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Tim Roye

Feb 16, 2017|

Voice of the Golden State Warriors, Tim Roye reacts to Draymond's comments, his ejection, and the Warriors win over the Kings last night.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One of the greatest third quarter as you'll ever see on the call the great Tim Roy joins us a voice of the warriors Tim before we get to the game last night. Do you have an opinion would you like to have an opinion on what your mom said in regards to James Dolan the owner of the knicks and that's slave owner mentality comment. You know I think I think you're right about podcasts I think people have their guards down podcast I don't think the he doesn't feel. Like they're broadcasting something it doesn't feel like there in a situation where everybody's guess a year here. So I think they're our guard is down bit on the podcast I think you're different answers podcasts like that. A very much got a right to opinion you know what it is and whether I'll I like hitter or don't like it is it is irrelevant. You know he has a right to to to speak out on some issues and you know the exe in the head coach. Now say the right things about issues that are going on our country today and it. Of the three month also eat you know is this the electorate money's very passion he's passionate about everything. And so. You know it did they beat you over the top in this William maybe Albania he did but but still it's it's his opinion in its how he feels I think that it. I think he was trying to say you know there was. You know was okay for James Dolan to to you know have Charles Oakley were present the knicks one Oakley is out there you know banging around getting beat up by people. You know and doing all that putting his body. On the line night in and night out of the franchise but then once he retires all of a sudden now yours that I you know cast aside hand. And if he's upset about the you know wait things are going about the franchise here's casino whatever is get out here I can't thank. So that you try to get back kind of being out there. That he he thought that village of at least that a little more respectful for the opinions of Charles Oakley as opposed to just dismissing them out hand. I would agree with all that other than the slave master mentality because no one ever in the history. Of the knicks organization who were more directly affected by this has said that including Carmelo and you know would tell spree well was sitting next to the owner the other night in Bernard king and if they're not gonna say Patrick Ewing whoever relationship with him. I was just surprise surprise that one player in the league would say that but I agree with you. In regards to his emotion and obviously being on a podcast let's get to that game last night and let's pick it up from where. Drain mine got thrown out of the game a cousin makes that short you shot do you believe because. Cousins backing him down and throwing in that circuit shot. Why did he get rejected was something leading up to this that you saw Tim or was it just on that one play where he lost. I think that the bill I think it was number one place to be honest it because he'd he'd touched the ball. And then and then as cut and start to bring the ball he lets go. And cousins just throws out there I mean it would it was a not call there's nothing there it was found out and and they you know again it's at its heart played a call because. If from looking right over the top what Ronnie appearances on directly behind him. At that time he made the call and straight month behind cousins in cousins is huge so he gets he dream on. Behind cousins who he assumed that rate mom was the one that forced cousins too to throw the ball up instead would drip mud it was tight cap pulled the chair. My cousins will be back off mold it. It's a cousins got off balance. And and I think. The fact that that. You know dream on really basically didn't that fell all I think this sent off because there're there're that you don't actually now let's think about there were a couple of other calls. The dream I didn't get. That I think he was kind of leading up to that now I think about that there was a couple of there's a drive. And the terrorists. Over the backward clearly he got like hit on top in the head and there's no call. But I think he got frustrated that it's O so yet that they probably was a couple things leading up to that but then to have that called the basket goes. Yet now the humanity in one hour you know his mind he had done nothing wrong it look like Hillary Clinton it absolutely yet now. And then. You know straight month just couldn't control itself at that point he'd steal it. Once he starts the the stream of consciousness sometimes coming out. He'd skipped cancer off. Tim Roy is our guest voice of the warriors and that's what a lot of national. Members of the media picked up that story this morning on the debate shows where. The other just looking for contact and as you know Tim you provide content and play by play I do as a talk show host and people looking for content and wondering. Wondering if this is a sign of what happened last year and should the warriors beat concerned at any point in the post season that it could happen to drain on again in a bigger spot. With the championship on the line your comments on that. Well last night seeker was asked that in the in this post game press carrots is Leo is there need to try to get you know. Curb Fremont emotions of it he said gap there is you know and then how to go about doing that without sacrificing unremarkable play that's the trick. Because you can't have them play passive that's not Julius he have to be will be used that emotion in a positive way. And when it's done a positive way you have one of the best players only. Without question and you know guided. Dominating game in Memphis while scoring four points I mean that this just doesn't happen any. More you know this to occurred in comparison maybe to Dennis Rodman doing it. And he had that kind of potential that kind of impact the game so so yeah I think it's it's it's it's an ongoing. Issued the lawyers' tools will keep monitoring. Keep the dialogue blowing. I think three month bill lot better this year than he has been in this first year that they keep at times it then you know he's. The at the other part of Andre about witches on fortune is now he has this target you know he's target yeah. You know the other night we saw a play and quality officials. Blue foul Andrei mind. And Fremont start to protest in the official immediately grabbed his whistle put it in his mouth and looked over drama like he was waiting. He was way on he wanted to portrait on one more. You know ridiculous thing you get a team up you don't see that every call. I don't actually issue that's the issue going forward Jimmy you know that's the elephant in the room is that. Will referees looked to tee him up in the Western Conference finals. With the NBA finals in a tough spot and we can't predict the future but we remember what happened last year. Or how his suspension a lot of people believe that that cost the warriors a real shot at winning the championship. You know it it is it is selling the bigger and had to be cognizant cognizant of of how many technicals he cast. Mom you know idea right now that's a huge issue for the case hasn't already with seventy. So yes I think at some of that that's gonna have to be in the final. You know one quart we're kind of in between the one quarter of 13 pole of the season here after the all star break it Cisco recently they're gonna have to really be careful about agreements can be little more. You know. This guy like turner walk away and kind of bite his lip bicycle that because he don't want you in that position now when the playoffs started starts over again. So then his flagrant numbers it is is technical numbers will be. Will be will be assessed it that way but in the playoffs indeed the weird thing about the playoffs and the numbers they have. Four suspensions and four. And and force the that they did that magic number flagrant fouls and technicals all that is it's really weird it's a standard number. Which to me doesn't make a lot of sense because at the same number four whether you're playing in the first round where you're playing in the finals. So if you're in the first round and eat you know you could eat in have to really try hard to get that number you know. We'll but then as time goes out to meet you kind of gradually go up because the more games you play. The more chances you have of getting. You know teed up. It should be the same for a first round series and for plaintive wanna games then and it's it's kind of weird that way that they that they Andre expand the number. As the the level playoffs go on but but again that's that's something that they have to monitor have to. Two. To you know keep the conversation going between Fremont and coach in Bob Myers in the teammates everybody's got be in on this. To make sure that it works out there and it. Kimbrel is our guest we wrap it up well that's the sixteenth forty. Point quarter this season 42 to fifteen. In the third and I was locked and I I was watching the game and I'm seeing the injection and hadn't seen the struggle. But the warriors and what this game's gonna look like in the second half. Last warned him what was this like for you how much one do you I know it's not an out of body experience I've known you're such a Pro Bowl when you're in the midst. Of 42 to fifteen Ron how much money you having calling this in rapid succession Nolan this team's on a roll and they won't be stopped it. It's it's incredible says it's almost like you're watching. You know on video game at times or you're watching. Something that has been preordained. And it's in there at 22 to nothing run last. 2.2 to zero last. It's their longest room without you know the other team's scoring only yearlong insist. It's just that it's just amazing and then in to watch a guy like clay and he'd just kids in the of that zone and and you know he has seventeen point quarter last night. Which is deal course pony up a club record but it's still it's it's a great quarter and he just but the ball is leaving his fingertips. As soon as he gets the ball it's not way and it's it's a pure stroke and it's just. It's really it's really remarkable and you know I'm I'm trying to have promised myself every now when you get rated game don't take this program that's why at the end of the night. You know I've sign off and I'm look at this regular season record I say it twice. Because I want people would give the ideas that that this is not normal you were not an NBA normal territory here weren't special territory weren't once a lifetime territory. Right here in their 47 and nine. 479. Ethic there at 102 and seven at home since the beginning of the fourteenth fifteenth season. I mean think about those are mind boggling numbers and it's it's it's remarkable that run the franchise and I am so lucky and and so honored to be to be notes that a small part of its two mile to two broadcasted and chronicle what's going. To the fans that's it's it's it's it's it's incredible I am very herbalist. Everyone's lucky to have you do a great job Tim I was appreciate our conversations enjoy the break thank you JT YouTube. Tim raw voice. Of the war.

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