Partly that. Much nobody that you may take. Don't want because as. An optical quality. That you. That regard in which is legal because. Each case it. Racer go because you don't want out after all out. Well because you're their reaction now. But it made it to edit it for so I'll wipe tool like I'd have to wait so. What if you go to Q so one. Well being that way. You need to have well it could not Egypt with apparently go to have a partial which it and that the which. Exactly that's all I saw this and I am not defending James Dolan but I would defend him to the cold war on this issue this is a borderline slander. Coming from a player in this league who's a great player finally I've posted the shelf for an hour again another hour ago. That happened here I opened up the show saint. It was Rhode. I think everyone would agree with the African Americans like what Raymond said was rude to the owner of the knicks that he has no evidence to back it up should the commissioner. Get involved and asked for an apology should drain on Apollo apologize socially just forget about it. Well you know. What I. Bet I. I think people understand though I'd. Restart OJ go. Out. There. Which the plot which reminds. So outlook. Like OK that's remotely like Monty spoke a lot of if you go up they don't. Check it out. So I kind of let it go like I don't that I needed to go all week. Eric explain it to build out will be other but at a bridge to give politics. Are you. Thank you Robert good to talk you talked and actually. It Robert doll black sports on line. The founder Robin there and that's his opinion he seems to be siding. On the side James Dolan and the comments coming at him so that was an emotional hour. And we got a lot of different opinions on that we'll get to yours now triple A 9579570. Drama on to great player he's part of the Cold War of the warriors run. Towards hopefully a championship he said something either it's offensive to some people it's not. Love to hear from you you've heard from me for an hour let's hear from you at JT the brick at 957. Again. Our two on an emotional day coming up next.

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