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RJ Bell

Feb 16, 2017|

Vegas Insider RJ Bell joins to talk about the Raiders and As odds this coming season and how they might be different than you would expect!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Love Vegas whatever happens tonight. We'll never ever ever speak we're. I get so nervous I can't let them. About women. Cheers GT. The drink would do this odds experts aren't seeing. I bring in the best I don't gamble but I know you do. And I bring in deep that's the biggest name in sports gaming Vegas odds expert RJ bell. Weekly and RJ had you like your new open here we put a lot of time and work into that line. I got a Dahlia I love it but I love what you're talking about Willis I mean talk about old school. That is our fuel and you warned us about popular race that island different strokes I talk about future odds here because of the NBA season. Is here we get ready for the playoff spot or get the baseball the second with the warriors. Explain to our audience if a fan now wants to bet. The warriors to win the NBA title this deep into the season is there any value there what would the return be if you bet today on the warriors to win the title. Yes a two answers that question. The first answer is this is historically. Big favor with Golden State. And I mean literally. Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan height. Comparison and be gone it right back in the day it used to be. Michael Jordan in the boards even money you know let's say after that historic season with a 72 went. Even money the field you know even money yourself right so booze or the field. This year and that used to be that way it was a Tiger Woods and it was Tiger Woods. Or the field in the big major golf tournament which is pretty amazing against all those players back in the day. But right now Golden State playoffs obviously haven't started yet. So it's not like they've progressed further than Jordan's boards dinner you know it is point is obviously a really good start the season. You've got to lay minus 170. To win 100 dollars so Euro minus money favorite Golden State Warriors are. And let's just say for example 170 dollars risk return to win aha under so. Right now I could say the following at this point in the season. The Golden State Warriors are the biggest favorites. In the modern era of the M while out ousting its in 1980 onwards. Would be a good way to define modern you know magic number so once again biggest favor at this point this season we've ever had in the modern MBA. Golden State. Incredible shell. I don't I think the only team that can beat the warriors on this bars. Because of their coaching their gap and the spurs are in the Western Conference. And they'll get a shot at the warriors before the NBA finals with the cavaliers. Even though they're the champs I don't think the cavaliers match up. With the warriors the way the spurs do do you think there's value there of the spores. Or twelve to one of hearsay and the warriors of the biggest favored in the modern history at this point there's got to evaluate the spores a twelve to war. You know something Jake. Hear you but let me give you and again we got Silicon Valley guys BC's listening I know they follow you. On the radio is you can beat the biggest favorite of all time and still be under rated right caused by definition. The biggest favorite does it mean that your overrated does that mean there's a premium. It could mean let me give you an example let's say for example. That. I was playing you know we said Michael Jordan let's go back in time low in a one on one game. Yet you might have to risk 200 dollars to win a dollar you might say wow that members odd that big there must be value note note. In that case the value in Jordan in his prime or today would be on the wrist in 200 to win a dollar charge I agree with you generally. Is if you have historic extreme lives there's usually some type of inflation. But I would say more of the guys I talked to. About this who are professionals and make a living from being right about these things not right always right more times in the wrong. They actually think these prices cheap they questioned this summer they really think that Ken Popovich in the long term. You know success of that they just don't think they have the horses. And you're right Cleveland. I think is a big question marks of it's not San Antonio it's not Cleveland it's probably not. Anyone and risking a 172 went under might be the value play. But the Celtics a 25 to one in Kevin Love doesn't come back. Or is not a 100% coming off the surgery you can get the Celtics the Celtics won the east. The Celtics could be in the NBA finals a 25 to one or I would do it well a guy if you don't mind you just I let that grow quite. Is and I'll be real quick with it if you go back again in the modern ear and say how many. MBA champions have not had a top three player in the late. You're literally go to look at a handful. In the last you know 3040 years literally. And my question is who's the best out expire and where they rank in the late. Isiah Thomas and he'd probably ranks at the back into the top one. I I don't yeah that team wins it got it. Real quick on the writers you're accurate last year talking about how you thought the raiders even though there are twelve and four walk all over rated. Because of the way they won games the way they won games late against inferior opponents of I look at the Super Bowl odds for 2017 slash eighteen. The writers were eighteen to want your gut feeling with your exports is there value when the writers at eighteen to one in is that number going lower. The twenty to 122 to one how important is that number today. OK so one we can see for the Bay Area listeners that I had not a homer no matter where I do a radio summit give it to you straight I did think Oakland was overrated. But Jake I'm not sure I was proven right. Right because once car went down that he didn't really have a chance to try it's going to they will very likely would have had a number two seed. And they very likely would have hosted Steelers on if that were the case and that would have been a very contrasting game. So I I strongly feel that we war right but I'm not sure the way things played out. It was proven that we were right and in the flip side of that. I like the raiders and eighteen to one because I think people. Know in the back there my car got harbored Al they think about it I'll raiders you know they they played in the first round they got beat. And and again as the months go by we're gonna forget. How would this scenario really was which say one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Was replaced by not you know up Mitt below average back up so I think in general the raiders are young team and you expect young teams to trend up words. I am optimistic about the raiders and the an eighteen to one to win the super one next year there is value on Oakland. At RJ and Vegas at RJ and Vegas pregame dot com I got to run my friend next week thank you Jason RJ bell.

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