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Sam Amick

Feb 16, 2017|

NBA insider for USA Today Sports, Sam Amick, get's a break from Greg Papa and talks hoops with Steinmetz & Bonta on the Afternoon Delight.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sam naymick from USA today. And I think we're talking about trade and drink Amman green tomorrow this is you don't talk about down on the line years from now or if it cost them the championship appeared headed by exploring yell let's welcome in Sam Avic for USA today Sam hi Dylan last night the warriors. Put on a show that third quarter but. A lot of us are talking about Trey mind green get thrown out and whether an end now. They're gonna get rid of this guy but how big. Of any issue is this do you think for the warriors franchise. Is to write mine green in his quote unquote behavior. And I think you know it's kind of Lara every once in awhile but I mean I'm mentally you know on a guy who. It is you know matters a lot more perspective. Than ours which speaker who elected to change because of the last night you are hurt these. It sees and talk about Kmart and you know address directly the idea. Dream on that he's compared drama last year struck me. And I wish I give credit do want to forget to be flat at. During my outlook and last year a lie and this year the night today. Freight train for what he's been seen those in khakis and have currency rates. That up on the court and her team and obviously in it's never beat dirt but I likened the bigger picture in the direction that. A lot of going like it to get better rather it works. Sam where the warriors are at right now easy better than you expected worse or about which you expected. It's about what. They. Please act route incredible. Talent. And it returns. Ya thought they'd be ahead of the act like they are born and he is talking about. This ridiculous roster. So in that regard. They're about our popular would be especially can we knew they were gonna push the idea bloke percent victory like they did last year. What I mean I am trying to be like. Even as good as the record is they still haven't had they'll have these shifting game winning streaks game winning streaks they've they've really peppered these losses. In the count wayward like the most low key you know tremendous record that we've seen quite. That doesn't feel like. You know it it's always against men caught a piece of steel and fuel beatable. But they do capital way Israel border. Talk about a bill we peace and and how these comments are the star line up yesterday put early points ten rebounds and and it's not gonna points in a rebounds just tells the story it's that energy that he brings to that unit. And really you know he comes in on attorney can deal we don't know if he's gonna make our roster how surprising. Has it been any students so well this unit. Public the private. He Monte community recycling program money and now one thing that it is probably worth mentioning to me. Right Marlins I've seen you know basically play in the role detailed agent Wednesday you know offering in the count you wanted to go come. They Peja same agent and they made the and it worked out a person some of these injuries they've left out like that you know it. JaVale that partly to go like. If it was gonna work anywhere it was gonna work the warriors just in terms of like a guy who would you put derail. A young Richard Cain where you're at much of it and the other UConn aggregate investment in this environment where he's. A lot of to show the rest India that he still hasn't you know way to get. They can keep it together these guys. In the Czech rule than you know this culture landscape lawyers who's going to be helpful but you know he's for the most part. They give them the opportunity and guards did not come to fail any ideas and plan partly restored. Circumscribe. Sam payment from USA today joining Matt Simon and Vontae hill on filling in for Greg pop but today. Steve Kerr said that there's going to be a point in Sunday's all star game. Win before warriors are out on the floor. Do you think will be that fifth guy. Obviously that there who'd you could go to fifth guy who. This is a part of the program board should look out wrote about. And as we can put the lawyers. And the idea that. You know that you guys know it and it's fascinating candy how this sub plot that the lawyers in the bunker for a you know things were so hot in OK she's currently the motion. And connected physically right into the weekend and for a could be you know this time a year ago he was driving around shuttle buses were Kevin Durant. Don't know all the results are better and now. I can add the analogy story about. You know imagine you've got reservations at a fantastic. Restaurant here are excited and then. You better have failed on some recovery trying to you gotta sit at the same table. Would like yours you know your ex and their ads are cut a deal like that. Was. Right I mean that's what we're here so. That anybody can get like on the screen while the whole story would drastically. Change about it's it's weakened operations. That would be and has agreed I mean. To your question that he is you know it it'll be on the field for a count there are that you should do completely dominate the ball not as it is. Singer and you're at or what you don't know it's funny Sam Bodman actually given this a lot of thought. As it pertains to Steve Kerr are got to believe Steve Kerr is gonna go up the arena and Westbrook. May be individually and say look. Have a problem if by playing Westbrook with guys you know and and door that's gonna say that's fine. It's going to be up to Westbrook. To tell Steve Kerr yeah I'll do it otherwise there's waist deep Kurz can do that without checking with the first. And when I'm getting at is if if Russell Westbrook can somehow. If he wants to put this behind him Sunday will be the perfect opportunity to do it they can almost have fun with it with Westbrook in the four warriors. And they could almost put the whole situation arrest right after the all star game and I'm anxious to see if that's gonna happen. Well man I mean you know I applaud your. If you look here and. You know I don't know what evidence we have. It rough and ready to cool about them that he actually a couple things going into that. Game last week it it you know we're a little more actual Cairo but then immediately like game folded. You know we're right back into the ditches in terms of there's probably doesn't analogue and so I don't see that at the test to rest. Really do you know blog you obviously. How fun Sam will that practice speech Saturday. When Russell Westbrook pass or run a three man we would direct injury a month or clay and I needed to write pretty easy to pass the ball in the to a man we don't practice what he that's that's to be more interesting in the game itself. I'm with you I'm with you and act like we could it have fun game with like. You know how funds again if you win it they'll in the black community a lot of those moments this weekend. I actually just ran into under socialist you better go here I'm kind of amid the chaos of the assert that the ball so players. Like an all around it into the under. There really count one gives you an insight on last year of the contract in in the even had to Victoria. A lot of good players even when multiple players ranked number are they Alter gain. A lot of times they were shuttled around town and their old black of their own car. Kevin Rudd sit specifically. So they wanted to rolled together which kind of goes against the idea that you know that that relationship with earnings at the end that that conflict. That is straight in the they did that was obviously the twelve months ago and now you know we're Yucca talked about it and very. The other side of sorry the thing I'm interested in news. Is this the NBA really want this weekend the entire story to be Westbrook and Durant 'cause it seems like that's what's gonna happen. I think the media wants that and television I think would want that but I mean. If Durant and Westbrook hook up to tonight later tomorrow night. I doubt I'll it's where I almost wanna choreograph some and so it's just not. Just cloaking we all weekend a Power One of those guys. Well maybe that's slightly. You know they've put balanced game. Yeah some place and overcame the luck I don't know what other. Although I don't simple clarity on it if folks don't know most travel and make that selection. It's big guy who's next on the coaches voting lists and that is why now got game. To your like that like Albion here got a little bit of person folks are going to be talking about. You know it is situation next on the story line the game itself but you're dead on because. You have like an x.s and o.s component here. Exact question of you know little movement. And house speaker and it is he. Let's say even and in the last year and so it Gregg Popovich this year that would relieve a lot of pressure from the waist and they beat the kicker. It makes it though that it is because the lawyers all -- guys call shots. On different you know as it does not enough. That you got quadruple the all star that the you know that the under two brought. Sam always are well not a virtual worlds of thoughts on the market sought to speak in a total Obama ticket right that lawyers have four all stars and we only have one of the San Antonio Spurs is coming from a guy averages 77. And really we know coli Leonard is a leader Jesper seem would you begin to stall seem to agree with the LA there. I'm not mean I respect his right to we have that you like history players acknowledge that what you argue like a loose Beazer. I errors soldiers that you obviously got that out. And and so we need. In a vacuum the idea that the spurs cougar more than what else are they complete that Kabul caicos. But then when I regret actually figure out who that in the end you know LA and his numbers. It doesn't really need to see you not feel it is at all card numbers. That apply. And the prologue we are currently. Would expand the roster at least the thirteen that routine in an Angel looking at a Bolivia rupture. Can you you don't have a proper representational. The combination of individual count to have great peace and having like a respectful representation of the best teams. It is great and an expert right there bar the lawyers and Libya that have just one. Doesn't seem right. The wizards are similar story on the other side league. And Brad would be pretty hot about Carmelo opiate and senate and how do you know when I get our hypothetical picked. That means I struggle. For the lawyers in. And you know I just don't know you'd take off. You know like England that would never got to you can make a charge. Should be in there so. I guess we're the market has come from but this is not that simple don't call up. Sam great insight is always really appreciate you joining the show. I would arson and have fun and all early gains for sure yeah yeah I mean you all don't even have to say that.

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