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Rick Horrow

Feb 16, 2017|

Sports Business Analyst Rick Harrow joins to give his opinion on Greens comments. Then talks about the changing attitude of athletes towards the president.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As I bring in Rick Karr all the famous sports business consultant. Harvard law visiting expert a guy go back over twenty years went and Rick good to talk to again I just wanna begin what this on. Drain migraine calling out James Dolan you've been covering this league you know owners you know former commissioners and the current commissioner. It's not every day. When a black all star pulls out a New York Knicks owner and ties slave master mentality. To his name. A pot stirred up. Everybody's entitled to do whatever they want do. I cant they just certain matter respective owners usually get and Eckerd they'd be with this administration generally. Respect is less. Also we also understand that just because you're an owner doesn't need it tolerate whether it would be world seat double barrel so. You know obviously it is eight barely out heated issue but it comes back to. Anybody can say they want to some articulate thoughts. Rick Horrow is our guests were you wrote a really detailed piece on step curry. And his connection to under our armor but the under armour founder and CEO Kevin plank and his support. The Donald Trump our president now. It's just get really ugly here over the next couple years when it comes to athletes visiting the White House or even CEO always. Backing the athletes who Wear their shoes and where there apparel. And you know we get people boycott the White House for all kinds of frustration so. You know we're we're ourselves which at first it. The issue now is regardless of party affiliation sports messages that horse is highly visible frequently watched it be misconstrued. It was very quick under armour. Pat one likes which stepped curry obviously Kevin plank because there is endorsement opportunities there you know be a position where. Somebody actually flies in the face app argue they've met their pets all up but the bottom line is if it's not the question. Aptly be role models or not like Charles Barkley. Or with social. You can't afford. To be heard that you're not that automatically get out say well don't listen to eat or don't people call this week there is a big issue now as we go. That podcast radio show Twitter FaceBook all this stuff that you know like it look at it look at for reasons that relate to sanity. But it's a lot bigger than it used to be. Rick Horrow longtime friend of the show famous sports business consultant. A host of Sirius XMD on the scoreboard. A few deep dive when we Melissa came out of the top three teams when it comes to revenue when network the knicks the lakers warriors come and at number three and tired in the warriors who are gonna leave the what you've found out with their ticket prices are clearly the most entertaining team. I believe not only in the MBA in all of sports is that reflective and tied to their ticket prices. But it now. You know got a mark lake a joke for a long time he is basketball and first therefore it. You remember how easy it is to not remember. What it was the Al when he was first starting it took a little out. Our best basketball. That race ticket price is 50%. For it. You know that front rose 750 bucks that she brought the other places and what you think about it with Joseph lake says we got a great product at the that product. So people don't like because they ought to be public service to the election got game its border. And remember he's paying for any arena building basically. At a record on his own pocket that rabbit so it's all a great. And it does put more pressure on eighteen to perform but lists they got it later. Rick Horrow finally Rick with the bathroom bill and what happened in North Carolina and Charlotte losing the all star game as it comes to New Orleans. Just comment overall you've been to many all star weekends and all different sports. How important is this to the city of New Orleans with the political. Backdrop of the bathroom build going forward in what Texas is saying about the future of Super Bowls what's the underlying story in your mind. Going into this all star weekend when it comes to the business side of the sport the NBA. You may be my friend first of all the world body's fall short. Party. They put this together fairly quickly because Adam silver added content. That. Back at you go. To a well. Carolina I better be careful. Because you get what you wish for. Just like Eric Marc Luther king. This a couple years ago. Off the league because at like eight industry to pull the dollar out. Thanks a while to come back here that X. Well you one of the smartest people I know but that's not too tough hang around with me. So we'll continue to do this I love having on the show take care my friend. Hopefully hopefully the door real and I enjoyed doing this meant the. You got Rick borrow one of the best sports business consultants out there.

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