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Kerry Keating

Feb 16, 2017|

Co-host of Warriors Warmup, Coach Kerry Keating, talks Warriors basketball with Steinmez & Bonta on the Afternoon Delight.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He does the warriors warm up show before every Golden State Warriors game along with Damon Bruce he's the former head coach of the Santa Clara. Keep LeBron go slug guts yeah so sorry about that scary Jerry cheating everybody what's up here I cannot I forgot the that's the battle now for Erica Erica. Hey we're out of a little fun here Jerry talking about. This the reform law are balls that he says he's going to be better than staff curry and we're talking about. That's really put a lot of pressure on the kid in there we were thinking about. Dads who were overbearing and we start talking about marina conviction. And Tiger Woods his dad maybe a little bit Venus answering his dad. Believe you had a parent level play here at Santa Clara who drove you nuts. I told my four year old actor yes. Switch it lasted did not switch it let Tommy has still that in due to chase the victim houses about the wind us. It. God choose this. It selflessly. In my recruiting days guys say it is one thing that I kind of put a flag on it if there was. And overbearing parent has an assistant coach but I never want to put their head coach. And mainly been how when I got that level where maybe pats were a little more overzealous and an end to end. In this day and age of money is being increased at the highest level and you see the vicarious missed on. Forsee didn't have that happen to the level that happening now there are you guys talked about apple before we're too little outrageous. But you know it it's part of what you have to deal with an average every kid every path is the best ever seen them go out there that now it's it's hard not to do that but you have to be realistic and certainly as you guys mentioned you don't wanna set up to fail whatever you do you wanna put it in a position it's it to succeed and do the best attempt that. Thankfully we were able to have it is Japan has consistently permit apathetic. For the most part all the time Pacific coast sort of starts. They care obviously warriors wrapped up the first part of the regular season last night with a 10986. Victory. Over Sacramento they were really in the third quarter 128 to run at one point. Which ray mine green. Got ejected in the second quarter. You look you train mine green beyond the well he's valuable to our team we need him to be on the edge but not go over the edge sometimes I think it's just asking too much from. You know it's almost like what your great restraint can be your greatest weakness type situation in I think one of the things that makes him. Who he is this is competitive edge. It's his willingness and ability to do things right a lot of different ways summit choke off course summit don't. And it's obvious that he just has brought packet pushed Ford tried to push they put a little bit too much that that you know become detrimental and that we've been talking about the solid year we re kind of reference to a little bit in the pregame show that last night in reference. And to pass a little bit so what cousin who's like. Thirty guys trying to have that edge tournament. It could be chalked up security. It could be chalked up to him maybe in some ways you selfishness but the bottom line is they're really good basketball players. And in a lot of these can be attributed as to why they do with the fewest pessimistic days of social media is that scoring position that. I think the bottom line and an obvious interest you do and then the and the staff are trying to. Figure out ways that says stop it because. As we learned firsthand in a bad way last year can become detrimental to the point of losing this series and actually the final also. I kind of shook my head when it happened. The option you guys watch the game last night felt the same way out sit and watch this game in the U Garrity in Portland and mentally. They're about what we want to get the full quote you last time we lose. Big you know. Trying to draw you know a point about the game to get the free throw a lot of put up forty spots so. I kind of felt like this has got all the big in the third quarter common it was a want kind of kicked myself for not being in the average and being able to gamble connect that's. This is covered and and it was common mystical way. And Katie picked up the slack and force they would do that because that would have been unfortunate but that the blues there. Two year streak of not losing back to back regular season game in that fashion even though it's not really that big a deal the bigger picture. Coach how do you. Deal with the player colts player like reminding do you have any similar stores where you had a player rules. You don't really demonstrative man you know was playing on edge to talk about that experience if you difficult to player kind of similar to join him on. I got out coached in north near reduce them. But I do yeah of course not go to Libya. That was what put months. The beds and hang out the rest again. It's it's it's it's just a question it is one anytime that. You know you'd need you you'll have a different take you wanna let him loose we'll visit to eat we've seen what that can be like both on the scoring column mean. Got to get put up a triple W that they would only scored four points I mean. He's he's doing things of historical nature and obviously doing it with a chip on his shoulder because you draft in the second round so that is an eagle on the city's athlete. Because of the things that you get a reference because of what's happening now with the exposure of these kids they're all expected to go to school. For one year now you have overzealous parents kind of put them in a position for the college for. Six months so. You know it's it's hard to kind of pinned down how to deal with these guys that's why I think he. That does such a good job is kind of let these guys should be themselves. The first thing I'd do well win when drama and exited the Florida looked right at Steve and missed that and just kind of get a reaction parliament. Just to see how he. Felt about that whether it was comment whether. You know he thought it was justified and we saw the replay were to do really with a much output bad calls happen you know and I actually thought the the first watching games missed that you guys know personally watch it. That they actually got the old quote unquote UCLA whistle about you forget we are weighted. I thought they got some of those called in front of the Sacramento back to those turnovers in the third quarter and I almost wonder it was it was almost out of guilt. That the guys who ejected him not reacting to a father really want to reconcile. What I thought was interesting last night Kerry was the first wave violent wave a hand to the official. That didn't get the first technical. Bumpy ride grind Garrett who didn't didn't see that. But then Ron gets tipped her around. It's it's almost like a kid who gets away we shoot the spit ball in class. That the teacher turns around late because you know what I'm still gonna do it anyway again you know it's it's kind of crazy. It's funny that we sit there receiving reactions and an effort for putting up to be close enough maybe courtside this year put. He set up shop net sexual Europe there are a lot in the game from from the public catbird seat and you know what what I have at my stuff. Oh yeah. We want these guys because you know their past the the opposite would happen the as Sacramento couple weeks ago you could read lips and she's un peacekeepers almost wanna. Had a good feel for what's that these guys saw it as you know Hispanic. He's got it and you know better anyway. He got weren't aware of the great series that nominees. And sometimes it's it gets personal preventive ways that they they crossed that line and it's hard not to costly ticket personal. And that's why you have to of these attractions happening in India sometimes than. I don't think this is going to be retractable is that the travel that occurred they have put. I got to pick a lot of these things are reactionary sometimes to the global outcry as the companies from these calls. Coach Stein and I were giving out grades for the first half of some of these players for the starting five in the dollar solid extent. Just fell McKee so I'm gonna are you some names can you give a great home in the first half of the season first saw about outdoor temperature rent. I it's. Hard not to intimidate and companies for all the things he's the throw sailed on him. That kind of additional effort that maybe you know so close to that being I think the adjustment in the people. You you're right on where we all grown. Markedly. Oh yeah. Suspect that. It's almost like after the company get attacked right now I get along great with particular rhetorically. Nice on his way to New Orleans. I think you name might. And I. It's an A minus because he can't be better but is that they have good. Klay Thompson. Publicly guys man. And and slow start to what David is tight finish and then I I I'll be kept that it practically today. Zaza Pachulia he's goblet that he's he's right with us. And I thought that just they wanted the top one degraded you would gather in the genetic agreed because everyone else got the same thing got. Get a live up on the current moment. Was G. I don't consider. It with a couple. Guys since you know his classmates really help. Home. I. All right Ari. Roger it would dollar. Luke I'm your day. Has been too up in I think because he's been up and down and and again I gotta give a little bit of credit for being a veteran that is obvious to see what happens to get the rest the legs come back. I think under the silently. Rule are not diplomacy your budget I'm sorry I didn't see him a C minus some of the extent. I have shown that they updates on his million most underrated guy out the hole. Team in it's partisan effort CNET does that has that record that they do that an excellent things that you really need to do it how he's done it. Really really ever mentioned after the game new day on these skate the united Oklahoma City it was young's song MVP from the I got a huge on at least. I think because you get because he's got the veteran and I'll I'll throw it deep but up to today about ticket. Well. Armageddon and sees guys last wanna do it did you avail JaVale McGee. You know. Based on the fact that we've had developed come through this back in the old school and now he's an art and painting graduate school and oracle. He's a graduate students he gets Korea that there anchor you grade him on anything of that though. Thank you got excited that I was late night throughout the auto. I'm they probably repeat a lot. He really. We need to pick it if we'll get better not really weren't even pay that would say if he felt. And I'm going to be bucket develop people up I think the American. I think that's fair guess on what I especially are still but his special when you factor in that. He was a lock to make the team. And he's really sat in the classroom this year. I watched it in in training camp for a couple a couple of days. They're very very beginning just been really know how to fit you know any time looked at a place that really know what to do with the ball kind of hand and could dispute about gastric under the weight for heavy they've made him into viable player that has been really help them down a rope. They carry how many games did you get thrown out of fifth as a coach. Thrown out I. I politely ask the car on a homestand merit given that you could technically get the team don't just walk on over. How to play conversation. Walk away you can detect and I'll do what I got to do but I never took it to point to get thrown out which led to a couple of them is to witness something like it was a few Beers over doubt it is. Are there. More chair tosses are not the Mecca market took its toll every jeez did you average a year was his two or three year was that does. No and you'll appreciate this and had a relationship with those guys that I was a part and I knew what. So like crap that I was trying to do is resolved semantics and distracted the Kingdome but I think I've been nine years as a head coach don't wanna say my total was maybe five. Let's go and call somebody on the same hill street I know somebody who is on the same staff has been how when only get like 23 tie. This does support because we gotta talk about that. Gotta do you think he'll always series so it took and I can be echoed. I'll kind of be a force to do this colts before we let you go. I hear that you have a very good Matt Stein it's impression. Our guys the opponent of the other person. Yeah he's got to be a person. Is it continue to. Unified school guys are nervous chuckles yeah. I asked if I can do any. Appreciable. I'll defer to the fact is still learning and I'm a rookie it's probably not a good idea for the rookies. You to go after the bad. Numb and I'm one of those veterans that I take everybody in Ohio I economic team guy so. You can rip media day and I'll still be your body and. The doctors to put golf course first but in and I. With a leg out protect act. A. All I. The it's a little sweet to expect. They'd dare I know you travel and so have a safe trip then I'll look forward to seeing you next week man. Think they have not gotten the joke. Sure care. You're going to.

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