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Robert Littal

Feb 16, 2017|

Robert Littal, Host of The Drip Drop Hour Podcast, joins JT to weigh in on Greens comments and says he needs to get his facts straight before making accusations.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Robert put all joins us from black sports online and Robert obviously we're talking about drama on not to injection by his comments on his podcast. A comparing or talking about the mentality of knicks owner James Dolan to a slave. Master mentality. In regards to the Charles Oakley Henson and I believe he owes James stole an apology the warriors and the league an apology even Wii doesn't have to do it's just my opinion because you never won a high someone. To race in a negative matter if they didn't do anything wrong how to use it. Luck theaters a situation where the very low you wrapped the charm it. It is important to ratchet that they've won awards go to be with bill talk all week what you would you shell took up like wait it out. To be just tell me to like eight models curl cut but to waste analyst actually but it. They'll sports tickets on the beach at the needle that would. Break half. Apple moniker are blockage maybe you don't jump and appropriate to walk out which at Beijing you've got. Actually looked at the white got the black guy or what people so where should get all too wrapped. The backup though it will create yet or just jump ball like. Automatically assume that oh it's sort of went without any cutbacks. So as an African American if you take a step back and you are not associated with the knicks don't know the back story. Oh boldly and you hear you here I'm in the business I've headphones on. If I close my eyes and I'm not driving and I hear a train month's podcast. And these comments would it be easy. For people to connect James Dolan has a racist because drain on an African American all star connection to a slave master mentality. Absolutely got us into their real well because. Kind of paranoid or age you lied you know everybody the issue it is that yeah it. A black so. Where it would account sports. What. To expect. All. A ball player you don't automatically callous as to why they keep the idea at all. App that. We got to beat the couple were where. We act like you could. Because I. Oh sure to what you should do more true. Out and cut it to Wear you out and accurate with the slow or. The PGA open. Mine picked up all white black order. It used chulk could keep it real well it would be to go. It. They'll. President or at all order Google which he. Shall meet you or. Without oil or. Robert Wood tells our guest the worst thing you can hide James Dolan to which is a big deal. Is one Isiah Thomas hall of fame guard the legend was working for the next. Involved in a sex discrimination. Case. And act the black legend and Isiah Thomas to the criticism was a new York at the time world won't end. Felt that she was betrayed because that was a sexual harassment case going on she was within the organization and people believed to dole and was supporting the black legendary athlete and Isiah Thomas the thing on this idea what this all the time with college sports that. Not the terms slave master mentality but African American college football players who don't get paid. So they're on and they get these huge ratings and I play for Alabama clams and they don't make a dime they play in the national championship and they go oh my god. I'm not getting paid a penny and the television networks in the schools are making not millions. Billions and you don't hear that term slave master mentality which you can really connected to. Big and rich NCAA. Not paying the African American athletes who predominately dominate the sport. Raymond and I millionaire one last thing drama to multimillionaire how do you deal with that when white guys on social media or white guys in the media say. I'm not one problem how can any black player complain about making. Hundreds of millions or millions of dollars in complain about race when they're making this type of money. Late map itself cannot be key he is in waters now what you act. He's had to go to. You know real problem adding light up or you're about like. You know we outlawed in a lot of days go at all popular way to top. Eighty more about the concept and of itself. Shouldn't that major barrier columns to. Be out whether or a picture of it here shortly. A type legislation because he's. We need that. Much nobody cheap but it all equals but want as. Optical quality. It's about bill. Which is you don't because. You don't care. Racer go because you don't want out. After all the app like Apollo. Because you know their reaction now but it made it to edit it great so well. We feel like I'd have to wait so. I. What if you go to Q so one. Opening at. Meet at. Well. A bit not Egyptian with apparently all it got purple which can't that the which are. Exactly that's all I saw this and I am not defending James Dolan but I would defend him to the cold war on this issue this is a borderline slander. Coming from a player in this league who's a great player finally I've posted the shelf for an hour again another hour ago. What happened here I opened up the show saint. It was road. I think everyone would agree with the African Americans like what Raymond said was rude to the owner of the knicks that he has no evidence to back it up should the commissioner. Get involved and asked for an apology should frame on Apollo apologize or shall we just forget about it. You know you don't know what I. Bet I think people understand though I. Out. Restart OJ is that. They're that would apply it like it did so I'll. Like OK to be quite outspoken. As a lot of big ego but they don't not quite hectic out. It would. Be. So I can't let go like I don't. You did though all we can't explain it to go out will be other but added that racial equality. Ought to. Thank you rob good to talk you talked and actually. Rob at all.

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