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Matt Maiocco

Feb 16, 2017|

Our 49ers insider & beat writer for CSN Bay Area, Matt Maiocco, joins Steinmetz & Bonta on the Afternoon Delight.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You reached out to me now on sale of the day after our press conference and we communicated through there in Kabul and can call on especially coming out of college atlas study them the hardest. And it had a lot of success in the this league and look enforce setting Morant and nobody comes and there. That's new 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan talking about. Colin Capp verdict in what his future holds and whether it's going to be in San Francisco. Or another city on Matt Stein Mets along with Monta hill filling in for great pop but today. And joining us right now he's an insider for Comcast sports net Bay Area he's also our guy Matt Mayo go how you don't matter what's going on man. That's our out of mad verio grow still don't know if you like time cocoa. I'll a light a match I hope you realize that when I come in to fill in as a sixth man I don't really have control I have to defer to the starters. I only hear that when you're around. You know luckily you know why that's due Greg's not around the talk not a substitute teacher. I've got to look at that about the tone would I. Want to. And let's. Start with a little sound byte of Kyle Shanahan in in talking about it. Colin Capp pretty what's your gut tell you these cap predicament going to be a forty niner next year. Might get help me it's cabinet scratched and I think that the new gene and then and then new. Head coach. A coach you talked about making plays in the pocket. Actual capture. Egypt it. You when you look at it can't Kapanen has started to he would laugh at one rate pursued gains. According to played recently took over the middle 2012 season. He's been the starter for the vast majority of those games. And when you come into this situation with the press start and new head coaching in general manager. And carte Blanche to do whatever those guys want to do including you in the case. John Lynch bringing in. Two top lieutenant in your personnel department. I eat it I. Told the that new people coming here it would wanna keep the same court that they want and want to. Bring in. Fresh diet to deposition. And start. Pressured the quarterback position the most important position not only in football but it alt sport so I don't see it. In league you also look at it if he's. Data price tag and fourteen point nine million dollars everyone expects him to opt out. If he doesn't I can't imagine the 49ers won it released him because his market value is going to be our last. Then then nearly fifteen million so there are a lot of moving parts right now a Egypt it doesn't seem like. And I would I would be shocked and years ago thinking that went. Alex Smith what his final game of the 2010 seed that we in the last. That you would definitely going somewhere else in the new coach Jim. And into look at it would stretched. Televised. That the quarterback Iowa. In and so he was around the starter for. A one and perhaps he's at. I distinctive around the league everybody be really surprised it out and about that courtiers. I'm Matt there's been rumors about maybe match up coming in here because he knows Kyle Shanahan system Brian Hoyer is another guy who know Shanahan system. The name Jay Cutler's even been thrown out there. Greg and I talked the other day may be met Glenn and is a guy you can use as possibly is a place holder. Or he could turn into a franchise quarterback. How much money do you think they'll invest into the quarterback position if they do move on from Colin tapper that. Well it depends on opportunity gave Ian yeah that determine. The level of commitment. That they get that quarterback. Purchased institute named Eden in Jimmy garrote. Kirk cousins. Now those again at eight terms of pretty steep trade. I indicated that doesn't that I'm assuming. The Washington will use the franchise tag. And I think that it has on that not the exclusive print site or errors in technical call Tuesday. Eight is available at the is what would it take. Before moving on to that next thing. With the Tate in the case of grow up. If the 49ers. Are called the the patriots in the jobless advocate report with about check. And it indicate that the state to use that X. And that's gonna come with a battery lucrative contract extension. That the one thing that the 49ers. Management he's. Lynch in Channing and it's time. They don't. Two and today this is our franchise quarterback. We're going to make him our franchise quarterback come hell or high water itself these. Was six years it'll have to beat Clinton situation where. Whether it'll likely guy inept and make a long treatment. Not because we love them but because he's the best out there we have to make it work now they can. You know they they don't have to. Put themselves in that kind of corner. Where it that you have to get during a tour this year and that's that's what secure contracts. Will do for the 49ers into the thinking she and a glitch. Embodied it seems like that actually makes a lot of sense. Why would you pay somebody. A lot of money with. Fairly long amount of time on the contract if you're a 100%. Or if you're not a 100% on him because essentially isn't that what happened to tap verdict. Note that the 49ers made a commitment to him two years later they're saying you don't want. He might not be our guy. Well in debt that way that contract was structured it yielded. That they did not use animal whole bunch now obviously relatively speaking. They did not give handle all but about money so they could get rid it and eight flee after one or two seasons. It's so the it was really great they are hedging their bet now. The upside from capped a point was that if you want and help the early in an offseason. That money would become fully guaranteed. And that's what happened last year in the corners almost certainly wouldn't would heartedly Lipton last policies and had he not. Had a surgeries in and would it have been any physical and so they stuck with so now that he helped me. You know they can cut him he can opt out one of those two things happen. And you know I like it and I mean you'd never say never. But it is. It can't happening is that but the 49ers like OK while not gonna be at fourteen point. They don't they would probably. You reduce debt discount. Five or six million dollars up like that Indian he comes and competing with somebody. For port job. War. Our active job and I just don't know. I know John Lynch I asked him last week about you know are there any off the field issues there is this is an idea. 88 solid. In yeah I know that a lot of people can misconstrue it would column Patrick is dealing. Acting at the very noble cause I think a lot of people issues were it. The protest. A peaking in need during and actually happen now a job limited said that you know he. He loved America he doesn't know certainly in light. Alcohol or protest it but he'd appreciate the fact that he stuck his neck out there. It took it Ian. If there's the other bury your relationship with Colin I think you referred to comments. A friend. And is kind of interesting. I know he'll partners public relations. Head. And the public relations department Bob Lang I guess in years past after seeing Al job lay it to Colin Capp frenetic. Where it communicate during the production meeting which today. A job Blentwell you know I've never seen Colin. Even act. Amicable older open. With people so there's a connection there. And at some point they'll sit down and in it figure out what for the 49ers. Only capita figure out what that's for am. In and we'll see what happens that. It's it's very difficult at this stage. To cap mapped out. That is the NFL take a look at all thirty treat teens. And figure out where the best. Or Capra. And you can easily make the argument. That that's that for cap and it is with the 49. Now is operative. The basket for the 49ers. The question is that it has it at you mutual. You know hate. You know we leader of the mutual parting a few years ago with with knowledge of our on. End of the 49ers orbit at B mutual agreement. That he won it that Colin Capp burning it in the 49ers at best side of interest to keep that you go. The FB interest in the seat Colin company in this offense Kyle Shanahan runs a lot of booed Jackson's own breeze but wanna talk a little Bob's beat up the defense Matt. Robert sailor. My pronouncing that politically. It for now so law. Salon salon thanks a lot. All I'm hurt at all. Salah Roberts Salah so he's covered over from Jacksonville he's got experience to the Seattle system was there when he won a Super Bowl when he beat the Denver Broncos on New Jersey. It's gonna swing is gonna switch to a 43 and he does. What does that do to players like a force Falconer Eric Armstead how that shift this team with the personnel they are you have there and senator Claire. Yeah I would assume it'll be up 43. Based on the back it I'll Roberts as Paula coach standard got Bradley had a year under. Gain claimed it would actor Bradley. What did the Jacksonville Jaguars but it it's kind of out. Unity and the Seattle doubles pork three pound bull wall for a three year. You know there are some element of the three war in there I don't know that it changes a whole lot I think we you have. But earn Armstead. Who are probably the deal well they're certainly two of the most. Up promising young players the party have. I think they did. Pretty well. Peace offensive tackles in 43. Could that be leeway in deepened divisions in pre war are at the inside the tackles and then. Noble partners play most teams played their base defense or about 30% of the time. In in in the other times win in the corner in the past who played there they're nickel defense that those outside linebackers. Would put it in the ground in and go rushed the passersby at the band so there will be some minor tweaks but I mean frankly I I think it. The 49ers personnel. He's about the same number of players wait can be good. Whether you're running at 34 or four victory I just think it that would catch it the focus of the off season and the a couple of players that they would go after probably more inside linebacker types. The in media. In the immediate path structure no question about that they need guys to has double digit sack potential. In it and whether they in the fourth three year in the 34 I eat you get that guy trying to figure out. How to use and use with sides. We find the right matchup so all that that. Yeah I would I would think it they'll go officially they'll be going about 34. They've run for quite some time I think basically cents. Mike Nolan came in. And I think on paper anyway it'll be. Matt the 49ers have eighty million disband. In cap room. How do you think they're gonna go bowel. Either spending part or all of that I know balky like the laid back a little bit do you think it that lynch will. Target a few players and go after him hard or do you think he'll be more reserved and how do you think he'll leave it approach it. Big collection. You know I don't know why. I don't know that they in there in a position where they can go out and make each latched. It you know the act. Free agent available in over a minute that is rarely worked out. Yeah I think one of the things they need to do is we're looking at her own free agents who were coming up in guys like Carla Judy war. And figure out okay. Do we want to keep these guys in and spend money that way. I think it'd. You know but they're gonna spend money they got to spend money at some point at a quarter. Right now. You can't Patrick will be you know he's done that he's on the ledger right now for for quite a bit but once that money comes off the books. The contract it. That's worthy of the starting quarterback in the NFL. You know in that I think it's it's. Looking at. At certain pieces of the puzzle you know wide receiver Tori net it is. It on the books for nine million or so. I would think that they would keep him just because there are so few weapons that it is Mateen. But it but get someone. Cooking compliment him on the other side. You know to get debt. Structure that they can get one free agency. He did. A couple inside linebacker type guys to keep out of it at Navarro Bowman re going to be an insurance policy for the or a moment. If he doesn't return visit to form after the utilities. So I I don't know that they're gonna my guess is that they would. They would spread that money out and encircling I'd use all of that money I think. It's been eighty million. I don't even know that's possible but. It has certainly been a lot more than they have in the past been. You'll in the passive voice but worried about those compensatory picks where you get those those traffic in the middle part of it around. Her middle part of trap treat the weight in the draft because you're free agent losses exceed your free agent gains. Well I think for the next couple years at least. The 49ers should have more free agent gained the law so you can rule out compensatory picks in 2018 beyond Tuesday. Matta thank you so much for joining us appreciate if there aren't. Management creation and what would you what does your plans on the outcome Biden's comment on his problem is he will be hopefully get a little break here Matty. Well yet they still haven't finalized the coaching staff so cute cute you know days of reporting on added then you're right in the in the the Columbine. Is has been moved back a couple of weeks so that. Early part of march in the media owners' meetings at the draft or free agency. Right after the Columbine. And then the draft coming up in late April also. If they need got the opt these programs starting out so he's really never ends and the issues in the foreigners. Finally game like gamers first. In and they don't name head coach and tell. The first week or second week in February so. They're they're really got in and any time yet to catch your breath in. There will be for awhile it. Many thanks a lot really appreciated and keep up the good work. Time.

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